Carvana: Buy/Sell Used Cars

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User Reviews for Carvana: Buy/Sell Used Cars

4.73 out of 5
166.4K Ratings
3 years ago, catemurn2016
They put their customers first!
The process was very easy. Although, when I purchased my car I got a second inspection just to insure I got what I paid for, there were some things that didn’t pass. Their warranty company wasn’t going to pay for it & Carvana took the responsibility & sent over an acceptation and it was handled! Next, I had cosmetic concerns that weren’t listed on the picture so I sent a claim off to their warranty company & they denied it because of normal wear and tear. The cosmetic issues weren’t due to wear and tear and I didn’t know about them until I received my car. Carvana once again listened to my concern as I told them it was not normal wear and tear and did everything in their power to send over my acceptation to get it approved. There is truly no other used car dealership that would go out of their way as Carvana did for me. Every customer service representative has been so very nice and respectful even at the times I might’ve had an attitude from frustration. They listened, they were on my side & they made the things they said they would do happen! Great customer service is always a plus for me! Seriously, best used car company I have ever bought from. I was very skeptical at first with this company because i thought it was too good to be true but it’d legit & very professional! So happy I’m a customer of theirs!
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3 months ago, Galaxiann
If you’re skeptical…
Like i was then this is for you. I have known about Carvana for a couple of years now and always thought it seem like a cool idea— a car vending machine, how dope. however, I was always a little bit skeptical on how that process really worked and I remember them having some issues during Covid with getting peoples registrations out to them or something like that.. nonetheless, I recently came into situation where I needed to buy a car immediately and I didn’t have the time to go to dealership after dealership nor did I really want to. Honestly, Carvana made that very easy so not only did I not have to go to any dealerships, but I didn’t even have to leave my house. sure you pay a little bit of more money to have it delivered to you but thats the convenience, & the comfort is there. plus they have a seven day return option so if you don’t like it, you can easily return it. I really feel like this is what the future is going to be, I had a positive experience— i bought a Tesla on there and it was delivered within a week. & yes, they absolutely offer financing options for people with all types of credit apparently (i don’t know personally, but that’s what they claim). Overall, i’d give it a 4.5/5 just because i had some minor issues at first with my address not getting accepted.
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5 years ago, GedyB
Best Experience
My first time ever writing a review. I told myself I would due to all the bad reviews I read when I first picked up my car, which was on Veterans Day. I received my plates TODAY! It only took a month and that’s that I was nervous something would go wrong because I had moved and had to update my address. I changed my address on app and I called Carvana to confirm and the gentleman was very nice to me and assured my address was updated for registration. I read several reviews about people not receiving their plates. I am not sure what their situation was but I had no issues. However, my car buying experience was great too. I bought on Tuesday and that Friday was my pick up date. I didn’t have my down payment in my account till Thursday so it delayed my pick up date (which I understand). On my pick up date - my son and my boyfriend go with me and the staff treated us great. Oh and I really enjoyed the whole coin kiosk thing. I test drove it for about 30 mins, got back told them I wanted it, signed paperwork in 5 mins and walked out w my car! My test drive w my family was longer than the time spent at Carvana. I hate car salesmen, which is the reason I tried out Carvana. I never thought I’d buy a car lying down watching TV, just like the commercial. 😂 But I did. Thanks Carvana for a great experience. I will and have recommended you to others.
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3 years ago, Neklspal
Highly Recommend
I had such a great experience with Carvana. I’m young and new to buying a car by myself. Thanks to all of their filters finding the car I wanted was effortless. Ordering the car was very easy, along with all of the paperwork and scheduling. I did have one complication. The original car I ordered was delayed, and that forced me to receive the car on an inconvenient day, but from my understanding the car was late getting to their place of operation. When the car arrived, Mike was very helpful. I test drove it, signed for it. After they left, I realized that there were hard water stains all over the car, it was missing a hubcap cover, and there were white specks of paint on it. So I contacted Carvana, they were going to handle everything, except I decided that I wanted to trade the car in for the same one but with more features. Savion and Troy delievered the new car and swapped out the old one. They were very helpful, answered all of my questions, and had an upbeat attitude. I test drove that one and so far it seems perfect! It was really a trouble-free process for the most part. Everytime that I had to talk to customer service they took care off all of my issues and had great attitudes doing it. I sincerely felt like they wanted to help. I definitely recommend Carvana.
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2 years ago, Tbone91730
The 150 point inspection is a lie.
I had to swap out my car 3 times. The first car needed tires and brakes which I had to have fixed on my 7 day test drive. On day 7 there was a bad vibration and smoke coming from the rear wheel. I decided to return the car and get another similar vehicle but slightly downgraded from the first car. I took the 2nd car for a test drive on the freeway and the tires were way out of balance. I took the car to my local tire company that I have a long time relationship with and they balanced all 4 tires at no cost to me. They said one of the tires was out of balance by 4 ounces and the other tires were off by 1-2 ounces. These were new off brand tires that I assume Carvana put on but without balancing the tires. While driving back from the tire company, I decided I didn't really like the way it drove. I then decided to go back to my original model of car, which was fun to drive when running smoothly. I figured they wouldn't give me another car that needs service immediately. On the 3rd delivery there's no 7 day test drive, just the warranty. Well this car reeked of old weed and needed 2 tires. The tires were covered under warranty and i'm waiting on my reimbursement to have the car detailed for the smell, which is still slightly present, but is dissipating. Outside of this, I like the car but they shouldn't put their customers through the hassle right after delivery.
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4 years ago, Kilanni P
Some problems but...
The application & buying process was so fast & easy for a second my fiancé & I thought it may be too good to be true. We submitted the payment & paperwork & within hours we owned a 2019 Kia Forte. The car was delivered 3 days after purchase. The car is beautiful, came with a full tank of gas & is as described on the website. Here’s the problem: The tow truck broke down the day of delivery. Instead of rescheduling the delivery they DROVE my car from Dallas to Austin, putting miles on my car before I even got to. The car came with no front paper plate, nor the bracket to even put it on ourselves so we have been pulled over several times for that. The customer service is nearly impossible to get ahold of, same with the mechanic (they have never answered the phone & they’re the only one they’ll cover in our area apparently) so we are now having to take the car elsewhere & pay out of pocket. Overall, if you have bad credit with decent income &/or need a car fast & easy then it’s worth a try. After I read the reviews I went in crossing my fingers I wouldn’t have a problem & have to deal with customer service like the other customers but that’s the risk you take with buying a car online, I guess. I love the car & will be buying another from Carvana in the future, hopefully by then the customer service will be better.
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4 years ago, PeytonKeefer
Not What Is Advertised.
This is my first time writing a review, but with that, Carvana has excellent customer service. But, what they advertise online is not what they are selling you. I bought a 2017 Chevrolet Cruze LT Sedan 4D. Under the details about my car (with the VIN included) they had advertised that this car comes with keyless start, heated seats, etc. Also, in the photos, you can see where the buttons for the heated seats are. Well, when I had my car delivered to me, this car did not have that. When I was talking to the delivery guy and going over paperwork, I brought this up to him and he pulled up the advertisement and all of a sudden these features were not on the page. He suggested that I had gotten confused with another car I was looking to purchase. But I had priced this car with these features on KBB to make sure I was getting a good deal. Well, fast forward some months later, I finally found the original advertisement for my car and low & behold it has these features advertised with it. Now I am up-side-down on a vehicle with a baby on the way. Saving your stress at the time of the purchase is really just delaying it later down the line when you’re owing more on a vehicle than it’s worth that you purchased with them. Also I have contacted Carvana & they won’t do anything about this. The people on the phone were very nice and everything, but Carvana as a whole is not what they make it out to be. If you do purchase with them, be very wary.
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2 years ago, Airimus
Surprisingly Good
I’ve read a lot of negative stuff online and seen people talk a lot about bad experiences so I was worried the ENTIRE time through this process of buying a car from Carvana. But honestly Carvana themselves, their financing company Bridgecrest, and their warranty company Silver Rock have all been amazing. Super helpful, supportive, patient and understanding. It’s everyone else that made things complicated or annoying. The place in my state that was supposed to detail and deliver the car brought the wrong one because they prepped the wrong car because the people meant to detail it don’t work on Thursdays. The unaffiliated auto shop I chose to look over the car with an unbiased opinion kept trying to tell me that I wouldn’t be able to get the repairs I wanted done covered (spoiler alert, they DID end up covering it with no issue), and the lady at my local tag agency tried to tell me I was missing paperwork required to register my car and sent me away. Turns out I didn’t need that paper at all and was able to register my car just fine when I went to a different person who knew what they were doing. So yeah, overall on Carvana’s side of things, it was super quick and simple.
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2 years ago, ILike2Swim
Trust me when I say “DON’T”. Heed this warning!!
It all started with a promise of a seamless transition and a great price for the car we wanted. Turned out to be everything but. We financed a 2020 VW Atlas Cross with our own bank and had everything ready and submitted literally in a day. From issues getting our payment to them (they refused to get a direct wire from our bank), to multiple delays (three delays that added an additional three weeks), to getting the car with very low brakes and moisture in the front light (both which their warranty refused to cover), and finally not receiving our license tag (it’s been almost four months and we’re still waiting). Support in the app is non existent, and good luck trying to get a solution via phone (if you’re lucky enough to get some one on the line who can offer any type of resolution). They continue to use the pandemic as an excuse for everything no matter how minor. You’re better off saving yourself the massive headache and spending the additional dollar at your local dealership. At least then you have someone you can go directly to if there’s an issue. I’ve wasted so much time try to get them on the line that it’s not even funny. Next step is to reach out to our state attorney general to see if anything can be done. License tag here are supposed to be delivered in 30 days. If you don’t believe this review, google Carvana to see some of the horror stories. They tend to consistent.
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3 years ago, Irritated by Carvana
Bait and switch? Still not sure.
I was excited to find a pretty great car on Carvana recognizing that it was really difficult to find any cars at dealerships…. So go through the transaction with tons of time pressure because the vehicle is only reserved for a short window while you complete the transaction and all the paperwork…. The car delivery is scheduled and low and behold the day before they contact me and reschedule- the car needs a new windshield due to damage during transit. Wow, ok. At this point I was impressed. It was rescheduled for a week later which seemed like a long time but ok. I redid all the paperwork, I cancel the car insurance and waited. Two days before the transaction I started getting automated messages that implied that I was not trading in my current car so I call in where the wait time was predicted to be over an hour. They call me back and and let me know that everything seems in order… I should ignore the automated emails…. One day before the transaction and the delivery is canceled again. I don’t get a phone call or an email to explain just a text. When I respond to the text and ask for some kind of communication I’m told the can only help me through texts. Hours pass between responses. They have now rescheduled the delivery for some time next week so I get to do the paperwork again. Redo the insurance again and arrange to work from home again. In no way has this been car buying made easy.
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4 years ago, bugbeandaddy
Holy Cow! It’s really that simple!
This has been the most amazing, fast pace, thoroughly enjoyable vehicle purchasing experience I have ever had! Absolutely no time and energy wasted on playing “The Game” with an in person sales rep. That in and of itself was extremely refreshing for me. If you are someone that actually enjoys haggling, stay at the dealership and do your dance. Even if I hadn’t found an amazing price on exactly what I wanted, the self paced process was worth its weight in gold, alone. The App and/or Carvana website leads you through everything step by step very simply. My finance decision and terms were completed over the course of literally 60 seconds. Docu-Sign is used for all the contract paperwork so it couldn’t be easier to tap your screen or click your mouse and sign and initial the entire document in a couple short minutes. Extended Warranties and GAP coverage are offered but not pushed. I have never in my life selected GAP, but let me tell you. For the price Carvana offers it at, I snapped it up. And how in the world can you beat a 7 day test drive/Full refund period??? I will absolutely not hesitate to use Carvana in the future for my next vehicle purchase! Carvana has perfected the wave of the future for vehicle sales!
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3 years ago, ed5491
Brilliant business idea, horrible execution
I found a vehicle that I wanted and started the process of purchasing the vehicle. I was nearly complete when I realized that there were differences between the details on the website and details on the Carfax report. I paused the purchasing process and called the customer support number because the differences were material (V8 versus V6 engine and 4-wheel drive versus 2-wheel drive). The person I spoke with confirmed that there were differences between the website and the Carfax report and told me that I the Carfax report should be correct. Thankfully I had paused the purchase in time to cancel before moving forward. After hanging up I realized that there is information on the Carvana website that is not listed on the Carfax report. I called customer support a second time to see if there is any way to validate information listed on the Carvana website that is not listed on the Carfax report and the answer was no. The representative did stress that if the vehicle was wrong that I would not have to accept it and would not be charged. My understanding from the website is that I would still have to pay for the delivery fee, but the representative said that no that was not the case. I am still unsure which is correct. My issue with Carvana is that I have found it difficult to get accurate information that can be trusted. For a purchase of this magnitude, that is unacceptable.
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I’m very disappointed because I preordered a vehicle with $100 deposit and waited over 2 weeks for it to become available and as I had completed the purchase procedure and had a delivery date for that Friday and waited on the verification to be completed. I received a call the next day requesting copies of paystubs, etc Their system had technical difficulties when I went to upload documents so I called them and found out the vehicle was no longer held in my account and another customer had it on hold... the agent got it back into my account and the next day it happened again. I had signed all contracts and down payment had been verified and I got insurance on it as I expected the vehicle the next day. I was told another customer was already purchasing it and they couldn’t remove it and put it back on my account but if the purchase didn’t go through I could then purchase it. There was not another vehicle like that with the low down payment available and because of a computer glitch I was just screwed.... I asked if I chose another vehicle if they could arrange the down payment price to be close to the one I had preordered and tried to purchase as a courtesy for the system glitch and was told NO! So after 3 weeks waiting on a vehicle I was now starting the entire process over to find a vehicle with absolutely no special treatment for the problems I had with them or any compensation.
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2 years ago, AJSantiago77
Worst buying experience ever
Everything from the beginning was a total mess from receiving the car until 2 days after the 7 days trial so let me explain this company brought the car a week later which It’s understandable there was a hurricane coming trough but I would expect a Carvana guarantee like they put out there from getting the car driving 5 miles engine light popped up took to get checked at their preferred mechanic shop and still waiting to get a call back from them to bring the car back to get the gas cap replaced thats 4 days later and still waiting on the meantime been driving the car to go to work and today decided to not do anything called the Limited Warranty Insurance they provide at 4:00 pm and provided with their Roadside called right away and even the representative at the Roadside assistance started laughing as soon as I explained the problem and said thats is very common from Carvana and 4 hours later still waiting for them to pick up the car so now I am stuck with a broken car and lost a great giving car that didn’t gave me any issues so please people if you ever buy from them make sure you take the car to a confiable mechanic of yours so you have a better opinion about the car you buying because definitely this Carcana is not giving the Guarantee they are promising I learned my lesson and I hope for future buyers not to make the same mistake I made.
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5 months ago, recbmbdessesnu
I test drove then purchased a car. Within a day the bearings went out. I requested to swap the car & choose one. The rep advised that the shipping would come from my finance check. They then tried to charge my account which over drafted the account because I wasn’t expecting a $990 draft. They did not contact me but instead cancelled the order. I only found out that the order was canceled when I called about another issue. I then spent an hour on the phone trying to find another car that met my criteria & be delivered on the original delivery day. I settled on another vehicle and submitted all the docs requested. Yesterday, the day before I’m due to pick up the car, the order is on hold because some one failed to uncheck a box indicating I would pay the car in full instead of financing & they tried to draft my account for almost $20,000 & then the 1st check can’t be applied to the 2nd car because the rep had me write the 1st car’s VIN onto the check. It’s Sunday & I can’t get a new check from the bank until tomorrow and then Carvana needs an additional day to verify. They say I can pick up the car Tuesday. By this time I will have driven a total of 6 hours over multiple trips to pick up and drop off cars and spent several hours on the phone between Carvana & the bank trying to fix this issue. This ineptitude has cost me time and money.
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2 years ago, Billy18641
Waste of time and money
My husband and I both thought Carvana was the way to go when we both needed to replace our vehicles (and we were ready to spend good money if it meant having the convenience of a car delivered within a few days). Unfortunately, both of our dates for delivery kept being pushed further out with no explanation. My husband tried to find a solution because we both were in a dire place (I went without a car and he had to drive one that barely worked), but Carvana wasn’t willing to let him pick one of them up instead (he was willing to pay the extra price). The person he was talking to wouldn’t let him speak with a manager either. My husband ended up calling the main Carvana customer service and spoke to a super nice guy (Tyler H. - thank you!) who looked up both of our accounts and saw what the hold up was (our insurance policies weren’t the correct 90-day policies) and that in both of our cases Carvana failed to notify us the cause of the delays. He was so kind and sympathetic to our situations and helped us cancel our vehicles without hesitation. Unfortunately, we will not be recommending Carvana. Instead, my husband took time off of work and we went to a local dealership and found a much better price on a brand new (instead of used) one, but we’re still looking for a second car. We wasted so much time and it caused more hardship than we expected.
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1 month ago, Laceybabyyyy
Process was easy and quick
I absolutely love Carvana when it comes to financing or purchasing a vehicle, my process process went very quick, and it was very simple. Also their customer service is very respectful and nice and has all the answers to any questions you may have. They also have some of the best terms and down payment prices. When you want to finance you are not another website that is as easy as Carvana and most important that I personally like about Carvana is that they deliver and the delivery process is very quick, and if you download the Carvana app, you can check the status of your delivery as well until you receive your vehicle . Last but not least they have what your looking for weather it’s a car, truck, or SUV etc, their inventory is very high and they have the most reliable vehicles available for you at decent prices, also every vehicle that you purchase or finance also comes with different packages and warranties as well as insurance plans and rates! Choose Carvana you can never go wrong
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1 year ago, AJ BARB
The Absolute Worst!!!! Run As Fast As Possible!!
So let me start off by saying the idea of Carvana is really cool and really futuristic and really convenient but the execution of Carvana’s ideology and business model is the absolute worst possible in the world, and if you have other options that you can turn to for purchasing a vehicle please do so. I have attempted to purchase two vehicles from Carvana and each vehicle, Once it’s been dropped off to the pick up location, I received a last-minute message as in less than 24 hours of pick up as in within a couple hours to pick up I’ve received a message stating hey, you know what there’s actually significant mechanical issues we are unable to release this vehicle. Now if Carvana is doing all their checks and balances like they claim they’re doing 150 point inspection it boggles my brain to think they wouldn’t discover significant mechanical issues before checking it off as OK for purchase. Then when you speak with associates at their hubs, or even customer service they’re extremely rude they try to brush you off and They’re all pointing the finger at some other department as far as who’s accountability it is, when really, it’s all of them and instead of hearing the concerns they try to brush you off. They try to create excuses instead of providing superior customer service. this is super unacceptable I will never ever do business with Carvana.
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1 year ago, badreviewappsucks
Lost a customer
Literally was ready to pick up my car in a few days but the verification process is so terrible it turned me off. I uploaded my income verification and each time i uploaded it they told me to provide more information than was previously asked for. In the beginning I had the option to use Plaid verification, bank statements or pay stubs. In the end they asked for all three and still could not verify. I have 5 income verification tabs for my tasks. I uploaded my insurance card info and they still asked for it after already saying it was completed. I called carvana for help and no one did anything besides tell me to upload it a different way. I spoke to two different reps and they gave two different instructions on how to fix the issue. I told one of the reps i would call back after trying again their way to review if my issue was solved and she told me “you shouldnt call back because a lot of people are calling for information status”. This is after i missed my deadline mind you. I had to point out her inconsistency in what she was instructing vs what the actual company site was saying multiple times for her to tell me “Ooooh yea the mobile app is terrible everyone is having issues with that. You should use a computer.” This was well into the phone call. Terrible experience. Even WORSE RATES!!!
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5 years ago, Kay M H
5 stars to 1 star
I literally don’t write reviews, but what I experienced from the last two days is unbelievable. I realized the newest app update in the worst way. So I was unaware of how to reschedule my payment via calendar, because the old app update has it where I could update the payment via calendar in plain site. The newest update was not the case. I clicked schedule payment and did not realize the calendar was positioned in the corner of the screen beside the hard coded today’s date. So since I did not realize this I click schedule payment for that hardcoded date above the button, I was thinking that the next screen would take me to the calendar. Sadly it confirmed my payment for the hardcoded today’s date. When I realized it was processing, I could not stop the payment process. That is another thing, this app needs a way to cancel payments for situations like this. My sole issue is the small calendar to edit the payment. Called the representative and they could not stop the payment. Called my bank to try to stop the payment. And it was successful. I paid the payment via phone today since this company is blocked from payment process at my bank. Now I have to call my bank back sometime next week to remove this company off the list of cancellation for my next payment arrangement in June. I will be using the website for now on. I never had a issue with this app until now. Sorry for the long post.
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3 years ago, Rivie121
Disappointed and frustrated.
So incredibly frustrated with how things have played out. At the beginning of this whole experience it seemed to be my best option for convenience. My car was supposed to arrive last Tuesday but then last minute a was told that the truck it was on broke down, and because of the holiday, my car was set to arrive on Saturday, well come to find out on Thursday night, that there was another delay on my vehicle that now has the car being delivered on Monday morning. I’ve been left without transportation for 6 days longer than I had expecting. Leaving me to pay $40 everyday for a ride share to and from work, because I didn’t get a break over the holiday. And since there weren’t any available vehicles since there isn’t a “lot”, I wasn’t given any option for temporary transportation. So incredibly frustrating and just really disappointing. For a company that stands on a mission of a “better way to buy a car” really dropped the ball. Buying a car is stressful enough, and adding all of these extra complications, especially around the holiday is just an extra sour cherry on top of it all. It’s really hard to even be excited about test driving the car when it gets here. But at the very least, I will say that every customer service representative i came in contact with was professional and as “helpful” as they could be considering the situation.
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2 years ago, Sharelk
Multiple delays - so stressful
We have bought three cars from carvana now, first experience a few years ago was fine, although there was dog hair all over the back seat and we were given some reimbursement for detailing we never used because it was more complicated to use it than to just pay for it ourself. I pre ordered a car two months ago and purchased it a couple weeks later when it was “available” and it’s been delayed 3 times with no real reasoning other than “unexpected delays” after firing 2,500 people. We bought another car (because we needed a vehicle) that was delivered sooner even though we picked it up after a delay and it was still not detailed upon arrival and it wasn’t charged and we were told to just charge it down the road that it was quick and free but drove around in an area we didn’t know to find a charger we never used and it was so stressful just to try and get home with it, now our other car has been delayed again because it needed to be detailed and now again with no charge. There has been some financial reimbursement for the 6 week delay of delivery, but no where near enough to cover a rental car needed to continue working and having to reschedule so many things because of all the supposed delivery dates… It’s been a pretty terrible experience with these two cars…
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2 years ago, wuhvzyocdukvruxtcg
Horrible & Dishonest
We were excited to find the exact vehicle we were looking for. 2018 white Expedition Max XLT with tan interior and panoramic sunroof. My husband took off work so we could drive 86 miles to pick it up. We spent a lot of time the days previous getting a cashiers check from our bank, adding the vehicle to our insurance, 2 notorizations, all forms filled and submitted etc. NO ISSUES were shown in pictures except minor scratches. Vehicle looked perfect in the multiple pictures sent. They shipped this expedition across the country from SC to NV. We arrived excited to drive our perfect new vehicle home, with a $50k+ check in our hand! We immediately noticed dripping brown stains down the outside of both sides of the vehicle. Upon looking inside, we saw dirty obviously water stained headliner. We quickly realized that the large sunroof had been steadily leaking so much that there were brown stains down both sides of the white exterior! Upon opening the rear hatch door, it looked like it had been used as a mobile zoo!!! Chewed up leather seats, rear door had scratches all over the interior. White pet hair in carpeting. We never even started it up. We rejected the vehicle. None of these issues was disclosed and/or photographed in the description. So very unprofessional and disappointing to waste our time and gas/work money for this. Never again, Carvana.
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3 years ago, hopeyoulikeashtrays
Terrible!!!! Stay away!!
Had the worst experience with Carvana. I found a car and purchased, arranged financing pretty easily. I selected the pickup date and boom, thought i was all set. Wrong. 2 days before my pickup date, they sent me a text saying the delivery would be delayed ONE WEEK. Keep in mind I had already updated my insurance, cancelled my next car payment, and I had even schedule a service appt for the new car. Another week goes by and they hit me with another week delay. Again I have to rearrange my life to accommodate. So finally the day arrives when I can pick up my new ride. I head down to the “vending machine” and not more than 2 minutes after I arrive the attendant informs me of an odor in my new car. So I walk open the door and am hit with the overwhelming stench of cigarette smoke. It smelled like an ashtray. I was stunned. Surely Carvana doesn’t buy cars like this!! Further, even if they did, surely they would I disclose that this car had previously been owned by a smoker. But nope. They tried to hide the smell and pull a fast one on me. At this point I am furious. I had wasted more time and money for a big fat nothing burger. I hopped in my old car and called them immediately. When I finally spoke to someone, they only offered to credit a future purchase $250. What a joke. I will never use Carvana and will continue to tell my friends and family to avoid at all costs.
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4 years ago, Frostphyre
I like the concept, but there’s still a long way to go
I saw the commercials just like everyone else and really despise car dealerships, so I figured why not, but I had no idea what I was about to experience. On the plus side, it’s easy to navigate the app and view vehicle details and pricing. However, that’s where the fun ended for me. Like a lot of people out there, I have less than perfect credit. Even so, the 24% interest rate they offered me was outrageous. I’ve NEVER been to a car dealership that offered me anything over 15%, even when my credit was below 600. On top of that, they wanted a $3,300 down payment and then said that I didn’t qualify for their 90 day no pay program. If you’re going to advertise something stand by it and don’t try to back out, especially for customers who more than likely could use a break with everything going on nowadays. If all of that wasn’t enough, I selected the trade-in option and was disgusted when they tried to offer me $150 credit for a 2010 Toyota Corolla which has been independently appraised at over $2,000! My favorite part was when they told me it was worth $1,200 but subtracted over a THOUSAND dollars because they said “the market is saturated”. I live in Atlanta...Sorry Carvana, I like the concept but you still have quite a few improvements to make before you get my business.
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2 years ago, ostahlbaum
Great app, terrible fulfillment
PROS: The app is slick and user-friendly and an all around excellent experience to be able to search, review and purchase a vehicle all from your fingertips. CONS: The actual, ya know, point of buying a car is to get the fricking car. Originally purchased in June and scheduled delivery for Sat July 2nd. They texted me a few days prior saying there was a “transportation delay” and rescheduled me for July 6th. I had to reschedule for Sat Jul 9th because both me and my wife are on the title of the trade-in, so she has to be present at delivery (we both work). ONE HOUR prior to new scheduled delivery on the 9th they called me saying that during inspection they discovered the car’s tint is too dark and it’s illegal so they have to replace it. Have to reschedule again. Try to give me a Tuesday afternoon. I tell them about wife situation and ask if she can get a notarized document or something so she doesn’t have to be there. Nope, she has to be present. OK I guess I’ll take the next Saturday. Nope, unavailable. Now I’m scheduled for Wednesday July 20th in the evening. Meanwhile, the terms of my financing have changed since the original purchase. Now the interest rate is a full point higher. All because of their incompetence and delays. I wish I had been a little less picky on the vehicle and just gone to CarMax.
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5 years ago, Anaomixo
I never in my life have written a review but this is an absolute must. This has been the worst experience in my entire life. I received my vehicle back in feb. 2019 AND I STILL don’t have my plates. They will not give me a rental (which they can do). My neighbor also is having the same exact issue but she has a rental vehicle. They also told me I would have them by the end of this week and still don’t have them at all, I called them again today and they told me I would have them by next week when I was already told it would come by the end of this week. Customer service is TERRIBLE. Honestly I wouldn’t not recommend this not even to my worst enemy. I’m paying for a car and insurance that I can’t even drive. They keep telling me it’s now my fault that the plates are coming next week when they have already received all the paper work they needed. There is hold on their end and they are blaming me for their hold up. I’m letting you know now this is not the place to purchase a vehicle. Do it In person with a dealership, you can even get cheaper vehicles with a longer warranty on them and get the pre certified with no issues and plates the same day, if not the same day it will be that week. Carvana is a complete scam and they told me I WASN'T ALLOWED to give the vehicle back. This is the most stressful/annoying/terrible/horrible/crazy experience of my entire life.
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2 years ago, kaileb2lit
F Carvana scammers
I will never shop with Carvana again how about they gave me a car that’s already messed up having problems after 7 days so couldn’t trade it in. The brake and stuff under the car was rusted causing my car to squeak but that was fixed!!! But not too long after only 2 months I have the car my car stop driving out of nowhere causing me have to get it towed to the repair facility…… once I left thinking I was covered with my 100 day limited warranty they called and said my limited warranty was expired because I went over a little bit millege they had set which is 4000 I was at 4800 that I used I think. But they said the limited warranty expired because I went over 4000 mileage and I had 29 days left. The customer service said it was either 100 days or over 4000 for it to expire but my point is it’s impossible for me to not go over that mileage. But anyways the car repair facility said the transmission needs fixed I only had the car for 2 months. That’s impossible for me to not drive over 4000 in 100 days. So now I have to come out of pocket because they said they candy do nothing. I wish I never received this car it’s over it was over seven days once this car started having problems I took it to the repair facility 3 times within 30 days that’s crazy I’m just saving y’all time thanks to me!!!
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1 year ago, Gutster
Great car, Bad customer service
I purchased a 2018 Nissan Rouge back in September of 2022. I was in the process of selling my house and moving in October. I told them to transfer my current registration because I had just paid over $100 for my new tag the math before. Well you can only talk to some random person on chat for customer service. So I continually chatted and explained just to transfer my tag since I just got it and I was moving and going to have to change it later anyways. Well my car got delivered. No problems. The delivery person told me the reason they were stalling was because they aren’t capable of transferring registration. Which turned out to be true. But the advocates in chat will lie and say it can be done. So plan on paying the registration fees and everything. Ok so I told the advocates thst I was moving to florida and send them there. I know I told at least two advocates of this. Well my tags were delivered to my old house in Tennessee. So again I get on the chat and talk to Peter. He apologizes and said I will need to go to the Tennessee DMV to get replacements. I live in florida!! So great car hortble customer service, especially since you can not talk to a real person. Just chat.
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4 years ago, PrettyKitty79
Not like a vending machine
I received the notice that I was pre-approved but when I attempted to purchase a vehicle, there were so many hoops to jump through. The app doesn’t work well and I don’t know who Sebastian is but he should get fired. I’m thinking it’s a bot. I thought it would be easier to purchase this way versus going to a dealership but it has been equally as bad. At least at a dealership, you have a person reviewing your application and making judgment calls based on a human logic. I work as an independent contractor. I have more than one contract. My method of payment is as unconventional as the 2020 pandemic. I have relied on all of these methods to make it through this year. Unfortunately now I need a vehicle. I can’t get one because my methods of payment (debit deposits to non-banks) don’t meet some strange underwriting standard. That’s what repossessions are for. I’m just so annoyed by all of this. I need a car but the experience trying to purchase through Carvana has made me less than excited. Plus there is a disconnect between the app and the website. I keep getting text messages and emails but they don’t link up with the app. I’m actually annoyed by all of it. I just wish it worked and I could have successfully given Carvana 5 stars but right now I’m so disappointed and irritated that I wish I could give it negative stars.
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1 year ago, Wormsur
Never buy from them
Set up my pick up date and time they emailed and texted a few hours before and tried to push me to a new day and time when I picked up the car the low tire lights were on the guy said he just filled them but the tires were below their specks to sale so they would put in for a voucher to replace he did then I talked to several other people from the company afterwards they have me take the care to a preferred vendor to measure tread depth 3 of the 4 were below their standards I was told initially but clim was denied i also had to pay for the people to look at which I was told I wouldn’t have to their warranty company told the guy to tell me that they don’t pay for any diagnosis other than a check engine light called Carvana back the said the would submit an exception to get tires replaced then I was told the wouldn’t because they met standards now they changed it but didn’t let their employees know so no I just decided to return the car due to the fact that they did want to sell it if so they would have taken care of the issue also when I picked the car up it smelled like an ashtray and all the windows inside were smudged with bad streaks for where someone tried to clean them but used dirty equipment horrible service from them would recommend them to anyone
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2 years ago, renalesm
Getting tags/Getting Registration for a New Car
The whole process of physically getting a car is very smooth, however being able to get new tags and or registration has been an absolute nightmare. Every time I’ve asked at what point in the process I’m at they haven’t been able to give me sufficient information on where my tags are at. I haven’t gotten my tags yet and it’s been about a month since they’ve claimed to submit my tags. It’s been about 2 weeks since my temporary tags have expired and I haven’t been able to drive my car since then. There’s been no updates on the dash or anything of that nature. The only way I’ve been able to get any information is through constantly calling and texting there support line only to get the same answer over and over again. You can’t even get in contact with their 3rd parties because it’s their policy not to give out that information. So it feels like nobody knows where my tags are. I don’t know who to ask and or who to talk to because nobody has any information. I’ve also asked where my tags are at to my state DMV and they haven’t even received them. It’s just frustrating because now I’m locked into making payments on a car I can’t even drive at the moment and it feels like I’m getting the run around.
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2 years ago, Cac22usmc
Poor to no service!!!!!!!
Found and made all arrangements to purchase 2017 Dodge Charger and the day of delivery was notified that there was engine trouble and electrical issues with the navigation. Wa informed it would take two weeks to repair. Decided to not buy car with issues after a 150 point inspection. Found a 2017 Buick and went through all the arrangements again filling out forms. Signing all the purchase papers and adding car to my insurance policy and canceling the above stated Charger. Received a message that the Buick I had purchased and was to be delivered tomorrow will not be delivered and I would be informed when a new date could be arranged. They claimed that there was a transport issue the same thing I was informed was the issue with the Charger but I talk to the person handling the delivery on the phone that morning and was told it was engine problems and electrical issues with the Navigation. I purposely picked a vehicle that was in their FREE DELIVERY area to avoid any delivery issues. At this point I have my doubts that they have any cars at all. I have never had last minute issues like this from any car purchase before. It always amazes me how people who continue to fail at something they proclaim to be experienced at still don’t realize that we are sorry fixes nothing.
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3 years ago, lildoc1967
Worse than the dealer
Unfortunately I have to say my experience with Caravana at best has been bad. I have had to schedule delivery of the vehicle three times, because of errors by Carvana. I then found out that the car wouldn’t pass inspection and they were driving it around to solve the problem. Each time I have had to reschedule delivery it was around what worked in their schedule and if it didn’t work in mine they just kept moving the date out. I went to Caravana from a recommendation of a friend. I also did it, because working with a dealer is usually a draining nightmare. But I will have to say this has been worse than any dealer I have worked with... I have many hours of texts and phone calls trying to get the car purchased/delivered and I still don’t have the car... received a text today they can’t see into the future, but if the car is going to be delayed they will let me know... really? So after missing two delivers and hours of conversations trying to get it resolved, your telling you may miss another delivery. I have been in the customer service business for 25 years. Definitely not the customer service I would extend to my customers and especially a new customer that you hope would become repeat business.
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3 years ago, mckayy126
This company is trash
I purchased my car from carvana back in the middle of November last year 2020. After 3 months of waiting I still had not gotten my registration done by carvana and still had not even had my name put on the title by them. My car was totaled at the end of February 2021 and it took them 2 1/2 months to send me the registration and put my name on title meaning I was paying on a car that was TOTALED for 2 months and don’t forget interest too, this also got in the way of me getting my check for my car from my insurance company. After contacting the state they legally have 60 days to put your name on the title, oh did I mention they don’t even have a license to sell in Colorado which is where I live. Oh and don’t get me started on their finance company bridgecrest is just as bad. Absolutely no one has any idea what They’re talking about and you will get different answers every time you call. It got so bad we had to contact the founder of the company and get bbb and our local news station involved, we finally got them to give the copy of a title to my insurance company and what a surprise there total and my total on what I owe on the car is $400 higher. I have just given up fighting this company. Do yourself a favor and save your sanity DO NOT buy a car from this company
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2 years ago, Loose 088
Repo at 60 days
Do not I repeat do not get a car with him they repo cars after 60 days if you have an emergency and Something Happens and you’re not able to pay your car for two months because you get your car through Carvana they will repo your car on the 61 day. The people they finance through Bridgecrest will also repo your car is 61 days they will offer you a one or two month extension but they will not hold that extension they will not do so.. Not to mention they also sell lemons they do not properly look over the cars they say they do but they don’t my friend actually got a car from them that had a dead battery in it and we had to buy a battery starter pack for the car my car has been making sound since I bought it no matter how many oil changes no matter what you do the car itself makes noise. So do not I repeat do not buy your car from them do not finance Stu Bridge crest if you could do anything else go with all of your other options but not them.
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5 years ago, JeanAnn88
Worst experience of my life
I have never left a bad review before, it’s something I usually keep to myself but I cannot keep this experience to myself. The first few days of buying a car from Carvana were great until it came time for the delivery. I was notified at 5:00pm the day before the car was to be delivered,10:00am the following day, there was a “delay in transportation” and I needed to contact Carvana to reschedule immediately, so I did. The customer service told me the delivery truck broke down and it would be 5 days before I would get my car. 5 days!! That is ridiculous. I had to cancel the first few days of my vacation leaving me out several hundred dollars. They also informed me they could not refund the $200 transportation fee. I did not mind paying the fee but if the delivery is delayed 5 days, it is not right to make the customer pay it. Not only did this mess up my schedule, but my co-signer as well. The original scheduled time and date was the only time that would work for the both of us. Carvana did nothing to rectify the situation. I presented them with several solutions, one of which involved me going to get the car. None of these solutions worked for Carvana and they would not let me speak to a supervisor. This entire experience was one of the worst in my life. I do not suggest using this company.
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2 years ago, c rapids
Just need a car
So I was really excited to get a car from Carvana after reading multiple reviews. I was approved right away and I found a car that was perfect. I am a nurse needing a vehicle. I was told everything was as set I did all of the verification steps. Ola couple of days before my pick up I was told that they needed to reschedule. P I was ok but then it happened again. Still no car. The first vehicle was sold out even though I had a pending purchase secured. The second vehicle k keeps getting pushed back. I was able to catch an error that noted the car was black but the car was white on the contracts which ended up delaying the purchase even more. All the while everyone just keeps saying this is what it is now or you can pick another vehicle. So I have signed my contracts multiple times. I have spoken to multiple reps to keep saying 24 to 48 hours I have even offered to go pick up the vehicle. As a nurse I can’t spend my entire day trying to talk to people about purchasing a car and trying to fix errors that have been created by staff who have not been trained adequately. I have been told multiple times that this is a unique situation and that this doesn’t happen typically but yet you still I have no car almost a month later.
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3 years ago, PittsDriver
App is good, car was not
I was super happy with the buying process (and eventually, the return process) was super painless and strait forward. All in all, it took maybe 15 minutes of my time to be fully purchased and awaiting delivery, that’s how it should be. That’s where the positivity ends. I found what I thought was, a nice 2015 Lexus IS250 F Sport. The reported damage to the car was was very minimal, a scratch on the fender, a scratch on the hood, some wear on the steering wheel, and that was about it. I thought wow this will be a fantastic car, as I was looking for a really nice and well taken care of example, and was willing to pay for it. When the car arrived, 3 out of the 4 wheels had significant curb damage, there were numerous noticeable dents in the car, and the passenger side skirt was partially ripped off. When driving, it was evident the car needed an alignment badly. I was so disappointed in the car that I returned it abs bought a much nicer example at a local dealership. Although the buying process at the dealership was much more lengthy and a pain, the actual car was in much better condition, it was certified by Lexus, and it ended up being 1,500 dollars less. I will not be using Carvana for any purchases in the future…
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4 months ago, Z.Ken.W
Bad Car Buying Experience
I’ll start by saying I don’t have the greatest credit score but I was able to get the car financed nonetheless. Originally said I didn’t have to do a transfer fee which was one of my key selling points for the car I selected. They snuck it in there in the buying process but it wasn’t a deal breaker. Also asked for a higher down payment than originally stated, still not a deal breaker. The app said I could get the car by Sunday(started the process on a Thursday) but it changed to Wednesday during the buying process. So after they took the money out of my account and receiving the documents they requested, they text me after 9pm saying there’s an issue with my paperwork and I need to resolve it by 7pm Friday. They refused to finance my car because even though I gave them the number of bank statements they requested, one was from a different bank than the one I was paying with because I just recently changed banks. After a back and forth that went into Friday morning I ended up canceling the order because the two options they gave were no longer feasible. Just too many changes during the process. Found a later model of the same car for around the same price and got it financed so, silver lining?
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2 years ago, NPGDavis
I would like to start by saying I would never recommend Carvana to anyone! I’ve had nothing but the worse experience with them. They’re conniving, completely dishonest, and lack professionalism. From the very beginning, I should have known Carvana was nothing but excuses and failed promises. I was given a car with many issues! Was told that I would be able to do a “delayed swap” from numerous agents. I had been undergoing this procedure for well over a month and then told that the agent taking care of my account was fired and that I should have never been offered the “delayed swap” (although more than one agent had informed me that I was eligible). This information was relayed to me after days of missing work to acquire documentation from a mechanic that Carvana required for the “delayed swap”. This was also after weeks of being told that I should receive my new vehicle in a few days and that everything would be taken care of. After telling me they would not be moving forward with my swap, they informed me that a supervisor would be contacting me within 48 hours. It’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t heard back from anyone. Will never do business with Carvana or recommend them to anyone! Nothing but failure and disappointment!!
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4 years ago, Br.andy
Easy Peasy
I bought my 2019 Honda Fit through Carvana after going to the dealership and almost getting screwed over by the pushy salesmen there. It turns out Carvana had the exact car I test drove (same color and everything) with only 3k miles on it. A huge perk of buying online is that they have thousands of cars in their inventory. I had been looking for several months but decided I wanted this model of car and ended up purchasing. The online process only took me about 30 minutes. I had to link my bank account to prove I had my down payment, and upload some pay stubs. They made the process so easy, and normally buying a car is extremely stressful for me. My car was delivered to my house in 3 days after coming from across the country. It came in pristine condition! I also saved $4000 off the sticker price! My interest rate is high, but my credit is bad and I couldn’t get approved anywhere else so I’m very grateful for Carvana for helping me get into a reliable vehicle. I will definitely be purchasing my next Honda through them!
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3 years ago, Crizzle for my drizzle
Exactly what I was looking for in car buying expierence
I was able to easily find the vehicle I wanted in the color I wanted with the option I wanted. I feel that I it was good deal and happy with my purchase. I was able purchase my vehicle only using app which was fantastic and exactly what I wanted. I did not have to deal some car salesman that just wanted me to come to dealership so they could waste hours of my time and still try snd sell me something without the options or color I wanted. While I think it would have been cool to get it out of the vending machine the closest one was about 40mins away. I opted to have them to deliver to my home. The gentleman the dropped if the vehicle was friendly and has me sign a few documents which took less than 5mins. The total process took less than 30 mins on my app and really could not have been any easier. If you are looking for a quick no hassle and no pressure way to purchase vehicle I would highly recommended using Carvana.
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3 years ago, DrQue1990
Lack of follow-through
The actual car buying process was good although I received different information from different representatives regarding documents that needed to be submitted prior to the purchase. However, after reporting problems with the AC on Day 2 after the purchase, it took two days for me to be contacted. (I would’ve have probably noticed it on Day 1 if I was offered the test drive that is mentioned on the site). Instead of Carvana answering my questions about returning the vehicle, I was referred to their warranty provider who is not open on weekends. It has now been ten days since the purchase and after going to two different preferred service providers, the problem still isn’t fixed. I have not received the calls from Silverrock that the preferred providers told me I would receive. Now, I have to go to the BMW dealership who is not a preferred provider and have to change my travel plans. I have never encountered problems like this so soon after purchasing a vehicle and compared to purchasing experiences with CarMax, Carvana has mastered the buying experience but has dropped the ball on ensuring that any problems with their products are solved quickly.
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3 years ago, Malcolm Canada
Anyone who see this, I hope that I save you the headaches I’ve had to go through and still are going through… Bought mid August 2021. It’s the end of October and I still have NOTHING to show it’s mine; no registration, no tag, not even a bill of sale! They said it would all come in the mail, but 61 days later and counting, I still have nothing. We aren’t able to drive the car due to expired tags, and today, they just told me they’re doing a “paperwork packet rebuild” that will take 60 to 90 more days before I get a tag and registration to drive the vehicle. But they still draft their payment from my bank account and were extremely quick to draft the down payment! Also, their “150 point inspection” that you can be “100% confident in” is a flat out lie. How does their thorough 150 point inspection miss 4 bad CV joints, broken axils, bushings, speakers, and the list goes on! But hey! “No worries because you’re completely covered” except; you’re not. I was left with a $200 bill. When I called, they said “our bad” and that I was getting reimbursed. That’s the fourth item I’ve been told I would be reimbursed on and I’ve yet to receive ONE reimbursement… but they still take their payment every month.
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3 years ago, robles43
Do Not Buy With Carvana
I had the worst experience with Carvana. My car had transmission issues two weeks after purchase to the point where it wasn’t drivable anymore. I got in touch with Carvana, and they made a claim with silverock. I had to take the car to the dealer, and was promised a rental for 10 days while it was being repaired. At the dealer, they said the tcm was the issue and there was a back order of 30 people ahead of me. There was no way my car was going to be repaired soon, and Carvana told me I’d have to pay the rental for it. I tried to get in touch with managers to return my car and buy another one, but they wouldn’t answer my claims. The employees I’d speak with told me I couldn’t return it because it was something that can eventually be repaired. I had the car for about three weeks and only got to drive it for one. The transmission issue with the car was never my fault, they shouldn’t sell cars without having full inspections on them. The guy at the dealership even told them it was unsafe for me to drive it and they should just return it. Still to this day I haven’t heard back on what’s going to happen, but I took the car off my insurance and not making a single payment on it. Thanks a lot Carvana.
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4 years ago, shayshay377
Great way to buy a car
I initially went to a GMC dealership to buy a brand new 2020 Terrain and was treated like I meant nothing. I got approved for an amount lower than expected with GMC and was told to get a co-signor which I did. I had a strong co-signor with 800 plus credit score, but they never ran her credit nor did they ever contact me back. I left feeling dejected. I contacted Carvana and got the vehicle I wanted fully loaded with only a few thousand miles on it but it was still in very new condition. They delivered the vehicle on their flatbed then picked up my old car. Due to Covid there was no contact which I appreciated he had all the paperwork in the car and told me to get in and call him so he could walk me through everything. It was very painless and quick. They kept in contact by phone and text. My 7 day guarantee is up and I decided to keep the car because I love it. I was very hesitant to buy a car online and had heard some bad reviews here and there but I have to say each experience is different I haven’t had any issues at all.
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3 years ago, bdawg051
Delivery of car
At first I had a great experience with customer service very friendly people. All was arranged and car was suppose to be delivered on the scheduled date. Then it was pushed back to a different date. Then again pushed back to another date. I called both times telling them the importance of getting the car by a specific date. Then I received another call and the delivery was pushed back 2 weeks. I communicated with a customer service person whom informed me that since my delivery was pushed back that accommodates would be made. And that they would call me back. I waited and waited without a call back. Never received any communication from anyone after that. I had to cancel the order since we needed the car by a specific date (which I was guaranteed it would be there by). Very disappointing experience to say the least. To make betters worse I had to cancel my auto insurance for the existing car and insurance the new car before it arrived. Then since the transaction did not take place I had to call my auto insurance company and explain for over an hour what happened to restore my current car back to my policy.
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5 years ago, Dissappointed814
The value of being able to look over a car before purchasing it can’t be overstated. When looking at the car I was purchasing on Carvana website they showed only 2 minor chips in the paint. When I went to pick up the car I immediately noticed a large chip on the front bumper that wasn’t revealed on the site. The next few days of owning the car I noticed more and more dings and even a few rust dots developing on the drivers side rocker panel. They also bragged that they installed new brakes and tires, which is great. But the tires they put on are summer tread (I live in Pa) and they are low quality tires. The brakes are extremely loud and while the stopping power is good they will have to be closely checked during the inspection. I’m expecting to have to put on new rotors. Who puts new brakes on bad rotors? Also their detailing of the car was poor at best. The floor was swept but the cup holders were disgusting as were all steering column levers and center console. The car only came with one key so that will cost me I can only imagine how much and when I lifted the trunk mat to check the spare tire I immediately noticed that the jack and tire iron are missing. Not good for a 4 year old car with only 26k miles.
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11 months ago, Kaylaroo92
More of a Hassle
This car buying service is anything BUT less of a hassle! This has been the most frustrating car buying experience I have ever had. Not due to anything on my end as I had all my documents submitted almost immediately but it took them a whole week to finish “reviewing” my information and during that time I had to call EVERY DAY to extend my deadline so I wouldn’t lose my vehicle due to their specialists being behind on reviewing my information. Then to top it all off they texted me only one day before I was set to receive my vehicle to tell me they were going to delay the delivery by 6 DAYS. I had already taken everything out of my current vehicle that was suppose to be traded in including my mobility and medical aide equipment which I need as I am disabled. And now I am going to have to put it all back in my car again only to take it all back out again in 6 days once I HOPEFULLY receive my new car. Oh and take off more work since I took time off to be available to receive my new car. Not to mention the process of getting anyone to talk to or communicate was God awful. Here’s hoping the car I receive isn’t as absolutely terrible as the service I have received thus far.
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