Cathay Pacific

4.3 (304)
269.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cathay Pacific Airways Limited
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cathay Pacific

4.29 out of 5
304 Ratings
6 months ago, kuen23
Cathay Pacific app
The app is easy to use. The descriptions are clear and easy to follow . I could get information I needed . I like to visit the site whenever I am looking for info on my coming flight.
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5 months ago, XCute
Worst customer service ever
Cathay Pacifica just neglected their customer’s basic rights and lies to the customers. Communicating with them is a disaster and a total waste of your time because you can never get an answer from them. I requested a trip cancellation from Cathay Pacifica this early July. However, I didn’t receive my partial refund until I called them in August. It turns out that the refund number is not correct at all. Over the last two months, I contacted them for 6 times and each time it takes me almost an hour over the phone. Their responses were always something like we would call or email you back within 48 hours which are totally lies. They never reached back to me to explain the incorrect refund at all! You can’t trust their words. In other ways, they don’t respect customers at all!
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5 months ago, prt89
Another Stupid App
Cathay is an international airline. They require a mobile # to signup, confirm number, then sign-in to app. If you’re traveling internationally you may not have access to your mobile number to signup and confirm. What a genius move. I can’t get my flight info or boarding information through the app because I am in another country, which is literally the service they provide. I’m so tired of how every app is designed by stupid people. Let us sign in with just an email address morons.
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8 months ago, EGH1010
App is not an industry standard
Cathay Pacific lags other airlines in the functionality of their app. Very difficult to make changes and get refunds. Other airlines are automatic. But Cathay requires much additional paperwork and time to obtain a refund on such a simple matter. A the simplest mistake renders the refund application invalid. All the requested information is already in their system. But the app is immensely better than their outsourced call center which is near useless since the agents just go on the app or website to get information.
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3 months ago, SGP bankr
Poorly Designed
This version of the App does not allow me to purchase tickets as it claims my name is too long, even though for the last 8 years my name has been acceptable, for an airline app in APAC which requires First and Middle names it is laughable (and the reflection of a poor job of coding) that this error comes up. Perhaps someone could look into it resolving it rather than asking customers to dial in to an overburdened and understaffed call center to make one’s reservations.
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3 years ago, jcamilleri
Cathay rules the airline apps!
Cathay’s app is truly intuitive and can handle complex check in combinations. Thank you to everyone in the tech aspect of running Cathay. Tough times but your customers will stand by you if you continue to invest through these challenging times! Keep it up.
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2 months ago, JigarThanda
Really bad
I downloaded the app a few days ago as I had to travel on Jan 8th. I added my trip a few days ago and updated all details. Now on the day of travel, I can’t find the booking. I entered the booking reference no and it says it has been added to my bookings but nothing pulls up. Now I can’t check in. I contacted the chat on the website after signing into my laptop. No response. Very frustrating.
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3 weeks ago, nicknameisml
Not as many options as website
It’s much easier to make booking via website. I can see pricing of each date on website, I can choose class for each leg of my itinerary. It’s way more customizable and flexible in the website.
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10 months ago, Dr.Ramirez
Does not work
The app does not work. Every time I try to check in, within 48 hours as per their loyalty program, it doesn’t work. Within 24 hours like regular airlines, it doesn’t work. After checking in at the airport, and wanting to retrieve my electronic boarding pass, does not work. Every time it states check in is not available for this segment, and quotes the 48 hour check in window.
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5 months ago, choncc
Do not use this app or the airline
I had a load of problems with this company. 1. The WiFi on the flight didn’t work at all 2. I made a mistake and needed to make a change to my flight and the customer service agent convinced me to cancel my flight and rebook, and assured me that I would get a refund, and that someone from Cathay Pacific would contact… no one ever contacted me and now they are keeping $6000 of my money. 3. The app is impossible to use, it doesn’t even work 4. During my connecting flight I was in Hong Kong airport not knowing which gate to go to until 30 minutes before my flight 5. The food was terrible I do not recommend using this airline at all
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2 years ago, PoSChang
I like the app and it can be even better
Please add HKG airport map to the app!!! Also I would like to have tabs on bottom, just like many other iOS apps, instead of a sliding sheet on side.
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7 months ago, Soraleks
CX app and airline service overall
Everything works as Swiss watches. App is user friendly and allows lots of features. Airline provides excellent service onboard.
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8 months ago, SargeArbs
Amazingly Easy
I find the app easy to book ticket and easy to maneuver. I will highly recommend to all passengers to download this app before travelling!!!
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1 year ago, Johnyip414
Stuck in time
For some reason, a flight completed two months ago is still shown as up coming, and those unpaid reservations won’t let me pay or cancel A two years old boarding pass makes me feel I am looking at a museum of my flying history than using an app of a airplane company. Can CX pay the IT guys better to get all those fixed
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2 years ago, TEXinHK
Stability sporadic
I like using the app when it’s working. Unfortunately, it crashes about 60% of the time, usually a few seconds after launching it.
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1 year ago, 热云
Convenient to buy tickets and not expensive
Very easy to book my tickets and the services is very good. Always take Cathay Pacific Airline.
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5 months ago, Wanganegresse
User Friendly!
This app was extremely helpful and efficient during my first visit to China. I highly recommended it.
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1 week ago, ThanhCascabel
So easy and friendly to use the website for check in.
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4 months ago, MSPforestry
Professional & Efficient
I’ve been flying with Cathay Pacific for years. This app makes the experience convenient, comfortable, and secure.
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3 months ago, A Loyal Longtime Customer
It doesn’t make any sense!
If I am not allowed to select a seat except within 24 hours of departure then DON’T send me an email 2 days ahead and tell me to check in any time…. So I wasted so much time online thinking I made a mistake somewhere, obviously as I found out by calling Cathay, the agent told me it was not my problem! Not a good App!
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4 months ago, estafada por rtve
We love Cathay Pacific
We love Cathay Pacific and highly recommend it! We suggest CP to take care of app’s glitches as we do online checking . Thank you 😊
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3 weeks ago, AGOneil
Ms. Oneil
Easy to use… I signed in a week before the trip so the day of my trip I only needed to get my boarding pass!
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12 months ago, theflyingchez
Convenient Flow
The interactive response to any selection gives me a real time data output.
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1 year ago, MCinas
Easy to use
Great app- easy to use, make changes and control your trip.
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1 month ago, Embercat101
Very efficient
Great little app that does everything it’s designed to
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9 months ago, Rocker j
Easy to navigate and make selections
Easy to navigate and make selections
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1 year ago, luis1378
thanks cathay
i have been with cathay pacific many years 99% of the time staff and flight are the best and my loyalty for cathay is unmatched in all the years only one bad experience with a staff member in jfk airport but then again its jfk airport🙄 thank you cathay for being wonderful to me looking forward to the next flight
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3 weeks ago, MCGNG
Easy navigation
Good experience so far.
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1 year ago, Dbvii soulbead
Terrible user experience- Bring back the old APP
I’ve had to delete the app because I used to use the Asia miles app and now they’ve merged it into this one but it’s just a terrible idea. Poor quality and bad decision. Bring back the separate Asia miles app for your customers!!!
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1 year ago, North40nm
Great app
Easy to use, well organized! A pleasure compared to most airline apps.
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8 months ago, D S Bush
Easy to Use
It was easy to enter information and it was nice the app could decrease duplicate entries.
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4 months ago, Q-sled
Cathay Pacific mobile app
Best app of all airlines I fly, well designed and easy to use.
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1 year ago, Asianpopular
Convenient booking. Save time and hassle.
Being a member got benefit and loyalty
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3 years ago, Eric_S_HK
this app is so poor compared to most airline apps
nothing has improved with this app in months. still won’t load properly and extremely buggy. Just use the website and save your sanity.
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4 years ago, tommychen1022
Awesome App
Really can see the effects Cathay Pacific put into the app!
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2 weeks ago, Ccferr
Not that good.
Have used this app for a couple of days. But not easy to find tickets at many times. After checking about 5 different schedules, it says there is an error. Please invest this app!
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1 year ago, HermanKam
It was better before
I really don’t like having to log in every time but that’s seems to be the case with the new app.
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2 days ago, LynnLynn2019
Easy to use
Very easy to use.
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5 months ago, Blue_Pomelo
Keep crashing
Had to fill out information so many times because the app keeps crashing.
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3 years ago, kenstee
Works Great!
Fully functional..
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9 months ago, mary in hong kong
CX App
Easy. Fast. Straightforward. Check in.
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7 months ago, Unhappyuser087
Need major upgrade
Barely useable. Has to type personal information during every time.
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5 days ago, Manhattan Beach, CA
Poor app
What happened to the Cathay Pacific app? It used to be responsive and effective. Seems the airline has failed to keep up with technology
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3 months ago, Tammip
App crash
At check in page, After entering doc and information. Error. Need to restart app to start over.
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1 year ago, Connie TseChe
Never be able to register or sign in
App with problem and bugs
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6 months ago, Kindle reader88
Bad app
Password keeps needing to reset so do it on web page on desktop then imputing the same info into the app says it's not valid login...
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11 months ago, Deespuriel
Easy to fast, clean and efficient
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6 months ago, CyberKid123456789
Nice Cathay Pacific App
Simple and easy Travel App
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2 years ago, LillyWu2014
Easy to use.
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10 months ago, lunshi
Good App
Easy to use
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