Chairish - Furniture & Decor

4.9 (35K)
73 MB
Age rating
Current version
Chairish, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Chairish - Furniture & Decor

4.89 out of 5
35K Ratings
4 years ago, piphi95
High end products.
I bought 2 really nice pieces from different sellers. 1 arrived slightly mishandled by the moving company, nothing that couldn’t be fixed. Reached out to Chairish, they responded, but it was literally when Covid hit and I think a follow up response just slipped through the cracks. I didn’t reach back out because I was able to fix the problems myself. The 2nd piece arrived in great condition. It was a multi sectional glass piece and it arrived in pristine condition with clear and concise communication with the shipping company. I’ve been very pleased with both experiences and I was very pleased that I was able to find so many quality pieces in one shopping spot. Chairish does an amazing job at curating why’s for sale.
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4 years ago, jenncarney
Buyer beware!!!!
I’m so disappointed with this company. Despite many negative reviews, I gave them a shot and am highly disappointed. First and foremost their customer service is the worst I’ve ever experienced, it’s almost impossible to get in touch with them or get a response. I ordered 4 caracole dinning chairs in showroom condition. The photos listed proved they were in practically perfect shape. Weeks after I ordered, sandy bottom shipping called me to set up a delivery. The day before the delivery I was informed their truck broke down and they were attempting to fix the truck or rent a uhaul. The next morning I followed up with them as I didn’t get a follow up. The woman told me they would be on their way the next morning. When they arrived I instructed them to leave the 4 chairs in the garage. My home is newly renovated and I was waiting on a rug to come before I put my table and chairs in the dinning room. The shippers dropped the chairs, took a photo and left. Myself, my sister, and friend went to bring the chairs inside and noticed the one chair in the far corner had several damages on it. I reached out to Chairish several times with no response. When I finally got ahold of someone I was told the shipper made terrible false claims about the delivery. He claimed I damage the chairs brining them in. I told Chairish I have video footage from my security system to prove he’s lying. They don’t care!
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5 years ago, JTTT
A horrible experience
I have had nothing but a horrible experience with Chairish. I ordered a desk that was supposed to arrive on September 21, 2019. A few days before the scheduled delivery date, I received an email from the shipper confirming my delivery. It not only had the wrong address but also the wrong phone number. I emailed and corrected that. I waited for four hours for a delivery that never occurred. When I called, the shipper claimed that they had tried to call me and that the delivery was not available. No one ever called me!!! I asked for a return call on Monday. Again, no one called me. After emailing and calling again on Monday and Tuesday, I was told it was a “quality “issue and that I needed to call Chairish and that Chairish would not allow the shipper to share with me what the problem was with the desk, even though I have bought and paid for it! I called Chairish and all they would tell me is that the product has been damaged and that they may try to fix it. (I don’t want a damaged and repaired product. I want what I bought.) This is unacceptable. Not to mention, not once has either the shipper or Chairish bothered to call me, email me or provide me with any update or status. They were simply a no-show and all of the follow up has had to be on my end. I would never use this app or this company again.
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6 years ago, alli007
Lack of seller oversight, poor customer service
On December 10th, I purchased an ottoman for $1000 which was immediately deducted from my credit card. The seller reached out to me to tell me he was beginning to build the item even though it had been advertised as a floor sample. I should have seen the red flags then but gave him a while and the benefit of the doubt. In early January, he told me he was sending the item the following day, and I should receive it in a week. No ottoman. When I followed up after 10 days of not receiving the item he said “oh I haven’t sent it yet, I’m still working on it” we went back-and-forth for awhile and he finally sent me a tracking number on Feb. 15th. I reached out to customer service they told me to contact the seller. Now it is March 1 and still no ottoman, I believe the tracking number was fake and I have received no customer support from Chairish. They still have my thousand dollars. My next move will be to file a Better Business Bureau complaint as well as try to retrieve the money through my credit card company. Super stressful, not worth it. Beware!
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4 years ago, Modern Archi
Damaged lamps
I ordered two lamps from Chairish and they arrived badly damaged. While the listing showed that they had some minor damage, in fact when they arrived there were cracks that were glued together with crazy glue. When I wrote to the company and asked to return the lamps they waited three weeks and then wrote to me telling me that they reviewed my photos and decided that the lamps were in the condition that were shown in the listing photographs. In fact the photographs did not show the damage, the crazy Glue or the cracks. Also the dents in the lamps made them look like they had been thrown in the back of a pick up truck. There is no way that the photographs are representative of the reality of the products I had received. They looked like i bought them from a junk yard. Instead of refunding me the amount of the lamps the company decided to charge me $90 in “shipping” to return the 3 pound lamps. Never again. Bad company. Bad policies. Just bad.
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1 year ago, Hairyfishpaws
I love looking through this app! It has so many categories! I can get obsessed just looking and dreaming about all the pieces that I lose track of time. It is so well organized. I have collected antiques for years. I get a real kick seeing items that I have. So many things I wish I could buy. I need to clean out a number of my pieces. I used to collect a lot of beautiful primitive pieces. When I sold my house years ago I sold them cheaply. I’d like to learn how to sell through this app. Until then, I will enjoy looking and loving what I see. GOOD JOB to you all. GREAT WEB SITE! Thank you. Barb F.
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6 years ago, seller chairs
Didn’t reimburse me for sale. Substandard service.
It’s been well over a week and the buyer has messaged clearly that he isn’t returning the chairs he bought from me through Chairish but Chairish isn’t reimbursing me and has kept the money. Their shippers delivered the expensive, delicate chairs with special instructions that they had to be boxed up and packed, thrown at the back of the truck without packing. They packed them at pick up but unpacked them and delivered them like this, damaging them. I proved from photos taken at pick up that the damage wasn’t there and buyer is claiming only damage during shipping. But Chairish is being fraudulent, not reimbursing me while the buyer is not returning the chairs to make it short. They tried to delay it by not returning my message for a week or so at first. I messaged the buyer and he confirmed he is keeping the chairs. It’s been a horrible experience and they’ve been very sleazy.
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3 years ago, mike bradley
Completely unreliable
I will NEVER order anything from Chairish again. They are completely unreliable and use highly questionable delivery partners. Her claims about when something will be delivered are absolute fiction. It has now been 7 weeks once I purchased a relatively small piece of furniture and I’m still being told that it will arrive at “some point in the next two weeks”. They use a very unreliable shipping partner called uship, which is basically the Uber of shipping with inexperienced part-timers as delivery men. These guys often don’t have the appropriate equipment and don’t know what they are doing. My piece wasn’t even picked up for 2 weeks because they were waiting for someone to “bid” on it. Whatever money you save buying from Chairish will be lost in the shipping hassle and challenges. Stay away!
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2 months ago, Chamberpaint
This is a dream
I loved Chairish when it was a store on Van Ness. The range of Modern to Antique, the Artistry & the people who worked there made it a fabulous shopping experience. Some of the most unique & beautiful stuff in town. I’m now mad about their App, with the availability of items from all over the country. Things I had to sell for nearly nothing when my circumstances changed torment me now when I see similar items here, beyond my budget. But there are still affordable gems to be found, and it’s always better than buying new. GORGEOUS in every category!
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5 years ago, The Civilized Citizen
5 Stars for the app!!
I’ve been selling items on Chairish for nearly 2 and a half years now and the experience has been a great success and very rewarding! The response to any questions I might have is prompt, thorough, and courteous. My only concern (and it’s a relatively small one at that) is the time it takes for items to get reviewed and posted online for’s a bit lacking but other than that, absolutely no complaints and I’d recommend this app to anyone else looking to sell their vintage decor items. Thank you Chairish and thank you to everyone that Has been my customer!!!
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5 years ago, msdeline
Need help
I’m not sure I have done this quite right. But I am selling items on marketplace in Maine and one of the people suggested I contact you people and send things to you because I do have some items that I really quite wonderful. They are old and they are in great condition the sofa is approximately 85 inches long from arm to arm it is in excellent condition and is made by the role furniture corporation in Salem Virginia.I’m really gonna need your help to get going on this so if there’s anyway I could spwith someone. I just sold a beautiful pink boudoir chair made by Middlesex Reed furniture company for $25.
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4 years ago, junkgalleria
New Customer/Buyer
I’ve been searching for the perfect, unique dresser over a year. I found it at Chairish! While shopping at Marburger Farms, Round Top, I received a cute canvas bag and tape measure from some sweet gals who were representing the furniture company. I think the concept is brilliant and am so happy to know about the site. I’m giving four stars only because I have only just purchased the piece. The photos and description of the pieces made it easy to choose the dresser I was hoping to find. Since I don’t know how or when the piece will arrive at my door, I don’t think I could give a 5 star rating just yet. We’ll see!
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2 years ago, Hailczar546
Terrible explanation for declination
This app seemed pretty decent until you find out they can decline items you want to sell. I recently posted a perfect condition table set I wanted to sell and they declined it without explanation. Keep in mind, there’s no disclosure saying that items may be subject to declination. When I reached out to their customer service asking for a reason why they declined my posting, they couldn’t give me a direct answer. They said it could be because they don’t have enough inventory or maybe there’s no demand for the item. Meanwhile, the next day after being declined, I post the same item on other apps and received feedback instantly. Their service is disappointing. Don’t waist your time with this app.
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5 years ago, BrennanDPT
Awful interface who rated this 5 star? Paid Trolls I bet
Super clunky and frought with problems overlapping menu/search bar drop downs that obscure your typing. The people that sell on there don’t update their inventory often so I ended up buying something that wasn’t in the shop anymore. I was not happy to be charged for an item that didn’t even exist! I have yet to see the credit. I tried to set up a profile to sell a few things... terrible flow. Hard to upload things on the app and the website. I still haven’t heard from tech support. I will not use this site again. It’s just terrible. I never bother with bad reviews but this app is so bad I felt it was my civic duty to report it. I much prefer Mercari or Etsy or eBay. Those are much more user friendly.
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2 years ago, ca-to-va
Great experience as both buyer and seller
I have purchased several things, ranging from smaller art items to furniture, and have been pleased with my purchases, the sellers and the in-home delivery. As a seller, it took about a week to be “vetted” and accepted, but I appreciate the care Chairish takes with regards to the item selection process for the site—it actually gives me even greater confidence as a buyer. Arrangements for my 200lb pedestal table with Carrera marble top to be transported down the east coast was seamless and super easy.
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6 years ago, frecklezac
Buyer Seller Messaging
I love the app but in communicating with the purchaser it seems that the only way to do so is when then message you. It would be nice if there was a better forum to communicate or initiate communication with the buyer directly. In addition for sellers who are looking to grow and solidify their businesses. It would also be nice and very helpful if their was a tool to followup with the purchaser. For sellers once their inventory is sold it would be nice to better bridge the gap between the two to help sellers brand their sold inventory. Provided pictures of beautiful finds in the purchasers space ( with their approval) would help sellers to be able to expand and market their business.
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5 years ago, VW nut
Great place for buyers and sellers!
I have been selling on chairish for a few years now. Their app is fantastic! Play with the view in my space! So fun! I do not like that communication is tough and up to using them as a middle man for photo forwarding or public convos but maybe at some point that will change. I have seen growth in this market and I hope to always have a presence here. Their shipping prices have been reasonable as well and I have actually sent people to buy in my shop from other markets when it made sense for them.
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5 years ago, Dolfngrl9913
Amazing Company
We have been Chairish sellers now for over two years and I have NOTHING bad to say. They have not only increased our overall sales they have increased our exposure in getting us out there. We could not be happier and with ANY selling platform you will always have problems but I can honestly say we have not had anything major. Have items like lamps been broken..Yes but that was on UPS not Chairish. Do they take 20% up to a certain amount..yes BUT I will gladly give that up to not have to deal with shipping. Thank you Chairish
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5 years ago, would buy more
Love with reservations
Love everything about Chairish except that when a bid is made the $$$ is automatically charged from your account even if the bid is later rejected. This gets very confusing and I’ve had mistakes made where I was not reimbursed until I contacted Chairish. If you have several offers out and some are declined it’s difficult to keep track of the flipping bank account. Why can’t the payment part wait until the bid is accepted????
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7 years ago, Three.OneFour
Awful app, website works better
The Chairish app is terrible. I cannot find a way to message a seller on the app—though I can on the website. I cannot view or participate in the Q&A section of each product page on the app—though I can on the website. The search function is frustrating at best—why when I search for “chairs” do the results include things that aren’t chairs? And stop asking me if I want push notifications—I don’t. The interface has become fancier and fancier, but I don’t care about themed collections or a designer’s favorites. I just want the app to work. Also, putting merchandise into some order other than “newest” is not curating; describing the order I see merchandise as “curated” is ridiculous and dumb.
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4 years ago, whheresmyorder
Where’s My Order?
I ordered dining room chairs from this company on August 12, 2020. I received an email stating said chairs would be delivered within 2-4 weeks. We are now on week 7, and while the spokesperson for the company was personable and assured me that my chairs would be delivered this week (Sept. 27), when I contacted the shipping company, what I heard was he didn’t seem to “remember” he had an order to deliver. He texted me that he would be picking up my chairs within 2 days. I have not heard from him since. I am a patient person, but yesterday I finally told this company to CANCEL the order and REFUND my money so I can order chairs from another company. Buyer beware with this company as they do not keep their word. At this point,, all I want is my money back!
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3 years ago, hip hip hop hooray
I’ve made 5 purchases from chairish over the past 5 years. 2 arrived damaged. One was a glass carafe that was shipped with a single piece of bubble wrap on it. I took a picture and then threw away the broken glass. Then they asked for more pictures and when I explained that I have a small apartment with pets and can’t keep broken glass around they scolded me for throwing away the glass. The second was a print that arrived with marks all over it. Chairish customer service was not sympathetic to the fact that my items arrived damaged at all and told me that if I want to return something I will have to pay $21 for return shipping. They take several days to respond to each email
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7 years ago, Phil Harmonic
Chairish Doesn’t Care
My experience with Chairish is that they are happy to charge your card as quickly as possible and hold onto your money for as long as possible, while doing nothing to streamline clear communications between parties and less than nothing to enforce good community behavior among sellers. There’s no way to rate sellers, so I’m rating Chairish. Bought a couch from a woman who lives 40 minutes away. Elected to use Chairsh’s $200 shipping service so I didn’t have to rent a truck, thinking it would save time. 2 weeks later after several inquiries I found out the shippers had never arranged a pickup date. But get this: the seller now says she will be out of town for 3 weeks. Chairish’s response: Do you want to wait? Nothing about “sorry we didn’t figure this out sooner.” No explanation for the 2 weeks that passed. No apology from seller. Nada. No thanks. Delete the app. Hopefully others have better experiences, and I’m sure they do. But this made me feel that Chairish didn’t care and was more than happy to earn interest off my money while I waited.
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2 years ago, DjSmellyButt
UX Needs a lot of love
I hardly ever write app reviews, but I believe in Chairish and want them to succeed. Overall the items and sellers are extremely high quality. However there are a few glaring issues that make the experience subpar for shoppers. While you can “follow” a shop, item or search filter, there is no feed to actually see what you follow. You simply have a list of who you follow and must click into the shop or search filter again to see their storefront. Compounding this issue is the notifications for your follows. For instance, i just received a push notification that an item I’m watching is on sale. However, that notification is not linked to the actual item. If i click on it, I’m taken to the Home Screen. 58 new matches for my chair search? Same thing. Those notifications should deliver me to the content they’re promoting. Simply put, great e-comm tool for vendors (or so it seems). But these vendors cannot thrive if the customers are unable to shop efficiently.
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1 year ago, melanie rocks!
Chairish- Unique Buitique Shopper Experience!
Shopping app innovated to make my shopping experience exciting and satisfying for delivering a rare and unique boutique style storefront! To present buyers with products that mostly fit into a one-of-kind category is extremely user friendly. A seemless interface with sellers that sell vetted timeless treasures to delight buyers that seek a niche market for fine art and too many to mention categories!
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4 years ago, A_Yaz
The app is great, but not much else
I appreciate the idea of Chairish. Putting aside the insane prices (when compared with the same item being sold elsewhere), it’s a well-designed app. Perhaps that same thought should be considered in the business model and customer service realm. It’s been several weeks, and my item has not been shipped. I can’t get an update from anywhere. It’s shipping *within the state* and, of course, the $$ was immediately taken from my account. Where is the product? No idea. Maybe they need to work on communicating expectations to their sellers? Check google for more honest reviews before purchasing at item, I wish I had.
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6 years ago, MaggieBDesign
Can’t get enough of Chairish!
I am literally addicted to visiting Chairish to see the new treasures added everyday! There’s so much to see, so many design opportunities, and so much inspiration! Chairish is one of my first stops for everything - for myself and my clients. I love incorporating vintage and antique into any space, plus Chairish offers new design & fabrication that has major style!
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6 years ago, Luzi In The Sky
Love Chairish ap. On some items, before making an offer, I would like to ask the owner a question, or request a picture from an angle not provided. Currently I am interested in a couple items, but all four sides are not pictured. Not being able to talk directly to the owner has prevented me from making an offer.
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3 years ago, Norman Na
Better online than real life
The app is easy to use, but one of the benefits of Chairish over eBay should be easy and reliable shipping. Instead, Chairish just farms out the work to uShip (basically Uber for shipping). So don’t think you’re getting a better delivery experience by using this app. I naively expected Chairish to hire a professional moving company for a delivery, but instead I got a single guy with furniture stuffed in the back of an SUV. (It worked out though.)
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4 years ago, mid mod crisis
Needs a Separate SELLER App
This app is good for shoppers but only okay for sellers :/ I suggest you follow in the footsteps of Etsy and create two apps - one for buyers only and one for sellers only. The sellers only app needs to have a better messaging system which provides immediate notifications when a customer “asks the seller” and it should also show your listings in a format which provides you with all information from a glance like the My Listings page when viewed on a desktop.
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2 weeks ago, Jeffotos
Been happy seller and buyer for years
I’ve been very happy as a basic seller for years. I only bought something once, a year ago, but was happy as well. I just use basic seller status, and find Chairish is perfect for selling unusual vintage and antique items at better prices than elsewhere.
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6 years ago, 1whitFLL
My new favorite obsession
I used to spend all time time browsing OKL, but now it is Chairish. I love the fact that I can find local dealers and see their inventory. I have even gotten a couple of friends that are redoing their homes into the website and they have been very happy with their experience in regards to purchasing and unearthing unique finds.
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4 years ago, Natalia Rosemary
Very confusing
Very confusing trying to sell off this app. You submit pictures and a description and they give you no notice as to when or if your submission has been accepted. I submitted a chair to sell on the app and received no notification that it had been accepted- over a month and 1/2 after I submitted I got a call from a delivery driver saying he was on his way to pickup the chair! By then I had already sold the chair somewhere else because I had lost faith that my chair was even going to become submitted/ posted to the app and had to rush to cancel the order!!!
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3 years ago, O'Br
Lots to look at...
I found items (mostly paintings) that I might be interested in. But a couple of months ago I attempted to buy a a small French bust. When I placed the order, the owner could not locate it. I see now that it was located. The owner of the shop said she may have sold it or it was misplaced. The owner never what was really going on.
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6 years ago, Glbdogmzxpq
Shipping is very confusing for shipping outside LA and very expensive to have to wait 6-8 weeks since it’s a Finished Product; antique. No reason to take that long and pay shipping costs equal to 75% of the value (paying ) of Product. I had to cancel a # of purchases based on principle and unreasonable freight cost plus very long lead time.
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2 years ago, V's Mama
Technical Difficulties For Sellers!!!
I constantly have problems when trying to list items. It makes me move on and lost my items elsewhere. I would really like to list more items, but it won’t let me!!! I upload pictures and it tells me I need more than one picture, when there are 4 pictures. Also, it will tell me there’s an error, but doesn’t tell me what I need to fix so then my listings just sit there and never go live. SO FRUSTRATING!!!
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3 years ago, buck415
Excellent Online Concession Shopping
I love it that Chairish has really helped so many vendors and independent sellers during a difficult sales period. As a buyer, primarily, I appreciate seeing a vast selection of exceptional quality furniture and art. The visualize in your space feature is quite useful. Thank you Chairish.
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6 years ago, Mkmay
Love The In-Room view
I love being able to see how the items look in my home. This is a great feature! Only one issue that I found while using the app. I was unable to ask the seller questions. I had to go to the actual website to submit my question.
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2 years ago, sburnaman
Great products and service
All of the items I’ve purchased from Chairish have been excellent quality with great customer service. When emailing questions to sellers, the response is always timely and help. So glad I found Chairish!
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4 years ago, nyc nina
Easy interface, poor customer service.
I recently purchased chairs on this app and it’s interface I user friendly. I still have not received my items and paid a substantial amount for white glove delivery service( their only option). I have reached out to customer service for both chairish and the horrid delivery service they outsource with no solid delivery date. 1st dibs has much better service over all. Will not be purchasing anything else from them
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1 year ago, DariusSF
Very Bad Experiences with Chairish
We have now had two very bad experiences with Chairish. First they sold us an item that was not available and offered no explanation when they cancelled our order. Then they sold us an item and connected us with a shipper who claimed to have our item. However, on the scheduled day of delivery we learned that the shipper, with whom we were in communication for days, did not have the item and we wouldn’t receive it for another 3-5 weeks.
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4 months ago, hashems1
Sean Hashem
Really a great site and top notch service !! They appreciate the customers and always looking for ways to improve the experience!! Overall great experience and its great to find unique items at your fingertips!
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7 years ago, #Everynicknameistaken#eventhis
Limited capabilities for seller
I wish the app allowed me to mark down items... right now I have to go to a desktop site which is not always feasible for me. I also wish (pretty please!) that we could organize the order that our storefront displays listings, and have the ability reactivate previously de-listed posts. Just like a physical shop, I’d love to arrange my listings so they’ll sell better!
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6 months ago, Rbv18
Frustrating search experience
I don’t know what they did to their search functionality, but whatever they changed has made it impossible to search for things. It seems like you’re now unable to search multiple phrases and the app will only return results for the first word searched. Search for “Italian mid-century credenza” and you’ll only get results for “Italian.” It’s made the app impossibly frustrating to use.
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6 years ago, Laineybean1031
My new career
Love Chairish for its unique curated vintage collections and for my wonderful success as a Chairish seller. It feeds my passion for collecting unusual vintage decor accents and gives me the opportunity to treasure hunt for my own collection to sell. I sell my wares to local production companies as well as Im located in Los Angeles and its been fantastic in making connections in the entertainment industry for my vintage home furnishings.
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5 years ago, sherncind
Love you stuff so much, but...
The shipping costs are ridiculous. But now I’m looking for local furniture here. I had to find this local antique furniture on Charish by going to the local store. When I tried to find antique furnitire within 20 miles on charish hardly anything came up.
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6 years ago, Shoppingboy77
Love love love
I’ve been a longtime fan of Chairish for great deals on special things for my home. This new view in my room feature puts me over the top. Having a blast today making pictures of what I REALLY want my house to look like. #addicting
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2 years ago, mb1191
No accountability for their shipping
If you order something on Chairish they outsource shipping to random fly-by-night delivery people. I spent $2500 on a furniture item (3 1/2 months ago) and never got it. Chairish won’t refund me because the item is “in transit.” It took Chairish a full month to even get a response from the shipper after escalating the situation, and the shipper said “they tried to call me.” That was a lie but apparently good enough for Chairish to leave me holding the bag.
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2 years ago, egopug
New items pop up when searching for antique.
It’s a great app for finding rare and vintage items. But a lot of new items pop up when searching for antique or vintage items. Wish Chairish would fix their algorithm so the new items don’t pop up high in the search results.
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6 years ago, Apsheri
Wish there were a search option
I would like the app a lot better if I could do a word search. A bit limiting by being offered just categories. But other than that it’s a good app.
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