CheapOair: Cheap Flight Deals

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Fareportal, Inc.
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for CheapOair: Cheap Flight Deals

4.76 out of 5
159.1K Ratings
6 years ago, rinasaengkeo
I used this app once last year when I booked the flight to Minnesota from California. I was skeptical at the first while using this app. I was like it was cheap flight ticket ever I got for the one way. Cheapoair showed what seats I wanted to take and I chosen the seat by the window. They asked me if I bring the bag and it cost free because the bag was under 25 pounds. After I paid the flight ticket,I received a confirmation purchase through the email. Few weeks later, I got there at the airport and didn’t know what to do. I went through the email. Cheapoair showed me what number flight ticket to print out at the airport. I got to the gate and got ready to fly then the email popped and said the flight was delayed. I was staying at the airport for an hour til the flight arrived and I got on the flight to find the seat. I got no problem when I was on the flight. It was easy to use this app. Thank you Cheapoair so much!!!
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6 years ago, one scammed customer
Such a scam
After saving for a trip to Arizona and Mexico for 3 years, me and my family were excited for our trip and happy that we got a good deal from this website. This ended when we got to the airport and found out that there was no record of our flight and that a flight going to the city we were going to has not existed for more than 6 months. In shock, we tried to call customer service. We have currently been on hold with them for more than 3 hours. A man picked up, said he could not help us, put us back on hold and that is where we are now. When we talked to the management of the airport they informed us that they have no affiliation to this app and that what they do is often sell regular priced. When we finally got put through, they took an extra 30 minuets to pull up our “itinerary” that we already told them does not exist. We had booked activities in Arizona and because of our non-existent flight were not able to attend them. Altogether, we wasted over 3000 dollars on these flights and don’t even know if we can go to Mexico and if that flight doesn’t exist too. I you account the activities and hotel we would not use, it is actually so much more. I recommend using any other service or just buying through the actual airline. This whole experience has been extremely stressful and heartbreaking for us because we worked so hard for this vacation and we might have just been completely robbed by this fake company that might just be a scam.
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2 weeks ago, rociovela
Car Rental
I made my reservation for the flight to Guadalajara with this company, and I decided to rent a car with them directly so as not to have surprises and hidden charges in Guadalajara, I spoke with an agent to make the reservation and I asked him all the questions and he assured me that there were no I would have to pay nothing more and there were no hidden charges and when I arrived to pick up my car at the agency in Guadalajara my surprise was that they were charging me $800 dollars more for an insurance that the agent never mentioned to me although I let him know several times that They told me if I would have to pay something more, when I realized I immediately called CheapOair and they distanced themselves from everything and told me that they would not open returns to which I told them that it was not fair since they had told me something else, I told them that they charge the calls and that I was not lying, they told me that they would call from 24 to 72 hours and after almost 2 weeks they never did, they never called me, I called them more than 10 times and they only transferred the call to me one place to another and they tell me the same thing, they are not responsible for what their agents say, it is a fraud or scam. I don't recommend it at all.
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2 years ago, a.mber.
1 Star too many!
I was given the wrong flight information. My Booking ID didn’t even exist. I spent 1600$+ on just this flight. I get to the airport tried to check in, waited in line and they told me that flight doesn’t exist. I called Cheapo Air they told me to call the airlines because they are a third party. I called my connecting flight after I found out my main flights had no contact number only email (Finnair). Strange! I called American Airlines, they said I need to call Cheapo Air. Basically 7 hours of back and forth at the airport I missed the flight. I get a email 3 months later, I was issued a full refund. I called to see what my options were, and if they were in fact valid credits. I call back today and the guy now tells me I have credits from the airline, but from Cheapo air I do not because it was marked as a no show. When initially trying to speak, I was just talked over. I’ve booked numerous flights/cars/hotels through Cheapo Air. This is my first ever refund, which I wanted to just rebook. Customer service is beyond poor. I’ll be using a different site to book through from now on, as will all of my friends and family members. Since I’ve traveled so much, anyone who asks where to book through. I won’t be recommending this scam site!
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5 years ago, channi~
Money Seekers..
Couple of years back I booked a ticket for a friend and I accidentally spelled the person name wrong. So I called cheapoair right away, they were charging me an additional 50$. Told them I’m not paying that and hung up, and called right back(thinking maybe I’ll speak to someone else) And it seemed like the same person and now they were charging me 60$ to fix the name, hung up and called a third time(still seemed like the same person)and they finally told me the truth I had 24hrs to cancel with no charge. Now the other day I booked a round trip flight through them and wanted to add a child to the flight going only one way. The person I was speaking to couldn’t comprehend that, so I said forget it I will call the airline. She said no give her a chance, so I did. Was on the phone with her for literally an hour thought she understood what I was explaining to her, took my card number and read out the flight she was about to book, and it was in the opposite direction I wanted to add the child. You can find some cheaper flights online from cheapoair sometimes, but after you book, just call the airline for any changes because all they want is money and they don’t care about anything else after they get there money.
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3 years ago, missfabulous1
Orbitz experience is terrible, the length of time and effort to try to chat with a live agent through the app has been a nightmare. I booked a flight for HNL departure to destination ATL using their app for date 6 11. Provided my card info. I double checked before booking the flight. Then I get the confirmation, and the itenerary for my one way flight, and to my dismay Orbitz put me on American Airline flight, one way from HNL to LAX. Good luck trying to speak with an agent through the app to get them to correct their error. I was placed in line on the app by the useless chat bot. when I requested an agent, No agent ever came on to assist with fixing the flight mess up, and the length I waited was rediculous. I requested to cancel the flight through the app and again the chat box sent me to an agent. Orbitz took the payment but makes it very difficult to cancel or get your flight info corrected. With that being said Irbitz needs to improve their customer service and provide contact number in their app so a customer can get their issues resolved , and know that they are speaking with a legitimate customer service rep and not a scammer. As of today June 9 this issue still has not been resolved.
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5 years ago, Culalam
Can not cancel the booking
I booked flights and 1 hour later I realized that I had selected wrong date. I tried the “ manage my booking” to cancel my booking. It’s didn’t work. I called customer service and on hold for 1 hour 23 mins. The representative told me that I would be charged for cancellation fee of $25. I told him that when I booked, there were the message showed that “ no cancellation fee with 24 hours”. I also told him the US law allows 24 hours period, therefore, I will bring this to the court if CheapOair charge me. Then he put me on hold for another 15 minutes. After the wait, he said that his manager have approved the fee waiver or $0 cancellation fee will be applied. He asked me for 1 time password so he could cancel my booking. However, when I asked for cancellation confirmation, he didn’t provide me. He said that was it and I should be fine. One hour later, I checked the app, my booking information still there. I also use computer to check for my flight and the information still there. When I called the customer again, no one picked up the phone and I was on the line for more than 2 hours. I will file a faulty report so other people can be aware of this company.
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5 years ago, crazyricks21
Problem not solve
I love booking here till I had an issue just two weeks ago. I was booking a one way ticket for my daughter and the agent told me it’s better to booked two way even though she won’t use the other way ticket it’s cheaper he said so I did what he told me then when I went to the airport to pick up my daughter they told me that the ticket will be canceled because my daughter is ng with me yet, no one told me that will happen so I was furious and called them and that’s what they told me the same thing so here I was waiting for my flight at the airport and arguing with the agent and she told me that I have to buy another ticket for my daughter so I didn’t have a choice but to get another ticket and she told me that they’ll review the problem and will get a refund from them. Till now didn’t here anything from them. I’ve been using this website for awhile and love it now I don’t even know if I should trust them again. I bought so many tickets from them coz it was easy now no clue if I still use it. I was really disappointed after that plus not hearing from them.
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2 years ago, Hna a
Bad experience so far
I was looking for some cheap tickets to go to California which I found on Cheaponair. I bought the tickets, got a Confirmation number. Two days later get an email saying there has been a change in schedule of my flight and to contact them asap. I called them twice to confirm what has changed and make sure payment went through cause I didn’t see it posted on my account. They said everything was fine with payment but I needed to speak with a different department regarding the change in schedule. He transferred me, waited almost 30 minutes to hear another person saying the same and I needed to be transferred. After waster almost another hour waiting, I hung up and decided to try their live chat. Same experience. The agent only said Hi and I sat there waiting to see another word but nothing. I tried the chat twice but same thing. I decided to buy a new booking and I’m having the same experience all over again. Customer service is garbage, they take too long to answer and are not willing to help you and explain you what is going on. Never using this app again.
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3 years ago, Filmguyysernane
Terrible Customer Service.
I was told that i would be able to cancel flights due to uncontrollable circumstances such as testing positive for covid, family emergencies, etc. As soon as I got covid, I called their help center to try and attempt to move my ticket, or at least get a refund for it. I call their customer service, immediately get put on hold for an hour, just to continuously be put on hold again and again after finally getting help. Their agents are all very difficult to understand, and not much help. All I was told was that there was absolutely nothing I could do, and that I would lose my money, even though I even paid the extra money for travel protection, which by the way, is a complete scam as some agent over the phone told me it was only valid for 24 hours? Are you kidding me? You can literally cancel a ticket for FREE within the first 24 hours, what in the world is the point of travel protection? There goes thousands of dollars. This app is a joke, I’d recommend using an actually good app to book flights like Expedia. Never had any trouble with them. Taking my money elsewhere.
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4 years ago, Gor805
Would give zero stars if I could.
This company is a racket. My flight had canceled by the airline due to the Covid-19 outbreak. I had purchased the ticket through cheapoair so the airline told me to call them. I had also received an email from cheapoair telling me of the change. When I called cheapoairs customer service line (which was the only option) the woman was kind, but told me I can only get credit with that airline. When I expressed my dissatisfaction, she said I could be transferred to the cancellation department (why wasn’t this just offered) and insisted I just take the credit. I refused, so she then said she would transfer but warned me that calls were getting “dropped” when transferring.... so I wait about 30-40 mins and the wait music stopped rang once and said the number is no longer in service or had been disconnected.... so basically cheapoair will literally do everything in their power to not refund you. I had cancelled about 8 flights for this last Europe trip planned. Orbitz, Kayak, Kiwi, Norwegian air, all refunded me because of the covid. I’m just left dealing with scandalous company. Will NEVER do ANY kind of business with them every again.
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5 years ago, peel40
Cheapoair are scammers
I will not use their service again they have the worst customer service. The people on the phone are nice but it’s hard to understand them because of their heavy accent I needed to change the spelling of a name that was spelled wrong they tried to charges me a hundred for each name they miss spelled the lie and tell they are going to fix it sent them our passports and as we did they did nothing but kept asking for money’s when I refused to pay it cause the airline told me that charging that was ridiculous they said the would do it for 75 dollars per name correction finally they said the would do it for 25 dollars I never returned their call I went in my trip without incident thanks to American Airlines I will never use this service again total scam
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6 months ago, mob.Ak
Worst app, agents not professional
I bought the tickets for my brother family, from Pakistan to Manchester that was Etihad airways tickets for the whole family, and connected flight through Paris, whenever I bout the tickets they never told be connected flights through Paris you need transit visa, although they are just connecting through France airport not going outside of the airport, they just sold me tickets, when my brother family were on airport , there they said you need transit visa for going through France, when I talk with cheap o air, they said we will not refund you any single penny, even I called before the 4 hours departure, and they are giving me again 2nd day flight with almost 6000$ extra and the same problem you need transit visa, how the dump agent, if he is giving me next flight with same airline how we can get transit visa with the same time, he just try to sell his tickets with extra 6000$ , more, beware when you buy tickets from cheap O air, there agents and app did not give you proper guidance, worst experience with this company , I will not do any more business with this company,
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5 years ago, HarleyBikerDude
Price gouging
I just got off the phone with one of your representatives about changing my return flight from Vietnam. I was quoted for $877 to change the ticket. I have been flying for 20 years and this is not my first time I had to change a ticket on a return flight. I was not happy with the quote and he kept on insisting to take it out of my card. I was flying threw American Airlines. So I am quoted for $877 and a one way ticket was for $751. How in the hell you think I’m stupid. So my round trip that I paid for $1057 from Jackson MS to Ho Chi Minh City and all I needed was to change the going home date and I was going to be charged more than a one way ticket. I even told the man no but hell no I'm not doing that for $877. I told him I’m calling American Airlines to change my ticket. He insisted that they will not make the changes and that their is no way he could get it changed any cheaper and I will be charged $877. I kept telling no I’m contacting American Airlines. I hung up the phone and I contacted American Airlines and within 10 minutes I had my flight changed to the new date and only cost $350. As of today you just lost a customer. Very disappointed on this.
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6 years ago, Khashook
Stay away from this company
I booked our vacation tickets 40 days in advance before my vacation, a week before trip Cheapoair called and told me airline changed the schedule. I asked them to let me research and I'll get back to them. I called them, I was on hold for 25 minutes and then they said I have to pick the new schedule that they force me to take with layover time of 25 hours! after being on the phone for 2 days each time average 2 hours they didn't do anything, they didn't take responsibility or find me a ticket with better hours, dates or airline. They have untrained staff, supervisors with no power and poor customer service. Anytime you call you have to waste minimum 2 hours of your time. They insisted to give my money back and full refund me to not take the responsibility. I told them you canceled my flight a week before the flight and you want to refund me? what can I buy with that money a week before my vacation? Wrote the email for CEO and no answer either. I found my ticket somewhere else and asked for full refund and guess what? it takes two months to give my money back. I want to sue them.
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4 years ago, Amber Stephens1209
Horrible service, money hungry, DO NOT USE!!!!!
I booked a flight for me and my 3 year old son a few months ago before the virus was bad and I added insurance to both flights. I booked the flights for the beginning of May to visit family. I recently found out that I am newly pregnant which puts me at a higher risk, I am also unemployed now, so I have tried calling, emailing Cheap O Air, no response. I tried canceling my flight through the app and not only did they want me to pay $90 for both flights to cancel them, but they were only willing to give me a voucher for half of what my tickets were even worth. They keep sending me emails everyday making extreme changes to my flight and now I have to try and contact the airline directly to see if they will give me a refund since it’s obvious cheap o air doesn’t care about the people at all. It’s really sad to see companies not helping communities and people during this time. It is sickening. I will make sure to post on every social media site about how terrible you people are! And I will NEVER book through this app again.
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2 weeks ago, Desa269
Worst customer service ever
I needed to change my ticket to an earlier one the next day and I used their chatting tool bc I was overseas and couldn’t call them but after I explained my situation they told me to check back with them in 1-2 hours and so I did, and they told me to check back with them again in 1-2 hours. I checked back again but I was told to come back in 1-2 hours. That went on all through the night unti I reached the airport the next morning and they told me to check back with them again. Really Irresponsible of them to treat me like this and make it seem like my issue would be resolved on time when it wasn’t. I could’ve still bought cheaper flight tickets the night before but because I waited on cheapoair until the morning I needed to fly back I had to pay a lot more for a new flight ticket which I am extremely disappointed about. Cheapoair did me so dirty I wouldn’t recommend buying with them unless they improve their customer service, some of the reps were straight out rude as well.
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1 week ago, Flight insurance issues
Flight insurance/ rescheduling issues
Very poor/ slow customer service. No resolution. I purchased flight insurance through cheapo air rather than the airline specifically because it said I could change my flight at any time if flight fair difference was paid. When contacting customer service they said my insurance did not allow flight flexibility, and was only covered if my flight was canceled or delayed by the airline. I fly often and would have saved the money if that was the case. Additionally claimed I’m would be responsible for an additional changing fee of $99 via the airline. I explained the “flight change” was more than the cost of both flights combined AND if I simply bought I new ticket for the new flight it would actually be cheaper AND that their math was not adding up if they were subtracting the cost of my return flight. I spoke to multiple service representatives and none of them offered any resolutions. In fact, they claimed the website was down and I had to research my own flight change to then ask them the price for the change it it took over 2 hrs and was a complete waste of time. This completely defeats the purpose of cheapo air’s service. Once I was informed there was nothing they were willing to do, I informed them I will notify the large corporation I work for to no longer use their service- as they defeated the purpose of using the service with no resolution. Very disappointed.
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4 years ago, Ash655321
Save Yourself From This Scam
This app & website are 100% a scam. You will not save money, they will manage to scam you out of more money than you even agreed to spend. They took an extra $434 out of my account without my authorization. Their customer service is nonexistent. You have about a 3% chance of actually getting through to someone after being on hold for hours on end. When I did finally get to speak to someone, they wouldn’t listen to me & insisted I was wrong. They charged me for features & amenities that aren’t even available on the airline my flight was with, for that class of ticket. I was luckily able to dispute the charges with my bank & got a full refund. Do not ever book anything through this scam, you will instantly regret it. Use Google Flights to track prices & book directly with the airlines. After a total of 8 unauthorized charges, these jokers charged me over $1400 for a round trip domestic flight for basic economy. I could have flown first class & booked directly for cheaper. Beyond a joke. Stay far away!
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5 years ago, M1k40
Okay experience
I had a so-so experience with cheapoair. Yes, I was able to get cheap tickets for my flight and choose my seats although with some up charge; but, the app is very difficult to navigate, and with all the constant promos going on everywhere, sometimes you can’t even get to necessary actions on your booking. Even though I chose the option for the company to check in for my flight for me as soon as check in opened up and send me the boarding pass, they never did and I only ever got my flight info because I got nervous and downloaded the actual airline app and did it there. Thank goodness for that. I will probably not be using this company again. If I do, I will have to make sure ahead of time that I can check in to my flight manually. Update: I finally did get my boarding passes sent to me three hours before my flight. So at least they did get them to me.
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5 years ago, Loalmod
Forever my favorite booking app
I’ve been using CheapOAir for years. I always find the lowest prices here. Everything is so easy and convenient. I earn points that I can later use for flights or hotels. The only setback is that different than most of the loyalty programs out there, points do expire with ChOA. I’ve recommended this app to every single family member and coworker, they tried it themselves and they all love it! I don’t put myself into the hassle of having to navigate a million pages comparing prices, I know I’ll end up finding the cheapest price here. Forget about Kayak, forget about that Hopper website, CheapOAir is the real deal. I am forever grateful for the people that founded this platform, it allowed my wife and I fulfill many travel dreams/goals.
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4 years ago, pheleps
Previous “ scam “ review
I am surprised n even shocked at your review. And also so sorry you went threw so much. Is it because of the constant changes of flights n diminishing flights due to the covid19 virus. I loved my expierence with this company. They put me in a window seat, my preference, directly behind the wing, also my preference. I was in B boarding which was pretty quick since it went up to E and F. The price was slightly lower than the aircraft company, and the planes are exactly the same. I got an itinerary as well n boarding pass on my phone for my flights, both ways. I’m sorry you had that’ you had this experience . I’m sure if given a proof of the transactions they will compensate.
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5 years ago, smokediver68
Customer service is lacking
I got this app years ago but never booked until today. I do not use the email address associated with my Facebook account and cannot access it. While I did get a confirmation sent to an email I can use, since it was different than the one I used to log into the account (by way of that little Facebook button) not only can I not get the rewards, I also cannot see the trip I booked within the app. Customer service does nothing but give you email addresses and cannot help. The idea behind customer service is to help, not just provide the buyer with multiple paths to create more effort on their part. When you do that, customers are more likely to spend that energy in, say, writing an app review telling people to use Travelocity or Expedia instead. I’m not bothering with emailing people to get rewards bc I don’t need rewards points for something I will never use again!
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4 years ago, Ctoandasan
This ongoing crisis has exposed the weaknesses and efficiencies of CheapOair. Because one has to deal (speak/chat) directly with an agent just to cancel (not even asking for refund) a flight because of travel restrictions, and because of the high volunenof calls, one has to wait for hours (if you are lucky!) just to be able to get through. How about those outside the US, spending money on an overseas call? The app shoud just feature self-cancellation with an automatic feature that waives cancellation fees based on the airline advisory. I understand CheapOair will still charge its own. Ancellation fee ($50?) and that’s fine and the agents xan be paid out of these fees. But MAKE IT EASY FOR CUSTOMERS TO MANAGE THEIR BOOKINGS!!!! This crisis has ezposed the disadvantages of dealing with third party online travel apps. They may be good for comparing fares but not for booking flights. Better to book directly with the airlines. Customers will learn from this crisis. Third party online travel apps will be shunned.
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5 years ago, monitza78
Worst customer service
Got an email for flights to Las Vegas I called cheapoair customer service because I had purchased two tickets but at the rate that was sent to my email was a lot cheaper and decided to take my Two children with me instead when I called the guy was very rude I gave him all the information he asked for and then gave me a quote a lot higher then the one I was seeing on my screen I asked why and he replied with then you book it I told him I can’t they are both minors he said you can just change the DOB he kept going on I felt so pressured not thinking right I went ahead and purchased the two tickets when I gave him the booking number this guy starts laughing and said well that’s why it’s so cheap it’s a one way ticket I told him how can it be a one way ticket if it asked for the return date and then transfer me to a different department where they charged me to cancel the tickets worst customer service ever will not due business with them ever.
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2 years ago, mazin alrawe
Do not buy the flight insurance and don’t book with cheapoair
Cheapoair made me lose 2500 dollars, I booked a flight to Turkey from the US and I wasn’t sure if I was gonna make it so I talked to cheapoair customer service and they said since you bought the insurance trip mate, you can cancel anytime and hassle free. About 1 week before my flight I got sick so I called cheapoair and they told me to call the insurance which I did, and the insurance asked me for a doctors note which I provided, then a month later they denied my claim, this insurance is a scam, I also bought another insurance this first one is trip mate which is around 150 dollars and the other one is the flexible flight. So I had 2 insurances and still lost all my money Do not book with cheapoair, go directly to the website of the flight that you see or like on the website and book from there, beware of this scam here, I lost my money but they will lose customers.
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7 years ago, 9thLife
Original review below. Thanks to developers for the response, better late than never. Your whole response could’ve been simply , “no, the app cant do that” as opposed to repeating what I stated already as the entire POINT of the concept; that groups of people flying all together sometimes find it easier to book all tickets at once, but unless you book your own single flight you cannot access the info on the app, so this app is NOT for your needs. Great. Got it. Sheesh. Original review: It looks like I cannot use the app to track my booking because I wasn't the one that bought it. Under "My Trips" the screen pops up as "No Trips Found" with no place to input a booking conf number which I have because my kid bought my plane ticket for me. So maybe the app would be great if I could use it... We did find the cheapest tickets via CheapOair but the app seems to have this one loophole for me or anyone else who didn't buy their own ticket.
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4 years ago, Olvi94
Sketchy customer service lines
As i was cancelling my flight due to COVID-19, i was given the option to choose how i’d like to proceed with the cancelling. The options were full refund or credit thru the app. I selected full refund and was charged $35 however i had included flight insurance on my ticket and was not made aware of the $35 cancellation fee. I call customer service because im seeing this credit for a next flight on the app (which i did not select as an option) and after being on hold for an hour this guy answers, asks for my booking number which i give to him, and then proceeds to ask for more information that should have appeared after being given the booking number so right off the bat im thinking its a scam. Couldn’t understand him very well, had some weird noise in the background going on, and just wouldnt answer any requests of being transferred to a different agent. Dont think i’ll be seeing my refund...
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6 years ago, Kimasuda
Ok for Cheap!
The flights have been ok so far. The first one with CheapOAir was bad. The flight was late/cancelled due to weather, and therefore missed my connecting flight. None wanted to help me because I got Basic economy which is the lowest! Get the step above! The worst is the ‘Travel Mate’ Tavel insurance!! For a lousy $40-$50 for snacks and dinner that I charged due to being stranded at the airport, they wanted a personal written letter from the American Airlines about the delayed flight! It took months to get that. I got a legal service, faxed all my paperwork, and then Travel Mate wanted more plus the tiny receipt (1”x1.5”) for dinner, etc. I didn’t get a receipt for coffee, water, etc. By this time, I couldn’t find the tiny receipt, they never paid a penny! In fact, each time they stated they needed more paperwork, incomplete, etc!! Travel Mate is the worst!!!😩😡
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6 years ago, wifey1991
Last minute flight out of NYC
I needed a last minute, same day, one way flight from LGA to DEN. As I was looking at your app and entering my credit card, I was told the flight was sold out. I bailed on entering the rest of my info. A customer service rep called me back immediately to see why I didn’t finish with the reservation. The gentleman found me a flight out of JFK (no more available at my price point at LGA) at a reasonable price. He worked with me for 20 mins while I verified information and asked a lot of questions. He was amazing and very thorough. He even gave me a few reward points for booking with them on the phone. You now have a user for life.
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5 years ago, diana valentina
Bad service
I had a call for two hours where the first advisor victor whose last name I look for my flight took my information and agreed to proceed with the payment when it did not take more than a minute to tell me that my card did not pass and I told him I can repeat the number of the card and I stop talking and I didn't hear anything else! The call went on and I called from another phone where the acessor Stefany Santolla answered me when I told her what had happened and told her the name of her partner “Victor” told me oh he went to eat if he wanted to give me his number and in a Time your break is over he'll call her! I was very upset and asked to speak with a supervisor and he told me that they were in a meeting and I had to call in 2 hours to be able to talk to someone so he offered to assist me where my rate went up $ 150 dollars because it took me more than an hour to buy the ticket
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1 year ago, 树变祥能
Just remember be careful with this app. I made a group reservation for direct fly, then later found they changed to other route and divided my group. When I try to call them, first they answered my phone, after they realized I called for the problem, they transferred me to their “manager”, then no one answered me again.”… until time passed that I could not change anything according to the service agreement. I called them next day from another phone, the “manager” answered , I told him if they don’t solve the problem they made, I am going to file a lawsuit. The “manager” then begged me that they can only try to keep my group on the same route, but not same flight, since there is no enough seats. Since my group’s schedule is near, I just accept their resolution. That caused me group a lot of trouble. Never book them again.
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5 years ago, FoojyPod
This is the easiest travel app I’ve used so far
I think I have used every single application, online website, Travel agents, phone service direct with carriers, online chat service, but this one Is the easiest one I have ever used it takes fewer steps and less time to change the settings to allow you to search for alternate times dates routes and options to pick the lowest price. For example the other three services that I tried came up with flights for over $800 using CheapOair I was able to find a flight for $270 by simply changing two of the parameters. Saving that kind of money is what it’s all about!
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8 months ago, Sonia1012
This company is a scam. These guys have this flexible date option in which you pay some amount and that gives you the flexibility to cancel your booking within 24 hours. Apparently, these guys would not charge the flexible date amount from your credit card purposely and the next day when you want to cancel the ticket , they’d ask $100 cancellation fee. You won’t know until then that they purposely didn’t charge your credit card for the flexible date option so that they can charge you for the cancellation. Once you speak to them, they will tell you that your credit card company declined the service charge and hence you have to pay $100 for cancellation. When you your call credit card company, you come to know that these guys were lying. They are Liars. DO NOT BOOK YOUR TICKETS with them.
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2 years ago, DC locked out of Cheapoair
Website and Itinerary
I bought tickets today for my wife and me for the first time on Cheapoair. I provided my email address. You’ve sent me an email message with my itinerary. When I try to open the itinerary, your site says my account is “already activated” but it won’t let me sign in. I keep asking for a password change email or trying to open a new account but I keep being informed I’m already in your system. But the itinerary won’t open. Instead I get a message saying “User is already registered but inactive.” I never got into your site, you clearly have my email and say I’m “already registered,” but I’m effectively locked out. I’ve never seen such a clunky site. There’s no email address or chat option at this level of the site, and the only phone number is for making a reservation. Please advise. Carl Strikwerda
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4 years ago, YoungReason
Terrible customer service
I ordered my wife a ticket to come see me in Alaska from Chicago. We were skeptical but gave it a chance anyways. Once we booked it the flight schedule changed several times and we didn’t know about it. Once the day finally came for her flight she tried to show her ticket and the airline said it didn’t exist. Then they looked further into it and they told my wife that the flight was moved 4 days from the original date. There was no communication between Cheapo Air and my wife. We tried contacting them on multiple occasions and we were placed on hold for more than an HOUR with horrible customer service. I would not recommend you using this app at all. This is a warning they won’t communicate with you when things change and when you try to contact them about it they’ll keep you on hold until you hang up.
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6 years ago, Vlad_dotsik
Horrible experience
Do not get anything through this company they costed me so much of my time and money and running around it’s insane! I got insurance on both my flights just in case something went wrong, booked my rental (payed for it), booked an air bnb (payed for it) and the tickets (payed for it). 3 flight cancelations, spent 5 hrs sleeping on a floor of an airport then another hour in a plane that wouldn’t move, arriving 10 hrs later then I was suppose to so I go to ask them to reschedule my flight back due to me being extremely late and they tell me it’s not their jurisdiction talk to our insurance company, they say I won’t get my money for 30-60 days mind this I just spent over $1000 and they are telling me that there is no way to change the flights or anything like that smh also spent like 5 hours with them on the phone trying to get all these issues resolved... never again
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6 years ago, OkenSue
My Milwaukee Trip
I didn’t know I would need to download United’s Ap to receive notifications of flight changes. I signed up with CheapoAir for updates and received none! Our flight out of Milwaukee was cancelled and we were rerouted but I had no notification! Not from CheapoAir and not from United! I don’t know if this is CheapoAir’s fault or United. Everyone that had the United Ap was notified apparently. And I’m not a big fan of United. Been stranded by them before. Loved our Alaska Air flight however! The one thing that I liked about CheapoAir was the guy calling and asking if I wanted to select our seats. On the way back those seats didn’t matter though with our cancellation. We were at the mercy of the airline and we had our 4 yr old granddaughter with us.
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1 year ago, MariusHari
Stop buying tickets through this app. They became thieves. I booked a flight for my wife and daughter, I specifically asked her to stay close to me and pay attention on every detail of the booking, because, from previous experience with them, I lost a flight because they said I selected the wrong month for my birthday… anyway, back to my last experience, we introduced all the information correctly and both double checked everything to find out in the end, when we received the confirmation email that the round trip is scheduled three months later instead of four days later, and my daughter’s name is misspelled… I called them and they did nothing… They are stealing money by intentionally changing information in the booking process therefore making people loosing their flights… THIEVES
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4 years ago, pashane0522
Beware! They will take your money and screw you!
If there was a negative 5 stars, they’d have it from me! I’m no stranger to flying, with over 1,000 successful flights behind me, I’ve experienced a lot and with many ways of booking and many different airlines also. They took my $780, booked my flight and gave me no other information... I literally had to call and sit on hold for 5 hours to speak to someone who told me to contact the airline I’m flying with then immediately hung up on me... now my flights have been cancelled, can’t get through to anyone and the airline cannot help me with my problem since cheap o air uses a different address than your home address and don’t tell you that. So good luck verifying that it’s your booking!!! Don’t use them... I’ll be contacting my lawyer about this and I absolutely will sue them for the hardship!
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5 years ago, Svetlana Bsksheeva
Thank You so much! For everything! Im Truly appreciate for Greatest Professional service! 😁🙏😉🙂 I accidentally booked the wrong dates and were nervous because I had limited time & money for my trip! I didn't knew what to do & how long it takes to cancel or correct transaction! I found option Chat Online with customer service and their Response was immediately as two seconds! They are helped me in less then 5 minutes and corrected everything. As i wished! Person at customer service was waiting for me patiently until I login to my email address, was very polite and helpful! So easy 😁❤️
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6 years ago, Dancergrrl054
Sick over this
If I could give them 0 stars I would. We bought airline tickets from cheap o air for my father in law to come to visit last month. His flight from Chicago to NY was delayed for over 7 hrs leaving him sitting on the closed airplane until spirit airlines finally cancelled the flight. Sitting on that plane for so long made my father in laws asthma act up and he was so sick he could no longer travel to come and see us. When we called cheap o air to get a refund, they refunded only the portion of he trip That THEY cancelled. They would not even allow us to change the date of his return ticket with American Airlines. He was too sick to travel because of them leaving him sitting in a plane for so long and then they cost us over $200 for a ticket they wouldn’t even allow us to transfer to someone else or change the date until he felt better. Shame on them.
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5 years ago, FDonaldC
Thumbs up
CheapOair has a lowest price guarantee. When I booked my last minute flight the day before departure I noticed they had the cheapest flight just a little over $200 so I booked it. The email confirmation was readily available. When I went to print my ticket the price had decreased to $177 including my bag. This was my first time but it certainly won’t be my last time. Thank you. I used another company I never received any emails and changes such as delays to my trip nothing. The day I left the weather was horrible I received continued updates. So far so good I’ll definitely use it again.
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6 years ago, Blah blah blah X6
Very unhappy - want $ back to purchase GC elsewhere
I recently bought 9 $1000 gift cards for my team members as a sales gift. Two of the tried using them online and your system said it worked when they checked out you charged their credit cards the entire cost of the trip they called your service team and had a terrible experience. Your service team would not apply the GC to their purchase. Was I scammed!!! Another team member tried to apply it to a bundle trip called your service team and was told they could only use it towards air. This has been the most embarrassing experience for our company. I want to@return all these GC and purchase somewhere else. This suppose to be an award that they could use for wining s sales contest and has turned out to a nightmare. I want to return the 9 GC I purchased for 1000 they are worthless.
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5 years ago, MemphisMan30
Great customer service 👍🏼
We booked a recent flight to London and Johannesburg South Africa, booked it on the app & shortly afterwards we received a phone call, the finalized our tickets by selecting our seats & helped on each leg by keeping layovers minimal & getting window seats, awesome service through and through I added the reservation to the Lufthansa app and can see the seats and info all there I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them in the future, this trip is still several months off and any time a flight changes I get an instant email! Keep up the good work!
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7 years ago, TaylorMGK
Initially when you enter your destination, the 1st option on the site seems to be the cheapest. I selected this option because duh "CHEAP-O-AIR" right ? Wrong this flight had a different date & location which I was not aware of until I received an email confirmation after my account had been charged. I called to explain my mistake & see if they could change the date but I would be charged a fee to change the date or a $50 fee to cancel all together. How does a business operate like this? The location I entered should have been the suggested flight option this is very upsetting & I cannot afford to do either option at the moment so I am hoping I can dispute this charge & find a flight elsewhere. After readying more reviews they apparently change the dates of your flight all the time
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1 year ago, khloe blair
My flight that is booked a month from now
The booking agent that booked my flight told me that my baggage was included in my flight me thinking he was trustworthy and that everything was correct because I asked him more than once did he have my carry on included and he assured me that it was I was at work and I looked at it later the next day I called to get the situation fixed because he screwed it up and put no bags they told me I would have to pay for baggage and if I wanted to cancel because it’s been 24 hrs I would have to pay a cancellation fee I asked to speak to a manager and no one has contacted me yet it been 10 days worst place to book a flight Poor customer service don’t waste your time here they make empty promises and they don’t own up to their mistakes
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3 years ago, this girl 94
Customer service can use some work
I spent two hours on the chat being passed around from person to person just to not get what I wanted in the first place. The first person was very passive aggressive and gave me a hard time, the supervisor I spoke with was a little better. I had to beg and plead to be able to use *some* of my credit (after begging person number one for ten minutes to let me speak to the supervisor). Then I got it squared away and a few hours later checked my new ticket and my info was wrong. Look, I’m not one to complain and I get described as easy-going but I’ve had this issue since 11am and it’s 4pm now. Wouldn’t you get frustrated too? Save your time and money and go elsewhere
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4 years ago, Tee Luka
Will never use this site/app again
Their communication and customer service needs a complete over haul. Flight was changed then canceled. Checked the status of my flight everyday with no changes made. Website and app showed my ticket status as confirmed for the date and time I booked for. No email saying flight was canceled. All they send you is a generic email saying there maybe be a status update to your booking and to keep checking your email for updates. The airlines I was assigned to was United Airlines. I called their customer service and they basically blamed CheapOAir for everything and then hung up on me after I asked for the the agent and his supervisors name and ID #. Horrible horrible service on both sides. The discount on a flight is not worth the complete frustration in dealing with those 2 companies.
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5 years ago, Liviamarie12
Flights yes! Adding cars or hotel not so much
I loved and had no issue booking my flights to and from for my vacation.. unfortunately my flight was a little behind leaving Louisville so I was behind on getting my car rental (since it was thru a 3rd party with the car rental .. 3rd party being cheapo air) I lost my reservation and deposit.. I’d understand if it was my fault but they need to have better regulations and policies for issues such as bad weather or any reason a flight is delayed, when the customer is not at fault. Luckily the rep at the car rental was used to the 3rd party fault and helped out so much! Cheapo air needs to review this policy or refund the “deposit “ when is isn’t their clients fault.
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