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User Reviews for CheapTickets Hotels & Flights

4.79 out of 5
80.3K Ratings
3 years ago, Zaire 234
Trip to Forida
I took a trip to Florida and my flight got cancelled last minute. I wasn’t made aware until I showed up to the airport. I had to take a flight out the next day at my expense. The flight coming back home was move to the day before. Didn’t find out until the day before when I was trying to check in to my current flight. Needless to say my trip was missed up. Cheap Tickets and Frontier airlines kept pointing the finger at each other. No one wanted to take responsibility for my bad trip experience. I have been flying for over 26 years. Never did I have a flight canceled at the last minute. Frontier Airlines was a mistake to trust. That was my first and last time flying with Frontier Airlines. It you no like I know, you will never trust Frontier Airlines to handle your vacation. It will definitely upset you to the fullest. I had to pay and additional $500 to get home from Florida using another airline.
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2 years ago, Ash-Gmt-5
How they stole my money
First and foremost I highly recommend that you do not use this app, or give them your business. I have had 2 issues in less than a year. The first one I had to cancel a flight cuz my job ended and I was being transferred 2 days before the filght and there would be no reason to return. I had purchased the extra insurance allowing me changes and or refunds. Its a rip off. I spent 6 weeks trying to get my money back and they kept making me provide more and more documents and proof toll finally I couldn’t provide something because it I didn’t fit the criteria with my circumstances and they denied me my refund. $408 thrown away. Just yesterday I was double charged when trying to choose between 2 flights with their customer service and tho eventually one of tve charges will be returned to me, it shorts me funds for the trip I am about to take. They did offer me $25, but it can’t be used towards flights. I spent an hour and a half to get to a manager and then another hour trying to work something satisfactory out. The manager was rude and everyone I talked to was forgein in some other country. These people are incompetent, unorganized, and not able to provide satisfactory customer support or service. Please do business with anyone else but them. Even if it looks like you might save a few dollars, in the long run you will loose much more
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5 years ago, nstukan
Cheaptickets is fantastic
Don’t listen to the stupid reviews that say this is a horrible site. This site has been very easy to use and has provided the best pricing on flights overseas for my past 6 years of traveling using them. I recently book flights for vacation to St Thomas from SFO. I found flights that were $150 per person lower than any site and the airline ( Delta) could not even match. This was for 6 adults. I needed to change the trip to 1 day later departure (it was within the 24 hr cancellation period) and they rebooked the new flight and canceled the old reservation easily over the phone. The customer service I received was excellent and they even booked my seats on the spot that I could not do with the old reservation. All at the same price and no extra charges. Use these guys if you want to save money on your airfare.
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5 years ago, Rose Trillium
Cannot join reservations if you are wife making reservation
I booked one reservation as a guest, the second reservation I created a login. The CheapTickets app asked me if I had other reservations made as a guest to add to my account, and a link to add that reservation. Yes! This is exactly what I wanted to do. All it requires is your email and itinerary number of the guest reservation. (The email is of course the same.) it would not work, so I called customer service and spoke to someone named Ken, who said it was not an option! I said why, because on the first reservation they asked for additional guests names, and I gave my husbands name, which is different. Even though the receipt for the earlier reservation is in my name, they changed it to be the male/ husband name in their system. Spoke to manager, Joy, and she confirmed, that even though both reservations were made with the same email, same address, same credit card, by me, on the earlier reservation they had my husband as the lead person, and could not join the reservations. I think from now on my husband will always be nameless, unfortunately. Sad state of affairs for this app.
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6 years ago, Ts'ao-ts'ao
Never use these guys
Bought two round trip tickets, had credit card charged, received email confirmation, not tickets. Called twice, was assured the tickets were queued and would arrive in one hour via email. No tickets, called again, same assurance. Next morning charge was gone from my Visa, another call and they said no tickets, sorry AMERICAN DOG, and go book somewhere else. Third world ISIS personnel. Probably in Peshawar. Before he hung up on me the third time after screwing us, he said “Merry Christmas” and broke the connection. You are an idiot if you use them, and give them all the personal and credit card information they seek. Definitely the worst app I have ever used on Apple. Shame on you Apple, for letting them in. Steve Jobs is turning in his grave. Apple was once a great company.
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3 years ago, KLove 01
Poor Service/Where’s My Refund????
Normally Cheaptickets is my go to but recently they have dropped the ball. They allowed us to book a room in New York at a hotel that was closed. The Double Tree by Hilton. We were told 2 days before our arrival to NYC that the hotel was closed and that we would get a refund. It has been almost 1 month and still no refund. The hotel is closed so you can’t reach them but they did send an email stating I would get a refund in 7-10 business days…1 month later nothing. Cheaptickets reached out twice stating they were working on the refund then they disappeared…1 month later nothing. How is it that they allowed me to book a hotel that was closed but they can’t refund my money right away or book another hotel for me at no charge. I have notified my credit card company. The room was not cheap and we ended up paying $200 more on top of what we already paid for last minute reservations. And now all of a sudden Double Tree and Cheaptickets has disappeared!!! Be Careful….I don’t recommend.
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4 years ago, Lordweloveyou
Not able to contact customer service during crisis
So as we are all aware of the pandemic our country is facing and to not being able to get the service we need as customers is very bad for business. I purchased a ticket before the crisis began and paid for insurance as well and now I’m getting the run around to get a refund. I can’t get a live representative to talk to on the phone and the automotive system let you know if your travel is not within 72 hours they will provide a link to cancel travel. When you click on the link it tells you you’re not able to cancel and need to speak with a representative. So I am assuming I have to wait until 72 hours before my trip for them to tell me it’s too late to get a refund and that better not be the case are Else I will be taking this to court. Because I find it very strange they were able to take my money and during this crisis when flights and travels are being cancelled they or not considerable enough to refund their customer money. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!
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6 years ago, Hong kong Serge
So practical and convenient!
I really enjoy this App. I retired last December from a corporate job and since then have to book my own travel. No more assistant and corporate travel I could initiate with a phone call. Luckily, I gained my independence with this App. I find CheapTickets easy, intuitive and cost effective. I just planned a 25-day, multiple cities tour of Europe using the app. The best travel experience ever. It has become my go-to solution for all my travel now. I strongly recommend it to everyone doing leisure or business travel!
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2 years ago, Missed Hawaii flight
Can’t trust this app
I learned the hard way that you can’t trust this app. We showed up for our 4:15pm flight to Hawaii only to find that our flight had been changed to 11:50am and had already left. I was showing a very confused agent my itinerary on the app that clearly said my flight left at 4:15pm but she’s insisting there were no more flights going to Hawaii that day. Talk about a let down being in the airport with your 3 children who are expecting to go to Hawaii only to find their flight already left. THEN since I booked through CheapTickets, absolutely NO ONE in the airport will help you get on another flight. You have to try to contact a rep on the app or phone. The rep wasn’t able to get us all on another flight for 2 more days. She also blamed me for not checking the airline website to confirm my flight. What’s the point of even having a “convenient” app if you can’t trust what it’s telling you. Thanks for ruining our vacation.
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3 years ago, DrAnaie1
Scam Upgrade and the worst customer service
I booked 4 tickets for me and my family and they gave me option to upgrade my tickets by paying $328 so I can choose our seats. After I click this option and paid their website don’t let me do the seats for all the flights only 2 out of 6. When I called the customer service he said this from the airline you need to call them and we can’t help you with this, if you don’t like it you can cancel your tickets. Uncooperative, use unclear information about the rules even if it’s written on the itinerary that “seat choice included”. In my opinion this is a scam and high level of non professional company specially when their answer is to cancel everything after hours of hard work to book, also when I ask to speak to the manager he told me that some one will call you within 72 hours that means the worst service ever.
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4 years ago, heheowjd
This is the WORST booking site to book through. I travel a lot so I am always trying to find a good deal, which is what they offer so that’s why they even get 1 star. My flight was changed months before I left but I was never notified. When I got to the airport at 3:45AM to check in for a 5:30AM flight, I was notified by the front desk that my flight had been changed to 8:00AM. Cheap tickets never notified me about this change. My return flight was also changed by 4 HOURS!!!! I was never notified about this either. Had I not asked the front desk at the airport to reprint my itinerary I would have never known that my flight was changed. I called cheap tickets about this and they were NASTY AND RUDE about the situation. I spoke to a supervisor and she was extremely rude and unwilling to help me. She was actually laughing at me as I was telling her my problem. NEVER BOOK THROUGH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!
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6 years ago, deraywilson
Extra cash with no reward
I bought a cheapticket and even paid for the insurance to change it if needed. When I went to change it, I was told to give it to my insurance company for a refund. This was not why was advertised. I bought the insurance so that I could change it. Then, when I arrived at the gate, I had to pay an extra $50 because they said that I was only allowed one bag but when I bought the ticket, I bought it with luggage. This is a scam and I am not happy. I’ve used to use Cheaptickets in the past but I will never use it again and will advise my friends, family, and company against it. Since I am upper management, I will make this know. Please stay away from this site, what they say you get is not what you will receive. I would prefer to buy a ticket straight from the counter. Atleast then I know what I’m getting up front. Not happy passenger, Derek
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2 years ago, Nancy Bailey
Meadowlands Plaza Hotel
Room was old but clean when we got there. We stayed 4 nights while we visited NYC. 1st night we got back late room had been cleaned and everything was fine. The next 3 days room was a mess. No service in room No garbage, No towels, No Cups, No beds made. We complained and had to go get our own towels to shower. Electrical plugs don’t work in half of room. Smelled bad in Halls. We were not happy at all. Ask the day we were checking out for some kind of payment back to card. Nothing! Breakfast was ok it the same everyday never changes. Lobby was pretty decorated for Christmas. The Shuttle drivers were very nice they took us to NJ Transit. Just remember they Don’t pick up after 11:00pm. Your on your own then. If I were you I would look for a better hotel I know I’ll never go back there.
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5 years ago, Ljdjdjdnxnj
Bait and Switch
I was sent a push notification to check in early for my flight tomorrow. While in the CheapTickets app I was given the opportunity to upgrade my economy seats to economy premium for $16 per ticket. I clicked on it. I was then redirected to another site where I was given the chance to select my new upgraded seats. I did and checked out. It’s not until then that I realize I was not charged $16 per ticket, instead I was charged over $30 per ticket. I called CheapTickets and explained to them what had happened. I was told I should have known I was at United Airlines site. I did not. This smells of the classic bait and switch. CheapTickets got my attention with the $16 per ticket upgrade, the bait. Then came the switch with United Airlines for over $30 per ticket upgrade. Be warned. Look at CheapTickets push notifications carefully. Good luck to all.
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5 years ago, boricua973
Upgrade Choice
I was paying for a round trip for 2 when I got a window asking if I wanted to upgrade our tickets to first class/business class. I hit yes and received confirmation of the tickets with the upgrade. The next day as I realized that we didn’t get a choice to pick the seats I went in the website to find out that out of 3 plane rides we were taking only one was first/business class. I immediately called the 844 # to be put on hold, be transferred to Seth the supervisor who knew less than the customer service rep. Needless to say I got an “I’m sorry, and have a nice day” and I’m out $400 because the offer is only if the airline I’m flying has available seats which ours did not have. #Iwantmymoneyback #ripoff
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5 years ago, OliveThicketJones
The simplicity of the website is favorable but the availability and willingness to help costumers not so much. Made a booking to Coney Island (which wasn’t actually cheaper than just buying tickets there, first mistake) and needed to make a correction to the booking but that’s against policy apparently. Only the confirmation email informed me that changes and and refunds are not a possibility. Me, being the optimistic person I am(second mistake), called to see if changes could be made. Not only did costumer service toss me back and forth from the park’s services, but they also were of zero help. In conclusion, only use if you make very certain bookings and know you won’t need any help with your booking.
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6 years ago, Boogster54
App prices more than many website
This app used to be great but changed a couple of years ago. I now find I get better prices on the main website but I have to fiddle around with different airlines in advanced options. If I don’t do that prices are higher. I still use cheap tickets to book and have been for about 5 years, but it’s a shame that an app that worked so well before is now pretty much useless to me.
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5 years ago, G.M.Brown
Cancelled booking and still charged
This is a horrible site to book off. Their customer service is horrible. Every time you let them know about a charge to your account that’s invalid they say you’ll get a refund sent and it’s never sent. Their pictures for the hotels are a lie because it’s nothing like that in person. I asked for a case number to be sent to me and he said he had my email and I asked him to read it back to me and it wasn’t even my email then he said it will be sent in 5-10 mins and someone will contact me via phone with 24 hours. I never received an email it’s been past 24 hours. They are trying to avoid giving me my refund. I would not recommend doing bookings with this site.
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4 years ago, efitjunkie
Absolutely the worst
It is 7:15pm and I have been trying to get a hold of cheap tickets since 8am just to cancel a flight and get my money back. It’s been an on going back and forth calling between jet blue telling me that I need to get in touch with cheap tickets because that’s where I purchased my ticket. Which MAKES SENSE. And cheap tickets has been giving me the run around of why they can’t refund me. It got to a point where I asked for a supervisor. And every time I was getting close to getting to the bottom of it, the phone just all of a sudden hang up and when I try calling back, all of a sudden they having technical difficulties and their call monitor would hang up the call. Moral of the story DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS COMPANY!
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6 years ago, Hampton0503
Do not book hotel rooms from them! They are scammers! They overcharged big time! When I checked out from the hotel they handed me a receipt and told me that should be the amount not the one I paid through this crappy Cheaptickets! When I filed dispute, cheaptickets won’t return my money! I got charged twice! One from the hotel and them. Why overcharged and won’t even check with the hotel?? Scammers!!!!! It’s so sad because I’ve been using this app for flight tickets. My first time using them booking hotel room and this happened. I’m never going to use this ever again. It’s a waste of time having to keep track dispute claim when you already have an actual receipt from the one you paid for.
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1 year ago, SunnnnnnnieB
Clean, welcoming
We would stay here again. Staff was very welcoming and friendly even though they were multitasking and busy. Room was clean; bedding and towels were clean and although that may be a “duh” statement, we have stayed at another brand hotel where the drapes and blankets and bed spreads were full of cigarette burn holes and the towels had hair in them. Furniture was dusty. I wanted to sleep standing up! We don’t need fancy but certainly need clean and this motel 8 provided that. Location was great. Bravo motel 8 in Florida city.
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2 years ago, Titus211
They lost my business
I’ve been using cheap tickets for at least 10-15 years, maybe more. I’m done. Their low prices just aren’t worth it to me anymore. I booked us flights to the Caribbean for our 20th wedding anniversary. We didn’t get to sit together and were stuck in the middle seats for several of our flights. They’ve also given insanely short layovers in the past, causing us to miss our connecting flights. Our return flight tomorrow only has a 45 min layover. I’m not sure we’re going to make it. I’d rather pay more and book direct through the airline than deal with their shenanigans. They’ve lost my business for good.
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4 years ago, lvpaura
The worse app
I purchase a TK a year ago for my dad my dad passed away before his flight ..I cancel the TK I’ve been waiting for my refund for one year to know they tell me it’s nothing they can do...Today I open my email : I got this email from them.. Dear CheapTickets Cutsomer, Thank you for contacting us regarding your refund request for your flight reservation with JetBlue Airways. We have received your request that you wanted to have a refund on your cancelled flight reservation. We would like to inform you that we can no longer access the ticket. As per checking on your account, you purchased the ticket last 23 Oct 2019. It only showed cancelled with a credit, and the ticket validity is up until 23 Oct 2020 only. With that being said the total amount of the credit was forfeited already. We wish our response could be more favorable. We hope that you will still give us the opportunity to assist you with your travel plans soon. Thank you for choosing CheapTickets. Best, Sharon C. Supervisor, CheapTickets Customer Service Team.
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5 years ago, FrankL11111
Frank Lepore
I totally agree!! I have never had issues with this site! I tried booking my flight using the airline site directly as I thought they may have lower fares, but I spent hours trying to get my flight booked and didn’t even succeed in the end. So I went to the Cheaptickets site and found the exact same flight I was trying to book, and the cost was only $15 extra!! Needless to say, I got my booking done in 2 minutes flat!
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5 years ago, Baffled-
Dang near homeless
We had a wonderful trip planned, and when arrived at the hotel, instead of getting a two bed room as requested, the hotel only showed one bed for our entire stay. However!!!!! The hotel was very accommodating for our needs. We had to change rooms twice so we could have two beds, plus we had to pay an upgrade fee. CheapTickets:( has to step up theirs game. The hotel said that this happens all of the time.
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2 years ago, AMBDG
Excellent customer service
I’ve been a Cheap Tickets customer for many years because a Customer Service representative is usually available to answer my questions when I need help. They have been very professional and reliable. In a business that is trending towards “Watch this instructional video”, or “Go to this weblink”, CheapTickets still reaches for a higher standard. Much appreciated!
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4 years ago, PAAM21
Rental cars
I use this app for all my rental car needs and have never had any issues. Book it on the app, no credit card needed to secure, and pay for the car when you return it. I’ve never had any issues on my arrival the reservation is always in the system and the car is waiting. I would recommend for all your rental car needs.
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2 years ago, nsjxuebdixneockdndk
Still trying to get last bit of credit
When everything goes perfectly, the tickets can be a decent price. But we’ve been fighting with Cheaptickets to use up all the credits from a pre-pandemic reservation. We’re down to about one plane ticket each for my husband and I, and now they’re trying to tell us the airline has our remaining credit and not Cheaptickets. Airline has told us time and time again that it’s not even coded so that they could have it if they wanted to. I’ve already spoken to a lawyer. I will never use a third-party for a plane ticket again no matter how much money it saves me.
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2 years ago, toni eke
My friends from CheapTickets or whom may concern..
I made many trips to Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara and is been a while since have to buy an airplane ticket in at Díaz Ordaz in puerto Vallarta the airport I demand some credit for the 500 dollar I pay for my trip to Mexico. And I decided to fly in an emergency this policies are get in me I demand some credit or I will used a different agency and believe me that is not going to be you guys..
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4 years ago, watcarn
Not worth the hassle
I would rather pay the extra money for airline travel than have the hassle I’m going through right now trying to cancel a trip to Las Vagas. Originally had everything set for Nonstop leaving and Returning- now Frontier Airlines has changed my Return nonstop flight to a lay over in Denver for several hours- like all day long stuck at another airport. I don’t want to do this, and getting a hold of someone to change it or cancel and get refund has proved to be a headache. Don’t worry about saving a few bucks. For piece of mind book directly through the Airline you like the best. Remember, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR SO WHEN IT SAYS “CHEAP” ITS CHEAP EVERYTHING INCLUDING SERVICE!
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1 year ago, Leyia Davia
Cheap travel great customer service.
I’ve been traveling all over the United States with cheap tickets. I haven’t found prices any cheaper than on this app. I also want to make it clear how easy it is on the app and at the airport and hotels. Customer service is the best; they are quick and problem solvers. Repeat customer here just leaving a great review!
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5 years ago, The King's kid!
Never again!
I will never ever use your service. You continued charging me for seats; baggage. More expensive then I originally anticipated. My flight going was satisfactory. My flight returning was fine from New Port News to Charlotte. Then the departing gate changed after having walked 20 minutes requiring a wheel chair. The flight back to Fort Lauderdale was an absolute nightmare that seemed to go on for three hours when my luggage arrived to the many of the passengers that behave abominably. Of course that was not your fault or your responsibility. But for a company that calls themselves " Cheap tickets" you sure are liars! And I will never use your company again!
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4 years ago, ishamomof9
Can’t find my booked reservations
I bought my brothers ticket and have not received the information for flight it charged my credit card, where’s the flight information?? This is so frustrating, I dial the number and it hangs up, and there’s no way to get through, what is going on? And don’t blame it on the corona virus???😡😡😎😎
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3 years ago, Passion Harper
Error message
I have been trying to change my flight and I keep receiving a message that states “Sorry we are having trouble on our end, try again” if I call to change the reservation, I will be charged a fee. Why would the online option not be working?
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5 years ago, Bombastic5
Said package was booked but they lied
Bought package trip for my family and I to orlando and was under the impression that my roundtrip ticket was confirmed. After checking out of the hotel and heading to the airport I realized my return home ticket was not confirmed and was never confirmed. I never got anything saying it wasn’t. Spoke to customer service and they could not say why that portion wasn’t confirmed. I now having to spend $1600 on return trip instead of $370 with the package I tried to book. Customer service was not helpful and as a manager I spoke to said I only booked a one way trip which I know for a fact was not true.
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1 year ago, E!Man
Updated… Consistently great… but…
This is my go-to hotel reservation app. The prices are generally lower than other apps AND often better than the hotel’s own site. I’ve never once had a problem. However, more recently, the coupons aren’t the best and the deals are not as good as they once were. But still have never had an issue at the hotels themselves.
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4 years ago, Nyky2
The Bad company unprofessional customer service
Bad customer service after you get the ticket nobody help you to make any change you got call the airline company and in the airline company send you back to cheap ticket because they say you get that ticket by CheapTickets and nobody help you at all crazy service
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5 years ago, not with Cheap tickets again
No way to contact that I can see!
I booked a flight with CheapTickets. The airline changed the flight. The change does not suit my needs. I NEVER book 3rd party but did this time as the airlines website was difficult to make Payments on. I’ve had Airlines change flights before, I contact them, tell them this doesn’t suit my needs & im put on a flight that does. I can not find any phone number to contact cheap tickets. I’ve responded to the email but have heard nothing back. This is an incredibly expensive trip I’m taking & the flight is much later than the earlier flight. NOT HAPPY!
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3 years ago, 8936550
Cannot get a hold of a human
This app/website is awful should the need arise for you to speak to someone to solve a problem. There was a 2-hour wait to speak to someone when I called them today. They suggested I have them call me back rather than wait on the phone foe the next available person. Of course I never heard back from anyone from CheapTickets. I attempted to contact them several x but again, only a recorded voice stating they cannot help me. After this next trip I am deleting the app and never using them again.
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3 years ago, illwill803
Flight credit
It’s a shame I can’t use my flight credit to purchase a ticket for my wife. Mind you, that I got the cancellation protection just in case i can’t go anywhere due to me being in the army, that it stated i would get a full refund. But after I purchase the ticket, i was denied to go and tried to get my money back, but it says that I can’t and will be account as flight credit. Customer service don’t even give you information on why i can’t use my flight credit. I use to love you guys but you guys are horrible now
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2 years ago, dmo rxrrd
Love ❤️ CheapTickets
I have been using CheapTickets to fly out of the Carolinas for many years ! Didn’t know I could use others for AA and Southwest 🤷🏾‍♀️ AA is the best ! I was giving the Stewardess seat at the front of the plane ✈️ #copilot I have a credit but can’t seems to find it nor get anyone on the phone before it expired may 22
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3 years ago, Servo de Cristo
Don’t use this site
This is the second or third time that this has happened, cheaptickets say that one of my flights didn’t get printed , so now one of my flights don’t exist anymore, and how am I supposed to get to Colombia if one of the flights got cancel. And they refusing to return my money.
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7 years ago, Justvonte
Total Rip
I’m a new military member and a broke one. So when I was told originally I would have to find my trip to my first base since I was taking leave, I thought to do it in advance. I was under the impression I would just get reimbursed the price of a ticket from my training base to my first base. I purchased the protection plan thinking that it would come in handy if I had to change or cancel. Low and behold I end up having to cancel and not even able get a refund for the ticket I’ve spent money I didn’t really have at the time. I won’t be using this again.
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2 years ago, Osteve1763
Have been a CT customer for over 20 years…but no more
I have used CT since there was only a website. But no more after this last trip. They canceled the flight that I booked, rebooked me and my family on a much earlier flight, reassigned our seats…and never told us!!! I found out when I went to check in the day before. When I called and asked, they tried to act like it wasn’t their fault. Then after I went through ever email they had sent me, that didn’t not include the big changes…they said “oh, oops”. They themselves rebooked us in the crappiest seats available, longest layovers, etc. The App never updated with the correct itinerary not even by the end of our trip 10 days later. Terrible, unaccountable, incompetence. Done with them for ever.
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3 years ago, Gator 798 Pipeliner
Used for years
I’ve been with this company now for approximately five years you call them they’ll take care of you you have a problem I’ll take care of you you’re decent company good people from around the world that are willing to help you because they understand the workingman
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7 years ago, Johnhar271
Do Not Use
I made reservations (even paid extra to guarantee them) 3 weeks early. I spent those 3 weeks arguing with people in India about how they kept messing up my tickets. At one point I didn’t even have return tickets. They said go anyway and to trust them. Worst part is when I called the airline I found out this company uses Expedia to book for you and they charge you $95...if you have time to waste and funds to rebook tickets overseas when you find out you don’t have tickets, then use these people. I’d never use them again myself (or Expedia)
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4 years ago, Mike Bianco
I have used cheap tickets for many many moons, I was a student when I first discovered this company. After them many came out with similar concepts and names. There is no comparison, they grew their services and maintain integrity and fairness. Yes their prices are still the best and the service is outstanding
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5 years ago, sandhano
Happily surprised with Cheap Tickets
I have been almost exclusively with Kayak for over ten years now, traveling huge amounts. I seem to be switching over to Cheap Tickets. Their app is awesome and their prices are slightly better. Very user-friendly. Happily surprised. I love to have my trips handy in the app whenever I want to check a booking.
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1 year ago, Chelseawelsey
Very disappointed
I had booked a car and when I got there it wasn’t what I booked. They gave me an EV. I would never book that vehicle since it’s time consuming and I’m on vacation. I also waited over an hour for it. There was a flood in Fort Lauderdale the day before and people were rerouted to fort Myers and I saw a bunch come in to get cars to drive there, which makes me think they have my original vehicle away. Very unacceptable and I will not be using your app again. I’m very disappointed with the service.
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4 years ago, SHAN-ugh
A joke
I have a reservation scheduled for TODAY & I’m currently on hold (for an hour) becauSe when I called to change (ONLY THE PICKUP TIME) I was/am being advised that “they’re vendor” ENTERPRISE IS OUT OF THE CAR WE RESERVED!!!! We are 2 hours from the time we are supposed to leave (with my children), NO ONE CALLED ME, and now we are being told the car isn’t available. Unbelievable. Maybe they don’t know what the word “RESERVATION” means or maybe the left hand doesn’t speak to the right but there is surely a disconnect! If you don’t want a wrench thrown in your travel plans-I 500% WOULD NOT USE CHEAPTICKETS OR ENTERPRISE!!!!
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