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Chevron U.S.A. Inc.
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1 month ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Chevron

4.89 out of 5
202.9K Ratings
4 years ago, pizzaloverofdallas
Absolutely the best way to fill up your vehicle. This is the year of COVID-19 at anything that avoids contact can be a good thing ...The app gives you a prompt when you’re near a Chevron station by the Geo fencing if you allow the app to keep track of where you are (which is why you download the app to begin with ) (directions are provided to the Chevron gas station )you look around and see which pump number is available and then select that pump number on the app’ve already added your credit card or payment information when you downloaded the app so that’s taken care of and remember you have to make sure that you don’t lift up the pump handle until after the payment has been authorized.. or you’ll have to start over again..(yup, I jumped the gun, again)... and then once you’re done filling up the app automatically gives you an electronica screen that you can take a snapshot of an added to your photo album under the gas receipts.(extra credit if you edit your photos and add the mileage you’ve gone each time you fill up😁.. Super easy!!!
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7 months ago, Fototico
Cool app, but most likely spy too
It’s cool to pay at the pump through the app, but I don’t like that I can’t enter an amount to be charged. I ride a motorcycle and oftentimes I just want to put a few bucks on gasoline. It would be nice if it asked me how much I wanted. My bike fills ip with about 13-16 bucks. 10 bucks is often more than enough for the week/weekend. So I wish that I could enter 10 bucks and for the pump to automatically stop at 10 bucks. I also prefer paying using debit rather than credit. With debit the money is withdrawn from your account right away. With credit it can be a while for the charge to post. I also dislike that you must use a phone number to create an account. The typical tell tell sign of a spyware app. There is no such thing as free, we all pay for using this app through the sales and sharing of your personal information. So make sure you turn off location services while not using the app. I even block it’s access to cellular data, and don’t allow it to refresh in the background. No need for any of that when not in use. I don’t even use my real name or provide any information that I feel not necessary and private. Other than that, it is a cool app. The savings are OK. Better than nothing. In case my review disappears, just like the last one, I’ll copy and paste it again and again.
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2 years ago, Sinnabarr
The app is no longer useful
I have had some version of this app for years and never have had a problem with it until the app redesign. I can no longer access my account to fill up my tank because my phone number has been invalidated. I received ZERO notification of the change until I tried to fill up my tank. I DO NOT give my cell phone number to companies. I use VoIP numbers for this very reason. Because of this, I no longer have access to my account or the history within. It’s rather aggravating and I’d really like to know why VoIP is no longer acceptable. This isn’t the only issue I have. When accessing my credit card account, it’s launched to the web and there is no option for using Face ID. Older versions used to have it. It’s a real pain having to put in a user ID and password every single time. Once in my account I am unable to view credit card statements. They simply will not open after pressing the link. So really, the only value this app has for me now has been stripped down to viewing my account balance and to pay the card. I think you guys need to go back to the drawing board regarding the user experience of this app. It used to be good and Iwas VERY happy with it. I really liked getting gas with the app. It was super easy and fast. Now, not so much, because I’m locked out.
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2 days ago, The Sterling StarI-Phone 4S
Poor Customer Service
When I was a teenager, Chevron was one of my first credit cards. I manage the card very well and always paid the balance in full. I remember thinking to myself. I’ve been a cardholder for 20 years and never once have they personally thank me for my business. so I decided to close my Chevron account and just pay cash. Now I use the Chevron app again because I want to give them another chance. I have found that it’s very difficult at Chevron locations when there is no Wi-Fi I am unable to use my app. I Chevron should provide free Wi-Fi for their application users trying to pay at the pump otherwise they are stuck either a getting no gas or B using an alternative method of payment. I also want you to know recently filling up at a gas station across from Wekopa casino in fountain Hills Arizona the gas pumps were shut off while I was trying to fill my vehicle. I was in the midst of filling it and the attendant decided to close the gas station seven minutes early and I was stuck without gas. Unfortunately, lately I’ve had bad experiences or Chevron. I’ll continue to try using their services, but I feel they should pay a little bit more attention customer service and the needs of their customers going forward. Thank you for reading this review and have a nice day.
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7 months ago, Sir Jugrnot
This is perfect when your not a people person
Gotta admit. Todays society and the amount of impatient people makes it hard to sit in a simple line just for gas. Knowing that it’s quite possible for a card reader at a gas pump to be compromised to hack your bank account makes it even harder to avoid the lines inside a gas station. Since the chevron app, which I’m a car family of Cheveron gas only, I’m in and out quick and easy. Paperless receipts which are very detailed in how much you pumped, price per gallon and points to earn for the moments your feeling froggy to brave the lines and utilize em on free and discounted goods, I’ll buy that for a dollar. Thank you very much. Even if you don’t care about what kinda gas you put in your car, the apps out there are making it pretty easy to simply fuel up and to benefit from using their gas.
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5 months ago, Louie V The Cat
App is great but a few things would make it better..
The app has been great and it makes it way easier to pay at pump with PayPal/debit card… I also love that I’m able to link my PayPal account to pay that’s been great. Also being able to add my Safeway rewards phone number is cool as well!! The app is great and I definitely recommend it for sure… the one thing I think could make it better would be if you were able to choose the amount of points/cents off your gas.. like if you don’t want to use the full 10cents or 25cents off or whatever then you could choose to only use 5cents off each gallon at that purchase.. I think that would be awesome because there’s times when I go to get gas but I’m driving my boyfriends car and I don’t want to use all my points putting gas in his car and then not have many points when I go to get gas in my car .. that would just be super helpful and I would for sure give it 5 stars if they changed it so you were able to do that! But other then that I have been loving the app so far. 🙂
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3 years ago, Earl of Mutton
Does not work
I have not been able to link any of my credit cards to this app, not even Apple Pay (the app was downloaded from the App Store). I always get a “problem processing payment” message each time I try to pay for fuel through the app. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and then it would not accept any payment cards I input. The customer service person I spoke with documented my issues and said they would make a note for the developers to investigate the problem. I am still waiting… I have now got the generic response from the Chevron people “contact your financial institutions to resolve this problem”. I am deleting the app because it is clearly not ready for prime time, unlike the competitors’ apps (Exxon and Shell) which have worked seamlessly from the start.
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1 year ago, Lanagirl12
Not quite right
I was very excited to use this app. I don’t leave for the discount, but I was afraid to use ability and some thing that I have found is that in the beginning, the discounts are amazing and then they drop substantially as well as points fall away after a very short amount of time which been healed me maybe $.10 off per gallon, which is not enough for me to find a Chevron versus going to another place. In terms of use ability, it is great for paying at the pump without having to get out of your car, but you still have to be out of your car, push yes, wait, select the type of gas that you want, pump, the gas as normal and then, when you’re done, you must wait again, it tells you that you got a reward, you must wait some more and some more and some more and then it print the receipt. I would love to love this app and have it be convenient but it’s not. it may be save me 10 seconds of my life other than that, it’s really not a high usage for me
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3 years ago, Lasantha-USA
Chevron Mobile App...
I like the chevron gasoline for my car and that is why I go often to chevron gas stations.. But to make my visits easier and smoother I downloaded the mobile app .. After completing all steps when I go to link my Citi bank master card it says a error message and I can’t link the credit card to app.. I called chevron customer service many times and they made a case for my complaint, but until now no one called me from customer service or technical team regarding it.. I called Citi bank and they said my card is good .. I have linked my card to many other apps online all work good.. I can’t understand what is happening with chevron app and they don’t care about solving it or come with an answer to the complaint...
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2 years ago, SilverScratch
So, this app straight up doesn’t work. Opened the app… connection error, reached the main menu, connection error, went to sign up, recieves verification letter and…. You know it… connection error. Meanwhile I’m streaming in an old Fire Tablet 7 on the same Wifi but this is not the only thing that actually got me upset. I have a family with needs, my sis getting anxiety attacks. So to help, I’ve purchased a GCard of Chevron to help her husband get around since they haven’t been doing good because he had not been working well because of getting out of work to aid my sis. I live far away from her. Chevron is the closest thing they have (thats why i got the GCard) but seeing their “you can only use it on our app”. Now I am worried they can’t get to the hospital or he arriving to aid my sis because pf how fuel has gone up. This app doesn’t work, this really upsets me! I studied some of programming. Re-Do the app from ground up please. That’s the only fix. I’ve read all the reviews, and most are having similar problems and worst.
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2 years ago, Hovita83
Not working
App has never sent the validation email. Account is new and never received the sign up points. Called customer service and was told someone would respond. They did email back and did not address the issue. Horrible app and service! Also a gift card was added to the account and it disappeared. Shady tacky company. WE have contacted them through the so called customer service # multiple times and the last time they said there is NO REWARDS program, It’s just an app with no rewards attached. Apparently something bizarre is occurring and everyone is lying about it…. Really weird yet not surprised! The response is woefully lacking in information to address the issue.
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1 year ago, AI Chat Newbie
So far… worst app ever!!
Signed up for the app while I was out in Las Vegas. Was an easy set up and the first time using it, the app worked well. Back in CA, I went to one Chevron Station to take advantage of my $1.00 off per gallon discount. The app is saying press “yes” button on the pump but there wasn’t any “yes” button to press. I asked, I’m guessing the owner, what do I press if there isn’t a “yes” button but I couldn’t understand him since English wasn’t his primary language. He went to get his, I guess his wife who was hanging out in her car in the Chevron Station parking lot, but I was having the same problem with her. She keeps telling me to download the app when I’m telling her I already have the app and I just needed to know what to press on the pump since there isn’t a “yes” button. I go to a second Chevron Station but there, the app isn’t working and gives me messages of some problem and try later or call customer service. Which customer service was closed.
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4 years ago, Codydleger
Would be better with Apple Pay and rewards program like competitors.
I understand that “we plan to add more payment methods in the future” but I wish chevron would specifically put in the app description or somewhere confirming to us that Apple Pay support is indeed in the works. And also maybe a timeline of when because it’s 2020 and we never got it in 2019 like lots of the review answers said we would. I’ve actually noticed that the notice of new payment methods coming in the future has been removed from the add a payment method setup screen now. Also a rewards program like those of your competitors would be nice without having to get a credit card through you. I drive past a chevron every time I need gas to go to a competitor that has a more user friendly app, rewards program, and Apple Pay support. Add those and I’ll quit wasting gas to get gas. Thanks!
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5 months ago, Milliseconds
Love the app
This app has been wonderful. I’ve been using it for the last 4 months without any of the reported problems. Only one station did not participate in the program. I can even combine rewards from the app with my local grocery store rewards, so often I am getting at least 10 cents per gallon discounts. I would love to see a simple gas mileage tracker that would request current odometer miles then take the gallons put into the car from the transaction, then display mileage to me. It would be awesome for it to help keep track of and notify of when basic vehicle maintenance, such oil changes and tire rotation, are due.
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4 years ago, Brutally.Honest
New update and app pay not functional nor secure
So I just tried signing in to pay at local chevron which has been my go to place for years. The app just stays on main screen with options for everything except log in. I finally found a manage account link in this atrocious user interface and signed in. Upon signing in it only gives me option to find local stations but had my address as 0 miles to station. It would not register that I was at the station now. Signed out and trying to sign back in with Face ID and password was a no go. The account is compromised. Set to help me reset password and after ten minutes. I email or text. Registered new account under my wife’s email but wouldn’t let me continue because the app is now only for chevron advantage or business credit card payments. Very misleading changes in what used to be a simple app and mobile system. You’ve now lost a multiple year user and customer at chevron.
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5 months ago, bluebear73
Not Worth the hassle
Just deleted this app. First, the app was difficult to setup; one account, two users on two different phones, but we did finally get it. First time we used the app it did work. Second, after the first use every time we gassed up we were required to login in and go back through the setup process and two step verification. Guess it isn’t designed for people who only gas up once a month. Third, we recently got new phones and new numbers (previous carrier wouldn’t release our numbers). Even though I changed our numbers with the company the app wouldn’t accept them. It wanted a brand new profile which it won’t accept because the email is already in use. Arrrrrgggghhhh! So just decided it ain’t worth the hassle. Back to using the card which works at least half the time.
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1 month ago, Faulty pump
Chevron declines transaction but still holds the money
I tried to use my app today to make a purchase. The response was “Chevron declined” however the app still charged my debit card. The cashier said there was a system error on that pump. I called customer service and they too said there was an error causing this to happen. However that doesn’t change the fact that it’s going to take 7 days for my bank to return my money because chevron had a FAULTY system. But Chevron does not want to take any responsibility for this problem. For a multi billion dollar business, I expect the app and pumps to operate perfectly and if they don’t, I expect some sort of compensation. I can’t put gas in my car now. Clearly this is a resource that I can’t live without. But chevron does not care. Customer service seems and sounds outsourced. What do they care ? The app is useless. Youve been warned.
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3 years ago, Kylejuarez
Card problems
Card I’ve used every time here without a hitch first ask me for a 6 digit pin sent to my phone which I verified no problem, then it asks me for a 4 digit pin that I was never sent nor created so it declined me gas…I exited out and tried again same thing. So finally I shifted that card to my Apple Pay Card and finally no problems nor did it bother me for a single code…ridiculous. This late at night it should work quickly and smoothly especially with the same card I’ve used more times then I have fingers at my neighborhood gas station I use half a dozen times a week with the same card it declined twice. I won’t use this App again if continues to give me this issue. Especially since it’s my only choice considering the employees choose to leave every day at/or before 9:00p, must not like making money cuz this is one of the busiest gas stations I know of.
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6 months ago, LindzWilcox
Grateful for Chevron Rewards
Thank you for launching the Rewards program ($1 off / gallon on first 3 fill ups) in our area just in time for the Christmas season. We have 6 drivers in our family so we will save around $360 this month. These savings allowed our family to bless a few special people in our lives that otherwise would not have been in our budget this year. Thanks again for launching the best premium fuel rewards program out there. Chevron will forever be the only fuel we put in our vehicles. The quality of fuel has kept our vehicles running better for longer ever since we switched. ♥️💙⛽️
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6 months ago, Zebrachevy
Garbage time wasting scam
On my way to spend the whole day at the hospital today stopped to get gas. Got a notice this morning about my $1 off a gallon and triple rewards. Opened and closed app multiple times at home and it worked good. Arrived at the chevron at 6:44am that said it was open at 5:30am on the internet. App would not work. Attendant hadn’t even primed the pump yet. I didn’t know each pump had to be primed before use. Tried so many ways to get fuel. App, phone number at pump. Nothing was working. It finally scammed me and said it sold me .21 cents of gas. So I wasted almost a half an hour. Attendant was a jerk. Priming every pump but mine first. Helping everyone else but me fist and I was there first. Lost my $1 off a gallon and my triple rewards and still didn’t get any gas on my way to the hospital to spend the day with a dying family member. Great way to start off the new year. Thanks Chevron!
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4 months ago, Gas fan
Rewards that actually make a difference
Thanks so much for providing this rewards program. It is made a big difference in my family‘s life because we are on a budget and saving anything increases our quality and ability to go out with our daily lives. You made a big difference to me and my family because I was able to save over half of my gas bill each week, me and my family to do other things as well as pay other bills that we were struggling with and I appreciate that the clerks follow the training and encouraging people to sign up for the app
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4 months ago, ugottafriend
Doesn’t work in the rural area I live
I received an e-gift card that required the app. The fuel stations are listed on the app and show me how to get there. I went to two different stations. The first station attendant said “The app has never worked here” and had no other advice. I left and went to the next nearest station. It also didn’t work. The attendant said “I don’t know what to tell you” and “you can’t use that (the e-gift card number) in here, I have no way to do it.” I was forced to pay cash instead because I was on the way to the hospital for cancer testing and needed fuel. Later on, I drove to the nearest city and it worked fine. Completely counterproductive to have to drive half an hour to use it, and even after complaining, the stations that don’t work are still listed on the app’s map as my nearest participating locations. I uninstalled.
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3 years ago, KS4321
Was great, now terrible. Just use your card.
Don’t waste your time. Loved the original version of this app, but then recently it said I needed to log in. When I did, it insisted on my phone number instead of my email, tried to get me to agree for Chevron to send me texts (I didn’t), and then set a default of Apple Pay. That’s not what I wanted, but it would not let me enter my Chevron account. There is a button for that, but it just sat there doing nothing, so I said, “okay, that account works.” Went to fill up, everything was like before at first, then suddenly asked for my PIN. PIN? What PIN? Apple Pay uses finger or face ID. That was the last straw — too many hurdles, hassles and obstacles just to buy gas. The idea with mobile device payment is to be easier than using a card. Since it’s easier to use the card now, I deleted the app and will not use again.
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3 years ago, Affascinato
Great when it works
I was using this app on my iPhone and I liked having the digital receipts, but I could not get the Apple Watch version to work properly. The first time I tried it, the app was stuck on searching for stations when I was literally at the gas pump. Next time I tried it, I was told to sign in so I deleted it from my watch. Kept using the app on my phone though until one day on the way to my usual station, I was informed to sign in again. It took longer for me to look up my password to sign in than to just get my card out and use it. Apps that frequently force me to sign in are too inefficient for me so I finally deleted the app and reverted to using my card instead. Let me know when I won’t be required to sign in so much and I will try the app again.
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5 months ago, Stiff back
New to this app
Good to have friends who tell you about apps like this. I am a loyal Chevron customer as long as they keep Techron in the gas mixture for the health of my fuel injectors. Used the app for the first time today and it worked perfectly at the pump. You won’t have to put any credit card into the pump. Everything is done through the app on your phone. Locator within the app knows which station you’re at. Nice perk is the $1.00 off per gallon for the first 3 times. Small discount continues after that. Not having to swipe your credit card eliminates the possibility of having it cloned.
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9 months ago, regreting my paid subscription
It’s a great concept but doesn’t work as advertised
I signed up for a three state trip. Obviously I was going to consume some fuel so the dollar off a gallon was appealing. Well the gps is off and I’d have to drive around the stations before it would even allow me to pay with the app then it would tell me that station was not participating in the rewards program or it just would not connect to the pumps. After 7 times of trying I called chevron customer service and they gave me $10 credit for the inconvenience. How about give me the dollar off a gallon your promised in your advertisement! To say I’m less than impressed is an understatement. The only good thing about the app is you can find another chevron station but then have to switch to your navigation app to get there.
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11 months ago, 改进!
Bugs for low amount linked gift card
APP is good app and easy to use. But there's a huge bug if linked gift card only has less then $4. If I want to start with that card first then use another full amount gift card, will get in trouble. Once I hit the gift card with little balanc, System will not able to authorize payment, and then will not able to use any other linked gift card, or add new gift card, not even work after I deleted and reinstall the APP. It happen everytime when I try to finish the card has the little balance, more then 5 times. It can't control how much need for full fied, and Chevron not allow us the finish the card. I wish can add the function for balance merger or allow the linked gift card in APP can be used when even has 1 dollar.
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7 months ago, Scrappygirl37
Wanted to use Chevron and it’s rewards…
I downloaded this app thinking I would be able to start collecting rewards and I was excited about it as I like Chevron fuel and I could pay from the app. However, joke is on me- you can only get rewards at “participating” stations. And I finally found one but the rewards was “not online”. I don’t understand this “participating stations” thing. Rewards points should be available at any and all stations. Also, I was supposed to get some credit to apply to my fill up, and while using the app it did not give me the option to use it. This shouldn’t be that hard. I have decided to just use Exxons as I have not seen any of these issues with them.
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3 years ago, SFO CA Traveler
PIN # ?
I love this app especially when I’m trying to do contact less transactions. However about a month ago all of a sudden at a pump I was asked for my pin number on the app. Having no idea what that was, I contacted customer service toll-free number and they also were unaware of the required pin number. A case was established… Then I never heard back. To this day I am unable to use the app unless I have a pin number. Furthermore in my travels within California many station managers are unaware of this app. And one location in San Diego will not give me the Chevron card gas price even though my Chevron card is on my Chevron app! 🤔
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2 years ago, drtobo
Useless app
I have never had a problem using the Exxon-Mobil and Shell apps to pay for gas as those respective stations, but I have rarely had success in using the Chevron app. It seems not to retain my login info, and every time I try to use it it asks for different information. After it asked for a PIN, I memorized the PIN to be able to use it the next time, but it hasn’t again asked for it. One time it said there was a problem processing the payment, but the payment had gone through. Today, while at my usual Chevron station (not in a remote location), the app did not recognize that I was at a Chevron station! My time is too valuable to waste, and now that I discovered that the station keeps hand sanitizer on a table inside (the station’s pumps NEVER print receipts), I think I will no longer try to use the app.
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9 months ago, Mattyhalton
Discount not available at all locations
I downloaded the app when I saw an ad for $1/gal on your first purchase through the app. I used the app to locate a nearby Chevron station, selected the pump number I was filling at, and followed all the prompts on the pump and app screens. I never was prompted to put in a discount and when I reached out to customer service, they told me not all locations participate in the rewards system. I never would have bought fuel at Chevron without that discount just because it’s cheaper elsewhere in my area, so I spent over $20 more in a tank of fuel on an app that misled me to believe I could apply the discount at a location that “doesn’t participate.” Also, I called customer service and requested a call back which I never received, and waited over a week for an email response. Not a great experience
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4 days ago, K.E.R.
Way better than expected!
I got the app for the rewards, but I’ll continue to use it because it’s so simple! Literally the only thing I have to do is open the app, click fuel up, put the pump #, authorize the card I want to use, hit ok, get out of the car, pump the gas, get in the car, and leave. It would be even better if it would pump the gas for me, but I’ll deal with that! As soon as I put my seatbelt on I’ve got my receipt and not only have I gotten my gas cheaper, I’ve earned rewards to get cheaper gas for the next time. Super happy with this app.
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8 months ago, andrewgremlich
I can sign in now!
For a little bit, I and several others couldn't login. An update was pushed and I can login now! It really is a convenient app, and more so with the rewards program. I was still able to gather points by putting in my phone number at the pump, but I feel better just getting the rewards through my phone. In other ways, it's convenient with finding stations, paying for gas from phone, and paying with checking in case I don't want to use a credit card.
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2 years ago, bruce shaffley
First time
The wife and I went to the Chevron station on Eagle Road in Meridian Idaho and it was our first time using the new Chevron app the store we went to was not a participating agent but they had a beautiful car wash there that worked very well and did an extremely good job of cleaning our car on the outside with high volume pressure on the vacuum to the inside of the car so other than that it was a little hard to figure out how to get your car washed at first but for signing up for the gas and paying for it with my ATM card was awesome and the process went very fast it was our first time using the app but not to bad
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11 months ago, 101jose101
App does not work.
Tried to get gas one day and the app logged me off and I tried over and over putting in the access key. Will not get into my account. I’ve tried to email the app support and called me and there was not respond to any messages or calls I made. There are reviews of serval years the people made saying the same thing and nothing got fixed. App developers Say they’ll do something about it but their “something” is an email to another worker that will eventually get thrown out.
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2 years ago, freshcutfarms
The best reward points in America
Let me tell you how great the app is. No touching or communicating with anybody. Everything is done through the app including picking your pump number. Only touching is of the gas handle and opening the gas cap on your car. Now the best part is when you get to 1000 points which you automatically get on your first and second purchase through the app you get a dollar off per gallon that is amazing. So if you get 13 gallons of gas you get $13 dollars off. Thanks Chevron for a great and rewarding app.
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6 months ago, SeanFhear3
Works reluctantly!
Between access to the Chevron/Texaco website, access to the Synchrony Bank website, Synchrony app access problems and this app it took an hour to pay my bill electronically this month. After installing and starting this app I got stuck in an endless loop receiving and inputting security codes. On the fourth try the site finally opened the next page. Once I finally got in to the site they redirected me to Synchrony and it took maybe two more minutes to pay the bill!
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4 months ago, T. Leetles
One location found on map
I have used this when I was visiting in SC to pay for gas where I knew there was a Chevron station. It was a smooth process. HOWEVER, I am traveling to TN where I know there are multiple Chevrons and the only location the app provides for a Chevron station is in the state of Washington. What is the point of using this app to osh the gas if it won’t let me plan a trip to use a Chevron or to use the app to find my nearest Chevron to get gas. You are losing business because I will go to another gas station that I see at an exit before I pull over and use the internet search engine to find a Chevron, get their address, and put it in my GPS to get gas. This wastes travel time.
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4 months ago, Andrew andah
Best yet !
The Chevron Gas app is a game-changer for anyone on the go! From locating the nearest station to tracking rewards, it streamlines the entire refueling process. The interface is intuitive, making it easy to navigate even for technophobes. Plus, the app's integration with payment options ensures a seamless transaction every time. With reliable updates on fuel prices and station amenities, it's like having a personal fuel concierge in your pocket. Overall, the Chevron Gas app earns a solid five stars for its convenience and efficiency.
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4 months ago, WI mechanic chick
App does not work
I downloaded this app because I am traveling for work next month and my employer gave me a gift card for gas. I was able to add the gift cards to my balance without an issue. When I search for stations in Tennessee & Georgia to plan my trip for where I should stop for gas, nothing shows up. There is only 1 gas station that shows up and it is located in Washington, which is nowhere near TN/GA. If it doesn't recognize any other gas stations, then I'm guessing I won't be able to use my gift card since I am no where near Washington. Terrible app, no way to chat with their support staff or anything to get this resolved. I would not recommend sticking money into this because you won't be able to use it.
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6 months ago, SmDailey929
I’m a Chevron customer now
I only signed up for this app because my son told me about it and they were offering a deal on Christmas for a dollar off per gallon for your first two fill ups. But I must say this app is freaking awesome!!! I love that I can use Apple Pay and don’t have to touch or enter in any of my personal information at the pump. If I don’t have my wallet, then it’s no big deal. I get discounts the more I use it. It’s a win-win situation for me and I’m now a solid Chevron customer!
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1 year ago, callmenicholi
App Low Value, No Prices, No Station Reviews
This app really doesn’t do much. You can find a station nearby. Yeah, it offers rewards, but lots of apps can do that. You can’t read any reviews of these gas stations left from users because that option doesn’t exist. 1️⃣ Q1. How many times have you gone to a gas station you there is only water for the windshield washer and really no soap? 2️⃣ Q2. How are the restrooms if you have to use one? 3️⃣ There’s no prices. Most apps crows source this. 👉🏻 So this is what I mean by low value. I don’t know who designed this app but it’s primitive. They didn’t put much effort into this.
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1 year ago, xCVX67
First Time Using the New App
This is a great promotional offer. However, I encountered payment issues. It did not default to my Chevron Techron Advantage card that I successfully loaded last night for my long trip. Instead, it used my other credit card that I did not load into my app. I had to load it again at the service station and encountered a payment issue. This was frustrating and to add to the frustration was the on screen selection button on the dispenser did not work according to the Chevron rep so I had drive to the other side of the dispenser because the other dispenser in front of me was out of order. Needs more fine tuning.
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2 years ago, yes please customer
I went to several service stations and the app would not work for me to make my purchase I sat two hours waiting for the app to work properly at a nearby Chevron I left that location and went to a nearby Texico and tried and it would notWork properly there either I left there and went back to Chevron and it still wouldn’t work turnaround went right back to the previous texts ago and it finally worked I think there is such a bad glitch in the system when it comes to get gas with Chevron out with the Chevron app Chevron app is very dysfunctional thank you
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2 years ago, iAdrianSkinner
Google Voice Number No Longer Works!
Why did you get rid of the ability to use a Google Voice number?! My Chevron app account was registered with a GV number when I first signed up and all of a sudden I had to log back in and when I inputted and tried to submit the phone number to login it said the number is an unsupported number! Some people rather use a VoIP number to better control spam calls and SMS from services that suffer from data breaches! And being able to use a VoIP number with a service, we do not have to scramble to change it with the service if we change our number or are forced to change the mobile number. The VoIP number is always linked to us!
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1 year ago, Crystallion27
Disaster Averted
Ok so I was going to get gas after work because I just made it barely with my tank to work. But I hadn’t realized I left my wallet in yesterdays jacket!!! I was SO not gonna make it home without more gas. I prefer Chevron in general but hadn’t used the app, so I thought I might be able to use it and find a way to pay online. This app even logs onto your PayPal which is great for those of us that do NOT have our cards memorized. I put the pump number and had a full tank of gas in no time: DISASTER AVERTED! THANK YOU CHEVRON!
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1 year ago, xX-ADR12308-Xx
Easy to use and have yet to fail on any station!
As the title states, this app is just plain and simple. I have all the apps available for any gas station yet this one never fails me anywhere. I like how even thou when you’re reedeming your points for the discount on gas, it gives you points for that gas too. Another plus is that it shows you on the main page what items to purchase and gives you points and how much.
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7 months ago, JossGreene
Never a participating Chevron
The map takes you to Chevrons that are no longer Chevrons. Most of the time if it is a Chevron, they are not participating in Chevron Rewards. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a Chevron with diesel that isn’t using B20 biodiesel. Nothing more than 5% Biodiesel can be run in my car. This app should be intuitive of if the “Chevron” you are heading to is actually a “Chevron.” It also should be able to tell you if they are a rewards participating Chevron- they all say it in the app, it’s just that when you go to fill up, it only allows you to spend rewards, not earn them. What a joke. And this stupid B20 thing. The app should know what “Chevron” is offering at their locations.
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5 months ago, dannyflores4119
Do not add your Bank Account information
So this app could be amazing without adding your bank information. Twice I was sent an e mail saying that the payment didn’t go through and twice I checked the account and the money was taken from my account. Both times I had to call me bank and confirm with them if the payments went through and both times they said yes! On the second time I was charged double payments and also a fee. Had to call the bank and dispute it because I was already charged for the transaction. Now I have to wait for them to investigate the matter. Literally they took 50 from my account. Absolutely terrible!
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2 years ago, OKJJ0025
Rewards are a joke
I’ve had this app for over 9 months and spent a couple thousand dollars on gas and have not received any rewards points. I didn’t even notice at first but, every Chevron gas station I go to does not participate in rewards and there is no way to look up which gas stations do participate. I tried looking up different locations on the app and the all say “Grocery/Gas Rewards” when in fact they do not have gas rewards. It seems like a scam for them to promise rewards for giving them our business when it is nearly impossible to find a location that honors that system. All I want is an east way to find participating Chevron locations.
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