Chewy - Where Pet Lovers Shop

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Chewy, Inc.
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User Reviews for Chewy - Where Pet Lovers Shop

4.91 out of 5
865.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Hidhehbg
Absolutely love chewy
Chewy is absolutely amazing and has the best customer service out there. Their shipping is so fast. I bought something at 7pm on a weekday last night and it got shipped out at 8am this morning and I’m supposed to receive it tomorrow. Also One time I wasn’t happy with something I bought and I left a review on the item and chewy messaged me and offered a refund which I didn’t take because it wasn’t their fault. It was really awesome knowing they actually take the time and make sure their customers are happy with the products. Another time, just recently, I spent a lot of money on a bunch of stuff and the delivery driver takes it to the wrong address! (Totally not even chewys fault) So I called ontrac which it was shipped through and they said they couldn’t find the package so I had to call chewys customer service since I needed the food for my animals and see what can be done and they offered to send out another order the very next day. Free of charge. Which I am SO grateful for. I will always order from chewy. The app is great also, really easy to find what you’re looking for and they have everything you could need for your pets. Definitely a 10/10. Although I’ve got to add, the only bad thing is that they use ontrac to deliver packages and ontrac is literally the worst. My packages usually never show on time or don’t even get delivered to the right place when I go through them.
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11 months ago, Gi GibTower
It works for me!!
I’ve been using Chewy for about two years now… I have two cats and a lot of times when I go to the grocery store they don’t have the type of food my cats like to eat and I end up buying food that they don’t like and then it’s wasted. I like the chewy offers. You can order one flavor of a wet cat food and get a whole package full of just one flavor that you pick out. And I also love the fact that there’s free shipping after $50 and you usually get your order within a couple of days. It’s nice and convenient for me because I am slightly disabled, and it isn’t easy for me to go out and carry huge bags of cat food and cases of cat food and what not from the store to my car. She delivers right to your porch and you can also order toys and colors and ID tags and all kinds of things. I only order from Chewy now. The only times I go to the grocery store as if I might run out of food and have to get a couple kids at the very end of the month but usually I order everything I need and it’s great. I love chewy. And I’ve also had packages stolen before and they replaced it without any fuss. Every single time I called them with a problem, which is only two times in three years. Their customer service is excellent. They are very understanding and very kind. And you rarely find that in customer service today.
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7 years ago, waxturtle7
Compassionate caring company
I started using Chewy because my elderly cat needed prescription food and this was the only place to get it. The process for submitting my prescription was easy. In the meantime I also found other items cheaper on this site. It was free shipping and the auto ship feature was great. I got an email reminding me if my auto shipment as it got closer so I could change it if necessary. This was very useful as it was for food so I could move the date without penalty. Sadly my cat got very sick and did not recover, after a food shipment had already been sent. I didn't have time to cancel it and it arrived the day after he was put down. I called chewy to see if I could return the food, which they said wouldn't be any trouble. When asked the reason I said we no longer had the cat, and was barely able to even get that out. He was so kind. He said that I would be refunded and to donate the food to a shelter. I was shocked. It made me so happy that I could help other cats. A couple days later I received a bouquet of roses with a condolence note from the gentleman I spoke to and the entire Chewy family. Though it made me tear up all over again it made me realize, again, that this is a great company who really cares about pets and their owners. I plan on continuing business with them and sharing my experience with other pet owners.
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3 years ago, rogue and vaders mom and dad
Extremely great full
I had been disappointed with chewy as a customer representative told me I was able to order freshpet fresh dog food then when I went to order I couldn’t because it was not available for shipping to my area. Obviously I was disappointed and upset because I was misinformed by a representative that said I could purchase the food so I wrote a review on chewy website. They then emailed me and said they were going to review and look into my claim I stated in my review. Then today I walked outside had a box from chewy that had an order of the freshpet food I wanted to purchase for my dog they had sent as an apology for the misinformation as well as to show they now ship to my area. It could not of come at a better time as my fiancé was just laid off of work and my dog is very sensitive eater she just ran out of food when this package arrived we were beyond shocked and so grateful I was in tears. We couldn’t be more appreciative and grateful for this. Chewy is a great company and i want them to be recognized for how amazing the customer service teams are!! I can’t say thank you enough I have called and thanked them personally but I want to place as many reviews as possible to share my story so they know how appreciative and grateful we truly are!!! We can’t thank them enough!! Thanks chewy!!!!
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2 years ago, Natsosravens
Best customer service 100% of the time.
I have been a customer for a while now and I don’t know why I didn’t use Chewy sooner. I have only ever had 1 issue, and it was very minor, and it was handled immediately and very professionally and politely. I did write a review not very long ago on a product I ordered for my two cats, one who is very overweight and the other is good on his weight, it wasn’t meant to be against chewy but I wanted customer’s to know that if they have an overweight kitty using this cardboard scratcher that is on an angle it may not last long since my big cat got right up on it to scratch and the cardboard pieces that fit together to hold this angled scratcher collapsed. He does love the corrugated scratching piece that now just sits on the floor. I was looking through my emails not long after that and Chewy had responded to my review and they apologized that this product wasn’t up to standards, I thought that it was such above and beyond customer service, especially since it is my cat that is to heavy for this cat toy🤷‍♀️. I know through this difficult time we are dealing with right now and the shortage of cat food I have always been able to find something that I can give them, and they are picky, anyway I am so thankful for the delivery of my cats supplies:).
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4 months ago, Sel Nicole
Beyond outstanding service and team!
We have been apart of Chewy since maybe about 2016, their team is beyond the best. Always so prompt in their communications, friendly and going above and beyond. They have an excellent team. I can’t express enough how much we have enjoyed being customers of Chewy. From the seldom times there may have been shipment delays beyond their control to the passing of our fur babies, they really showed up for us. Not many companies would go the lengths Chewy team did. Recently our dear gentle giant cane corso Bernie passed and I completely forgot about the autoship and when I received the notice it was being prepared to ship, I emailed their customer service to apologize I forgot to stop the auto ship and if they could catch it in time. It had already gone out though. The team member wrote me back with the deepest sympathy that I could feel through their words and offered a refund as well their team sent us a lovely bouquet of yellow roses. It was extremely heartfelt and we will never forget the way Chewy has always made us feel. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful company that truly cares about their customers (humans included :) ) Would I recommended this service to friends and family, 1000 times!!!
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1 year ago, AndiG85
Literally the absolute best customer service!
I had heard Chewy’s customer service was legendary and actually started using them for that reason. Up until today, I had no need to find out first hand because I’ve never had any issues with them. However, through absolutely no fault of their own, I didn’t get the cat food I ordered with the last delivery. (I live in an apartment with a shared locker system. The food was delivered Sunday to the lockers. I travel for work and forgot to run to the lockers before I left. My roommate went on Tuesday but the lockers were down/broken that day. By Friday our wonderful apartment complex had taken the package out of the lockers and had FedEx pick it up to return to sender.) I emailed customer service early this morning (like at 7:30 am on a Saturday), and by the time that I got out of the shower at 8:30 they had responded to my email, shipped a new thing of cat food, issued a partial refund, and noted on my account to have FedEx start delivering to my door instead of the lockers. Literally blown away! The actual app is also easy to use, by the way, but even if it wasn’t I’d still use Chewy for all my pet related purchases. With that kind of customer service, they now have a customer for life!
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5 months ago, Shelby-KWS
Shelby Thanks You!
I have been a long time buyer of Chewy products based on the variety in all categories and high quality products. Though in the past six months I went to the grocery store and pet stores to buy what I needed. However, I couldn’t always find the Purina Pro Plan Healthy Weight and the matching wet food. My own health issues had made this a problem as I can only travel and shop for a limited amount of time. I got an email saying that Chewy Missed Shelby (my 3.5 month old Golden Retriever) and decided why am I doing my child (I don’t see Shelby as a dog and she is my constant companion and comforts me making my quality of life significantly better). Unfortunately due to my mobility issues Shelby is overweight and I need to exercise her much more (hence the great toys I am repurchasing since she loves them so much) and get her on one of the best healthy weight (loss/maintenance) brands offered. So I am making life easier and insuring consistency by using Chewy’s auto shipping! Thanks again for the email push and everyone who I have ever talked with at Chewy has been extremely helpful because of their product knowledge, customer support and service, to name just a few areas where Chewy employees excel! Best Always From Shelby’s Dad!
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3 years ago, soLAreh
AMAZING customer service!
I cannot say enough good things about Chewy’s customer service. I had a nightmare of a time getting my cat’s insulin prescription filled over the last two weeks and even though NONE of the fault rested with Chewy, every single rep I spoke with (and there were a number of them over two weeks!) went above and beyond to work with me toward solutions. When the final major mishap happened (with FedEx) a Chewy customer service supervisor named Law took it upon himself to do everything in his power to make sure I got my cat’s insulin on a Saturday. You can tell that the people who work at Chewy are pet people and they ALL care so much about getting your fur babies taken care of. Truly I have never seen this type of customer service in my entire life. And I know this wasn’t an exception to the rule as I have had other little minor issues over the years (packages getting stuck in transit, recurring/autoship orders that I messed up the dates on, etc.) and I have always been impressed with how they handle these issues but this time just takes the cake they are INCREDIBLE!! I can’t recommend chewy enough. This type of customer service just doesn’t exist anymore- except at Chewy!
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6 years ago, hdkskcjx
Happy helpful Employees
A few years ago my oldest cat was diagnosed with diabetes. Not knowing anything about diabetes in cats; I soon found out that I had to limit her carb intake. The fact that I have six other rescues in the house, I couldn’t give her wet food exclusively because of the major cost associated. I heard there were lower carb dry foods available. I soon found out from looking at all of the brands on the shelves at major pet stores that I needed an expert. I called Petsmart and asked for help with their brand for carb content and I was quickly told they didn’t give that information out over the phone. To say that I was frustrated is putting it mildly. I have since completely quit dealing with Petsmart as they also went up on each bag of food five dollars across-the-board. ! That is where Chewy stepped in. The first customer service representative I spoke to automatically said yes I can help you with that. They proceeded to look for carb content under 10% and soon found a brand. What had started out as a struggle became a quick success because of your dedicated employees. I can’t say enough good things about you guys, I hope that you will continue to provide us with quality pet items at good prices. Thanks again Chewy.
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6 years ago, Spcslammosam
I can’t possibly say enough.
This online-pet-supply store is the bees knees. I have no other metaphors or ways to tell you how amazing they are. My doggo is a service animal and I’m a veteran with some reasons that dictate I’d benefit from having him. He’s my best friend and I hold him closer than any family member or friend I’ve ever had. We don’t go anywhere without one another (the creep even pokes his head inside the shower curtain once every 60 seconds...). This company Chewy has given us AMAZING prices and discounts on everything he deserves. I won’t feed him garbage... so we order Blue Wilderness dry food and soft treats (Denali and Bayou), and Nature’s Recipe Chicken in Broth (all of the above grain-free). I save SO MUCH MONEY ordering from Chewy. Not to mention not having to go and get anxiety from taking him into a PetSmart and dealing with humans that are louder than their pets. A side note: my mom and dad have had coonhounds for YEARS. When Chewy came around as a thing, my mom started using their services. When her hound Sophie died of old age... Chewy took notice after maybe a month of order changes. They asked her why the change and she informed them of Sophie’s death. They sent, the next DAY, flowers and a card. I mean COME ON. Need I say more? Rock on, Chewy. Rock on.
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3 years ago, Mayhem in 561
HUGE time saver with AMAZING customer service
With multiple pets (2 dogs, 2 cats & 120gal aquarium) Im elated to have found Chewy! Anyone with even 1 pet knows products can vary widely in price from place to place. I found myself spending one solid day every month just driving from place to place to get the best price on cat food, dog food, cat litter, fish food, waste bags, pet treats, toys, vitamins and a hundred other things. The most frustrating thing was when I would drive 10 miles out of the way to save a few bucks on a product only to find they were out of stock. After this becoming an all too often common occurrence and thinking about the value of the time I was spending to save a few bucks and the cost of gas I was using, I looked for a better way. I’m ELATED to have found Chewy!! Not only are they a one stop shop, but I don’t have to leave my home AND my products arrive the next day! I also have to rave about their customer service! Accommodating, kind, easy to reach and extremely helpful are all accurate descriptions of my interactions with their live help. There are many on-line services for pet products, Chewy just happens to be the best.
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6 years ago, 172622$!:
Chewy is amazing!
If I could give chewy more than 5 stars for a rating I would. I have been using chewy for 3 or so months and have been loving it! I originally bought from chewy because I was having a lazy moment and didn’t want to fight with the Walmart crowd just to buy cat and dog food, after awhile I found myself shopping for more and more items. I love how you can switch your auto ship dates along with your auto ship items. The wide selection of pet foods and supplies is just wow, I also love the 1-2 day shipping they have. The customer service is amazing as well, I bought some doggy cologne and the first one came opened (lid wasn’t screwed on tightly) I notified chewy because I felt as if someone may have tampered with it & I wasn’t looking for a replacement or refund I just simply wanted their employees to maybe be told to check their liquid products to make sure everything is sealed properly, chewy then sent me a new bottle for free which was unexpected. Chewy for me feels like Christmas I get super excited when I see my package at the front door. I will be using chewy till all my pets cross over the rainbow bridge. Thank you chewy for everything you do, couldn’t ask for a better online service!
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1 year ago, LuckoftheIrish1
Top customer service!
I have been on auto reorder with Chewy for many years. I very rarely have have had any issues with my products or foods I have received including my pet’s Medications. I have cats and small lap dogs and very large dogs that think they are lap dogs. Whenever I have called with a problem or questions they have always been completely helpful, professional and polite. They always solved it to complete satisfaction. They send surprise gifts and cards. I received a painting of one of my lap dogs She was as they all are my fur babies. This painting of her little face is so beautiful so perfectly done. Looks just like her picture I had on her profile. When I opened that I was not expecting something so beautiful and personal. It warmed my heart and brought me to tears all at the same time. My baby girl had passed away about two months before and I had not been able to fully say goodbye. Now I have the painting beside me we are still together. It’s so much more than any picture can possibly show. This Company Chewy is the best in so many ways. I’m so happy that I have been doing my ordering from them for all these years.
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6 years ago, maodnrapa
Just had to change my payment to update an order I am placing, but also have been putting off changing my auto shipment for the first time too. My delivery isn’t till the end of the month, and I was procrastinating since I predicted it to be the average annoyance all apps can be when trying to update a payment method. But i didn’t want to wait to place this order I just did (I can tell my dogs are craving some Rachel ray wet food!), and so while I was putting in the new payment method there was a very simple additional button to add to auto shipment and was done in all of two clicks. Also always sends me notifications on how many more days I have to change my auto shipment which I love since I can’t remember every single time, and I’m trying new foods and new sizes for my pups and cats to know when is the best time in between orders to place the auto shipments. Still a new user, not going to lie I was skeptical at first for making an account, but extremely happy I did. Also food is bigger bags than grocery store so less trips, more options, can have toys and treats and medicine and etc delivered on auto ship too! Also cheaper than grocery store. Love this app thus far!!!
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6 years ago, Bitmoji#1Fan
Great Prices & Customer Service
I’ve been a chewy shopper for many years now. They have the absolute best prices for all of the items they carry. I no longer even shop at local pet store & order everything from Chewy! The only downside is that if you spend under $50 you have to pay for $5 shipping, but if you plan ahead of time to order everything at once it is definitely worth it!! However, I have had very few issues with some of their items. For example, a dog food bag was busted opened. It looked exactly like razor blade damage from the warehouse perhaps. Another time the box was so damaged an item was literally hanging out when I received my package. I suggest they invest in sturdier boxes or stronger tape for perhaps cat litter, heavier items. Another time I ordered a wood decor for my fish tank and the piece of wood I received looked nothing like the picture, it was the most odd/ugly shaped wood decor I’ve ever seen. BUT!!!!! Chewy has EXCELLENT customer service. With every issue that I’ve had, Chewy replaced or refunded the item without hesitation. They even offer for you to donate the item instead of shipping it back to them. This is primarily why I love Chewy and will always be a customer!
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1 week ago, Casey, Mt. Airy
Impressed and grateful
My wife had told me about how great Chewy had been when her previous dog had passed away and that they sent a care package to her family. They mounted some of the items on their fireplace because they were very thoughtful. I just had my own experience with Chewy that I’m in awe of. I bought another large bag of puppy food for our dog on authorship and didn’t realize I needed to bump up to the adult food l. I was a month or so behind. I let the Chewy know, a real person, who was very kind and understanding. Also very efficient! They told me not to worry about shipping the dog food back, they refunded me and asked me to donate the dog food I don’t need. I find it rare that large companies are willing to take a loss on a product because I feel like there are so many people who try to rip off companies all the time. I thought it was very kind to find a creative way for customers to give back as well. We plan to give our unused dog food to someone in our community who helps take care of dogs. Haven’t had a bad experience with them yet and don’t think I’ll go anywhere else for pet things!
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2 years ago, anonanonaonymous9896877
Glitches in app
Edit: Developers tell every reviewer who points out the app is buggy to delete and reinstall. I did this & not only am I experiencing the exact same issues, but it wouldn’t recognize my password to login & I had to reset it to retest the issues. If enough people are complaining about the same things, perhaps the app updates should be tested before release. My dogs and I love the convenience of Chewy but this app could use a little work. I can set up an autoship with my saved payment info via the app just fine, but if I want to order something on the fly, the app tells me to confirm my credit card number because I’m shipping my order to a new address. I am not, in fact, shipping to a new address. I’m shipping to the address on my account, where I have received dozens of orders, via the card on file that has been used to pay for every single one of those orders. So unless I happen to have my wallet nearby, I can’t place an order via the app without setting it up for autoship and then cancelling the autoship after the fact. What a PITA. Also, the app has taken to randomly asking me to sign into my account in the middle of a session. If I close the app and reopen, I’m logged in again. What a PITA. First world problems for sure, but get it together, developers.
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4 years ago, Awna Orr
Grateful, and Amazing Customer Service!
I have heard about chewy a couple of times, then I decided to download the app and try it! Only had it a couple of days, ordered some things yesterday for a few pets of mine. One was my mom’s and my pup. He had a back injury a week ago. So I needed to get a few things to help him along with his recovery. Unfortunately he had passed yesterday, I called Chewy to ask to cancel part of my order. A wonderful lady named Sophie answered, she helped me through the process. She was so caring and kind! She gave me a refund, as well as sent love to my household for our loss. She also asked me to donate the items I had canceled to a shelter to help other animals! I’m so grateful I could help other pets and animals that need things! I appreciate this app so much! It’s very convenient, awesome deals and prices. And has a very widespread selection of things for different animals. As well as very supportive and helpful customer service! They are always there when you need someone! I recommend the chewy app 100%! I will continue to use their app for the things I need for my animals, as well as share my experience with others and how blessed it was!
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2 years ago, Amyy123455
Best Place for Pets
I absolutely love Chewy and I’ve had it since I adopted my first cat, Paisley almost 5 years ago. Since then I have gotten 4 more kitties and a dog. When our other cat, Piper passed away, they sent us a bouquet of sunflowers and a beautiful vase to put them in along with a condolence card. Any time I have had any issue with a product I have purchased, they have gone above and beyond to make sure I was happy and had everything that I need. I support this company so much and spend so much money on all of my pets through them. Chewy has a life-long customer right here. Best customer service all around and the company generally cares for their customers and our pets. They also have the fastest shipping ever! I can order something for my animals one day and it either arrives the very next day or the day after. Thank you for everything that you do with giving back to the community Chewy and thank you for always taking care of everyone who shops from your website. Even though there is no face to face interaction, the customer service is still there and the best I’ve ever had!
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5 years ago, Otakugirl1990
Sad to say goodbye
TLDR Change in mail carrier has now made it impossible to get the things I’ve ordered. I have been a major chewy supporter for a long time now but this last shipment of food changed it all. They used to ship to my area via FedEx and it would arrive within a few days. Apparently there was an update and now they ship to my area with OnTrac. I’ve never gotten anything from OnTrac in less than two weeks and this is no different. I have been waiting for my order for weeks now and have received 5 different delivery dates. It was picked up from my area and shipped to a different state for whatever insane reason! I have already had to go and purchase the cat food locally since I ran out waiting so long, still having no idea if it when my package will arrive. The Chewy customer service was great and gave me a refund for one of the two cases I purchased but stated that OnTrac will be the shipper going forward. They offered to put me on the FedEx preferred list which is great but it’s not a guarantee. Sadly with this shipping update I will have to find another place to purchase my pet supplies because waiting weeks for it to arrive with no idea when or if it will show up is just not going to work. If you don’t have issues with OnTrac then Chewy is the way to go but sadly for this long time customer, I will have to part ways. Good things never last I suppose.
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1 year ago, JoleneJones
What’s not to love!?
What’s not to love about Chewy and the app? This is by far the best company we’ve EVER made purchases from for our animals. The app is easy to use and navigate. There are a million deals and incentives. Customer service is PHENOMENAL! As long as they don’t change and I always feel they care about and love my animals more than any stranger ever has- we’ll stay and give them any business we have. The access to veterinary Dr.’s is my favorite feature. There have been times when I’ve been worried about my pups for one reason or another… I’ve called and had telehealth visits and they tell me to either get them in right away to their vet- or- that everything’s going to be okay. They NEVER make me feel crazy for worrying about my fur babies and have had consistent customer care since day one! I never feel like I’m talking to a service rep… it always feels like I’m calling a friend… honestly Chewy is the best. The people who work for Chewy are a beautiful breed of human. I can’t say enough about them. We’ve been with them since the beginning and we have no plans of going anywhere. WE LOVE YOU CHEWY!
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1 year ago, Is this name taken8
Chewys the BEST
In early January I was hospitalized with life threatening respiratory failure. Several days after my hospitalization I had a large auto-ship order scheduled which I obviously missed. To further complicate, our 18 year old cat LuLu, who was on prescription food, passed away and Mo, our picky canine boy, had decided he no longer would eat canned food! Before we were able to cancel this large order it had arrived at out home. I called CHEWY to see if I could possibly return a portion of it as it was no longer needed and my call was answered by the amazing Margie. I have always found the customer service representatives to be extremely polite and helpful but Margie is the absolutely best ever! She needed great patience to be able hear my whispered voice but hung in there with me. Margie resolved my problem in the most generous way possible and our local shelter is very grateful for all the food passed on to them. I was a loyal CHEWY customer before and certainly will remain one. I encourage everyone to shop with a company who truly put their customers, pets and local rescue organizations first. Thank you Margie and CHEWY!
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5 days ago, Heavenboundx159x
Best Pet Supply Team!
I had started using Chewy because I heard that their customer support was amazing! We have 4 pets at home consisting of 2 reptiles and 2 dogs, so it’s hard to find the quality we want for our pets all in the same place. The app is easily accessible and I love how you can make profiles for each pet! Though I had never needed to contact customer service for anything in the past, I had received some meal mixers for our dogs that had gone stale when I opened them. Typically the “pellets” are soft and are easy to flake over their food and easily absorbs the broth. However, the ones we had received were hard and could not be crushed, nor would they absorb liquid. I reached out to their customer service team and was matched with Alexandra A. They offered to resend the order to us with no extra cost, asked how our pets were doing, and wondered if we could give our friends some extra love from them! Very kind and friendly people, along with a wide variety of choices! We will continue to utilize Chewy and share with others how great they are!
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4 years ago, mops are te bestused
Almost Perfect: until it got worse
Chewy has a large variety of Items and I guarantee with their filtering system you’ll be able to find what you need for a fair price. Although the app as I found has had a bug which was logging me out with no apparent cause making me lose all the items previously in my cart. This was extremely upsetting bringing me to the brink of never using the chewy app again but I decided that the pros out weighed the cons and to continue using the app. I wouldn't have wrote a review if it hadn’t been for when I forgot my password and decided to reset it, I did not receive an email from chewy at all. I think you can agree this is a problem and if it’s fixed, Yes I can go on using this wonderful app for pet supplies. Just not the bugs. Edit: more bugs I have just gotten a message when I opened my cart that they could no longer supply the dog booties.. okay understandable, then a message that they only had enough inventory to supply 0 of the rest of my cart? What? The app removed everything from my cart for no reason because it had no problem adding them back to my cart manually. This is a huge problem. I find it horrible that twice I had to add all my items back to my cart because the app has so many bugs. It could be so amazing if it had not done this.
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4 years ago, Sunshine Queen Gigi
Chewy is incredible there phone operators are respectful always assisting you to there greatest abilities. Speaking about hospitality them all will make you feel right at home over the phone. Like they was in your home talking to you. These great people are very accommodating when it comes to there products. If they don’t have exactly what you wanted they will assist you to there product of what they do have for lower cost. Trust it will be worth your wild. Especially, for your family pet(s). I use CHEWY because I am not Rich with tons of money and even if I was, I would consider to still use chewy because I need affordable prices I would never want to feel ROBBED. WE NEED OUR POOCH TO....feel the love we spread & give to him when it comes to health & body, fun plus laughter, and comfy plus cozy. We found our place to do business with over two yrs going on three since we got our BABY BOY. We look to continue going all they way with CHEWY. THANK YOU! CHEWY JUST FOR STICKING AROUND ALL THESE YEARS WE APPRECIATE YOU ALL, PLUS YOUR TEAM OF WORKERS THAT DELIVERS OUR MERCHANDISE TO US ALL. MY FAMILY & I DO HOPE YOU ALL STICK AROUND FOR MANY MORE YEARS. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GREAT SUCCESSES!
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11 months ago, EchoEcho841
Amazing. Truly amazing.
I normally don’t leave reviews for apps. But I need to for this one. I used chewy to order some flea pills and a recommendation for flea treat supplements came up. Said it was okay for animals 2+pounds. Dogs and cats. So I got them, there are no images of the “treats”. And they weren’t treats. They were enormous horse pills. So I left a review on the product through the app. Wasn’t mad. Just explained this isn’t what I needed and was expensive. That they should add an image of the product in the palm of a hand. Because none of my three animals can eat them. I received an email this morning that they appreciate my review. Sent me A FULL REFUND FOR THE PRODUCT. I didn’t even ask for a refill as this was my bad. Not theirs. And then asked me TO DONATE THE PRODUCT TO A LOCALSHELTER. And you have my business for life with that. That is the best customer service I didn’t ask for ever. But you won my favor with “hey here’s your money back, don’t toss it give it to someone who will use it. We don’t want it back we just want you satisfied “. I am satisfied. I am actually thrilled with this.
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2 years ago, SallySpacecraft
Truly above and beyond customer service!!
I had been using the service for a little while, but they really came in clutch for me today!! I usually set the auto ship order for like ten weeks or so because that’s plenty of time to cancel (or order early). I had forgotten when I set up this last one. I got an email that my order had shipped. Cue me freaking out because there was barely enough money on my card to cover this accidental order. I emailed customer service and got a response within the hour, explaining that she is going to be watching for the order status to change (can’t do anything while it’s being packed to ship), and that as soon as the system will let her, she’ll cancel the order and refund my card. She’s already contacted FedEx to let them know not to pick up that particular package from their warehouse. They have fantastic products, and they are quite the lifesaver for reptile supplies, but that immediate and extremely helpful customer service response has me so grateful that I’m almost in tears!!
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6 years ago, Addict4ever99
Kind and compassionate staff and company!
I have been ordering prescription food from Chewy for just about a year. My 12 year old dog loved Royal Canin Renal Support “S”. He ate it for almost a year. He then decided he didn’t like it anymore. I ordered “A” for him. I called Chewy and told them I had an unopened bag of the “S” and asked if I could return I just received the “A”. They said they would refund my money and asked that I donate it to a local charity in Oliver’s name. I did just that...Animal Samaritans in Palm Springs. Shortly thereafter, my sweet boy made the journey to Rainbow Bridge. I just cancelled my auto ships which made his passing so final. Ugh... I am writing this review having just read another one on your site. The reviewer had the same experience as I had. Too often people post when things go wrong...which is why I am posting when things go right. You’re a great company and I wish you continued success. Please don’t let the other on line companies push you away. I will always recommend Chewy. It is a wonderful feeling to do business with a company with a heart. Thank you for caring...
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6 years ago, luna tygg
Unorganized and inefficient
I cancelled my order today over the phone. This was my first (AND LAST) time ordering from Chewy. All I wanted was to order a bag of Hills Science cat food. It was a prescription. I gave Chewy my vet info. Chewy sent email stating they were waiting for my vet’s approval. My vet said they never received a fax from Chewy. I called Chewy, talked to Nadia. She called my vet & got the approval, and said my order was ok to ship. WRONG! The next day I receive another email from Chewy stating they were waiting for my vet’s approval. I called Chewy again, spoke to Nadia again. She said this happens with first-time orders (???) but she would put the order through AGAIN and everything would be fine. WRONG AGAIN!! Today I get the 4th email from Chewy stating that they were waiting to hear back from my vet. I called Chewy YET AGAIN, spoke to a different lady, she said she’d call my vet to get approval. I asked why this was necessary, she didn’t have an answer but apologized and offered me a measly 10% off on a future order. I’m now told that the order won’t ship until Monday! Ridiculous. I cancelled my order. I’ve never been so disappointed and frustrated over trying to order a simple bag of cat food. Chewy needs to have a more efficient ordering process. I’ve already told several friends and family members to avoid ordering from Chewy.
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4 years ago, A Degree. Is it worth it?
Best Customer Service Ever!
I’ve been ordering toys, food, treats, and meds from Chewy for a couple years now. I have 2 Golden Retrievers and 2 cats. Their food is on Auto-ship which makes my life so much easier. The food is always on time and is a better price than what I paid in stores. Their prices for flee/tick meds is the best I’ve seen. Any time I’ve had a question about a product, my autoship order, or just general question their customer service department has always been the best!! Recently tried a new cat food and 1 of my cats had a bad reaction to it, nothing serious, and she’s doing fine on her old food. I left a review for the specific food so others are aware that some cats with sensitive stomachs could be effected. A couple weeks later I got a very caring email from CS team reaching out to check on my cats status. They provided other options to try and gave me refund on the food. I was expecting or asking for a refund but I certainly appreciated it. 10/10, two thumbs up, 5 stars for Chewy and their team members.
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6 years ago, Furballs Forever!
There is NO better place to shop!
I’m a legitimate customer with nothing to gain by this review. Chewy is THE best option for anyone with cats or dogs in their family. Their product selection is vast, the prices are reasonable, their website is user friendly and informative, the shipments are received within days, and their customer service is superior to any company I’ve encountered in all of my 58 years. If you’re not satisfied with your order, for any reason, they will reimburse you immediately. Even better, they ask that you donate the product(s) to your favorite charity! No return hassles! If all of the above is not reason enough to become a loyal Chewy customer, then perhaps this will be: When our beloved dog died suddenly and without warning, we were devastated. I began crying when I called Chewy to ask if I could return all of his unopened food. They conveyed their sincere condolences and then asked if I wanted to talk with one of their grief counselors! Shortly thereafter I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a handwritten sympathy card from the owner of Chewy! This company is stellar!
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6 years ago, Chipper121
Are you kidding me?
First of all I love the connivence of chewy i live in rural area and have to drive an hour to get the pet foods/medicines I need, so having it delivered to my door is amazing. Second the prices a lot of times are lower than picking it up myself after driving an hour to the store, if they are not lower, they are at least the same as the lowest price. Last But most certainly not least their customer service is the best customer service I’ve ever dealt with in my life if you have a problem don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call them they are on it five stars all the way if I can give customer service 10 stars I would because they know how to treat a customer you will not regret trying to ea but most certainly not least their customer service is the best customer service I’ve ever dealt with in my life you have a problem don’t be afraid pick up the phone and called them they are on it five stars all the way if I can give customer service 10 stars I would because they know how to treat a customer you will not regret trying chewy
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4 years ago, Katertoters
Loyal customer for life
The Chewy app is easy to navigate and I have never ran into any glitches when using it. Prices are competitive and cheaper than what you would fine at most retail outlets. Quality of items are good as I haven’t had any issues. You can buy the same items anywhere, but this company is the standard of exemplary customer service. Order is shipped quite quickly and you get it within a few days. If you have an issue they address it without giving you any runaround. Also love how they respond to emails. Warms my heart when the customer service representatives write in animal puns. It’s like they have the best job with animals writing their emails for them. I can’t stress enough how important customer services is to me especially during this time where it feels like that isn’t the priority for most companies. I would highly recommend as they are the best company I’ve ever bought from and will continue for years to come. They are pawfect for our animal family!
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5 months ago, tiselput
Chewy is the absolute best!
I often use the auto ship method for my pets needs and it is beyond convenient. I can easily change items out and have even cancelled an order at the very last moment before shipping. Anytime that I (or my cats) have not been happy with a product, Chewy has refunded my money. No questions, no returns- just an email saying “hey we saw that you weren’t happy with your item- here’s your refund” Priceless! I used to get my cat’s insulin through the pharmacy part (but it was all in the same auto ship list) as it was more affordable and really convenient. It always arrived safe and cool in a well packed cooler box. Sadly, my diabetic kitty has passed away so I don’t use the pharmacy anymore. I especially love that the variety of items are available and that I can switch things around in my monthly auto ship anytime and change my shipping date whenever I need to. I just ordered some Pride packaged dog treats for myself and a friend cuz they look so adorable- I’ve never seen them before!
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6 years ago, Xmetalmaniac
Totally AWESOME!!!
First let me say that when a company releases an app it's best that they take their time and make sure it will meet their consumers needs, well Chewy did just that!! I believe not only is the app straight to the point, easy to navigate, and well rounded, it has a great team of employees working to fulfill your order quickly. The prices are great, the shipping is fast, and the items meet my needs. Sure I can buy 40lb bags of cat litter from the big club stores, but drag it into the cart, drag it into my truck, drag it into the garage, seriously? I know when it's here and the delivery guy drops it in my garage. Why not order 160lbs of the good stuff instead of the dusty off brand and get free shipping, that's totally awesome. Plus the price difference is less then a $1.00!!!! I encourage you to use Chewy as well, they care about my pets. Chewy is now my go to online pet supplier, plus I love the post cards they send asking if my kitties enjoyed their toys! Those notes make me feel they care about my pets. Btw, they are NOT autogenerated, they are hand written.
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6 years ago, Ash💕Love
Stellar Customer Service
Chewy has the best customer service. Period. I love to shop, and so I’ve interacted with a lot of in person and online retailers, and there is something unique about Chewy. They are very interpersonal and they have a great management system, and more specifically they hire rockstar people. I’ve had several Chewy reps brighten my day, make me laugh, and every single Chewy rep. I’ve talked to has fixed my concern 100%. They care about animals and take pride in their business... oh and their prices are unbeatable. My dog food brand was removed from Chewy after the acquisition (sad face), but the company maintained all of the small business feel and support. So I continue to shop with them for allll of my other pet needs. I’ve purchased beds, fountains, flea and tick prevention, leashes, food, water additives, toys, filters, litter, grooming... everything comes right away and of high standard and if for some reason it does not, they fix it! It’s noteworthy that I’m not typically a review writer, however I literally could not be more satisfied. Chewy is a company I can count on.
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4 months ago, Zoolanderlady
You make my life easier and customer service is excellent
Been using chewy for a few years now for my feline needs. They have made my life so much easier just being able to order my cat litter and have it on scheduled auto delivery. It leaves room in my cart when I go grocery shopping being able to skip having to pick up their supplies along with our family needs. Plus it gets delivered right to our door (thank you fedex and I’m sorry for the 40lbs of cat litter I know yall despise me) I’ve had a couple packages get damaged. One litter had busted open and another some wet cat food arrived busted. I doubt there was any fault of chewy but their customer service sent out replacements hassle free and promptly. 10/10 their customer service is absolutely great. With that being said I finally decided to write a review when we recently adopted a puppy and I was able to find all her needs at bargain prices and qualified for a $30 gift card which I absolutely love this promo your running!
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10 months ago, brenbail
***UPDATE: I have notified Chewy by email as suggested by the review response. But at what point does Chewy stop replying to requests to add to an order when products are missing. As I said, this has happened the last several times I’ve placed an order. Something needs to change in the fulfillment department. Hopefully they will send the missing item, but how many times does a customer have to go through this?? I’ve been using the Chewy app for quite a while. But lately it’s been a “no-go” for me. Several times I place an order, I haven’t received the total for what I purchased. If I order 2 of the same products, I only receive 1. And this has now happened multiple times. My bad decision not to open the package immediately when it was delivered. They have dropped the ball a lot lately in packaging/shipping the correct number of items ordered. It’s just easier to go to Walmart to pick up the correct number of non-perishable pet items than have to deal with calling customer service every time they mess up an order. The fulfillment department needs some improvement.
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2 years ago, Jaxon Bailey's mom
Absolutely have enjoyed buying things for my sweet fur baby at a very reasonable cost and items are delivered as promised!! Whenever I have called Customer Service for help, everyone has been very helpful and kind and they are always making sure that you have gotten the answers to your questions!! I was a Big Fan of Auto-Ship and if they were out of stock on a product they would let you know before shipment went out!! Absolutely, NO hidden costs or bad products!! Sadly, my fur baby passed away this past spring and when I called to cancel my auto-ship and the reason why, they were so compassionate about my feelings, as I couldn’t help but cry the entire conversation. A few days later, I received a very special sympathy card from them and they were a wonderful blessing in helping me with all the unopened products I had!! Highly recommend this company to everyone that has fur babies!!! Never had to worry about running out and having to spend extra money at the store!!
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5 years ago, JenCen24
More Than a Company
Our family cannot express what this company has done for us. We are simply floored at your genuine and heartfelt messages, incredible and unexpected generosity and your love and admiration for our family dog who passed. We always joked when we said we wish your company offered more than just pet products because we want to give you all our business, but then you drop this incredible message in our lap and we are in awe of how a company in this modern day can become so personal and customer-centric. You will always have our business, our respect and our love for how you all run your company. We truly feel as though you are losing our Abby as well and in that we find a connection to you that is much bigger than a customer-to-company relationship. Hopefully other corporations across all markets can take a lesson from you on what compassion and genuine care of customers really looks like. Again, we cannot express what you’ve done for us in this time, we are forever customers and are truly thankful.
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1 month ago, bee333!
I love it!
Chewy is amazing. I’m able to get my dogs food, toys, and meds all in one spot. I ordered dog food very late last night and it’s already shipped out to me and will be here tomorrow. Talk about quick delivery. And that was just for flat rate shipping. Speaking of which the shipping prices are not bad at all. Plus with free shipping for orders $49 and up is wonderful. My husband might not like chewy as it’s so easy and cheap to find great stuff I get more than just dog food. But who doesn’t love a spoiled pup? Either way they have great prices, great timing, and great customer service. Any issues I have they have been able to easily walk me through it and I wasn’t waiting all day on hold. They take security very seriously and if they see anything unusual On your account they call you right away. I made a perches for my mom in another state and they called within a few minutes because it was an unusual address compared to my billing address. I love chewy and they make my life so much easier!
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4 years ago, Jesserey7885
Sloppy packing
Great value for the money however if I have to scoop up my fish food from the bottom of the box every time I order something I’ll stick with Walmart! I ordered 48 cans of dog food and one thing of fish food. Whoever the person was that packed this order wasted a lot of my time money and fish food. It’s a little ridiculous. I mean this isn’t rocket science. Let’s put the 7 oz container of fish food on top of the 40 lbs of dog food next time. I won’t be using this services again. It’s not that hard to pack a box to ensure a customer who spent $60 doesn’t have his money wasted. Big disappointment!!!! Update: The day I wrote the email to Chewy they replied within 2 hours. They have refunded my money and have shipped me a completely new container of fish food. I take it all back what I said in my earlier review. Apparently Chewy’s customer service is pretty spectacular. While I am still upset how the packing was done, I realize it’s not Chewy’s fault and their willingness to make this right is outstanding. 5 stars!!!
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2 years ago, KeithGAlexander
Terrible Shipping.
I’ve been buying from chewy for over a year, I’ve been using their auto ship option. I haven’t changed my order since I started doing business with them, but they still have issues sourcing what I want. I have two issues with them that are deal breakers. The first one is the fact that if I have an auto ship setup and they still claim they are out of stock on something in my auto ship. I haven’t changed my auto ship so I don’t understand how they can’t order enough for my order as they know what I want in advance. The second issue is the fact that they are shipping items from any of their warehouses to fulfill my order. I don’t want my cat food being shipped from their Florida warehouse when I live in California. My orders the last five months have shown up late and the most recent order is still delayed for delivery. The items were shipped on the 14th of January and are expected delivery for the 26th of January. This causes me to go to the store and purchase for food for my cats. I switched over to chewy for convenience. If they can’t get their inventory and shipping in order and cause me to go to the store anyway. I will just cancel them out altogether and just buy from the store.
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5 years ago, metrolink4824
Guinea pigs
I no longer will buy from chewy. Com A year ago I bought a guinea pig and after I became a avid U Tube watcher of all things guinea pig. I came across a rescue in Laguineapigrescue. And soon realized how much guinea pigs are a throwaway pet. People get them and after a few months or weeks they are dropped off at shelters or the rescue. I know chewy does a lot for cats and dogs. Please chewy stop selling exotics pets I know you own Petco or Petsmart I’m sorry I don’t know which one they are both the same in my mind. These little souls are being mistreated and abandon on a daily bases. We need to stop the guinea pig mills like puppy mills it’s wrong !!! It’s my Christmas wish that selling these exotics can be outlawed but in the world of the all mighty dollar it’s not probably going happen. Please chewy look at this one rescue organization and see how many guinea pigs are being brought in this your “merchandise “ please do adoptions like rabbits and please update information they are way off on how to care for these helpless guinea pigs ...all exotics. Please !!!!
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5 years ago, F.rustrating.infuriating
Missing the previous version
I love Chewy, but these latest changes to the app are horrible. No barcode scanner for the search, so it’s a lot more difficult to price match stuff, and the brand links on products are disconnected, so if I’m looking at a product, and click the brand name, it doesn’t do anything, whereas it used to take you to the entire product list of stuff made by that brand, which was great when comparing dog foods for me, and the pet profile pictures are all off center now, so I open the app and see a zoomed in picture of my dog’s neck instead of his face, and I can’t adjust it at all. And all the product info is now in Tabs instead of all on one page, and all in all the whole app is just more difficult to use. Very disappointed. It makes me not want to use the app as much, and I know I won’t be buying as much stuff because I can’t find it as easily. And the recommendations under my pet profiles Never changes, never have I or never will I buy fancy feast for my cat and yet that’s always the first item they always list on recommendations, which just makes it annoying, because they clearly don’t make suggestions based on my purchase history.
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2 months ago, Have none tried 60.
Customer Service is “top drawer!”
With no exception the customer service personnel I have had the opportunity to work with have been outstanding. They have been knowledgeable, professional, and made ordering and/or a question, or problem a pleasure. Actually the terrible year I have experienced disappears with their positive and friendly attitude. Thanks for the training and selection process you are using—it’s working! Now if we could only get the delivery personnel to follow the instructions I need to be followed. I live alone, have no help to get the big, heavy boxes into the house from the front steps or door while keeping 6 kitties inside while I walk with a cane and try to drag the boxes inside. Maybe when they get old like me they will understand the need to put my orders on the back porch which has easier entrance for my orders. Thanks for your great customer service personnel. Please give my appreciation to each and everyone of them.
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1 year ago, Yardain
Customer Service
What makes an on-line company great! Not strictly how fast their website works or how easy it is to navigate, albeit those things are important. What separates a good company from a great one is their customer service and attitude when something goes wrong. I have been ordering from Chewy for years, as I have been buying on-line from many different websites. Chewy is in a class of its own. If I have accidentally chosen the wrong delivery address for an order. They reship and tell me to donate the original shipment. If I ordered the wrong item, the same response is given. “Donate it to a dog in need” and they send another at no charge. Recently, they were unable to get an item so instead, they offered me the equivalent, yet more expensive item, for the lower price of whatI originally tried to buy. When was the last time you called an online company on the phone and someone immediately picked up the phone and spoke? No auto wait here. Each customer service rep has been authorized to make decisions. One doesn’t get put on hold while they have to ask a supervisor if it’s OK to do it. And finally, it doesn’t matter what time I place an order. Day, night, middle of the night or weekend, the order arrives the next day. How do they do this? That is why one sees their boxes everywhere. A company that is such a pleasure to order from. Keep it up Chewy.! You are unique in the best of ways.
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7 months ago, Michellesom
Buying food treats
Hailey was so nice and had patience like a saint. I called. They’re all frazzled didn’t know what to do. She took all of the time to help me with everything when it’s my car and help me so much and I really appreciate all the help. She definitely knows about dog food and treats and very knowledgeable. I have dealt with a couple of people in your company. They have all been great and I really appreciate the time that they take to help you. I didn’t wanna order food and stuff that I was going to have to send back because you guys don’t take things back, you have me donate them and you’re losing money on your end. I try not to send anything back but I’m working on changing dog foods and trying to try can’t buy can at the pet store so when I know when I need I will definitely order it from you. You again for all of your help and a special thanks to Haley for her patience and taking all the time that she did with me. Happy holiday.
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2 years ago, Bheart79
Ordered ceramic cat bowls along with a 35lb bucket of litter and they thought it would be a good idea to package them in the SAME BOX. So lo and behold, the bowls arrive broken. I called and they said they would send a replacement. Never received. Called again and was told that the last person hit the wrong button and that’s why my stuff didn’t come. But now they’re hitting the right one and everything is swell, right? Well of course not! As I have a sick kitten here who doesn’t have bowls because the workers at chewy are apparently getting a chewy on the clock as these people can’t seem to tell their you know what from a hole in the wall. So now I call back for a THIRD TIME, wasting my entire time, to be told that it will be another two days for a grand total of 15 days… waiting on a set of bowls. I then requested a refund because by now I could have just gone to tj maxx or something, only to be told NO. Because the bowls are on the way. So… I asked confirmed with customer that I NOW HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL WHENEVER THE BOWLS DECIDE TO ARRIVE TO AND THEN RETURN THEM TO EVENTUALLY GET A REFUND????? And was told yes. Tsk tsk…. The state of affairs in customer service is scum right now. Across the board. I always thought chewy was decent but alas…
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