China Eastern Airlines

2.5 (428)
374.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
China Eastern Airlines Co.,LTD.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for China Eastern Airlines

2.52 out of 5
428 Ratings
6 years ago, CPMeans
Useless for me
The app actually worked and is in English. I even checked in with it. But when I went to the airport they said I still need to line up to get a boarding pass. They won’t let me use the boarding pass that was downloaded on my phone. So what good is the app? I’ll be deleting the app as soon as I’m on the plane.
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2 years ago, Linlin💕
Sell tickets for non-operating flight卖不飞航班的票
They have been selling tickets for MU6693 online but this flight is not operating. We had been buying this flight ticket everyday for almost a week. Each time, our card was charged successfully and we got a confirmed ticket, but the next day we were told the flight was canceled for NO reason. And the refund process takes forever. This is ridiculous. It’s a fraud! MU6693一直在售票,但是天天取消。我们已经连着买了4次票了,全部被取消。扣款倒是很干脆利索,退款要等到天荒地老。如果没有这个航班,请不要售票。
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6 years ago, gshaw7
Don't waste your time!
This is the worst airline app ever; in fact, MU would be doing their customers & their image a favor by deleting this from the app store. So confusing as if it is not even linked to the same database. Looking up the same reservation that works on their website would say record not found in this app. Second time I have deleted it, after giving MU a second chance to try newer version. They won't get a 3rd chance...
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7 months ago, asahersh
No English version
You can access the website online, but the app has no English version and you can’t join their membership either online or on the app unless you have a Chinese phone number and Chinese identity. It’s quite absurd. I suppose it’s to protect them from outsides i.e. foreigners. Taking their money is OK, just providing the service is restricted
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5 years ago, arch_chi
Worse airline app ever!!!!
Not use-friendly at all. Keeping noticing the cell phone number should be with 11 numbers while I am choosing United States as user region... not function for adding trip if you purchase your ticket via any 3rd party. If not I could read Chinese, who the hell knows what in the app for all those unfinished app design????? Also the website design is not good either! Come on!!!!!
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7 years ago, sheep_sheep_sheep_sheep
They have English right now but the app is really really slow!
They have English right now but the app is really really slow!
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3 years ago, RicharddddUSA
Clear and Useful
This app is really good. The interface is clear and convenient for travelers. Keep it up!
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5 years ago, Hopuptothetop
Frustration App
App offers both English and Chinese interfaces, but not the same services price for both languages users, foreigners seems to be discriminated! App has tone of bugs and clinches, impossible to complete any booking, order, reservations!! Customer services isn’t very helpful, checkout process is complicated and requires many different sets of passcodes!
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5 years ago, jalilmdx1
Hard to understand the app. Several pages missing. Impossible to see any information about your membership in English. Hard to understand what your qualification level is. Definitely not impressed by this app and you can clearly see international customers are not that important to China Eastern.
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5 years ago, Santseve
English navigation make it easier
English navigation on June 2019 is much better than 1 year ago, but still need more improvements. Some times very slow navigation too.
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4 years ago, WorldTravelerXXX
Terrible airline app
The China Eastern Airlines have two different apps in different Apple store. For example, if you download the US version, it will not get updated to the same latest version as the Chinese version. It crashes from time to time and you need to keep the screenshots of your order number.
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4 weeks ago, Freeted2020
Quite possibly the worst app I’ve tried to use
Over 20 attempts to setup a login registration. With finally using the Chinese website and Google lens translate to issue a new password. With that done I still cannot login into the app. I can only log into the website.
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2 years ago, atari460
Useless for foreigners
Absolutely useless if you aren’t Chinese. There’s tons of problem if you don’t have a Chinese name and Chinese ID and none of the customer service will help you. Good luck if you’re a foreigner literally trying to do anything with them
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2 months ago, Girjfdub
The developers of this app have managed to make it even worse than the last time I tried (unsuccessfully) to use it. Completely unusable and somehow worse than ever!
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5 years ago, dffghjutfvbnkkordf
English version
This version not very helpful, can not check in on line. Very difficult to navigate!
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7 years ago, JBlongzX
Network fails often.
I often get a network failure notification. It’s obviously their network having problems. Very annoying when you want to manage an itinerary easily.
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4 years ago, wirkungstreffer
Completely useless
Very buggy and a lot of features don’t work in English, the inability to add the boarding pass to your wallet also means the check-in feature is basically useless.
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3 years ago, CEAirsukes
Waste my time
Useless app that is incapable of fullfilling some of the simplest tasks, let alone being a total disaster of more complex tasks such as making a change to an existing booking.
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6 years ago, tellarin
Useless app and bad customer service
App doesn't work, shows random error codes, and calling customer service is useless as they just send you back to the app and have no idea what the errors mean.
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5 years ago, Roumancesoiree
这个APP太烂了, its so bad its embarrassing for it to be associated with a major Chinese airline. Westerners are already highly bias against us Chinese, but honestly this App does not help! How can an international airline have an app that doesnt function properly for checking in?! It’s inexcusable.
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5 years ago, lucas123look
Extremely inconvenient
So inconvenient and not user friendly. I tried to book tickets and add membership information but the app doesn’t respond at all!
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5 years ago, Zeke----
Useless and confusing
Plain and simple... it doesn’t work. Not even the English on some parts of the app make sense. You would think someone in the tech or PR apartment would catch this.
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5 years ago, Sanjose88
Can’t look up my trips
Can’t lookup my trips that I booked online. This APP links to a different database. My travel points also missing . Also can’t take credit cards.
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6 years ago, ericSueno
Slow and broken apple wallet integration
Slow and cumbersome. Boarding pass no longer saves to Apple Wallet in the newest update, instead giving a “Tips: Saving Failed” message.
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5 years ago, estoughton
Terrible App
This app is terrible. Half of it is in English. Half of it is in Chinese. When I try to check in, it just says "overseas check-in" and has a blank screen.
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4 years ago, Yu名…………
when start up 9.09? 不能使用东航随心飞ios系统
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2 months ago, Greek_Sophist
Payment processing system is broken
This app only supports payments in WeChat and Alipay. Can’t use my credit cards.
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1 year ago, Drummer4uva72894
Absolute trash
Useless app, so many glitches. Literally can’t do anything, including signing up
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7 years ago, MedTechGabe
Worse than unhelpful
Can't even register within the app because I don't read Chinese. I suppose they ONLY want Chinese clientele. No problem. The feeling is mutual.
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4 years ago, bill bbbn
Is English functionality gone.
Was previously in English. Downloaded update and now can’t find any English setting
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5 years ago, Qt Pixie
Poorly designed app
Screen display issues & not user friendly
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4 years ago, calling zhong tong kuaidi
垃圾 Trash!
This is the worst and most rubbish app on earth. Never works, freezes all the time and now can’t even login. China eastern hire someone with some skills please. 全宇宙最垃圾的App不能用。
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5 years ago, Kimi>Vettel
How can I check in when your app is this crappy?
You know US cellphone numbers aren’t 11 digits, right?
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6 years ago, canntbelieveitsucks
worst airline app ever
Using dashboard is not so using friendly. And the info even can not be synchronized on time.
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3 years ago, danyma945
Trash company
I have waited for my refund for over five months, and I am still waiting for it!!!!!
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5 years ago, Ticonci
Reads your photos without permission
This app can read your photos without permission.
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5 years ago, DavidChang168
Great service
MU is one of the best airlines in the air .
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5 years ago, FKUmker
Don’t use it
Can’t even use a American number to check in. Don’t waste time.
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4 years ago, happyman lion
Very difficult to understand this APP. Many functions hardly work
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4 years ago, Knick-kname
They should be embarrassed by this
The company should be ashamed they have such a bad useless app that waste your time. Zero stars for these clowns.
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4 years ago, xzydududu
Such a bad app
Email address cannot be added since it exceed maximum length for passenger name...WTH Information cannot be synced to online official site. Cannot change information online. I couldn’t imagine this is for a big airline of China...
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5 years ago, hdushehzsjjqiags
The worst app I ever used before
Bad functionality at all
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7 years ago, Never145
Not working
The app can’t even start
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6 years ago, Ncho22
I can’t register because it’s in Chinese.
They need to update the app in English.
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7 years ago, aubidjiej187kk
Pretty trash
Not even working. Trash airline with trash app
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3 years ago, machine28
worst of all
can’t find a airline app worse than this one!
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9 months ago, 树鱼罐头
Disgusting company and disgusting app
They are the worst airline on earth
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5 years ago, Xxqg
crashed under ios13.2
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5 years ago, greatappexceptadd
awful app
awful app
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6 years ago, laoyang333
rubbish app
It's a really rubbish air app!
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