China Southern Airlines

3.4 (551)
392.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
China Southern Airlines Company Limited
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for China Southern Airlines

3.38 out of 5
551 Ratings
4 years ago, jh6328438
Early Seat Selection
If you buy through the app, you can pick your seats ahead of most other customers. This can be a huge perk. Mobile boarding pass doesn’t work at most airports, but it’s still worth using the app.
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5 years ago, Wandering MK
Worse than useless
If this app were simply useless, then it wouldn’t have wasted any of my time. Instead, it led me on. I entered my confirmation number and it pulled up our itinerary and gave the option to check in and to select seats. Once I selected our seats, the app required a barrage of information including our passport numbers and expiration date. Only after I entered all the information did the app inform me that I could not check in online and would have to go to the desk at the airport. It didn’t save my seat selection. Later on, I attempted to check the status of our flight. I tried multiple search options but they all told me our flight didn’t exist. This app is a complete waste of time.
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3 years ago, Keyoe87
Much Improved
This app has improved quite a bit. The English version has been updated and now there is a lot of functionality. I’m able to book flights, redeem points and miles earned, change seats etc. just wish there were a way to upgrade seats to different cabins in the app such as Economy to business class.
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2 years ago, pleasefixyourstaffs
I contacted customer support due to unknown error from the server preventing my purchase. They told me to download this app to purchase my ticket. It did not fix my problem and the person I chatted with offered me same exact ticket but with doubled price. I question if this company is even legit. Customer service is simply horrific. No one was able to fix my problem and they all seemed not to care at all. On top of all of it, I couldn’t believe they tried to sell me tickets with much higher price. This is a scam.
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2 years ago, benjaminchodroff
Broken for foreigners
You can’t real name verify, you can’t add your foreigner family members passport numbers, and the entire app interface doesn’t support English names properly. Terrible experience, and their customer phone support is consistently unable to help after reporting these many types of similar issues over the past year. Unless you are Han Chinese living in mainland China, expect to be treated like garbage by the China Southern app.
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6 years ago, Christian-stone
Check in doesn’t work
This and the site are pretty buggy.
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2 years ago, yanchuan123
worst app
I used the help. I waited about 10 min and finally get connected to someone. Then there is reminder saying conversation finished! I tried again and again, never get connected with someone. So frustrated. Waste lots of my time! This app is useless!
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4 years ago, Service???
Worst I’ve ever seen
Not worth even one star. Not just this app but their web site is worthless as well. I can’t believe an international airline wouldn’t be able to come up with somewhat functioning app or a web site. Trying to get help from China Southern is always a nightmare. Frustrating as hell.
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6 years ago, Oldskoolsurf
System Busy Network Busy
Please try later. That’s basically how this works, when it works. Concerning because I’m flying with this company, and they fail with technology. Simple seat change or upgrade could not handle final step of confirmation and payment.
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4 years ago, App user Ana
China southern should be ashamed
China southern is a respectable airline and I just returned from a pleasant roundtrip flight. But they should be completely and utterly ashamed of their “app”. Why? Because it does nothing an airline app should do and everything an airline app should not do. China southern you can do so much better!
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4 years ago, JNetworkcn
Worse than useless.
Much worse than CA. 1 No app logo on iPad 2 Cant alter anything on apps and can’t use apple wallet to save the flight pass 3 login and logout again and again without bio-certification function and just feel so tired to complaint anymore.
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5 years ago, HonestyAlways0000
I would give a negative star if I could.
Useless app and website. Can’t search for flights at all. It has always been a nightmare to contact them or use their app. Not even sure why they made it in the first place. 不是一般的烂啊!找不到航班,什么都搜索不到的,有个app有啥用?打电话去订位也是很麻烦,完全不像其他航空公司几分钟全部搞定。
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5 years ago, xrobin18
Useless, terrible app
I dont have enough words to say how terrible this app!!! It downloads in chinese, after struggling for an hour to change it in English, I couldn’t pull up my itinerary. It shows how careless this airlines about customer service.
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4 years ago, kdrew
Worst Customer Service ever
Don’t worry. Whatever seat you pick will be changed and this app does not protect you at all. It is a waste of time. Please make your system compatible with Sky Team systems because as of now, it is not.
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5 years ago, E.Beagle
Does nothing but freeze
App Can’t even successfully search for flight status. Freezes at every action tried. I hope their planes work better than their app.
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5 years ago, 4Nickyboy
They don’t have English version?
Downloaded the app and can’t understand a word! Software developers should consider not everyone in the world would read and speak Chinese! Thank you. Just deleted the app🤬
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4 years ago, GaiusHuang
Terrible terrible terrible
This app is hard to use. China Southern has very poor service. Its loyalty program is no better than no-existent. Its flights always delay. And ground support is NONE. Do not take its flight at ANY COST.
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5 years ago, Cswaste
Super slow
The app does not make my flight booking experience better, but even worse. Too many shortcomings tired to list.
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8 months ago, 被南航气死
垃圾app/Rubbish app
The worst and most stupid app that I have ever used. Go to other airlines if you don't want to spend TWO hours buying one ticket and finally fail. 垃圾玩意,活该南航竞争不过人家。穷疯了吧不知道弄个好点快点智能点的吗?祝早日完蛋。
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4 years ago, Dealu
Can’t authenticate.
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3 years ago, 卡牌鬼才
hard to use
Place an order on the app one day ago, but I can't find it on the website still.
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4 years ago, mavericksound
I can’t even find English!
Someone posted that the top left button is English. It is not. Can’t find a way to change, so I’m deleting this app!
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3 years ago, Ulverw
Worst app in the human history
Mistakes, all kinds of bugs. Unable to process payment and potential leaking of private info. Shame on you!
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4 years ago, cgan31
Trash app
Useless app that doesn’t allow you to check in or do anything really
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3 years ago, nicknick。
Fake news , not support wallet
I spend thirteen mins to add boarding pass to my Wallet and failed , it worked before , no more now
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3 years ago, Doggyhouz
I can’t read Chinese characters.
This APP for English readers is worthless! Everything is in Chinese characters. How am I suppose to use this?
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1 year ago, bugdamn
Always forced quit
Bug everywhere
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5 years ago, Bee Ooi
Try to reserve a free hotel transit accommodation for more than 8 hours layover. This apps won’t accept my order. Just waste of time. 旅行社是不帮旅客訂中轉住宿的.
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4 years ago, Cabbage168
Worst airline app ever
China southern CEO can go to hell, how much is your salary? What product and service you provide? Alright, state owned company, you are all animals.
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4 years ago, Mateo_BCN
WORST Airline App EVER
This application is truely a disaster for any user, and moreover, even a trash like this can dare to send advertisement notifications with no shame. AWFUL
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6 years ago, alexahong
System is Busy
Every time I try to purchase a new seat it says system is busy.
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6 years ago, monaaalisaaa~
App is horrible.
Doesn't even work.
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3 years ago, mark2378347
terrible app terrible airline
app is useless. probably nothing more than a means of stealing your personal information. really horrendous all around experience with china southern
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4 years ago, Nob-Apcharles
iPad Version please
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6 years ago, cickumqt
Incompatible with Wallet
So far there is no way adding the card into wallet.
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4 years ago, Jackson--
垃圾软件 航司能把软件做的烂到懒得用它升舱 也是蛮厉害的 垃圾
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5 years ago, Gjkbcryih
For Chinese only
Pathetic app made only for people living in China.....
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3 years ago, dzggg
worse than useless
this is a terrible app
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5 years ago, sol armenion
i cannot understand it’s all chinese language, is their an english language?
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5 years ago, Dante.7
I can not believe I am living on 2019.
Worst app ever
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6 years ago, DDEREK GZ
useless。cannot add card to iOS wallet
Ios11 not applicable with wallet APP.
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4 years ago, _Dick Valentine
No English language support
No English spoken here.
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3 years ago, 屎蛋里
worst app ever
this app is terrible, their staff service is even worse.
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4 years ago, 再见转转
Garbage App
Bad customer service!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, Kevin Chen9
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9 years ago, LucaGandolfo
Very useful
Complete management of all things related to China Southern airline, appreciate the seat selection after check-in, the different flight notifications (as passenger or recipient), the Passbook integration, even the opportunity to apply for a SkyPearl card within the app. Recommended.
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3 years ago, A disappointed old player AAA
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4 years ago, hxh ddw
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8 years ago, Bernz22
Annoyed and awful
I downloaded the app a couple of hours before my flight. I wanted to check in online and check my flight status. The flight time displayed as actual takeoff was much later than scheduled; thinking it was delayed. I had a hard time trying to check in as well. I crossed checked the info online on a laptop but it displayed no data and was hard to check in as well. I showed up to the airport a bit too late for the scheduled time and with enough time for the "delayed" flight. I ended up missing my flight due to the gate border closing according to the scheduled time. I also have to wait a day later for flights. It shows I shouldn't rely on technology but this app accuracy needs much improvement at least.
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8 years ago, Trippn17
Terrible app - simply doesn't work.
This app is useless for checking in and does not work. The form for checking in was designed very sloppy, with the last name field being immediately beside the description, so it is hard to read. The phone number field has a specified format, for which they don't tell you, so it requires guessing to try and get. Lastly, the app won't pull up the booking and returns an error message, rendering the check in completely useless. I then tried going to the China southern website to check in on my iPhone, but it looks like they use flash in the page and this page returns an input error. Flying in general is frustrating enough, but having to deal with this is too annoying to be bothered with. I will avoid ever flying on this airline again, simply because of this. Get your business in order China Southern, every other airline, large or small is capable of online check ins.
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