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User Reviews for Chirp Audiobooks

4.76 out of 5
65.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Mrs. Gummybear
Chirp’s my secondary audiobook source
Years a go I was a librarian and listened to audiobook CD sets to keep up on new authors & books … I’ve been a member of Audible forever and have hundreds of books … a few years ago a friend was asking me if there was anything besides Audible as she was on a limited budget and had limited access to audiobooks in her remote area … I did a little research and found Chirp … the no subscription, discount premise the publishers use to introduce you to possibly new authors, titles or genres is great … I don’t buy near as many books anymore, but am I throughly enjoying Chirp as a secondary source to buy audiobooks … I’ve gotten a few non-fiction titles that have been on my wishlist for awhile and I was able to get the entire series of a new author to me on sale at a price I could afford now that my budget is more limited (BTW - I am loving the new series!) … the only hiccup I have is that I tend to use the online website to browse titles as the app can be tricky to do that … It’s worth trying Chirp out!
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3 years ago, GentleWarrior 1436
Just finished my first book on Chirp
What are rich time I was just privileged to spend with a profoundly knowledgeable man of God who lived a generation ago. I just finished the book how to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and was profoundly challenged by the scriptural approach taken by A.W. Tozer. I would recommend this book to any Christian who has been born again but wants to live a more deeply scriptural experience of what God has in mind for all Christians. If the reader of this is not yet a Christian… I would encourage you to read a wonderful small little book just a few chapters long… Known as the gospel of John. Remember hearing about the four Gospels at the beginning of the new testament “Matthew, Mark, Luke & John?“ Just go to John and read those few chapters and you will meet the person of Jesus Christ. I read the writings of a profoundly scholarly man who had studied all of the philosophies and all of the religions of the world… Who had come up with what he believed to be the single most important question any human being will ever ask or ask themselves for an answer to. Go to the gospel of John and ask this question “who is Jesus Christ and what am I going to do with Him? God will use that honest inquiry to miraculously change your life for eternity. Guaranteed. Abundant blessings.
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5 years ago, Lysis Brooke
Great Audible alternative
Who has time to pay $16 for an Audible audiobook that you can only get once a month, whether you use audiobooks that frequently or not? Certainly not me. That’s why I love Chirp Books. They do all the hard work for me, and send me severely discounted audiobooks in my preferred genres. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a price north of $6, with most being closer to $3 or $4. And as someone who’s on a budget, Chirp Books is a great something to have alongside my library card. The user interface can be a bit tricky to navigate between the play page and the chapter breakdowns/additional info, so I’d love to see that strengthened in the next update. (But that’s by no means a deal breaker.) The audiobooks are of great quality, you have your playback speeds and sleep timers if you want to use those. AND. YOU CAN BUY THE AUDIOBOOKS DIRECTLY FROM YOUR PHONE. Be it the daily emails they send or from browsing the app, they make it SO easy to buy the app. I actually got my dad hooked on audiobooks thanks to Chirp Books. A definite fan!
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3 years ago, Chubby wagon
Best deal around!!!!
If you love listening to audiobooks then you found the right place to do it, and certainly at the right price.! Every day new deals abound. I enjoy listening to old time radio shows, and many a day they have them on sale for two dollars or possibly three dollars when the regular price is up to $22 or more.! This makes listening to Old time radio not only a pleasure but pure joy!!! They also have other categories of books that run on sale for 30 days or more, so if you think you might enjoy a book but I’m sure? Then at least you have 30 days to go back and get it before it goes off sale. Many books run anywhere from $.99 to five dollars. At any point if you have trouble you can always email customer service, I have done this a few times and they have always been very helpful and have gotten back to me right away. At any rate to make a long story even longer if you are not using Chirp for all your audiobook needs then you are missing the boat!!!! Hurry up and climb on board.
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1 year ago, Jim Dokoozian
Fantastic adventure in Africa during the days of British trading and travels.
Exciting, disturbing saga of the efforts of Stanley to lead an expedition across much of untraveled jungle in Africa to rescue the Pasha of Equitoria from being overrun by the fierce, fanatical dervishes. True tale of tremendous perseverance of the rescue column to overcome almost unspeakable hardships, thousands of miles of jungle never crossed previously by any Europeans, famine, cannibals, slave traders, and heroic natives helping a small group of extremely dedicated English traders, merchants, and British officers determined to rescue the forts and accompanying villagers surrounding the British settlements from the infamous Dervishes, fierce Moslem fighters bound to slaughter the Europeans with utmost savagery. Well articulated story that brings a bygone time and history to vivid life. I kept listening to the book for hours each day, while driving, while sitting in the driveway, and after dinner. Didn’t want the book to end. Great author!
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3 months ago, brwhite15
Oddly Buggy
I love the idea of Chirp—buying audiobooks at a discount. I do not love the continued bugginess of the app. For instance, if you close the app while you are in the middle of listening to a book, the file will lose your place and start over from the very beginning of the book. If you put a book on the back burner and stop listening to it for a time (it’s not clear to me how long), the app will automatically delete the file of the book from your phone which will, you guessed it, lose your place. (To be clear, it does not delete the book from your library, it just seems to delete the downloaded copy of the book that I find helps to avoid issues of losing one’s place). This review is just based on the use of the app. In general, if you listen to a book quickly and carefully, you will be fine. If you do some things you should be able to do with apps on your phone, you may have problems. (And, at least in my experience, it is not especially easy to find one’s place again without a fair deal of searching in an audio file).
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1 year ago, kcd78
Exactly what I was looking for!
I just wanted an app where I could buy a book no credits needed, and if I wanted to buy the next book, I would not have to wait until the next month or increase my fee for membership. I was so happy when I tried this out! Listening to audiobooks is really the only way I get my 10 year old son to enjoy reading! I mean he just listens to diary of a wimpy kid when he’s going to bed, but I’ll take it! So when he finishes (pretty quickly bc kid books are alot shorter than adult ones for example 3 hours compared to 7+ hours for adult books) I can get him the next one of the series, by just making a purchase of book at reasonable price. For example, the cost of all per book from this series is $7.99 to $9.99. Audible is fine. This is just a better fit for me in the way I use the app. So thanks Chirp! Love it!
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1 year ago, Cyberreader
Wealth Of Time Books 1-3
The storyline has some interesting surprises along with twists and turns. I thought how time travel was accomplished left much to be desired. I would have preferred something more technically believable (even though this was a fiction book, so, I’ll give it some grace there). Each of these three books are intertwined and you can’t just jump into book 2 or book 3 without having read or listened to book 1. Putting the time travel methodology aside, there are enough plot twists in the storyline to keep my interest. There’s more swearing in the book than I prefer - in fact, it doesn’t really need any swearing to carry the books’ storyline. I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars - I would have given 4 if the time travel method was more plausible.
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2 years ago, McDonna
can’t manage library
Chirp often has good deals on books by favorite authors, along with some cheap but amusing titles, and the app playback works fine. But I now have over 100 titles and has become really frustrating to view, scan, or manage them. I used the website to create collections (itself an awkward and slow process), but then found that I can’t view collections in the app. The closest I can come is to page and page through the large grid with books listed by author’s FIRST name. What were they thinking? As many other reviewers have noted, you also can’t buy books in the app, but for an impulsive buyer like me that’s probably for the best. Just give me use of collections and I’ll be happy. p.s. I also found that my public library lets me check out audiobooks (free of course) and listen to them with Libby which is an awesome app, so now I only use Chirp if it’s a book I really want to own.
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4 years ago, lwheels14
Sometimes you can find a gem of a title, but not like on Audible. I use both apps because I just want bestsellers sometimes, or new releases, and Audible lets me do that. But Chirp does give me access to books for cheaper that I otherwise wouldn’t spend $35 a title on which is nice. I will say, though, I don’t know what it is, but the quality is incomparably bad. Chirp regularly sounds like it’s skipping - which is literally impossible. Like every single person reading stutters on the word Chapter. It’s not like I don’t update the app, and it’s digital, so it can’t be skipping, but it’s always like that, no matter what. I also regularly hit play and have it bump back an entire 4, 6, 9 minutes and I’m confused and trying to find my place again, which, when I’m in the car, is impossible unless I pull over. I guess these are annoying things to complain about considering the price, but I just wish it was a little cleaner. I guess for a free app and some random cheap titles though, I shouldn’t complain about any of this.
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1 year ago, Thunderbird-DCB
Audiobooks and Chirp are a godsend
Whatever your preferences when it comes to reading, bought hard bounds, borrowed paper backs, or even e-books, Chirp Audio and an ever expanding library of your own audiobooks is a marvelous way to enjoy reading wherever you happen to be and whatever you happen to be doing. Just download the app, set up your account, subscribe to an e-newsletter or two, and in no time you’ll not only have a lifetime of audiobooks at your fingertips but you’ll also have the perfect way to enjoy them. And when you use Bluetooth to connect to your home speakers or even your car’s audio system, you’ll be all set. The only limitations are the end of your journey (when you have to exit your car) and the requirements of daily life (when you’re forced to do other things). Nonetheless, I guarantee you will love Chirp.
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2 years ago, Hillobeans44
Deal with the Devil #?
Probably because we’ve read countless stories or seen movie plots that involve variations on making a deal with the devil to secure an advantage, this story was very familiar from the outset. I’m a cat lover, so that part of the story resonated deeply. The story was at times sweet, and at others thought provoking as we follow the main character on his journey, navigating his choices at each turn. Despite that connection, it seemed to lack the depth and tension that draw the reader completely into another world: I never really felt compelled to root for the protagonist. In part, I think that’s because death is inevitable for all of us; the only unknowns are how and when, and no amount of dealing will stave it off forever. But maybe I’m taking it too seriously. Maybe it wasn’t intended as anything more than a light-hearted tale that would be the perfect complement to a lazy afternoon in a hammock, enjoying an iced drink.
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3 years ago, A2d2withfriends
A game changer!
My sister told me about Chirp and it’s improved my life considerably. I listen to books before bed, in my car (blue tooth) and on walks. My “library” is loaded w/books I have bought for 99 cents to $2.99 because there are great deals (always changing) offered regularly. There is a range of more costly books but I prefer the bargain offerings. The books do not expire! I’m listening to Langston Hughes autobiography right now, as well as a collection of 50 short stories. I discovered Gods, Wasps and Stranglers, a fascinating book about fig trees. There’s a Flannery O’Connor, a Kafka book and many others waiting for me to listen to on my shelves. There are mysteries, funny books....I am encouraged to get out and take walks so I can listen to these books! For real. Try it!!
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2 years ago, 47monica
Fine but could use improvements
I like that you can buy audiobooks from chirp without needing to get locked into a subscription. However, the app itself is pretty glitchy and could use some updates. First, it’s annoying that the “track” numbers and the chapter numbers don’t match. Second, the app seems to stall or freeze anytime I try to jump to a different part of the book, which is annoying since I often listen when falling asleep and often want to go back to catch anything I missed, which usually requires a few jumps to find the right spot. (This remained true even after I downloaded the book rather than just listening to it streaming.) Third, once or twice the app has just completely lost my place in the book and kicked me back to the beginning. That wouldn’t be a huge deal if it were easier to find my spot again, but as I mentioned above, the app seems to get really glitchy when I try to jump to different spots. Finally, it would be nice if they figured out a way to make purchases in the app possible instead of needing to log on to a computer to buy new titles. TLDR: I will definitely use it for audiobooks I cant borrow from the library and appreciate the non-subscription model, but the app is clunky and could use improvements.
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4 years ago, Vikib911
End of chapter/track
I finished a book and went on to another book. Well, first off I tried to download it and it wouldn't download. I tried over wifi and over phone service. Then I moved on and decided to try to listen to it anyway. Well, everything was fine until I got to the end of the track and it said conclusion. I went to chapters and they were all check marked. So at the end of every track, it tells me I've finished the book. So I have to manually select my track each time. To make matters worse, chapter 10 is track 9. So I get confused which track to select. And since they aren't downloaded, if I pick the wrong track it takes me 5 minutes before it starts playing and I realize it's the wrong track. Needless to say, this is very inconvenient. I'd rather pay for audible to have a reliable player. I listen in the car and can't be messing with my phone while I'm driving.
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1 year ago, Roximilee
Online AudioBooks: Chirp. Com
Need to be able to make notes with each book for future use. I love the opportunity to purchase different authors at a discount because I don’t have the opportunities to skim thru the books to see if I’d really be interested. I need the ability to put notes with each book so that I know if it turned out to be one I love to listen to over and over, one I would like to recommend, or one I don’t even want to finish reading. I don’t want to get rid of the bad books, because I’d hate to accidentally but another of that author’s books and be disappointed again. I do want to be able to refer back to a book to discuss it with friends. My memory isn’t horrible, but just listening to the book, I need note triggers to discuss and share with others. Thanks
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4 months ago, Wkdwtch
Why Subscribe to Chirp Books
I love to read. Then disaster struck. I developed macular degeneration! Oh no! I cannot read the words on the page clearly anymore. What shall I do? I found Audible and enjoyed their service but I wanted to read more books than I could comfortably afford. How sad to go days and weeks without a book to listen to. Along comes Chirp Books! Chirp invites me to join up and receive one email per day with suggestions of what to read from my selected genres. Heavenly day! I can read as many books _ and of course I mean listen to - as I please without going bankrupt! Thank you Chirp Books, you’ve certainly saved my sanity and protected my pocketbook/wallet too! I tell everyone I meet about Chirp Books. It’s the best!!
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4 years ago, OCD Notetaker
NOT a better choice than Audible
Yes, there are audiobooks available for cheaper than Audible, but they are older or lesser known books. Popular or recent books are the same cost as Audible, making Audible the better choice because with a subscription I can get a $25 audio book for $15. If you are a random reader and enjoy taking chances on books, Chirp can be the better choice. I gave one of their daily bargains a chance and the book was fine, but the app is a mess. The audio has skipped a few times backtracking a min or two. This I can live with. What really frustrates me is that it rarely starts my listening where I left off. A few times it started me a chapter or two behind, but this last time it started me in such an odd spot I couldn’t even find where I left off! And I had only paused it for maybe 5 min! I’m glad I tried it, but I won’t do it again.
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5 years ago, ShermanK
Please fix this app
Edit of review- the support group took forever to respond. They pleasantly suggested I re-install the app and retry (I had but did it again). The exact same thing happened (books stop while playing, have to open app and it’s swirling it thinks it’s playing, it restarts in the wrong place). I reached out again and am waiting again for a response. Poor support. App does not work. First off- it’s theoretically a great service with reasonably priced books. It would be a usable app if it worked correctly. As another reviewer stated, it just stops working while you’re using it- usually driving- and you have to stop and open the app to restart it. Dangerous if not simply annoying. Sometimes it starts back at the beginning of a chapter too. I have emailed the support twice with no response. I won’t get another book until this is resolved. And can someone reply?
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3 years ago, Esky from LA
Incredible book
I started reading the karma book by Sadhguru and found myself crying out loud in excitement every few pages which is why I ordered the digits version. I started listening the content of the book and Sadhguru families voice over took me. With joy, excitement and a lot of crying I finish listening. This book is the absolute must read/listen for anyone who is interested in self transformation. As for me, I know that if I had not met Sadhguru and have gone through his Yoga programs, life would have pass me by, how tragic that could have been....... i can’t even imagine. I am so deeply indebted to Sadhguru for leading me to my new joyful amazing life. Thank you, Chrip for this wonderful quality audio. It was extremely easy to download and listen.
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3 years ago, juder234
So Convenient
I had always gotten my audio books from the library. I had a Sony Walkman disc player that I dragged around the house and outside in order to listen to the books. I had a Tune Belt that it went onto, but lots of times it would fall out of the pouch when I bent over while gardening! When the library closed due to Covid, I found Chirp. Love the daily deals. I haven’t paid more the $4.99 for a book and most of the time a lot less. I love the convenience of being able to stick my phone in a pocket and still be able to work around the house or yard. The library is now “open” for pick up, but I haven’t gone back yet. Chirp is very affordable as long as you stick with the daily deals.
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1 year ago, Bullittgal
Best Value for Audiobooks
I love Chirp! The app is reliable. It remembers my place if I switch between books before finishing one. The deals are unmatched that I have seen by any other audiobook source. If you want audio for the price of an ebook or less, give Chirp a try. The selection continues to get better all the time. I prefer Chirp over Audible, but still use both. Only drawback is the proprietary format meaning you can’t listen to other books not purchased from Chirp. Same with Audible, but at least the books are still yours to keep with both. Just wish I could get down to only one or two apps for all my audio needs. If I could side load my mp3 books it would be perfect.
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2 years ago, AuApex
Great for ADHD
I'm someone who has always struggled with reading due to ADHD. Whether I'm having to reread the same sentence 15 times just for it to register or totally losing track of what the book is even about half way through it's always been very tough. Once I found the chirp books app this all changed. I've been able to find affordable books that I enjoy, and having them narrated to me has been the secret key for it to register with me. The UI is simple and easy to use and the audio quality is great. 5/5 from me. P.s. you can really save some cash with this app. They have regular deals where you can buy popular books for $5< - I've found all my favorite reads on there so far.
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2 years ago, CandiceMcF
My favorite way to listen to books
I absolutely love Chirp. I love to listen to audiobooks, but at MY pace. I don’t want to be in a subscription plan. Chirp lets you go to their website, listen to samples of the readers, decide which audiobook you want to buy and then it automatically downloads to the app. The app is awesome. Just so easy to use. I’ve been using them probably for a couple of years. Am listening to “Moonstone” right now. Just downloaded “Washington Square” for a book club. Oh, that reminds me, you can easily see the length of the audiobook as you’re comparing versions. This is a fast way to tell when someone has abridged a version without reading all of the description details.
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4 months ago, MSigourney
Success Formula Gold Star
The leader in studying success principles interviews one of the greatest businessmen ever to break down opportunity into steps and principles that we can all understand although I realize too few will follow. With an open mind and a willing heart anyone can improve their life in so many ways. Oh how I wish I could get those people that I love to put aside the distractions that lead nowhere and to put a small amount of energy into the listening of this message. Perhaps they then could come to understand the opportunity of controlling their own destiny and the satisfaction of accomplishment by taking appropriate actions on a daily basis that lead to a destiny of their choosing.
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2 years ago, jhwalker1964
Downloaded Books Are Difficult to Access
I live in Alaska. I work in very remote areas with no internet or cell service. Unlike other books-on-tape apps, it is often impossible to access your DOWNLOADED books on the Chirp App. You are required to log in on the internet repeatedly to access your DOWNLOADED books. If you do not have internet or cell service, this is simply not possible. I twice reached out to customer service about this issue. I requested a telephone call to discuss. Chirp will only provide form emails in response and will not engage with you by telephone. Accordingly, I recommend that you use a different app than Chirp if you intend to listen to your purchases offline in areas without internet or cell service. I additionally recommend you use a different app than Chirp if you have problems requiring customer service.
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5 years ago, Iamneja
Passing this along to everyone.
I am a big time audiobook (Audible) user. I got this app and the prices are incredible and the books are too. I “was” not a fan of Anderson Cooper (a suggested book). When my guy would turn on something with him in it for some reason I would be rubbed the wrong way. Shame on me for judging this man when I had no right. And this all changed when I got his book with his mom and listened to it. I couldn’t quit. I had several emotions felt listening to this and to me this is what makes a great book. And I love to read/listen to the life stories. Try this. It works great for me. No issues. Thanks Chirp and all the “people” that mark it happen.
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10 months ago, @#$qwerty
Chirp’ audio books
I am enjoying the books I have bought on Chirp’s. I would have given 5 stars but I can’t find books written by the same author. You can have the books sorted by authors first name(?). Who knows the first name? Library’s sort by authors last name. I have around 1600 books, to me that’s a library. I have many series that I would like to be able to find. Please, please, please make it so I can sort by authors last name. Also, why can’t I access collections on my Chirp access? It’s only available on the website. Still love the app. How about alphabetizing the collections ? I have over 300, it’s very cumbersome to try to add to the collections. It takes hours to find a certain author. Please, please, please!
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5 years ago, Begryphon
2 days of download fail
I did not see an app developers website choice. For two days now the download function has not worked for multiple books. It did earlier like a month or so ago. What’s up? How to choose earlier played track? Appending: A workaround. If I’m on track 17 and want to go to track 15, choose track one started playing, then chose track 15 and everything is A-OKI’m very very pleased with this app. One problem. When I go to sleep listening and then wake up I want to go to a previously played track. When I choose the previous track, the app goes to the background. When I bring it to the foreground it’s still on the track I was listening too. Unless you tell me how to do this, I may never find out why she’s mad at him!
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4 years ago, The jwire
Better deals than audible
After getting tired of the lack of deals from audible and the inability to easily find or sort books on sale I was alerted to this app via bookbub. The app works just as easy as audible but doesn’t require a membership. Once you buy a book you can download it via the app. The sound quality is just as good as the Apple Books or audible which I have used frequently. So no worries here. The best part of chirp is the daily deal email which has several deals each day. Many exclusive to chirp also. Whereas Apple really only posts a new sale per week or occasional sales and audible only has a book on sale per day or no way to find sales, chirp puts all the sales into several sections and has a nice selection on sale. With sales I’ve been able to get several books off my wishlist for under $5 and discover books that looked interesting. My only complaint so far would be the site could mark a series more clearly. If book 3 is on sale it would be nice to know it’s not a standalone book or what order it is. Highly recommend
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2 years ago, dlr999
Doesn’t save you money if you like popular books
I listen to audiobooks a ton. I’ve spent around $200 this past year on chirp without even realizing it. An audible membership is $159/year. The books I wanted were all $25-$30 each on chirp. I guess if you are okay not choosing what to listen to, you can get whatever is cheap. And if you are okay with wasting time with other books while you wait for the books you want to listen to to be on sale, then it might work. But I switched back over to audible because I get book recommendations and like to follow them, and I know what books I want to listen to.
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3 years ago, 4058ST
Log in problems - update!!
I downloaded the app, but when I open it I’m directed to sign in. Underneath the sign in there is a spot that says “new to chirp?” I press that and a box pops up that says I need a chirp account before I can sign in, but there doesn’t seem to be any way of setting up this account, and no other pages to go to - help? Thank you for the response! I signed up through the website & already bought 2 books at excellent prices. I like listening to the books while I walk my dog & it saves a lot of time, as well. No problems with downloads or other glitches - really enjoying the app!
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3 years ago, maheater
Decent app; terrible site
I loved Chirp until recently when their site became unusable and impossible to browse. Books are miscategorized (like shoving Marcus Aurelius, George Eliot & other much older works under “Historical Fiction” instead of “Classics”.. you’d think people selling books would know the difference.) But worse is they’ve recently added a ton of shorter media that seems to outnumber the actual books. And I don’t mean an occasional novella, I mean a PBS interview with Jerry Seinfeld under “Teen Fiction” for some reason. If you try to sort any category by price low-high, you’ll see nothing but garbage you don’t want (assuming what you do want is an actual book). Really hoping they get their site under control because until now I was buying from them pretty regularly. Now I’m just saving my money & using Libby.
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11 months ago, Jay Pie
The Stolen Child
It’s rare for me to leave a 5-star review, but this book deserves it. It’s one of the most compelling fantasy novels I’ve ever read, inspired by faery/changeling mythology but firmly grounded grounded in the “real” world (and will definitely make you question what you consider reality). Both of the main characters gain the reader’s sympathy, and yet both are villains in some ways. Tense, unsettling, beautifully written and so expertly paced that I found it hard to believe it was the author’s first novel. (Easier to believe he’s a changeling himself.) Without giving anything away, I have to say the ending was…perfect. This book will stay with me a long time.
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5 years ago, saddlemtngal
Love this app!
Listening to audiobooks while multitasking is one of my favorite things to do. This app is simply wonderful. The prices and selection are great and the app is sound. I’ve had a few problems from time to time, but they are continuing to make improvements. It’s certainly comparable to Audible and I don’t have to worry about how many books I can get each month, or how many credits I have, etc. I just choose a book & purchase it. There are genre selections to choose from if you wish, numerous ways to display your lists and a great sleep timer as well. Thank you Chirp for providing us with another option for audio books!
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2 years ago, Rocket4238
Excellent story and relevant to current times. So many people believe we should forget about the past when the past is disturbing. For healing to truly occur we mist all see ourselves in the events and actions and embrace actions that mitigate the negative impacts of what occurred. With Kindred, Octavia E. Butler, takes us through a journey between present day and the past where we can witness the actions of our forefathers and foremothers and understand there is much to be done. Octavia doesn’t even try to address what specific actions might be. For each of us it may be significantly different nut we can all move the world forward.
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5 years ago, KeriCullen
This cannot be beat!
I’m floored and excited! I’ve just downloaded the app. Listened to samples of each audio I was interested in. I purchased them with one click. Some, for as low as $0.99! I’m a huge BookBub fan already. I’ve been introduced to tons of titles I may not have even heard of otherwise. Now, I get to do the same with audiobooks. This seriously cannot be beat. You don’t don’t pay anything other than the marked down price of the audio you want. You get to keep what you buy rather than dealing with the pressure of a timeline to listen to it. I am just, seriously, so excited. I’m so glad BookBub and Chirp are a thing! You’ve got a fangirl in me.
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2 years ago, Juno826
5 star audio book app
Chirp has something for everyone. It has very low priced books that are still 5 star for those that love to read and can’t afford to pay over $12/book when reading 5-7 books per week! It has great books for a decent price for those who don’t have to worry about cost! And the selection is fabulous! I love that there is no membership fee. You can read as much or as little as you want. Other companies only give you 1 credit per month. Chirp lets you choose how many with no limits! You do pay per book but they have great sales! Try it!
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2 years ago, cosy reader
First time out
I have always been interested in being able to listen to a book while I am busy. However the audible system was not especially attractive to me because I don’t have a lot of money to spend on books every month. So when Chirp came out with their app and offered books in my price range I was delighted but concerned that it would not be a very good app. Much to my joy the app is excellent. I have very much enjoyed being able to listen while doing house work. I like the selection of books that they have and would recommend Chirp to anyone.
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3 years ago, K.Leolani
Chirp is my favorite Go-To Audio Site & Library! An amazing selection of audio books at Unbeatable Prices! Usually $20-$30 audio books for only $0.99-cents to $4.99! Whether you’re relaxing at the beach, park or other location, traveling or just standing in line, this is the app everyone needs, if only to take your mind off the chaos of the present COVID-world we live in today. I often share my favorite audio books of my favorite writers & narrators with family & friends, and new discoveries every day. I recommend that everyone just sign-up for free and try it! You won’t regret it!
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1 year ago, a2368
A reminder that there is passion
Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to fall in love etc and this story is a great example of how I would want to feel and be treated. I have love. I just sometimes wish for more, this book made me think I can and want to turn my life in to a story similar to the one written. I love the passion, the laughter, humor and the joy I can imagine…. Well worth the read. Oh kinda fast forwarded threw the too steamy parts could done without that is the only reason the book received a four instead of five. I hope to enjoy more books by this author.
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4 years ago, Macattack 5647867/6275
Great idea, app needs some polishing
I listen to a lot of audiobooks on several different apps. I have well over 500 books in my library. Chirp is hands-down the cheapest, although the selection is sometimes not great. Functionally, the app is my least favorite. It will randomly take me back to chapters I've already heard, start playing for no reason at times, or sometimes the pause/play button will be disabled for long periods of time. It just turns into a spinning cursor like it's thinking. That's particularly annoying when it turns itself on, and u can't turn it off. Other times it just seems to have randomly lost my place for no reason. I'm not sure I just haven't figured it out yet, or if it's just really buggy.
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4 years ago, Bald guy 2014
Not worth it.
You can get discounted books but their titles and authors you’ve never heard of. Not saying they’re bad but all recognizable authors are the same price as audible.I also had a problem with the one book I decided to download for $10 was not a book at all but a short story. Nowhere in the description of the book did it say that it’s a short story. I only noticed after I downloaded it and zoomed in on the thumbnail. So I paid $10 for an hour long short story. That’s a rip off! I also noticed that once you download something and are listening to it there’s no way I’m going back and looking for something else to read through the app. The only thing the app would do was let me search my library. Doesn’t make sense if you want people to buy books and download them.
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10 months ago, pammers_
My new favorite app
This has been a gold mine. Seriously a great service! They email me suggestions and books that have deals, always at fantastic prices, much cheaper than audible, and the app is easy to use! All of my purchases are on my bookshelf, the app remembers where I left off, and it offers 15 second skips forward or back for if I get distracted at some points and miss a key point. My biggest complaint is that I can’t get the app on my CarPlay or watch & can’t shop directly on the app. Otherwise, I highly recommend this app/service!
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4 years ago, MomMD02
A frustrating audiobook book app
I’ve been an Audible member for many years but tried Chirp because it offered a good deal on a book I wanted to read. The app was so frustrating that I looked forward to finishing the book just so I could delete the app. First, the book was organized in short tracks (2-3 minutes) instead of chapters. There were frequent errors in playing the audiobook when the app would buffer. I’d have to close the app and reopen it to resume play. However, when it would restart playback, it would go back at least one track. Additionally, it is not compatible with Apple CarPlay. So the app would often crash during my commute and I’d have to switch to listening to something else for the duration of my commute. I will stick with Libby and Audible.
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2 years ago, AmyA77
So far the best I’ve tried
Chirp is one of the best services out there for audible books. It has many specials that are in expensive or some that are $.99 or free. Even the expensive books are reduced a few dollars. The first month I started using it I wanted to hear books in a series as I ended up spending hundreds of dollars and not realizing it. It’s seductively fun to listen to it and just lay down and close your eyes and imagine the people that are talking. The narrators are excellent and they do a good job of talking in male/female voices. I have thoroughly enjoyed the service to this point.
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2 years ago, fergus3143
Wonderful if it works
Chirp audiobooks is among the best services I can find. The only problem is it is completely unreliable. Without warning it will hang up on my iPhone. There’s nothing I can do about that except remove the app go to the App Store hope the App Store finds Chirp, download it and start all over again. I’ve mentioned this to Chirp several times and so far they haven’t taken any action. So it’s a wonderful service, but you can only expect it to work about 25% of the time. Given the investment in your time it’s probably worth it to go elsewhere
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5 years ago, chuck01612
I love the books...
...and I love the readers. There are two things which prevent me from granting five stars: The readings stop for no apparent reason and don’t start up again without opening the app, selecting the book, opening it and hitting the play button. Aggravating if your on a walk, Monumentally aggravating if your driving! In order to continue listening I have to pull over in a safe spot, go through the above procedure to start listening again, then drive off. PLEASE FIX THIS! I have several books in my library, many with similar titles. I am old, and often don’t recall the books I have already read. Can you figure a way to delete a book, or better, mark it as read? That would be great. Thanks
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1 month ago, KEKJFT
No Chapters :(
I’ve had Chirp for awhile and greatly enjoyed it. However, I regret purchasing the book we are going through for my team book club. I started the book in the library app, which allowed me to listen by chapter. However, we are not working through the book as quickly as I would personally complete it, and the library book had to be returned. When I purchased the book through Chirp, I found that the ‘Chapters’ are tracks that relate to nothing obvious. They’re definitely not the chapters. Unfortunately, I have no way to tell where I am in the book m, which makes it difficult to keep pace with the team.
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4 years ago, nofing nickname
No stars means no satisfaction. Must have one but it is wrong
Recently purchased new listening material, through the numerous emails you send. Went to open Chirp app to download. Nothing just cute little line art drawing that did nothing. Thought maybe I need to update so went to App Store to run update. Completed. Pressed open nothing but cute little line art. If it won’t work you owe me money. I guess I must continue this diatribe. Siri just popped up to say I received a response to my review. So thinking my review would be somewhere in the reviews I went through them all and found nothing. No help guidance or refund directions. I am not going to publish my email and you obviously are interested in solving my problem or providing a refund. Hope people keep reading theses reviews. I thought it was great at first to but I know better now.
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