Christmas Gift List Tracker

4.9 (21.2K)
20 MB
Age rating
Current version
LW Brands, LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Christmas Gift List Tracker

4.86 out of 5
21.2K Ratings
1 year ago, firehebi
Lifesaver for budgeting for the holidays!
I’m on my third year of using this app and it’s honestly one of my favorites. I used to keep spreadsheets on my computer and it was so annoying to update them and also make sure that the file synced between my phone and laptop. I’d find myself just printing it out and manually adding to it, which defeated the purpose. This app has saved my sanity during the holidays. I have a big family, and I can keep track of all their current gifts and compare them to the archived lists so that I don’t get duplicates. Plus, it keeps track of my budget and I’ve actually spent less every year because I’m more conscious of what I spend. My husband is thrilled my this, haha. Finally, because the app is always ready to go—as opposed to a spreadsheet that I’m sometimes too busy/lazy to find the file for and then update—I can add gift ideas all year. For example, it’s May and I’ve already begun my list for Christmas 2023 and I just update it when the gift arrives. So far I’ve purchased 4 gifts and have ideas listed for 13 recipients. As soon as I think of a good gift option, I add a website link to the list and now I’m assured that I won’t forget when it comes time to purchase it later this fall. This is truly wonderful. And I hope to beat last year’s budget once again!
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6 months ago, Shelliesv
Best app ever!
Ever year I create a list or note in my phone and I always forget to add things and it’s hard to track and total. I LOVE how this app separates each recipient and totals how much you have spent on each as well as tracking how much you have spent altogether! I love that it allows you to enter ideas for gifts and then mark it off when it has been purchased, when it arrives, and when you have wrapped it. The interface is clean and simple and it’s so incredibly functional! This is the first year ever that I feel completely organized with my gift purchases! I love also that you can see a graph of your entire spending broken down by recipient showing you who you spent the most on and making it easier for parents to make sure each child gets a similar number of gifts. I would love to see another version of this app that would be an order tracking app so you can enter the date you ordered something, where you ordered it from and money spent and check it off from things you want to order, order placed, purchase received, kept or returned, return date and tracking and refund received!
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3 years ago, SavCrosby96
One of the best in its category, but needs more
It’s a clear leader, almost by default, but that’s to no detriment to the developers. It’s simple, but the UI feels almost counter-intuitive at times (having to press ‘X’ to get out of your list of adding recipients, for instance) and it feels a bit dated in its font and character limitations. I wish there were more integrations within the app—automatically sourcing product descriptions from links, adding a thumbnail of a picture of the product. I think you should be able to toggle the “total cost” feature—when I’m in the brainstorming stages, I’m trying to collect ideas before editing them, and seeing that I’m spending hundreds of dollars on each recipient just because I’m deciding between gifts can be stressful and takes up a whole line of space. I’d also like for more info to be available in the previews—an option to look at a gallery, maybe, if you’re comparing a few different shirts, etc. Also, an option to simply add a gift idea and then attach it to recipients after, or attach it to multiple recipients if you plan on giving the same thing to multiple people. It honestly could be used year-round regardless of holiday, and with a little more time and consideration I think this could be a great app.
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2 years ago, 21Giftwhisperer
Super Mom Goals
I discovered this app and thought I’d give it a try. Any help I can get to keep the gift giving organized is worth a try in my book. I LOVE this app! It went above my expectations! Seriously people, I was blown away by how simple it was and how much it did to keep me on track! It helped me stay balanced with gifts for my large family! I could list ideas the minute I thought of them, change the status to purchased if I purchased or save it for an idea later. In a quick glance I could see what I had left to purchase and if I still needed to wrap gifts! That same glance showed me where I stood with my budget, even breaking my spending down for each person. AND, no more frustration with “forgetting my shopping list”…it was right there with me every time I needed to reference it! No more “family finding my paper list”…which has spoiled the surprise more times then I’d like to mention! I am so impressed with this app that I’m going to use their Birthday app to keep me on track with those ideas and purchases! I just may achieve “Super Mom” status after all! This app is a solid “must use”!
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5 years ago, pandawillrule
I LOVE THIS APP!!!!!!!!!
This app is great I looked through 7 different apps and this one was by far the BEST. It has everything I was looking for a password, keep track of spending, keep track of how much I’m going to spend, keep track of my ideas and much more I love how I can change the price so if I find something on sale I can change it so I don’t think I spent more than I did. I don’t have any complaint but do have a few suggestions. I would want a feature where you could see how much you spent/will spend so I know how much I need,I also wish you could remove gifts (I don’t know if there’s a way but I haven’t been able to find any) I would like the option to set a budget where I type in how much I want to spend and if I go over it will tell me. Overall I have no complaints but some suggestion I would like to see added in the near future. If you are looking for an app to track Christmas spending this is the one I recommend I even got my mom to get it and she loves it. It works well and never glitches. The gift idea page is a nice touch but I wish you more ideas for different ages but overall a great app highly recommend.🙂🙂🙂
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2 years ago, KristyAnn1984
Best app EVER!!
Let me start by saying that I have never written a review for an app. However, this app definitely deserves one! I began using this either three or four years now, and it is by FAR the most helpful/useful app I have ever used! It’s so simplistic and easy to use. I love that you can organize your recipient list either alphabetically, or by group…it makes it a lot easier for me to have families grouped together. My favorite feature is that you can mark whether your gift is an idea, you’ve purchased it, it’s arrived, and you’ve wrapped. As someone who loves to check off a list, I love to change these as they happen. The other thing I love is being able to use this for ideas. I can’t tell you how many times it’s the middle of the year and I get an idea for someone. Well, come time for Christmas shopping I’ve clearly forgotten all about it. But not anymore!! It’s much easier to have this app in my phone bc I can add it right away instead of finding something to write it down on and probably losing it. Like I said, truly the best gift app out there. Download it! You won’t regret it!!
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3 years ago, L.M.G. 2015
Great App - made my Christmas shopping less stressful this year
This app has been really helpful for gifts this year. It has really helped me keep track of everything. I have a few things I’d like to see, but I hope this doesn’t come across as negative because I truly LOVE this app! I would love if there was a way to change the font to something really simple, the font is a bit distracting to me and I almost didn’t even use the app because of it (I’m glad I changed my mind, though, because I was having trouble with keeping up with what I had and what I needed, and this app has such a good system to track everything). I’d also love if there was an easy way to see where items were from at a glance, or maybe a way to view everything needed by store it’s coming from? So if you’re headed to a specific place, whether in person or online, you could easily generate a list of your ideas that you might get from there. It’d also be cool if there was a way to keep track of price comparisons of a gift at different stores! LOVE the app and will continue to use throughout the year!
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2 years ago, KappySays
The best app! Total budget saver
I have 4 kids and a huge extended family so I get incredibly stressed out buying Christmas presents every year. Keeping spending fair between my kids is very hard and I didn’t realize how much money I was spending. THIS APP IS A LIFESAVER! My anxiety was gone with this app and I feel more in control of Christmas. First off it’s very user friendly. The interface is cute, organized and has a very small learning curve. You add all the people you are buying gifts for then add the gifts. You can track costs, if items have arrived, been wrapped or just purchased. You can see how much you’ve spent all together and by person. Secondly, there’s a pin! I love this. My kids use my phone sometimes so them not getting into the app is vital. Thirdly it’s free. You can donate a few dollars, which I happily did and am now looking for more of their apps. GIVE IT A TRY! One thing I’d like to see: purchase price & regular price. I’d like to see how much I saved per item/total with all the holiday sales. I’m a saver and if I could see the actual value of the gifts that would be amazing
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2 years ago, Hotness13
Best Personal Assistant I’ve ever had!! 🥰🤗
I came here needing to say something about this app and what a lifesaver it has been for me this holiday season! I got the app probably around early October but I was able to put my family members names down and brainstorm ideas and keep track of those ideas in one place with website link capability as well. And now that there is only a few days til Christmas is here, I have been opening up my app every night after all the packages have arrived and check off each item as ‘idea’ -> ‘purchase’ -> and now ‘arrived’! NEVER have I been so organized and I have ADHD so this has been a lifesaver in keeping me focused and aware of how many packages are still to show up. Now, to start marking off it all as ‘wrapped’ 😮‍💨 any volunteers 😊 Btw guys, your Fire tracker app, Snow report & Forecast app & Hurricane tracker app have all been amazing as well! I’m in Colorado and my brother just moved from here and three months later was slammed with Hurricane Ian in Florida in his coastal town of st Augustine. But your tracker gave lifesaving early accurate reports Thank You!
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9 months ago, Sea.nik
Gift List is the best gift ever!
This app was life changing for me (in a very first world way 😆). I use it year round to make note of ideas and for birthday gifts as well as Christmas. I used to have phone notes and written notes all over the place for ideas. It’s so convenient to have everything in one spot. I even have myself on my list to add gift ideas for when people ask, because I can never remember. This app has the perfect amount of features. It’s simple, but detailed. The only thing I wish I could do that I can’t is put the people on the list in a specific order. To my knowledge, they automatically go in alphabetical order and can not be rearranged. Of course an easy fix to this is just putting numbers before the names, in the order you want them. I have recommended this app to several people who now use and love it. My mom has happily converted to Gift Lift from the excel spreadsheet she had been using years. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars! Thank you, thank you to the creator! 🥰
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8 months ago, leopardtia97
A Must-Have for the Holidays!!
Do you need a Christmas gift app? No? Wrong!! Everyone needs this app. I recommend it to everyone I know and everyone loves it just as much as I do! Not only does it allow you to write down what you want to give people, but it also categorizes by customizable groups of individuals (for example, in laws vs mom’s side vs dad’s side vs coworkers vs friends, etc), categorizes between ideas, purchased, arrived and wrapped, and allows you to add a link to each one that’s easy to view and notes on each gift, has helpful graphs that show costs and number of items, and even offers ideas for some picky folks that you don’t know what to get for! Plus a countdown, if you’re into that. And you can even share and collaborate lists with others! Literally I don’t need any other app for this anymore! Say goodbye to the cluttered notes app lists that make no sense at all, because this will be everything for you. I’ve used it every year and will continue to use it every year forever.
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2 years ago, Dena756
Awesome App!
This app is amazing. I love to do a HUGE Christmas, but since I’m not rich, in order to pull this off for my family, I have to basically pick things up all throughout the year. I have to keep track of what I have, and make sure I have the same amount for both of my kids to keep it even. I also use it to keep track of birthday gifts as well. For years I have kept this all hand written in a journal, which was cumbersome, and because it wasn’t in my pocket, I would forget to enter things, and also fear that my kids would find the evidence LOL. The developers are great too, because I told them the only thing that I thought it needed improved was the ability to create groups, because before you had to scroll through all the people and gifts in order to get to people on the bottom. The groups feature is great, and solved that feature. It’s also great that you can mark things as purchased, arrived, wrapped, etc…it’s an organizer’s dream, and super user friendly.
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5 years ago, EricNJennifer
Great app but....
This is a super great app! Works perfect for my Christmas shopping. It would be really helpful with a few tweaks, and maybe there was a setting I couldn’t find: *A way to add the ideas amounts in with the purchased amounts without changing the items to purchased to see what the budget would be. They are currently two separate lists, so maybe I just missed a step. The ability to see a budget at all is SUPER helpful, so I’m probably being too picky. *The way to track more than just Christmas gifts. We have a large number of December birthdays, so if you could create two types of lists in the same app, or even mark an item as Christmas or Birthday would be amazing. The countdown could still happen, it just wouldn’t apply to the items marked birthday. Or maybe even be able to input information for individuals such as their birthday so there could be multiple countdowns. Anyway- great app and one I will certainly continue to use!
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3 years ago, Jwolfe9598
Great tracking app!
I absolutely love this app. I’ve not used a gift tracking app before this year and it’s a game changer! I really like the budget feature, as well as categorizing by idea, purchased, arrived, etc. I keep a running list of gift ideas all year and use for birthdays and holidays. Even though this is a Christmas gift tracker, I’m going to use for birthdays, too. I guess one suggestion would be a birthday icon. I’ve seen some other great suggestions in the recent reviews, can’t wait to see what enhancements are next. There was a suggestion by a reviewer for a tagging feature, that would be awesome, as their example of stockings is exactly how I would use and find very helpful. I would recommend this app to anyone who yearns to be organized and have helpfully arranged lists at their fingertips. The app is intuitive and actually fun, in the sense of making a list and checking it twice…
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7 months ago, Reeaally crappy app
This is my 5th year to use this app. I absolutely love it and would not want to do holiday shopping without it!! I thrive on being organized and used to use Excel spreadsheets but it’s cumbersome for shopping and is not near as portable and compact. Gift List has been a gift and I can’t even remember how I found it. But you must try it. I can’t imagine you’d find anything better. I love how you can tap and change the status of a gift from an idea to purchase to arrive to wrapped. It helps you track and budget your shopping and you can even archive and track your gifts from year to year and so much more! This app is very user-friendly when you want to add something delete something or change. And believe it or not it’s actually made my Christmas shopping fun!! I even love the little Christmas countdown at the top. Thank you, thank you thank you! A Happy Shopper!!
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2 years ago, Sassycassie_o9
Love, love, love this app!
This app is *so* helpful, I’m recommending it to everyone I know! I’ve been trying to figure out a way to track/budget my Christmas shopping in the numbers and notes apps but it was an absolute headache. This app not only helps you budget but also gives you a graph of how many items you have for each person on your list which is extremely helpful, especially when shopping for kids. There’s also a bunch of other things you can do in the settings like organize the list manually, add a password or organize your list of people into groups which I could see how that would be super helpful! I can’t get over this app and I’ll definitely be using it for my future Christmas seasons. If you’re looking for the perfect budgeting app this season, this is it! Thank you so much for making such a helpful app!
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11 months ago, Ohio review
Keeps holidays more organized
This app is truly a lifesaver. This will be my third year using it. It keeps me organized and less stress for holidays by keeping track of gift ideas and what I’ve purchased. I like how you can add notes and links to websites/stores for gifts. I’ve tried a few others and they all got deleted but two. This one and another one. Last year I actually used both to see which I liked better. I really liked this one better but some features the other has that I wish this one had is the ability to rearrange the gift order under each individual and add photo if I wanted. Also, to create a new years list without losing the ability to access the previous gifts and all their links/ notes/photos. You can save and archive your list and it saves each gift and dollar amount but that’s all you view. Hopefully in the future they’ll be able to add these options.
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4 years ago, kbworthy616
Exactly what I needed
I did some research to find a gift tracker. This one is perfect. It puts the recipients in alphabetical order. You can put in an overall budget and keep track of how much you’ve spent overall and for each person. You can share the list and collaborate with others so if your husband has a brilliant idea for your nephew in the middle of the day, he can add it and it’ll show up on your list too. You can also hide gifts so your husband can’t see what ideas you have for him (which is a fantastic feature so I didn’t have to make a separate list for him)! It is super easy to navigate and even has a way to track what you’ve wrapped. I had an issue with it not saving but emailed support and they responded within minutes and knew exactly what to do to fix it. As you can tell, it’s a perfect app and much better than previous ones I’ve used or anything else I found.
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4 years ago, cupcakeqeenxo
I purchased this two years ago thinking it was just gonna be another Christmas list app on my phone that I would look into you about twice and I would not use it again. And I also figured that it wasn’t going to be what I needed to help me get more organized for Christmas.☃️ But little did I know this app is amazing. I love how you can tell if you’ve purchased the item or if it’s an idea just by clicking one simple button and I also love how you can put the URL so I can easily click on it and go to the item I’m looking for. I’ve use this app for two years straight had no problems and I LOVE how there are no pop up ads. Yeah another great thing I love is how it gives you ideas for gifts for all ages teens pets moms dads all of it. This is an app I use every single year and I have had nothing that I dislike about this app!!!!
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2 years ago, ATVman
This App is Amazing!
I love this app. It is very simple and easy to use. It does exactly what I need it to do. I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I love that I can put in ideas as soon as I think of them and then with the push of a button, I can mark items as purchased. It also keeps track of what I have wrapped and what I have left to do. I also really love that you can customize your Christmas budget and it keeps track of your spending for you so you always know exactly what you have left to spend. I also love that you can archive your gifts each year so that you can look back to see what you purchased from year to year. It is so nice to have everything organized right on my phone instead of keeping track of it all on paper which is what I used to do. Works perfectly for me!
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4 years ago, 77Lil
I absolutely LOVE this app!!
I absolutely love this app! It is just what I was looking for. It is very simple, which is perfect for me since I just needed something to keep track of my Christmas list. The only things that I would change would be to have the icons for “Ideas, Purchased” and such be different colors so that at a glance I can tell what I still need to do. I like that they change depending on the status, but changing colors, even from light red for one status to dark red for another status, and light green for one status and dark green for another status would probably be enough to tell at a glance. Also, when I am typing in a present, I would rather not have all the words of the present capitalized. I know that is picky, but I can’t help but change it all the time. These are just minor things. The app is awesome and I cannot thank you enough for it!!😁
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3 years ago, tarynnastatia
warms my little Type A heart… ☕️🎄🎁
This is the first year I’ve used any sort of checklist for Christmas presents and this app just warms my little Type A heart. ☺️ I love that I can track the status of each gift from “idea” to “wrapped” and checking things off as I go satisfies me to my core. I appreciate that I can track how much I have spent/will spend on gifts. Maybe one of my favorite things about this app is the widget option for my home screen. I love the cute little countdown to Christmas every time I open my phone and the easy access right to my list. I will be using this app throughout the year to jot down gift ideas as I think of them to make Christmas time that much easier! While totally not necessary, something that might be fun would be the option to personalize the app - font and color scheme specifically.
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3 years ago, Tamra Diette
I love this app! I used this last year also. It keeps me very organized. You add the people you buy for. You can set a budget or leave blank. You can also budget each individual. Default sets names to alphabetical but change to any order you want. Scroll down to the gift recipient and add the gift and price. It allows you to add a website where you purchased and has a notes section at the bottom. Under the gift, click whether it’s an idea (handy during the year if someone mentions something specific); if it was purchased; if it has arrived or if it has been wrapped. (My only suggestion for developers would be for when a total is included and “idea” is clicked for the amount to be included somehow in the budget) Also has a countdown to Christmas.
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7 months ago, Nipkoh
A Christmas Miracle
This app saved me this Christmas. I love that the app allows me to track my status with each gift (idea, purchased,arrived, wrapped). I’m really excited to use the idea list year round when I get present ideas. The notes section is saving me from forgetting where I put all the gifts and finding unwrapped presents in February. The budget tracking is amazing. The only thing I would add would be a $ total amount adding the gift ideas and purchased gifts together, as well as their individual totals. I really appreciate that this app was free to try out but ended up donating to the developer because they deserve it! Well done and thank you for making this Christmas season much more enjoyable for me! I just downloaded their birthday tracking app as well; I can’t wait to use it!
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2 years ago, Dihi2
I was worried
I have always wanted a way to organize my gift giving, I always just wrote a list and then guarded it with my life so no one saw it. Never put a budget or kept track because it was just more stress! I’m not very good at using a lot of apps because they are burdensome to me. I can’t say enough good about this app. It is sooo easy! I’ve even put a budget and it keeps track for me. I’m almost finished with my shopping and it’s October!!! I credit this app for this achievement because it has organized me so well. When I told my granddaughter, she immediately grabbed my phone to see what was on my list for her! I was thrilled that she couldn’t get in because of the easy password protect! I can’t say how pleased I am with it! I just showed my daughter (shared). And she loves it too! We are both thrilled!
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2 years ago, ChgoMom
Great gift tracking app
I used to use a to-do list type app to track holiday and birthday gift ideas an purchases but the developer stopped updating it, so it wasn’t working properly. So I found this app and gave it a try. I can already tell, after only have it a couple weeks, that this developer is different. There have already been multiple updates giving great new features to keep it useful and taking customer ideas and making them reality. This app is so much better for tracking gifts (whether just ideas, or already purchased, received, wrapped…). It’s very helpful for keeping me on track. And for those who like to balance the number of gifts per kid, or the amount of money spent per person, this puts it all right there for you. Love it!
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5 years ago, Wellers81
Make Gift Giving Easy
I have enjoyed this app a lot. I love that you can list all of the people you have to buy for and even type I gift ideas and how much they are projected to cost and also whether or not you’ve bought an item. And it will keep a running total for each person. There is also a pie chart so you can see what has been bought and any items you haven’t bought. And a pie chart for how much you have spent on each person. My only critique would be that I wish you could list what your budget was for each person. I wish there was a screen to go into that could tell you how much more you need to buy. This would be handy because there are some people that a $15 gift means they are done, and others I have a $150 budget for. It would be nice to just open the app get into a screen and see “You need to spend x, y, or z amount more on these people.”
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2 years ago, 1234NoNickName5678
It Works and I love it!
I have been using this app for over two years and absolutely love it. I made a list of friends and family, and during the year when I hear them say, I’d like that or one of these days I’m going to get me one I notate it in the gift list. Birthday rolls around, I go to my gift list for ideas. Christmas - list of wants is already there. The best part, especially with online ordering now, is I can track when I made a purchase, when it arrived and when it has been wrapped. The icing on the cake was when my husband asked if I had any idea how much we had spent on Christmas? I went to my Christmas list and showed him the total. He was amazed I had such a handy app that helped me keep track of spending! I love this FREE app and highly recommend it!!
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2 years ago, Mrs. Mama Claus
Game changer!
I found this app just before last Christmas. I was excited to use it throughout this past year to add gift ideas throughout the year in an organized fashion. It has made gift buying this season so much more streamlined. I have recommended this app to countless family and friends and will continue to do so. The developer was also extremely responsive. I wrote to him asking if what I called a “hide or unhide button” could be added to the app to visually cut back on those whom I had already purchased for. Within days a “mark as completed” button was added and the developer was emailing me to let me know of this change. So nice to see people being open to ideas to make an already great app even better! Like the title says… Game changer!
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2 months ago, deffgghyrf
Best List for Keeping Track of Gifts for The Holidays
This is the best app I have ever used for keeping things organized for the gift buying for the holidays. I have been using this app for more than 3 years, and it really has made a huge difference. I love that you can change the status of the items from Idea, to purchased, arrived, and the wrapped one is the best. You can add website links to where you want to purchase a gift idea, add pictures, and add notes too. Thank you to the developers for an amazing product. I did get a message that we may need to pay a yearly $2.99 fee for the app or some functions starting in 2025, and honestly the developers could charge me $2.99 for the app a year, and I would pay it just to access
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7 months ago, klmpanther
So helpful!
This app is amazing- I’m so glad someone in a FB group recommended it. Now I have an easy, efficient repository for all Christmas gifts - including gift ideas. I’m able to add links and prices, which is so helpful when trying to plan purchases and when trying to budget and ensure consistency among recipients. I also love how I can add as many people as needed but then group them so only my immediate family shows initially, to keep it clean and organized. I also just enabled the password feature to make sure no surprises are spoiled in the event a kid gets a hold of my phone. I honestly can’t believe all of the features and capabilities given that this is FREE! I never, ever write reviews but this app hits it out of the park and I highly recommend it.
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2 years ago, f-updates
This is my third (I think) year using this app. It is invaluable to keep us organized and on budget for the holidays! I have 7 kids, and it used to be a big paper spreadsheet. I had to hide it (and then find it again), remember to write on it and do the math myself! This app tracks all that for me. It’s in my pocket so I can update anytime. I am able to put a passcode on the app so nosey kids can’t see the lists. Keeping track of ideas, what has been bought or ordered and then updating when it actually arrives keeps me from forgetting someone or having uneven gifts. I can see exactly who needs what or if I am overspending. Every update has made it more intuitive and easier to use. I could not love this app any better than I do.
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3 years ago, MJ Texas Nana
Most helpful app for Christmas!
I have had this app for a couple of years. I love it and can’t imagine how I would do Christmas without it! The developer actually responded to my request to add a spot for “wrapped”, because I needed a way to know I had completed that task. One year, I forgot to wrap a few small gifts and found them in a closet months afterwards. If you have more than a few gifts or people to buy for and a budget to keep up with, I think you will find this app very helpful. Also, I use it throughout the year to record a gift idea that comes up for someone on my list. No more sticky notes! It’s also records how much money I’ve spent on each person. You cannot beat this app to keep yourself organized and within budget!
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6 months ago, barbie&ken50
Only one suggestion
This was my first Christmas using this app and it was wonderful. It really helped me keep an eye on my spending. Previously, I’ve always kept a little notebook, but often wouldn’t remember to write down the price. My one suggestion for 5 stars would be to have different color for the various icons that indicate purchased, arrived and wrapped so that it would be easier at a glance to see what was still undone. I know there are red and green and I believe black but the two darker colors are too similar to for these old eyes to distinguish between very easily. Young eyes might not have an issue with it but for me that’s the one tweak I would recommend to make it easier. Highly recommend this app for anyone who wants to be organized and keep track of their spending at Christmas.
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4 years ago, D Rohlinger
Gift List is a wonderful idea! You can list all the people you want to buy gifts for and have an organized list of ideas for yourself with even suggestions from the app. I always have such scattered thoughts about what to get for my family and friends that I wind up buying just anything on the shelf at the last minute because nothing else is left. Not this year - Gift List kept me organized and now that I am able to print the list I just check it off at the store and update my app as soon as I have time. If I order online it’s even easier. Now I can use the app all year long to keep track of things I buy during the year so I don’t forget about them and over buy for one and get nothing for another. THIS APP IS GREAT!!! Thank you developers.
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4 years ago, 1 Ro
Easy to use gift list
I used this list last year and it changed my stress of Christmas shopping from a 10 (being the highest stress to a 0 stress level). You can create a list for each person you gift, enter the gift name, there’s a place for the URL where the gifts can be purchased, a place to enter price that automatically adds up what you’ve spent, a notes section and a idea, purchased, arrived and wrapped check off buttons. What I love is that it has a place to enter everything I need and it’s so simple that a first grader could manage this list. Simplicity is KEY for me with stressful situations and this APP is PERFECT for my needs. I would 100% recommend using this free app to help with you Holiday or other gift giving occasions.
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3 years ago, Greenegurl
This is a Christmas lifesaver!
This app will not only keep you and all your holiday shopping organized during Christmas but you can archive previous years’ lists. It automatically tallies each person’s dollar amount so all the hard work is done for you. It allows you to add emojis to your line items… for example when I make a stocking purchase I add a sock icon so I can also see how many stocking items I’ve bought. The “idea” option is such a smart button. When you think of a gift idea, you can just open the app and add it. This will allow you to keep it all together during Christmas time. I’ve been using this for the last few years and it’s one of the most useful apps I have!
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3 years ago, kjwspecial
Very handy app for Christmas
I have used this to keep track of ideas and purchases for my large family. It is also helpful for online shopping because I purchase so much online and the app gives you a way to track what items you have received and what items you are still waiting on to arrive which is helpful to keep up with all the packages. I would suggest that there be a way to pull a list from all ideas entered on everyone you have entered which ends up being something like a shopping list. It would just list items you need to still purchase in a separate list you can pull up easily when shopping. Thank you for creating this useful app!
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2 years ago, Shotgun Shannon
Best little gift app
I've used this app for a few years now, and I keep it on my phone year round so I can jot down ideas for gifts through the year. For anyone that is organized or even if you are not but want to try this is a great little tool that you can take anywhere. I would say it also helps me stay on budget but I never stay on budget regardless😜, however I like that it does the math for you so you can see the big picture. For stocking stuffers instead of listing them as separate gifts, I just name one gift for each person "Stocking Stuffers" and then in the notes I jot down the items I buy with the price next to it and then total it for the stocking stuffer category.
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1 year ago, zoeyhearts
Fantastic app
I have been using this app for years now. I love that I can input any gift ideas I have through out the year. Example: we went away skiing in February. The ski house had something my husband loved. I put the gift idea in the app. When Christmas time came around I purchased it. He was really impressed that I remembered that he liked this item. Any time a family member says “I wish I had” or “I could really use” I put it in the app for Christmas time. It helps me from buying just for the sake of buying because it’s Christmas. We love a good budget and this keeps me on track. I like that I can review years past to see what I’ve bought and spent. Overall just a fantastic app.
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5 years ago, LvBks21
Loving this!
I had another app I’ve used for some time, it recently must have been deleted, because it didn’t seem to work when I tried to log in. So I searched for another app that was fairly similar. This one seems to be pretty good! I love the ease of using this app. I only wish (like my previous app), that this app would have the option to say that the gift that was bought, could show wrapped and have a way to take a picture of it, instead of just purchased. Other than that, I love this app! UPDATE: I love that the app was updated with some of the things I suggested. This makes it an even better app! I hope this one stays so I can use it for future holidays! Thank you for the response and listening to your users!
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2 years ago, R9220
Super helpful
I find this app to be super helpful!! I am able to have my gifts hidden away…but I remember what I have because I can look at the app. I can also keep track of online orders and when they arrive. I have used this app for the last month or 6 weeks and I find it super helpful!! I do have a suggestion…to be able to move gifts from one person or category to another. I help shop for my elderly father and so I also have to keep track of what he gets for my kids. And there is some shuffling that happens and it would be nice to be able to move it to a different name or category. But this doesn’t hinder me from feeling it’s 5 stars in the helpful category!!
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3 years ago, jstru5
Love this App
I am a list maker. And with so many to purchase for, this app is truly a lifesaver. I have tried other apps for Christmas lists and have always been disappointed. This app is simple, without too many bells and whistles and it does exactly what I need it to. It keeps track of ideas, spending, and whether or not an item has been purchased, arrived or wrapped (love this feature!) I use this app all year round to store ideas as my family gives them to me. My only suggestion would be the option to add a subcategory under a name (such as Stocking gifts) but I can just continue to add a second list for each person for that. Thanks for this app. Its been SO helpful!
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4 years ago, elfmagic28
Elf magic!!!
Used in 2019 and already started list for 2020. Those after Christmas sales purchased and items assigned. This makes holiday shopping so much easier to add ideas, add items purchased and track spending per person and overall. I have referred this app to a few. Love that you can archive your list from one year and then reset for next. Still learning as I just found out how to organize the list. I feel so organized for next holiday season already!!!! I’m guilty of buying throughout the year as I see something on sale then forget who it was for or how much I spent and usually overspend. I’m hoping this helps me stay organized throughout year so I can actually enjoy the holidays more and stress less 🤩🎅🏻🎄
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4 years ago, Running Tia
I love this app!
Now...I would say ILOCE THIS APP!!! if there were different ways to sort the list. Alphabetical is perfect early on in the planing stages but now, 37 days from Christmas, it would be nice to be able to sort “by urgency” if you will. No idea at the top, followed by those with an idea, then purchased arrived and wrapped. That way the ones I need to put the most work into would be at the top. I do like that you can reorder them yourself but it seems it would be simple enough to add an alphabetical or by gift status sorting option. Either way, this app is exactly what I needed! I love it even if I have to keep scrolling, that one thing would just make it more convenient. Maybe that’s what the app developers will get me for Christmas! 😁
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4 years ago, Connie in Indiana
Good app
After looking at and even trying a couple gift list apps out, liking different things on each this was the best one I liked and worked for me. It is very easy to use and does a great job tracking gifts, spending and where you are with each gift. Now I won’t find a gift forgot about months later where I hid it. Suggests to make it better add a tab for each person for Stockings because for me that is a separate thing and like to know when they are done and how much spent. Also which are stocking gifts and which are under the tree gifts. Also maybe a general not tab for like to do today Christmas shopping or even where you can pull all the “ideas” together in one spot. I like the To Do tab better though. Good app. First year using and has helped a lot.
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5 months ago, up.north.girl
By far the best I’ve tried, 2 years in a row now. This year I shared with my husband and awesome we could work from the same list as we shopped. Great to see the total $. I would like to see a category between idea and purchased where you could move gift ideas in and out to decide which combination of gifts to get based on how it impacts the budget. Would also be nice to add ideas before assigning and then an option to assign to multiple people so you don’t have to repeat adding the website and descriptions etc.. Very impressed with this developer and have added the Birthday app, too… will be looking at their other apps soon!
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7 months ago, Jswindler0
Overall really helpful, but having trouble syncing smoothly
I love the idea behind this app, and for the most part, it has been a lifesaver! My one complaint, though, is that sometimes it takes a couple hours, if not a couple days, for the app to update with what I’ve added (whether it be people, ideas, gifts, etc). I’m also trying to work with it between my iPhone and iPad, and sometimes it seems like it just doesn’t want to sync. I’ll think I’ve done something wrong after waiting several hours, so I’ll re-enter what I’ve already done, only to have it show up duplicated a few hours later. I’m not giving up on it though, because once it catches up with itself, it’s amazing!!
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2 years ago, IntuitiveMegan
Love this app
Love this app for organizing Christmas. Got it after Thanksgiving so I’m excited to use this and the birthday app to track gift ideas year round now. There suggestions: (1) ability to change who an idea/ gift is assigned to - I was adding stuff so quickly and wanted to just change the name instead of delete and retype; (2) ability to filter by people with “Ideas”/ gifts left to purchase or people not checked off; (3) ability to select multiple ideas/gifts at once to switch the status (idea/ purchased/ arrived/ wrapped). These features would add to the experience and ease of use, but it still is very functional the way it is.
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2 years ago, Dity88
This app is such a game changer for keeping track of gifts for my family. I love that I can post ideas, gifts purchased, and even if I’ve wrapped it or not! It keeps track of how much I’ve spent per person as well as how much I’ve spent total for all my gifts this season. It also has a space for a website if I found it online and I can write notes about it. When my husband saw me updating it in line waiting to checkout he was so excited to see how it tracked everything and could narrow down who we needed to get more stocking stuffers for and added a few more names of family members I had forgotten. It truly is a perfect app for the season!!! 🎄
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