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User Reviews for Chrono24 | Buy & Sell Watches

4.87 out of 5
52.1K Ratings
1 year ago, Rolex fanboy
I love all things bout watches.
I’m a poor man when it comes to buying the luxury watch brands however I enjoy learning more about watches from a financial perspective. I am a self taught watchmaker, meaning I get the respect from my local Jewelry store watchmaker and I know enough to make me dangerous lol. But I bid on old vintage watches from eBay and enjoy it when I can make it run again. Im 62 years old and I’ve worn a watch since I was a kid. I appreciate Chrono24 and the opportunity for discovering new things that I didn’t know about. Thank you for all the content you provide. I finally have figured out a way to become a watch trader. And your site has allowed me to get into the luxury watch market one traded or sold watch at a time. Your site has allowed me as a poorman to finally wear a Rolex Explorer, Omega 300M, IWC portifino and a Glashutte original senator excellence. Thank you Chrono24. Ps. As a poorman it’s one watch or sometimes two watches that eventually get traded for a one watch deal. I wish I was a collector but I’ll take my watch enjoyment anyway I can get it.
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8 months ago, jdhaynes
GS SBGY007 “Omowatari”
This was an excellent transaction. I made an offer, the price was agreed upon promptly, I paid and watch was shipped the next day. I had the watch within 48 hours of starting the process and without spending any time on the phone. The watch arrived completely as described - used and VG condition with some light signs of wear. I had to get a loupe out to see any blemishes on the case and even then, very minor. The dial is flawless and beautiful as expected. Spring drive keeping superb time as advertised and power reserve was spot on as advertised. This was my first Chrono 24 purchase. I was a little nervous, but it turned out to be an exceptional process.
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2 years ago, ne14surf
Buyer beware
Please be aware that this platform is operated heavily in favor of dealers. I purchased a watch from a “Professional Dealer”, ML Supply Co, and although the watch described as coming with a “complete set”, it didn’t come with the manufacturer’s complimentary fabric strap. Although the dealer allowed me to return the watch for a refund, he sent me a return address that was different from the original address. Chrono24’s website states that the buyer should contact them if the return address is different (there are risks in sending it to the wrong address), but Chrono24 never responded to my email. I asked the dealer to change the address to the original but he didn’t change it, so I decided to keep the watch. When I tried to write a negative review for the dealer regarding this buying process, Chrono24 didn’t allow the posting of my review. They didn’t notify me about not allowing my review, and I had to call them to figure out why. I later received an email response stating that my review didn’t meet their guidelines without any explanation of how it didn’t meet their guidelines. To this day, I still don’t know why my review was not reflected in ML Supply Co’s overall rating.
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8 months ago, r1chm1ke
Awful buying experience for US residents
Overall a great platform for watch lovers. However, the purchasing experience is a headache for US residents. I have bought 3 watches and sold about 6 on Chrono24. Myself and purchasers of my watches get the same bad buying experience. First, being a German based company, my bank flags the purchase but once I confirm it is not fraud, Chrono24 will still not work. After repeated calls to my bank and Chrono24 I have tried everything from using a different credit card to using different browsers at the rep’s recommendation to discover that Chrono24 has locked me out for 24 hours. The rep’s and managers seem unconcerned on the matter and don’t seem to show initiative to resolve the matter. They’re a broken record telling me to try a different browser and contact my bank. I would recommend only using a wire or contact the seller to make arrangements to purchase on a different platform if you’re in the US. Very disappointed in the buying experience.
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5 months ago, Stashiu
Don’t like the latest update
The app is very good for finding watches. The drawbacks are: 1. People who post watches do not use all of the data elements consistently, such as model or (especially) reference number. As a result, you may need to conduct multiple searches with different parameters to find all of the watches you are looking for. 2. A recent update now masks the name of the dealer. This is a step backwards in functionality for buyers, particularly when you are looking for (or looking to avoid) a particular dealer. 3. A more recent update has made the scrolling feature jerky and clumsy. I spend little time browsing now, because of how annoying the scroll feature has become. 4. And an update in late 2023 has changed the way a user accesses the details about the watch. It just feels like the app is morphing from an easy to use tool, to a clunky tool that has had unnecessary changes forced into it, simply for the sake of change. It’s going backward.
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4 years ago, CP_Academy
Do not wire this company money!
In July 2020, I purchased a gold presidential Rolex utilizing the Chrono24 platform from a dealer based in New York. I wired the money to Chrono24’s bank in London and they claimed the money was exchanged and was received short of the purchases price. While my bank investigated the issue I paid the remaining balance with a credit card as I wanted the watch ASAP. A few days later my bank was able to resolve the issue and the balance was sent to Chrono24. I requested a refund for the balance that I previously paid Chrono24 using my credit card and they still have not returned the money. It’s been three months of fraudulent claims that they returned the money but they can’t seem to send me a copy of a legitimate receipt. They won’t give me contact info for there banks representative. They won’t send me a skip trace of how they returned the money. At this point I’m convinced they never even attempted to return the overpayment and this is how they scam customers. Buyer beware!
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3 years ago, ChasevsCiti
Tremendous customer service
I have purchased three Omega watches via Chrono24, two new and one used. All three transactions were handled with great efficiency and to my complete satisfaction. In fact, I had to return one watch to the dealer due to some issues and the support offered by Chrono24 was amazing. They were super responsive when the dealer wasn’t, and were committed to making sure the issue was resolved to my satisfaction. It’s easy to give 5-star reviews for easy transaction, but to give one when there was an issue speaks volumes. I am a lifer and have been recommending Chrono24 to all my friends.
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6 years ago, Shylock78
Great app, but needs supervised curation
This app is wonderful for finding exactly the kind of watch you want. My only criticism is that some dishonest sellers are permitted to do a "bait and switch" with their ads. By "bait and switch," I mean that some of the ads placed on the site are for watches the sellers do not actually have (or have EVER had? There is no way to know if they are telling the truth...) and, when one messages them, they tell you that the advertised watch has already been sold (in many case a very long time ago), then try to sell you other inventory. This practice should be monitored and curbed by the people who monitor the app.
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5 years ago, wwididhfeiajshfg
Too oriented towards interests of sellers
Site provides lots of useful information about the real market for timepieces, along with relevant prices. However, it appears to view the sellers as its real customers, and will support the seller in any dispute with a buyer. Buyers should not deceive themselves into thinking that Chrono24 provides them with any extra layer of protection. I have experienced this firsthand. That’s why it is most important to do your own due diligence on the seller, and do not rely on Chrono24 and its seller recommendation as anything relevant. Rather, simply rely on the site as an informational resource with respect to relevant pricing.
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9 months ago, spazz27
Very glitchy and non-responsive customer support
I’ve used Chrono24 for several years now, but something has changed over the last couple. The system overall is glitchy and the customer support incompetent to atrocious. Case in point a listing I'm trying to upload. For several attempts now, it sends back the message to “update proof of ownership”. For those who don’t know, proof of ownership refers to the 2 photos one has to take of the watch with the random time displayed on the listing wizard. So, of course I set the watch to match the times displayed and upload these pictures. And the photos are crystal clear. Yet, as I say, the listing does not go live and the “update proof of ownership” message appears. So, either there is a glitch in the application when reading these photos, or the individuals checking the photos don’t know how to read the time on a watch. So I contact customer service using the link provided. It’s been months and NO ONE has replied yet. So what’s the excuse for that? This app/platform is trending downwards and my hope is it gets fixed in a hurry.
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2 years ago, Lilchris57
Excellent buying experience!
From the first time I reached out to enquire about my new Omega Aqua Terra, Chris at Replacements, Ltd provided prompt and professional attention to each and everyone of my questions. Chris provided the best customer service I’ve experienced and demonstrated honesty through the purchasing process and not once did I feel pressured or obligated. Chris provided me with an excellent watch buying experience. I am extremely happy with my new watch and look forward to my next watch purchase at Chrono24. Thank you Chris (Replacements, Ltd). Jorge
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4 years ago, jclayton24
Search the Globe in a Single, Consolidated Space
I will preface my review by admitting that I have yet to purchase a watch via the Chrono24 app. Having said that, I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who enjoys watch shopping. If you’re looking for something specific, I think you’ll like the app’s search features and the variety of filters you can use to target a particular timepiece. I also just think it’s cool that you can access the offerings of so many watch dealers from all over the planet without having to visit multiple websites.
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4 years ago, Giiigi
More honesty please
For starters you could require all vendors to post real pics of the watches, or these pictures with exaggerated amounts of light which does not allow the buyer to see the true conditions. Another big thing is you should require vendors to say polished or non polished, and in exactly the place it was polished! Another big thing is you have some shady vendors saying new watch but price does not match the market price... which means they described watch as new because it’s been polished! We need to protect the buyers, the buyer are makes this platform!
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3 years ago, tboy5868
Excellent Timepiece Resource and Purchasing Platform
With so many watches to review; Chrono 24 is an excellent app for research both for the watches and the sellers. With many of the identical watches available through various vendors - Chrono 24 enables the purchaser to compare the reviews of the vendors as well. Almost all of the vendors I have communicated with have responded in a timely manner. The timepiece photos are excellent and the info on each individual watch is detailed and informational. Chrono 24 is the best online resource for watch information and pricing.
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4 years ago, stuntpro
Informative App for watches
This is the most informative App I ever tried, there are many sorting for easy search, detailed filters to reach your desired selection, easy to track the model you follow. I haven't complete a purchase yet but the steps I went through were easy and clear. Adding a rating for trusted sellers is helping the customer to select his watch with much trust and on the same time they inspect the watch before shipping for extra security.
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5 years ago, Fi9fe9
Good platform, bad sellers!
Very good platform for buying and selling watches, BUT, I think they have a major issue with the sellers they have!!! Bought a watch online and did not any response for 10 days! After the 10 days they replied saying that the watch was not in stock and the just apologize, Then they refunded the money back. After that i tried to buy the same watch from a different seller and again after confirming the purchase and all, they apologized since the watch is not available but they're going to order it from a supplier or what ever and its going to be delayed but they dont know for how long!!!!!!!! How ridiculous is that?!!!!!!
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5 years ago, AGA194769
Dubious quality claims
I purchased an Omega Constellation which looked great in the photos, read great in the assurances about quality, but performed miserably from the get-go. The watch arrived dead as the proverbial doorknob. I sent the watch to Omega for repairs and found out the warranty had been invalidated by unauthorized third-party repairs. I have waited for more than a month for the dealer to take responsibility but they don’t even directly answer their phone. The item will be returned to the dealer and a refund will be expected. However, if Chrono24 wants to maintain a good reputation and a return visit from a customer such as myself, then they should support the buyer who picked the item from their web site, in any dispute between a buyer and the dealer.
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1 year ago, M.C314
Unbelievably easy and fast
Cannot believe how fast, easy and efficient this site is. Also want to thank the seller BC Luxury Timepieces, for being nothing but professional and extremely fast on their shipping and delivery. I made the inquiry and purchase on Wednesday 11/23, and my new watch arrived Friday 11/24. Incredible. Thank you so much for taking all the stress I had about my new piece shipping across country during a holiday! The best thank you
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2 years ago, mymusic81
Great Experience!
From the moment I hit the ‘Buy’ button for the watch, everything was quick and easy. Within minutes I received an email with my balance. I paid the balance with my credit card and shortly after my watch was shipped. This was on a Friday. My watch arrived Tuesday morning in excellent condition without any issues at all. I’m a very satisfied customer!
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4 years ago, @MW_LA
Buyers Beware - Inflated Seller Rewiews
After purchasing a watch through Chrono24 you have a small window of time to review your experience with the seller. This allows shady sellers who take a long time to resolve (or fail to resolve) issues to avoid negative reviews. Long story short: My German seller was a highly rated “trusted seller.” Ultimately, Chrono24 supported the seller in spite of my photographic evidence of the seller’s fraud. I have since found other people through the Omega forum who were cheated by the same seller. Unless you are an expert in watches, don’t risk your money on anything valuable here. Or if you must, buy in your own country from a seller whose reputation you can verify outside of Chrono24. And if you can, cut out the middle man.
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2 years ago, Jman.schlum
Great but needs more discovery options
I really like the app and the measures they take to ensure a frictionless transaction. I recently bought a new Rolex Submariner and was happy with the process. After the purchase, however, my entire personal feed is filled with Submariners (which I no longer care about because I bought one already). It would be great if the discover page could show you more variety and introduce you to watches you hadn’t considered.
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5 years ago, Chipmacgill
Wish I thought of it!
Thanks Chrono 24 team! I while away the day, daydreaming about what to buy next! I am on it at least 15-30 minutes a day. But seriously I think the app is awesome and I have purchased at least 1 watch through it and no doubt will purchase more. May even sell a few through it, if an when I start selling.
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2 years ago, tex996633
My review
Every seller has been responsive and professional with each transaction. The website is by far the best when it comes to navigation and the amount of products listed for sale. You could literally spend hours looking at all of the interesting timepieces they have available.
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2 years ago, esmtll
App experience that beats the web.
Specifically, regarding the app itself: this is one of the few cases wheee a web-first retailer is able to make an app that not only meets the quality of a proper web experience, but actually encourages me use the app more than the website. That said, please give us custom sort options in the Watch Collection, pleeeeease.
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1 year ago, Manicmechanic08
This makes purchasing much safer.
I’m new to purchasing luxury watches. I want a safe way to do this without worrying about getting ripped off by purchasing a fake or paying too much. This app makes both of those things much easier to avoid. Thank you to the developers for making such a wonderful app.
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6 years ago, JC&444
Be careful
I purchased an automatic watch with a poorly functioning mechanism, and was advised by Chrono24 to return it to the seller. The seller claimed I had broken the watch myself, and Chrono24 docked over $700 from me in the return process. Despite the entire claim being based on circumstantial information, Chrono24 told me the seller has been with the site a long time so they felt it was best to support their claim. To be clear, I didn’t do anything to the watch, and promptly returned it 4 days after receiving it. This is not a consumer first company. I’d recommend buying your pre owned watches from Tourneau, Crown and Caliber, or another dealer that guarantees functionality.
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2 years ago, Adrianmiami
Good app ,terrible buyers
First of all I have to say that the app is very nice and in case you actually sell something the commission is probably reasonable. I have 10 watches for sale and I tell you I haven’t sold one in more than a year on this app. All the questions coming from prospective buyers or should I say prospective scammers are either totally dumb or unrealistic. 50% of all buyers on this site are scammers and I do not think that this app has anything going on for it but a nice design. Terrible clientele, people are even cheaper than on ebay or just want to steal your merchandise
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4 years ago, Abrow
Best way to purchase a pre-owned quality time piece
I am impressed with the listings, the security, and the customer service that I received from the dealer using Chrono24’s app. I had been in the jewelry industry for over 25 years and had owned a store. I have carried and sold high end watches over the years. I am extremely pleased with my purchase and will continue to shop thru the Chrono24 app.
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9 months ago, Kona Time
Excellent Experience
I've been a fan of Chrono24 fro some time and this was my second purchase through the portal- my trust continues to grow - another excellent time piece in exceptional condition, better than expected, in a timely and professional exchange. I like the fact that my funds stay in escrow till I receive the item.
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6 months ago, Joshuaxw
Patient seller
This was my first Chrono24 purchase. The seller was very patient communicating with me and held the watch until I was ready to purchase. I’ve never had an online purchase this good in all my years of buying online. The watch is beautiful and well taken care of. I highly recommend this seller.
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1 year ago, Bummed about my transaction
Buyer beware
Remember that you are not always dealing with reputable authorized dealers. Grey market/flippers/private collectors that have different levels of experience and ability to identify issues with timepieces are on this site. I received a watch that was an aggregate of several watches that wasn’t disclosed in the description. It wound up not working after an hour of running. Turns out it was the main spring that needs replacing. Additionally cost me another $250. Chrono staff was not helpful. Find a dealer and do the appropriate homework so you don’t find yourself in a situation like mine.
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6 years ago, RDL1122
The site is difficult for me to navigate as far as going back-and-forth and determining features and comparing to items to each other things are answered very slowly that’s not the way I do business I’m not looking to find an answer to my question in three days from now when I’m ready to purchase and ready to go nobody seems to be in much of a hurryDon’t like when it comes to customer service I have to leave a voicemail for that reason I might consider other purchasing options
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4 years ago, Punkclass
2 successful orders
I purchased a Bell and Ross Diver last year and a U-Boat Sommerso recently. Both came shiny and new, and the U-Boat came with international warranty with matching serial numbers. One U-Boat I ordered first was not to my satisfaction and I returned it without a hitch. A few years ago I had to return a Carl Burcherer without a problem too. What else can you ask for. Great deals, authentic merchandise and a strong return policy.
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6 years ago, Metster88
What a great way to find that watch you have been looking for!!
I love this site. The fact they stand behind the watches sold on their site is priceless. You can authenticate your purchase of from a new seller and seems to work flawlessly. I’m very happy with it functionality and the depth of choice on the site. Well done and highly recommended.
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1 year ago, Excellent for everyday use.
Best app ever!
I’ve used this app for a few months now and can’t tell you how happy I am with the platform. I’ve purchase two watches already and have received both in perfect condition. The authenticity guarantee provides buyer/seller confidence and I will continue to use and recommend this app moving forward.
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1 year ago, Rower2012
Excellent Experience.
The dealer answered my question promptly, with an email within 10 minutes of my sending it. The price was great and the package arrived via UPS a day early. The watch box was very well wrapped. The only thing missing from my experience was the fitting of the watch bracelet and some Champaign to seal the deal. Bravo!
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3 years ago, roof bro
Very professional
This guy was great to deal with. I believe his name was Anton or something close and he got back to me fast. I was new to this platform had a lot of questions and he answered all of them professionally. He also stuck to everything he said he would do. Thanks guys love the watch!!!
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5 years ago, seanmankikar
Please Seller’s Review
It is very important for a Buyer’s to gain confidence in the Seller. When I want to buy a merchandise on eBay, I can read what other Buyers have experienced with this particular Seller on a scale of 1* to 5* rating and also text based review. It is not only helpful for the Buyer, but for the Seller too. I have sold 3 watches on Chrono24, and have had wonderful interaction with the Buyers, but every time the Buyer has had apprehension on my reputation as a reliable Seller. I would too. If I were to buy a $9500 watch!!! So please add this feature. THANKS!
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9 months ago, Redsox MD
Seiko 55th Anniversary Limited Edition Captain Willard
This is a beautiful watch, and Chrono24 is a wonderful place to shop. My seller, Time to Treasure were awesome. The shipped rapidly, and my watch was packed securely and with care. It arrived when expected, and in perfect condition. I highly recommend both Chrono24 and Time to Treasure. I look forward to future purchases.
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10 months ago, Outrageous company
Lack of transparency
Chrono24 out of the blue cancel your posts without explanation, a month and 7 mails, 3 calls and 1 Facebook message, and I still don’t have a simple response. After years working buying and selling is a shame your customer service.
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5 years ago, Professor Pat Pending
They keep tinkering with a good thing and make it worse
I really was a good app. But they are constantly making changes and it has become annoying. For example the seller’s company name was included with each watch offer and you could see if they are legit or wishy washy. Now you can’t see who is offering other than the country they are from. It evens out the playing field for the bad sellers but it is terrible for the buyers.
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2 years ago, Miami_fever
Sold a watch one month ago, never received payout.
Sellers beware! I have sold many watches on Chrono24 as a private seller, but the last transaction from October 2022 has been a nightmare. With my account in good standing, the same bank account info, and a happy buyer who gladly authorized payout, they are claiming they are having “errors” sending my payout of approx. US$2,600. I have lost all faith in the platform and removed all other listings. Beware private sellers, they will provide only generic, canned email updates when requesting help with the matter, and their phone support couldn’t care less about working with you to get you paid, insisting they can only pay via wire transfer and refusing to provide alternatives. I am now out of the watch and the funds. A very sad turn of events for what was once a great company.
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2 years ago, alsdkfjas
They took away the ability to see a dealer’s listings
An absolutely awful product decision was made to remove the ability to see all listings by a dealer, and getting rid of the dealer profile pages. This is a pretty indefensible decision that makes the user experience worse and makes it literally harder to spend more money on the platform. Baffling short-sighted cash grab that i presume was made out of concern that someone could use the dealer profile page to take the transaction off platform.
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2 years ago, MobleyMD
Love C24
I’m a watch lover. I have bought 3 pre owned watches from C24. One private seller from Spain. Other 2 dealers in US. I’ve had consistently good experiences. Also. I LOVE the “saved searches” features with email alerts. A really fun way to keep track on watches I am next considering purchasing.
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2 years ago, Soret333
Latest app missing key feature of last
When you scroll to your watch of interest on the notepad or the search list and you click on the watch…. When you click back it loses the location of the scroll. This is VERY frustrating. Please let app remember location of last scroll. Otherwise fine with app. As an aside the communication with the shop as bee reduced. Understand why but from user experience it is frustrating.
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5 years ago, rogelio295
Dishonest Sellers
The app works great, but what good is that when it connects you to a dishonest seller. After I paid for a watch that was shown in a picture on the app, I was told it was no longer being manufactured and the seller could not get one to sell me. Really??Why post a picture if you don’t have the watch to sell? Now I’m being told it will take 5 days to get my refund. Don’t waste your time with these jokers.
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2 years ago, Dirtypool40
Fun app for watch collectors, mediocre functions
I have had excellent dealings with other collectors and retailers through this site. However, the function of the app itself is very limited. Finding tracking for the next step in your ongoing transaction is not intuitive at all. This is a trusted site for watch collectors but I wish they had a better app.
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6 months ago, NotMeThenWho
Excellent run company
In today’s business world, there is always concern for unscrupulous business practices. Chrono24 is a welcome exception to this issue. Unlike many online businesses the ability to communicate in a timely fashion, and with a real person, provides a welcome level of confidence.
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5 years ago, Hdjizbz
Watch collectors best friend
I love all the different tools that Chrono24 offers. The watch collection section makes it very easy to see what you have and how much it’s worth. My only complaint is that they need to add a lot more watches to their database. I have around 10 watches and only 2 were in their system. Other than that, it’s a great app!
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2 years ago, xmax92xd
Unintuitive and difficult platform riddled with scammers
Had a few watches that I no longer wear and wanted to sell so decided to list them on the Chrono24 app. Found the app to feel outdated and provided a poor user experience as half the actions just take you to a web app rather than in the actual app itself. In addition to that, all the purchase inquiries I’ve received are absurdly low ball offers or a complete scam. Will not be working with Chrono24 again.
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