Chubbies Shorts

4.9 (3K)
90.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Chubbies Shorts
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Chubbies Shorts

4.9 out of 5
3K Ratings
2 months ago, 8already
First time in the store!
We’ve been customers for almost 2 years now. Apparel is always of great quality and I love the tropical touch on the designs. We are pickleball fanatics so thank you to Tyson McGuffin for having his thighs out! My husband loves everything I buy him from here. I’m waiting for the women’s line and am so excited for it. We missed the Las Vegas Outlet grand opening even though I set an alarm but finally made it into the store on 4/7/24. Super bummed I missed out on the swag bag but I will say the manager at that location was super friendly , helpful and patient with us as we hung out in the store for almost an hour. Can’t wait to go back. We live almost 40 mins away but it was worth it!
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9 months ago, helipilot_rivera
App is almost perfect
Been a Chubbies fan for the last 3 years or so. Got an email today and I saw the add for a 25% discount from entire order of you use the app. Downloaded, installed and found things I didn’t know I needed in my life and proceeded to checkout using PayPal. After my purchase went though, which was followed by a text message saying the purchase order was received. I closed that window and the app’s cart still had all five items there as if I had not checked out. Obviously a minor software bug. Doesn’t seem to refresh and clear out the Checkout Cart after a purchase is made. Disclaimer that this is my 1st purchase through the app.
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1 year ago, Momma Rory
This app is easy enough for a Nana to navigate!
My son and now my grandsons have been fans of Chubbies for years and though I don’t own a computer, I have successfully ordered cool clothes for them just using my “smarter than me “ phone over the years and if I run into a problem the customer service person has always supplied me with a great solution. Thighs out sky's out👍
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6 years ago, Joecull
Really great app, but...
It’s one of my favorite apps. I love buying Chubbies. I have so many pairs now, I cannot even count. They are so comfortable and I could not imagine my life without them. However, the app is lacking some. The chat feature is super convenient as to get fast answers to your questions from the very helpful staff. Unfortunately, though, you cannot log in to your account in the app and access your order information and what you’ve ordered. This is only available online. That’s ok, but I’d prefer it to be all in one place. Otherwise, it’s an amazing app.
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8 months ago, Norm1952
Bring back the old app
Though I like the idea of the app having more social components, the shop itself looks like an app for a slowly fading department store (Sears, Kohl's, JC Penny, etc.). It’s slow and unattractive. Quite frankly, it’s too much information per page. I’m just trying to browse for shorts, not see all possible versions of every pair at the same time. It’s made me not want to open the app, honestly. I used to love going on the previous version, and I’d end up buying all the time because of that reason. This new version is just saving me money. Idk man, I love Chubbies, but it’s been a little weird ever since y’all introduced pants into the mix.
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1 year ago, Boydzilla
I need a sponsorship
I own 10+ shorts and now 10+ shirts from chubbies and their products last and are comfortable as well as stylish. I get compliments from all kinds of people while wearing their products and while that is nice the fact is I wear what I’m comfortable in; chubbies products are unparalleled in todays market and the customer service has been nothing but top notch. Good on them.
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3 years ago, ChrissyCottontail
Online Order
I ordered through them for the first time and my phone auto filled the wrong info. I tried to get it from the other owners but they wouldn’t answer me! The people at this company were kind enough to send me another shirt to my current address! Couldn’t recommend them enough
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1 month ago, L B 2
Multiple wrong orders
Sadly, I am leaving a negative review because of the lack of attention to detail from customer service. I received the wrong order originally and then had to reorder both items for which they sent the wrong two replacement items. I emailed and emailed again because nobody will call you - ever. They - again - sent a wrong item and so I have no idea if I will ever get the overpriced pair of shorts my son was expecting for a trip. Wouldn’t recommend purchasing from Chubbies - you can buy them at Dicks which is what I would do if … if … ever purchasing another pair.
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7 years ago, SxcDonnie
Online is great!!!
The app and online store have been awesome!!! They are always on point and super nice if anything happens. And they send free stuff sometimes!!! They have been wonderful and I love my shorts and shirts!!! Shopping in store is very different, unless you are a "bro". You get ignored and don't get talked to. So make sure to shop online where they care and want to help!!!! Great company, online atleast!
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4 months ago, mjb56mjb
Review of Chubbies Clothing
I love all chubbies products. I now buy almost everything I need through them. They wear great. I get a lot of compliments on how they look. They are very stylish. They wash great and they do not fade. I would recommend them to everyone. they have become my favorite brand of clothing. my favorite is their short sleeve button down shirts.!
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10 months ago, Kiskdid
Great finds
I can always find what I’m looking for. Clothes made with the highest quality and best fit. And I appreciate how easy they make it to return things if you happen to purchase the wrong size. Forever a fan of Chubbies. No brand like it.
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6 years ago, Adam
The sad little gift card
The sad little gift card knew nothing of Black Friday. The sad little gift card only wanted to fulfill its life expectation. The sad little gift card did know it was growing old stuck between the Hippie Bread recipe and the 2018 tax information. So when it came time for the Gift of Quad Liberation the sad little gift card flew through the security easier than a frequent flier through TSA. Relief throughout the land was felt.
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2 years ago, jblaze365
Great product, horrible app
Love the product, and the app looks great is missing tons of functionality offered in the online store. Such as: can’t apply golf card, can’t accept bonus credit when exchanging, can’t view account details, and multiple links are broken. Even customer service recommended getting off the app and shopping on a computer browser instead.
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1 year ago, MaF29
Chubbies! Yes, please!
I found this brand back in 2016. I have introduced so many people to this brand and continue to wear the clothes myself. I am addicted to Chubbies! I will never stop supporting this brand! I am mad for Chubbies. Let's get the weekend started! 😎
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6 years ago, the_vvolfgang
Best Shorts on the Face of Mother Earth
What can I say... Quality product, excellent customer service, first-in-class marketing team, great app, supports military, and just an overall capitalism dream come true. Chubbies, a beautiful name, a name that will forever be legendary. For the rest of my life will be a loyal customer to Chubbies.
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3 years ago, benamin101
A Must Get
Not only will you love the clothes, you’ll love their customer service and their rewards points even more! Extremely encourage you to buy from chubbies, i have purchased nearly 8 separate orders so I know what I’m talking about here!!
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7 years ago, Ginger laxer
Solid products
They do a nice job with keeping new items fresh and original. Also very good quality product. Will continue to buy from them until they fail to wow me.
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6 years ago, two mutch
Chubbies blunders
First they lost my account but I can’t open a new one Then they had small in the large and xxl in the medium. No chat person could explain it. I finally just ordered and hoped it would fit
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8 months ago, Brain Drizzle
Can you add a share button?
Hello developers, Can you add a share button on individual products? Apologies if there is one, I can’t find it. Products are great, would like to see more shorts that aren’t solid print, like in the pre-solo brands days. Thanks!
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6 years ago, stonesfo
Bring back the sort by size feature
I love the new version, it’s beautiful, but I miss the sort by the size feature, made it easier to shop. Bring it back!
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9 months ago, chasbo55
Chubbies quality
I have Chubbies bathing suits, shirts, tee shirts, and assorted pants. I think the quality of their products are equal to the prices paid. Keep up the good work, and I highly recommend Chubbies products!
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4 years ago, brysonvalencia
Not only Amazing Product but Better Customer Support
I recently messed up my order (my fault) and with no issues Jesse L. at customer service took the upmost care and consideration to fix my issue. Jesse is the 🐐
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6 years ago, BeardedBlueEyes
Is like a secret.
All the new stuff they release gets put in here first. They also usually have better deals on sale products for their app customers too.
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5 years ago, Logan Landavere
Greatest brand on the planet
Their customer service is unbeatable they are so kind and they work with you through any problem also best online return policy I have ever seen A+++
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5 years ago, daburger
I’ve never looked better!
The Chubbies app has brought my style from a 2 to a 10! The ease of shopping and ordering allows me to up my fashion game without leaving the comfort of my beach towel.
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6 years ago, Alek@62
Great app; Great Products
Amazing app, just need to fix a few crashes and bugs that cause something's to not load all the way, but overall amazing brand
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6 years ago, Drew556762
Can we get an update?
I am not able to view any of the items in the app. It looks like some sort of bug.
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1 year ago, Calebcstelly
Best shorts ever!!!
I really enjoy the selections. As a shorty I like having the options of either 4” inseam or 5.5” inseam. I’ve been a loyal customer now for years and plan on continuing. ❤️❤️
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1 year ago, JohnnyTnT123
Its hard to stop after you get one pair of shorts. I have almost every color. I wear them everyday casually, to the gym and to the pool.
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6 years ago, Don't_Be_That_Guy
Errors loading
Anything I click on in the app fails to load. I've deleted the app and re-downloaded it and it still isn't working. If I click on the outlet section it just pulls up a blank screen. I get the same result with anything I click on. I was looking to get some Americana shorts, but I can't get anything to pull up other than a blank white screen.
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6 years ago, CSP701
Great quality great stuff
I love ordering from Chubbies for my son who just loves this line of clothing. Very good quality wears and washes amazing. Easy to navigate website and no issue ordering. Shipping is just as awesome!
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6 years ago, Danis9999
Great products even better customer service
Love this company and if you ever have an issue you get the pleasure of dealing with the chillest bros of all time. Just stellar stuff.
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6 years ago, Marty Funderburk
App is Broken
Just downloaded the app and nothing on it works. Clicking on any category “shirts” “swimsuits” “shorts” etc. causes nothing to happen. You can’t see any of their products. It’s like the entire app is frozen. So I went to the company website and it would not open at all. Big problem! Hope they can get their act together soon. I love their shorts!
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12 months ago, Skip Hand
Makes it so easy to find exactly what you are looking for.
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1 week ago, nikkaayy
Great quality
Can’t beat how comfortable they’re products are. Great quality and long lasting
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6 years ago, Sweet T Sugar Zaddy
Appsolutely fabulous
This is by far the most Apptastic App in the universe. There is no shame in their game. While other apparel apps weigh you down like an overloaded Duggar Dad's cargo shorts, this App unleashes the inner spirit's quest to soar Thigh High across the Sky.
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12 months ago, Bombdiggity duder
Best ever
I’ve bought many a short from Chubbies bc they are always the real deal!
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3 months ago, i amhaving i hope
I have 3 pairs and wow they are the most comfortable pairs ever already looking at 2 more love to be sponsored cs t get enough from them
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7 years ago, Niko...with an O
Apps out caps out... knees that is
Love how easy it is to navigate through the app. I'm sitting at a campsite in Idaho and I just bought 2 pairs from the outlet sale from the app so boom, roasted!!!
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7 years ago, TurtleStove
Awesome Sauce
Love these shorts. And indeed I've finally found real SHORTS! Great styles and selections only problem is they run out so fast. But that's ok, I want them to stay busy and in business.
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9 months ago, geoffrocks
Bad update
This app worked great and was really easy to navigate. Now they’ve updated it and I can’t see “my account” so I can’t check my order stays or rewards, etc. Much more difficult to navigate.
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1 year ago, LandoBando73
Chubbies is my favorite brand, high quality, and if anything’s every wrong they are so helpful.
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1 year ago, Cart G D
Excellent quality and great choices!
My sons are all huge fans! The athletic cut is perfect for them and love the selection!
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5 years ago, Erik D. G.
Not recognizing
The app no longer recognizes me as a subscriber since the update. I’m no longer logged in as a member, whenever I try to sign in the app doesn’t recognize either my email or password. Other than the logging in issue the rest of the app is great 👍🏻
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6 years ago, true story mas de una vez
International Shipping
We can finally order internationally off the app!!! Love this (idk how long ago they made this available)
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6 years ago, zachdunn00
Love the brand, dig the new app
The new look is nice but this most recent update still hasn’t fixed the issue I’ve had that stops me from logging into the app with my account info.
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5 months ago, Dudley8888
New customer and can’t get enough! The quality and comfort.. awesome selection of EVERYTHING!
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1 year ago, Chmelik37
The Best
My husband and 14 year old son both have several pairs and love them all.
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6 years ago, Superawesome09
Absolutely the best
Best online shop app ever, constantly updated & always has really good offers!
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6 years ago, Alek J Taylor
Needs iPhone X support
The app looks like it’s for a much older device, it really needs a revamp to fit the new iPhone X layout. Other than that it’s really great.
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