City Market Food & Pharmacy

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The Kroger Co.
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12 months ago
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User Reviews for City Market Food & Pharmacy

4.73 out of 5
9.9K Ratings
6 years ago, lhoops
Clicklist is life changing - the app is VERY convenient
I love clicklist and I tell everyone about it. We order on clicklist ever week. This app works great and makes keeping up with our grocery list super easy since my husband and I can both add things to the same cart. We do not use the shopping list feature and it is actually a little bit of a disconnect for us. I really only have 1 critique/suggestion.. I would like for my “special instructions” to be saved so I don’t need to enter them from scratch every time. It takes 10-20 mins to add all of the special instructions. Over all this service is A++++. I will continue to use it week after week.
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3 years ago, Robotaz
Absolute nightmare app and awful company
I don’t even know where to begin. Let me just say if you even lose a card and try to associate a new one with your account, just slit your wrists or switch grocery stores. It is the biggest screwed up mess I’ve ever seen. There are so many layers of platforms, customer service, databases, etc that they don’t work correctly. It’s just such a mess that I’m shocked a company the size of Kroger has problems like this facing their customers. You’ll talk to people in India who can’t help you. You’ll talk to chat people who say it’s fixed and over and over it’s not. You’ll get disconnected from 800 numbers over and over after waiting 30 minutes. It’s just an unbelievably unprofessional and sickenenly frustrating experience being a Kroger customer. I sincerely hate Kroger and City Market. Just a horrible, horrible company with no concern whatsoever how poorly or unprofessionally their operations are executed. And digital coupons, which say “Scan here” in the store have no way to scan and load and are completely useless. Don’t believe the fake coupons you see on your food items. If you watch at checkout, you’re so getting screwed out of all of those and Kroger is so glad you’re that stupid and don’t ask why. Con artists.
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2 years ago, Dusty Western Boots
App needs de-cluttering & re-organizing, please.
This app is a mess due to poor design and jamming too many features in one app and on single pages. I frequently use this app on my phone, but the pages on the screen are so incredibly cluttered with oversized, unnecessary images and text, multiple functions and images crowd each screen, and is a hassle to navigate. I shop in store and just need to clip digital coupons to save some money since grocery stores insist on going primarily digital. Constantly navigating around the the Pick up and Delivery menus. I know you now have a dedicated delivery app. That’s great! Is it possible to combine your pickup and delivery options into a separate app? And just have an app for your in-store shoppers needing digital coupons option only? Also, in your Clip Digital Coupons section, please provide a function to enlarge the product photo for the item I am interested in purchasing. The thumbnail photo provided is too small to get a good look at the product and the Details are mostly a legal disclaimer that does not include actual, useful product details.
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5 years ago, DurangoMom17
App is buggy
Just updated two day ago and wish I didn’t. I built my shopping list on Sunday at home and my list disappeared and later came back. Went to the store Monday after work with limited time before I had to pick up my toddler from daycare and my list completely disappeared from the app again TWICE while I was at the store (all while I was on the store’s free WiFi so I can’t blame cellular coverage). Ridiculously inconvenient time for it to fail while I’m strapped for time! I finally got off Wifi and tried remember everything I needed to buy for the week at my north Durango location and rushed to check out. List reappeared right before I left. I love my little town and the store’s helpful staff but wish the app worked better like Albertson’s where it suggests coupons by what I add to my list. Developers, please make the app function like other grocery apps and don’t make it so damned difficult to search for and add coupons or grocery items to my list. I also agree with the other reviewer who said they couldn’t search for common items they know are at their store. Update or link the databases better please!
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2 months ago, Colorado Mountain Mom
Take a lesson from Safeway/Albertson app and improve Every Thing! Your pickup is cumbersome (unload from storage to cart, unload from cart to car, unload to house) while Safeway’s is simple (THEY load my car, I only do the unload to house, saving 2 steps of moving the groceries!!). Next: The coupon clipping at Safeway is Sooo simple. Just clip on the picture in the weekly ad and Voila… that coupon pops up. This easy coupon clipping compared to yours which requires me scrolling through hundreds of coupons to find the one I need and then doing that Every Time I ad an item to my shopping list !! Your app, shopping and coupon clicking is tedious, time consuming and inefficient. Same with your automated Pharmacy voice system. Same with your grocery pick up and go system. Your store’s lack of customer ease and extremely complicated systems to shop/save/order prescriptions/ etc is extremely evident when compared to the ONLY other store in town… Safeway! They have made ALL of those very easy. Learn!!
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3 months ago, WuTApps
Too Many Hoops to Jump Through
It’s bad enough that grocery chains like this require you to buy certain quantities in order to get the advertised price but to make matters worse, now we’re required to clip digital coupons in an app that I don’t want on my phone. To top it off, the app doesn’t work to give you the discounts you clipped when you get to the store. I love holding up the line at the checkout as I force the clerk to play tech support with me while I run down the receipt to point out all of the discounts they missed so they can be entered manually. Once again, I just “clipped” a bunch of digital coupons in the app but they don’t appear on my shopping list or anywhere else in the app. I work as a Quality Assurance tester for large-scale mobile apps and I honestly don’t know who would approve the release of such a buggy, poor user experience as this. Please hire a design and testing team that focuses more on functionality rather than just appearance.
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1 year ago, Adbocker fan
Best App Ever
I love using the online order service and home delivery for City Market. Can order from the online menu, and I can add to the order, all from the comfort of my home. The delivery can be within the same day or whenever I choose. It also provides extra income for those who work for the delivery company. I never seem to have any major errors and never seem to have items missing. Love this convenience!
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4 years ago, xoxoexcalibur
Terrible customer service
I don’t have issues with the app but trying to talk to someone about the app on the customer service number is a joke. My first time I was just trying to delete my value card and add my kroger MasterCard as my value card and it took 4 people to finally help me. The second time I needed help on the app to fix my coupons and When I called the First Lady was rude and didn’t understand what I was explaining, I asked if I could speak to someone else and she hung up on me. My second time calling back I asked if I could speak to a manager and I was transferred 3 different times. My Third time calling I was on hold for 20 mins just to reach a voicemail of the supervisor. This is terrible customer service and I work for kroger!
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4 years ago, Emleetee
Although this is convenient . Every time I order several of my items are not available . Which is a bummer if you have dinner planned. Also, when I get fruits or vegetables there is always something wrong with them. Who does the shopping should know to look for good items . Like know how to pick them or at least think about what they would eat. I am placing another order and hopefully all is good . I would rather go in but with what is going on I don’t want to take a chance. I do appreciate that you are an essential worker and risking yourselves. I thank you for your service.
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1 year ago, KJSage1981
Convenient & Save
I love having everything in one spot and the ease of picking everything up without going inside, especially as a busy mom with 4 kids, skips the begging for junk food in the check-out line! It took me a while to get started with using the app and pick up but after the first time I was hooked. Revolution in shopping!
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2 years ago, BOW CMJ 2016
Fine until you have a problem
I love using click list but the app has slowly stopped working. First it was that I couldn’t see my substitutions, then I couldn’t select substitutions or see them, now, in addition to the aforementioned issues, I can’t reset my password nor can I create a new account. I’ve also tried emailing their help desk, which was a joke because they said my issue was resolved without anyone doing anything or contacting me. Kroger should be better than this, it’s frustrating.
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5 years ago, MissaLynn123
Needs improving
This so needs This app needs improvement’s still. I don’t like that they got rid of the store aisle indicator next to items in my shopping cart. Also, when I’m checking out for pickup, after meticulously going through each item to make sure I have everything, I suddenly find I need to go through almost everything again to choose if I want to allow substitutions- which I never do, so at least there could be an option to select everything at once. Maybe I need to update something since the app was redone? But I wasn’t prompted to, which you’d expect.
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1 year ago, lcswdonna
Digital sales
By advertising great deals, City Market brings people into their stores. This is Marketing 101. By making the best deals digital only, they ensure few will get those bargain prices. Tried too many times, pulling out a device, searching through every single sale item, trying not to block aisles, and failing anyway. There used to be search feature on sale items, it disappeared. Having to update to get a sale price is frequent and won’t work in the store. The clerk suggested I go to the entryway to update. My mother won’t get these sales, she has a landline. I can’t get them with a smart phone.
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4 years ago, Mike6545
Super slow now
I mostly use the coupon part of the app. The new cards for the coupons look nice but they’re incredibly slow to load and slow to scroll through. I’m on a older iPhone so I get that it’s probably great on the new ones but there should be some tweaks to help performance on older devices. I’m also not a fan of the in-store experience loading automatically. Again, on a slower phone I always have to wait for that to load first before I exit out of it and use the regular version of the app which I prefer most of the time.
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1 year ago, w3rd89
Can be better
I use the list feature for my runs to the store. It’s nice to see which aisle things are in. When using the app in the store, it force closes often and I have to navigate back to the list which takes so long I may as well walk down each aisle. Each time I search a new item to add to my list I have to re-do the filter for “In Store” which is pretty annoying. I’ve started creating a list in the app, then just writing the items/aisles down so I don’t have to deal with the force closes.
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2 years ago, redAltima
Friendly every time!
The older gentleman that brings my order out always goes above and beyond, I truly enjoy seeing him when I’m picking my order up! He’s friendly, professional, helpful, cheerful, efficient, effective, fast and just all around the best employee I have ever encountered at city market. If I could give him 100 stars, I absolutely would!
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4 years ago, Frequentflyer24
First time using
This was the first time to use this app & service to pickup my mom’s groceries for her. It did take a little time to figure out how to use the app but that will change after using it a few times. Really appreciated the app having items I purchase on a regular basis! Very helpful!! I will be picking up my mom’s order this evening & I expect all will go well.
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3 years ago, Nicastick
Surpassed my expectations
I can’t believe I waited so long to do the pickup service! My only concern was that they would pick bad produce but they proved me wrong. Everything was excellent! The only downside is that you can’t use your own bags so there is a negative eco impact re: the use of more paper bags.
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4 years ago, CaptainRebekah
Used to useful
When I first downloaded this app it was great. I could create a shopping list and it would organize it by what aisle everything was in. My store doesn’t do pickup so that part I have not used. Now all of a sudden when I create my list or use the cart, all the aisle part says is aisles may vary. SO NOT HELPFUL! I hope the developer figures out how to fix this because it’s made shopping a lot harder. I have a toddler and taking him to the store is hard and I really appreciated having the aisles listed on my list. Please fix your app!
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1 month ago, Bobldenny2
Worst app I have ever used.
Keep trying to use the pharmacy part of the app. 5 of the last 6 times you fill out your entire pharmacy order and you get to the end it says “We are having technical issues. Please try again later.” Walmart and Safeway have a better app. It’s amazing how a company the size of Kroger can’t find someone who can manage the app. Can’t even get a reply call from customer service. The response from the app developer is canned. Going to have to transfer my $350 per month in prescriptions to Safeway.
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4 years ago, limpping
Low stock
You need to hirer someone to list all your stores stock for your pick up customers,I couldn’t find .... lambWeston crinkle cut fries made in Idaho ,or a bigger size no sugar added ketchup. It was difficult to find stuffed green olives , I spent way to long on that one thing .. you should list All the green olives .. I had to think on the name brand and then it came up .....because of that I’ve been mainly shopping at Walmart their site is better to navigate .. I hope this helps .
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6 months ago, 🎾🏀🏈🏉⚽︎⚽🏐⚾️-er
Painful to use
The app keeps signing me out. I get to the checkout and open the app and it says login error and signs me out. Then I make everyone wait while I try to remember my user name/login to scan my account card. I could use my phone number but since they make me waste my time signing in they can wait with me. One of the employees was trying to show me where clipped coupons go and they couldn’t when find them. They gave up laughing and saying “I hate this app”. Poor design and very unintuitive to use.
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2 years ago, Capt T-Time
Want to like more but some issues
The app is great for keeping track of purchases and lists, but the amount of times the app has reset or crashed without warning and I’ve lost my entire cart is frustrating. I’ve even had this happen for pick up orders on home wifi. If the app could be a bit more optimized for stability it would get 5 stars
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2 years ago, SarahBSSCO
Coupon section is super buggy with the new update!!
I love this app for the coupons, but this new update has made it super tough to clip coupons. When you click on the particular coupon to get more info and details, it links to the coupon below it. So for instance, if I click on the info for deli meat, it links to the details of toilet paper info below it. It’s pretty annoying, and I’m unsure if I’ll actually get the deal.
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4 years ago, D L Tooley
Convenient, especially in the time of Covid.
I’ve used this app for awhile now and it keeps getting better. I just used the pickup function for the first time. It would be nice to be able to add items directly to the cart from the coupons, list, and weekly ad tabs.
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3 years ago, NoTaco4Me
Very Convenient for Grocery Pick up
I really liked this app. The search algorithm could use some work. Not a fan of the update- the text doesn't fit. If I add an item to the cart, abs want to add more than one, I can't because the "+" button is subsequently off-screen. Further, I liked the banners. The purple or yellow banners across the tops of items helped me see deals quickly and easily. Now they're harder to see.
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6 years ago, Poppys78
Not user friendly
In the amount of time it took me to make a list and get it scheduled , I lost my time slot, had to go through the web , skip the app all together. What a complete waste of time. I could have already been there and bought my groceries and home! Figure it out!
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5 years ago, justtakeanamealready
Archaic app
Who’s idea of a game is it to have people go in and search for coupons? It would be much more convenient and customer service oriented if there was a select all option. Also, every time I find a brand I like, it’s discontinued. It also seems like I don’t get the discounts, such as the free delivery or buy 5 save$5, when I use the app. The discounts should be subtracted, it should be clearly stated what discounts have been taken off when I place the order in the app.
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4 years ago, RebeccaSchneider
Just a quick note to express our thanks for the tireless efforts each and every staff member at our beloved City Market in Avon, CO are putting in daily. We know the sacrifices you are making to keep our shelves stocked and doing it all with smiles on your faces. We appreciate you ALL!!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Thank you so much and please stay well!!
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2 years ago, SamsTess
Love this City Market!
I’ve been going to this 32 Road location for years. I know some of the employees because I have shopped there so long. They are always friendly and helpful. I have moved from that area now, but I continue to go there anyway. Love it!
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1 year ago, Nora Mae Marie the 3rd
Can’t say enough! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I absolutely love click list! It saves me so much time and my dog waits only a few minutes instead of all the time before when I did all of the shopping. Click list is a life saver!!! Thank you team!!!
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4 years ago, gj gma
Updating the account
It was a 45 minute nightmare to update a credit card. I finally deleted it and had to add the correct info through the pickup order, as there is something wrong with the edit feature in the wallet part of the ap.
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1 year ago, 3204ms
No longer works
For those of us who don’t feel the urge every year to buy a new phone, we’re out of luck. iPhone 6 and older won’t accept this updated app. Oh well, I’ll go back to the old way, having the clerk adjust the sale price manually. Unfortunate waste of time for everyone. And now, no longer works on my old iPad Pro, either. Not buying a new iPad so I can use the City Market app
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5 years ago, Audreydb79
Online shopping
It would be nice if the ad was reflected in the app when doing online ordering: 1. Be able to see the special prices, like buy 6, save $3; 2. Be able to add items to your cart (not just your list) directly from the weekly ad.
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2 years ago, old pecker
Christmas Dinner
I ordered the Turkey breast dinner, with all the sides, for Christmas since we had family here and I’m unable to cook this year. This is the first and the LAST time I will order this! The turkey did’t look or taste like any turkey I’ve ever eaten. Nearly all of the sides (stuffing, sweet potato casserole, green beans, etc) were unpalatable. I was so embarrassed having family having to endure that. Needless to say most of it ended up in the trash. Oh yea, the pumpkin pie was good. I wonder how many others agree with review?
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4 years ago, Cajun501
Easy to find items you want
City Market has the best on-line ordering for pick up interface. Items are easy to locate and place in the basket. Payment is smooth and confirmation of order is quick.
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6 years ago, Cheyenne's mum
Cannot remove coupons
The app could be great. Digital coupons seem to work great. But the fact there are coupons I can’t remove is annoying. My husband added one, purchased the item and removed the coupon from his app and it’s still on my list, clogging it up. Also, the coupon filters don’t work, as Clicklist coupons display when they are allegedly filtered out. Just makes more useless coupons I have to look through. Bugs need to be worked out!
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5 years ago, spike $45
Shop mode automatically starts
Since I am at the store quite a bit, every time I open the app it automatically goes into store mode to start shopping which generally I am not shopping. Should be able to disable it, at least something where you are asked yes/no for store mode.
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5 years ago, 20Cj19
I have so many problems with this app but I love the idea of it because I shop at City Market. It continues to crash after updates and reinstalling and is so slow. I wish the barcode scanner would link to coupons the way other grocery apps do. Also, a lot of times the deals listed in store are not listed in the app. It’s ok but it could be way better.
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4 years ago, Dnsockskd
App usage
This app needs to reflect the shopping experience People have in a city market more directly. City market is mostly a grocery store and yet I’m searching through 20 categories and half of them are not even food. Plus I’m having to look through items that are too similar to be shown on a list next to each other.
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5 years ago, Happy Custormer
Figuring it out and Customer Service did
My first order and pick up. Had some problems with my app and putting all my info in. Customer service was great. Very helpful. The young man was very helpful, very pleasant. I’m getting use to the app. And going to use it more.
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1 year ago, lm767901
Couldn’t choose store
Terrible app. Difficult and not intuitive to shop the app. Worse there are two stores in my town the app would not let me choose the store I wanted to shop from. These two stores do not carry the same items and the one it would not let me designate is the store where my prescriptions are filled. Also I received an error message when trying to add my value card.
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1 year ago, CSooper
Clifton City Market
I love the City Market pick up! Been doing this process for a year and 1/2. The fruit and Vegs are always fresh. My order is always complete. Thank you to all the staff. Who make it possible.
Show more
4 years ago, EPfrisco
Edward Dortignac
App is generally very good but “Ship” option does not seem to be available @ this time. If so, it should be noted on the app opening page. It would greatly enhance the program if mobile pay were an option since it is much quicker for payment. Thank You!
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3 years ago, Steph1616161616
Never works in store
Nothing is more frustrating than coming across a good digital coupon and then not being able to access the app once in the store (and I’ve tried 3 different stores). Upon signing in I receive one of two notices: “having technical difficulties” or “unable to access authentication services”. I’ve deleted and reinstalled this app so many times over the years.
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3 years ago, devokurk
Not user friendly
This is a great app however it could be more user friendly. I always run into issues with the cart; some items will show, then they disappear, then they show again. I’ve had difficulty navigating back to my cart for pickup.
Show more
4 years ago, Copper D. Cat
Convenient but a little buggy
I love this app, but sometimes I have issues. Like today - the text on the screen wasn’t centered correctly and it was difficult to increase the number of an item in my cart. But overall a useful app even with glitches that will hopefully be resolved in time.
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2 years ago, Sparta639103
Terrible App and Customer Service
I spent over an hour preparing my cart for our trip to Breckenridge, but was unable to place the order because “you live in Florida and you’re placing the order for Colorado”. After speaking with multiple customer service representatives, the issue was never resolved and I’m placing my order with Walmart as I should have done 3 hours ago 🤦🏼‍♀️ Save your time and don’t download this app.
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5 years ago, The_Jacqel
Major malfunction
While I do appreciate the coupon function, I can’t seem to get the search bar to do anything. I’m trying to put an accurate list together so I know how much I’m actually going to spend at the store. I can’t search for turmeric at all for example. It just says “search error, an unknown error occurred. Please try to view this feature again in a few moments.
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2 months ago, marrissa cr
Pop up for notifications
Annoyed how many times the push for notifications pop up appears and won’t let me close out to keep browsing without clicking on it. I have to close out the app and open it back up. No. I’m not interested in being pestered not even once a week for the grocery app. Please help to have pop up stop without accepting notifications.
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