City Rail Map - Travel Offline

4.6 (3.3K)
45.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for City Rail Map - Travel Offline

4.56 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
7 years ago, WangsterKing
Pretty solid app with different maps
I traveled to china often for trade shows and noticed a couple major cities they should have but haven't include. Wrote them a suggestion and quickly received a response they will work on it. Other map available are all pretty good with travel time, route, stop locations, etc. pretty good overall. Now I can just click on one app and just select the city I am in.
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2 weeks ago, bsdjunkie
My favorite railway app
I purchased this app several years ago and am very happy with it! Love the way it shows which trains to catch in the big cities. It’s great for planning your travel plans. Very fascinated with trains and subways in general! Highly recommended!
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7 years ago, 哈哈哈哈瓜瓜兮兮
Best if without ads
I have it four stars because it's really useful and informational. User friendly & simple to read, providing you with practical info. However I'm done with its adds which you have to wait for seconds before they vanish. I'd rather pay $15 for such a convenient app than having to look at the ads when I'm mostly in need.
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1 year ago, jcp620
Great app!
This was super helpful on our trip to Tokyo. Easy to plot our rout and get exactly where we wanted to go. Only thing that would make it better would be to add the platform numbers to the transfer stations. Hardest part on transfer is to know which platform to be on. Other than that, great app!
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2 weeks ago, Jakeindc
Will not stop asking me to do a “free upgrade”. I do it and it offers another free upgrade. Of course the app is unusable while the offers keep coming. Just deleted the app so I have no idea if it would be useful if it would not be so annoying. Just download apple or google maps. They appear to be more complete, are more user friendly and are totally free with more information.
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4 years ago, jasonconga
Helpful as hell
I love putting the markers for bars and restaurants and things to do and save them so it’s easy to see where everything is in relation to where I am. Love it!
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1 month ago, Paramedic Man
Worse app ever used
Downloaded app, found its not accurate, not current and incomplete on many levels it got us lost instead of helping us travel. Shows metro lines as under construction when they have been complete for months, doesn’t show bus numbers, locations are inaccurate. The app premise and design could really work would the data in it be current… because it’s so bad we could only give it one star at best.
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2 weeks ago, Justhesution
Love this app but it needs updates!
I love this app for Tokyo as it’s pretty much all up to date with lines and stations. I would love to give it 5 stars but Osaka needs an update!!! Does not even have Rinku-Town station on here which is very surprising! Please do another update with Osaka in mind!
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5 years ago, HardRockHope
Offline is Key!
Really loved being able to use this app to look at maps and especially plan routes on my trip while my phone had no regular cell service! I wish I had known in advance that only one map could be unlocked for free.
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5 years ago, ender13
Find something else
They only give one map free which is fine. However they don’t warn you about it first. So I unlocked one map (Hiroshima) without knowing it’s my only free one. But I’d much rather have Tokyo which I am visiting first before deciding to buy any others. Unfortunately there’s no way to undo my selection and there’s no upfront warning that you only get one free selection, so that’s why I’m giving this a low rating.
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1 year ago, Cavemaann3
Needs updates
Great app but needs to be updated more often… it is missing lines in cities where it makes it inconvenient to rely on the app. Basically, if your city is updated or hasn’t added any lines, this app is great for you.
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5 years ago, xCamera + One Touch
Inappropriate ads -
There are inappropriate ads that appear along the top banner. How can this app be approved for ages 4+? I was about to recommend that my teen download this app for an upcoming trip but since you’re not paying attention to the content of the ads I won’t be recommending it to anyone.
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6 years ago, Akospiya
Awesome but lacks functionality
The route making is very mechanical. You should be able to use the train map to create your route just by tapping on the stations. Also, the app lacks information on what gates to take, what floor or platform number to go to.
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7 years ago, amhirsch
Time saver!
Being easily able to overlay the routes with landmarks and the names of the route from stop to finish was a tremendous help in validating train routes and direction!
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11 months ago, Kpal68
This app is amazing! I highly recommend this to anyone. You can add a trip and then it will highlight the route!
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6 years ago, Calvin__S.
Charging us the maps that were free
This app used to have important maps for free. Now they’re charging you for every map you need/want except one. I’m a traveler around Japan and the world and find it very useful but not anymore. You’re probably better off using Apple Maps because they have train routes all over the place now.
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2 years ago, Dankchi
Osaka Kyoto Map
Similar to the Tokyo map, Osaka & Kyoto should be combined and also expanded to include it’s surrounding metro areas of Kobe and Nara Prefecture (Kintetsu Line). The Osaka & Kyoto maps by themselves is incomplete thus inconvenient. The Tokyo map on the other hand is perfect, including Yokohama, Kawasaki, Saitama etc… the entire metro area.
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3 years ago, philliph12
Please Update Map
Great aesthetics on the map but not the most update one! Can help update the newest extensions on Hong Kong subway system map?
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7 years ago, Shadowguy420
We're using it in San Francisco, and before we got the app, it was hard to navigate the city. Now that we got the app, navigating the city is simple!!!
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6 years ago, SG NY
No buses
Would consider buying if it had bus maps too. Also, it is unclear whether maps are kept updated in line with changes in official maps.
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5 years ago, Just a guy looking for a movie
SO EASY, and so good!!
I have now used this in Tokyo, Seoul, NYC and Hong Kong. No other maps needed. And well worth buying the entire world. This is now my go to travel map...
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6 years ago, Poidog7
Excellent for Tokyo
Used this for a month in Tokyo and it was most useful for getting around. Highly recommended.
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6 years ago, xgh
No one needs this
Apple and Google Maps do a much better job with transit, are easier to use and are free. With City Rail Map: There is no attempt to show the next train as there are no schedules. There are no addresses for train stations, though there is a small map which does not indicate your location. There is no way to purchase tickets. It costs $4.99 to unlock one city. The above are free. I do not understand the rating this app gets. Apple and Google Maps are free, apps from the transit companies are free and far more functional (schedules, ticketing).
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7 years ago, J6L1M2
Denver Map
This application has not been contemplated with a Denver map yet. Thus, I used a link asking for one to be created. For my surprise the Application Manager said they will create one. Great, they are listening to users' comments an requests. I will write again when this request got fulfilled! Thanks.
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7 months ago, aficion al mundo
For travelers
Great tool to plan your subway trips in Madrid or any other city
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6 years ago, gypsymona
First time use
Not very user friendly, had to use to apps to get where I was going. Gonna keep trying again, until make final assessment.
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6 years ago, Slow solo traveler
Easy to use!
Very helpful to decide if I should travel by transit or taxi.
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5 years ago, QueenBxxxx
Only one city is free
Otherwise you have to pay. That isn’t any better than downloading individual metro maps for free.
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5 years ago, Eolnshurdlu
Inadequate and not worth the price
This application does not show subway exits on their map, nor is it responsive in selecting a station for review. I had to keep poking around for quite a while to get any reaction. Frankly, this software is a rip-off - I can not recommend it.
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7 years ago, Absimeetly
Great one stop shop
Moscow is now most urgent world cup is very near. Thanks
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6 years ago, Tokyo visitor 2019
Decent app — bad way of promoting it
What I despise is the way this app was “promoted” via a free “Tokyo Rail” app which didn’t do anything but consumed data and redirect to this new for-pay app. Better be honest upfront.
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2 years ago, Likes things simple
Cant find a listed city
San Francisco is listed as included, but the app can’t find or open it. And apparently you have to pay to map more than one city.
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6 years ago, KevChivy
Inconsistent and limited options
Only gives you one route and tends to be a longer one. Would be much better if it gave you the best route or options.
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5 years ago, wxt4869
Why pay for it if other free app exists
The map is too expensive, not worth the money at all, considering you can always use the google map and other free apps.想钱想疯了吧。
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7 years ago, Vme106
Needed travel app
We are about to travel to Japan and this will be great to have.
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5 years ago, tc153
Very frustrating
Every time I try to use this app it forces me to upgrade, which I do, but that doesn’t stop the prompt again. I’ve tried several times.
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6 years ago, FZ_IT
Forces Ads now
Until yesterday this app was great. It now has intrusive ads on the screen even if you already “unlocked” (i.e. “paid in some way for”) that city. One star.
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5 years ago, alopa432
Tokyo subway system is really complicated with subway, light rails and hundreds of commuter rails like blood vessels.
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12 months ago, M1levesque
I don’t trust it for Kyoto
The numbering on the yellow line (Arishiyama line) is off and caused me to get off one stop early and miss a transfer. A6 is NOT Randen Tengingawa!! That station is A5. Obviously some of the other numbers are off.
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6 years ago, Hohohohong
App locked automatically
After using for a few days, the app locked itself up. Interface is terrible to navigate. Resource intensive app. Slowed my phone.
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4 years ago, barber2525
Total Scam
A LOT of free city maps that were available have been swallowed up into this app, which charges you at least $3.00 to open any of them. Eff you, no way.
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6 years ago, square6969
Doesn’t Work
Tells you to “upgrade” to another one of their free apps. Then this app is only free for 3 days. The app will not allow you to do anything, says support is ending soon. Money wasted on this.
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6 years ago, ali ghalib for City Rail
Great application
Streamlined and simple to use Well done
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4 years ago, ReservedInBoston
Boston map out of date
The Worcester line of the Commuter Rail is missing the “new” Boston Landing station, which was opened on May 22, 2017. So, basically I just wasted my money on this app because it cannot be trusted.
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1 year ago, Katmay3366
Costs $2.99 for one map. No free maps at all.
Costs $2.99 for one map. No free maps at all unlike previous reviewers say.
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6 days ago, Arcelyte
Useless. Just find the map from the system
Garbage app and they want $4 to $15 for it. Make it better first.
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6 years ago, Mufasssa
Not helpful
Confusing. No start option or Go option. No en rout help. Just shows a picture of the total route. You’re on your own.
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11 months ago, Sh kh
Not user friendly or simple whatsoever
Show more
6 years ago, DSmith8
Very limited set of cities and better sources of free info
Fails on numerous accounts, Doesn’t have my home town, Dallas metro (DART), a metro area with numerous lines and airport access. Near totally useless for the country with the most cities with subways... China. Google maps and Apple Maps have this info for, wait for it, free. Why or who would use this app?
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6 years ago, Christa87!
Would not allow me to use without downloading the offline app
And then still wouldn’t work.
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