CityMaps2Go – Offline Maps

4.6 (4.9K)
99.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kulemba GmbH
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for CityMaps2Go – Offline Maps

4.62 out of 5
4.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Vermilliong1234
Absolutely MUST HAVE
I visited Costa Rica and downloaded this app. We also purchased a paper map as well but I was unconvinced that she would be able to navigate quickly and within small towns on a paper map. This app totally saved us! We were birdwatching for two weeks all across the country and added stars to all of the locations we wanted to visit. We also had stars pinpointing all of the places we would be sleeping. That way, we could keep track of where we were driving and if there were any sites we wanted to stop at. The worst part of this app was that some roads were not named.... but it turns out that was NOT the apps fault but simply unnamed roads in Costa Rica. Another cool thing is you keep your phone of airplane mode but you are still tracked via GPS so you always know where you are at. It does not give you turn by turn directions but it was super easy to navigate and really accurate. Super happy with this app and would highly recommend it for an upcoming trip. The only thing I wish they offered was a desktop platform for you to put in your starred locations before the trip rather than on the phone. It would have saved a small amount of time but overall not a huge problem.
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3 years ago, Travignoli
Crashes frequently
I’ve used City Maps for over five years. These are the pros and cons I’ve found with this App. PROS: you can mark and save restaurants, subway stations, historical attractions to navigate to when offline. It provides detailed maps that are very useful if you have no cellular or WiFi access. CONS: There have been two times that all of my stored locations and folders have been completely purged thus losing a lot of obscure places I planned to revisit. The map is often jerky when you try to zoom in/out or scroll around. Sometimes this causes the app to abruptly crash. Recently I keep having an issue with the entire map disappearing so that you’re left with your blue (GPS position) on a completely blank screen. I tried deleting and downloading the app again but sometimes this occurs often when I am miles away from my hotel and necessitating me to find WiFi to use conventional methods to find my way back. I am a premium member and I sent an inquiry to their customer service about this and never heard back. Finally, although there are thousands of restaurants and popular locations in the database, more often than not, I find that restaurants I want to find aren’t recognized and I’m talking about too-rated restaurants recognized by Trip Advisor or Foursquare. I hate to say it, but you’re better off paying for an international cellular plan than to rely on this app as a stand alone navigation source for off grid traveling based on my experiences.
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6 years ago, lugnard
Really useful mapping app
I use CityMaps2Go a lot when in places where I either have poor cellular data access OR was concerned about security using local WiFi and or cellular data providers. The downloaded versions of CM2G maps are really quite accurate and more than sufficiently detailed. Examples (1) in very remote northern USA. I have family who live on the edge of a Natl Forest and cellular coverage is awful. I have maps downloaded for these states and never have an issue. (2) I do business occasionally in Middle East - Saudi and UAE. Cellular coverage is spotty, expensive and not always secure - again I have maps for these countries downloaded and can turn phone to ‘airplane mode’ and still find my way around. Then only go live with internet when confident I have safe reliable access (say at reputable hotel). It is really a good option for people who are on the go and not always tethered to safe speedy internet.
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6 years ago, LeftinSC
Review of a sinner
I have spent a day trying to figure out where my data disappeared to when I upgraded the app. The technician was polite and tried to be helpful as he explained that even though I had used it for about three years I had not ‘logged on’ in years and thus there was no synced data. When I deleted my old icon and app in order not to confuse them with the new, I deleted the only file of the data points, sites, pins etc. Like a gift from above, I still had my old iPad, still charging and syncing though not being used. It had all the data. Now I am back in business. The sync between the iPads is still not complete but there are work around such as simply naming the pins that are not syncing to a new list and then they appear. Three cheers to really professional technician S.
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4 years ago, TLMuse
Once-great app ruined in recent update
Update 1 mo later: Ulmon’s web site support form hasn’t functioned for at least a month. I’ve emailed support, and contacted them via Facebook, with no response. These problems may be connected to recent security issues Ulmon reported to users. New users should beware investing in this abandoned app. Original review: CityMaps2Go was once one of my most-used apps, and I happily paid for the premium version. A recent update required re-downloading all maps. After doing so, I’ve repeatedly found the once-reliable offline map use feature, which I relied on, to be totally unreliable. Even when I have already downloaded the map for my current area, the app will show a blank map when I’m offline. It seems to need to “call home” at arbitrary and unpredictable times in order to work, crippling it for offline use. If Ulmon reads this: Please restore the earlier simple and completely reliable offline performance. Without that, this app is essentially useless to me, and I regret paying for the premium version.
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5 years ago, ZepLedForever
The best map app for traveling!! And for home!!
I have used CityMaps2Go since 2011. I download maps before any travel. The maps are precise and current to the minute with all transportations stops, points of interest, parks, food, hotels, think of it and it is noted on the maps. You can use it without WiFi on an iPod or phone and the device’s gps will show your location on the map all day (as long as you opened the app with WiFi in the morning). CM2G has always proved more accurate than other phone maps that my traveling companions have used. I have used it while hiking...the level of detail on the maps is so fantastic. You can create lists and save all your spots on lists. It has been a must have tool so far while traveling in North America, Europe...bravo to the CityMaps2Go team!!!!
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6 years ago, mightytaiyo
Very Useful app
I’ve used this map app on several trips including Sydney and Berlin recently. And it seems to be regularly update for new locations. I’m based in Los Angeles and I often use it for local adventures, too. I find it very helpful that it allows offline use + you can add notes/photos and have use of the GPS compass (knowing the cardinal points is very helpful). For traveling, these features saves data usage. I initially used this app on my iPhone 5S. Now I’m on iPhone SE....and using the newer version of the app. Also, though this app provides train stations, I generally use a separate app for trains/buses in the city I’m in to assist (just to get timetables) .The combination seems to work well for me.
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6 months ago, boob4hire
I liked them on Facebook to get my one extra free map and it’s been stuck on 3% since about January 1929. Me thinks they are just trying to get you to pay for the service. While I got one free map download, I was offered another free download to like them on Facebook - which I did. Way I see it, T hat’s free advertising for them with a guaranteed extra map - so it says. When I can afford it, I will pay for the service. It seems pretty good. Offline maps are super handy when you find yourself in a Peruvian jungle with snakes that could climb the Empire State Building. Otherwise I’m sticking to my 3 star review. Thank you for reading. PS - I would like to say that my map downloaded with ease after writing this review. I’ll take it up to 4 stars until I can test it in North Korea. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Outofcville
Great app for travel
I’ve used this app in the US, Ireland, and Paris and find it incredibly helpful navigated city streets on foot and country back roads by car. Download the maps for offline use, add pins for your destinations, turn off cellular data and it uses your phone’s GPS to locate you. You can then track to see if you are going in the right direction toward your destinations while on foot in a city. We had a GPS system in our rental car in Ireland, but some of the places we wanted to get to were off the beaten path - like the ruin of an abbey - we could get to the general area via the car GPS and then we used this app to get to the actual location. Highly recommend!
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7 years ago, Vmcg747_400
Great App
This is a great application... I use it extensively and recommend it to all my colleagues... I am an airline pilot for a major airline and travel extensively overseas. The strong points on this app is it requires no wifi connection (although it enhances the app) or data interface... in other words I can walk around the cities I previously downloaded in airplane mode and it uses the internal GPS for guidance. I also like the colored stars as I use a color for restaurants, a color for points of interest, a color for my hotels... etc. I also love that every place I pin I can put personal notes so I can review them before walking in and treat the employees like old lost friends...
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6 years ago, Avid reader 123
Not a fan of this program
Not easy or obvious to use, spend more time frustrated by trying to figure out how to use rather than using it. Map seems okay but searches are hard to use. For example, I knew there was a restaurant near me the started with an R. Went to search, food, local in the search options it listed hundreds of restaurants in a random order. We finally found the restaurant in google then searched in the app to find it 900 feet away. Would have liked to search local by alphabetical, distance food types or dollars as an options to help narrow down choices. Another example, cannot figure out how to use app to create an interesting list of place to visit. Would like to build a day planner list of places to visit on foot or by car. Cannot find a way to do this unless I know the places before hand?
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6 years ago, Dontwantaname
Great Map App
Great app if you want mapping/location info but don’t want to use data out of your regular phone service area. Used by many airline crewmembers for international trips. I am one. Download maps you need onto your phone when you have Wi-Fi then you can turn off your cellular data and the app will still show your location on the map. Does not provide driving/walking directions (as does Google Maps when connected to Internet) but does show your location. Maps are detailed and allow you to search for many attractions, restaurants, etc without using data. Wide range of maps for cities and larger geographic areas.
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6 years ago, bob_55_
Use it often when traveling
I like knowing where I am and also where I am going and whenever I'm in a place with limited or no wifi Ulmon Maps is my go to resource. I use an iPad, have no smartphone, but I would use this app even if the reverse was true. The iPad blue dot shows up on Ulmon and it is useful in following a route to anywhere and seeing possible places of interest nearby. Maps are updated periodically. Also you have options of downloading whole countries or states if you need that or just a major city if that is all you need. Of course this app gives a much wider area than Google maps which limits the area of any saved map.
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5 years ago, Oarsman50
Great Maps for Travel
I traveled to Paris last year and used an offline map for navigation. It worked great on my iPhone. Walked all over the city and the maps were spot on. You could follow the location block by block and make sure you were headed to the right area. Also marked the points of interest before the trip and could immediately map out an agenda for the days travel to hit these sites most efficiently. I would have been lost without this map service. I plan on being in Australia in the next couple of weeks and have already down loaded my map and am ready to go when I arrive. Wonderful service.
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6 months ago, Catan man
I don’t believe this app is supported by its parent company any longer
I upgraded to pro before my honeymoon in Italy. It worked for one day without issues but then started “blanking” if I wasn’t on WiFi. I downloaded the city, province, and country maps before I went. It would only show me my location and my saved places, which was still helpful but not what I paid for. The map would only show once I got back into WiFi, and I couldn’t close the app in fear that it would go away again. After about 5 days, the maps wouldn’t even load when I had WiFi. I’m back in the states now with service and they still won’t load. It is a dead app to me now. I emailed customer service a month ago and they have not responded. I believe it is just a revenue stream for its parent company and they put absolutely no resources into it.
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5 years ago, fgeyehnvirnr
Great Offline Map Tool
This is one of my favorite Apps when I travel for business or pleasure. I like that it works offline when I’m in areas that don’t have great internet but depend on that to function. This app uses just your phone’s GPS capability to locate and show where you are. The detail is excellent, down to the level of established hiking trails out in the mountains :-) or which way the traffic flows if you’re in cities with a lot of one way streets. I down load country and detailed city maps including scenic/commercial places ahead of time so I have them ready in advance. Great success in London, Paris, Ireland, Western Australia and all over the USA.
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3 years ago, Christopher P
Notice that all the good reviews are from over a year ago and all the bad reviews are RECENT. This is not a good sign. Click on the Developer Support link and it takes you to a page with a REVIEW of the app!?! Click on the link to the Developer web page (Kulemba) and it goes to a ONE PAGE WordPress site with no links or menus. Nothing. At some point their user data was hacked and/or sold, where’s the explanation of that?? The app was sold, support appears to be non-existent, they updated it a couple months ago so it would use Apple login, but it clearly doesn’t work any more as it is supposed to, and used to. The new owners are keeping it on life-support to keep collecting money for the work done in the past when it was a good product and got great reviews. DON’T BUY IT until there is a major update and you can get real support!!
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8 months ago, Booma K
Used to be a great site
This was my go to site for travel maps for several years, I bought the premium lifetime version of it and loved it. About 9 months ago the actual map disappeared to just a blank yellow screen with orange stars in the locations I had saved in each city. I tried to log out and then back in, and uninstall and reinstall the app along with several other things. The app is now totally useless. I have tried several times to contact support to help me get the map restored with no response. Sadly, I now have to use another site for maps. 😟
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6 years ago, richlyndavis
Great app for the traveler
I just returned from a three week trip to Greece. Prior to the trip the relevant maps were downloaded and annotated with the places I planned to visit. It worked perfectly as my stand alone guide especially in Athens which is a challenging city. RLD It is a year later than my trip to Greece and tomorrow I return to the US after a trip to Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. As before the obvious maps were downloaded prior to departure and additional useful maps were downloaded during the trip. Again the maps worked perfectly and you picked up two new customers during the trip who asked about what I was using. RLD
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1 year ago, Kaybeeyou
Great app
I've been using this app for 8+ years and I love this app. It's easy to search or add the places you want. I upgraded to the download map off line which is so worth it. It know your location so easy to find way. I also like that I can add notes so I add the guide book info. Then, I can just read the details from this app instead of carrying the guide book. My only critique is I wish I could make the stars different colors so I can have one color for must see/do, another color for 'if I have time', another color for restaurants and yet another for hotel.
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5 years ago, desertwinds
We use city maps2go for our travels
We used this app in Istanbul, throughout Turkey, New Zealand, & even hiking the trails in AZ. It's been very dependable. Now we are using it as we hike in Spain and it's been AMAZING! We highlight the spot we wish to travel to, click on the lower part of the window that describes the location and a new widow asks to show on the map, scroll down from that, click on the prompt to"Get Directions" and choose Google Maps and VOILÀ. The time in hrs & min.& miles or kilometers shows and talks you thru the route. FABULOSO! This app has been invaluable! So great that it interacts w Google maps this way.
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5 years ago, Brown-Lee
Good Map App
Great that one can use it offline ... So one does not have to pay roaming fees. Works really good, but does not seem to have a locate me feature ... So I had to keep searching for a street name to find my location within the City (still an issue) ... Otherwise, a good app and map. I paid for the premium version now ... I like that I can mark locations ... I wish I could use different colors for different places (maybe in the future) ... and possibly put a name on the Marker without having to click on it, but at least I can labeled them! I LOVE that if I add a marker pin on my iPad it shows up on my iPhone ... well done! The maps are very detailed- which is great.
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3 years ago, mizlem
Good for travel, not always easy to search
I’ve relied on this app for my travel for 5 years now, and for saving locations of important architecture, museums, and sites. That being said it can be very frustrating to search for churches, castles, museums. If you misspell or do not know the name of the location in the native language it can be a challenge to find. I used to be able to add locations on the maps just by tapping on them, now it is not the case. It can be frustrating. That being said, it is far better than Google maps in that you can create different lists to separate your saves.
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6 years ago, AppWatchCritic
Excellent app for offline features
I previously wrote a critical review, which I’m replacing after extensive use. I’ve used CityMaps2Go Premium in the US, Cuba, and numerous cities in Europe. I use an iPad Mini with no cellular potential, hardly state of the art. This app will search for streets, train stations, restaurants, etc. while offline. Its data base and accuracy are awesome! Even offline, it pinpoints your location. You can store many locations on each map you download. It’s impossible to get lost. It has bailed me out so many times, I can’t count. Recently I compared apps with a skeptical friend who had three well-known map apps. None of them had CityMaps’ offline power, not even close. My previous peeve was that whole-country maps of Spain and Portugal didn’t work. I haven’t checked that recently. I just found my way home in a rainstorm in Marseille, on the shortest route through a maze of staircases and narrow streets. If you travel, you want this app.
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6 years ago, Lavendelcottage
I planned an entire trip to Europe using this app. This was 2 years ago and I’m just now writing the review so the details aren’t fresh on my mind but I remember the downloaded maps were a huge help because I didn’t have cell service in most spots there, but the downloaded maps work anywhere. Also the user reviews on all the sights/ restaurants and whatnot helped tremendously. The only thing that prompted me to even write this review is i just went back to the app to use yet again for another trip to Europe and it asked for a rating. I highly recommend this app!
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6 years ago, Tony Bob's your Uncle
Awesome App.
In the hills above the reasonable remote village of Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic, there are a numbers trails leading to various points of interest. These trails are quite maze like. We were struggling to find the "Stages Leap" scenic overlook and other sites as well. That's when I remembered that I had downloaded this app and the map for Karlovy Vary before my trip. Even without cellular service, we were able see all the trails, points of interest and our location on the map, and quickly find all the sites that we wanted to visit. I was surprised to see the level of detail and accuracy. Amazing.
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2 months ago, gondwona
Makes life easier
Having navigation that does not depend on internet connection can save your trip. I often use it to orient myself after emerging from a subway in a new city. Another plus is the easy process of placing waypoints on a map. We recently toured the salt mine near Krakow. Our bus stopped some distance from the entrance. Then the tour exited the mine a half mile away from where we entered. I had marked the bus location on Ulmon. This made it a simple matter to return to the bus. In fact, we were the first to make it back.
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5 years ago, Anika Fan
Never Lost
I’ve been using CityMapsToGo for about five years. I prefer it to Apple Maps or Google maps. It’s downloadable. It doesn’t take a lot of space. It shows many small but important features such as where to find paths between streets. It provides street names in English and in the language of the host country, which is very helpful since in countries like Israel, for example, street names are given in three different languages, including English. It has the village zoom in and zoom out for both detail and context. I could go on.
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4 years ago, mjdindc
I really don’t understand the great reviews. It’s like it’s a different app. App has good potential but it’s hard to find sights to see. Places to see are not under discover. Discover is a mix of top sights and restaurants with what are almost ads for restaurants and hotels. The real list of sights is under maps. Then you have to click the star that says tops. I test software for a living and found it difficult to find. This gives you a list of sights and restaurants rated by popularity with no way to sort. You can view all the paid tours and admissions, but if there is a way to sort or filter, I can’t find it. I have no idea what the sort is. Once you find what you want to see, the app is good at making a list and putting places on a map. I found the best way way to find a good travel book, find the places and just use the list and map portion. If you have a limited or no data plan, The off line map portion sounds like it may be the best part of the app. Personally, I found the app to be more trouble than it was worth.
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3 years ago, JSmazz
App Barely Works Anymore
As others have stated, after the big update that required you to re-download all of your maps, the app just doesn’t work while offline (the main reason for having it) and while online, is not smooth in scaling. The map hangs, jerks, or freezes. The website is the typical crappy “look how cool our site is” with absolutely zero actual information or support. Many of us supported this app by paying for the premium version and told everyone to get it. I feel like someone has cheated me. I don’t know if the company has been sold or a new team has come in to make it more of a booking agency instead of what everyone uses it for: Maps that are offline with our personal spots marked with notes. Ulman has dropped the ball. Please fix this.
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2 years ago, calbobcat201
I have a love hate relationship with City Maps. At times I am so impressed that anywhere in the world I can find where I am an navigate via road or trail. Other times I am very frustrated with the horrible search function. I can only save a location once I locate it on the map. You cannot for example search for a hotel name, mark it, a restaurant name mark it etc. to plan a trip on city maps. The search function brings up random hotels in different countries in no apparent order even when I’m on a downloaded map searching local. Worth while yes, but get a localSIM card for $20 and use google maps.
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6 years ago, Everafterall
I use it all the time
I don’t have free international service. I travel internationally a lot. I use this app all the time walking around foreign cities. I download the city map while on WiFi. Then while walking around, I leave my phone in airplane mode while the WiFi is still on. The WiFi is not connected, it’s just on so the GPS is on. The GPS finds my location on the map, even showing me the direction in which I’m going. It works great. Even many of my destinations are found in the map already. I love it. I use it all the time and IT WORKS!
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5 years ago, crinolathe
Great for trips
I love real estate, and visiting different eateries, museums, etc. in the city. I can pick all or any of these categories and give it a different symbol or color...then when I’m in the area I can look at what I’ve marked on the map and decide if I want to visit it. I’ve been looking for an app like this for a long time. Comes in very handy when your absent minded, or hurting on time - and you can’t just jump in the car and go someplace...I’ve got cities in other areas marked in case I go on a day trip and happen to be in the area. Thanks!
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4 years ago, abbyjo2345
Best offline option for international travel
I’ve been using this app for years for both international and domestic travel. I am always in airplane mode when international and find the app very helpful. I pin all my restaurants and tourists sites ahead of time so know exactly where I am going, cellular data free. Great custom service also- I was having some issues with my maps loading and received very quick support through a series of back and forth emails, and was able to fix the problem.
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2 months ago, trsgiue2cnot532
Great map
I use this map on all my travels. Whenever I’m home, and hear or read about a place that sounds interesting, I mark it on the map. My only complaints are that there is no way to remove all of one type of icon, i.e. hotels. By the time I get somewhere, I generally already have a hotel. So all of those other icons just make the screen too busy. Also, I would like to be able to select different icons for different things, preferably ones I could name myself. For instance, one for restaurants, one for sites, etc.
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5 years ago, Wolvey81
Great map app
Have used this app for about two years now and really like it. So handy to mark things that I want to visit or know about. And I use offline in foreign countries no problem for navigating around. Sometimes the location of certain places is not entirely correct, but not very often, and generally would be close to where it shows on the map. Overall is excellent for what I need, and has made it much easier to navigate cities and get where I want to go.
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2 years ago, gardengalvka
Disappointed to say the least
This app is great for planning trips but you better have a good memory as I found out on a recent trip to Italy. The downloaded maps only worked about a third of the time. Something I had starred would show up without the map behind it. Useless. And this wasn’t out in the wilds of Tuscany but in major cities like Florence and Venice. I would check it every morning before I went out hoping it would be working but it too often failed me. Thank God I had backups with Footpath or I would have been stuck with a paper map. I expected better considering I paid for downloaded maps.
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5 years ago, gustafha
So helpful in offline mode
I am just finishing a 2 week trip in Italy and Croatia. Ahead of time, I saved the points of interest and recommended places to eat in this app. Using the offline mode, I was able to navigate with ease all around these countries. I was surprised to find that even in Plitvice Lakes, the hiking trails were marked better in the Ulmon app than on the pamphlet handed out or the park’s very own navigation app. The Ulmon app prevented a lot of stress and helped us avoid getting lost or wasting time. Highly recommend!
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6 years ago, Vyto17
Great App!
This app allowed me a very handy and helpful way to navigate in Prague while out of any wi-fi range. A blue dot on the offline map indicated my location. I could also search for various landmarks or addresses allowing me to find my way to those points. Being offline the map could not actively direct me step by step to reach these landmarks, but simply seeing them the map allowed me to navigate towards them. I highly recommend this app for anyone’s day of exploration in an unfamiliar lovation.
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6 years ago, Julesx2222
Best app for traveling!!
I used this app extensively while traveling in Europe a few years ago. It shows metro transit routes, train/bus stations, landmarks, and pretty much anything you can need. It let me mark places I wanted to see ahead of time so I could find them when I was out and about. It did all this while I was offline and still showed where I was on the map so I could tell which way I was walking... without using data. It was the best app and I highly recommend it!
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1 year ago, Paniolo Pete
Pretty Good Map Software
I used Maps2Go on a recent cruise in Spain and Portugal. Even though I had downloaded the maps onto my phone before we left for the trip, the maps wouldn’t always display without connecting to internet access first. I never figured out if I was doing something wrong or there was a glitch with the app, but when the maps did display, all the places I had bookmarked were there and we got to where we wanted without buying local maps.
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10 months ago, sisko1999
Best App for Maps While Traveling
I use this app when traveling for the past 8 years and it’s become my go-to for marking my favorite spots. It’s also been a great reminder of places where my husband and I have travelled; allowing notes to help us remember prior experiences. Definitely worth having whether your an experienced jet-setter or just needing help discovering a new city. Love this app and absolutely worth the investment!
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4 years ago, Wet boot
Great travel tool w/o international data package
I have used and recommended CityMaps2Go for over ten years in Italy, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Sweden and the U.S. It is a great tool to locate yourself when you step out of a Metro station in a large city. I have used it to follow my position flying across the country when I have a window seat and can get GPS data. It is not like using apple or google maps when you have data connection, but it is a great travel tool.
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5 years ago, Luxi P's Mom
Honestly one of the best apps I’ve used! They key is when you don’t have service or data, you can still be navigated to destinations via your GPS. I took my 75 yr old mother all around Rome in 7 days and saw everything. It brought me right there every time! It’s great for not having a map to fold and take out all the time making you an easy target for pick pockets. I just had my phone in my hand and went place to place. Great app!!
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6 years ago, bmmccurry
Outstanding application for travel
I have been using this app for 8 years and it continues to eat better. I use this app regularly when traveling domestically and abroad. The feature I enjoy most is the ability to locate myself on a map, even without WiFi or cell access. The GPS location functionality still works. It is much more convenient that carrying around a map. Great work team!
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3 years ago, H4mmer50
Most excellent Map App↗️
Extremely versatile and easy to use! Data entry to new points at your locations are a cinch! Love the ability to identify locations with emojis and built in markers! Also, take photos of points of interest to further identify your favorite places. Many more great features make this Ulmon Map App an excellent addition to my mobile map 🗺 gps collection.💫
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4 years ago, Phylliseva
Like a paper map-wonderful
If you can read a paper map, you will appreciate this app. Particularly if you are exploring out in the country. While in Provence we wanted to get as close to the mountains as possible. We looked on CityMaps, located a village at the foot of the mountains and off we went. We wound up in a large wine region, what a great surprise, and all the car or walking paths show up on the map. This has helped us all throughout Europe.
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7 years ago, RJT...
Great Trip Planning Location Logging Tool
The City Maps to Go App is a great tool to help plan a vacation and to keep track of places you would like to see. I do think it would be better if there was an ability to filter out restaurants and businesses if one wanted to be able to quickly see other attractions, scenic spots, and whatever else others that have been in the area say is a must see for the location of interest.
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3 years ago, shbcalif
Maps don’t sync anymore
After populating a Copenhagen map on my iPad and creating lists I attempted to sync all that work to the app on my iPhone. It did not sync even tho I was signed in exactly the same way on both devices. I restored my purchased, signed off and on again many times, uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I searched the help site and tried everything. Nothing worked. I sent an email asking for help and no one ever got back to me. I’ve been a fan and recommended this app in my travel workshops but if this isn't fixed I can no longer use or recommend the app.
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2 years ago, Shea2DPJ
Offline mode didn’t work on my trip
I bought the pro version just so I could use it on our trip to Central Europe. I downloaded all the maps for our destinations so that we could navigate with data turned off. App said they downloaded. Maps looked coherent. Everything seemed good. We go on the trip and I try to use the offline mode on our first day and it’s completely broken. No maps show up whatsoever, even if I just try to bring up a downloaded portion. Had to burn data / use Apple Map’s while offline which it isn’t designed for. Complete waste of $12!
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