CLEAR - Travel & Experiences

4.7 (450.8K)
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Alclear, LLC
Last update
2 weeks ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for CLEAR - Travel & Experiences

4.72 out of 5
450.8K Ratings
4 years ago, AlexReferee
Saves me a lot of time and keeps things clean
I don’t fly very frequently, but when I do, I love using Clear. Recently got it for my wife as well and it’s just $50 to add a family member. We are always a bit late on getting to the airport, maybe not even late, but we like to be confident we make the gate on time. It really saved me a good chunk of rebooking money as we were late to the gate originally and the security lane was just out of control due to limited number of workers at the domestic erminal at SFO. I quickly added my wife to my Clear account (4 min) and we made it to the gate in 3 more minutes using Clear. That day we saved at least $300 on rebooking fees and it gave us a peace of mind. I like the mobile app and now I know when to leave home if I’m using Clear. They have a home to gate ETA feature, really helpful in planning on when to drive to the airport. I won’t lie, that sense of a VIP status going through Clear, makes me feel good and important on top of saved time. Plus all the agents are super nice.
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3 years ago, DSDFM88
Would be nice if it worked/ Multiple attempts to set up have failed
Update: I have again attempted to set up an account with the new updates, but still have no success. Extremely frustrating that even the newest update has not fixed whatever issues the app has been having. I’ve spoken with others that are upset with the set up as well, they too have tried multiple times to set up an account, but to no success either. It has to do with the picture of the face portion. After my initial review I received an email to “Please, please, please” contact them. I contacted them but have heard nothing back. Really upsetting. I might just be selling my single game tickets to the highest bidder and tailgating during games. Unfortunate. Also, the amount of tracking the app does is absolutely horrendous. Why does it need to know all of that info for me to watch a game…from a third party that I didn’t pay for the PSL/tickets? Do better Clear. Original post: I am PSL season ticket holder to the Raiders. We have to use this system to verify you have the vaccine. Problem is, registration doesn’t work because it won’t capture a your face to verify it against a passport or ID photo. Too bad. Now I have to go through a separate line and verify my hard copy vaccine paper. Terrible system. Which there was not a monopoly on one system, and they would allow for multiple ones. Maybe another one would actually work. If I could rate zero I would.
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3 years ago, Barbarian Queen
App doesn’t work, horrible customer service
A concert I recently attended required proof of covid vaccination status. Attendees could bring their actual cards or could use the Clear digital vaccine card. I downloaded the app on 10/4, 8 days before the concert and tried to create my digital vaccine card. It didn’t work at all. The process failed after all my information was entered. I contacted customer service via text (the only option they give you) and didn’t hear back for an entire day. When I finally got the return text on 10/5 I was at work and couldn’t answer right then. I was told to delete and reinstall the app, which I did, to no avail. I contacted them again but could not get through to someone until 10/16, THIRTEEN days after my initial inquiry. In the mean time. I would get texts asking for my name, email and birthdate, which I provided, but then I was asked for this information again and again. I also had to keep explaining what the problem was, but they kept ghosting me. The customer service was AWFUL. Like literally the worst I have ever experienced! When I finally did get through to someone, just today on 10/16, I tried all the things asked if me and the answer was just “huh, it doesn’t work”. So this app doesn’t work at all and the customer service is abysmal.
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3 years ago, jessi727
Absolutely useless app! Can’t create Travel Pass
I’m an member with a paid membership. $179/year and can’t use basic functions of the app that are provided with free memberships. Every time I try to create a Health Pass or upload my vaccine card, I get a message saying “There is an existing membership associated with this email address, but it’s missing information we need to create a Health Pass. Please contact customer support for assistance.” I contacted customer support, and multiple times they responded by text hours or days later, waited two minutes, then ended the chat. I’d have to go through the entire process again. Finally got someone on the line, and their solution? Set up an entirely new account using another email address. They said they’re aware of the problem with paid memberships not being able to create a health pass and are “working to resolve the issue”. It’s been months and still having the same problem. No timeline as to when this problem will be corrected. The app is completely useless, especially if you’re an existing customer with paid membership. Horrible customer service and horribly inept IT department. I thought for $180 there’d be at least some level of customer support. It’s nonexistent.
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2 years ago, shelleymarie
No upload option
There needs to be a way to upload a photo or PDF of vaccine cards. It’s ridiculous to expect that everyone has their original card on hand at all times. Yesterday, I was visiting a location that required Clear App proof of vaccine. I have a copy of my vaccine card saved on my phone that has worked as proof for both the military and for the hospital that employees me, and tried to upload the attachment to the Clear App, which was not an option. I reached out to customer service for Clear, and the assistant stated that “uploading a saved file of COVID vaccine cards is not possible through the app for safety reasons. Vaccine proof can only be scanned from the original physical document.” It is logistically unsound to expect that everyone has access to their physical cards at all times. What happens if there is a house fire? A lost wallet? Forgotten card at home? The military and the medical community both accept the PDF and photo files I have on my phone for hospital employment to work with immune compromised patients… it’s ludicrous that the Clear App customer service assistant says that this same option is not considered “safe” for entry into restaurants and public places!
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3 years ago, Dave or Doc
I didn’t know about your service or that Amex Platinum recommended your company. I feared it was another scam for a monthly fee and be charged instantly on my Amex card. Noel kindly reassured me and asked me the right questions. When I said yes to Platinum Amex she told me that they,Amex, approved of your company and they offered it free to members. Thanks for having Noel at the TSA lineup and her Being so kind and patient in her explaining your mission. I hope you can retain her services, but sadly I know more than I should about international business and fear her talent and language skills are unknown to HR. Thanks again and good luck with your mission. Dave Powell
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3 months ago, sdnelson11
Clear experience has deteriorated to point of useless
I used to love Clear. Since up 5 years ago I have been a subscriber and I used to use it everywhere it was available when I travelled. Now, I go through TSA Pre instead of Clear almost every trip the past year. The reasons are several. 1. At LAX it’s often now faster to just go through TSA Pre. 2. At least the past half dozen times I tried to use here there is this new ID update verification. And every time it has failed, with the agent at security fussing around trying to fix it, and can never fix it, which has added 10 minutes of delay while I repeatedly explain that nobody at Clear has ever been able to fix it. It’s some profile name vs name on ID mismatch. Fixing it in profile has never fixed it and like I said the fussing around by agents in person has been useless. The last time I tried I got so frustrated I turned around walked back and went through TSA Pre. So I just gave up even trying to use Clear anymore. And since the membership fees have gone up, I won’t renew again. Somehow Clear has really dropped the ball when they had a really great thing going.
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2 years ago, Cw-23
App Does Not Work
I am confident that every part of the process of this app has not worked for me all in the span of one day. It wouldn’t recognize my face, my account, my vaccination card, and now won’t even let me add a minor at all. It just says “oops” and crashes repeatedly. Customer service is about as well-advised as your TV provider’s. They love to ask “did you try turning on and off your wifi?” And “did you try uninstalling the app?” But never bother actually looking into the problems with the app. This has clearly been a problem for the last year based on other reviews and it’s honestly embarrassing that none of these glitches have been fixed yet. Especially when you are charging $179 a year, you would think you could at least log into the app. Somehow every other app in the universe has no problems with this… To recap, don’t download the app. It’s garbage and Clear clearly has no intentions of fixing it — just taking your money and running. Surprised major events even use this service with the glitches. Really says something that they all have to have secondary lines for when the app crashes…
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3 years ago, Moosebouse
Absolute garbage
Didn’t sync correctly with my online health record. Support said to contact my dr. Contacted my dr, tried again. Support said they would investigate the error. Heard nothing for a day, contacted support again. THEN they said their app doesn’t work with the Cleveland Clinic’s online system. Ok well why was I able to select it in the app and why did no one tell me this in the past several days I’ve been dealing with this problem? When I asked that, they asked for a screenshot of *their own app* saying I could sync with the clinic. So I sent that and they never responded. I messaged them screenshots and PDFs of my vaccination record that I see in the Clinic’s online system, they did not repair the error or update my file, which is absurd since I had to enter the info for logging into MyChart. They could go into MyChart themselves and see it but instead they just give me the runaround. The system also says you can use a PCR test w/in the last 72 hours, but beware- it take 72 hours to get a PCR result. This app was a total waste of time and did not clear me even though I am vaccinated AND I got a PCR test 48 hours before my event.
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3 years ago, Sirieife
Horrible App With Log In consistency
So I have a damaged iPhone that I planned to upgrade later this year. Basically, my camera on my iPhone is broken. So I can’t scan, upload, or take photos that are required to make a covid health pass on my phone. I understand that. So I decided to just create a health pass and log in account on my iPad Pro and then I assumed that the log in credentials would transfer once I log into my account on my iPhone. (So I don’t have to carry a giant iPad Pro everywhere I go that require the Clear app health credentials). Everything worked smoothly and I created an account with all my vaccine creds on my iPad Pro. But once I log into my Clear account on my iPhone. None of the credentials transfer over at all! Zero uniformity! You would think the log in credentials would be enough to have access to my vaccine info from the iPad. Every app that saves your data can be accessed on any device once you create a log in! Not this one! And now I have to get a new phone or carry a giant iPad Pro since my phone camera is busted! Fix this issue! It doesn’t take a genius to create app log in uniformity, fellas!
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4 years ago, DayGlo_StarKade
Not Worth It...Yet!
It’s a great concept, and if you live in a large metropolitan area (i.e.: Miami, Atlanta, NYC, L.A.), I’m sure it’s convenient & enjoyable to use. However, I live in Asheville, NC (Asheville has nearly a population of 100,000 people). I was not informed until after I’d scanned my driver’s license and had my face scanned by my phone twice that I had to complete my verification by going to the nearest Clear station. Fine I thought, not a big deal. Where’s the nearest station? At first I thought it was Charlotte, NC. I’m sorry but I have no intention of driving 2 - 2 & 1/2 hours out of my way to verify my ID through a “up & coming” app. Then I found out that there’s not even a station in Charlotte yet. This was the same situation I had when GrubHub, Uber Eats, Post Mates, and Doordash first started, and it took a couple to a few years for each of them to become available and prominent. My advice? Wait a couple years at least. If you live in a more rural area - which 75-80% of the country does - it’s not worth downloading just yet, but it will be - eventually!
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3 years ago, n0nam321
Useless and redundant
This is a review for the free membership “Clear pass”. I Downloaded clear pass to have my vaccine card digitized on my phone for travel and venue access. Any time I attempted to use it, the checker preferred to see my vax card or a photo of my vax card. I find this service useless. Additionally, every time you want to pull up your clear digital vac card, it wants to do a face capture. No thanks. So much easier to just show a pic of vaccine card! I’m attempting to cancel service and delete my account, however Clear does not give me the option to delete my biometric data that was captured to fully cancel and close my account. Apparently there is no way to actually cancel your account, because even after doing so, you can just log right back in anyway. I want my data deleted from Clear’s servers - I do not wish for my biometric data to be retained. I have the right to be forgotten, as does my data. I will delete my one star review if Clear deletes all my data. Until then, I don’t recommend anyone download this app, as all its free functions are redundant.
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6 months ago, FitnessFanLV
Can Not Take A Clear ID Photo!
This app is horrible! I can not take a clear photo of my drivers license with the app’s built in camera setup. I have an Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max and have no issues using other apps to take a photo of my different forms of ID. The app’s built in camera setup keeps making the photos come out blurry. The phone is perfectly stable and it doesn’t matter if I get closer or farther away from my ID, the photos just come out blurry. My ID is on a solid black background with no light glare, great natural lighting and it still can’t take a non-blurry photo. There is no way to use my Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max macro mode for better photo enhancements like I can for any other photo I take using phone which makes no sense. Also, the app does not allow you to upload a photo of your ID that’s already on your phone. I have perfectly clear, close-up, front and back photos of all my ID cards and passport in my phone’s photo library. Why you have to take a photo and can not upload them makes no sense. This app description acts like it’s so high tech and professional but these are basic features for any app in 2023. I don’t understand how an app with these issues could have made it to release. This tells me the developers have not and do not test their apps prior to release. There are multiple other reviewers with the same issue but clearly nothing has been done. If the developers of this app read my entire review… PLEASE correct these simples issues asap.
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3 years ago, smirkedPLoOped
80.7% of all Americans live in cities or urban areas
The US census, as of 2018, states that over 80% of Americans live in cities or urban areas. That means our airports are crammed and Clear offers a reasonable rate to bypass a lot of the long, winding, frustrating lines at the major airport hubs if you’re a frequent traveler. I paid $179 for the year and just at Orlando last weekend, it paid for itself with the maze of travelers trying to decipher the Covid rules and multiple lanes of snaking body and bag inspection points. I think I saved at least 30-40 minutes of wait time and didn’t have to take off my shoes or take out my electronic devices. That’s a big win for me. I’ll keep it. My only negative is this being a private company scanning my retinas. I know the government tracks my every move via my cell phone already, but I’m more skeptical about the retinal scan by a private entity. Hopefully I won’t be sold for body parts to a robot in the near future.
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2 years ago, Law Student 31
It works… some of the time.
The idea behind the Clear is ease, flexibility and connectivity—for those who are vaccinated. For those who are not vaccinated, the Clear app works some of the time. Every 2-3 months, the app disconnects from my medical provider (which I understand is the length of the permission given for accessing my medical provider account) but when I go to re-connect, that’s when the issues arise. They simply won’t connect—I am left on the “loading” screen and denied access to my building due to “no green screen” despite not having Covid and having a negative PCR test to prove it. When I have reached out to the support staff for Clear, I get the same message: log out/in, delete app/re-install, update your phone, etc… I have done all of that even before reaching out to them. Other than telling me to all of the above, they can’t/don’t seem to be able to do much else. So, I will keep trying to get the accounts to connect and hope that I can gain access to my building.
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3 years ago, music-is-my-refuge
Customer service isn’t helpful
I I’m going to the raiders game tomorrow and for the past week I have been trying to get my account fixed. I enrolled in the $15/mo plan, and the app will not let me complete the registration. It will not allow me to update vaccine info take a picture or anything. Instead I get an error saying my profile is incomplete. When reaching out to customer support there is no phone to call instead they use a text solution which I was waiting for 1.5 hrs for a response .. once I was responded to I was driving which made it impossible to rectify the issue.. I ended up having to reach out the next day and was told I have to use recreate my account using a separate email .. despite the fact that I’m already paying for an errored account … I understand that I’m not the only customer .. but it’s very inconvenient to have to then create another email just to utilize a service that technical support should be able to fix
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2 years ago, accidental clear traveler
Customer service is lacking
So many Clear employees at airport not helping -no one helping where bottleneck just selling the process. Clear missed multiple opportunities to assist my traveling party. Clear had a HUGE bottle neck at the gate for wristbands In contrast to five plus Clear staff in TSA line. Clear was not faster than pre TSA approval. No one from Clear follows up. Bottleneck at gate - Clear please review your business processes which are broken. My traveling party will be in line for over 40 minutes the majority of persons in line are rightfully upset. Quotes “one very slow male Clear employee working the wristband process - 50 upset people in line.” Additional feedback the Australian male Clear at SMF employee I believe that was his accent laughed when made aware of issues. Clear maybe you get additional traffic this summer but with this lack of customer service your accountants need to disclose going concern issues - Clear will not be in business unless someone with Business Management experience is involved.
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4 years ago, Kwphil
Linking to Second Airline Changes Registration
I joined CLEAR through my Delta account a couple of years ago, and I love the ease of getting through airport security. Their enthusiastic staff are competent and welcoming of travelers. However their iPhone app has a severe flaw. When I downloaded it yesterday I saw the ability to link to my United account. I entered the United account number then for a message that I had just changed from a Delta-sponsored registration to a United-sponsored registration. They also ran a charge for $30 since the United offer was more expensive than the price Delta offers for travelers with status in their frequent flyer program. It took 15 minutes on the phone with an agent to resolve this. She had to cancel my membership altogether in order to reinstate it at the proper rate. I appreciate Olivia’s diligence but neither of us would have needed to take that time off the app wasn’t broken. Adding a second airline’s member number should not affect billing.
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3 years ago, Super*Mum
Health Pass Expires Quickly
What they don’t tell you is that after you do ALLLL the photos, uploading, face scans, questions, etc. is that your Health Pass expires in 277 hours. So guess what I get to do again RIGHT before me trip? Grrrr. And then I have to re-check Safe Travels Hawaii to make sure I don’t have to redo that whole process again because Clear expires. I am extremely upset as we did Clear and Safe Travels two weeks before our trip and it took us about an hour…. and we have to do that whole process over again. There should be a warning upfront telling you to do it a week before your trip or… you know, make the Health Passport valid for 30 days. 😡 This, in addition to their customer service taking 16 hours to text back after you text them is absurd. I won’t be using *any* of their products in the future and I was looking at signing up for their yearly Touchless service. Forget it.
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3 years ago, TooFastForITunes
Incredibly buggy, and no support
I signed up for a free trial of CLEAR at the airport today, and was told that my trial would last for two weeks. I then went to the website and discovered that my trial actually goes through October! Great surprise, but then I linked my United frequent flyer number, returned to the main screen, and discovered the CLEAR took the opportunity to deactivate my account entirely, and neither the mobile app nor the web site will allow me to deactivate it. I spent a long time searching their website to try to figure out what is going wrong, but was presented with a bunch of corrupted images and broken links. The app has similar issues. It can’t seem to figure out whether or not I have an account, and displays a bunch of blue boxes. I think the blue boxes maybe are supposed to be the logo for United airlines? It’s unclear. Anyway, this technology is a long way away from being ready for prime time.
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3 years ago, cougardent
Good, could be better
While there is no doubt Clear saved me 15-20 minutes leaving LAX, it seems they are very slow adding additional cities. TPA has consistently been a top rated airport in the country year after year in addition to continually getting additional routes and millions of air travelers each year yet still no Clear years later. Aside from the air traveler benefits they started offering digital vaccine cards yet this feature does not work at all. After you connect your provider it says it takes up to a minute to sync and get the results. I’ve reached put to support and gotten 3 different answers as to the problem including blaming my device for what is clearly a backend issue. If you can’t make the feature work, then don’t put it in the app.
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3 years ago, tonyecklund
Poor customer support!
I don’t normally review but my experience with this app was just so bad. Like others after purchasing for 179 and then adding my wife for an additional 60 I couldn’t get the app to go beyond login. That I could deal with, things happen but it was the support that followed which caused me to cancel and request a refund. I have never experienced anything like it. There is no phone support ( that I know of) you have to submit a text with your problem which I did and did not get a response until three hours later with lame suggestions that I had already read in there help section. Then I was told to delete the app and wait five minutes to reinstall which while I was doing as told was then given the response my lack of imvolvement to the text is resulting in closing have a nice day. Are you kidding me! Save yourself the aggravation and skip it there are alternatives.
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10 months ago, CaliRya
May not accept prepaid cell numbers
I first tried to use this service to verify my identity on LinkedIn in, but was told to use the app to update my phone number. Creating an account required me to provide highly personal information, which initially made me hesitant. Especially because I didn’t find an option to use two-factor verification, using an authentication app, to help secure my account. However, I ended up giving them everything they asked for. Then I kept receiving an error message. After speaking with their customer service, I was informed that they do not accept prepaid cellular accounts for phone number verification. Even though it’s my current personal cell phone number that I’ve had in my name for over ten years. So it seems like people who have a prepaid cellular account may not be able to use their identity verification service.
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2 years ago, JH SF BA
Clear heath pass is less convenient than the paper card
The symphony linked to the Clear health pass app. I set it up in advance, which included taking a selfie. When I was in line to enter, I opened the Clear app to get my health pass ready for the usher. Instead, the app wanted me to take a photo of myself again to "confirm my identity quickly and securely". It is not quite as quick as the message promises. The app is more inconvenient than the process that it purports to replace. When I have the vaccination card and the ID side-by-side in my open wallet, then the usher takes less than a second to let me in. People who fumble with their phone hold up the line. Clear as a service at the airport is a convenient time-saver. The health pass application is not.
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2 years ago, Bustaroni
Customer service is horrible
I was having a problem with their system so I asked for help. I kept getting “oops something went wrong. Try back later”. Their reply was update your app. I told them the app was up to date and asked if they had received comments from other customers. Jade replied to my email saying “you must have the most current version for the product to work properly”. She obviously didn’t read my email when I said it is up to date. A few hours later, after doing nothing else to my phone, the app works. Thanks Ricky abs Jade. Customer service is easy when you blame it on the customers phone. I love the app when it is working, I’m now concerned of the service I will get when I have a question.
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1 year ago, AussieCroweBoy
Used to be great, now I just want to quit
I used to love Clear. So fast and convenient. Recently using Clear has been the worst part of traveling. The past few months Clear has been absolutely awful. The last few times I’ve used Clear it’s actually been quicker to just use the regular TSA Pre-Check line. This most recent time I watched people join the TSA line after I had already been in the Clear line, get up to the officer, and then go through security before I had even made it to get my Clear scan. I ended up missing my flight because they took so long. This seems to be the new norm, and that’s if they’re even open. They always seem to be closed when I try to use Clear, so I just have to go through the regular line. Might just cancel since TSA Pre-Check seems to actually be faster than Clear. So disappointing.
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11 months ago, jlfigueroa
Don’t waste your time sending them an email
I’m an original member from the early 2000s, then it went bust in 2009. I’m onboard again with a family plan. I had a problem at miami airport with my wife at the clear line and she had to go to the regular line. Almost lost her flight. Tried initially to get them trough the chat, impossible to really fix anything through that, it’s a chat with a computer. Then wrote them an email, that never was answered back. Finally after a half an hour telephone wait got finally a live agent and was able to fix the issue. My recommendations to clear, dump the chat, it’s a waste of time, be so kind to answer the emails,or get some more agents to answer the telephone calls. This is a great idea but your execution when there something to fix it’s really, really poor. Hope someone is listening.
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3 years ago, Sterling757
Hot Garbage
Needed a clear health pass for an upcoming event. After downloading Clear app, found out it is not compatible with my older iPhone - fair enough, although I run 50+ apps on it without any issue. After downloading the app on my brand new iPad I tried over a dozen times to create the health pass only to have the app crash at the facial recognition portion. I have read in other reviews that this is an issue. Nothing saved and each time I had to start over from the beginning. Tech-support, via text, after 6 1/2 hour wait, ran me through the boiler plate, three-ring binder tech-support steps of reinstalling the app, resetting Wi-Fi, etc. etc. Nothing helped and eventually I was told to just use the secondary verification process for my event. So I guess my advice is save yourself some time and frustration and just plan to carry your vax card.
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3 years ago, bythebay10
Covid vaccine pass completely non-functional; no support either.
I have a clear membership for travel. I was told by my airline that you can use the clear vaccine record feature to travel to Hawaii. I uploaded my vaccine card back in April and it’s been stuck in “pending” for months. Yes this is a personal issue but as other reviewers have said, clear never verifies vaccine records and just leaves users in “pending review” state forever. If you’re going to offer this service and partner with airlines, please ACTUALLY BUILD IT! Otherwise let some other company do it who can get the job done. To make matters worse, their support simply does not answer messages sent through the app (via business iMessage). I used to think clear was a really well run and tech savvy company, but now I wonder if it’s just a fly by night startup held together by scotch tape.
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3 years ago, Shan'Tigra
Great when it’s there
Clear makes by passing the line so much faster. The reason for the incredible amount of info is they are bypassing an entire line and a lot of safety / security precautions to get you to the scanners / metal detectors. They have to be safe and know who you are, just as the airport does. It’s a safety thing and I love it. You no longer have to show your state ID and boarding pass to get by security! No waiting in line! No pulling own mask around a bunch of other people! That being said, if it’s in your state and airport, it’s great! I have one in SeaTac. I could not find one in LAX, Dulles, Wrw Ok airport and it was closed in O’Hare the last few times I’ve been there this year (hours of operation). It’s also been closed on occasion in SeaTac. All in all, I have been able to use Clear about 1/3 of the time… :( The hours of operation are also not posted, so I ended up standing around at a gate point for a while… Good service - just not there yet. Also, I would love to change the picture that was taken earlier of me when I traveled. I was really disheveled and every time I use Clear, I see that picture… lol
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2 years ago, TheSiriusSnape
Needs more transparency about expiration on Health Pass
I set up my Health Pass for an upcoming event and checked it only to find out the hard way that my pass expires the day before I fly out for the event. There was nothing in the app to suggest that scanning my ID, scanning my vaxx card and taking my photo was a process that had an expiration date. I realize now I will have to set my pass up again the day of travel, halfway through transit to be in the expiration window of time to check in at the conference. The UI needs to be adjusted with a **very clear** warning pop-up that advises upon initiating the process that entering Health Pass information is a process with a 12 hour expiration. I’m glad I found out the day before my trip and not after standing in a very long line to pick up my badge at the conference.
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1 year ago, DLiu1910
I recently started using the CLEARME app and it has completely exceeded my expectations! The app is incredibly easy to use and has streamlined the entire airport security process for me. The app itself is also well-designed and intuitive. It's very easy to manage my account and add family members to my membership. And the fact that CLEARME partners with so many airports and airlines is a huge plus. Overall, I highly recommend the CLEARME app to anyone who wants a hassle-free and stress-free travel experience. It's definitely worth the investment and has made my travels so much smoother. Thank you, CLEARME!
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3 years ago, Sassy'n'Sweet
Horrible & Inaccurate
I download this app because a venue my kids & I like to attend requires this to see we’re vaccinated. I set up my account, did the selfie, but the picture it pulls up for my account is NOT ME and NOT the selfie I just took! WHAT? Where did this picture come from and who is it? So now someone else’s face is in my account. THEN I try to set my kids under my minors account. First child all info sets up correctly. Second child no such luck. Every time I try to enter his birthday it defaults to “October 7,2007”!! WHY?? So now I can’t even set up my youngest child because it won’t accept his actual birthday. This app is completely useless and absolute garbage. It’s a great idea BUT it has a mind of its own and seems to substitute false information instead of your actual info. Don’t bother. It’s not worth the frustration
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3 years ago, MavsGirl6
What a timesaver , especially during COVID
I’ve been a CLEAR and TSA PreCheck member since 2017. I typically fly out of the world busiest airport in ATL, and usually can get from the curb through through precheck security in < 10 mins. It’s such a timesaver! Since COVID, the kiosk uses your retinal scan instead of fingerprints, works just as well. The value here is time. If your primary airport security lines are small or pretty efficient then this may not be for you. But if you travel through larger airports like ATL, LAX, DFW, JFK, ORD, MIA, HOU etc. and/or a business traveler this is a blessing and worth the price. Check if your credit cards cover the membership fee. Delta Amex does.
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3 years ago, sudburymac
Potentially great system
This is a system that could be very useful. Currently it is not easy to set up and there seem to be bugs that need to be worked out. When dealing with customer’s personal information, this does not instill confidence in your system. I filled out everything on line, uploaded the necessary vaccine info, drove to the airport to do the biometric scans (clear had trouble with the machines there), installed the app on my phone, then the app seemed awkward and disconnected to everything I had already done. Customer service was great of I never would have figured out how to solve the problems. Had to upload records again since they did not connect to the online version. Need to make this all work better!!!
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3 years ago, The Marmot
Failed Vaccine Verification
I had to download this to go to a conference in Chicago to prove I was vaccinated. I had to allow the app access to my medical records (PHI) and ultimately it was unable to verify my COVID vaccine. My vaccine was administered at a hospital that uses Epic, which is where my record is saved. For those of you who aren’t in the medical field, Epic is one of the most widely used EHRs in the US (along with Powerchart, which is an Epic clone). I shared my PHI with Clear and it’s third party algorithm, without any benefit. I spent 30 minutes with their support staff, who couldn’t figure out the bug. There’s no option to upload a .pdf or picture of your vaccine card. This is a big bug that hasn’t been worked out. Don’t share your PHI with this app. It won’t verify your vaccine, and who knows what they’re doing with your health records.
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2 years ago, Mr.Bitcoiner
Very misleading
I tried Clear for several month for free and a couple of times I used it during very busy times in the airport and managed to not miss my flight - which was excellent. When the trial period was over I decided to cancel it because I only found it in the 40% of the airports I was flying from. I tried to cancel the services in the App. App offered me another 2 month for free instead of cancelling. I accepted and 4 days later Clear tried to charge my credit card. After the attempt I decided to cancel it immediately. I cancelled it in the App. Clear tried to charge my credit card 2 days later… Had to cancel the services via phone, chat and phone automated services… Hopefully it will be cancelled this time…
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3 years ago, RobertPInSF
Does not work
Add the application and try to add vaccine record card I’ve tried it at least 20 times and it says “oops something went wrong”. Contact their support and unexpected wait times and waited over a day for a response. When the response came in it was somebody just trying to close the call and told me to uninstall the app and reinstall it and then they close the call before I could even answer. Uninstall the app and reinstalled it and same problem “oops something went wrong”. Don’t waste your time using this vaccine record card because it does not workAnd the support is nonexistent. They are just closing calls just because they have to close all the calls because of their unexpected wait time they’re very buggy app. I would stay clear away from this app.
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3 years ago, Joao Quban.
Trash, 0 stars.
Downloaded this app because an event required this crap of an app to enter. I signed up, gave over all the intrusive data they requested and at the end of everything, “I couldn’t be verified.” I am extremely concerned as to what is done with the personal information that is handed over in plain text. I cannot access the venue on time now because I entrusted this app to do what I claims to do in its description. I have contacted support with 0 success and I continue to wait outside of the venue with no success. Overall, stay away from this app and entrust your personal information to a human screener who is on site at the venue you are attending. I can’t believe I handed this app my ID and personal information for the sake of saving time entering a venue only to feel like my data was stolen.
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3 years ago, Desh7
Terrible app and support; good airport services
Clear’s website and application build are pretty bad. Dead links (eg, not possible to remove/change a family member online), the vaccine card scanner on the app simply doesn’t work, and importantly support is on par with comcast. On the last point re support, no one picks up the phone, and it took days for them to respond to me via text support, and then the rep ended the chat 2 minutes after sending me a message saying I wasn’t responsive, so now I have to start again and wait a few more days.
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3 years ago, The Timid Soul
Just didn’t work for me
I set up my COVID vaccine health pass as instructed. It was a bit complicated but it worked. Several days later I tried to show the pass to someone. The Clear app top page said I had a valid Covid vaccine pass, but when I tried to open it, it began the set up procedure again. After taking the ID photo, it said I already had a pass and to contact customer support. It took about 36 hours for customer support respond to my text. And they told me to delete the app and reinstall it. That didn’t help. Then they said they would delete my account and I could reestablish it. And they also told me to do it with Wi-Fi off. I can’t do that because I’m in a no cell area. And anyway after a half hour I have not deleted the account. So this app is just not for me. Oh well
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2 years ago, BKNYnyc
Needs some work
You are supposed to be able to put in your flight info to see what time to leave for the airport. When I tried, it said there was no flight by that number leaving from the airport. I called customer service & was told you can only get the info 6 hours before the flight. I told them that it should say that, instead of saying the flight didn’t exist. The reply, they didn’t make the app. When I tried to contact the developer through the app, it said there is no record of a purchase of Clear, mind you that I not only have the app, I have a Clear + membership.
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3 years ago, AUsome Lady A
This app is NOT disability friendly! :(
As a person with a visual impairment, this app was extremely difficult to use. It is clearly not designed for accessibility or with anyone with disabilities in mind. I wear thick glasses for reading, but I have very little vision beyond that. Having to remove my glasses to do facial recognition was next to impossible for me. I couldn’t see or read any of the instructions or prompts, nor could I see my own face inside the scanning area frames. There is no accessible version of this app that uses voice prompts or other assistive technology. It does not have any disclaimer that people with certain types of disabilities may need assistance to complete the tasks needed. The concept is good, but this app only is designed with able bodied people as the target users.
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3 years ago, Hinkypig
Nice idea needs vast improvement
Hard to understand, lack of thorough explanation on functionality and rules of the app, makes for a very frustrating use experience. Like others it is unable to actually add a vaccination card, and the biometric scanner can be an exercise in patience. The one thing that would really help this app out is detailed explanations of the process, the fact that you have to set it up ahead of time and be prepared to use it at the venue again should be explained in more detail. I work in tech with apps all the time and the lack of good, detailed explanation made this a frustrating app to use. With all that said-I’m writing this after finally getting into the event I got Clear for-it’s a gray idea and with improvements could be an outstanding app!
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1 year ago, AppleUser123abc
Seems like a dystopian nightmare
I don't see why any sane person would sign up for such an intrusive, disrespectful of basic human privacy, app or service such as this. It seems like you don't get much in exchange for handing over your biometrics such as fingerprints, iris scan, etc., all of which could be used in as yet unknown but harmful ways in the future. I've never found the regular TSA screening to be so burdensome that I would trade all of my private biometric data to a company that also advertises that they will store your health data and covid immunization and testing results just to get into a baseball game. What a bunch of ridiculous nonsense. This app and service should be illegal and anyone who signed up for it needs their head checked.
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3 years ago, ElbieKay4040
Does not work
The app will not register my face for my selfie. It keeps asking me to move the phone closer until it is touching my nose. I have tried on three different days in multiple types of lighting both indoors and outdoors. My phone software is up to date. I tried re-installing the app and rebooting my phone. Tech support took 15 minutes to answer the phone, and their only advice was to try setting up my account on another device. I did that but now it is still asking me to take a selfie again on my phone. So now I am back on hold. This has derailed my entire morning and I am concerned that I won’t be allowed to attend a critical work meeting this week. Really inconvenient, frustrating user experience.
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3 years ago, alrightnow5555
Won’t scan
This app will not scan my vaccine card. It was difficult to find a way to contact them as their”text me” function kept coming back undeliverable. Then when I located an email, I was told sorry and get the test instead to upload, as well as a reminder of the “tips” for scanning. So, this app won’t scan the physical card, in my case, and the other apps say they won’t. Anyone else having this problem? The app scans my face, so why not the card? Funny the nickname I chose of “worthless” for this review is already taken, and so is “not good,” “crummy,” “awful,” “bad,” “horrible, or maybe they don’t want these titles to explain their product. Hawaii, are you listening? Take clear out of the equation.
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2 months ago, Jets14NY
Throwing Money Away!
Clear has gotten worse and not because of the new ID system they are going through. I live in Orlando and this past Saturday flew out to Dallas. When I arrived at MCO which I remind everyone is the home airport to Disney and one of the busiest airports there is, I arrived at the Clear lane to a huge line. The person at the entry said they had 1 frikin person working the lane and we were better off going directly through TSA. This has happened more than once. Clear has become worthless, and has nothing to do with Next Gen setups when they are struggling to get people in to work at these lanes during the busiest periods, along with their recent raise in rates, it's a sign of a company struggling badly.
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3 years ago, Bobby_the_person
Doesn’t work
Tried for hours to get an account set up which, incorrectly, I was told to do LESS than 12 hours before the game start. As you’ve seen in all real reviews, the process hangs up, rejects valid info, requires you to start over every time, asks for all your docs and info, does NOT give you the option to delete it. Multiple attempts to reach support did not work. So, now I’ll try to resell the tickets I bought but can’t use because this system is at best, fragile. If you’re forced to use this, try early and often, then provide feedback to the sports team that this is unacceptable. These guys have enough of my information to refinance my house and I STILL can’t go to a sports game.
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2 years ago, crs98564
BEWARE! You cannot cancel membership and they will charge you!
After trying multiple times to cancel my clear membership, I repeatedly received an error message stating “ Cancellation error. Looks like there was an issue canceling your account. Sorry about that! Please try again in a few minutes. If at any point you'd like to reactivate your membership, simply visit any CLEAR location or log into your account. No need to resubmit your biometrics.” I tried repeatedly and could not get in touch with anyone to help with canceling my account. I had to send screen shoots and recordings to my bank to get the charges reversed because CLEAR tried to say I never attempted to cancel my service.
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