Clip Studio Paint

Graphics & Design
4.7 (4.7K)
499.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Clip Studio Paint

4.73 out of 5
4.7K Ratings
11 months ago, ffgffdssdg
Professional Artist Review: Life Changing / 5 Stars
TLDR: BEST IPAD ART SOFTWARE DETAILS: I am a professional illustrator, storyboard artist, animator and recently a tattoo artist also. I always used Photoshop with Wacom tablets or a Cintiq, but when M1 iPad Pro came out I finally had hope I could stop dealing with Wacom and desktop computer and only use the ipad. This product: Clip Studio paint, has allowed me to totally work on iPad, for ANY kind of illustration work (it also is great for animation). This software, on ipad, is so good it literally hanged me life. This is a fully functional desktop style software, but the coolest thing besides the huge amount of features and seamless workflow, is the CUSTOMIZABILITY of the interface - it’s insane: you can completely design the layout to easily include the tools you use, and hide everything else. AND it has excellent HOTKEY support: you can choose all your own hot keys, and save separate workspaces (I have a ‘comic’ workspace, a ‘storyboard’ workspace etc.). You can go ever deeper with the customization and design how the pop up windows work - like if you use the selection tool to grab a piece of an image, you can choose which options pop up beneath the selection (free transform, warp, etc). This is the best software ever created, 100% could not recommend any higher, maximum gratitude to this company.
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8 months ago, Winbyy
Best Comic making app on the market.
Clip Studio is the definitive comic creation software for anyone interested in making high quality comics. I say this as someone who used photoshop for over a decade. I’m using the iPad Pro 12.9 3rd gen, so I have to subscribe to the $99 annual plan, but I also had a windows license. The interface can be a little daunting for the first time, especially on the iPad where most drawing apps go for a simpler interface, but if you have a bluetooth keyboard or want to use your phone, you can set up hotkeys for just about anything. Clip Studio does have a simple UI mode, but unfortunately I have to reimport my custom brushes and some of the layer effects aren’t available. What makes this app worth the subscription is the ability to create, preview, and export virtually any form of comic or illustration in a straightforward manner. Making a vertical webcomic? Clip Studio makes all of the slices for your comic and has a phone size overlay so you can see how much of your page will be seen by mobile viewers. My biggest complaint is when I’m without internet connection and I launch the app only for it to take 20-30 seconds trying to connect to the server. You can still use it offline, but clip studio will want you to connect at some point which is a tad weird.
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2 months ago, LeiHatesSkyNow
The Best
I’ve struggled a lot with finding a program that would be comfortable for me to transition from pc to IPad. However, CSP really saved me from a lot of troublesome and lackluster apps available in the AppStore. The program is amazing and really similar to the pc version, and although I never used the pc version and was mostly a Paint Tool Sai user, Clip Studio cemented itself as my favorite art program for its many invaluable features that I can’t find anywhere else. I’ve fallen in love with the plethora of brushes, the assets library, and the overall UI that is easily adjustable. For a mobile app, it’s amazing and runs so smoothly, and I can stay on my IPad for hours on end just drawing. It’s become an important part of my workflow now and I look forward to future updates on the app. With much love, keep up the great work 👍
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6 months ago, SmugglingMilk
No different than makers of PS
I had this for a while, loved the 3d model aspect, but the company is just as trash as photoshop now. First of all, i never had this on PC because i dont have a PC to use it on, so I was only on ipad, and when i found out PC has a one time pay licensing I stopped sub and boycotted this app. I even went as far so use two apps that totaled out to a one time payment of around $25 to do just about all the same things as this one does for 99$ a year. I hate the idea of subscription and honestly its not even that i “feel” cheated, those of us who use ipad ARE cheated. Not planning to support this company unless they go back to what they were like before. Even more of a joke is that they will avidly ignore any response that mentions their change from one time payments to subscription. This is only worth the money for people who are big-name artists that can afford it, dont play games if youre just a hobbyist, theres plenty of other apps that can give you what you need without you being pressured into spending a lot of money. If i could get a one time licensing for the 3d model aspect by itself, id take it, but this company is just as greedy as PSD, they’d have gotten more people using them readily if theyd have just kept all the different license tiers and avoided the subscription wall. They already have a huge traction and a lot of popular artists have reviewed their product. Might as well be Photoshop 2.0
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10 months ago, Rinabaddon
Lost a lot of progress because the app refreshes and auto closes at the worst times
I love drawing here, and I use my iPad, but I’ve lost so much work because I attempt to save my file, only to get an error message. I go to clear some space to allow me to save my file, only to find that when I tab back to the Clip Studio app, it has closed itself and all my work is gone. So my attempt to make space to save my data winds up being yet another waste of time. Thankfully I save often, but it feels like three steps forward and one step back. It’s obnoxious and infuriating and I keep losing valuable work time because it gets deleted into the void. Oh, and the auto save is not accessible later on either. I go to try and find the auto save in hopes of recovering my work, but there isn’t even a location to find the auto save files, so if the program doesn’t feel like opening your auto save when it refreshes itself and closes without your consent, you can’t get your auto save back either. If you get an error message on the iPad that your file could not be saved, you might as well kiss your work goodbye.
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7 months ago, Art by GABE
Amazed and disappointed....
While I am so surprised and excited about clipstudio paint finally being on iOS, I am pretty disappointed in the fact that you all chose to go with a subscription model. I can almost guarantee (and I'm sure tons others would back me up on this) that people would pay a good amount of money to use this app if it were only for a one time fee, I know I would. Already you can see from the reviews left, that people are not liking the subscription model. Please do not follow the Adobe and Autodesk subscription route! P. S. I'm loving the interface! It's just like the desktop version, better even! Keep up the great work and please listen to the thousands of users that use your great software.
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2 months ago, kalanyy
Mostly good, updates break things
This app is very full-featured and is my preferred art app. However, the support for users who don't read Japanese is very thin, poorly translated, and often non-existent. The updates often break things—for example, I use CSP because it has a suite of 3d model viewing tools built in, so I can quickly build a reference scene and use it for perspective, pose, etc. However, after the 3.0 update, it now crashes on 3d models that were fine before the update, including ones that I saved within the app. This has killed a huge part of its utility to me, and contacting support is basically impossible. I have no idea why the models won't load, if there's a solution or work-around, or what the expected timeline is on a fix. A great product, but don't rely on it if you don't read Japanese.
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6 months ago, ArtistNeko
CONSTANT Crashing and sending my data to their server
CONSTANT CRASHING!!! On a newer ipad pro!! While doing almost nothing! Ever since this newest version there’s been TONS of random crashing. Times where I’m not even doing anything except scrolling the screen…turning down the memory % just makes the app unusable…the update just makes the app too heavy for ipads… Also forced updates all the time without warning! If you move off a app for a second, or your screen turns off for a sec, the app will just close and update. It doesn’t care if you saved or not. Ever since the update I’m CONSTANTLY getting a pop message saying “ transferring data”. What data I don’t even know.. and it’s suspicious that there’s no setting to turn that off. Either way , It prevents you from drawing and stays up for way longer than it should. I’ve been using csp for a good long time on my pc and for a least 2 years on the iPad, but ever since they upgraded to version 2.0 this has been the worst…
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3 months ago, Roosevelt Ribeiro
Awesome, just one small detail :)
I really love this app. It’s great and I wouldn’t wish to use a different one. But, with the newest update, they made the home screen white. And I kinda miss the dark color that it was before, so it doesn’t give eye strain. I’m glad that the work area is still a dark color though. So thumbs up for that! I don’t mind the Home Screen being bright if my workspace is still dark, that way I don’t hurt my eyes. I do wish it was an option though. Like, you could put it in dark or light more. Just an idea :) Overall, the app is fantastic. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It doesn’t crash, and the brushes feel amazing. Totally recommend this for professional AND beginner artists
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6 days ago, delete it forever
I like it
It’s not bad unlike Procreate because even when I bought it I had to to buy it again even though I paid for it and they up the price? this app cost money for like upgrade but at least I can play it. Edit: so yeah I like this app but it’s really finicky and kind of annoying. Like sometimes my tool bar disappears and I just can’t get it back! So then I have to delete the app and get it again.. which gets pretty annoying. I’m broke so I can’t save anything. Which is pretty sad but I recommend cuz it’s free to get unlike procreate which you have to buy. But I kind of get it cuz it’s like completely free. So I get it. I recommend this app if your broke and want to do art on your iPad. Good day
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9 months ago, sillymansillygal
Dumb paywalls
it’s a magnificent app. Good functions and brushes etc etc,I enjoy making art on this. It’s very worthy of 5 stars if it weren’t for one thing: paywalls / memberships. What i mean is that you must get an entire membership just for simple functions. For instance: why do I need an entire membership just to save my drawings? Or record + save my timelapse?? Or export my drawing??? It’s just very stupid in my opinion. Ik many people have probably complained about this before but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be talked about. There are countless times my tablet has died in the middle of a drawing,and all that progress is lost forever because I can’t save my drawing / need to pay to save my drawing. I really do hope this changes in the future,though I doubt it will.
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5 months ago, Chris011200
Best drawing software
As far as drawing goes this is by far the best and most powerful software. I found that every app on iPad was pretty basic for my needs but Clip Studio Paint’s iPad app is a perfect port of the desktop version, and has all the features you’ll ever need. There is a simpler alternative UI too if you prefer that. Great app for manga/comics since there’s a ton of tools specifically for it. It’s a bit weaker when it comes to animation, if you want to do animation I’d recommend using toon boom or opentoonz instead. I hope it improves on the animation front so I can just have one app to do it all.
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9 months ago, Bins01
Good software, dumb sub
Good: It’s a very good drawing software, and it makes it very convenient to draw on the go. Now that I don’t have the disconnect between a screen and my dinky little drawing tablet and can just draw directly on the ipad, my lineart comes out much more naturally. Bad: It can be a bit buggy at times; I’ve had it abruptly restart out of the blue while using it, meaning I lose anything I was working on if I haven’t saved recently. Luckily this doesn’t happen TOO much. I also think the subscription thing is a joke. I own CSP on my PC and still use it there (certain editing things are just easier to me on that version, plus it was a buy once and it’s yours type of normal deal). Being forced to sub just to own it on my ipad is aggravating. Just let me buy it and own it, good grief.
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7 months ago, Ch@lalA
One time payment on PC but not mobile?
I feel like this is some hypocritical/unfair situation. What makes computers different from mobile that mobile has to pay every month and PC only needs to pay once? Oh, and TO PAY JUST TO SAVE A FILE? I used this app once or twice in the past and I was actually able to figure out adding keyframes in animation (which I still wasn’t able to draw on, by the way) but now it’s just crap. I don’t know what the good reviews are about but I hope they figured it out easier than me because this is just stupid. I click the pencil icon, doesn’t let me draw. Every single time I open something, as soon as I close out it says “Unable to save” and it makes me have to pay. I don’t care if there’s a “3 month free trial.” If you need to make money from this game, choose something else to get it from!
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11 months ago, Steviethirty3
$50 just to not be able to use it.
I just bought this for work a couple of days ago on my computer. My computer is pretty old so it can’t really run software like this all that well, and I can’t afford a new one. Since my iPad is newer, I thought to use it on that, but come to find out I’m not able to with the one time purchase. I cannot afford a recurring subscription, so I’ll just have to stick to using procreate, a one time purchase of $10 instead. This is a missed opportunity for the clip studio developers, I know users would love to be able to use their not cheap purchase on the iPad. Myself, as well as many others, I know would buy something like this with a one time purchase before a subscription any day (hence one of the reasons why procreate is so popular and highly rated).
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4 days ago, 123#%$
I’m a skilled digital artist, love drawing my favorite characters such as Eris from Sinbad, Greek mythology, Prince of Egypt, like Moses, and more. I’m also a Harry Potter fan too; Slytherin and will start making my own water bottle stickers soon like Harry Potter characters, and Dream Works. Also a Dream Works fan too, and love Disney as well. Some of my favorite movies from Dream Works are The Prince of Egypt, Sinbad:legend of the seven seas, The Road to El Dorado, and How to Train Your Dragon. I’ve never used your app before but I had Procreate for a long time and still using it. Maybe I’ll try your app soon.
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2 weeks ago, @espurrqueen2006
Everything great until….
Everything is great but I noticed how the iPad of csp doesn’t have the one time payment like pc and I would like to use it on both of them without the subscription needed especially since it’s like other softwares it seem which makes it less fun trying to use it for one hour or so a day without it, I hope in future updates the iPad will get the one time payment like the pc does, then it would be great for me to use when I’m able to finally get the one time payment, please csp! If you see this, please make the one time payment available on iPad!!!
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7 months ago, supercyc
Inferior to the PC version and to its competitors
There really isn’t any good non “money-grubbing” reason for why my license (that I have from my pc ver.) won’t work on the iPad ver. The UI is still cluttered, they really should take notes from Affinity Designer with their mobile version. It doesn’t mean a “simple mode” where you take AWAY features, just make it less cluttered. And Procreate is about to turn the indie animation scene upside down with their Dreams app (one flat purchase btw), rendering the animation feature here quaint. You can make great comics here, but there really isn’t a good reason to justify the monthly price when the desktop version can be bought single purchase.
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3 months ago, abigail_bowen_tattoos
Great program!
I have been using this program since about 2016 on a Wacom tablet, but was thrilled when they released an iPad version. I don’t even know all the tools and tricks, but I have been so pleased with the program ever since I started using it. I haven’t had many crashing issues, but it has happened - usually when my iPad has low memory or I have too many apps running. Sometimes it’s just pure bad luck, but they do a great job maintaining the app thus far.
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2 months ago, Ooogh Ahhhh
Line Weight Problem
I use CSP a lot for personal and professional reasons, I really enjoy using it. One day, while trying to draw, my lines were very small and I didn’t know why. I have a Adonit Neo, which doesn’t have pen pressure but it’s very useful, and I figured that would’ve been the problem. However, I used the pen on different drawing apps and the line weight was perfect. I even went back to CSP to draw with my finger and the lines were normal, I don’t know what went wrong. I would love to get back to work after finding out the cause of this problem and have my lines back to the way they were.
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7 months ago, 🧋🐿🐿 .
Great, love the brushes.
I used to use Procreate and while it is a great app I was looking for different brushes that worked better for my style. This did the job while also having a lot of different options that helped a lot. I will say that you can’t really see what you drew in the small image on the layer, but you can just turn it off to see which layer it is, or just rename them. It is a bit complicated to get used to but afterwards it’s a great app to use
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8 months ago, CleverFox2
Good software with a subscription
Clip Studio Paint (CSP) a vary powerful pice of software. It seems capable of pretty much anything I need. Unfortunately though I can’t justify paying a subscription for something I use for a hobby. If I was getting paid for the art I made. I could see myself paying for a subscription. I’d totally pay another $200 for a one time v2 EX licensees on my iPad. It could even be done simmer to how Affinity team removed their v1 apps from being purchased after they released new apps labeled V2 so that when V3 rolls around I can pay you gain.
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10 months ago, Windows98os
I do miss one time payments tho
I love this program. It’s way better and more intuitive than photoshop. The only thing I don’t like is the subscription. It’s a lot of money that I have to keep putting into even though I gladly already put in money towards the gold membership and assets. I don’t really do that anymore because I now have to worry about the software subscription. I know I can go back to the old version, but that would take away half the features even though I had the highest tier at one time.
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9 months ago, Yasuko2
CSP For iPad is the best for anime illustrations and character concepts
I tried out CSP for the iPad and it’s so nice! I have an iPad Pro and it’s a nice size especially for the workspaces and I love it because I don’t got the expensive money for photoshop haha. I recommend it cause I love using it for my character design illustrations and trying to do commissions. It also has so many amazing tools similar to photoshop and it has everything even offline :) recommend!!
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3 weeks ago, jdigi411
There’s better drawing apps on the App Store
I’m a professional artist and have used clips studio for a long time. Started using it back when it was formally Manga Studio. Unfortunately there’s something that was lost in the port to IPad which I’ve had for 5 years. The brush engine is outdated and slow or just not optimized for the iPad compared to any other drawing app available in the App Store. There’s lots of tools and gimmicks but the backbone of any drawing app has been the brush engine which has been neglected. I unfortunately will no longer be paying for the subscription to this app. I’m primarily using Art Studio Pro now for my job.
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11 months ago, TheCongressman1
I want to like clip studio, but they make it impossible
The ‘studio’ interface is terrible for a tablet, so I was excited at the addition of ‘simple mode’. The interface is great, major improvement for working on the ipad. However, this mode is lacking in major functionality for no reason. Your brushes are not automatically available when you switch, you have to manually add them back. You can not select multiple layers at the same time. It’s baffling how you could leave out a simple function like that. I will stick with procreate I guess, it is at least fully featured with a good UI.
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11 months ago, joypair
Better than procreate to me.
I used to use procreate heavily… but then it crashed and all my work was gone. Thankfully I backed everything up before that.. but since then that app has been crashing a lot more. When I got clip I was already amazed, it has always been a dream of mine to get it and now that I’ve had it for about a year I am glad I made the switch!
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9 months ago, Mizzlizabeth357
Beginer friendly
I’m a beginer friendly in everything in comics… clip studio paint has made coloring fun markers n color pencils are pricy or can be, but they make it less stressful hardly steps in scanning n covering up on PowerPoint I love animation, I’ve gotten were I am today simply because I love art n comics n books it’s all I’ve ever known…many thanks for the program I’ve searched far n wide it’s the best tool out there
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10 months ago, spookypupdog
My favorite creative app
I've been using clip studio since debut on desktop, in the past few years they have really upgraded their application. I really enjoy being able to start something on my tablet and being able to move my project to the cloud, and pick it up on my desktop. The downloadable assets are great. Go create
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5 months ago, Good 👍 I
It deleted everything
Ok, first, when I wanted to get a license so I could save my drawings, it was extremely tedious and when I FINALLY got the account, it didn’t even let me use it. Then when I gave up on trying to use the license that I had spent so much time on to get, I tried to make another drawing. I spent hours on my drawing and I made sure to not close out of app. I had a five minute break and when I tried to finish my drawing, it closed out of the app and deleted EVERYTHING. Not just a few strokes or layers,EVERYTHING. I’m very disappointed that such a successful art app can’t even save one drawing
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2 months ago, Ravenpoefan
Paint fill tool not working right
So I’ve been using clip studio since 2020 on my iPad and I never had any problems with the fill tool but the clip studio paint app updated and now it’s not working right. When finish a drawing, I go to use the tool and instead of filling one section or specific area, it fills the WHOLE PAGE!! I don’t know if there’s a glitch or if it’s broken or what but it’s very inconvenient because some of drawings have a lot of detail and coloring it in manually is inconvenient and time consuming. It’s really frustrating!
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11 months ago, Ladykyline
The Perfect Art Program For Me
I absolutely adore CSP! It’s fairly simple, but has the ability to create complex tools, making it great for beginner and advanced artists. It’s only fault in my opinion is that this version is not wallet friendly if you can’t do a subscription based service. If you can, I highly recommend it!
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2 weeks ago, patriot589393
App creators charging a subscription now? I used to have this app a long time ago and it was a one time payment which I was fine with, now I guess they’re trying to charge you monthly. Not surmised, everyone wants money. I just think it’s messed up to ask so much from artists. Most of us are already struggling to make that money on our own, now to be able to even draw in the first place they want our wallet and our soul. Not cool csp. I recommend switching apps if you like being able to save your money
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7 months ago, TFKIII55
Hands down the best
Clip studio puts the other drawing and painting apps to shame. I loved pro create and clip studio has a learning curve, not bad though when compared to the benefits. The capabilities on iPad and Mac are amazing to say the least. I have used many including photoshop and paint shop pro. By far it is the most natural experience out there.
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11 months ago, Danny424
Love this!!
So much better than the other drawing apps out there. It doesn’t try to hook you on effects or “wouldn’t this be cool” options. It provides a huge toolbox to help you create whatever story you want to tell. If you got the talent…this has got all you need
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2 weeks ago, kifbskdv
Deletes my art WITH in app purchases.
The app frequently crashes in the middle of your drawing which means you don’t have time to save it to your device and it does NOT save your work no matter if u have subscriptions or not. It has done this to me countless times and I give it a chance because the tools are great. However the saving process is absolute garbage and you shouldn’t have to pay to save your art in the first place. The subscriptions aren’t worth your money, they will delete what you have either way.
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3 months ago, Momosaurus_
Quit limiting us to subscription models.
I already hate CSP’s subscription model as is. The only reason I stayed with this program on Ipad is because of the inclusion of 3D models. But now that the subscription price is increasing YET AGAIN, I will be leaving Clip Studio Paint behind for good. I’ve found better alternatives that are cheaper, and will be using those from here on out. If you want to keep your customers, consider dropping the overpriced subscription model and allow us to just purchase the program like you can on PC. Otherwise, I’m done.
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11 months ago, Christian Williamson
Having Clip studio paint forever
You know Clip Studio Paint is a good software, used for anime, but the problem is buying it, free trial, license. The thing is that it caused money, and I hate that, I know some other animation app doesn’t go through that situation, if Clip Studio Paint can just that situation, then I would maybe use maybe Clip Studio Paint. Clip studio paint company, if you’re reading this, please change that situation.
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11 months ago, Forged27
No longer compatible with the desktop one time purchase version
I have the one time purchase version 2.0 on the desktop. I use that and I use this subscription version on iPad. I use both to record Timelapse videos. However, with the 2.1 update. The Timelapse does not work with both versions, between 2.0.6. and 2.1. I cannot start a drawing on one, and finish it on the other. This means I can no longer use the Ipad for drawing on the go. What a waste. I will be cancelling my subscription.
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11 months ago, Tom Steele
Tired of subscriptions for casual drawing
I don’t want to make millions drawing. I like to draw for fun. I need a version that lets me draw for fun for $8-$10 one time fee. Add features and make a better version, I might buy that new version in the future. You need a tier for casual users. Otherwise procreate is PLENTY awesome. Also Inspire. There are LOTS of apps that don’t tether you to a payment plan. This has some nice pencils and pens and some good brushes. But nice enough to pay $100 a year for? Nah. Also, I HATE that you can’t even really explore the options in pricing fully without making an account. How about letting me pick my plan BEFORE making an account. A lot of “sketchy” stuff going on in thus apps business design. Too bad, some nice features.
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7 months ago, office and 30 rock fan
best drawing app I’ve ever used!
I have used Sketchbook, Procreate, and even Photoshop in the past and they all pale in comparison to Clip Studio Paint. It just has so many features and an incredibly easy to use and convenient set up. I love it and I will never use another app for art again.
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3 days ago, kohhiyo
Beginners best friend
This app has been with me since day 1, ever since I needed to complete a Japanese project for my class I found this drawing app and fell in love with it!! Of course it was hard to adjust to the new layout but it grew on me ❤️ (I love how it has everything I needed)
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8 months ago, Discord Dovakhiin
It’s okay, but limited.
I would love to use this app more… But the membership..? I wouldn’t mind buying it at a higher price if it was a one time purchase, but the fact it has a not so friendly membership is what makes me perfectly content on deleting it. As well as just sticking to Procreate and /or Ibispaint x instead, because even Ibispaint x’s membership deals are cheaper and more ideal for ipad artists! And… At least you can still use Ibispaint x without a membership.
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3 months ago, Flower_ 🌸✨🌸
Don’t get me wrong, this app is very good! The only thing I want is to be able to save my drawings in doodle mode. I know it’s meant literally for doodling, but I really like this app and I’m not sure about other people, but I’m not a adult and I can’t afford to sign up for a plan. So all I would want is if I could save my drawings, I would be very happy. Thanks for listening to my suggestion!
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7 months ago, Hannah (Digital Artist)
First time iPad user
I’ve always appreciated clip studios animation features. First time using on iPad, I’m usually a Paint Tool SAI girlie when illustrating on pc but I wanted more mobile options. Until SAI releases an app, I’ll be getting more familiar with the rendering tools of CSP. Enjoying it so far.
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7 months ago, Manny Felo Aveti
Still hands down the more intuitive illustration and digital paint program.
If you like procreate, but want something more robust, limitless layers, and overall a better painting feel, get Clip Studio! It’s my go-to for serious pieces i’m working on.
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11 months ago, jingleducc
Pc power on an iPad
Like the title says, this app is a full blown program normally used on a computer except… you now have it on an iPad! Full fledged professional workspace and materials all to your tailored liking. This thing is just a powerhouse not sure if there’s even a better word to describe it
Show more
11 months ago, Josine
Intimidating, but otherwise BEAUTIFUL
I love all the brushes and features but I’ve been using this for a while and I’m still not sure what all the features do, but I definitely recommend it to all artists who know a bit of basic knowledge of app controls and layer management!
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4 months ago, Daisytysm
Please read
I have suffered enough trying to download this to my iPad, it’s way to hard. Yes I have tried signing in, I have already downloaded and bought the license and it says I didn’t buy it, and wants me to buy it again. I am not buying for something I already bought. It’s really hard to sign and make an account, so please just keep that in mind. (I’m sure the app itself is good, it’s just really hard to buy and download it).
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8 months ago, Yuantian Mai
Display P3 color does not display properly
The app doesn’t really display P3 color properly, the red and green does not change at all when I switch between sRGB and P3 in preview. I only use this app because procreate lacks some crucial features that this app have, otherwise this app is a no for me, especially with subscription, while still doesn’t have GPU acceleration for the canvas.
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