Clipart for iWork & MS Office

Graphics & Design
3 (2)
304 MB
Age rating
Current version
UAB Macmanus
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Clipart for iWork & MS Office

3 out of 5
2 Ratings
12 years ago, StevenG7
Worth every penny!
This application is worth every penny I paid for it. While I'm not sure I'll ever use the lmited quanity of grayscale 3-D images, the price is right.
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9 years ago, Maribella
I was expecting the almost 1000 pieces of clipart, not the piddly 130 that I got. Want all of them? You have to purchase extra sets from inside the app. So shut your faces and state it in your item description instead of making everyone think that you’re going to get this great amount of clipart, when you’ll jsut get 133 and you have to purchase the rest.
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9 years ago, floy11
Lots to chose from
I like the variation in the elements available for use but It seems limited and it would be good to have more motion clips or backgrounds. I guess for the price the offerings are fine.
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8 years ago, Styopa
Rip. Off.
A layer of boring and benign images with an underflow of additional boring and benign images that expect you to PAY for them. Good try; I like the ease of use. Would be five stars if it contained more compelling and contemporary cliparts without additonal fees.
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9 years ago, nantucketborn
One of worse
After I purchased this app I countldn’t even get it to open, nothing but a waste of money and time.
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8 years ago, R&R Gator
Total ripoff. Provide crapy clipart items and lure you in to purchase more. Shame on you Microsoft.
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5 years ago, ColleenRiley
wrong !!!!!
this is the typical bait and switch!!!!! smh
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10 years ago, HappyAppleCamper
Waste of Time
Was expecting much more, even for a free app. After you install and open the app, you can select “FREE Stuff” or a selection of other stuff that you pay for. How silly is that? If the app is supposed to be “free” before the install, I expect more than just a portal to go buy stuff. Couldn’t even find some of the images that are shown in the introductory app description. Misleading and not very useful at all. I doubt that it will come in handy for much. The interface is cool (black background with crisp 3-D images), but the selections are weak. Can’t recommend it.
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11 years ago, RobRmac
I bought w/o reading the reviews - Got excited that maybe I would get back the 50,000 clipart images I had on my Mac Performa. Instead 10 insipid images that have 5 different shadows. Even at $1.99 it's a gyp I wouldn't download if for free as it's a waste of space. I don't know how Hirogami below gave it so many stars which skewered the ratings. Somehow he got for free?
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12 years ago, mc 2222
No graphics of interest
There really isn't any point in downloading this app - there are very few graphics that aren't commonly used. In future versions of this program, it would be nice to see more graphics and more colors.
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11 years ago, Vanelopeeh
Not worth it for me.
Im sure you guys can make this awesome!!!!
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12 years ago, Hirogomai
ITS FREE. Some useful clipart. I will never understand people who complain just to complain ...about nothing...
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12 years ago, Tom_Prech
This is great but...
need more. Something like building, bridge etc.
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10 years ago, WPBarb
Worthless App
Downloaded this “free” app and it had absolutely worthless clip art on it, even the ones for sale were terrible. Why isn’t there a decent clip art and graphics app for mac pages?
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12 years ago, Mark The Stone Guy
what do you want?
If you build websites these come in handy….and ITS FREE FOOL!l Thanks to whoever gifted this to the community!
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9 years ago, NSB Silver Surfer
Wish I would of read the reviews first!
This App will not even download. It has been “preparing” for 20 minutes. Been thinking about going back to a PC.
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13 years ago, trutlecowboy
Very Usable
Having some clean images for free works for me. Thanks!
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10 years ago, Mitzbrik
After downloading I clicked on icon and a window came up saying it was damaged and to delete and reload fom the app store! Do not waste your money.
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12 years ago, LinMaApple
Delete after install
Not worth to try. Low resolution clip art.
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12 years ago, kwiten23
I was hoping for something like Microsoft offers, but I was utterly disappointed. These are totally useless.
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13 years ago, Appy!
It needs more color and more clip art like the clip art from microsoft word.
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13 years ago, nnniiiccckkknnnaaammmeee
i dont understand... :((
what is the point of this?? all i get when i open it are different arrows...i can resize them and change the shadow. exciting. time to uninstall...
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12 years ago, cooljeanius
Doesn't actually integrate directly with iWork and iWeb
It's basically just an image viewer with some built-in .png's. The best thing to do with this would be to: 1. Right-click on the app bundle (or control-click, or two-finger click, or whatever) 2. Select "Show Package Contents" from the contextual menu that appears 3. Navigate to /Applications/Clipart for iWork and 4. Move that folder somewhere else 5. Delete this app 6. ??? 7. Profit
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13 years ago, Suzuki 2
Lame. Nothing special about this.
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5 years ago, Caribbean Jim
Oldie But Goodie
When I began using this, smartphones weren't so smart, emoticons were yet to arrive on the scene, and Microsoft Office for Mac did not even have Outlook. This clip art collection was a great resource then. Now we have emoticons and the language is changing. However, when you want Art Deco, or a mid-20th-century feel, this is unsurpassed. The paid graphics are good too. I bought several of the collections and use them often, not so much in emails, but in large documents.Deserves a higher rating than 2.7.
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8 years ago, wwducat
Buyer Beware
This was a nifty little application. However after the last update, all the previous in-application purchases I’d made of the years are no longer available. Restoring purchases doesn’t restore the clipart and simply asks that you log in with your apple ID over and over again. The application never tells you what the problem is. Removing the application and re-installing it does not correct the problem. In addition there doesn’t seem to be any support or contact link on the website. My recommendation is that you purchase clipart where you have the files in your possession so that certificate goof ups on the part of Apple or “Forgetfulness” on the part of a vendor about what you’ve purchased within their application isn’t a problem. I’ve written this one off. They got my money, but they’re not getting another dime. Gone from my system as of now.
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