Graphics & Design
4.7 (32.2K)
73.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Clockology, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
16.2 or later
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User Reviews for Clockology

4.71 out of 5
32.2K Ratings
2 years ago, wjstoney
Once you learn how ,this app is great
After I asked questions and learned how to download and keep the watch faces from knocking off my watch ,and once I learned how to customize , I found out this watch face app is great , I actually cancelled my subscription, once I learned I reactivated my subscription , the first thing I did was move the watch crown to the left , it was hitting my hand on the right and knocking the watch faces off , that was the first obstacle , next I learned how to customize and then I learned how to download watch faces off the facebook Clockology page ,, you first open your browser and then download , look up on the search bar for an arrow pointing down , tap on that 🤷🏼‍♂️ done ,, trial and error,, took my hours and patience to figure everything out ,, but once you do ,,, your set ,,, I wanted this to work because it’s hard for me to see my watch face without taking off and putting on my glasses all the time ,, now I can customize the size and see better ,, ask questions
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2 years ago, NeilSHarris
It just keeps getting better
As a long time user (back when it was being beta tested prior to the App Store) I have seen this app grow and grow. Apple really lost out by not allowing users to customize and create faces. Thankfully Clockology has always saved the day. The ability and freedom to create custom watch faces, with images and videos that mean something to the users is really what it means to have a PERSONAL devices. Since using this app I never am tempted to use the stock Apple faces. The developer is always improving and updating the app. This current iteration of Clockology has raised the bar with a new UI and features. I constantly get stopped by strangers now that the app uses Always On and people’s minds are blown that my Apple Watch face looks so much different than theirs. In the movies they say, “This time it’s personal”, with this app is always personal.
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2 years ago, caitbmiller
The Best Customization App but…
This is literally the BEST costomization app for Apple Watch faces ever and I seriously mean it! If you are looking to change your clock face this is the app for the customizations you may be looking for. Yeah kind of a bummer you need to pay to be able to use the weather function and sure after you finally customized the watch face to exactly how you want it’s time to put on your Apple Watch. Now this is the disappointing part of the review. It’s adding it to your watch. Yeah you can for like an hour not even. You need to download a beta from safari connect your phone connect the watch and it will work for only an hour or whenever the screen goes dark? Really clockology? Even facer has it to where you can use their faces everyday but you have to pay for those to not even get the same customization that you provide it’s ridiculous. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYONE THAT HAS COME ACROSS THIS APP AND FELT AS IF WE COULD FINALLY GET AWAY FROM APPLES FACES FIX THIS ISSUE PLEASE. Then you’d be literally top tier
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2 years ago, celsius99
Version 2.0 Ruined the App!
I recently downloaded Clockology about a week ago and it made me excited to use my Apple Watch. The customizations were phenomenal and synced seamlessly on my Apple Watch series 3! But that excitement was short lived, because two days ago came update 2.0 that took the app’s perfect function into disarray. I had 30 Watch faces, that had to be re-downloaded, but once re-downloaded it imported the layers incorrectly and shifted it’s position. This means that once perfect watch faces now look like Pablo Picasso created them. Besides that I tried syncing the faces to the Watch and all of my faces weren’t fitting the screen. I tried some of the pre-made ones and those used less of the screen then the ones I downloaded. And don’t get me started on editing the watchfaces, they removed the undo button, and what’s worse is that even if I shift my misaligned layers into it’s proper place, it still doesn’t sync to fit my watch screen. Overall the update is disastrous and there are other shortcomings that I haven’t even mentioned, such as re-downloading a watch face takes a couple minutes to show up on the app, etc.
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4 years ago, Typhoon Tom DeMicke
Good, but...
This is overall a good app but a little quirky though once you get past that, it’s good. There is one question I would like an answer to: Most of the clock face designers create a space for the weather including conditions and temperatures. These displays are almost always spot on. The temp is accurate and even the weather condition. However, for location, it only reflects the city representing time time zone the wearer is in. So if someone is in San Diego, it will reflect “Los Angeles”. If one is in Kyoto, Japan, it will reflect “Tokyo”. I find this useless as it does not reflect actual location. The designers tell me this is a limitation of Clockology. If the watch faces can reflect/display actual weather conditions, then it is able to pick up real-time information from either detecting the GPS location, or getting it from Apple Watch. Is there any way you can update this app do it can allow displaying actual location? That would make it a 5-Star app. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Dark Knighted
Better with the Facebook group!
I was one of the original Beta Testers for this app, and I can tell you that the Facebook Clockology Fans group is a must-have to get the most satisfaction from the app. You will find 100+ user created watch faces available for free download. If you can imagine it, it’s probably a search away, or a request away. This app is truly the one Apple dropped the ball on. Today, I’m wearing a Ferrari face, tomorrow maybe a Rolex, or Hublot, or how about a Seiko or old school Casio! So many choices, or I can create my own within the app. If you’re tired of the limited faces Apple gives you, then unlock the limitless possibilities with Clockology today!
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4 years ago, PhantomJM
This is what Apple should have done to begin with
Let’s be honest here. The stock faces Apple gives us are boring and don’t take full advantage of the capabilities of the Apple Watch. Clockology aims to remedy this and does it relatively well. The only reason why I didn’t give this app five stars is because it’s not the easiest app to get working properly and downloading new faces for it requires you to download them from Facebook groups. People who aren’t tech savvy may try this app and give up in frustration when it doesn’t work right away. However, once it’s working, it’s a game changer. My Series 3 now has faces that look premium and fill the entire display (a feature reserved for the more expensive models). It doesn’t negatively affect battery life either. By all rights, there’s no good reason (for us anyway) why Apple couldn’t support custom faces out of the box. While not without its flaws, Clockology does a good job addressing Apple’s shortcomings.
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3 years ago, Leo the unhappy
Cannot complete setup
This seems like a really good idea and seems and honestly fills a void that apple left but… I cannot get it to work. I have watched videos, I have adjusted settings, I have deleted and re-downloaded the app, nothing works. I believe that I need to allow access but there’s no way to do it, the settings do not exist under settings and the only info provided for that is to delete and re-download to prompt the acceptance of the data syncing /location services, this does not resolve the issue and I can’t get past that. When I launch the app or complication from my watch it gives me a message that I can use as remote. I am a tech savvy person and especially so when it comes to Apple and yet I cannot get this to work for the life of me. A shame really because I downloaded a couple of really awesome faces from the Facebook group but any info I can dig up does not resolve my issue. Also zero info in the app on how to troubleshoot problems, all in all a waste of most of my day.
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3 years ago, micp1480
Great Concept
Like the title reads, great concept, but because Apple has the final say as to what you can or can’t do with your Apple products, and so to no fault of the developers of this ingenious idea to personalize our Apple watches, something Apple should allow us to do, there is limitations to this app. Only a few items can be added to the design watch face. I must say that the designers made some really beautiful watch faces. If you don’t care about having all the bells and whistles on your watch face then you need to get this. There is so much amazing work that was done to give you not only a beautiful looking watch face, but an expensive as well, and you will see what I mean when you get this app. Great job!
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6 days ago, Vinnytyler
Won’t work if you have a new Apple Watch
I have checked every last setting and everything and all I’m simply trying to do is get the Fallout Pip-Boy face, it said it was not able to sync because I did not have enough storage in my iCloud so I took care of that problem. Now it acts like it’s syncing and doesn’t do a thing. I’ve tried multiple times, and I would’ve definitely tried to purchase it even worked on the free mode. These skins are classified as premium so they should work. I have an Apple Watch Ultra 2. I’ve tried for over 2 1/2 hours to get this app to work and it is absolutely pointless but I am very happy to see that somehow other people can get it to work. I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max and I have an Apple Watch Ultra 2, syncing it on everything is set up as it should be. I followed everything that it said to follow and it still doesn’t work.
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2 years ago, maggies dad john j
Best App ever!! Brings life to my watch. ❤️
Where else can you get just absolutely awesome faces for free for your Apple Watch made by incredibly talented designers? You can’t other than with Clockology. I’m so appreciative of this app and thankful for it, it’s brought new life to my watch. This new update, it’s even better!! Clarity and vividness of these faces are unreal good. And now more than ever easier to install since this update. Thanks to the developers for an app I’m now forever addicted to!!! Kuddos guys for one awesome update and app!! ❤️ These negative reviews are just ungrateful haters!! This is by far the best app for custom faces for your Apple Watch.
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2 years ago, BG Golfer
Phenomenal app
I have no association with Clockology or their moderators. Just a new user. This is a fantastic app that allows you to create your own or download and edit thousands of working watch faces for Series 3 and newer. I now have about 100 faces on my S3 watch, all of which work. The free version gives you everything except weather complications. Sure, the editing part has a learning curve…maybe a large curve. But I’m just a novice, not a programmer and within a few hours I figured out how to edit some Watch faces. But most are completely 100% useable by other creators. Love this app!
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3 years ago, Mein Fuher
Great app, but a few suggestions
Hey I'm new to the app I've had it for about two days and learned pretty much all of it, I've made a couple custom faces already but I was wondering if like the "video" feature, in the future we might be able to have custom sounds as I see they can be activated by touch just not customized such as adding our own mp3 files. I also would like to see the "battery hand" feature be a little more easy to understand as of right now I'm a bit lost on how it works but over AMAZING app and great job on making it.
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1 year ago, Jjking1
Won’t work on earlier Apple Watches.
Last year, it worked great with my series one apple watch. I don’t need all the fancy upgrades that come with the newer watches and mine still works great. Sadly, I now have to revert back to the dull watch faces that apple provides. I can’t even revert back to an older version of clockology so that it works with my apple watch. I’m also not going to spend $200 to get a new watch just so i can use my subscription with this app. Sad to be leaving and sad to be joining back to the dull apple watch faces. Seems clockology is taking on the “we will slow things down so you have to buy the new product” that apple admitted to doing a few years ago. Sad.
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4 years ago, leftyclick
Buggy, nonfunctional
This is an excellent idea and has potential, however, I could not get the app to work. When I would try to design a watch face, I would get about 10 minutes in and the app would crash, losing all my work. I started saving after each change, which was a pain that I was going to try to live with. However, I could never get the watch faces to transfer to my Apple Watch. I tried and tried and could not figure it out. On the watch, it would only say to “open clocks on your device and enable full screen”, and I never found that option on my Watch nor my iPhone. I spent about an hour researching online and watching videos on how to get it to work, and still no luck. I honestly cannot recommend an app so buggy and difficult to use.
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2 years ago, Chicobs
Battery drain and no real functionality
This app is pointless. It kills the touch functionality. It's like a working clock picture on your fan. Touch the face it does nothing. The Facebook page is even worse. The Admin are awful. They allow very suggestive watch faces and stuff with the confederate flag on it. I always felt bullied on the page and wasn't treated kindly. The page is mostly people too lazy to figure out how to make faces so they constantly ask that and the same 2 or 3 technical questions over and over. The way you download faces is terrible. The battery drain alone makes the app worthless. Doesn't work with new ios beta. Avoid the app. You'll be glad you did.
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3 years ago, BigChuckMeisterNEW
Great! But cannot save and use face
I built a comple watch face last night and ended up deleting it trying to figure out how to save it so I can transfer it to my watch. I thought maybe I was too sleepy and couldn’t figure it out so I built the watch face all over again this morning and still can’t figure out how to save it. I don’t want to have to start over again so I’m stuck. Once I figure that out ... this will be the greatest thing since the invention of the iPod.
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2 years ago, madisonnnwatts
Could be better
Before the last big update they had a setting where my watch would speak the time (or beep) every hour. It no longer does that. Not sure why they got rid of that because it worked just fine and was useful. Also I hope they are working on figuring out a way to go keep the watch face on the screen at all times. I know it defaults back to the Apple Watch face after an hour but that’s too fast for me I guess because I find myself having to reopen the clockology app often.
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4 years ago, the.guy.who.wrote.this
Finally! Custom watch faces!
This app is amazing! You can "set" custom watch faces. It's technically an app that remains open but it doesn't affect battery life in my case and you can still sync in activies. No complications, tho but that is just a very minimal complain and it doesn't take from this being a 5 star app. I don't know if Apple will take this down, but if you're reading this, I suggest you download it now. I've gotten watch faces ranging from Rolex to Fallout's PipBoy to Apple's own Meridian and California watch faces on my Series 3!
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10 months ago, Voxcorvi
Best creator for Apple Watch that I’ve found
Other apps just let you make faces, and poorly; the ability to make clocks with this is exactly what I’ve been looking for and struggling to find. I would give this 5 stars and subscribe to it if the clocks had access to as many things as I can normally put on a watch face, like calendar and reminders, etc. If I am going to pay to customize a watch with a clock, I want it to be able to have everything. You can already put those things on a face.
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2 years ago, tampametal
Clockology is great!
There are many face designers that do amazing work. The ones having problems with faces not loading etc check out Clockology Fans group on Facebook because there are a couple steps to make sure faces will load and stay active on watch. The only thing that costs anything if you want to weather feature on faces that use it. Anyone other one is 100% free! Also glad to consider Nimbus a friend. 😊
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2 months ago, psg parker s gaming
I keep trying to make a custom fallout styled watch face, and honestly, it’s actually really good when it comes to ease of use, variety, and overall usefulness. But after OVER an HOUR of work, the app is CONTINUING to crash, it’s almost always because of the menu or a color glitch, I’m not really sure what causes it but it’s annoying. And of course, if you don’t exit, it doesn’t save. PLEASE, PLEASE make an auto save feature, change the menu for settings, and PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE. I’m tired of having to restart. Hope you can take this into consideration.
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3 years ago, AlanLaBudde
Ok nice but
It would seem my review has disappeared what it was I don’t remember....I just thought it be nice if I was told where and how I could sell watch faces and where and how I could possibly be renumerated for ideas leading to software improvements?I guess everything supposed to be for free sharing? which /could be? is a big lie.... at the least I would like to sell people photos suitable for a watch faces that are original and not from Google
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1 year ago, Wingrider56
I did it my way
You can freely download watch faces that look like every expensive watch out there. This seems to be very popular. You can also download hundreds of very techie looking watch faces. However, if you’re like me, you can design watch faces that present the information you want in the format you want. Clockology is a fantastic app for users, creators, and those who just want it their way.
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2 years ago, Crash and freezes
Crash after 40 minutes of use
I wish it was like the first time I start to use it didnt crash to much and instead having a pinwheel to select with which i would stay. I would like to see the option of replace the face watch again. Its fun. To see to many face watch to select. And i want to see at least that the face watch stay till i close the clockology app on my apple watch. Thank you
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1 year ago, Kspharky
Can’t do it my self don’t have the talent and know how
Clockology is a must have app for anyone with an Apple Watch. Like the title says, this app is great, love the access to the great variety of beautiful looking watch faces. The talent from the face makers is unbelievable. I could never do what they do. So this app Clockology is a great platform for them to express there talent and share it with the world. Thanks face makers far and wide, keep up the awesome creativity.
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2 years ago, Disappointed to deletion
Major Bug
Like the app but it won’t work right. It keeps saying health authorization prompted. I tried everything to get it to ask for permission again but nothing changes it. Tried clearing data, restarting phone, deleting and reinstalling app. When I click manage it just takes me to the health app. So this is pretty much useless because it won’t show anything but time on the faces. I followed the faq section if you read my review. Nothing worked as far as getting the app to reask for permissions. So the faq section doesn’t cover it. As stated earlier Deleting and reinstalling the app doesn’t ask for permission again it remains on authorization prompted.
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3 years ago, Chivakenival
Almost an amazing app
First and foremost, this app really is amazing. They have tapped into the place every Apple Watch owner wanted: customized faces. The downside is is very confusing getting it working and (for me) requires joining the Facebook group. The design feature is OK. This definitely needs an overhaul to make it easier to work with. The design features are subpar. I would definitely pay a subscription service for more/better options. The app itself is confusing as how to navigate and set it all up. Like others said, once you get it all figured out it’s second nature but shouldn’t be that way. Overall, once you get it all down, this app is really actually awesome and the watch faces you can design are up to you and your own creativity. I’m looking forward to see how it evolves.
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3 years ago, bud212002
I literally bought an Apple watch because of this app!
Yes, the title says it all. I saw this app and what it could do. I joined the facebook page and went to B. B. The bext day to buy an Apple watch. I dont really use the watch for more than time telling, but with this app, ohhhh it does that so beautifully! Dont listen to negative reviews. If you have a problem, join the facebook page “clockology fans” and we will help you get it going
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2 years ago, SoCalGhstRydr
Doesn’t work
I’ve tried and tried. I give up. It won’t allow me to save my faces, nor allow me to customize the way I want. It’s supposed to be user friendly, but it’s more difficult to use than anything I’ve come across yet. I’m canceling my subscription and requesting a refund. Just doesn’t work for me. At all. This is just my review. Maybe someone else will have more luck with it, but I just don’t see myself paying monthly for something that’s never worked for me nor will I use because it doesn’t work. I have the iPhone 11 fully updated and the Apple Watch 5 series fully updated. Just doesn’t work.
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3 months ago, stinaxo
Icon not showing properly..
Am I the only one having the issue of the clockology complication icon not appearing correctly on all my native apple watch faces?? On my home faces where the icons are bigger, the clockology complication only appears like a “Y” in a circle - not as the whole clock. All my apps are up to date and so is my watch (7 series 45mm) and phone. I don’t understand why it’s been like this for the past few MONTHS. Just to be clear - I’m not talking about the watch faces made in clockology, I’m referring to the watch faces added straight from the Apple Watch app.
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1 year ago, woodyspell
Nothing in good shape should be fixed
I’m not a graphic designer nor I’m interested in design any watch face. Before the last update I was able to retain in my Apple face watches app the ones obtained from clockology. Now, that is not possible. You have to be bothered closing and opening the clockology app to see in your display for an hour or so. If any message comes you have to start over. Open the clockology app and keeping it running to have a again the face watch. If this is now the point, I must cancel the subscription and be back with my other apps. If there is something Im doing wrong just let me know. Annie
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5 months ago, sassy4mp
So far so good!
This app has really great holiday faces and a wide variety of styles and looks! Most of these apps u have to either pay a flat fee per year, a one time fee, a weekly fee, and so on. Some r pretty good but if I remember correctly I didn’t pay anything for this app and they seem to be my go to’s now. Def worth downloading and trying it out. Great options and colors etc
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2 years ago, phillycat
Nice Idea but if you want to cancel you should be able to.
It’s great to have more options for Apple Watch faces. However the app was not that easy to use for me. I finally downloaded one watch face. But then found out that the app is needed to display the app. It’s not downloaded on to the watch. I tried to cancel the monthly subscription but can I find the option to cancel. I can uninstall the app however I am not going to keep getting charged $2 a month for a service I don’t want to have anymore. Why can’t you cancel this app?
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2 years ago, Farooqi
this is great app if used properly
This is great app to try custom watch faces.. so simple and really amazing.. Here is the way to do.. ... install Clockology app in both Watch and Iphone.. ... open apps in Watch and IPhone together. ... select any WatchFace and sync with Watch.. ... now you will see selected watchface in Clockology app.. ... as you will press crown in Apple Watch Clockology app will be closed.. ... so alternativly in Apple Watch: Settings -> General -> Return to Clock -> (set After 1 hour). this above action will keep the app lunched on the screen.. with no battery impact.. ... Note.. the best way to take advantage of Clockology Watchfaces is ... enable "Always Screen on" in ..for that Apple Watch Setting->Display and Brightness -> Always On (on)..
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4 years ago, 5uck3rfr33
Congratulations Clockology!!!!
Just wanted to be the first to congratulate you on your impending acquisition by Apple. I'm sure they haven't reached out yet. but when they see how well done this app is, the capabilities, and the community support for it, they will surely swoop in, right you a check with a lot of zeros, and finally integrate custom watch faces into WatchOS. Buy everyone on the team actual luxury watches and drink a bottle of the good stuff. You are almost officially rich!
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4 months ago, (Hingatumah')
Thinking out of the box!!!!
This is a really cool app. I’m glad that somebody was able to develop and design this for us as the users to be able to customize our watch faces just use what’s out of the box. But really thinking outside the box, so I look forward to seeing more of these faces to be utilized into my every day use.
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7 months ago, MikaGMo
Ability to Design Your Own Watch Faces!
I love the ability to create my own faces in the free version. The premium features make sense to be premium. I was able to replicate my favorite analog watch’s face with Clockology in a couple hours. I wish I could get it to be persistent and stop returning to the default Apple Watch face. The design interface took some time to understand but eventually i worked it out.
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1 year ago, Hitechguy2005
Clockology Review
Excellent product. It would be awesome if the watch faces integrated into the Apple Watch just like the Apple’s watch faces. The Clockology watch faces are temporary displays that work awesomely and look excellent, but as soon as I open an email, text or use another function, the Clockology display changes back to the default Apple Watch face, then I must again open the Clockology app to re-establish the Clockology watch face.
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2 years ago, Evie_09
Love this app! 💜
Surprised to see a different interface but after finding the import button and seeing all my old clocks. Phew 😅 what a relief! I was able to fix a few but some are way too messed up. I checked the group and OMGAHHH there are already hundreds of new compatible clocks and redone ones. Thank you designers! You’re magical 🧙‍♂️
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2 years ago, Antiduplicity
Very slick. Still investigating
This is amazing. I love this. It is actually addictive. I would like 2 improvements: 1 a galaxy view to show all faces installed on the Watch and the ability to set the current face and 2. The ability to have faces change based on time of day and even have a random face come up on schedule.
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9 months ago, smg62!
Bug in 3.1
The update has a bug. Weather data is missing from watch faces and phone widgets, at least on iOS devices. Was told to reset phone to default settings which would mean I would have to enter Apple Pay cards and other info again. Silly suggestion. App needs a fix.
Show more
4 years ago, dertyaqua
Must own for Apple Watch !!
I’m 50 and not super good with apps so was thinking this would be a waste for me. I was very wrong. Once you download a couple of faces and synch them to the watch, it becomes second nature and has really made me appreciate my watch. I now find myself looking for different colors and styles of bands to match the incredible faces that are available. Couldn’t be happier.
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4 years ago, anthonyf51094
If you’re into making your own watch face, this is it
This is by far one of the best if not the best face makers for the Apple Watch on the App Store. Feature request! Allow images to be put in for the Pie Chart instead of a solid color. That way we can have images be revealed from underneath an image. Also a clipping mask function would be excellent as well!
Show more
3 years ago, SWicked_PRO
Good app but lacks stability
I have two problems with this app. 1. It crashed everytime I try to make the shape ring 60 count, it's annoying because I'm trying to make a Cartier Santos and I can't. 2. It's a little unclear how to get the actual watch face to appear on your watch. But other than that it's a really cool app and fun to use. I do really hope you guys fix the 60 count glitch though.
Show more
3 years ago, Nmedford
Angle selection for hands doesn’t work.
I’m not able to get the minute hand to point at correct time when making a custom face. When adjusting angle it shows change while I tap the plus/minus but then it jumps back. Im a new user I just downloaded and got subscription today. I’m assuming the angle adjustment is to align minute/hour hands to correct position. Seems to be glitching for me. I really hope your team can get this corrected!
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3 months ago, Tiger Snooze
Best face and widget app in the world.
Between the apps and their social media accounts/forums, You will find the face you are looking for. They have created a community unlike the other apps and everyone is connected and ready to help each other or share their work with you.
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2 months ago, Ben-45_
I was able to import 2 watch faces before running into issues. Now it won’t let me sync them to the watch. I can select the files on my phones storage and open them in the editor but they aren’t saved to the workspace section and the option to sync doesn’t show up. The app also managed to delete 1 of the 2 faces I had imported without being prompted to do so. Using the in app browser to apply new faces does work however.
Show more
3 years ago, joshuaschoener
Stopped working
Paid for the service only for it to stop working after a few days. I have only one watch face. Cannot sync with any others. I have done everything like I did before for it to sync. Nothing. It is not worth paying for a service that does not allow you to use the entire time. I am happy with the face I have but, would of like to try others.
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1 year ago, Blackbery-12
Somehow you made it worse
You made it so all the thousands of faces that I purchased or made myself don’t work. Then you took away the interface so I could select through all the faces I’ve made. You remove the option for always on or staying alive feature. But somehow you just made it worse with this newest update. How is that possible unless you’re attempting to do this. You would have to intentionally remove all these features and make it more useless you couldn’t do that by accident.
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