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User Reviews for Clover

4.88 out of 5
48.4K Ratings
2 years ago, ClariiLocs843
My visit
Jordan is the BOMB DOT COM!!! Very helpful and knowledgeable. Knows all my favorite flavors and gives me the right ones to try EVERY times!! Good dude, awesome employee!! Much love to AAA. My husband and I have been faithful, loyal customers to y’all since you guys FIRST opened over here on Clear Creek. Keep up the great work guys. A few of the other fellas know us well!! They all love and always compliment on my style and shoe game, great group of people… I have a few that know exactly what I like and their recommendations are ALWAYS on point!!! Keep up the great job guys!! We ALWAYS come back. Maybe a little too much. Lol!
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2 years ago, Savvymouse300
PROBLEM: CLOVER ONLINE ORDERING APP APP WILL NOT ALLOW CUSTOMERS TO ADD AN ITEM 2 TIMES WITH DIFFERENT MODIFIERS. CONTINUES TO SAY "UPDATE" EXAMPLE: customers adds the latte item with the caramel modifier to cart. NEXT --- they want another latte but this time they select the chocolate modifier. The only option the app gives you is the "UPDATE" button. I was just made aware of this horrible update by a customer this morning who was forced to place his order in 2 separate transactions. Please fix this atrocious update immediately so my customers aren't having to jump through all of these hoops simply to order their morning coffee. And so my business doesn't lose any sales due to the inconvenience if it hasn't already. It is a fact that in this day and age convenience = sales. Things like this are sure to have a drop in my numbers as if it isn't hard enough to survive in an economy like this as a small business. I certainly hope that you all can understand the importance of this issue and get it resolved immediately.
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6 years ago, Earth Versus Soup
Works without many bugs, but lacks some basic functionality/explanation.
There doesn’t seem to be a way to “favourite” stores or set one as your default location. This means that *even though I only visit one store that uses this system*, I have to search for the shop every single time I use the app. If there is a way to do this? Hell if I can find it. The system is often slow to sync, the interface is obtuse/counterintuitive, and there is a limit with how many points you can earn/redeem in a day that legitimately messes with my ability to use the account correctly. Basically... I use this app because I *have* to, not because I *want* to, and I find it to function reasonably well but also so lacking in what seem like they should be very basic features that I cannot recommend it. Some manner of tutorial is lacking and ESSENTIAL for an app as counterintuitive as this one, for example.
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2 years ago, Aromas Village
Problem with ordering
PROBLEM: CLOVER ONLINE ORDERING APP APP WILL NOT ALLOW CUSTOMERS TO ADD AN ITEM 2 TIMES WITH DIFFERENT MODIFIERS. CONTINUES TO SAY "UPDATE" EXAMPLE: customers adds the latte item with the caramel modifier to cart. NEXT --- they want another latte but this time they select the chocolate modifier. The only option the app gives you is the "UPDATE" button. When clover software is updated business owners should be made aware and not find out via customers!! Besides updates shouldn’t mess with the way the business created the menu items. We have two locations and were just made aware of this horrible update by a customer this morning who was forced to place his order in 2 separate transactions. Please fix this atrocious update immediately so our customers aren't having to jump through all of these hoops simply to order their morning coffee. And so my business doesn't lose any sales due to the inconvenience if it hasn't already. It is a fact that in this day and age convenience = sales. Things like this are sure to have a drop in my numbers as if it isn't hard enough to survive in an economy like this as a small business. I certainly hope that you all can understand the importance of this issue and get it resolved immediately.
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11 months ago, Venasque
Good idea, but…
I downloaded this because my local coffee shop uses it for rewards. Signing up asked for my phone number, but asked if I’d want to use my email instead. Okay, fine. Verify through email, done. Three steps later while trying to pay for a drink it wants my phone number again even though I’m using Apple Pay. Won’t proceed if I don’t provide the info it told me initially I didn’t have to, and now it’s not the end of the world but this is not necessary. If you were easier to use, and not so greedy about information, maybe saying upfront you’d *only* be able to use the app by providing the following, then it’d be more enjoyable and useful. Until then, it’s not that great and not a pleasant experience when it could be so much easier.
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5 years ago, Toi Moore
Love this beauty supply
I absolutely LOVE In the City Beauty supply. Everyone is always willing to help you with open arms and a friendly smile. I have to come into the store and move quickly, otherwise I always find MORE than what I came in for. Mrs. Annie, the owner is such a joy that we have become personal friends. She and her family pride themselves with keeping up on new products to service their many customers. They will order products and wigs if needed and are always there to lend a helping hand. I used to travel over 25 miles to get my beauty products, now this is my one stop shop. I have to make myself yay away because once I’m there I’m Like a kid in a candy store buying new and fun wigs and supplies. This shop is a great asset to the community and they wrk hard in keeping everyone happy and satisfied. ❤️❤️.
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2 weeks ago, Yourladyoffabulous
Could not load ordering status
I thought at first it was the store issue problem and after I’ve swipe with other stores they just keep saying could not load ordering status for ordering ahead so I think it’s the app issue I’ve already uninstall it and it’s still not working. I’ve also logged out and it’s still not working so I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m not getting my perks or rewards which really upsets me. It was great when I first have this. I’ve got my perks. I’ve got my rewards. I can order ahead of time but I don’t know. They might have done like an update and it just stops working.
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7 years ago, Kitty cat2
Avoid this app & any retailer that uses it
Prepare for the shock of your life! This app is horrible and so is the customer support. They never tell you the app can be used either when you’re signed in or not. I accumulate points not signed in. They are “registered” I see the tickets accumulating. One day the cashier at my smoothie store says you really should sign in. Ok, I go create an account AND IT DOESNT INCORPORATE ANY OF THE POINTS I HAVE ALREADY ACCUMULATED! I complain to the establishment and they are no help. They call Perka on my behalf, put me on the phone with a woman with a severely nonchalant attitude who swears she has no idea what I’m talking about. The only retailers who would use this app can’t afford to be connected with better service apps which are out there. Perka is the pits. Deleting off my phone and finding a new smoothie place.
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2 years ago, mirabellarose
Needs work
My previous order is often in my cart when I go to place a new order. There’s times where I had to reclose the app several times before I could actually remove those items from my cart. There’s a message button at the top of the screen, with an option to leave a heart or broken heart & note to manager about your order. Apparently this is not how you contact via the app about an order issue as I assumed. I was told by a manager I had placed an order with it was a review, and was yelled at “leaving a negative review” - Not sure who can see these reviews as I cant find them on my end, but there should be an actual option to contact the manager only with it being a “review”
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6 years ago, OhioGuyShaun
Recent Improvements are Great
As a retailer I began using Perka about a year ago. At the time it was unbelievably terrible and I had published an awful review about the entire program. Over the last six months they have made significant advances. There are still some glitches, but Clover is continuously working to improve and I’m so happy that we stuck it out through the rough patch. This tool has proven to be very valuable to both us and our customers. I’ve gone from one star to four stars. I am optimistic that soon I’ll be confident enough to say this is a 5 star program!
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3 years ago, Leelysw
Poor customer support
There is no customer support for the rewards loyalty program. There was a glitch where my rewards were not loading. I went ahead and logged out to login again. I was unable to access my account on the web because I tried to login multiple times without success. I contacted the Clover main phone number and they had no clue what I was talking about. The help support function only linked me back to the official website and the guy I spoke to was rude. They can’t help you unless you have a merchant ID. Frustrating to deal with with no solution to be found.
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10 months ago, Manda65017
Points disappear
This is the worst points tracking tool out there! It can’t be integrated into the payment platform that the business uses, which means your customers usually forget to check in with Clover until after the purchase is over and it’s too late. I use this all the time at the Poké bar locations around me, I have been to every location many times and sometimes remember to check in. But the next time I go to pull up the app at that location my points balance is at zero. I have never had my points stay in the app long enough to build up to get any kind of reward. They always just disappear.
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4 years ago, TzTerri
Watch iOS no longer works
Opening it on my watch gives the message “Please open clover on your iPhone” and it is open. Tried deleting the phone app and reinstalling it. That fixed it for a few minutes and now it’s back to the error. Tried force quitting the watch app. Tried removing and reinstalling the watch app.
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1 year ago, Project DT88
My Account Vanished
If you asked me to rate clover before it would be 5 stars… however today as I opened the app it asked me to log in. I did so and it created a new account for me. Confused I tried again. Logged me back into the new account. I tried to delete the new account but it kept logging me back in. I tried to log in to the website and it didn’t know who I was. I asked for a recovery E-Mail and I never get it. My account is just… gone. What is the point of building up points with Clover if they can just delete your points and existance whenever they want? As far as I am concerned Clover is the worst ordering app there is.
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3 years ago, Ms. Bygdymond
Royal Tea Lover
I use this app because it makes it so super easy for me as a disabled person to get my order at my favorite restaurant which is Royal Tea. It’s already paid for through the app and everything which makes it so perfect. I’m gonna definitely use this app always and will try other restaurants on here too. Thanks for creating this app.
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2 years ago, Dannick2
Order review page
The app is great unless your placing an order online. I often get shakes at the Frozen Monkee. I was running late last week and tried to order through the app online and accidentally chose the wrong shake - this is where the app goes South - it doesn't have anything that allows you to remove the item from your cart. There isn't even an email to reach out to for support. Even on here, I’m directed back to my account where there isn’t any support information. It’s too bad, I hope they fix this.
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4 years ago, Seattle30
No support for Apple Pay via app
At the store I can use Apple Pay to purchase but through the clover app I am required to store my CC. Believe it's 2020, and still they use the archaic methods of taking payment that aren't really as secure. Can I trust them to not lose my CC number and info? Probably not. Not sure why, but they should allow Apple Pay and Google Pay like Square. Wish they were as tech savvy as other payment systems. Given that we are more remote shopping these days, makes me less inclined to purchase goods from the vendors that requires me to use this old idea...
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2 years ago, moe n desi
Highly recommend
My husband and I come here very often . They’re cool people with outstanding customer service . They make it a point to ask you what your looking for and not only direct you but also take the time to explain each product in detail. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review
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5 months ago, TROLLER :D
It works, but it needs polishing
TO THE DEVELOPER: The app works, but only offers the very basic functions needed to order a meal. You can find a participating store/restaurant by name or on a map and order stuff from their selection of goods either for pickup or delivery. Functions that really ought to be added are: 1. The ability to save “favorite locations” 2. The ability to save “favorite items at a location” 3. A way to more rapidly purchase your favorite items with fewer screen taps. I think just those 3 features would make this app MUCH better. I’m currently only using the app because there’s an AWESOME Indian restaurant that uses it, and the app lets me order in advance of my arrival. If the app were improved, I’d consider using it for other locations. Kind regards
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2 years ago, cben
This is such a crap app
We use this to order from two different stores. I don’t share location with the app, because it doesn’t need it. Therefore every time I login I have to go through multiple steps to find the only two stores I ever order from and order the same thing. I cannot just tap on my previous order from the home screen and re-order it, I have to step through the steps to order it a fresh each time. So poorly thought out.
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6 years ago, terrible@pp
Worst app I use
I hate this app. I only use it because my local coffee shop gives you points you can redeem for cash off your purchases. First of all, I had a lot of difficulty being able to put my codes in and would go round and round thru the app just trying to find where to enter it. Then, with the newest upgrade, it lost all my points and it says that they have neither my phone number nor email! I am so mad! How the hell did I have an account without my phone number or email?! I will definitely be giving my feedback to the coffee shop about this.
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4 years ago, Mari5011
Perks don’t work with order ahead
Seems like a good idea but you can’t redeem perks with order ahead . I’ve tried multiple times and it doesn’t work since you need to wait for the cashier to recognize the perk. Really makes it inconvenient when order ahead is the only option these days.... I have received a number perks that keep expiring because I can’t use them with order ahead and the restaurant is only taking order ahead during covid times . Probably going to delete at this point
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5 years ago, RedByrdRider
Make check in automatic please!
Clover rewards is great except the app must be front and center before it registers at the merchant . Why can’t it be backgrounders where it shows me checked in anytime I enter a merchant for a minute or two. It helps clients by not missing points and also merchants by seeing who came in and either bought or didn’t ..
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5 months ago, Kim Valli
Eyebrow threading is wonderful here!
I will never go to another eyebrow threading salon again! The service here is amazing. The owner is so nice and welcoming, and does a fantastic job with my eyebrows each and every time. Definitely go check this place out if you want your eyebrows properly threaded and shaped the right way.
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1 year ago, tarajwhitejoy
Clover has stopped their subscription with a lot of businesses
I work at a vape shop and they quit the subscriptions for all our customers that have a long history with us and plenty of other businesses too. Even before that there has been many glitches like not giving people points or not deducting them. We have had the worst time with this and the whole customer base is upset. It’s gonna hurt a lot of small businesses. If I could give this whole company a zero I would.
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5 years ago, MsPurple-ABW
💜❤️💜 this app...BUT!
I would give it 5 stars, but the reports feature doesn’t work! If I try to put in a date range (<2 weeks) or any range, it just spins. Even if I select one of the links that show a date range. It is so frustrating because this used to work great. I could easily compare by going to a range last year. Please fix! UPDATE....this issue has gotten even worse! Please put this at the top of your list to fix!!
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5 years ago, IPhone 6 white DNPPK7A8G5MJ
Madison smoothie of Wantagh
I wish there were a way to give a higher recommendation as to adequately describe the overall treatment, health shakes and overall service by staff. First the shakes, drinks and food are simply amazing In 20 years I haven’t once had a meal I didn’t Love. Second, staff treats you like royalty and it really is a very friendly atmosphere and everyone is always very polite and will always go the extra distance to make sure you are 100 percent satisfied. And last the pricing is very competitive. Eating healthy in a great atmosphere for the right price— it really doesn’t get any better. Thank you so much for many good and continued memories. Sincerely Arty S.
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5 years ago, Reggie-ATL
Finally open where u get to try this spot. Very open and clean! Kitchen area fully visible! Excellent they have the option of fried wings or oven roasted! Plenty of flavors for me to try ( and I plan too). Another wonderful thing is that they aren’t trying to kill there customers, by having the hot wings, melt styrofoam. They provide wings in a paper material box, wonderful!
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2 years ago, Muddy Rocket
Auto Pay & Tipping
Love the app and convenience of autopay when I’m checked in, but I cannot tip. How do I fix this? Is there something I can set up on my app as a customer, or does the vendor need to activate something to enable this feature. (If I still need to carry cash to tip, it defeats the purpose of a clash less app…)
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6 years ago, MrWThompson68
Great APP
The APP works great, the ability to use part or none of your points and the ability to use receipts when you do not have your phone is great. The only limitation is the number of participants, but then again the businesses need to be willing to give rewards to make the APP work, so you really can not blame the APP for that.
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6 years ago, Laura Nic
Quick way to get $ off food
I don’t use many apps, but I’m in Nikos in Danbury, Connecticut frequently. The owner recommended Clover/Perka. I check in every time I pick up food. I’ve received so many credits for $5.00 off relatively small orders that I’ve lost count. This app has saved me a lot of money. I highly recommend it.
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2 months ago, BigBROWNtoe
Doesn’t work
Downloaded the app on my phone after redeemed. $340 in BBQ from Local Craft BBQ, asked me to register by entering my phone or email. Entered my email, clicked the link in my email on my PC and received an Opps page not found. Guessing they want me to check my email on my phone?? That’s not going to happen. Removing the app after writing this. Sad developers these days can’t test a product before pushing it live… lost this customer for sure.
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6 years ago, 😄Martha
There is none. Cookies, cookies everywhere with all the merchants with which they do business. They will also provide them with your full name and a photograph of you. And....part of the object is to track you, everywhere. Just read their privacy policy before you sign in and provide information. The url they provide apparently for more information and possibly opt outs is not connecting to this app. So no way you can even see if you can opt out. Also, they’ve already changed the company name to Perks or something.
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1 year ago, 808teacher50s
Horrible app!
At first I thought it was great that I could earn rewards at my family’s fave restaurant. Got to 274 out of 300 points for a $5 discount and then… 5 transactions later and I’m still at 274 points. No luck using the app to contact both the restaurant and Clover for help. Finally got credit from the restaurant as they acknowledged the app is giving them problems. Even deleted the app & my account, reloaded to start over… and all my previous info is still there, 274 points and all!
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2 years ago, MSIM88
This is the only application one of my favorite coffee shops uses to place orders. One day mine stopped working I have tried to contact Clover support multiple times but they are completely unhelpful. They only want to talk to merchants and do not care about the customers who are purchasing items using their service. I cannot even get my password reset it’s such a hot mess. If I were merchant researching their services I would say look elsewhere this service will make your customers go elsewhere
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3 years ago, buckeyeguy12
Can’t verify email
I receive the email to verify my account. Clicking the button opens a browser window, that opens the App Store. I click to open the clover app, where I see the screen that an email was sent. It’s circular. Literally chasing my tail. There is no way to actually verify an accounted that was started using an email address at the merchant. Without verifying, this app is worse than useless. A complete waste of time, and no way to contact support as a customer. Garbage app
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5 years ago, ooovvvaaa
Best service!
This is the best vapor shop I have ever been to. The quality, the reassurance of what you’re getting and top-notch sales people, they know exactly what they’re doing. I highly highly recommend this shop to everyone & they’re Christian-based and that’s a bonus that n my book!
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3 years ago, ijode
The best butcher place to buy meat
This place is a great place to buy meat. The owner Rafael and his staff are very nice, professional and sell fresh quality meat at a decent price. What ever you need you can find it there and more. I’m always a happy customer. I would definitely recommend la Hacienda
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6 years ago, The Aunt
Good but needs improvement
I’ve used perka, now Clover, for over a year as a consumer and for the most part it’s been seamless as long as the retailer remembers to credit my account. The MAJOR improvement this app needs is OUR ability to see our points added up, like as a tally, in a string, not just the total. That way we can be sure each new purchase has been added correctly.
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6 years ago, Asbe25
A local ice cream retailer offers a free ice cream when you get 7 points. The only problem is I can never get to 7 points! Once I had 5 accumulated and the next time I opened the app only 2 were showing. When I purchase 3 ice creams I am only credited 1 point although the receipt indicates it should be 3 points! There is no way to view your history on the app, so you can’t tell what has happened to your points! Very disappointed with this app. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I will never get my free ice cream!
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5 years ago, el ciego.
Sunny side up
This is a really good place The food the people and service it’s really good. We been coming to this restaurant since their open and always has been a nice place to eat the quality of the food and taste it’s 100% fresh made to order All my family love this place.
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2 years ago, G&G TRANSPORT LLC
I love this app because it is totally the most efficient way and most convenient of making your food purchase and earning rewards I definitely recommend it to anyone who is willing to take it vantage of perks.
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1 year ago, kccutter69
What a backstabbing crooked business model …
So I download the app, I begin to accumulate points bc of vape and smoke shops, as soon as I collect any amount worth doin something with the app “Clover” Decides to remove all smoke shops and vape stores from their list. So anyone with 1000 points can no longer redeem the money they were promised when they downloaded the app: they just said to bad. Your points are no longer valid. Such horse manure. Really is. I’m deleting it along with everyone else I known
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3 months ago, jfjrjejdhbdhejdbbdhdhd
What customer service
That’s right, they only care about merchants. If you’re a customer and you have a problem with the app, say login issues, Good luck. If you can get anybody on the business phone, they’re just gonna pawn you off on a number that doesn’t work. I’ve tried multiple times…. horrible customer service. It’s great until you have a problem, then your S.O.L.
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9 months ago, sb1mk
A favorite!!
Love being in this sweet space! Every time I have gone I always feel welcomed. Everything I have tasted has been good, personal fan of the pesto sandwich! Thank you for making such a sweet space to meet and connect with friends!❤️
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3 years ago, Trafficfighter
Wish it can redeem points
I use this app to purchase my boba drinks and it’s pretty convenient and doesn’t do any up charge like others. The only complaint I have is, when ordering ahead I don’t earn any reward points nor can I use my earned points to redeem my drinks. Because of that I ended up using only half of the time.
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5 years ago, trevor pryor
No problems 90% of the time.
This app has always worked for me when checking in to my local pizza place. Only on like 2 occasions did it not work but there is a chance that it may have been on the registers side of things
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4 years ago, Moser 711
Never update
Love this app had it for years but so so upset. There was an update to the app so I update and lost all my points took me a while to get them. I try to call the developer. that’s was a joke. Now I have to start over with all my points so disappointed
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5 years ago, Turtles and tissues
Needs improvement
I appreciate this app because it lets me see how many points I’ve accumulated. However, the app should go the extra mile and show me where I have points already. For example, I never know how many points I have at this boba shop until I’ve already added the point from that visit. Honestly I think knowing where I have points will help me make decisions about where I want to eat. Update this app!
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2 years ago, hermitinthemountains
Can’t cancel an order?
Accidentally ordered from the wrong location of a restaurant, but can’t find a way to cancel the order in the app. It was for pick up in four hours, so it should be possible—it’s not like the restaurant had started making it already. I called the restaurant for help, but they said it had to be done online. Where is the online option to do that? The order was from the Sassy Onion on Market street in Salem OR.
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