Color Palette from Image

Graphics & Design
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3.9 MB
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Current version
Pavlo Liashenko
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.12 or later
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User Reviews for Color Palette from Image

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4 years ago, Labrat147
Very simple basic app
Very simple basic app - which is just what i wanted. I don't need anything fancy. I am just looking for color inspiration for quilt making and other crafty projects. This does the job, altho you do have to pay for the "premium" app in order to save the file - which is $4.99. It would be helpful to have more guidance when you first open the app. It's just a blank void and you have to figure it out just by playing around.
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3 years ago, Navanzati
Does the job well
I initilly had some issues with the functionality when you upgrade. Contaced the developer, did some trouble shooting, and he released an update within a day. This app does what it says it will do, and it does it well. When I sell my art prints I want to give the customer an idea of the overall colors in the art. This application most closely matches the colors I actually used, and allows you to save it in a number of views and export the palettes in multiple formats. Yes, as others have noted, having the actual color values for each would be a wonderful addition ... hoping that's in a future update.
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9 years ago, yuvraj111
Does the job. But lots to improve.
App is great, which output overall major colors of image. But it would be great if we can select the individual color and copy its RGB or hex values directy using a shortcut. Which will give an excellent use for graphic designers or web developers. Moreover, a way to select particular area in an image will be great add on.
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5 years ago, Uselessdetails
Pretty much what I was looking for with a few caveats. The free version can't export results. So you either copy by hand or you upgrade to "pro", whose price isn't visible until you attempt to upgrade. The first three files I dragged into this app did nothing. No results. No error. No crash. Nothing. Apparently the input formats it can recognize are very limited. Also, there's no doc whatsoever, not even a help file. I still don't know what most of the dohickies are supposed to do.
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4 years ago, Nortda85
Easy and very simple app to get the job done
Im a graphic design student, in school we are taught to get color from an image to go with the theme of the design. Instead of spending 5mins trying to get theh perfect shade of a color. This app does the job in seconds, and is great for graphic design projects. (One lst thing is this works seamlessly with all the Affinity apps!)
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9 months ago, TobyABCDSF
Export doesn't work properly.
I was considering purchasing the app due to its affordability. However, after trying the paid version, I noticed a limitation: when you export an image, it exports it in a 1:1 aspect ratio, resulting in a perfect square that cuts off the sides of the image. To work around this issue, my recommendation is not to invest in the paid version of the app. Instead, you can simply fullscreen the app and capture a screenshot to obtain the desired image.
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2 years ago, meitnik
Why limit the number of colors?
At least provide 256 colors. And the scrolling needs to be smarter.
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7 months ago, Coincutter
buy it
its the only one ive ever found that can find reds. play with the controls to expand what it sees
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5 years ago, Gods dreamer
Useful untill Crashes & Money were asked
It was easy to get color palletes from the app and export for various programs but then the app started crashing out for several weeks leaving me with nothing simple to use. Now to get palletes i must wait through a delay or upgrade to pro (which was NOT MENTIONED here on the original app page when downloaded) or upgrade to pro to download the pallete once you wait to view and screen shoot it. I needed something i could export for my other programs and opted for this one with no ads, simple to use, and easy to download. There was NO NOTICE of "in app purchases" like every other app tells you about before hand. Now after waiting several weeks for the app to remain stable I have to pay to use.
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9 years ago, Homerrat
Great app…works fast and easy to use…all the colors chosesn are added on the color picker. Great Price Too!
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8 years ago, 夏拾柒
useful but somedays later need money
It is easy to use and useful but after installing for several weeks it will ask you for money, and this is kind of annoying.
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6 years ago, Miss-Lexy
I work with colors all day long. I purchased this quite some time ago and it was fantastic! I haven’t been able to use it in a long time. Crashes constantly, was never fixed. Will change my review if the developer updates it. Shame, great product and i recommened it to others.
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8 years ago, Ello’ Guv’nah
Amazing useful tool!
Incredibly useful tool! Thank you, developers!
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7 years ago, dolphinboy2u
Crashes on launch on 10.12.3
This crashes on launch on 10.12.3. Redownloading from App Store does not fix the problem. I like this app a lot, its niche use is important, but now cannot even get it to open properly.
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5 years ago, Nagus1964
Crashes all of the time
I think I was able to use this app once, but now I can’t open it at all. Either needs to be upgraded to work on High Sierra or just removed from the App Store.
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8 years ago, Lemontree42
help needed
Need help. I really liked the app so I upgraded to pro now it doesn’t work. It says there is an error. Please help….Thanks
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8 years ago, poorrater
Paid and upgraded to pro but NO CHANGES
I already paid for the upgraded pro version but it still tells me to upgrade it and pay for it again. WHAT IS THIS?!
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7 years ago, ѕтeғαɴ
Loved this App, When it Worked...
Tried to use the app today & it immediately crashes on start-up all of the sudden.
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