Colorado Traveler

4.5 (1.4K)
60.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
John Stump
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Colorado Traveler

4.54 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
7 years ago, Wdav
Fantastic Developer
Works great! The app is just what I expected and wanted! There was a slight glitch in the app causing me a little problem. I informed the developer via the in app feedback. He immediately responded and fixed the problem, and kept me informed during the process. Ya' just can't ask for better service! As for the app: I truly enjoy it and rely on it for traveling information. The road cams are a necessity for me during winter travel and help me decide when to travel. The historical markers are fun to read and contain photos of the sites. So, "arm chair" traveling is also fun. I fully recommend the app, and, no, I don't know the developer, nor am I anything other than just an app user.
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2 years ago, Mlbscrabbler
This app was once just ok at best. Recently it received an update that was a huge improvement! Now, all of the sudden it says the server is being retired & to visit the App Store for an update. It’s updated. Still the same message. So I uninstall & reinstall. Still the same message. The app is completely inoperable. When I search cdot apps I now find one that requires me to pay. Really?
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5 months ago, Dopeman16
New review
Just downloaded and reviewed layers and all. Not sure what all the low ratings are for. Seems great. Weather and cameras available. For me, that’s all I really need. As long as the data is current, this is a great app.
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1 year ago, Randal 1951
App is too cluttered. Used to be easier to read and was much more useful. I have difficulty finding the route/interstate number I want. Finally, how can I trust you’ve thoroughly checked and updated your information when you can’t spell the state name?! Coloado? Seriously??
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1 year ago, nvyhgb
Credit card required
If the app is free to use why do you want my credit card information? And if it’s not free then why does it that it is? Better yet, why would you charge people to see road conditions in your state? Don’t you want people to be safe on your roadways?
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3 months ago, zgsjei
Not reliable
App is not reliable. Stopped for an hour on I70 and app shows no issues????? Did not update tunnel closures , major power outage. If info is not accurate and up to date, then app is useless
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1 year ago, Solo1nme
Other than being able to view cameras (when working) this app is worthless. The road conditions are rarely accurate .
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1 year ago, theniem
Not that good Info to 3rd parties
I thought the color coding was hard to read. At least you have a legend.. mostly it seems like the purpose of the app is to get iyour info to “give” to third parties.
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3 months ago, picklenunchucks
Legend needs to be updated
Looking at the map and there are circles with a dash. I click on the legend button and there’s no sign associated with this. Does it mean the road is closed? No idea!
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2 years ago, avfsunbrehuvgtf
Won’t open, says need server upgrade but none available
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1 year ago, Gfesapl
Clunky pia
Not as effective as other 511 type apps but leave it to Colorado to charge people to use the same app that’s free in most surrounding states
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6 months ago, dpsgrump
App not working
Looking for road closure exploration on I 70 west that I’m experiencing and only map showing on my screen is from my home in Pa!!! Not helpful
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1 year ago, 1969DA1
Several cameras not working
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2 years ago, cds set t uff
Wha happen to finding a road and getting all alerts?
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2 years ago, jjuicelover
Too pricey
If it’s free why do I have to provide a credit card number?
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1 year ago, fred help
Fails to inform
This app misses the basic information on weather conditions. If chains are required
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3 months ago, Ky Louisville
Great ap
Helpedto navigate thri co
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7 years ago, Flower Grower
Too many ads!
Up until this latest update, I enjoy looking around at the many great camera views around my favorite places in Colorado. I accept the ads that run at the bottom of the page, but now you have gone too far. Within each of the cameras selected, we have to be subjected to another damned ad that's been stuck in between the different views. That's excessive and needs to be changed. You're running your ads on the main page, but please remove them from the camera views!
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9 years ago, GrumpyGus44
CDOT Not Providing Timely Info
The app is a good app, as long as Colorado DOT provides up-to-date information! If CDOT does not provide up-to-date information, the app is worthless. Perhaps this app could lean on CDOT to provide more timely updated information? Case in point is a road construction project on US 160 west of Pagosa Springs Colorado. We went through there yesterday and there was no construction even though it was listed on the app. Then a few miles later we ran into two new construction projects further west that were not listed on the app. What gives!?
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5 years ago, VideoNowhere
New Version Needs Work
This has been my go to app. I live in Idaho Springs and use the app daily. There are now issues with cameras not showing up and colors not working on Floyd Hill. I look forward to backward improvements, if that makes any sense. Sometimes an overhaul needs to keep some things that worked before. I love the app and I’m sure this will get worked out and I’ll love it even more in the future. Keep up the good work!!!
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9 years ago, skimonarch
Best app for road conditions in CO
This app is great! I really appreciate that it shows road conditions and CDOT cameras. These are what I really need to know how long it's going to take me to commute from Denver down to the Springs. This is the best app I've found for figuring out how safe or frustrating my drive might be. I totally recommend this app!
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11 years ago, ficko3926
Must-have for navigating Denver metro
Between the FasTracks buildout and general congestion, this app is a lifesaver for anyone trying to keep their sanity driving along the front range out to the western slope (aka I-25 and I-70 corridors). Very practical and useful features. Great support from developer too.
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13 years ago, CarefulReviewer
Work's great!
I find Colorado Traveler to be very handy when out and about in CO. Didn't hit any glitches since the latest update. A good buy.
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2 years ago, halfhanged
The app doesn’t load
I get messages that the app cannot load content from server. This has been happening for weeks. It seems whenever there’s a traffic problem, especially on the Interstates, CDOT takes all the camera down. I don’t trust the content given all the error messages.
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5 years ago, cotravler
Won’t load
Won’t load home, have WiFi, not a connection problem. Read a lot of the reviews and seems to be a problem the developer has no answer for. It seems the app works great, when it actually works. Can’t find another app that will give me the road info I need to plan due to weather. Sure would like this to work...
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7 years ago, Jd4a25
Great App!
Provides all the travel-related info I need together in one place. And provides it seamlessly, rapidly and reliably. Would be great to get a weather forecast for selected map points...
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8 years ago, Art in NC
The Best Colorado Traveler App
You can't beat this app for it's amazing functionality and ease-of-use. Trust me I've tried many apps and websites for Colorado WebCams and road conditions and this one beats them all.
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5 years ago, Earl of F1
Works great!
A lot of cameras and good photos. Makes planning a ski trip much easier! Any chance you will make a windows based app as well??
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2 years ago, gonz54459
Works on my I12 ph.
Great app. Always check it/Hwy. cameras over the passes and weather forecast before venturing out in winter time in CO.
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5 years ago, Silent thunder 09
Good when it works...
It seems pretty accurate when it will load. About 1/2 the time this app will not load the most updated map and it has to revert back to a cached copy. Very frustrating when I rely heavily on it being a trucker.
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9 years ago, Scott (goslow53)
Great App
I use this more then I use the CDOT app. Everything you need is right there it's fast and user friendly.
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8 years ago, Vardermir
Exactly what I needed.
Works as advertised, much easier to use than the official Colorado site on my iPad.
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12 years ago, Onyx88
This app works very well, worth the small price!
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13 years ago, Meerkat of the Rockies
Doesn't work!
I just installed the app on my iPhone 4 and all I get out of it is a map. None of the traffic data loads. It is stuck loading the data for ever. I have reset the phone, shut down and restarted the app with no luck. There goes $3.
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5 years ago, Hondodude
it has shown striping going on I-70 and red lines also when this is no longer going on. This is confusing to make you think the road is closed
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7 years ago, Bayathread
Would be fine if only...
If only the Colorado DOT would keep its road conditions map up to date. Alas, no one seems to be working there. Budget cuts, perhaps?
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2 years ago, BrownBear324
App keeps crashing!
When I launch the app, it says it’s unable to fetch configuration data from the server. Is the server down?? Then the app crashes. Please fix ASAP!
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9 years ago, Raytriguy
Great app
Very good up to the minute info on Ramos conditions.
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6 years ago, JinArv
Good app but needs search
Sorry if I missed the search function. It is either not obvious or a search capability is needed. Where in Colorado is Rico?
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4 years ago, Oscar Mike 65
Old Information
As I try to check for road closures, I’m clicking on flags to see if it will affect my travels. No, it’s a warning that they were painting stripes eight months ago. CO Trip was better!
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2 years ago, jsk123jsl
Bad, getting worse
This has never been a very user friendly app and with each update, usability gets worse.
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11 years ago, Winter Driver
This would be a ton better if you could replicate the map you find online and show road closures. Not finding much use for it yet.
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11 years ago, Pharrout
Great app.....however too buggy when needed most.
Great idea. Use what is available for free and bundle it for iPhone in a nice looking app!! Works well most of the time, however crashes when you need it most!!!
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2 years ago, truck 654789321
Wont work
I was working great but it’s like they turned off the server to it. It no longer works because they have a new one that costs 2.99.
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5 years ago, Jkx1
Will not load
Will not load most of the time on my iPhone 8. My wife has the same issue. This is fairly recent problem.
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5 years ago, scrub off speed
This app adds little value
Google maps and apple maps has better info than this app. Not sure why anyone would want this app.
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4 years ago, 74kdgsp
Doesn’t show accurate road conditions
When roads are actually closed due to weather the app only shows Adverse Conditions
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6 years ago, what******
Really .99, not free
Visiting Colorado and the markers shown on the cover advertisement, which states nothing of paying. Once I downloaded I find out I have to pay .99 to get that So much for a free app
Show more
5 years ago, duke3277
Loading app.
Won’t load the app. Telling me there is something wrong and check the network connection
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5 years ago, Wildlife Quilter
Not as good as previous CDOT app
Not very clear and doesn’t give estimates of travel time or speeds
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