Condor Airlines

1.4 (110)
105.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Condor Flugdienst GmbH
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Condor Airlines

1.37 out of 5
110 Ratings
5 days ago, OldNinjaDude
Couldn’t even check in through the app.
How much is a no-frills flight worth? This wasn’t cheap, but the lowest fare I could find for the time I needed. I couldn’t even check in for the flight with the app. I had to go to their web page to check in. Checking-in is something I think an airline’s app should be able to handle. I’m a U.S. citizen and have paid for ‘TSA pre check’ and ‘Global Entry’ for international flights. Condor has no option to enter that information, so I can’t even use those ‘extras’ I’ve paid for elsewhere. This is my second flight with Condor. My first was an emergency, and I had to take what I could get. Then, Condor had a last minute seat. I took it. This time again, though not an emergency, I have to take what I can get. No frills. A La carte. You pay extra for everything they think you might pay more to have. Nothing is included. No seat assignments, no baggage, no food (on a trans Atlantic flight). Nothing, and they don’t accept the extras you may have paid for elsewhere. If I had more time to prepare, I know I could have found better service at a lower price, but at this late date, again, I am taking what I can get. Am I complaining? Maybe a little. Perhaps more of a warning for you. I wouldn’t fly Condor if they weren’t the only viable option. I could pay thousands more, but for me, that isn’t viable.
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10 months ago, Kimmy_S
Horrible customer service, couldn’t check in
I rarely write reviews but this was some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced. The app freaked out and wouldn’t let me check in for my flight, it just kept throwing error codes. I spoke with several different representatives and they were rude and unhelpful. The app is useless and difficult to navigate. I couldn’t even contact a representative through the app to get help, I had to find their customer service number online. Sure the flights are cheap, but is that worth it when it’s 1 AM, you need to leave for your flight in four hours and the freaking representative is saying that there is no guarantee that they’ll get this problem solved in time for your flight? Honestly, save yourself the hassle, book with literally anyone else.
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11 months ago, nickgarcia1
Embarrassed for Condor
Avoid this App, it’s U S E L E S S!!! In spite of warnings from others, I installed it for a trip I’ll be taking in a few weeks. So. Many. Glitches!!! I couldn’t update my profile because it wasn’t responsive to changes. After uninstalling and reinstalling, I thought I’d have better luck. NO. Their website isn’t any better and didn’t save anything I entered and couldn’t even find my flight info using the booking Condor gave me!!! I’ve heard that they are no frills and you pay for everything add-on, I just didn’t think I had to pay for their IT as well. If they can’t maintain an App or website, how well do they maintain everything else? Very low confidence for them at this point.
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9 months ago, chuvak22
Bad app and useless customer service
I wrote a lot of reviews and most are very positive, but unfortunately condor just isn’t great. I had problems checking in, the app doesn’t notify you of anything, some buttons on the app don’t even work, and customer service was completely useless both times I called. Apparently they don’t have access to anything, so why even have customer support? I actually missed my flight (my fault, but the app notifications that were supposed to pop up would have saved me) and they didn’t help in any way. That’s not technically their problem, but good companies always do whatever they can to help.
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2 years ago, EretriaYangKang
Pretty good!
I just took condor from JFK to FRA. Everything was awesome. This flight was $300 cheaper than other ones. It does has a layover. But the check in luggage was included. Food was included. I was pretty surprised that it turned out to be smooth after reading all the bad reviews here. Maybe I’m lucky. But no complaints this time!! The in flight entertainment didn’t work. But they have the Wi-Fi so you can connect on your phone to watch some movies and TV shows. I still think it’s pretty good! Flight was huge.
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2 years ago, Good Reviews 1317
Awful Airline Awful App
The app is awful. No service available whatsoever even when you try to contact them a hundred different ways. The airline is a complete joke. Our family pooled funds for a business class flight for our new grandmother to meet her grandson as she gets swollen feet and it was all around awful waste of money. Vegetarian business class meal was a rice cracker! Seat was broken. Flight was two hours late, connection was missed, and no assistance was offered to her. She couldn’t stay in a lounge because the connecting flight was economy. Seems like a small consolation that could have easily been offered. Flying with this airline is like entering a black hole. You have no indication what is going to happen to you… I promise it’s not worth whatever potential savings compared to other airlines. You’re better off rowing across the Atlantic. Guaranteed you would have the same customer service response, but at least better food…
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8 months ago, Sswasko
Worst airline app I have used
This app lacks even the basic functionality of any other airline app I have used. Only gives digital boarding pass for the one person who booked the flight not the entire group, resets the page to the top each time you enter another line of text forcing you to scroll back down to the next line each time - which makes entering your information a tedious process, and gives information on flight statuses and others about an hour late. Save yourself the trouble and just get a paper boarding pass, like I had to.
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1 year ago, FlyingDragon550
Unable to add flight
I am unable to add my reservation, which renders the app useless. I am able to pull it up just fine on their website, but the app can’t find my booking. Tried many different ways. I’m a little concerned about the business class flight from LAX to FRA as well. All the bad reviews and Condor has a pretty shoddy reputation to begin with. Only bought these tickets because they were cheaper by about $400 per ticket (bought 2 business class tickets) compared to other airlines. If it wasn’t for the price, I’d never elect to cross the Atlantic in an old 767 with Condor.
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2 years ago, BigD082
Worst app I have ever used.
Will not allow to check in for flight. Keep getting 404 error. The only way to find the check in button is to “edit booking”, and then it does not work. Oh you want to pick your seat, that will be an extra $50 to $115 per seat. Ah, then they will loose your selection and you will have to pay again and request a refund do the one they lost. Try and speak to a agent…. Such a bad connection had to call back three times and then that said system is locked will have to go to airport and deal with agent there.
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11 months ago, 23nkg
Awful check-in and boarding experience
Do not fly this airline. Their ground processes are terrible. Check-in from Frankfurt to San Francisco involved standing in one line to check-in only to find out that you must get your documents checked before you can stand in line to check-in. So two lines to simply check-in. Then once you get to the gate, they have you stand in another line to reprint the boarding passes they gave you just an hour before. They did this to every international (non-EU) passenger across business and economy.
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2 years ago, Jeeperspeepers
This app is so archaic you can’t do anything needed not even electronic passes they still print paper tickets if that tells ya anything. No flight status, no terminal information, no ability to change seats without calling, no ability to cancel flights without calling, no ability to check in after your fist flight for a return. Serious why have an app and put a single penny into time developing an app that doesn’t do what ever other competitor does….. crazy. Don’t bother!
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9 months ago, Stesoula
This app does not provide up to date information about your flight and everything is outdated. If your flight is cancelled (which it was in our case) the app NEVER displayed updated information about our new flight. It was ultimately useless. I’ve never written a review before for an app, but had to for this because the whole entire app does not function properly. Really hoping the developers see this and make the appropriate changes.
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7 months ago, La___Na
Avoid at all cost
Condor are horrible as is their app. The app multifunctions, it didn’t find my reservation number so I had to add my info at the airport at check in. It doesn’t give accurate flight status. When I called the support, they said the management knows, but no one is fixing it. On my 12 hour fight there my seat was broken and wouldn’t recline. On my way back the monitor was broken so I couldn’t watch movies. Flight attendants are rudeeee! Never ever.
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11 months ago, Funnybunnypaw
I’m so frustrated! Air travel is so hard and I’ve been planning my trip for 11 months because it is a big deal for me to travel and be able to afford it. But I can’t use the app to board or see updates or DO ANYTHING. it just says don’t recognize your booking or you. Your website does but my desk top computer is at home and travel literally is about not being at home! Lower cost travel shouldnt mean f’d up lame completely non working app.
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9 months ago, DoesEveryoneHaveToHave_a_Nick
Completely useless
The app is beyond terrible, but their website is equally useless, so what else could you expect? Nothing works. The check-in process always stalls somewhere, and doesn’t let you continue. For example, it tells me to “fill out the data for all passengers” and I’m traveling alone. And by the way, their customer representatives and flight attendants are very rude too, especially if you are an American.
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2 years ago, dantaylr
Just check in online
I’m excited to stay I’ve just experienced the worst app ever! This is basically a repackaged web experience without the auto fill from the iPhone. While filling out check in info it scrolls to the top frequently. If this doesn’t provide any benefit to the customer please just lead us to a nice mobile lane and remove it from the App Store. Then you don’t have to pay the App dev fees too 😁
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1 year ago, dakaralex
Challenging APP and horrible customer service hotline
I was unable to preselect my seat via the app. Called the hotline and was helped with by an extremely unfriendly gentleman with a heavy Eastern European accent, that was hard to understand. This is neither racist or arrogant, simply a sign that the airline tries to cut costs via outsourcing and accepts communication difficulties and discomfort towards their customers. In the addition the service is a pay for hotline.
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2 years ago, mamamoat
App doesn’t work
Flight not listed . I manually add it in . Unable to check-in using the link they emailed me , or using app or going to the website . Because Condor changed my flight also cannot us Expedia that was used for booking. The Lufthansa connecting flight worked perfectly to check in from the link they emailed me … live and learn ..
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12 months ago, Wanderlyst60
Lacking Content
App doesn't work very well. I tried to check in but a message kept saying boarding pass not available. The FAQ has nothing. This app needs quite a bit of work. Checking in online is easy on other airlines , but becomes a chore in this one. The contact is area only has a complaint form. This app is kind of useless.
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1 year ago, Kimrose321
Condor shouldn’t bother having an app if they’re not going to invest in keeping it functional. The app had difficulty finding my flight, it was impossible to change seats without calling customer service, couldn’t check in, no digital boarding pass, not even an airport map…this app is completely worthless.
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8 months ago, EricTheTintin
Horrible experience and not updating our status
Does not do online check in well. Does not update us on gate change or flight being delayed. Also, we book seats reservations online and when we got to the flight, they didn’t see our reservation so they rescheduled our flight
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9 months ago, Lucky911zzz
Half-baked app with bugs
How dare you to offer such a low quality app? Bugs found: unable to submit the API (advanced passenger information), it keeps saying “ready to submit”, it requires you to enter US address despite its not required for US citizens (it crashes when you don’t select any option and just press continue).
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9 months ago, jagerbombs6543
Terrible App. Somehow worse than the website
God awful app that has no functionality. Can’t check in, can’t get a boarding pass, I paid to upgrade my seat and it charged me twice and didn’t send a new boarding pass or confirmation of my new seat. So frustrating. Not looking forward to the flight
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11 months ago, dontaskmetowritereviews
The App That Does Nothing
If you’d like to do anything other than see your flight details then you’d better just call Condor because this app allows you to do exactly zero things, and does not permit online check-in if any leg of your flight is not a condor flight. Which I’m guessing is the majority of their business. Hilariously bad.
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2 months ago, Alex Shirazi
Don’t fly! It’s not worth it
The absolute worst customer service and airline experience imaginable. The app has many issues and the company does not care to fix or address them. When the app or kiosks do not function they up charge at the counter with no option but to pay.
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3 months ago, Clovergrass
App does not display flight delays
But the boarding pass in your Apple wallet does. Not app-related but I had a very rude and patronizing experience with a customer service rep on the German phone line, and don’t email bc you will only be met with a “call us” reply several days later.
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8 months ago, NikenameMike
Don’t fly
First and last time flying with Condor, couldn’t check in online. Tried the app, doesn’t work. Customer service can’t check you in even the help desk couldn’t check me in… so we will see what happens when I get to my transfer destination when I’m not checked in…
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8 months ago, mspman17
No Google Auth on Mobile
When I registered for My Condor using the website, I used my Google account to authenticate. But the mobile app only provides Facebook or Apple, no Google. Why the inconsistency? It makes the mobile app completely useless for me. Very poorly thought through.
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11 months ago, Ihaveopinions1234
Terrible App
The app sends you to pages on their website with broken links. When you enter in your birthdate or passport expiration, it changes the day when you save. It doesn’t allow you to enter a redress number and you can’t check-in using the app.
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1 year ago, Argh...hmmm taken, wonder why?
One Star Deserved!!
Even agent said it’s not worth using. Tried to Add Booking for my flight and unable to using booking number. Don’t waste you time, just call in and say something vague to robot to get human contact. At least agent was helpful. Don’t waste a moment with app. Something the Euros aren’t good at for change.
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2 years ago, DC19720
The worst!
Flew on Condor Airlines this past week and downloaded the app to stay informed about my flight. The app is garbage and does not function or update correctly. You have to go to the website to find out current info on your flight. Don’t waste your time with the app.
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10 months ago, Satyr666samoth
Is this a Joke app and maybe also a Joke company ??
The app is absolutely useless! You cannot doing anything, even with all the right info it is impossible to retrieve your flight information and your boarding pass. Is this a Joke??? Can I give zero stars???
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1 year ago, Melelune
Worst airline app
The app offers no real time information in regards to flights. Even though I set up text notifications to receive updates for any changes, they don’t text or communicate. I hope the invest to make this a functional useful app.
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2 years ago, ネロ13678
Wrong date and time booked.
On the PC, it shows the date and time of the reservation, but on the app, it is off by one day. This is confusing and should be stopped. I think people who have made reservations should bring a printout as well.
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2 years ago, 88dfz
AWFUL App - no sort options, no sense!
Why do companies offer Apps like this?? No way to sort flight options, doesn't load correctly on (various!!) iPhones, deleted it after trying to use it for 10 minutes.
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2 months ago, Sara Cudemo
Inaccurate Flight Status
Gave me a heart attack cause the app date of the flight didn’t align with the flight I booked, the web experience or the email confirmation. What’s the point of an app if it scares its customers with incorrect information?
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11 months ago, ranighat
Cannot find booking
I’ve been trying to manually enter my booking for 4 days. No such luck. They have it when you call them but neither the app nor the website (my condor) can locate the booking. Insane.
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2 years ago, Weirdpancake
Set the date for a booking search isn’t possible
When I try to put in the date of a booking I’m searching for the keyboard of my iPhone blocks half the screen and it’s impossible to set the date.
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8 months ago, lunaphoebe
This app does not work
Cannot find flight. Does not do anything. Put in the flight info and tried to find flight, the app thinks about it for 5 seconds and then does nothing. The most useless airline app ever.
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8 months ago, Huttymddu
AOL dial up is quicker
1995 called and they want their app back . Good luck trying to get updated or here r information about flights , delays or anything travel related . Waiting 90 minutes and app is still saying flight is leaving on time … lol
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1 year ago, mci poloo
The horror , oh the horror
This is absolutely the worst app I’ve ever seen, encountered, reviewed, used, and regretted. It is so horrible that it should be a source of deep shame to its feature and to condor. It’s no wonder europe is falling irrevocably behind in terms of innovation and technology— if this monstrous mobile app was allowed to exist.
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1 year ago, Simone253
Worst app ever! Totally useless!
Can’t accomplish anything on this app so don’t even bother with it! And even on the website there is no way to add your Alaska Mileage plan number to your reservation! Have to call customer service! What?? It’s 2023! This app blows!
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10 months ago, tabaks
App missing an important feature
Don't you think it's about time to add back in an option to display prices in $ ?! Really?! This company is a joke, don't waste your time, money and sanity, book elsewhere!
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7 months ago, blaaghs
Check in is terrible
- No way to enter pre check information. - Entering info during check in jumps to the top of the page. Incredibly frustrating. - After checking in with the app, it only shows boarding passes for one of the passengers The last point mean you have to go to the ticket counter to get your boarding pass. Which is what the app is supposed to help you avoid.
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2 years ago, nange08
App does not provide any benefit
It allowed me to check in, but did not provide digital boarding passes. Did not notify me of flight delay and is cumbersome to use.
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2 years ago, matty_riverman
Will not recognize your booking. I called and talked to their customer service and they said it doesn’t work and neither does their website! What year is this 1999? Horrible tech. Disturbingly bad
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2 years ago, pizzadreams
Why does this app exist?
You can’t accomplish anything with this app! Finally had to just go to the website to just simply check into my flight. Don’t bother with this
Show more
11 months ago, mmp2927
Mostly useless app
Does not update with delays or provide gate numbers. Does not provide the option to buy luggage not included with a ticket, only dedicated overhead bin space. Will not fly again.
Show more
1 year ago, Eurosailornewyork
How don’t they feel ashamed to even call this an app?:)
This is the most useless piece of nothing. I wouldn’t bother downloading it. There’s nothing that this “app” can accomplish for you. Just skip it.
Show more
2 years ago, Bee Nize
Login broken
Entering the correct email address and password works on the web but not in this app! No auto fill either. Useless!
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