Copa Airlines

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Copa Airlines
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7 months ago
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User Reviews for Copa Airlines

3.16 out of 5
378 Ratings
2 years ago, Craig en Panama
Cannot Sign In to App on iPad
I have been trying to sign in to the app and sometimes it will let me in but the majority of the time it gives me a red box that states that the login info I am using is not recognized. Yet I use the same login in on my iPhone and on my Mac. I have uninstalled the app on my iPad, powered off/on my iPad and still it does not work. If I am able to log in, the app is good…. Also, clicking App Support takes you to Copa’s website and there is no options for Technical Support. The contact information is only for reservations, problems with ConnectMiles, etc. but not support for applications.
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2 months ago, Bright At
Mean Spirit towards foreigners
I wish I could let the whole world know how mean they are to non Spanish or foreign nationals so everybody can stay away from this airline. I wasn’t able to board a flight because I was a day into the 6 month window of my passport expiration which I understood even though wasn’t aware I took that blame. They promised that I can always use my airline credit as any other airline does since I clearly did not miss my flight. After I renewed my passport they constantly kept playing games not allowing me to use my ecredit. Lord knows the back and forth I had with the reps. Finally spoke to a supervisor and he explained that per their policy in order to use my ecredit they have to book it for me at a much higher price different from what I saw online plus a $100 booking fee. I had a $500 credit the flight I was gonna book was $490 online. Since I was using my ecredit they quoted me a different rate which was over $660 plus a booking fee of $100 making $800 with taxes. So I had to pay an extra $300 to my $500 credit. I ended up booking a whole new trip with a different airline.
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2 years ago, Jeffjcrooks
Shady Behavior Towards Foreigners
This airline is shady and mean spirited towards foreigners. Both times I flew with them they harassed me for additional documentation that other airlines do not ask for. Both times I flew with them they threaten my ability to transit even though I had proper documentation. I love Star Alliance brand but this airline gives Star Alliance a very bad name. The quality of the aircraft is nice but the procedures are dangerous. First time they would not allow me to board the flight and refused to refund me. They sold me the ticket but when I went to board they did not allow. Then again today they tried to play that same game. Saying I did not have the proper documents…. Guess what i had everything the immigration officer asked me for. But this airlines is very mean spirited and will cancel flight and not refund you without any notice.
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9 months ago, Thi3dL@w
iPhone login impossible
Contrary another reviewer, I can’t log my account in from iPhone. And curiously I found it worked fine from iPad. On my iPhone, the App shows “the information you provided does not match our records”. However, using Safari from iPhone does not complain about info provided. Summarizing, uninstall it and reboot, and install it again did not fix it.
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6 years ago, El Panameño ayudador
Sí necesitan ayuda aqui estoy yo.
Where do I began, this app needs a good software update. The longer they let this problem go on of glitches and Freezing, the more there going to miss out on customer's buying tickets. Every time I try buying a ticket threw here to go to my beloved country of Panama it glitches and freezes. Trust from a Panamainian to a Panamainian company you guys really need a good update. Another problem bis when the customers are on the flight they cannot access the on flight entertainment that this app has to offer which leaves customers disappointed. Let me know Copa airlines if you need a software developer I can help you out and we cab start making some good revenue for the company.
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6 years ago, Jkarlg
Subpar: glitchy, multiple same data entry, frustrating
While making an international trip, I spent over an hour on each leg trying to check in. The app would freeze, reset, and not allow me to check in. My profile has all my traveling info, but the app would keep asking me to re-enter all my info again (passport no, valid thru date, country of residence, etc.). Incredibly frustrating, especially when other airlines have amazing and intuitive apps. Overall, extremely poor customer journey. I suggest they take a look at AA's or Delta's app. They're simply far, far superior to Copa's app. I do. It recommend this app. Spare yourself the hassle.
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7 months ago, Love is in the Air
SISTEMA NO SIRVE, System is cheap, it does not work
El sistema es barato, no sirve, no agarra ninguna tarjeta de crédito para pagar por adelantado. Cuando llamas, te dicen que tienes que llamar a tu tarjeta de crédito y cuando pagas con ellos y te cobran más, por cosa De Dios, la tarjeta funciona. Alguien se esta haciendo rico de todo esto, y no son los trabajadores. The system is cheap, it doesn't work, it doesn't take any credit cards to pay in advance. When you call, they tell you that you have to call your credit card and when you pay with the person on line, using the same credit card, it takes and they charge you more, for goodness’s sake, the card works! Someone is getting rich from all this, and it's not the copa workers.
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4 years ago, Mr.CRivera
Not a Millennial App
COPA app has fail terribly with this app. Mobile apps are meant to offer better customer experiences and professional business options by taking full advantage of mobile device capabilities. For example I didn’t know Copa flew to Boston Massachusetts or Cancun Mexico, but how could anyone know when there’s no marketing to allow the user to plan their next flight with Copa and not with Delta Air lines. Perhaps COPA can learn something valuable and be inspired by using Deltas Airlines App in order to upgrade the Copa App that seems to have been designed by a HighSchool Student using a free app developer software. Copa is not a Millennial App
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4 years ago, Captain Fava
Much better!
I think the new version looks and works better than the precious. I have had zero problems except for the boarding pass not showing up on my lock screen anymore. And yes, all my settings are correct, I think the problem is with the app’s location services: in fact the app doesn’t even appear in the location services list. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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4 months ago, MaciejMedellin
Works when you need it
Using therapy for over 4 years and it’s been improved a lot over time. Easy to use and has all functions you might need to use on the go. Lots of accessible information about the travel with Copa Airlines.
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5 years ago, JEGL
Stop wasting my time
Christ .... I’m already in your frequent flyer program. You have all my data so why they hell do you require I enter my DOB, my passport #, etc. every time I try to check-I’m with this app. Aaaaaaarrrgh!!!
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1 year ago, gotmosed
Where do I start?
After trying to change my seats/pick my seats and pay extra money which I do not have a problem with. The app and the website have locked me out and said I’ve used up all the chances I have to change I never know where they gonna put me then. It’s absolutely insane that they cannot take my money to change seats. I get the same message every time credibly frustrating
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5 years ago, ✌🏻✨✈️
Major problems!!
This app is horrible! I have been trying to check into it for the past 2-3hours; tried changing passwords, checked everything multiple times etc but it still says the login information is invalid even though when logging in via the website there is no problem. I have 2 flights next week and instead of helping, this app just stresses me and my family out. This is not the first time this happens!!! They really need to fix this app!!😡
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3 weeks ago, bmrhshny
Group reservations are a nightmare
App kept populating with information for other travelers in my group and there was no way to change it. Additionally, with no chat or help function the errors are unfixable. Even when using the edit function and re-entering my own information, the app kept attaching my information to other people’s name and boarding pass.
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2 years ago, noe784629
This app is terrible. It has many glitches. It has me enter my information over and over again and stays on the loading screen for what seems like forever. The whole point of apps is making it easier to navigate than the website, this experience is beyond frustrating. I never write reviews and I simply had to this time because I could not believe an app could be this terrible.
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2 years ago, saldjjj
It’s come a long way
This app has come a long way. I just wish they added baggage tracking info or some way to search what carousel it’s at but honestly it was really easy to use and the GUI was pretty good.
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2 years ago, Best app of 2013
Useless and garbage
This app doesn’t allow me to check in and it’s useless there’s no customer service available. It asked for my flight number the ticket number and when I put it in it says your flight is operated by “ a partner airline “ check in with them…. No it’s specifically operated by copa airlines and the app can’t find my reservation and check me in… I’ll just do it the old fashion way by talking with a human in person.
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6 years ago, Mawibe
Trying to enter a trip is slow and continues to loop back to the beginning . After finally getting the trip loaded it took forever to check in through the app. So I checked in on website. Came back to app the load boarding pass into Apple Wallet and continuously says they are having server problems almost 24 hours now . In this technical day and age, it’s amazing an Airline would have such a bad app. Will delete and stop wasting time.
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1 year ago, socoast
Latest update removes Pax data
Previously, in the current reservation, under your name, you could access all your stored data. Passport, TSA Pre/Global Entry, etc. Now it’s gone. So if for instance your passport info is not in your reservation, there is no way you can fix this. Overall, the app is still a great disappointment, lagging far behind other Airline apps in almost every way.
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4 years ago, Carolina Hoffman
Good service!
I recently booked a flight, but did it for the wrong date. The airline worked with me and was SO very helpful. I don’t remember who I spoke to but I have never gotten such fast and efficient service from any Airline.
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2 years ago, Blorpal
The worst app and airline
You can’t print boarding passes with this airline even though you can print boarding passes with every other airline that exists at the little kiosks, you have to stand in line even when you’re not checking any bags. The app never works. The digital boarding pass gives you a big red error message every single time. Simply the worst.
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5 years ago, Simone Anne
In flight entertainment didn’t work
I could watch all of the previews that I wanted and check how much longer I had on my seven hour flight, but I couldn’t watch any movies (I could watch the ~five Latin artistic movies). Just got a loading circle. Restarted my phone, quit and reopened the app. Nothing. Never worked the whole time. I have the latest version of the app. Sooooooo frustrating on a long flight.
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9 months ago, IzzyT82
Completely Worthless App
Every flight I have to call to do anything like change seats, upgrade, or add bags. And now I cannot even check in to my flights through app. Customer service through the phone is only slightly better. I wish more airlines flew to South America so I would never have to fly Copa again
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1 year ago, 🤷🏻‍♂️huh?
Hot Garbage
You cannot sign in on the app. After resetting my password, it just takes you to the website, a crappy mobile version. Furthermore, once there, you’re reservations are unattainable or viewable. The links under the hamburger menu do not work. My cat makes better quality stuff in his litter box.
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2 years ago, muthleb
Needs major improvement
Downloaded because checking in online stays on a loading page. Same thing happening with the app, does not load after I choose seats. Has potential but is not a hassle free tool to use for flight management.
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6 years ago, Shesseder
Check in does not work
We were 3 passengers. The app reserved 1 seat for the 3 of us! When we got to the airport, they said they couldn’t give us seats together because the flight was full, even though we checked in the day before. So they separated us. They wanted our child to sit with strangers! I’m never going to use this app or this airline again.
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4 years ago, Jimmyswank
Was this tested?
If your flight lands in the morning of the next day, it says “completed” and you are unable to retrieve your boarding pass or any details of your flight. Also, very little functionality available. No seat assignments, boarding pass wouldn’t retrieve...
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2 weeks ago, Ctoal53
A Nightmare!
This app and the related Copa website are software disasters. I have literally wasted hours trying to book and confirm a flight. Most functions simply don’t work and there is apparently no customer support. They need to junk the app and website and start over.
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10 months ago, lanica7
Worse App
1. You cannot access wifi 2. If you try to buy anything, after the third try it blocks you from further purchasing. You have to call them to makes purchases. 3. Again NO WIFI 4. The app needs a major upgrade 5. Again NO WIFI
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3 years ago, sgwurb
Beyond horrible
Tells me my flights don’t exist, hangs and crashes regularly, doesn’t save updates. Pretty much everything you need to rely on for a large international flight, completely not dependable and causes panic. Phone follow-up for hours to make sure all is ok (has happened multiple times).
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4 years ago, anastasb
Sleek and functional
I’m surprised to see such a low rating. The app worked perfectly for me and it’s very sleek and fast on top.
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4 years ago, Antonio Brasília
The good thing is that it provides basic information about booked flights, and apparently, allows check-ins to be made. It however is very basic, and does not provide for changes in bookings, not even seat bookings.
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5 years ago, Art peaches
Can’t set up account
I’ve been trying more than 30 minutes on the App to join Copa for my upcoming flight to Panama. Gave up the app freezes and has two many errors. Multiple times I closed the app down and tried to join again I encountered the same problems.
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2 months ago, maverick7919
I’ve never reviewed an app believe
But this is quite possibly the worst app ever. A major airline can’t even proceed a basic app? I get error messages for nearly everything I do. I can’t check in, can’t update info, can’t review seat selection. Totally useless.
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4 years ago, Waywardlife1
Not very functional. To the point where you cannot use the app unless yoy update the latest version. Why is this a problem? I am on limited data., at the airport trying to board the plane. I cannot use the app 🤦‍♂️
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6 years ago, DKSUR
Keeps freezing and closing
For the past few weeks, it has been erroneous continuously - it keeps freezing and even closing on me while trying to do web check-in...; i’ve reinstalled it to no avail - same problem! please fix the bug!
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4 years ago, Calish2
Upgrade list
New version looks much better, Still need to add the option to see the standby list for upgrades.
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4 years ago, Katslyn
So behind other apps
You can’t do much with it except view flight details. Unable to update a reservation such as seat change. Very basic
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3 years ago, michael8812
Bad Airline grossly
I don’t recommend this airline they cancel my flight four timesAnd I apply for refaund and I have to wait 8 weeks and also I travel with my pet and they don’t let me pet fly they liar they always liar to peopleThey just want just you money
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1 year ago, Mario lo hace
What a piece of garbage. Trying to book a trip on this app is like trying to talk to the dead. For a so call “premier” Latin American airline this is an embarrassment, expend the money and get good programmers or cancel the app altogether. One star because “0” stars isn’t an option.
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1 year ago, drgchapman
Cannot sign in
Another in a long line of fails for COPA airlines. Worst customer service, website rarely works too. I would not fly on anything they have. If they can’t make a booking or an app work, how well do they maintain their planes?
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6 years ago, Skinny Jeruel
This app is horrible. I try to book a flight and all I can do is see a list of flights. The app tells you to choose a flight but when I press on the flight I prefer, nothing happens. This is very disappointing for a major international airline.
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4 years ago, Adrianmiami
I actually wanted to go for Top Status on that Airline. They are even too stupid to add manually Business Class Miles. If you need stg online there is no way to re establish a password without calling them. As efficient as tneir Banana Republic. No thanks. Going for a decent Airline ...and App
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12 months ago, Alfa Xmen
Best airline ever
Better than delta and American Airlines
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5 years ago, estracar
Buggy, glitchy, super slow, unresponsive.
This app is a waste of money and developer time. It’s good for nothing. I don’t think anyone has ever been able to actually book a flight here. I’m going to buy a laptop to do it on the web.
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3 months ago, Kelvo023
Doesn’t work
Keep getting error message when entering email where I can be reached. Waste of time. The website is not any better either. Invest in testing before deploying app.
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3 years ago, Lucas Nickolas
The app never works.
It does not allow you to check in. Nor make changes. It always says to call. That’s a 60 minute phone call. Make sure to charge your battery before calling and good luck!!
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2 years ago, fluyo
Useless app
Can’t sign in. I opened it as Guest. It say I don’t have trips and to add them. I looked for my trip. Added them. App says trips have already been saved. They weren’t there. This is joke, right?
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6 years ago, YolyWhit
Use the website no this app
Is better to use the website than the app, this app is very slow, your trips doesn't show in the app but you can see it at the website. It is just bad.
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3 years ago, dafer19
Don’t bother
If you can use another airline do it This one cost me 350 that I never get back The worst customer services in the history I hope you find another airline and have a nice trip
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