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Corel Corporation
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User Reviews for CorelDRAW

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3 years ago, Newbiecrafter
Still learning kind of pricey for Mac
Considering I am a beginner and still learning, this seems pretty expensive. $38. per month on Mac and would much rather pay a larger sum to own it. I wish ther trial was longer because since I am just learning, I am not getting the value for what I am paying. Hoping I learn faster, or I may just look for another app.
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2 years ago, swestgrande
Could be worse I guess...
First off for those of you complaining that Corel is not free - seriously? Do you go to work for free? I have been using CD since version 2.0 and when I switched to Mac 15 years ago was disappointed it could not come along for the ride. With that said, I was delighted to see the devs bring it back to the Mac - but... I do not have issues with crashes (thus I repeat, could be worse) buit this program is laggy and slow. I am a dedicated Illustrator user now and need to use CD for some very specific machinery I utilize, otherwise I would drop it. Only program I use that I see the spinning beachball - and I am not pushing the program at all. Simple line drawings for my laser cutters. Like I said, copuld be worse but CD will never be considered a profressional program with how slow it runs.
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1 year ago, Highbernating
An Honest Review
A lack of relevant reviews for this product is its biggest downfall. (Context) I had used CorelDraw professionally for eight years on Windows, with my last year being 2018, before a career change. Since that time, I have tried using free-to-use software or free trials when I could get them. (e.g., InkScape, Adobe Illustrator, etc.) I was enthralled to learn this was released for Mac, especially as I have never been impressed by these other options. (First Impression) In a matter of an hour, I was basked in the warm glow of familiarity. After all this time, remembering the shortcuts while muscle memory took over, I appreciated their recognition to keep good things good. I have struggled, to say the least, at navigating the terms or icons that other programs use. (Final Thoughts) Alas, rest weary traveler, your software venture has come to a close... though, only if your coin bag is heavy enough. Efficient, 5/5. User-friendly, 5/5. Practical, 5/5. Smooth, 5/5. Price, 1/5.
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8 months ago, Bigwineguy
OS 14.1 and Coral Draw
Don't pruchase this program until you read this note. I just downloaded OS 14.1 to my intel iMac and now I cannot print my Coral Draw created documents. The problem is not my printer. Coral corporation needs to address this issue. For instance, Microsoft updated their products to fit 14.1, I am able to print their documents just fine after a slight gap in printing ability until their update arrived. The same goes with Google. But not Coral, they have been slack about updating their program and I am stuck. I need Coral for my work. I do not recommend purchasing this program for the Mac with OS 14.1 until Coral updates the program. Apple suggested going back to Ventura, which I am not ready just yet to do. The solution is Coral updating the program to fit OS 14.1
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3 years ago, albertsafa
I'm a Coreldraw power user for years, and was very happy when the program came out for Mac systems, but it is still very buggy and crashes quite often, files don't show previews, recents tab doesn't open files, Blacks are gray, and exporting in JPG docent give you the cria color from the original file, i resolved this exporting first to PDF and then exporting from Preview tho other formats and quite a few more flaws, with time i hope they will iron out these problems (hopefully) I do recommend the program for power users, but its like 75% to 80% finished.
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2 years ago, mindersue22
Crashes and is very clunky
I have corel draw 2021 (windows version) and unfortuanlatey they want to charge for the mac version, which isn't worth the money considering it creashes cosntantly. :( If i own several versions (2018, 2018, 2021, and now 2022) shouldn't I be grandfathered in on the app for mac? (FYI, the corel suites came wih my embroidery software). Instead, i have to pay for something that doesn't work or use parallels to use it on my mac... which is what I was doing, until I found out i can get Adboe creative cloud a lot cheaper, on a monthly subscription... and Adpbe doesn't crash!!
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6 months ago, ...Leigh
Corel DRAW
This product is the perfect vector creation software for a graphic designer looking to make Vectors, Images and everything in between. I use it to make T-Shirt Vectors and it is so easy to Group up shapes and Export them as .png images to my T-Shirt shop online. I would recommend this product if you want to learn or are a seasoned professional.
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3 years ago, Dejvid@LA
Seems Mac version falling short
While I am extremely pleased to see CorelDraw in the App Store, I am disapointed it is the same price as the online bundle, but without the bundle. I am thinking of switching, but the app crashes about once a day, so a bit frustrated.
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2 years ago, Net cam
No Support
I have been a long time Windows Corel draw user (over 15 years) and switched to Mac thinking I could use this app but it is one of the most unstable applications I have ever used. It crashes constantly either just closing or having to Force Quit the application. I have asked for support and get little to no response from Corel. I understand it is new but the lack of support is what makes it terrible. Unless you are locked into Corel I would look elsewhere for vector drawing.
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3 years ago, CaptainKuchiki
Why is this app free??
Whats the point in having this app free to download but you have to pay to use it?? I thought i had found a decent vectoring app but there's a pay wall there to even use the dumb thing. Might as well just put a price on the app for the full version because you can't use it without actually paying. Dev team is kinda trash for that dont bother downloading this.
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2 years ago, BrianWhite62
This is an INCOMPLETE version!
I have been using CorelDraw for over 30 years and this Mac version is the worst version I have worked with. Many of the important tools are not included and very limited usage of the rest. I'm about ready to by another PC just to instal the REAL version on it. I just can't get my graphics to do what they used to. VERY FRUSTRATING! Please get us the full version for the MAC!
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5 months ago, CDRX3FAV
Long Time User
Actually works well on my MacBook Pro. I have tried earler verisions on mac with the parrallel port. Did not like. This works great so far and I dont have to deal with windows, so thats a plus for me. No better program for text.
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2 years ago, Wendell24
Just a few things...
There are a few features Corel for PC has that the MAC versions does not have, but I've learned to work around them. Glad there's finally a version for my MAC!
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10 months ago, MoKnowsCorn
Still not fixed after 15 years
Seems the apple version of this software still crashes upon opening the program, still is not compatible with any other version of coreldraw files at all making it impossible to use this in an office that has both mac and pc. It's really just a useless cheap men's adobe illustrator that does not work.
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2 years ago, DStrykerVZ
Corel Draw
Been using this program since Mac version 6 (with interruption when Corel did not offer for MacOS). Love the ability for precise placement. Find this easy to use, versatile, and much worth the investment.
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3 years ago, Belia Terry
One thing, sometimes at the momment to opend up this app it's frezze a bit so I was wondering if you guys can fix this little problem. I would be totally joyful with it.
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6 months ago, hamiam2
I have been using COREL DRAW sense the 70s. Even took classes to use it. I loved every moment of use. I wish I was able to aford this new one. Like every thing else it went up.
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5 months ago, bayoubengal0
seems easy enough to use
graphics novice. wasn't too hard to figure out how to get done the chore I needed to do
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2 years ago, ScotchBonn8
Why So Expensive???
Why is this so expensive on the Mac? It doesnt even function the same as it does windows. Also, why is there no Standard Addition for Macs & One time purchases? It's frustrating. Doesnt even make sense why the prices for windows & mac subscriptions are different.
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2 years ago, Danny Darman
Great app!
Great app, I've been using it for years. But there is a bug on the OS (iMac) platform (sometimes the application closes on its own)
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10 months ago, Slybod1
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2 years ago, Luizinho79
Why my Corel does not have option to import documents?
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2 years ago, English :)
Not free, no support & no english
They offer 1 week free BUT you cannot use it unless you pay for it. Nonetheless, I called support to make sure they don't charge me. I didn't got any help or support, the lady just keept repeating "we have monthly subscription and yearly subscription". Speaking english ??? what english :( :( :(
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3 years ago, Too much for Craig
too much for me
This program is too much for me at my skill level, I have tried the one week trial and now wish to cancel, but i do not know how to cancel this subscription.
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10 months ago, Steve nFL
Don't need to use a PC anymore!!
Glad they finally made it for Macs!
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4 months ago, Kiryshik_
Id like coreldraw
I work with coreldraw many years. Its my lovely program
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2 years ago, Northern Dragon
Very well designed. Easy to use. Intuitive.
I said it all in the Title.
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2 years ago, neretinus
Won't even launch
I was so happy that I could get the program natively from the App Store until I failed every time to have launched it -- the program simply shows me the little "welcome" window and that's it.
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2 years ago, DdLouise
Subscription only
downloaded it, and deleted it, after I saw how much they charge per month/ per year It was $$$ very pricey for something I would use once in a while.
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3 years ago, Bq44
v 21.5
Keeps carshing, did some files yestarday and can´t open today, the older version was better, any uptade coming soon, already unistall it and install it again and the same issue.
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2 years ago, hrh197374
Quit Working And Customer Support Is A Joke
Product has worked great until a few days ago. You can not open the software and there is no support whatsoever.
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1 year ago, Lydiaacv2
Awesome app
I feel free to create whatever I want
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2 years ago, be c a r e f u l
Awesome. Thank you so much to have corel draw for a mac. The best ever program.
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3 years ago, DRx11
No better than Adobe now
No longer an option to Adobe since Corel has now adopted the monthly fleecing plan. HARD PASS!
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2 years ago, twotonetappy
software designs
i absolutely love this software, although im still in the learning stage i still think it's great!
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2 years ago, JuniorJr222
We can't use the program as everytime i tried to open the program i got a server error ...whats goin on here ???/
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3 years ago, zmcdona1
ive been waiting for a version on mac for so long. works perfect.
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3 years ago, CoolPZA
Ugh. Stay Away
Buggy and lacks features
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2 years ago, Peazwing
super fun app
been ah fan since corel 8 in the mid 90's love working
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3 years ago, jfydjfjcfjfrjfyv
Corel ∂raw on my Mac is very glitchy. Just crashed and did not have work saved. Not happy
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8 months ago, Bob Petersen
Predatory trial monetization.
Asks for credit card up front.
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3 years ago, ngiutcv
if i could give this less than 1 star i would. giant paywall to do anything and the price is insane.
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1 year ago, ICEBERG337
good app
works great on my macbook air. alitttle pricey
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2 years ago, Sunniguni
for Pros and beginners
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2 years ago, el parce b
love it
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3 years ago, Juce Box Prime
Angry about the insain price increase!
Awful news for a program that can’t even address their bugs fixes or update properly! Look at the new owner of Corel (KKR & Co.), and you will see that it's just an investment Company, who ONLY looks to get the max benefit for the investment. Such Companies don't look at the deeper structure in a Company, but only what it actually has of potential to provide return of the investment. Corel has been externally owned by private equity bean counting firms since the early 2000’s. Vector Capital was the previous owner. They acquired Corel after the company went through a period of turmoil at the end of the 1990’s when Corel’s founder (Michael Cowpland) was accused of insider trading and left the company. Since then the company has gone through periods of acquiring other companies (Micrographx, Ulead, Intervideo, Word Perfect, MetaCreations, JASC Software, Parallels, etc). The KKR deal just seems like a continuation of more of the same. I think the bean counters are suffering from “magical thinking.” I don’t think they’re very aware of what is happening elsewhere in the graphic design software market. I think the current pricing model for CorelDRAW is just plain ridiculous. The pricing structure will not do anything to attract new users. If anything, the high prices will push people to other rival applications for better or worse. Corel needs steady income to survive. They’re not going to get that if they end up losing some customers to Adobe on the high end and others to a slew of low cost alternatives on the low end. IMHO, an annual CorelDRAW subscription would be more fairly priced at a $99 level. That would put the annual cost back where it used to be when CorelDRAW was on a 2-year product cycle (and when new version upgrades actually meant something). A $249 annual price for CorelDRAW is a rip off. This is just disgusting and after 20 years I just got to say goodbye. I will tell all my students to go elsware to get a vector program. This is the kind of price that makes me want to start perusing torrent sites to just find this program hacked for free. Maybe the hackers can save us from this greed nightmare.
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5 years ago, Bretter59
Finally a version for Mac!!!
I've used CorelDraw on Windows for years when I was in the graphic design industry. I've always found it easier to use than Adobe Illustrator. However, once I started working in journalism and got a Macbook pro I realized I couldn't run CorelDraw unless I installed windows via bootcamp or through a virtual machine. NO LONGER. I can finally do more freelance graphic desing work in the comfort of Mac OS instead of having to run my old Windows PC.
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3 years ago, _glum_
$34/month 🤣🤣
$34/month 🤣🤣 😂🤣🤣🤣
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5 years ago, VeryVito
Not free... Not even a little bit. And even if it were, seems late to the party
I'm one of the people who had been WAITING and WAITING for Corel to return to the Mac platform, and I was THRILLED to see this on the App Store today. Unfortunately, I have yet to actually see how it compares to my memory of PC-based Corel Draw, because it's not really a free trial at all -- it requires you to sign up for a lifetime (or longer) of recurring payments until you happen to remember to cancel them via the App Store. And frankly... I've stopped waiting for it over the years. There are now other, MUCH cheaper, but extremely powerful, competitors in this space, and frankly, this feels like too little too late for too much now. I waited for you Corel, but you didn't come. You didn't write.. and I moved on.
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4 years ago, JFlySoFlo
Long Time CorelDRAW User
Do not upgrade to v2020 until they get the bugs worked out! I downloaded v2020 on a new MacBook Pro and it constantly crashed. I have like 60 crash reports generated in 1 month. Keep v2019 if you already have it or download it online. It's more stable. To those complaining that it's not a free app, sit down please. This is a professional design software, not some little paint program for your home craft projects. It's a powerful tool for industrial design professionals and it's not cheap (certainly not free). If you are familiar with it, you know this. Otherwise, read the fine print and reserve your illegitimate one star reviews for the gimmicky paint apps.
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