Countdown for Disney

3.6 (240)
242.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bit3 Computing
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Countdown for Disney

3.63 out of 5
240 Ratings
5 years ago, Sims.Player.With.Beef
I love this app and I have used it every time I’ve gone to the parks for years. I was slightly disappointed that after the app itself being free that to get all the features you would still have to pay, even though it is very cheap. I love setting my own backgrounds and news is always fun to read but the weather tips don’t always for for me. Overall it is a good app and I would recommend it but keep in mind there is one or two features that don’t work without paying for everything.
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2 years ago, Jdpridg
Needs major updates
Not a bad deal for .99 to get rid of the ads. (Don’t bother with the free version. It’s useless. Just pay the 99 cents). However, it’s not very well put together. Atleast for an iPhone. It’s a bit clunky and not very smooth, all things I can live with but I have two major issues with it. 1. Adjusting the widget size competes with the iPhone window closing tab at the bottom of the screen. The size adjustment is in the exact same spot and nearly impossible to use. 2. It does not automatically adjust picture size for Instagram. It has the share option but when you use it, a large portion of the top of the picture is cut off when posted on IG. Better off using screen shot and editing size, then manually posting. Having paid the 99 cents, I’m not going to delete since my trip is in less than a month, and I know now how to adjust everything (by trial and error). I just think these are things the app should be adjusting, not me.
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6 years ago, CouponCookie
I love it, but...
I really love this app. I added my own picture for the background. I can change the widget color to match any of my pictures. I love that I can see the weather! It will really help for packing! The News section is awesome to be able to see what’s going on during the time we’re there. I bought the full version. It was just 99 cents. Full version is not much different, but again, it’s just 99 cents. I’ve been playing with the app for about an hour on and off and I haven’t figured out how to make it my lock screen or home screen. Most phones have active or live lock screens on them now and I was really hoping this app supported that. I’d love to see the countdown on my phone without opening the app every time. If it has/had this option it would definitely be five stars!
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7 months ago, Brian1028
Nice but needs work
It’s a good app. It’s nice that you can input your own photos (kinda - with very restrictive sizing limitations on width). That makes it enjoyable to screenshot new countdown photos to share with traveling companions. But the date notifications need a lot of work! Especially with when you can make reservations for different things or how many days left to do certain activities before the trip. Many of those dates / deadlines are wrong and there’s no way to edit it. It would be better if we can set our own date reminders based on what Disney actually has in place for things like Dining and Activity Bookings, magic band updates, Genie+ (there are no fast passes and haven’t been for a while so not sure why that’s even still in the app), and so much more. Good app but it needs work!
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3 years ago, Mr. Anchovy
Purchased the full version of the app for all the bells and whistles ahead of our upcoming trip, but nothing worked and the app was still telling me I need to purchase the full version. BUT! The developer contacted me right away & explained the fix, so I’m good to go now. Thanks for providing a fun way to count down the days to our next vacation, as well as providing things like historic weather patterns and fun park facts & trivia!
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7 years ago, silentlylooking
Perfect for Disney Planning
I use this app everyday to see how close my vacation is. I've customized my countdown and added my own backgrounds. I love that I can select which pictures are used in the slideshow and see the countdown on the icon. The News feature gives me a quick and easy way to keep up with new things we might want to do when we get to the park and the weather history helps me plan what to bring.
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7 years ago, 1lorett
The countdown doesn't show up!
I really liked this app because the countdown was key and a fun motivator for me every time I looked at my phone's home screen. One day it stopped showing up. I was able to turn my phone off and back on and it fixed the problem once or twice. Now it's not working at all and either shows random numbers or none at all. When you open the app however, the countdown is still there. I'd also like a few more fun Disney pics added to the slideshow, but that's secondary. Fix the countdown!
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1 year ago, Disneyfan1105
A fun way to wait
I love this app because it lets you customize your screen, shows you the amount of days left, and also shows you the news and weather. The best thing about this app is that there is no ads! Although there is a full app version, it’s only costs .99 and it lets you do a lot without it.
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7 years ago, MommaBerd
Fun way to countdown the days
This is a fun and functional countdown app for Disney trips. I did buy the full version. My hack for having it on my lock screen is to take a screenshot every morning and setting it as my lock screen wallpaper! Aside from customizing my countdown, I honestly don't use any of the other features (sorry, developers!) One suggestion is make other options for the widget - not just a wand.
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5 years ago, UVAHoos2013
One problem
Overall, this is a very functional, easy to use, and is visually beautiful with the pictures. I like that I can add my own picture. The one problem I have found is the app badge showing the days to go is one day behind the actual days to go(example: badge shows 516 days, open the app and it shows 515 days) I’ve tried to see how to fix that, but can’t figure it out. This is the only thing keeping me from giving it a higher rating.
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3 years ago, I ❤️ 🐺
Great! But why the Ads?
I LOVE this app so much! It tells me how many days until I go to Disney, it lets me choose my wallpaper, and it tells to what the weather is like there. But one of my LEAST favorite things about this app is that it has ads at the bottom of the screen. Why do you need ads? Perfect app but please get rid of the ads. ✌️
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5 years ago, Cowwolfe
Needs support for DVC members
App is simple and to the point and does a great job reminding you of your future vacation plans. Unfortunately the reminders for tickets and dining reservations are set for regular visitors. Would be nice to have an option where the reminders are advanced for DVC members where they can set dining reservations 90 days out and fast pass 60 days out.
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6 years ago, GrandPop09
Fun App but I would like to see some improvements
Fun App I save a copy every day and make it my locked screen wallpaper. It would be great to do this in an automatic fashion. The other ask is to move the widget on the screen picture. I would like to have the countdown widget in the middle of the page instead of the top. Otherwise a very fun app.
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5 years ago, Just call me Grumpy
Love app but hate the ads
I paid for the full version thinking that would eliminate the advertising at the bottom of the screen. It doesn’t and I can find no way of turning it off. Other apps I’ve purchased either had a way to hide the ads or eliminated them all together with purchase. Even though the price was $.99 I wouldn’t have purchased it had I known I would still have to deal with the ads. The app itself is great.
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12 months ago, ElovesMovies
When will update happen?
I have had this app for over 3 years now. I don’t know how to contact anyone to see if this app has played out. I purchased this app. I like the app because you are the reminders and tips. A lot has changed since then. Is this app obsolete?
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6 years ago, Cbrew601-339157
Adds a little magic to your countdown!
I love this app. It is easy to share your countdown and the backgrounds are beautiful. It makes planning easier. The response by customer service was almost instant. I will recommend this to all Disney fans. Thanks for the fun and functional app.
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6 years ago, SCB1219
Paid for full version and still has ad bar
I paid for the full version, but the app still has the annoying ad bar. The only reason I even purchased the paid version was to get rid of the ads and ad bar!
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4 years ago, Kathryn_Ramsey
Fun App, but it wants me to pay again
I purchased the app and love having it in my phone. I also have it on my iPad, but it won’t let me have the same settings without purchasing it again. Seeing as I’m using the same Apple ID it should allow me to set it up the same way. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling it but I get the same result wanting me to pay for it.
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5 years ago, Ldbv
Great app!
I’m updating my review since I really like the app and was just frustrated when I upgraded and still had ads. The developer response info worked when I “restored purchase” to give me the ad free upgrade I paid for. Thanks!!
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7 years ago, Jewl*
This needs a multiple Disney countdown option
I love this app. My only complaint is I have multiple Disney countdowns and I can only do one countdown at a time.
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7 years ago, Madipoo25
App didn't work FOR ME!
For some reason I could not get this app to work for me I deleted it and re downloaded it 2 times and could never get it to work I could get it to so me the weather at the park and the Disney news and that was it but I couldn't put in when I was going... kinda disappointed downloaded a different FREE countdown app and just put a picture of the castle behind the counter!
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3 years ago, VERY VERY DiSaPoInTeD "PLAYER"
Love it!
I got this app like a year ago and was super excited. It broke my heart when i never got to use it cause of COVID. We are going to Disney for winter and summer do this is very useful. I have sincere downloaded this app and i am very happy.
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7 years ago, Bbbbffsgccgsukgvhgugkyfix
This makes Disney more awesome!
You love Disney, don't you? Well this app makes Disney more fun, by getting you excited when the days get really low. Plus, the blog let's you get close to what's happening to Disney. Great app!
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7 years ago, FoodandWinein2015
Very helpful app!
I love this app and have used it multiple times to countdown to our Disney World trips! I find it very easy to use and recommend it to everyone! Thanks for the helpful planning tool. 🙂
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6 years ago, jydyn
Disney dream
I love the app I am only a kid and I am going to Disney in 8 days I am so exited the app helps with packing so you know when to pack and how much time you have left to pack and I love this app that is why I give it 5 stars
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6 years ago, virgehokie
Fun app. In-app purchase upgrade to full version is reasonably priced. Contacted the email address listed above regarding full version purchase not automatically appearing on my 2nd device and received a fast response.
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8 months ago, LGZK
Basically ok
Got the app for the countdown to my trip, which works fine. App is not updated to reflect current WDW policies. For example, dining reservations can’t be made til 60 days out, but the app told me it was time to make dining reservations at 79 days out.
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4 years ago, TayTotTime26
Tile seems to fly by, so it’s always nice to have a countdown. I was so excited when I thought about how close the vacation was coming. I love how you can add your own magical photos!
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7 years ago, MissMo85
Brings pixie dust to the long wait!
I love this app. The news and weather are amazing features. It makes it more than just your basic countdown app. The countdown and alerts etc. make it so much fun and keeps you on your toes when the countdown gets lower and important times like checking in and making dining reservations draw near. I highly recommend this app. Thanks for a bit of pixie dust in every day life!
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2 months ago, *h.jOlLy*
🥇🥇number one app I have no bad words I had fun waiting patiently for my trip and I found it useful on my it’s trip to disney
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2 years ago, DisneyOmi
I purchased the full version without ads, but they’re still there. I read the other reviews and tried uninstalling/reinstalling AND restoring the purchase and the ads are still there. Super annoying.
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2 years ago, JTaylorAK
Not worth the 99 cents.
Paid, ads never went away. You can’t make it a lock page to see your countdown, or wallpaper. Not worth the buck. The free countdown works just as well.
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2 years ago, Maxx4man
I bought the full version, hoping the widget would put a countdown on my home screen, it did not. Horribly outdated, telling me to book fast passes and Magicbands arriving soon 🙄. I’m usually pretty stingy with buying full versions, very disappointed that I bought this one.
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5 years ago, carlalynn92
Such an awesome tool!
We have used this for our Disney vacation every time for the last 5 years! It’s a great tool to have!
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2 years ago, Banjo Benji
Needs updating
Should have read the more recent reviews. People in the Disney groups I’m in use this app so I decided to drop the $1. Outdated and basic. Gets the job done but I’d pay $2-$3 if it really worked well.
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5 years ago, Tdyiegfishsfg
Purchased option still has ads?
I bought the full version, expecting it to get rid of the ads at the bottom of the screen, but the ads are still there. Why buy the full version if it still has ads?
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7 years ago, Stroughgenmeyer
Bought the full version but the add still show...
Bought the full version but the add still show... that makes this a less attractive app for me.
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1 year ago, why this game is fun
This app has one problem
So I’m going to Disney world on April 3rd and that’s on a Monday and it says the 3rd is on a Sunday but that’s the only problem
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6 years ago, baloo0226
Stitch has a glitch
Cute app but the radar doesn’t work. I bought the full version to try to fix and it still doesn’t work.
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5 years ago, Bear12222
Great app
This app works great. I uploaded my own picture and it turned out fantastic!!
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1 year ago, Rebec12323567890
I’ve tried and tried and tried to turn off the music. I toggle the button to turn it off and the music still plays. So obnoxious.
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5 years ago, Donnacub630
I purchased the app thinking that the countdown would show up on my home screen. I’ve had other countdown apps that do. I’m so disappointed. I won’t be using it, rather another app that will just let me use a pic of Disney and be on my home screen.
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4 years ago, gsnrnhf
I love this app it tells me when I am going to Disneyland or what time
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5 years ago, Drftgun
Did not remove ads
Purchased the full version and still have the ad bar. Tried all the solutions to no avail. Disappointed to say the least.
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1 year ago, okay ans
Love it!!
It lets you have a fun way to countdown the days, with other helpful info!!! LOVE THIS APP!!!
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2 years ago, ltrapp74
Out of Date
It just told me I could make dining reservations at 90 days out. I still have a month before I can make reservations. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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5 years ago, mikilovesdisney556
I’m technologically challenged. I appreciate the developer explaining how to set the clock. Very nice app thank you.
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1 year ago, DeckPiggie73
Out of date
Needs an update. I understand disney keeps adjusting the rules but 4 years since you updated?
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5 years ago, fdhiiggooy
I purchased this app on my previous iPhone and now it is asking me to repurchase. 🤦‍♀️It will not allow me to access full version I already paid for w/o paying again🤷‍♀️
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6 years ago, Shainab123
Not worth the money.
The paid version doesn’t offer anywhere near enough extra options to justify the cost.
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