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CouponCabin LLC
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2 years ago
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User Reviews for CouponCabin: Coupon App

4.71 out of 5
6K Ratings
3 years ago, Miss Hollywood 1326
Love this app..
I have been using coupon cabin for a few years but this past year really started watching how I purchase online orders and trying to get the best deals. I have recently been buying my Lowe’s gift cards from here and enjoy the easy process of it. I’ve only ever had one issue and that was when I made a purchase from Walmart threw CouponCabin, I needed a new tv and wall mount so I did it threw coupon cabin and afterwards I noticed I never received my percentage back so I started reading the rules I guess better and with Walmart they don’t have to give you the percentage there advertising.. which really upset me considering it was a few hundred dollars I had spent. Other then that I’ve had no issues and learned my lesson not to use this site for any future Walmart purchases. Over all really enjoy this web site and for the most part the easy of it.
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6 years ago, ceebee24
Buyer Beware
Turns out it’s an elaborate bait and switch scam. At first you may receive cash back on smaller purchases but if you try for the larger amounts they will come up with an excuse not to honor it. I had the same thing happen to me that has happened to other reviewers. Won a rather large amount to use ($125 at Kohls) but after my purchase did not see any cash pending from Coupon Cabin. Contacted customer service (thru email, don’t think there is even a phone number- first red flag) and within a few minutes (second red flag) was told they had contacted Kohl’s and my order “was credited to a different website” and “like us, I’m sure you’d love to know who got credit for this order, but Kohl’s has a strict policy of not sharing this information with us” (too many red flags to count). This sounded very suspicious to me so I contacted Kohl’s and they confirmed that what Coupon Cabin told me was totally bogus. They said there was definitely proof of my purchase and they would not have told any other third party vendor what Coupon Cabin claimed they had said. Hopefully Kohl’s (and other stores) will get enough complaints that they stop partnering with CC altogether. I know from other reviews that once you dare to call them out your account will be deactivated, so I already just went ahead and deactivated it myself. Eventually word of mouth spreads and if enough people share their experiences we can stop this from happening to anyone else.
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3 years ago, HumanPalm
Refuses to follow their own terms and conditions
I had a few small purchases and then tried to get a $50 one. They froze my account and said I needed to verify. “ In order to reopen your account, can you please send us a picture (no scans or copies) of the front and back of a State-issued drivers license/photo ID card showing the name you listed on your CouponCabin account and your current address which we will add to your CouponCabin account. Please know that this verification information will not, in any way, be saved, shared or used for any purpose other than this account verification and that once your account has been reviewed, all documents will be permanently deleted. If your State-issued drivers license/ID card does not show your current address, please ALSO include a copy or picture of any major utility bill from the last 90 days showing your current mailing address which, again, will be added to your account...” I sent my id with my current address clearly marked, per their email and suddenly just the id wasn’t enough, they wanted more verification. I told them to close my account it they refuse to follow their own rules. They closed my account.
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7 months ago, SirDilligan
Completely Useless
Let me preface by saying I never write reviews, good, bad, or indifferent; however, I downloaded CouponCabin along with several apps similar to it where by spending money, you basically get some money in return or really good deals, discounts, etc. There are a few caveats in place to get cash back and I have followed them all. Not only did I get the app, I also have the browser extension and it pops open every time I’m on a site where something could be purchased. So, then I go through CouponCabin EVERY SINGLE TIME I make a purchase where it then tells me I’m earning cash back. Then it leads you to another page with a ton of coupon codes. And none of them work! More pages start opening because you want to try them all but you end up with 25 tabs open and no working coupon codes. Even if you do buy the product, you never get the cash back. It’s been 2 years of using this to make purchases and all I have is $6.71. They will always find a way to not give you cash back. Wish I had read the reviews before. Don’t waste your time with this one.
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6 years ago, s__h__w__a
Save some dough!
Great way to get some of that hard earned money back. Friends don’t let friends pay full retail! Payouts can some times be lengthy (+2 months) but your patience is worth higher payouts than similar services. One caveat: Don’t think about inviting friends and family over and shopping at the same time on the same WiFi network. This company will lock your account down and take away your earned cash if they see more than one person (even though they reside at a different address! They should know this, it’s in the profile) using the service on your WiFi network. That’s right, even though you are assisting one of their customers, helping them earn more profit, they don’t care and will pull the plug. I have personally reached out to the company to ask that they reconsider such a restrictive policy to no avail. So buyer beware and happy shopping.
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3 years ago, My compute
Coupon Cabin is my favorite!!!
Coupon Cabin is my all time favorite rebate site. I know when I chose their website that their discount codes are absolutely legit whereas other sites you have to dig and dig to find codes that work. Wasting time to look for codes is both timely and irritating, but you don’t have to worry about those things with C.C. In addition, you can get phenomenal deals from Coupon Cabin’s website that are not available otherwise such as higher rebate returns and great monthly deals of up to 50% off!!! I absolutely love this!!!! After building up some money in your account, you may choose what to do with your money which makes it most convenient. Truly, I find them the BEST!!!
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5 years ago, gorkthedog
Account cancelled for no reason
Was using Ebates then signed up for Coupon Cabin when a friend mentioned it. I would check both to see who offered more cash back before purchasing something, and oftentimes Coupon Cabin would beat Ebates (usually by .1%, but more is more, right?). Since Coupon Cabin said they paid whenever your balance reached $7, and Ebates only pays outs every few months, I would often go with Coupon Cabin. I had my first payment of about $9 through PayPal, but a little while after had about $50 in pending cash back through some serious after Christmas shopping that I wasn’t receiving through PayPal. Then I opened the Coupon Cabin app to a message saying my account had been deactivated and a list of potential reasons why — signing up for a bonus through another email, etc — none of which applied to me. I emailed asking for a specific reason for my account cancellation and still have not heard back after a few weeks. Definitely going to be strictly using Ebates from now on, as it’s been a much more reputable company in my experience.
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3 years ago, pmainnc
Not sure what to believe
I read some of the reviews. I ordered on JoAnns Fabric store and they had a message that said they would give me an extra 20% off if I submitted the email from the order. It also wanted me to link my bank or PayPal account but I am wary so selected gift card and it gives a higher percentage back. Like 10.5 % or whatever that means. I submitted my order and downloaded sidekick to access chrome and downloaded the app on my phone. I went to add my email to their support app and it doesn’t accept jo Ann as a registered store so it would not let me send my support email. I tried different stores and got the same message. So to be safe I removed it from my phone and browser. I’m concerned maybe they wanted me to use their products and once I did they had no interest in giving my Extra 20%. Maybe I read it wrong. But you would think any message to support would work regardless of the store you chose. And the several I tried wouldn’t work. So I’d say if you use this don’t link your financial info.
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2 years ago, Lauren BSN RN CEN
Coupon Cabin is where I start before shopping online
I have been using Coupon Cabin for nearly 10 years. It’s the FIRST place I go to look for coupons or cash-back opportunities at any online retailer I am considering buying from. They are dependable and trustworthy; I have never had an issue in my transactions with them. Yes, it is true, I will sometimes look at other retailers than who I originally was going to purchase from who do offer cash-back opportunities, once I’ve investigated it on the Coupon Cabin website or app. Making more opportunities available to Coupon Cabin will only help your business and your customers will love you for it!
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6 years ago, Sueshamrock
Very very disappointed
I have no idea why I was terminated. I found the app to be very confusing and may have tried to sign on too many times through a previous email account. I was motivated by the real housewives to sign up and liked it, but now don’t feel so happy about it. I plan On leaving a one star review for this quick termination without really giving me more then 2 days to figure it out. I guess you have enough customers that you don’t need one more. I would have utilized your coupons and passed it on to my friends and family and now I definitely will not have positive things to say about it. It seems like 5 years ago the reviews were awesome and they have consistently gotten worse. Great marketing using Tinsley and the rest of the housewives- too bad Scott stopped caring about the actual service. He seems like a good guy- maybe he should get good people to manage his business while he finds a wife of his own. Tinsley will dump him if he is broke
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3 years ago, NotGordonRamsay
Great service! UNTIL THEY BAN YOU
As many other users have pointed out, this service is great and offers some incredible cashback deals. However, they can and likely will ban you over the slightest of “issues”. In my case, I was banned for using my phone and laptop to claim one of the exclusive member deals. For the record, these deals sell out in under 1 second in some cases, so I figured this would provide me with an advantage to be able to actually claim one. However, this is apparently a huge no-no for CouponCabin, but was buried somewhere in the terms and conditions (who ever bothers to actually read those??). I tried to appeal to the customer service and they can and do not care. Also, don’t bother trying to make a new account, they will find and ban that one too. Overall, I hate to write this review as I really did love the service, but the terribly strict and unclear rules they have took this from being a service I love to a service I just can’t stand behind.
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2 months ago, Livvie K
Do not use this app!! Total scam!
I’d give a no star if it lets me. This is so ridiculous. Coupon cabin makes it so hard to accumulate cashbacks. And also set a maintenance fee policy. It’s just ways to trick people to download the app and give a welcome award but not enough to claim it and then just taking it back. Might as well take all of the money I’ve just accumulated. I will definitely not recommend this app. I’m sorry but this app has been very frustrating to use. And I never knew about the maintenance fee until it was already taken out of my account. And it’s not even an annual fee but a monthly fee that when the fee was waived for me the previous month it takes it right out the next month. What’s the point? I’ll never be able to reach the minimum 10 requirement to cash out my money. I’ve never had as much trouble with the honey PayPal app or Rakuten. I think I will just stick with these apps instead.
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6 years ago, asg688
Scam - Caveat Emptor
I waited weeks to secure a deal that would be relevant to me as the coupons of interest continually sold out. I finally acquired a deal which involved $100 back at Macy’s for orders over $100 but the coupon was only good for four hours from the time of activation at which point it would expire. Not coincidentally, this short time window coincided during a time when Macy’s customer service was closed. Over the course of four hours, I tried to make 4 different purchases of 2 different merchandise items using two different credit cards, all of which were cancelled by Macy’s as soon as they were made. This was a giant waste of time and a deliberate misrepresentation of services, offered specifically at a time when resolution of he issue could not be addressed. Now the coupon has expired and I am unable to make any of the attempted purchases or try for a new coupon for a month. I would advise steering clear of this company.
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3 years ago, Carina Baybay
I feel bad for people who don’t know about Coupon Cabin!
This is my go-to app/website for getting cash back and coupons when shopping online. It’s so easy to use and I find the cash back rates are usually higher than most of the other sites out there (Rakuten, Honey, etc.) which are the main reasons I love it. The browser extension also makes it even easier to use! I literally don’t shop online without checking Coupon Cabin first. It’s safe to say it completely changed my online shopping experience… for the better!! 10/10 would recommend
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5 years ago, K~n~C
Shady company
I've been with coupon cabin over 3 years and really thought highly of their program. When I read negative reviews I thought well these people were not following CC's terms and conditions. Until it happened to me. I no longer can receive a payment via PayPal or gift card. EVER AGAIN. Why? I'm unsure. "for suspicious activity" is the answer I receive when asking. But they will not explain this activity so I can take precautions to protect myself and my account. For 3 years I have used coupon cabin the exact same way. I've changed nothing. Not even my phone. So now I know the negative reviews were not users in the wrong. And I'm sure it's only a matter of time until they close my account and steal my earned money paid to coupon cabin by the stores I have purchased from. Greedy company. So new users beware.
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2 years ago, FoodTeach
Easy to use and great cash back rates.
The app is pretty simple as far as lay out and how to use it. I have been using the app for over 3 years and have received over $625 in that time. I would say the one thing you have to remember and it is the reason I deducted the star is that you have to go through the app to buy online and get the cash back or on my laptop I have to activate it in the toolbar. It is an extra step I often forget and I hate it when I forget becuase I know it would have been a great cashback! Not sure if running in the background would make me comfortable (and probably eat up my battery).... so there is that to consider too.
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2 years ago, Uniq1979
Awesome Cash Back App
I have been using Coupon Cabin for a few years and they have been great! You can get cash back at multiple stores, such as Walmart, Walgreens, Finish Line, etc. I also love the fact that you can do online exclusives and get your money back that you paid for your purchase. This can be done very 90 days with a limit of $500 in all, if I’m not mistaken. For example, they have spend $100+ at Walmart get a $100 back. It’s amazing and it has helped me out tremendously. Thank you Coupon Cabin, I greatly appreciate it😊!
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12 months ago, Ari C0012
Waste of time, not worth it
Froze my account after I redeemed one of their exclusive $50 off $50 rebates and then next day my account was frozen due to suspicious activity but wouldn’t say what it was aside from requesting that I send my driver license to prove my name and home address or a utility bill no later than 90 days to show my address if it didn’t match the address on the site using the license. I sent them the pictures and received a response that my account was still frozen cus the undetermined suspicious activity… if that was always going to be the result for my case then why even bother telling me to send in proof of my identity?! Waste of time, trying to deal with canceling my orders now. Was offered $2-3, but would have saved much more if I used coupons on the rebated site
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5 years ago, Adi2873
Fraud and a scam website and app run from a garage
This app and the company website is a fraud. They initially give you cash backs and later when you have claimed enough offers they would deactivate your account and the cash back in your wallet is not returned to you. I followed all their rules and they deactivated my account. I had almost $140 in cash back which was awaiting payment. This is how they scam people and take their money. Please do not use this app or website. Also they have your data which could be at risk once they deactivate your account. Most of the cash backs take more than 1.5-2 month to be reimburse. I think the companies that are partnering with them are also sure to be scammed. I would never buy from companies that advertise or post offers on this fraudulent app and website. Ban CouponCabin.
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5 years ago, 4debbyk
Saving Even More Money
CouponCabin is awesome for saving even more money! If you’re a bargain hunter like me, then you’ll want to get CouponCabin both on your phone and on your laptop. Their offers are outstanding! I’ve never seen any app that can save you so much money. I don’t even shop that much, but in less than a year I’m close to $300 in cash back. All you have to do is install the CouponCabin widget on your browser, then every time you shop it’ll alert you to whatever savings are available. I love saving money with CouponCabin!
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4 years ago, Abram1809
If you use make sure to get paid out ASAP - its a con
Would strongly encourage anyone who uses this app to get paid out as frequently as possible. ConCabin will randomly will shut you out of your account and demand photos of your current state ID with all info visible - including the barcode. If you don’t comply, you don’t get your money - money which their partner stores think you’re getting, but ConCabin gets to keep it all. Especially now during the Pandemic I bet CC is making BANK saying their giving the full cash back to customers only to lock their accounts and keep it for themselves. Seriously check out all the new negative complaints the Better Business Bureau has on them since COVID started. It’s so obviously a bait and switch.
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3 years ago, KathyInCali
Save *and* Make Money!
I’ve been thrilled with Coupon Cabin ever since I joined a few years ago! Over the past few years I’ve earned over $500 dollars! And all I had to do was go to the Coupon Cabin site/app first, find the store I was shopping at, and click through that link. That’s literally all you need to do. They also offer several other ways to earn money off of your purchases. You have nothing to lose!!
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3 years ago, Disgusted User2020
I should have listened to the other one star reviews. I clicked on a deal for $50 when spending $50 at Walgreens. I've read everything carefully and discovered that you cannot order online and pick up in store. So, I ordered online and had it shipped to my home. When I went onto the app to see if my money has been applied to my account, it says that I have to verify my account. It's funny how my account had no issues when I spent the $70. But when it's time to get my $50 reward, they are going to play their games and make this difficult. I am not going to jump through hoops for this. I will be returning all the products to Walgreens tomorrow and removing the app from my phone!
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1 year ago, Bogoqueen
Cash back, but sometimes difficult
Well I did get $23 in my account today, but it should have been $73. The automatic 2-3% that you earn shopping online is quite easy when you add their site to your browser. But the higher dollar member only deals that you can only claim once per month have so many parameters that it’s difficult to get them to actually work. Apparently I claimed one of the limited offers, and thought I jumped through all the hoops to complete the deal, but the $50 cash back never came through on my Nike order. Somewhat disappointing.
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4 years ago, WT982
Beware: CouponCabin locks longtime members without justified reason and then demands personal ID
Beware of Coupon Cabin’s underhanded user agreement being used to arbitrarily freeze user accounts and withhold funds. I used CouponCabin for well over a year and had no problems when the occasional verification was required due to switching devices. They suddenly decide to demand my government ID and a utility bill to complete the verification process. This is obtrusive and underhanded especially given the fact that they wouldn’t change the email address on file for me but instead gave instructions which caused the account to freeze. They also provide no information on how this personal information is collected, stored, or shared with potential third parties.
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1 year ago, SlashFredo
Cool shopping tool, but it clogs memory.
If you do a lot of online shopping and persistently use this, you will rack up some noticeable cash savings over time. I highly recommend it. I mostly shop on a desktop Mac and I am guilty of having lots of tabbed pages open in my browser at all times. Occasionally, my computer locks up and I can see in the processes that it has run out of application memory and it is Coupon Cabin that has ballooned to over 1GB. Restarting fixes it but it happens every week or so.
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3 weeks ago, soleobjective
Great App to Save Money
I use Coupon Cabin every time I shop online and it has been an extremely helpful tool to find the best deals. The main draw for me has been the cash-back offers at different retailers which has actually led me to find new stores I never shopped with before. Overall this is a great app and I definitely enjoy the ability to earn cash on purchases I make online.
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5 years ago, Milhouse110
Impressed but Wary
I joined before Christmas and used it when purchasing big items. I have to say I found it very easy and total $ so far is $80+. I understand the lag time between payments - as I said I purchased gifts and 3 were returned so that did change my $$. All in all I am very happy and quite satisfied. Although having just read all the reviews I’m worried this might change in a couple months. Hope not!
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4 years ago, baby boy !
I love coupon cabin!! It is so user friendly and it really gives amazing Cashback offers, coupons, and exclusives. Out of all the Cashback apps I’ve tried this is by far the best. Two small orders and I’m up to 12 bucks already! But they really need more stores that offer Cashback cuz it is kind of limited right now. And if I were to change one thing about this app it would be to have a spot where you can just upload your online receipts yourself or automatically scan your email.
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5 years ago, Lyalya03
This is a scam, Trust negative reviews, they let you have some minor cashback, but once its something bigger than few bucks, they either find a way not to pay it, by stating that you clicked an incorrect link and it did not register, or they just close your account without a reason. I scored 50$ off 50$ purchase. Followed all the rules. A week later i cant log in because my account was terminated under the reason “suspected multiple account”. Exactly the same thing happened to my friend, as soon as she scored significant amount of cashback, her account was closed right away. I rather stay with Ebates(Rakuten) at least they actually give you your cash back.
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4 years ago, Sonotme12345
I just read read your terms for the Walmart get $100 If you spend $100 “deal” and it says i can’t use it for six hours because I already used a premium coupon, ( and NO I have not used ANY), and based on your exclusions and what your order can’t include to qualify Is EVERYTHING!!! I tried to use a few times of your “coupons” and none worked. Such a scam and waste of time. People are struggling, sick, and dying out there right now, But you seem fine with false advertising setting people up for disappointment, how can you sleep at night? Oh right easily on everyone’s money. Only proves true evil takes on many forms.
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1 year ago, RobbieDobbie73
Reliable coupons and money back!
Before making any online purchase, I check to see if the seller is on Coupon Cabin. I usually find discount codes AND money back from Coupon Cabin. Even better, when I receive my cash back in the form of a gift card, they add additional amounts to it. I would not shop online without Coupon Cabin.
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3 years ago, kardg
Money you didn’t expect
Especially in today’s world every penny counts! It’s easy! All you have to do shop through the coupon cabinet or practically any of your favorite stores and you get money back into an account of your choice. It’s awesome and unexpected as you don’t count on this money so it’s just extra that God knows we need in this world today it couldn’t be any easier!!
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2 years ago, dbarbs47
Coupon cabin
Coupon cabin is a super easy way to earn cash back on your online purchases! I’ve had it for a long time but recently have been making sure that I go through coupon cabin whenever I log in to make a purchase. You’d be surprised how many retailers there are. I just ordered things from a college store and earned cash back! How great is that?
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6 years ago, Dogresqr
Good first experience but...
I “won” the $50 off $50 from Target and did receive the full amount back (it took about 2 months). The one complaint I have is that it took staring at my phone for the countdown only to lose out every time despite clicking “claim” at the exact second it was opened. I was so excited when I got the Target one. I bought $50 worth of white towels and got the $50 back. Lots of restrictions on what you can purchase but I did get my cash back.
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2 years ago, abba857
Great app that is supported by lots of websites!
This is such an easy app to use, just click the app and then type in the website you want to buy from. The rate of cash back will vary depending on the website. Just submit your purchase and receive cash back in a few days. I’ve made quite of cash back this way and will continue to use this app!
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4 years ago, Janell_Love 40
Cash back for shopping you were doing anyway
I love Coupon Cabin! They give more cash back than Raukuten and pay out faster. They even have cash back offers on items bought in store that are available every 30 days. They credit your count the same day and I’ve necer had any negative issues with them. I definitely recommend signing up and using CouponCabin!
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3 years ago, Tromboneboss
Cannot trust this company
I don’t trust this company at all. I’ve had large amounts of experience with other cash back sites. I realize sometimes the purchase does not track properly and you need to do further research. However that problem happens almost every time with Coupon Cabin. It’s to the point where I no longer believe them when they say they did not get paid by the merchant. Their customer service is unhelpful, slow to respond and does not answer direct questions. I told them to close my account and I would advise anyone to stay away.
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5 months ago, HelloKitty7
Legit Cashback!
I’ve been doing CouponCabin for a few years now… not only do I find great coupon codes for online orders but I earn cash back also!!! Some rebate apps exclude cashback when using any coupon codes so I love that CouponCabin not only allows them but provides codes for you to use! If you haven’t signed up for CouponCabin yet you’re missing free money! Why???
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3 years ago, Flygrl513
Loyal member for years
I love Coupon Cabin. Both the website and app very easy and intuitive to use, and there’s a great variety of stores participating in cash back. When I don’t know where to shop, it’s my go-to. I’ve earned quite a bit over the years just shopping at their partner stores for stuff I would have bought anyway! Thanks. :)
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6 years ago, NursingNurse
Bait and switch
**The negative reviews are true!! This site is a rip-off of another reputable site. The main difference in the more popular site/app is that Coupon Cabin requires you to follow 18+ steps to be able to redeem the offers and they add more conditions as they go to make it basically impossible to redeem the offer. Some things are too good to be true...this is one. Also in order to redeem and offer they require you to allow a massive invasion of privacy. You are required to disable ALL of your privacy settings, firewalls, pop-ups and a MILLION little other things that are massively invasive m. This isn’t normal for other coupon/rebate sites. Your whole device/computer is up for grabs with them. Coupon Cabin will do anything - anything to not pay you. Bait and switch!!! If it sounds too good to be probably (and in this case that saying IS TRUE). Shame on Coupon Cabin and their deceptive, invasive, unclear, and fraudulent practices.
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5 years ago, Emlly B
Love It!
not sure what’s going on with everyone else but i’ve been using this service for years and i’ve never had an issue. I just click on the website and I get my confirmation email from them saying that the cash back click went through and within weeks or months (depending on the time) I get my cash back. Easy as ever. My favorite cash back service.
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6 months ago, AnaMollly
Coupon Cabin is my fabe
Honestly I have made so much cash back using coupon cabin when I shop. I’ve been able to get extra gifts for the holidays and even gifts for myself with the extra cash. They also seem to have a lot of great coupons from most of my favorite stores. Definitely recommend.
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3 years ago, ARMV4
Easy way to get money back if you shop online
I have earned hundreds of dollars in cash back with Coupon Cabin. I show on line a lot of the time. It is very easy to use and you have many choices of sites to shop on, not just the expensive sites. I use it for all my pet food, home decor and renovation orders, and even clothes, shoes and bags.
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6 years ago, Mom2twoLC
Great way to earn cash back
Love this app!! They do have some very strict rules regarding their cashback, but as long as you follow them you can earn amazing amounts. Just read their rules and guidelines, don’t attempt to create more then one account in your household and watch for items that are not included in cashback. Their customer service is very helpful (unless you violate their rules and get shutdown).
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5 years ago, woblyknob
CouponCabin is a scam!
Used this app for a few months. Accrued over $10 bucks and it was always an uphill battle. Could only get the refund on card, no direct deposit because they claims they detected suspicious activity in my account 1 day after I opened it. Then I was informed it would be 6 months bride I ever received a preloaded card with my (cash earned) $10. Scam scam scam scam. Then they lock you out of your account and make it impossible to change your password to get back in the app. Therefore you NEVER get refunded any of the money the claim you’ve accrued. IT’s A SCAM SCAM SCAM! DO NOT USE THIS CRAPPY APP! You’ll never receive anything they promise you.. EVER!
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4 years ago, Cyb13
I always look to CouponCabin first before shopping. They have better percentages on money spent so not only do you save on sales and coupons, you are also saving more because you get free money back for shopping you would have done anyways. I have gotten a couple of my friends also addicted to CouponCabin. You can’t go wrong. I just got paid again today.
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4 years ago, leisel
Sometimes it doesn’t work
When it works it’s great, but there have been a few times that I thought I would be getting a discount, only to find out after I’ve purchased, that the discount wasn’t applied. It’s too frustrating to go back to rectify the yeah, it’s hit or miss. One time, I clicked on one of the “one per month” special discounts, but couldn’t use it (items were sold out), but whether or not you use it, it’s as if you did, and can’t take advantage of another one for a month - it might even be longer (?).
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1 year ago, thpeck
Best way to save money
I used to use other websites to save money and then I found out about Coupon Cabin. They ALWAYS offer more cash back than other sites. It was easy to sign up and choose how I want my reward and how I want that money back. No other company beats them and so why wouldn’t you want those most from the best!
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2 years ago, Boo7995
Wow! Love CC!
Such an Easy way to get cash back on stuff you already buy and doubling up when you're buying stuff on sale! discounts too! Five stars I just LOVE CouponCabin! I never thought there was such a thing as free but it exists! Im happy I found this site. Coupon cabin is for real!!! 5 stars CouponCabin is the best !Every time I purchase online I use them. Try it!
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