craigslist: local marketplace

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User Reviews for craigslist: local marketplace

4.82 out of 5
415.2K Ratings
4 months ago, pupnbun
Sold my car in under a week!
I listed my used 2007suv with a broken excel in under a week for asking price on Craigslist! The ap was very easy to use, the pics looked great, and I only paid 5 bucks for the ad! It WAS going to be for a month, but Craigslist is everyone’s go to for just about everything second hand I sold it in under a week for asking price (I over priced it so a “potential buyer” could feel as if they talked me down) I got texts within an hour of posting on a Sunday night and a Atleast 2 texts a day asking about the truck. ) people were coming to see it Saturday and 3 people were supposed to come see it Sunday. One girl wanted really bad (lac of low mileage decent American made 4x4 for sale at a FAIR price) I told her that the first one to come with cash that will have it out of my yard by Monday can take it. Long story short- The girl got it, I brought it to her and everyone’s happy! Craigslist was easy to use for both buyer and seller and who can’t afford five bucks!
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9 months ago, DarfNader
Decent app, except for when you have to log in. Again.
Their mobile app is a reasonably well-streamlined mobile interface, though not quantifiably more so than the existing mobile web site. Integration with your default mail app is different and one could argue is better, assuming that you're not using the Gmail client which is already part of the problem. There is also a way to save credit cards for payments, though I have no idea why you'd ever want to do that. Not once have I bought anything directly from Craigslists. Is this really a thing? Anyway, there is bad news: the login and authentication process is needlessly cumbersome. Logging into the mobile website if clearly more convenient as it doesn't obstruct you with its lukewarm integration with the password manager. Alternatively you can log in with email if you don't mind doing that every single time. The clunky authentication mechanism would be that much of a bother if I didn't find the app demanding my credentials so frequently because the auth tokens seem to only last a couple of weeks. This forces regular manual logins which usually require password changes because the app thinks you don't have a password saved. That last part is a genuine PITA. All in all it's fine, but unnecessary. You can easily live without it just using their fine mobile web site without feeling like you're missing anything, because you're not.
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2 years ago, BerSerKr
Makes listing easier. At what cost?
Craigslist may still have the same scammers they’ve always had so you still need to be aware of those. Follow craigslist suggestions by always taking cash, never except a check in the mail (common scam), never click on a link from a text message to “confirm your a real person”, and most importantly meet in a public safe meet up place. I it’s difficult to give suggestions for those that are moving and need to sell several large things. I have found it beneficial to meet them at the corner of your block. This will allow you to meet and document their car and even their identity. Have your large couch or dresser, etc. in your driveway or at least in your garage. Always best to have a buddy with you. Expect no-shows, beware of phone scams and people just wanting your identity, likely for creditors or further scams. Very useful to use a burner SIM card to avoid future phone spam. As many pitfalls as there are craigslist can still be the most effective way to sell your items quickly. Now you’ve given Craigslist much of your personal info, by installing the app and using. Other than ease-of-use you still may want to just use the website.
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11 months ago, ARavngBich
Better results than FBMP
Tho the initial user interface still looks like it’s from the ‘90s, anything retro ends there. I only have put 2 properties, one house, some Dyna-Glo heaters, one set of tires, assorted furniture, and an RV on here just recently. I almost always post on Craigslist first just to see what action may be out there. For every item, except one, I closed the sale in 1 to 4 days. The exception were my BFG/AT tires. I put them on FB after inactivity here. I had anticipated dropping the price at a loss, but what I did NOT anticipate was being a victim of a Zelle scam on FB. Out $300 permanently plus drop in price of tires. Live & learn, I guess. Strangely enough, Craigslist is where I was more skeptical, biased, & looking for scammers. I am aware scam artists are everywhere. However, I must admit that after the few items I have advertised and closed, I feel safer, and more personally secure for myself and my money. The prospective buyers from Craigslist are very courteous. From different sales platforms, the people conduct business with, shall I say, less civility and professionalism. In summary, I now admit to being a Craigslist convert when it comes to selling. As for being a buyer, that’s another review!
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2 months ago, WenDeeT
Craig’s List is great
Updated: April 1, 2023……. I’m not sure what has happened but I haven’t been able to access my account to post anything or renew existing items. I tried to get a hold of someone at Craigslist and their website apparently is also down (maybe) I’m not sure because I’m not computer savvy so I’m not sure. Update: As of Feb. 2023… Clist App has done an update. It still works great. I do think that the Renew Option should be removed until items need renewing. And the font should be changed to regular block lettering. So categories are more legible. I realize you want the Craig’s List pages to stand out. That’s just my thoughts. Thanks! I like Craig’s List. So far the CL App let’s me post, renew, delete items On The Go or while on Vacation so my items are always out there unless I remove them 😊. There has only been one glitch a while back that had. And it was fixed almost immediately. I have zero complaints. Update May 3, 2024 Everything has been working great. I do wish I had the option back to upload pictures of items I’m selling. So I can renew & provide more pictures if buyers request it. But overall everything is working great. 😊
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2 years ago, SapphireTitans
Needs a Fix
I’m enjoying using the app to look for some side gigs to make money on the side but it’s starting to become very annoying. I don’t actually think I’ll be recommending the app to anyone especially not friends due to one simple thing. I’m tired of seeing full time or part time jobs and ads posted in the gigs section. There is literally a jobs section. I’m trying to find the rare gigs that pop up and it makes it difficult to find them when most of what I’m scrolling through are job ads. Things that require dedicated time to on a normal. The gigs section should only have the one time work options that people need help with. Like helping someone move or somebody needing just a single lawn mowed rather than a mowing company needing employees or the gigs where someone needs help taking down an old shed or cleaning their roof off and things of that sort. If I was looking for a job then I’d go to the jobs section. Pls Craigslist fix this because it’s making it difficult to use the app for that. That is the only reason why I’m not recommending this app to people I know and why I’m not giving it a 5. Some of y’all may have a different view but to me this is a major issue.
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2 years ago, Pix Kix
Posted= SOLD!
I had not used Craigslist for selling anything before and was hesitant as I had no clue how to post, add pictures or even describe what I was selling. Oh WOW, it was so simple that even a grandmother who rarely uses the internet could follow the easy steps! I did have someone contacting me that felt very scam like, but Craigslist had made available what to look out for in cases like this. Much like a dating website, if someone shows interest but happens to be out of town at the time and wants your information, 🚩 RED FLAG! In only 2 days I had the PERFECT BUYER and a huge heavy piece of furniture removed from my home without me having to lift a thing! My suggestion to anyone selling an item is, GO WITH YOUR GUT, post honestly and state your exact stipulations for the sale. My post covered that this piece of furniture would require two strong people and a truck or trailer, that my $200 fee was non-negotiable and when I wanted it gone by. All my stipulation were met! Good luck! Beth
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3 years ago, MrWufz
Finally an Official App!
Used CPlus for years. Glad they finally put out an official app. -1 star for what's always been an issue with Craigslist, regardless of platform. Abuse and lax enforcement. Most people on there are fine, but occasionally you run into unhinged people, and there is no help or recourse. I understand it's a small (and often free!) operation, but there are solutions. At the very least, they should be scanning for ads which are substantially the same and not allowing them. The most recent abuser I got didn't like that I took 45 min to respond to his text and got it in his mind that I was a scammer. So he copied my entire ad, including pictures, and added "this is a scam" to it, in multiple places. The pics at the very least, particularly in the same city, should be enough to flag based off some hash and prevent them from posting. I emailed the contact us for faked ads and never heard back. I didn't get any responses to my ad for a week until I could flag it enough times from different connections and devices to have it removed. Not cool. Imagine for people who have their contact info revenge posted.
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4 months ago, IWill2
Craigslist is great! The iOS app? Pretty OK
There’s nothing really objectionable about the app. It functions. It’s not intuitive in several places. But it gets the job done. The big trade off of course is with the mobile app photos are “right there” … no transferring or emailing-to-oneself. But typing is much easier on a keyboard at a “real” computer….so if the app were more appealing it would mean a lot. Minor annoyance, it’s not possible to select a town or an area on mobile. Only able to select a radius from a point on a map, VERY unlike the web version of Craigslist. So some of my multi-city searches for certain things are crazy tedious to do on mobile. (Search for specific thing in “Los Angeles” for example, but leave all search terms the same and switch city on web to “San Diegos ” and bingo, you found it!). Not possible on mobile. Grrrrr. So if you are traveling out of state, and wanted to see if the local cities had that esoteric collectible, you would have to use a more onerous approach or bring your laptop.
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1 year ago, Handybruh
I’ve bought and sold stuff on CL for years….Probably since it’s beginning! This last sale didn’t disappoint. Sold a car in less than 24 hours. I guess CL is still good! I was amazed at the number of responses considering all the other platforms, but like I said things went quick and easy. I asked fair market and got it! So NO I didn’t give it away. Makes me want to post more stuff. Also, CL is my gauge for anything in any category. I usually check here before I go anywhere else, not to mention I’m always looking on here anyway? It’s funny how people that know me wonder how I always run into stuff buying or selling and I do it with such ease. Sometimes I wonder if I’m missing something? In closing I’ve adopted a philosophy of: “I don’t buy anything that I can’t sell down the line” I don’t think that would have ever have happened without CL?
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3 months ago, Danny Huynh Jr
Not only is this app glitchy (problems navigating the site with a VPN and issues loading the app), but it also doesn’t let you sell electronics, apparently. I listed a game system on this site and was then later told that my listing got removed. “This posting has been flagged for removal. [?]” Not sure why my listing got taken down. All I did was upload a photo of my item, wrote a description, put down a price, the city, state, and zip-code of my location, and went through all that effort only to see that message several hours later after posting. I am NEVER using this marketplace again. I have better luck selling stuff on FB MARKETPLACE over this hunk of junk. Go ahead and accuse me of WHATEVER wrongdoing you think I’m up to. But I’m just a normal guy trying to make some extra cash to pay my rent, which is due next week. The least you guys could’ve done was warn me about it and take the time to resolve the issue through customer service, but you guys don’t even have that as an option! Thanks for making my life a lot more difficult than it needs to be. I do not recommend this app nor this website to anyone. Thanks a lot for nothing.
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2 months ago, footwhisperer
Rental listings
The listings are well organized but craigslist doesn’t screen well enough for unscrupulous people using fake listings who are scammers looking to get your personal data. They want all your credit info. - they say this for Before they will meet you to show you a property, and they have nothing to do with the actual Property. They say they are having you pay for a credit check to a company but it is a scam company- the money you pay is not credited towards the rent since there is not actually a rental- and they take that money, along with your credit data to access more of your money. Make sure who you are dealing with are real people with an office and honest credit check company. If the price seems too good to be true- be wary. They often have multiple listings in multiple towns with different names and phone numbers. But some of the descriptions are almost word for word identical and sometimes the photos looking outside the windows don’t even look like So Cal landscaping- they look East coast trees and shrubs.
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1 year ago, RockSolidRC
Lets face it, not what it used to be
Sadly Craigslist had been drowning in the noise of FB marketplace, offer up, and other services and ita really anmoying because we’ve shifted feom local back to national or global which basically pushes everyone back to ebay. We dont need all the other apps and facebook couldve nought craigslist instead and integrated it. I only use CL or eBay and id give this 5 stars if it wasn’t a dying app. Selling locally should always be free and Craigslist should consider changing it to compete with eBay by allowing local pickup ads to all be free for personal and charging similar rates to ebay for the item that sell through the app that get national or global exposure. So basically those ads CL would’nt allow any local pickup. Theyd get a cut of the postage, get 5% across the board for all national and global ads and if a person attempts to undermine the paid ad they are blocked from sharing any email or phone number and must use in app communications. Personal contact info wouldn’t be displayed or accessible in the paid ads like it is in the local ads. Similar to eBay but the choice to sell local for free is available. I know it would revive the CL platform. Imagine if ebay made a local area ad possible that had no fees? Craigslist would become non-existent. This is why they need to do something now beforesomeone else does. I hope they do something id like to see this idea implemented I know it would be a success.
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9 months ago, Foghat 53
Good free advertising
Sold a few items on here! Amazing how everyone wants things for nothing but there is people that have a appreciation for things and know what they cost. Met a lot of great people on here but some scammers too! Had a few higher end items on here and it shocked me how many scammers I came across. Did some reading up on the subject which helped and I saw through most. Some scammers were just like what I read about to the letter. On the most part people on here are honest but there is a few that messed up some things with the scams. Found some good deals myself in the process. I put things on here then with some spare time I would search for certain things and to my surprise I found them or even something better at a good price. After all, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure, sometimes!
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2 years ago, pinkangel66@
Craigslist is my go to place when I want to give away good stuff and no hassels
Whenever I’m wanting to get rid of things I don’t need anymore, or the kids grew out of… I don’t donate to charity, (they charge too much! I donate to my community by posting it in Modesto Craigslist free stuff, I just box or bag it up, post it as a curb alert, and someone who’s in need comes picks it up! That simple no hassels, but my number 1 rule of thumb is… I never give what I wouldn’t receive. In other words, I don’t post about “junk” if it’s stained or something I wouldn’t want.. I throw it away, I always post good items that are clean, working order. There’s nothing worse than going to pick up and you realize it’s just dirty trash! So always remember to give what you would like to receive. Craigslist is an awesome outlet to do the good works you need to do .
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3 years ago, susie107
Works Great!
Easy to use and looks good, better than using CL on the browser. There’s easy tabs for navigating and you can easily manage postings and see which are active and renew with one click. Photos upload easily. Switching around photos to change which is the primary is MUCH easier on the app than in browser where you have to do touch screen acrobatics to move photos around. My only issue isn’t with the app but Craigslist in general and that’s the vague rules about pet posts and “free to good homes”, whether they’re allowed or not and there’s some algorithm that either deletes rehoming posts immediately based on certain words? or users are allowed to spend hours just flagging any ads that compete with their home-based animal rescue. Either way, the real victims are the animals that people end up abandoning because there’s no easy way to find good new homes.
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8 months ago, Skeejunkee
Everything that I listed has sold. Cars, trailers and ATV
It is very easy to list an item. When adding pictures the app walks you through step-by-step. It is user-friendly, even if you’ve never sold anything before.. I’ve probably been using it 10 years sold over a dozen & half cars, trailers, ATVs, and a few other items. You do have the occasional scammer wanting your information, so they can “send you a certified check. Just tell him you only communicate through the phone and only take cash. I put in the listing we will meet at the sheriffs department here where I live. Most law enforcement agencies actually have sections in their parking lots for people to buy and sell items to make sure neither of you are a victim of crime. I Highly recommend this app!
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3 years ago, Jalmhde
I posted a listing for rehoming my kitty… I follow Craigslist’s rules… I asked for a $25 rehoming fee because I got her fixed chipped and her vacations…. I got a message from a guy saying he is interested in getting her… we made plans to meet up at a public place… once it came time to meet he would say that he isn’t sure if he should get her and he would text me like crazy like he knew me and wanted to date me even though I told him I’m married… when I didn’t respond back to him right away he would blow up my phone asking if I’m ok and that I need to answer him right away because he was worried…. So I blocked him and he kept flagging my post and I had to keep reposting my ad… so I had to wait for a couple of weeks to repost my post… I kept trying to contact Craigslist and they never got back to me…. I finally found a great family for our kitty… u need to have better customer service and tell us why our post are flagged….
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3 years ago, detemplesaint
Great ... would love a couple of updates
I would like a way to keep the same filters when I move the map to a different area. Sometimes this works but I don’t think it’s by default. Also, it would be nice if there were a bit more vetting going on with regard to contacting sellers etc. The fishing is truly out of hand. It seems some of the scammers are hiding behind what used to be solid security measures. Perhaps a consumer/seller rating system would also be of use. Reinvention is the mother of transparency. Old complacent ideas make room for all kinds of mischief. Maybe a simple “we’re you able to getting this seller/merchant on the phone” pop up. Then yes or no. Several “no’s” would lead to bad ratings and perhaps some pinpointing and further eliminating this round of scammers who’ve infiltrated the system. Thanks so much. Otherwise, great app.
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3 years ago, GOB (grumpy old bastard )
Photo down load problems
Won’t let me go to a new photo that I gave in my Library ? I can make one listing , then go to make another one and try to download new pictures and it keeps taking me to the ones I just used on the first listing and dosent give me any option to download new pictures until the next day . I normally use Marketplace because it’s so easy to load several items in a few minutes . Craigs list should mimic Marketplace . You are way more difficult to do business with . If I want my phone number on my listing that’s my business. Period. ! Shouldn’t have to click anything to show it , jyst makes it more difficult for potential buyers to get ahold of me . STOP , I’ll be playing around with your service for. 30 days . But if things don’t get easier, I’ll go back to Marketplace and try to hold my Republican tung 🙂
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3 years ago, ojleblanc
Decent, Useful
I turned to this app bc my preferred app for navigating Craigslist does not function properly anymore. I was happy to find an official CL app. While it does not have all the features I’m used to, it is a decent app that is very useful. The one improvement that it really needs is an alternative way of handling seeing more ads by the same user. Once you click that option and see the ads by the same user, removing that filter doesn’t return you to where you were in the list of ads you were originally viewing. Rather, it boots you back to the top of the list. That discourages me from using the option to view other ads by the same user bc I don’t want to then have to scroll past ads I’ve already seen. To the developer: please find a way to preserve viewing location when this filter is removed.
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2 months ago, firstonlinedate
An excellent resource
If you into being patient and looking through a bunch of the same thing over and over until you find awesome unique items, materials and like a glittering gem in the dirt you spring on it like a rabid badger… yeah it’s like that.. if you can wait for the items you want but would rather not buy new, you can almost always find them cheaper and sometimes you can get them free. Also seasonal loads of cute farm animals for (often) very good prices. As a parent of young kids this app has been invaluable on so many occasions, art supplies, toys, art supplies, sports gear….art supplies….very often large lots from other parents clearing out the stuff their kid used 1 time. Often free… so you should look at the free stuff like 2-4 times a week seriously
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2 years ago, not a dealership
Too many multiple duplicate dealer adds
There are way to many dealers allowed to fill CL listings with their multiple adds for the same vehicles. They purposely inflate the values and spread their overpriced vehicles so much that it makes it hard to find the actual real people trying to sell real actual normally priced vehicles, they can try and sell their over inflated price vehicles but they shouldn’t be allowed to purchase so many adds that it makes it almost impossible to even sell a regular vehicle for a regular price because people never get to see the real non dealer junk adds, there should be some limits especially to dealers, this isn’t the Sunday paper where one can just spend money on advertising. Dealers should pay more and NOT be allowed to run duplicate adds. Dealers should have to follow the rules and should have to register as a dealer. And if they run adds then it should be labeled dealer and treated as an add at an additional advertising cost.
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3 months ago, Threadlock
A Wonderful Sale-&-Purchase Website
. . and Nationwide ! I like the initial anonymity with potential buyers. From the first in-Site ( ! ) contact, I make all the decisions about a would-be buyer. Only when I’m reasonably sure about a person, do I allow them access. Even then, One Step At A Time ! I’ve been both a Buyer, and a Seller; and I’m thoroughly willing to support Craiglist financially. My many motorcycle sales would be an example. $5 ? ABSOLUTELY ! Also - it’s easy to see what items are selling for ( or just available ) five states away. The people I’ve met - through buying/selling an item - are generally great to talk with. I’ve had MANY friendly discussions with buyers of my guitars and amps; discussions far beyond the mere purchases. Okay . . . YES ! Thank You ‘Craig’ !
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3 years ago, 12345678910nametaken
FB Marketplace’s Grandfather lives!
In the light of the omni-powerful and consumptive nature of Facebook, it is nice to know that Craigslist is still a viable means of second hand commerce. I have had much success recently with the Craigslist app in market research, commerce, and business. Though Craigslist still censors the sales of certain legal items, they do not seem to exhibit the same political censorship propagated by the tech giants. I am grateful that there is an outlet that wagers less political agendas and focuses more on fair business practices (although there is still something missing from their market...) Congratulations to Craigslist for standing as long as they have and may they remain in profitable business into the foreseeable future. Thank you for your partial participation in 21st century commerce.
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6 months ago, iX Dave
App is great very simple to Use, we like the chat option within the app, the fact that CreigsList is one of the few companies if not the only one that, do not ask for a subscription or fill out their app and web with advertisements; tells about how great this business i. When selling buying, they do not add advertising in any of their platforms nor Monthly subscription, we the customers should value this greatly. Hope they do not change their company Culture. For any Business out there We should study Craig’s list business history thank you. **posting and try to add pictures directly from app. It crashes we try everything but it has this by that does not allow it. We have to take pictures on phone first and then upload them into app please fix it thank you. **
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5 months ago, LaSeuss
I’ve had good success using Craig’s List
I’ve had good success using Craig’s list. I really appreciate that there is such an extensive, user friendly, free website for posting things for sale, looking for work, etc. I’ve gotten most of my day jobs from replying to posts on Craigslist. Jobs I have stayed with for years and made good money with. I’ve also bought and sold items. One thing that does bother me is that dog breeders post on CL even though they are not supposed to. We have a MAJOR problem with pet overpopulation and we don’t need greedy animal exploiters adding to the problem. Please don’t buy a pet from a breeder or pet store when there are animals being killed at our shelters for no other reason but that irresponsible people keep dumping them and there’s not enough room to house them. That is a disgrace.
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2 years ago, Dannyboy1017
Best Of All.
I’ve been using Crag's list for many years. I tried lot’s of other apps. Always coming back to C/L It’s unfortunate some bad eggs try to pull one over on people. If that happens alert C/L they will immediately look into it, and flag the ad. What I appreciate most about C/L is the site is clean, easy to maneuver. I’ve gotten wonderful deals on C/L. I will continue to enjoy searching for new things. Just yesterday I found an amazing deal. Funny thing is, it wasn’t even for me. As many of my friends and family tell me they are looking for something. I take the time to search for them on C/L. 8 out of 10 times, I find it for them on C/L at a better price then on the competition. Thank you Craigslist for your continued efforts on keeping the site unchanged.
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3 months ago, Big D69’er
KLR 650 Motorcycle
I had my best selling experience on Craigslist. I tried OfferUp and a couple potential Byers gave me the run around, I figured it was some kind of scam, so I took my add down. Then I tried cycle trader and for sure a guy tried to scam me as soon as I listed my bike. After all that I decided to keep the bike even though I was moving away and wanted to sell. Then a friend suggested Craigslist, so I figured I’d try. I had a number of potential buyers inquire that were knowledgeable and knew what they wanted, then I had a guy call that knew exactly what he wanted, he came over, checked the bike out, took it for a ride and we made a deal on the spot. We both walked away happy. So yes, I would definitely recommend Craigslist for selling motorcycles.
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1 year ago, Val'sipod
Highly Recommend
This app is great for quick sales of a plethora of items you may have laying around the house, farm or office! There is always someone out there looking for what you have, and you can search to find all kinds of items that are just as useful used as they are brand new! Keep items out of the landfill and out of junkyards, by giving away to people in need, sometimes make a few bucks. I’ve used for many farm animals and household items. Great way to meet people as well. Could use a little help in user friendliness, it’s not totally intuitive how to use some of the features but I still give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for the usefulness of the app. Would recommend to anyone and everyone.
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1 month ago, tekman2000
Craigslist works GREAT
I have used Craigslist for many years now to both buy and sell items. Unlike other online marketplaces Craigslist is simple to use yet has all the features needed. And best of all it does NOT have any advertising AND it is free. The one drawback, which is true of ALL online marketplaces is that every buyer wants to negotiate a lower price to pay for items, it’s NOT like a store where there is a sticker with a set price. So, I recommend that you increase your asking price in order to have room to maneuver. And just use common sense, like, meet in a public place, maybe have a friend with you, things like that. Craigslist is a GREAT way to buy, sell and find all kinds of useful items. Enjoy (smile)
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2 years ago, meddjay
I’ve gotten some amazing “gig” and regular jobs on Craigslist, not to mention a few “legit” rentals at an affordable price. BUT as most people know, there are a HUGE amount of devious people trying to take your money on here. Then there are the rapists and/or serial killers…..never meet anyone at night and always bring someone with you (preferably someone that owns a 9mm) and never send money …..ever! If they give you some story that they are “out of town” for whatever reason, ask them how stupid do they really think you are? I don’t care how much you want the rental or whatever it is. If you send them money you will never see your money or them again. You’ll show up to your new rental and even if it appears empty…believe me they don’t own it! Double check owners name on the county assessors web site. The information is public record.
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7 months ago, bobgoesout
One of the best things about the Internet
Craigslist has cost (and made) thousands of dollars for me. I have bought and sold so much stuff using it that I have become a daily shopper (albeit window shopping for the most part). One major complaint: previous versions allowed starred, or favorited, items to remain in the favorites list AFTER they were sold. While still visible, they were marked as sold, so that you could see that your favorite guitar or wood stove got away from you before you could pull the trigger. Not anymore. When something is sold from your favorites list, it disappears. And everyone knows you can’t see what isn’t there. Worse, you can’t remember. So, please please bring back this useful feature of one of the Internet’s best kept secrets.
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1 year ago, toughfix
Multiple business postings
Craigs list works great for selling personal items that still have value. However, allowing businesses that sell on your website, even though they pay a fee, should be limited to very few multiple listings of the same item. Allowing automobile dealerships to list 20 or 30 of the same vehicle, one posting after another, only creates a site where searches are annoyingly cumbersome. This behavior most likely won’t produce greater sales and in fact, is so intrusive, it probably creates more of a backlash against these businesses. I would never buy from a company who’s whose business practice is to advertise the same item countless times on your website.
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3 years ago, MiaUuuuuuuuuuX
Love it
I love Craigslist when I’m looking for something specific or hard to find. And the people on there are mostly real people selling their own stuff. Offer up used to be great but since it’s popularity took off I find it more& more annoying. If I wanted to pay 2k for a couch- I wouldn’t be on the dang app!- More and more merchants/ store owners are listing their merchandise on there &imo; They will be the death of the app. They spam the search results with stuff I can go buy from the store if I wanted to pay full price or something brand spanking new. Not to mention the endless notifications. So, here I am- crawling back to good old Craigslist. Happy with the addition of the app for simplicity& convenience. Keep up the good work CL!
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8 months ago, Ana ymv
I am getting obsessed using the app!
Long time using CL web page; then found a sellers app, and slowly i became lazy to post things in CL as it was not as practical as the competitor app; last week I noticed the app option, decide to try it, and i have been posting AND SELLING more than with the competitor. I am becoming addicted. Even though it can be tiring t repost if an ad expires, i do think it keeps CL cleaner and updated. Plus if it does not sell, it is an eye opening and the price should be lowered; if a seller forgets to reply to an active post, the expiration helps clean up CL sellers from useless to those actually interested. Oh, and i am still finding tricks around the app that are so helpful. Thanks.
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3 years ago, charlespayton
For years I’ve used Craigslist’s. It is literally one of the most useful app on the whole internet. With anything from wares to furniture and more, it provides a place for you to barter confidently. On top of that, it allows you to shop for available apartments or homes which I’ve utilized multiple times. My favorite aspect of CL is the the job and gig section. Here you are able to post and ad or search through ads from other peoples postings. It can either be a day, couple of days, or a new position all together, still, being a person who’s relied a lot on many cash jobs over the years, Craigslist has literally kept me paid. For that I say, Thank you. You are truly a life saver. Amen.
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7 months ago, rizzledizzlez
It’s great having a dedicated and well-featured iOS Craigslist app
Having the ability to create an account to consolidate your listings certainly makes Craigslist much m more approachable and simple to use compared to the old way. I haven’t decided if that’s a good or bad thing, but Craigslist is far from the top of the list of privacy concerns feel i should address. The chat is helpful and easy to use as well. I understand not allowing any web links in the chat, but i do wish internal links to other Craigslist ads were allowed. The only time i found myself asking for the chat recipients phone number in order to bypass the chat was to send Craigslist links. If you use Craigslist then this is probably the best way to go about that.
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3 years ago, Riahtana
One of my most used apps
As someone who is a huge scavenger, I LLVE craigslist. I could scroll for hours looking at all the random free stuff, the plants and animals for sale in farm & garden, the things people are willing to trade in exchange for ______ (whatever they’re looking for), and the different houses and apartments for sale. I also believe that all but one of the jobs I’ve ever had, I found on Craigslist. There’s something for everybody. When I found out they had an app, I was so excited. I finally don’t have to type in their site (just kidding, it’s bookmarked) & re-select my area every time I want to scroll through the site. I open it multiple times a day, and it’s the first place I look for almost anything. Thanks for the great app.
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3 years ago, scones007
Find what you need sell what you don’t
Craigslist still works good. There is always going to be people that try and ruin a good thing. Just be aware of the scammers. Once you know how they operate it’s easy to detect them . Don’t let them keep you from selling your stuff. Not to worry they usually aren’t selling anything just trying to get you to ship whatever your selling to them with all kinds of excuses. I have met lots of real nice people just from buying & selling items, just use your head and if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. Thanks Craigslist for having such a place you can find just about anything you want and sell whatever it is and it’s all for free!
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2 years ago, samuel sr.
The Craigslist app is very helpful and convenient. We responded to an add about a puppy and received a response w the same day within a few hours. To be able to find the product and or service I need locally and in surrounding areas makes shopping for certain services and products more attainable. We love Craigslist and we will continue to post our products and also buy the things we need. It saves money. It is a convenient way to shop. I can get home from work, lay down in my bed and shop. That’s huge. Many times the things we need can be found here on Craigslist. I can price them and find the right bargain. It’s great. Thank you Craigslist.
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10 months ago, oldfartdeveloper
This App Is Nearly Perfect
I use this when I have something that’s perfectly serviceable that I no longer need and I have to part with. I don’t know what price to sell them for and I detest haggling, so I put them on the free forum. The app streamlines the posting preparation to achieve the results I want: 1. Directs me to provide common information (like dimensions) so that the reader can easily find and verify whether this will meet their needs. 2. I provide as much personal information as I desire. If I want, I can say “first one here gets it” and leave the item out so that I don’t even need to be home processing a stream of emails or phone calls. And they make it trivial to remove the post immediately so others don’t waste their time. 3. I live in a hard to find location. The app addresses this by letting me place a pin precisely on a map. I try to use this app as conscientiously as the developers were in piecing it together. I have made friends with people who found items they’ve always wanted but never thought they’d have. This app has made my life better.
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7 months ago, jewells1960
One big complaint
I’ve been using Craigslist for many years and I’ve watched the platform develop to be very organized and stay user friendly. I really appreciate the content and use it often. But I have one big complaint that seems like it would be easy for you to fix on your end. It is the duplicate post found in some categories. The car and truck sales is the worst. I’ve seen a dealer post the same add over 30 times. Actually I just thought of another complaint. Post that have something for sale but instead of putting the for sale price they put a rental cost in this field. To trick people into opening up there post. Knock it off people. Ok that’s it Thank you Craigslist
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3 years ago, Guttie716
2005 Audi A8 Quattro L
2005 Audi A8 Quattro L in mint condition. Very nice car for someone who has time to fix a couple minor things. Engine and transmission is very strong and reliable. New brakes and rotors, new timing belt, new water pump and thermostat. Ac and heat just serviced so that’s perfectly working. Rear suspension just gave out, radio comes on and off which is most likely an Mmi piece ( est 100$ ). Needs to be smogged, minor leak causing failure. I gave the car to my 17 year son for his birthday and I’m selling basically to get him something more feasible for him to drive everyday and not worry about fixing a German automobile … asking 5k or best offer. Car just needs to be detailed via carpet, also has 20 inch Dub rims on it …. Contact me for viewing
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1 year ago, 3-sheets
Craigslist is great for buying cars too!
I bought the best, most reliable used car that I have ever owned on Craigslist about 3 years ago. It was my first experience with the service and I have been as happy as a lark. That must be really happy because my Grandmother always said that expression when comparing people showing happiness. I was 52 years old when I purchased that car. Best auto purchase ever, new or used! And I may be looking for my next car purchase which will probably be a Mustang. I’ve always wanted a fast, if not collectible Mustang. I already have my eye on a Mustang SVT Cobra. Thank you to all the folks at Craigslist from Rick Lancaster. You guys are the best!
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1 year ago, YAH'S Warrior
My post!
I’ve always had good luck with Craigslist! I’ve sold pretty much everything I’ve ever listed! You must beware of people wanting to give you any kind of check or C/C! Because anyone can dispute transaction anytime 2 months from now & then you may have to go to court or pick up your merchandise because the banks have the Power to pull it out of your account! Good luck with that!!! If they say they got a check or C/C I always said, good go cash it & bring me cash!!! No matter how convincing Just Say NO! If you don’t you’re screwed period! Good luck to you they’re Crazy out there! If it’s something very valuable? Get a Lawyer period! A warning to the wise is sufficient! Good day!
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3 years ago, jmedvm
Sold my Mountain Bike in a couple of hours on Craig’s List
I listed my mountain bike on Craig’s List this morning and immediately got contacted by 5 people wanting to see it today. The first person who came bought it. It was a good deal but I had it listed for a few days on Offer Up and FB marketplace. Lots of interest but only a few people followed through and 2 offered to buy it at full price then tried to haggle me down once they came to see it even though I said the price was firm. I do not know if this is because of where I listed or not but the Craig’s List response was swift and the people who responded were genuinely interested in buying it. Thank you!
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2 years ago, DIZZZYJUICE
My eternal go to
I started using craigslist when I first came out it must’ve been freaking 20 years ago and it’s been nothing but a pleasure all the buying and selling and people I’ve met by such interactions in all of these years. I remember when Craigs list was getting so good and some white on the present that local newspapers like the San Francisco chronicle is losing its revenue from buying and selling and even relationships on newspapers; but let’s face it even for an old timer like me that all technology didn’t really work in this quicker more efficient world. My hat is off to you Craig, thanks for having such vision and continuing to deliver such a fine product!!!
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8 months ago, Todd&Tanya
Give Aways/Curb Alerts
Other than the usual spam and scam criminals, I’ve always liked Craigslist for its simplicity and I’ve always given things away easily. They text and say they want it and we set it outside for them. No worries about having strangers inside your home and less trips to donation centers for me! I don’t do social media platforms so Craigslist is perfect for me. People are usually looking for something specific so it’s easier for them to find it on here rather than scouring Goodwill and thrift stores. If I do sell something, for safety, I make sure my husband can be home when the buyer comes to get it. Don’t go away Craigslist!!!
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1 year ago, Dennlog
Craigslist is great
I have used this service since they came out. Saves money and time of listing in a paper. I do wish they would move more toward facebooks market place ( I don’t have a fb account and will never as it’s garbage) or add features like Offer up where you can see how many are interested, but other than that cannot complain. Since this review was left CL now charges 5$ for autos which is still a good deal but I heard the reason for the charge was to cut down on bots and spammers but I still had several so just be careful and only deal in person - no money transfers unless you personally know the individual.
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