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User Reviews for Crate & Barrel

4.25 out of 5
3.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Abazaba16
Overall good, new update glitchy
Not sure what is wrong with the latest update, but when searching for products the search field doesn’t show what you’ve typed, the drop down is all black, and then in the separate product screens all the background is black so you can’t read store specific inventory details. It was fixed for a minute with an app update but then went back to being glitchy.
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1 year ago, BTS187
Credit card side of app needs work
Recently installed the app. Sole purpose for downloading the app was to be able to pay the bill for my new CrateAndBarrel credit card. I made a payment, received a confirmation email for my payment, but yet still a day later under recent activity it doesn’t even show my payment as processing. The screen says “no reason activity”. If you want this to be a reliable app that individuals actually want to use to make every day purchases, it is important to customers that when they make a payment it shows up in the app. On the positive side of things, I really appreciate being able to easily see how many rewards points I have. All in all the app is very nice. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I am confident improvements will continue to be made to your app… and almost just as important, thank you for such a nice store with such nice products!
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4 years ago, Joshschemers
Outstanding furniture - App Runs like a webpage
Outstanding furniture selection with matching style and design. Im able to look at a piece and realize it’s within a collection to then piece it together, amazing. However the App is very buggy and I can list areas I’m seeing time-outs and screen freezes - when selecting color, adding to cart, and clicking save for later. As well as opening the app itself. These are key pieces of shopping, so the app should flow better. As well when closing a menu you should be able to click somewhere else on the screen or swipe back to the previous menu instead of pressing the X button, feels more fluent that way kind of how iPhones don’t use a home button anymore to now swipe away things. So the products are great but about the app it just needs to more fluent and less buggy and I guarantee shopping and spending on my part and others would increase that way just because of a steady stream to checkout.
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5 years ago, BackyardPlanner
View in Your room doesn’t use proper AR
Very pleased to see the View in your room function advertised on the website as we were having difficulty envisioning how a collection of outdoor furniture would look in our backyard. Tremendously disappointed that the app didn’t seem to exploit the ARKit capabilities of the iPhone by automatically orientating and scaling the item to the scene the camera is looking at. Trying to do this manually is counterintuitive and prone to significant scaling errors. There are much better implementations of “view in situ” type applications such as the one in the IKEA app. I had been hoping to build up a significant online order in confidence that it would fit well in our backyard. Now looking at other vendors who have delivered a more complete AR experience.
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3 years ago, \\V//
SO glitchy
I want to like this app because it’s helpful to have but it is AWFUL 99% of the time. The first experience I had with it I couldn’t log into my account for over a week even though it worked fine on the computer. It finally started working and then they updated it again and now it no longer works at all. You can’t do ANYTHING and it just continually crashes. It’s impossible to go in the store and register in person because you can’t use this app. For such a simple app I have no idea why there are so many issues with this. It’s ridiculous. Now today they updated it again and I STILL cannot sign in!! I’m not currently signed in which is the IT support’s suggestion to fix it. This app is so buggy. Not worth the hassle.
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2 years ago, catiamnobre
Great products and app layout, very slow moving
LOVE the products and selection of the store, great quality pieces, and the layout of the app is nice and clean, sleek and easy to navigate. However, it’s easier to use the website as the app is VERY slow. There are many bug issues, it takes minutes to load a single page at times, or the app will just completely close in the middle of trying to load, the page will freeze for minutes at a time; this is the only shopping app I use that has this issue (I have a lot) and now I just don’t see any use for it unless these bug issues get fixed. Will be using the web browser until this gets fixed.
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2 years ago, Ms Shoes
Love Crate & Barrel. Hate the app.
I’ve recently noticed the addition of ‘sign in with google’ when I try to access my account and now I can’t seem to sign in. I do not use Google so when I use my email and password, it tells me to ‘reset my password’ but when I do I just get the same message. There have been other issues like this in the past. Also, it’s so frustrating that the app functions like a fresh website that doesn’t recognize me! I should have a ‘remember me’ option. I live in an area where a bigger crate & barrel store is being built and I wish they’d spend money making the app much better. At least they finally got the credit card info pulled into the app.
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3 years ago, marybeaudin
App Roulette
Every update is a miserable game of roulette. You never know what features will be fixed, what features will continue to work and what features will stop working. It’s beyond frustrating. I specifically have problems with the registry feature. I created my registry a few months ago and was having issues adding items to my registry. Every time I would try to add certain items the app would crash. The app was updated about a month ago and I was unable to login all together. The app was updated once again and I was able to login, but I was unable to scan/add items to my registry... again. What is the point of having a registry feature if it never works?! Honestly expected more from such a great brand...
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6 years ago, crookedtimes
Where does all my money go? Not toward app development, apparently.
After flipping through their latest catalog, I saw a bit promoting their app with their “View in Your Room” feature. I thought “FINALLY. They’re catching up to IKEA and using augmented reality!” How wrong I was. This feature (and the only reason why I downloaded the app) overlays a very simple two-dimensional photo of the product over your camera that you can also...resize!? Who in the world thought this was a good idea? I have no freaking clue how large or small the furniture is in my unfortunately small apartment. This is equivalent to me cutting furniture pieces out of the catalog and holding them in front of my face. What a waste of time and space on my phone.
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2 years ago, Laurencavileer
Payment Status Needed!
I double paid my cc bill bc days after I submitted a payment I didn’t see it reflected on the card as pending or confirmed and it didn’t warn me it was already in progress when submitting twice. It was a large balance that now has my checking overdrawn and me waiting 7-10 business days to get it returned. The system should flag that the balance was paid and void the redundant payment in this case before pulling from the account or alert to a duplicate when submitting and or also show a pending status. Please fix this and prioritize for an upcoming sprint.
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2 years ago, octopusonland
I love being able to “favorite” items to a convenient list and also read reviews for items in one place. How the products are organized in the drop down menu really helps when I’m searching for something. The app rarely glitches- if it does, I just restart it and it’s fine. Also love that I can manage the C and B credit card at the bottom of the app.
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7 months ago, matte427
Terrible App, Good Company
I like buying things at Crate&Barrel, but this app makes that process as hard as possible. The worst part of this app is that it logs you out of your account CONSTANTLY. This is infuriating for people with wedding registries since logging into your account is the only way to view your registry in the app. This app logs you out every single time you open it, without fail. This is especially annoying when you are switching between apps frequently (like when you’re shopping) and this one has been kicked out of memory. Makes the app nearly impossible to use for its intended purpose.
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5 years ago, kg430
Website vs App Issues
I was recently logged out of my wedding registry on the app. I attempted to log back in and got the invalid user name or password error message. So I reset the password and tried it again. Same error message. I logged in on a browser on my laptop with no issues. I am assuming this is an app only issue but it’s frustrating not being able to access it from my phone! I do like the Thank You manager and the shipping notifications. The thank you manager handy when people send gifts without gift messages!
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5 years ago, Emmanuela Kariotoglou
Password problems
I don’t understand what is wrong with this app and crate and barrel in general. I have changed my password twice already because it tells me that I’ve entered the wrong password when trying to access the thank you manager (for my wedding registry). Then I go on the website and it tells me that I’ve entered the wrong password that I just changed and saved on my phone. So then I go back to the app, log out, and sign in no problem. Yet I still can’t get into the Thank you manager. Annoying and looking forward to not needing to use this app anymore soon.
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3 years ago, FurMomLiz
Too many glitches
The app will shut down on you out of nowhere. It doesn’t update your registry instantaneously. And now for three days I haven’t been able to access or manage my registry because they were going through some update which for some reason isn’t available yet even though the app keeps displaying that the version is outdated and to update to the new version. Get it together Crate & Barrel! This is the last thing a bride to be needs during the wedding planning!
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5 years ago, D. Hill
Crate and Barrel
This is a well designed application that is clean, clear, easy to view and easy to navigate from category to category. Product detail pages are informative with high quality images, videos and more advanced features such as Try in Your Room. Users can share favorites as well as use a gift registry. Users can also use the app to look up store locations and hours.
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3 years ago, Newbie0922
Terrible for registry
This app is not good. Creating a registry account failed multiple times, had to create it with a single person and add a co-registrant after the fact to get it to work. It worked in the store scanning bar codes but will not add items via app search. The “add to registry” button is there but does nothing. App also continues to crash when trying to go to the details of an item already on the registry list. Very frustrating to use overall. **UPDATE - now the registry portion doesn’t even load. Just spins - I am running the most recent version.
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3 years ago, JG_2012
Useless App
I don’t know where the majority of four and five star reviews are from? This app has never worked. I deleted it a few years ago for the exact same issues. Now, in 2021 (during a pandemic), I thought to myself, “Surely, they’ve invested in their app and it will work now.” My discovery: Not really. The app “looks” pretty but its functionality and performance are non-existent. The user can’t log in, can’t scan items while shopping in store, all you can do is look at merchandise. Pointless and ridiculous. No excuse for the substandard performance.
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2 years ago, Kaneike405
Mixed Feelings
I will admit that everything from Crate & Barrel is what I want in my home. I don’t care what anyone thinks, I want it, I’ll buy it, so be it. But we need to talk about the app crashes I get periodically when I’m scrolling through it. Yes, I lay awake like a sorry loner at 1 in the morning when I’m doing this, but I know I’m not the only one who experiences this. Maybe I am, but I don’t think so.
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6 years ago, Mdiza
Missed opportunities
A shopping app must fundamentally make it simple for customers to find what they need and buy it. This is not really the case with this app. Some of the many problems that come to mind: it forgets what you have in your cart if the app is killed, payment does not offer ApplePay, no ability to see other relevant items (beyond the limited collection). The user interface is crude and does not use iOS native idioms (navigation, selecting an item has odd navigation behaviors),the search system is some alien thing)
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5 years ago, Amex Platinum Cardholder
Password issues persist
Just updated app today after receiving email to do so. App continues to render my password invalid, makes me reset and even now when I go to the website (mobile) it also insists too many password attempts. I’ve had zero password attempts. So frustrating, but I love C&B otherwise. They just need a better tech team :)
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3 years ago, Pokey57
Easy Way To Shop
I love using the App to shop! I can select my items and either have them shipped, delivered or pickup from the store. Curbside pickup is great! I just park in one of many designated parking spaces; call the store, provide my order number, parking space number and my order is brought out and placed in the car (trunk or backseat) - touchless shopping at its best!
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1 year ago, Clothes Girl
Love my store
Love Crate & Barrel always have quality products and great customer service. Wish they didn’t close the store nearest to me. But I have my app. However, I do love walking around the store and finding items I never thought to purchase. Please come back to to the Towson Town Center Mall.
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11 months ago, Lzzzyb
Needs improvement
Downloaded this app to manage my wedding registry and honestly the app experience makes me want to move stuff off my crate and barrel and onto another retailer. It’s so frustrating that I have to log in using my credentials every time I open the app. Face ID guys!! Or at least an option to remember my ID. I love crate and barrel and am still glad I registered here. But the app would benefit from some small improvements. It would go a long way.
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3 years ago, MaggieWilder
Won’t Load/App is Useless
This is my first app review to help save people storage and to tell you to not download this app. The app doesn’t work. You click on registry and the circle loading symbol appears without ever loading anything. Save yourself the phone space and just go online. The worst part is they notify you that people buy things off the registry, but then you can’t see what they buy because the app doesn’t work! I wish I knew about this app or I would have though twice before registering at C&B.
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1 year ago, fit 22 yr old
Can someone please improve this app??
I love Crate and Barrel but this app is the jankiest app I’ve ever used. I’m getting married soon so I’m using it for my registry and it constantly glitches, freezes, crashes, etc. Sometimes I’ll log into my registry account and it’ll say I don’t have anything registered, so then I have to exit the app and sign back in in order for my items to show up. I just honestly expected a smoother experience and design given that it’s Crate & Barrel, but apparently that’s not the case. Please fix it!!
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7 months ago, Hi Iozzo, it’s time
I enjoy using your rewards however, I wish there wasn’t an expiration date so that I could continue to let them grow and get something much bigger that I would rather have. Thank you.
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2 years ago, sbramand
It’s a nice app when it works. We have our wedding registry through crate and barrel so I have the app to keep track of our lists. The app is always crashing. Most of the time when I go to look at my thank you manager it just says “loading” for an indefinite amount of time and I have to end up going to the webpage anyway. I like the interface and layout but there are so many bugs that it makes it frustrating to use.
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3 years ago, BrandenChung
The app is complete trash
The title says it all. No matter how many times I sign in, I’m asked to do it again to view anything related to my account. Viewing individual orders is a crap shoot on whether it will ever open the order details or if it’ll just sit and spin forever. I have to kill off the app at least twice every time I need to use it. Put more attention to the app. Thousands of dollars are spent at your store for furniture, the least you can do is make the app at least halfway functional.
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7 years ago, Hummingboy
Poor Functionality
I’ve just downloaded the app so I could utilize the ‘see in your room’ feature. After snapping a photo with furniture pieces, you have the option to save the image (and send to your mailbox, etc.). Forwarding the image works fine, but trying to save the image results in my phone’s screen going blank and the app closes. I’ve also tried saving several items to a self created list for later retrieval—and the items don’t load. Quite odd. I’m using an iPhone with iOS11 if that helps. Most disappointing.
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3 years ago, samtref
Used to be great, now it’s buggy
This app used to be great but lately it is impossible to load my wedding registry. If I click gift registry it does not load but if I go in through the regular shopping area and click gift registry, it’ll load eventually after several minutes. Not sure what changed but I’m anxiously waiting on an app update to fix the issue
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5 years ago, Effin hoot
It’s an ok app
I downloaded the app because every time I go to the website it only provides me the cost of items if I were living in Canada (which I’m no where near Canada). The app gives the us currency costs, which is great. I was excited to use the “View in Your Room” feature but it does absolutely nothing, except take a photo of my room, I’ve attempted tapping on the screen, holding my finger on the screen, nothing.
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4 years ago, MollyBubblegumPink
Almost works but doesn’t
We are using crate and barrel for our wedding registry. Before going into a store I made an online account and registry. From online you can log in using your google account but there’s no option for that on the app. And the app is how you register in person. So when we went in we had to start over but I couldn’t use my email because someone working there said it was probably causing a glitch since I had already used my email (but I couldn’t login with it here). So we had to start over with our registry. On the app it’s very very slow to browse items and not worth it to me. Easier to do it from a computer or just safari on my phone. Overall felt cumbersome and like it was trying to be helpful but wasn’t.
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4 years ago, alliste76
App is so frustrating
I loathe this app. It’s probably the most frustrating retail apps I have installed on my device. The product search is so annoying. When I click on tables, I don’t necessarily know the collection I want to see. Instead it shows the types first vs just a list of all tables. Same experience with the “get cozy” at home image. When I click on it, I would expect to see fall themed merchandise but, no. Again it takes you to categories first ( wall decor, etc) and then it doesn’t even show fall themed wall decor.
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6 years ago, AwesomePeter
Slow to check out
The app is fine for browsing, but annoying to get past the “Wedding Registry” vs. “Shop” on every launch. More annoying is that it’s slow to enter payment details with no support for Apple Pay and address fields that ignore taps; I almost abandoned my basket in frustration (even the web would have been better as at least Safari would pre-full my address and card there, this app provides no support like that).
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6 months ago, dariatis
No sorting, can’t see all products
The app doesn’t support sorting or filtering your search of any kind. I have this app for over a year and every time I have to switch to website version cause it is impossible to look for items on the app. It’s a shame in 2023 for such an expensive store to not have a good functional app. Please improve it!
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11 months ago, bab777
Lacking basic functionality
Cannot filter. Search isn’t accurate. (Example, choosing to view rugs by size at 5x8 shows rugs at all sizes still in the results page… skus listed multiple times but at all of the other sizes, making the results 5x more to sift though than it should be). Tough to add things to cart or accurately show inventory.
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3 years ago, Cubby1054
Registry Creation not usable
We started a registry on our laptop and when we went into the store, we could not log into the app on our phones. We reset the password and still could not access through the app, but could through a web browser. Since you need the app to scan barcodes, we couldn’t add anything to our registry. We later created a new registry through the app, but cannot add anything to our list by browsing the catalog. Complete waste of time, we will take our registry elsewhere.
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6 years ago, bic02
I have been trying to order from the app and it won’t let me have a billing address and separate shipping address. My mail goes to another town and then to me due to our post office closing. I keep adding new address and it says saved but it doesn’t and always reverts back to my billing. Hard to order anything and I wanted some items in the app that you can’t get on website
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7 years ago, PoweredByH
Modern, Progressive & Truly Mobile
A relevant, modern, easy to navigate application with the least number of steps to achieve the greatest number of activities. Well done and good show! Perhaps Land Of Nod would consider creating a separate branded application as well. Thank you for the opportunity to weigh in.
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1 year ago, Avaio30
Nice looking but poor performance
Like everything this company does, the app is beautiful and really feels premium. The poor performance issues and latency in this app, however, are disappointing and make it really hard to use. The wedding registry part of the app is especially bad. That said, I still use this app and find a lot of value in it.
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2 years ago, Tarqui
No better that the website
I downloaded this app hope to use the AR features to see how the furniture would fit in my room. The application allows you to see the furniture but it doesn’t automatically size or allows you to rotate it. It just has a picture of the furniture overlayed on the picture from your phone. You have to size it yourself and it wont scale up and down as you move nor allow you to see around it. Waste of time.
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6 years ago, Bpep90210
Overall does what it needs to
Overall this app does what you need it to. Load times can be pretty slow at times. I often have to log in multiple times as I get kicked out fairly frequently. I’m also curious why if I’ve logged into the app I then have to re-log into the Thank You Manager. Seems fairly redundant. Lastly, would be a huge win to have Apple Pay.
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2 years ago, Tnmp5f
Registry Doesn’t Work
When I first downloaded the app I was super excited to be able to add stuff to our wedding registry, but after a while the Registry part stopped working. It just says “loading”. I can access the Shop feature but that’s it. When I try to log into the registry feature from the app through my account that doesn’t work either. Super disappointed.
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7 months ago, RollyPoleyPig
Keeps logging me out
I love the app but it keeps logging me out every time I open it. I’m trying to keep track of registry items and now it’s saying I don’t even have an account, or it automatically logs in with one of my gmail accounts and won’t let me choose which account I’d like to sign onto. This might be a bug in the app because my registry is still showing up on the Knot.
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6 years ago, DanyNikole
Low Functionality & Ease of Use
Each time I attempt to save an item as a favorite the app shuts down. I tried this 4 or 5 times in different categories. It would also be helpful to have filtering options within categories. For instance, while viewing flatware I was searching only for sets. Without an ability to filter, one must scroll the full page for the few 20 piece set options available.
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4 years ago, DillonRexford
Glitchy and Inconsistent
Pages freeze often so you have to close out of the app and open back up, losing your search page. Within a search, the back thread to return to the prior page (scrolling position on the page) doesn’t function properly. You’re better off shopping the website from a laptop or desktop because the app is frustrating to use.
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2 years ago, netkrusader
Terribly slow
Have tried using the app several times but ultimately repent using it. It’s terribly slow and keeps on buffering. Also, doesn’t display the item correctly when using AR. I have always force quit the app in frustration and use the website. I wish they would make a decent app out of all the big bucks they charge from the customers.
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3 years ago, Qualquiera
Always buggy, never fixed
If all you want to do is browse products, this app is okay - but you’d do better to just go to the website. It’s just endlessly buggy (and ice been trying to use it for YEARS). One simple but really annoying example: The sign-in doesn’t work, either from the splash page or from “My Account”, so you cannot save favorites or even place orders easily. Conclusion: don’t bother. Waste of phone memory.
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3 years ago, HC1248
One of the worst apps
Truly one of the worst apps I’ve ever had to deal with. It was never that great but recently its only gotten worse. I’m an iPhone user and the app is completely up to date. I got it specifically to manage my wedding registry through CB, but the registry section doesn’t even work, it just buffers on the app Home Screen until I finally give up and just open the website on my computer instead. Please fix it!!!
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