Curb - Request & Pay for Taxis

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Curb Mobility, LLC
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User Reviews for Curb - Request & Pay for Taxis

4.83 out of 5
105.2K Ratings
1 year ago, FlameTamer
Perfectly good if you know what you’re signing up for
I use Curb pretty often both in NYC and Chicago. In NYC, it’s great for getting a cab from Manhattan back to Brooklyn (or around Manhattan), less so for calling a cab to the outer boroughs to begin with. It’s almost always much cheaper than Uber/Lyft, and it’s nice to support taxi cabs, but you do have to not be in a big rush. The cabs often take longer to get to you (unless you’re in a very dense area of Manhattan). But all the cab drivers I’ve been matched with through the app are very accommodating and kind, and often more flexible than Uber/Lyft on some things (e.g. seating 4 passengers in a normal-sized car). I’ve never had any payment problems. In Chicago, it’s a lot more hit and miss, but when it works it’s great! I got a cab to O’Hare from Hyde Park at $30 less than Uber/Lyft were charging. I just knew to expect a ~15 min wait so I planned accordingly. Tl;dr almost always cheaper than Uber/Lyft, but definitely longer wait times & more spotty availability; plan accordingly and you’ll be fine.
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2 years ago, Vulf W
In NYC growing up, I never took yellow cabs because we knew they wouldn’t stop for us, or would refuse to drive us if we were going to Outer Boroughs, or would hike up meters on us. When ride apps got popular I was a huge fan, because drivers had to commit to the ride you requested to a static price you agreed to pay in advance. While Curb does manage to be cheaper than Uber or Lyft by a decent amount, the few times I’ve tried to use it on the past week have felt like dealing with yellow cab racism all over again. These drivers will drop your ride if they see you going to brooklyn (my friend from the bronx has had the same problem), and twice now I’ve been on the phone with a driver using my work voice only for them to drive right past me and cancel when they physically see me. Twice now despite putting in my numbered address, drivers have followed the terrible Curb GPS, tried to drop me off in the wrong place late at night, and then argued with me about it. I’m coping w a back issue getting to and from work in Manhattan and trying to use this for the last two weeks has been depressing. Truly worth just sticking to Uber or Lyft, which obviously have their own problems in excess & ridiculous surges but with way less rider discrimination at the very least. At least I get in a car and get where I asked to go, which I think is the bare minimum to ask from a ride service.
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2 months ago, Haha06
Confusing and extra charges? (DC)
I am form LA and I want to book an early pick up to airport at DC. Since I lost faith in scheduling services with Lyft and Uber, I searched online for ways to book taxi services like the old days. I found this app and the reviews are clearly amazing. I tried to book my ride to DCA, and the estimated fare is shown to be slightly less than 25 dollars. They also provided extra guidance saying this included government fees and other things, but tip can be added at the end of the trip. So far so good. I tried to pay with Apple Pay and received an alert of me been charge ( a hold is placed on my credit card, not exactly a charge ) more than 29 dollars. I was quite surprised and looked back into the app. Apparently, they also charge a 3 dollar booking fee, which I never knew about, which was OK, but would have been better if they directly included it into the estimated fee when showing me the cost. But still, I can do my math, it only bumps up the cost to close to 28 dollars. It should have not been more than 29 dollars. I see trouble and I decided to cancel my booking and go back to try Lyft, which is more expensive. I will see the ‘hold’ of 29+ dollars will be removed from my credit card in a couple of day. I surely hope there will be no cancellation fee since I literally just booked it for 10 seconds.
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1 year ago, BRKLYN_
Competitive price & fast pick-up, but usually wrong.
I am really enjoying the convenience of Curb. The app typically has lower prices than it competitors and the wait time is usually less than 5 minutes. There are a couple tweaks I would make on the app. Curb should give riders the option to enter a pick up location if the location pin is unable to catch the correct address. A lot of my drivers end up going to the opposite end of my block and then say the GPS had them picking up at that address. Along with pick-up confusion, drivers commonly want to confirm the address you are going to. The city I live in is huge, I cannot remember the address of every destination so I typically just type in the name of the establishment. The app will show an address when booking, but when you get in the car and your driver wants to confirm the address is no longer showing on the app. Those are just a couple aspects of the app that I think could improve for consumers convenience. I highly recommend using Curb to all my friends and will continue to use as long as it’s price stays competitive and the ride arrivals timely.
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5 years ago, Doom Owl
Never Again
I was trying to go back to using a taxi instead of Uber or Lyft and my first experience was extremely off - putting and unpleasant. My ride arrived , I confirmed it was my driver, and suddenly as I got in the car, the driver seemed to have disconnected the ride from the app. So, there goes my ride fare estimate, my $5 credit I was planning to use, and now I needed to re-tell him where I was going. Well , we were heading to the destination, his driving sucked and I had to use a panic attack app to breathe properly since so many things were making me uncomfortable at this point. I kept checking the app to see if my ride was being tracked, NOPE. I watched the meter amount go up and up. He asked again where I was going and proceeded to take a turn in the wrong direction where we ended up unnecessarily in heavy traffic. I was so stressed out, I had to call the office where I had the appointment to tell them I’d be late, and I kept saying I’ll get out and walk. He disagreed that we were going the wrong way but we definitely were. Nearly in tears, I arrive at my appointment and the only silver lining is that the charges did not appear on my account since the driver disconnected the ride. He also told me I couldn’t have walked because it’s not good for me. That made no sense. Never again. As they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
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6 years ago, Garbyeller
A good service but one Problem...
The Curb app is easy to use. If you’re in Manhattan, there are many taxis to be had but not as easy to find in the outer boroughs. The one problem I have had both times I have used Curb as an Access-A-Ride (MTA Para-Transit) Customer is this: the first time I ordered a taxi, the driver tried to gouge me an extra $10 dollars because I am in a wheelchair. The taxi is an Accessible Taxi!! I had to call access-a-ride and have a supervisor tell the driver that the fee for Access-a-ride customers is $2.75 Period and that overcharging is Illegal. The second ride I took, the driver pressured me for a tip. Access-ride customers are not supposed to tip. Someone needs to tell drivers driving for access-a-ride that the fee for all rides is $2.75 and that gouging customers is illegal. Of course, they already Know this because they are trained for the program. I don’t want to have to haggle over an Access-A-Ride fee every time I use the service.
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3 years ago, mkoggg
Great but ultimately unsafe
I’ve been loving this app compared to Uber lately as the rates are so much more reasonable and don’t seem to fluctuate near as much as they do on other apps. However, I recently had a bad experience with a driver who was acting inappropriately toward me. He kept asking me on a date despite my repeated rejections and then was asking invasive questions about what time my boyfriend and I leave and come home from work. It was beyond unsettling. When reported to Curb, I was informed that the drivers are not affiliated with, employed or controlled by Curb and that I should contact another entity. That’s all fine and well and I’ll do what’s needed but I’m absolutely thinking twice now about taking Curb rides alone. I know this can happen while getting into any car you’re unfamiliar with, but the fact that Curb can’t hold the drivers responsible for their actions just doesn’t seem safe to me and won’t be worth the risk for me personally. The message from support was sloppily written and there really wasn’t any support provided. Would rather pay more for quality from Uber.
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7 years ago, The god Retrograde
NY and Brooklyn user
I have had no issues with Pair and Pay since I’ve been using it. I love that I don’t have to fumble for cash or signatures while all the impatient drivers behind us leans on their horns. My biggest gripe is setting up a new pickup. GPS always suggests a pick up at the neighboring building and often fights me as I try to correct it to my location. Then despite the fact that I have driven to the SAME location 6 times a day for the past two weeks, it never remembers. It offers a few random locations that I’ve never been to before and tries to guess addresses in neighboring STATES. I have to type out the entire address with city before it suggests the closest option. Sure, first world problems, but I’ve been rushing out to the hospital after a family emergency and I could do without the added stress. Lastly, I wish the customer complaint response was faster but that’s more TLC and less Curb. Out of nearly two dozen identical trips, one driver decided to charge an extra $3. Not a big deal but I still haven’t received a follow up.
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2 years ago, Doorbellqueen
Slow always slow
I’ve been using Curb for a few years now, since before I went to college, and every time it gives me an estimate for when the taxi will get to me it’s almost always a third of how long it’ll actually take. Some drivers can be in a rush for you to get in the car but not in a rush for them to get you anywhere. I had one specifically who called me four times, once when he was on his way, once to ask what side of the street he should park on (he parked on the wrong side anyway?), once when he thought he was 2 minutes away (it was still more like 6), and once when he was there. I was already down but since I was on the other side of the street I told him I was walking over. As I was crossing the street I saw him let a family in his car and drive off! This is a common occurrence and the only saving grace is that as long as the driver cancels your ride another one will automatically be found for you. However, that feature is only all that useful in Manhattan, in Brooklyn where I’m from it can take quite a long time for a car to be found, especially at night.
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3 years ago, gwen342
Could be a competitor to Uber — but needs work...
As I’m sure many people have been experiencing, Uber and Lyft ride fares are through the roof! What used to be a $10 or less ride is now at least double that. I downloaded Curb hopeful that it might offer more reasonable ride fares. I live in Chicago and tried to request a ride on a Saturday night for my boyfriend and I. We were going about a mile and a half back home — walkable, but we definitely would have preferred a ride given it was 11pm. I tried requesting a Curb ride and it wouldn’t confirm after a couple minutes so I canceled. I tried again, no confirmation again, canceled again. Frustrated, we walked home instead of paying the $30 Uber. I then received an automated phone call about 30 minutes later from Curb telling me there were no drivers (which I had gleaned after canceling twice). I tried emailing Curb about my poor experience and didn’t receive any response. Curb, you can have very competitive prices, but don’t offer a driving service if you don’t have drivers available. I live in a major city and was requesting a ride on a Saturday night when there should be lots of drivers available.
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1 year ago, Idkwhattocallmyselfso
Divers Never Show
I’ve been using curb for a while now and I love it, but recently it’s been going down hill. The drivers will straight up ignore your request if you need to go to Brooklyn, and they will never show up either, I’ve spent over 15 minutes on two different occasions waiting LATE at night; they just never come and I have to find my own taxi. On top of that I have gotten fraudulent double charges to my bank account. I canceled a ride yesterday because my driver never showed up and I couldn’t pay for the taxi I managed to hail because Curb had taken $57 out of my account for a ride I had never taken. This app is better than the others that’s for sure, but treating your drivers better and offering a fair wage is the start to fixing the problems that have arisen.
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3 years ago, JessNicoleThig
Great app, RUDE drivers
The app works great and I’m so happy to have the opportunity to support taxi drivers overall. However, I’ve now had several experiences with drivers that went the wrong way or got lost and rudely blamed me for it even though I had entered my destination correctly. Overall the drivers are angry and rude. Last week I had a driver ask me when my baby was due pointed to my belly (for context I am a 30 year old woman who weighs 125 pounds…the driver was clearly making a very unwelcome comment about the form fitting dress I was wearing) Today I was late due to a driver cancelling my ride as I was walking up to the cab because he saw that a gentleman next to me was headed to the airport and he could make more money off of that ride. When I pointed out that I had already booked the taxi and was there first he responded quite rudely and refused to drive me, even though the gentleman going to the airport also said I should have the taxi because I was there first. It’s nice to have immediate access to a cab by using this service but it always seems to come at the price of having to deal with awful interactions with drivers.
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6 years ago, Tiffany Wilczewski
I will stick to Lyft!!!
Last night my friends and I decided to just get in a taxi (a Curb taxi) instead of calling a Lyft to go from Fremont Street to the Wyndham by The Stripe. NEVER AGAIN! I will walk back before I get in a Curb taxi. The driver had no clue where he was going, went the wrong way for at least $10 worth of the ride (got on 15 going the wrong way!).... till someone in my party pulled up a map with directions as he asked us what exit!!! When he realized he didn’t know where we were going he tried to get directions (at least that’s my assumption) while he was driving and dropped his cell phone and proceeded to pick it up WHILE still driving!!!! I lost count of the number of beeps his lane crosser made as he drifted in and out of the lane he was in. He was constantly speeding then suddenly slowing down which made a very jerky ride! I don’t get car sick.... and he almost made me toss my cookies! When confronted at the end of the ride about the going the wrong way he made excuses and insisted on the metered rate. $41 for the worst ride ever! I will take my business back to Lyft, they at least know where they are going, and don’t rip you off!
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4 years ago, LindsayLu2
So I have used this app twice. Neither time did it accurately locate me. The first time, the app told me my driver was 8 minutes away. Then it froze. I called my driver (not 8 minutes later) to tell him that the app had incorrectly located me, and he told me he had already arrived. I had hit “cancel” while the app was frozen not realizing that it would cancel the ride, particularly without any kind of “are you sure you want to cancel?” warning. Then I figured, well I’m standing right next to the taxi. If I request the ride again, it will pair me with this driver. Nope. It kept giving me people 5, 8, etc. minutes away. WHY?! Then the app disabled my account because I canceled those rides (seconds after requesting them). My partner then paired his to the taxi, but I was trying to use a promo, which, it turns out, is not allowed with the pair function. The only way to re-enable the account is to send an email (no number to call). And they only work business hours. So no way to fix it. I’d like to see yellow cabs have a good app, but this is definitely nowhere near an app like Lyft or Uber.
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2 years ago, BulbDefender
Cab # 1238 is a BAD APPLE!! Here’s why…
I booked this accessible cab on CURB @ 11:36 AM last Thursday. It said it would be to me in 7 minutes and as it started counting down, I headed out the door. When I got outside the cab was 3 minutes away, and suddenly it was 10 minutes and counting. Each time he started getting close the time would jump up again, and I thought maybe he was having trouble finding me. So I called and was connected to my driver who first asked me to call CURB’s hub base, then thought twice and said he would call because “They need to send someone closer than me. I’ll call you back.” It was getting later, and I needed to get to PT. So when he failed to call me back, I called CURB, who directed my call back to CAB 1238, whose driver HUNG UP ON ME!! The CAB 1238 Never Came, Never Called Back, and Hung Up on Me! The worst thing he did was that this BAD APPLE kept me linked to his Cab for almost an hour until I gave up because I was still on the curb at the start of my PT appointment. CAB DRIVER 1238 caused me to miss my PTthat day, and I don’t think he should be allowed to abuse the CURB APPin that way.
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2 years ago, Beandip747
The app was easy to use. I used it to schedule a ride for after a concert for my wife and I. We were at our pick-up location 10 minutes before our 15-minute window began. Once the pick-up window commenced and I did not see our ride, I scrambled to find the dispatch company’s contact information (there is NO means to contact the company or your driver through the app - SUPER frustrating). I connect with the taxi company letting them know we are waiting for our ride but don’t see anyone. While we’re on the phone, I get a notification from the Curb app that the driver cancelled our ride — this happens DURING our 15-minute pick-up window. After multiple transfers and nobody being able to help us get a ride, I learned that the driver cancelled the ride because “we didn’t show up” WHICH WAS A COMPLETE FABRICATION and like I said DURING the pick-up window. We were then stranded 30 miles from home and forced to pay a ridiculous amount for a Lyft… however, despite paying $100 more for a Lyft, I’ll NEVER use Curb again. At least Lyft actually showed up…
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8 months ago, Mean Green Scrappy
Taken for in New Orleans
Used this app for the first time in New Orleans to get a downtown ride that was about a mile long. Was quoted an estimate of around $6.00 for a metered cab ride. Got to the end of the ride and the drive asked me how I would be paying and I said I used the app. That turned into him messing around on his phone for 5 minutes and he ended up charging me a $25 flat rate with a $5 tip for himself. Reached out to Curb for help and they did nothing to make this right. Said they couldn’t reach the cab driver to talk to him about it so I was just screwed. Also used the app to take a cab to the airport. Got to the airport and that cab driver canceled the trip in the app and just used his own payment system to charge me. So he used the app to get the ride but didn’t use the app to take payment. At least this one charged me the proper airport amount. Useless app that allows cab drivers to take advantage of you and Curb won’t have your back when it happens. Better off just Googling a local cab and calling so there is no funny business with this app.
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1 year ago, KTC GNM
Do not use in Washington D.C.
This app and service doesn’t work in the D.C. area even though the map and icons indicate drivers are available. I’m not sure if they don’t have enough participation or if it’s an issue with the app itself. We tried using Curb for both an immediate request for a ride and scheduling a day in advance. It never paired us with a driver for either request. They debited my card for the advance reservation for a ride to the airport and at pick-up time, 18+ hours after I requested it, we still had no driver. The app map also showed zero cabs near our address close to the Navy Yard that morning when there had been several the afternoon on the prior day. Maybe those drivers only work certain hours?? Thankfully Uber came through to get us to the airport in time. I received zero notifications, emails, texts that no driver was assigned to us. Only place it indicated was in the app itself. I had all the settings configured to allow these. It may work in other cities, so my review is specific to problems in Washington D.C.
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7 years ago, Jen VW
Stole My Money
I had been using Curb for a while in NYC, felt it was convenient outside of the fact that it hits your account for $20 every time you use it (then credits it back usually within a day). But then one day last month I attempted to use it and the app wouldn’t load by the time the trip was over, so I paid with cash. Then I got a receipt for someone else’s $50 cab ride!!! Made perfect sense what had happened, since the pickup point was steps from where I’d been dropped off...the app had loaded in time to pay for the next ride in that cab. This is a tech error that should not be allowed. But to make matters worse, the Curb service person who contacted me after I disputed the charge with my bank (I wasn’t about to argue with someone there BEFORE retrieving my stolen money) was skeptical about the story and asked if I was certain I hadn’t taken that trip. And my account was suspended, as if I wanted to use that crappy service again. So, in summary, flawed tech could take your money and you’ll have to deal with rude customer care people if you want it back. Just Apple Pay.
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6 years ago, Squashbuckling Hero
Very good but needs some minor improvements
As a frequent user of Uber back home in Seattle (because it makes more sense), I was very impressed with this app. I used it while traveling in NYC for the first time and am too safety minded to just hop in some random person’s car in NYC (no offense) and too nervous at the idea of hailing a cab. I downloaded this app immediately to help expedite the payment process, but also liked the request feature. I would suggest that similar to Uber, you include the destination in the map if I pair after I’ve already gotten in a cab. Also, it’s not immediately clear that your app works with various cabs. Some cabs have your logo while others advertise other apps - but your app worked just fine on those that promoted the other applications. There may be some missed revenue here for you guys if others make the same assumption and use your competitors instead...
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2 years ago, Gmangsxr750
Great option for rides
I travel for work and sometimes taxis can be difficult to get if you’re just waiting for one to appear. Having this app puts them in direct competition with Uber and Lyft. Except taxis are still regulated by the cities and not allowed to price gouge or upcharge you premium rates during busy times. So in my opinion this is a perfect option because taxis are more abundant and you know you’re getting the best rates by law. Recently traveled to Chicago for work and every time we tried to Uber the price was like $60-$70, and the taxis were always $14 consistently. Very happy with this option and will always try to Curb over the other two unless necessary
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4 years ago, Bob601 G.
Different destinations
Used app to book an early pickup from LaGuardia. Driver spoke limited English. He took me to a destination that was about a mile or so away from airport. He said that was what destination was and I said no it’s airport. His English was weak so we had small communication issue but he took me to airport and problem was fixed. Not sure why his end showed different destination. I would recommend that customers submit final destination in “ driver notes” section. I put my phone number and pickup location there (but not destination) and he did call when he was at hotel and I appreciated that. I would definitely use app again but suggest that customers put pickup area ( hotel in my case), your phone number, and final destination just to double verify. If you have a driver with limited English as I did it may save you a miscommunication problem on pick ups and drop offs.
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3 years ago, Peachesxcream
This app is just a big NO. I tried to get a ride from Chicago IL to Harvey IL *which is right outside the city*. I made an account as instructed and proceeded to book my ride. Long story short, after adding the pickup and drop off location along with my card, I tried to hit *book ride* and it wouldn’t let me. The book ride option was grey. I don’t know if that’s normal but after 30 minutes of me getting irritated and logging in and out, I was told that my account was disabled or something. Never booked a ride and I never canceled. Not sure but ever since yesterday April 17th at 3pm, I have been unable to log into my account. I contacted customer support so I’m hoping they’ll hurry up. This app says it services Chicago but I don’t know if it meant Chicago land area as well. I figured that would’ve been fine, since taxis go EVERYWHERE. Well I thought they did. Guess not. I honestly just want to delete my account. If I’m not able to book rides, then I don’t want to just have my info in this apps hands.
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6 years ago, PDC Larry
Does it put your credit card at risk?
I’ve used this app 3 times. A day or two after each use fraudulent transactions appeared on the registered credit card. That’s 3 times I’ve had to cancel the card, replace it, and change the dozen or so automatic monthly charges against the card. A real pain. Fortunately the card issuer caught all of the fraud, so I didn’t have any losses other than my time. To quote Auric Goldfinger, “once is happenstance, twice coincidence, third time is enemy action”. These are the only 3 times I have had fraudulent charges on this card. Coincidence? Your guess is as good as mine. But I’m not trying for a fourth. UPDATE: Curb contacted me and suggested it was their preauthorizations I was seeing. As my card issuer cancelled the card because of fraudulent transactions from California and Mexico that is not the answer. But the bottom line - even if the card fraud is a coincidence, Curb offers nothing that I can’t get from Uber or Lyft in summoning a cab, charges an additional fee, and is no more convenient than Apple Pay which is completely secure.
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2 years ago, WightCrow
A good option, but wouldn’t rely on it
Curb is only okay. It’s a ride share service like any other, and the one big bonus is that sometimes it’s quite a bit cheaper than Lyft/Uber. That doesn’t matter, however, if you can’t get a ride—which is often the case. Many times the app has said I’d have to wait between 1-5 minutes for a car, only to take more than 20 minutes to try to find a ride before I cancelled out and used a more reliable app. I’ve been late many times because of this. I live in a major metropolitan area, so this has to be an app issue, as there’s no shortage of taxis here. Tl;dr: when it works and is cheap, it’s good; otherwise it’s a bit of a nightmare. I’ve also found the drivers to be ruder than the drivers for Uber/Lyft, which is odd. All in all, this app is a good backup, but I rarely use it and definitely wouldn’t rely on it.
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5 years ago, Orgildinho
Don’t use it!!!
I usually use Uber or Lyft, but I decided to get a taxi because of the professionalism. So I download the app, called a taxi first time through it. The app charged me $20 before I call the taxi, I said ok, then app called the nearest taxi but the taxi that I called wasn’t moving on the map. I waited and waited then I had to cancel it. I tried it again this time they charged another $20. I was surprised, but it is a program it is not perfect, so I thought ok maybe I’m eligible to use it for another rides. This time the taxi came, and the driver took me the destination. When I tried to get off the taxi the driver told me “your payment didn’t go through” I said “wait, the app already charged me twice $20, and it is only $11 ride!” so when I checked the phone I was already signed off, then I couldn’t sign back in. I had to pay cash to the driver. Then I emailed to their customer service, they replied me we will fix the problem. I still couldn’t sign in after three days so I replied them I need refund, now they don’t reply me.
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7 months ago, Adele8498
Do not go with this company!!
I took this taxi service in September and had a bad experience for my first time driving with them. The taxi driver did not drop me off at the right location and I and a 6 minute walk in Las Vegas. As a female that is dangerous. As a taxi driver they should know where to drop me off. I emailed the company because the phone number listed always goes to voicemail and they do not have a chat or customer service number that you can call. They apologized for the inconvenience and refunded me my money. Well two months later on 11/7 they recharged the same fee from that day. I emailed the company and asked them why and they said that they couldn’t refund me because the driver wanted to be paid. Well the driver should be a better driver. He didn’t deserve to be paid anything. Anyway what kind of explanation is that? That makes no sense. They recharged me without my consent. That is stealing and they are being Indian givers. DO NKT GO WITH THIS COMPANY BECAUSE THE SAME THING CAN HAPPEN TO YOU.
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6 years ago, InvestrRdr
I like it, but...
Curb saves time when it’s working as it’s supposed to; I like having my credit card stored so I use it to arrange payment when I get in the taxi and then don’t have to spend the extra time at the end of the trip—I can just exit the taxi when it stops, though I usually have to wait an extra 30 seconds for the payment to process, which is irksome. BUT too often I get in the cab, open the app, and instead of seeing the “Pair and Pay” button I get a screen saying “No taxis available “ and “schedule a pickup” and have to wait until the app decides to show the Pair & Pay button, which is annoying. There’s no menu option to get the Pair & Pay option; I just have to wait and stare at the screen. This can’t be a difficult fix, so please do it! Also, why don’t the drivers seem to realize when I’ve used Curb to pay without my telling them?
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5 years ago, gaflick_57
Rotten experience (edited, affirmed)
I’ve updated this review “slightly” after finding the developer’s response below. Their response is TOTALLY off base. You’d have to be an idiot to think it’s meaningful. A support email FINALLY was received on Monday, after I was back home in Chicago, but I‘d tried to use the app in Austin, TX Saturday night and was left totally hanging. My experience echoes several other critical reviews. On attempting to set up my account, I could not finish selection of my Visa card that was checked with a blue check mark. The app simply froze. Notes on the app update of a couple days ago supposedly fixed this bug! After quitting the app and re-entering my user info, I requested a cab, but the map jumped as I was verifying pickup address, so I had to cancel that ride. On rebooking, the app couldn’t find a driver nearby and timed out. Then my account was “temporarily” frozen. I wrote to support, which was of absolutely no real-time help. So here I was in an unfamiliar city during a driving rainstorm, with a $20 temporary authorization on my Visa, and frozen out of the app. I decided to wait-out the downpour and eventually was able to walk back to my hotel. After back in my room and still locked out of the app with no effective support response, I wrote back to them: “I don’t normally communicate with people in the following manner; however, as far as I’m concerned, you all can suffer a miserable torment burning in hell for eternity!”
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3 years ago, MotleeKruez
No thank you!
I’m on a week vacation in NYC. I took my elderly grandmother who doesn’t get around well & my mother to see my equally elderly great aunt yesterday. The app says to call for a larger car, so I did. The customer service rep didn’t know what I was talking about, I had to order a car & wasn’t able to confirm the charge THEY billed MY credit card. Despite this, we got there. When we left, I cancelled a ride I requested because it took awhile to connect to a driver & I had to get on an elevator. By the time I got out of the elevator, I was logged out of the app & it LOCKED ME OUT after ONE typo of my password. I called customer service, they wouldn’t help me because I had to send an email. I sent an email. Nothing. Not even an auto response. Whatever they did locked me out of using my credit card completely & for ANY car service online. What should have been a 30 min taxi ride took 3+ hours to get my grandma home. I sent another email this morning advising I will make sure to review this appropriately. I finally got an auto response this afternoon they are busy & will get back to me when they can. The app works, but if you have ANY 👏🏽 TROUBLE 👏🏽 AT 👏🏽 ALL👏🏽 there is NO 👏🏽 SUPPORT 👏🏽 to help you in a strange city with an elderly grandmother. I will risk not finding a taxi to hail the old fashioned way to get to the airport before I ever use this service again. NO THANK YOU. 😡
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1 year ago, LuchoDE
Very inflexible app and drivers are not trained to deal with quirks
I have used this app several times and worked fine until I found the hard way that the app does not allow to enter a stop. When I tried to changed my final destination to one a few minutes on the way, the app would have an error message and it would not let me change it, even though I agreed to the different price charged. The driver was even more inflexible and refused to let me get off before my final destination, even though I asked him to end the ride. He suggested that next time I take an Uber or call a cab instead!! I was IN the cab trying to get to my house. It was expensive, made my commute MUCH longer and it the inflexibility and lack of understanding of the drivee in addition of the app limitations and error messages and glitches, made this a very stressful and unpleasant experience. Outrageous!
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2 years ago, TheKarateKidd
Nice alternative to Uber and Lyft
Those got so expensive that it's nice to have a cheaper alternative and support traditional NYC cabs. There's 3 drawbacks though: 1.) Pickup time estimate was off. 2 minutes was really 10, and in the freezing cold that's a huge difference. The app didn't accurately show where the cab actually was on the map. 2.) App is VERY pushy with tipping. Don't auto charge 20% by default unless I notice and change it. How dare you. I'm an excellent tipper, but it has to be at MY own doing. I want to support the drivers, but how about lowering their ridiculously expensive cab medallion costs if the cab operators actually care about their well being instead of forcing tips? 3.) You get a typical worn out, scuzzy feeling NYC cab. I paid $30 instead of $40 elsewhere so the savings was worth it, but you get what you pay for.
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4 years ago, EricRossAllen
AVOID CURB! I do NOT recommend using the CURB TAXI APP. Yes, it is convenient, and seemingly brings the grumpy taxi-cab world up into the 2000s on par with an Uber pay-by-smartphone experience. But twice in recent months, the app has not worked when I’ve gotten out of taxis in both NYC and Miami. The Curb app stalled and wouldn’t confirm the transaction -- both cabbies said it was a cell phone connectivity issue and asked to be paid in cash. Cabbies said “since I don’t have a connection you can’t pay by regular credit card either.” In both cases, I paid cash, and in both cases, the CURB app later charged my card for the completed ride, meaning I paid twice for each fare. There is no customer service feature at Curb that handles these issues in any way. In both cases, I’ve had to dispute the charge with American Express, who also said they received no response from their inquiry to Curb and just refunded my disputed money to avoid further hassle. AVOID CURB!
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2 years ago, JD_jrlong
Tried Twice & Failed
I tried this app to schedule a taxi like you do with Uber or Lyft. Once for international travel and another time for domestic travel. Both times, leading up to my ride, it states, your ride will be here in X minutes. But then when my window of departure comes it says, requesting your ride. We’re looking for the nearest driver. When you used to call and schedule a taxi, the taxi just came at the time you wanted. I thought this was going to be similar, but I have been sadly mistaken twice and resorted to other ride-share apps like Uber or Lyft. When I live further away from a city center, these requested rides should just be scheduled with someone. I want to support regular taxi drivers, but I can’t if they app never connects me to a driver. The app is useful when I get in a taxi that has it from the airport or whatever. But I have not found it useful otherwise. Will not try it again for on my way somewhere.
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6 years ago, emtdens
Address problem
I live in a high-rise attached building. The building numbers are 100 and 120. When I put in the address 100 ________ it will not accept the number. I have to use 120 ______. I have complained many times and the problem still is exist. I was advised to take a screen shot on my address and email it to them, which I did. The GPS acknowledged the other number of 120 and it has suggested 133 ______ which is across the street. Unfortunately that is a parking garage. I believe it is the satellites/GPS or the location finder in the privacy settings on the iPhone X. Also there have been similar problem in Manhattan the GPS and traffic regulations. I have to cross the street with my Rollator Walker. It is door-to-door service.
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6 years ago, Soundman245
what is going on
Curb has been great until recently, now I can never seem to “pair and pay”. it either spins forever or I get an outright trip not found or we’re sorry error. It is not my phone. is it the individual taxi transponders? Update: Now the app, even when paired, displays the forever spinning lockwasher as I call it, and never displays the map. and again recently i was unable to pair with a taxi at all and had to cancel the app and pay with a card. This is frustrating because I would like to let my son who has special needs use curb, but it is not nearly dependable enough to trust it for him. too difficult to to switch to a different card for one ride only, as for a business trip.
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4 years ago, SherDee
The App Needs Fixing
The status of the taxi did not change on two different days. For example, the estimated time stayed at 10 minutes, and did not change the location of the taxi. It did not show the taxi’s direction of travel. I saw the taxi and the app still said 10 minutes. In another incident, the time stayed at 15 minutes, and eventually changed to one minute, but the one minute location showed the taxi in the middle of an expressway, which was no where near my pickup destination. Each time I told the taxi driver about the app. One taxi driver said the app cancels their rides, which has happened to me too. Some drivers will continue to the location, to find the client used the app to request another taxi, who takes the fare because they are the last taxi on the app. The same drive said a lot of taxi driver do not use the app because of application errors. He asked me to add this problem, when I write my review.
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6 years ago, Kwiqone
I thought the app would be quick and easy...
I downloaded and setup CURB while taking a cab from Rio to the Paris Casino. Account setup and pairing with the cab went fairly easy. When we arrived the app would not allow me to progress to the pay confirmation screen (I assume this is a thing considering I never saw this part of the app). We waited as long as we could and decided to pay the driver with cash. So I pressed the "Cancel Trip" button on the screen which seemed to work and cancelled the transaction. Or so I thought. The next day I see a charge on my PayPal account and via email from CURB. So at this point I've paid twice for this cab ride. It wouldn't be a problem if it was my mistake, but both myself and the cab driver witness the cancellation via the app. What makes things worse is that I have e-mailed customer support and have yet to hear back after 2+ days. I'm hoping this review gets more attention and that I get my money back.
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9 months ago, roundana0612
Extra charges without consent
I usually take Uber/Lyft, but decided to give Curb a try because it seemed cheaper. Key word: seemed. Uber factors in traffic and airport costs into how much they charge you for the ride, but Curb added costs after I was on the ride. Furthermore, they added tip without me consenting to it. I tipped my cab driver 20% in cash only to get a receipt with minimum 20% tip already added in. Not once was I asked to agree to that. I only found out after the fact that their default is 20% with the other two options being 25% or 30%. You can set your own, but that was only made clear AFTER I got the receipt. Their map also malfunctions constantly- it gave my driver the wrong address and the application showed the driver 20 minutes away when they were on my block. You can’t expect taxi cabs to keep up with Uber and Lyft if they’re using shady practices and faulty software.
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5 years ago, oJMAo
Dubious reviews and Marginal service
I have been using this app for a year or so, when it works it’s great. But the service/app working is at best a 50/50 proposition. When not trying to rip you off with their auto-mandated “cashless payment system” which annoyingly you have to turn off EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU USE THE APP. The location service in the app will show a driver parked on your front steps but are actually 5 minutes away. Or they say they are 1 minute away which turns into 10. Clearly not the drivers’ fault but that of shoddy technology in app. Additionally, after reading through a good portion of the reviews trying to figure out if I am the problem or the app itself. A TON of purchased/fake positive reviews. Gave two stars because when it works it’s nice but again that’s a 50/50 shot in the dark. It’s best to just call the cab companies directly and setup a pick up.
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9 months ago, Miles202
Couldn’t connect with cab but was charged regardless; support, not responsive
I was eager to try Curb because I have become increasingly frustrated with Lyft and Uber - the long wait times for vehicles and inconsistent vehicle quality. I used Curb for the first time while staying at a hotel. I requested a cab through the app and thought I had entered the correct cab. I marked in the app that I was in the cab, but then realized it was the wrong one. I got out and looked around for the cab I had requested, but there were no other cabs there. However, I could see in the app that the meter was running even though I was not in the cab. The Curb app did not provide any way for me to communicate with the driver or resolve the issue. I watched helplessly as the app assumed the ride was in progress. I was frustrated when the ride ended with a $22 charge even though the requested cab was nowhere to be found. I emailed Curb support to resolve the issue. The only response was a template saying I was not charged, just a hold on my card. However, I can see it was in fact a charge, not a hold. I would’ve liked to of resolved the issue and gotten things on track so I could consider the service again but instead remove my payment methods from the account so it’s not to be charged further.
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3 years ago, donnargny
If I could give 0 stars I would believe me don’t use this app
Please don’t use this app go to Uber or Lyft yes curb might show cheaper but they are going to charge you twice ones on the app and ones you get in the driver try blocking the meter with his hand and said oh this nothing this for us only I didn’t understand what he was saying then he press a button on that meter thing and boost up the price and at the end of the ride were it says thanks for using curb car service and shows you how much your fare is he put his hand in the way and try making me look another way saying oh this is a nice house making me take my eyes off the screen that’s on the back of the driver seat then at the end they charge your card you have on file in the app without your say so then at the end of the ride they log you out of the app an it’s impossible to reach customer service I will never never again use this app
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1 year ago, Mr. Al!
A good idea, but way too unreliable
It seems as if you will always get a van even if you do request a car. My friend and I have difficulty climbing into vans and we will looking forward to being able to get a real car but this turned out not to be the case. Our first ride had a nice and helpful driver, who allowed me to sit in the front, but the second driver should be fired immediately. He was completely unhelpful and on top of it, he went the wrong way, including going down a one-way street in the wrong direction. He also charged two full fares for us. Where is the first driver only charged an additional token passenger extra passenger fee. This could be a great ride sharing service, but they need to work out the kinks, including having a real person to do your bookings especially if you have a special need such is a mobility one or a visually impaired one.
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5 years ago, FrenchieFriend
Is this supposed to work
I just downloaded the app, no problem. Thought I would try it out just to see how it works so that I am not in a panic if and when I would really need it. Pretty much it just sits there frozen no matter what button I push after I indicate my location and destination. I have signed up as a member, entered my credit card information (with some trepidation since this company is unfamiliar to me, and still nothing. I’ve tried “request taxi” and “ride later” ... still no response to any button pushed. I think I am going to go ahead and delete this app, and hopefully I have not revealed my credit information to this shady outfit. Oh, and the help button is no help at all. Fortunately I do have a reliable taxi cab service in my hometown which is where I am right now, but this is telling me that I cannot trust this app to identify a suitable taxi if I am in a strange town. Too bad.
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3 years ago, Rwinkdopey
Apple Pay in this app never works
The app states that you can use Apple Pay but recommends adding a second form of payment, it always uses the second from of payment. If you remove the second form of payment and only select ApplePay it will tell you to add a credit card to the app because the ApplePay charge failed. The developer kindly explained that the issue is probably with the reader in the taxi, this is NOT the case. When using this app to pay for a Taxi, not using the Taxi reader, using the app directly it WILL NOT ever use Apple Pay it will always use the credit card that you MUST add to the app because trying to use Apple Pay always fails with the app telling you to add a credit card directly to the app.
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2 years ago, Rayrr
Good but needs some updates
I like the accessibility to taxis on the app living in the suburbs of Chicago. Feel more comfortable in a taxi than Uber at certain times of day or in certain situations. But it’s frustrating that you can’t call the driver directly and that the messaging capability isn’t 2 way. The character limit on the message is also crazy small so you have to abbreviate and drivers often get confused. Lastly, I really wish the app gave me an ETA to my destination during the drive. I constantly have Google Maps also open when using this app to see what time I’ll likely be arriving at my destination. Convenient access to taxis but missing some key features that make it a little frustrating.
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6 years ago, TheKerryHatcher
Cool idea, bad experience
Emailed Support, waiting on a response. 1. Taxi number didn’t match number in app. I know it was the correct taxi because I talked with him on phone when he couldn’t find me. Also the driver’s name matched and he showed me my name on his dispatch app. 2. Driver was dispatched to wrong location several blocks away. He had to call me to figure it out. 3. Price was more than double the estimate. $4 esitmate, $10 fair. Receipt attached. 4. Driver didn’t know how the Curb payment process worked. He called his manager who required me to pay him directly because I didn’t have a curb “confirmation number”. This left me standing in middle of road waiting and him blocking traffic. 5. ETA was very wrong. Originally said 9min, took ~20min. Once he called me then it took him about 7min to arrive. 6. Taxi car icon on map obviously didn’t accurately show cab’s location. 7. Once trip was over, Curb app prompted me that ride has just started and asked if I was in cab. I responded no and the app instructed me to cancel the ride. 8. Once I canceled the ride, the app crashed and took me back to login screen. When I tried to login to figure out what happened, the app alerted me that my account was suspended and to email support.
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2 years ago, Kenstevens1067
Doesn’t actually facilitate transportation
I attempted to used Curb for two rides in the metro Washington DC area. When I attempted the first booking, I gave up after ten minutes of the app attempting to find a driver. For the second booking, I requested a cab 90 minutes in advance. When the driver was three minutes away, the driver appeared to have been reassigned, and the app said it was now looking for a new driver; expected wait time was 45 minutes. This app is a good idea, but there are too few rides available, and booking is unreliable. I am also not sure how much cheaper this is than just calling a cab on the phone. Grab does the same thing as Curb in Southeast Asia, but they are FAR more reliable and fast. Curb may be useful in the future, but it isn’t useful in its current state.
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4 years ago, She Tay Tay
Glitchy and inconsistent
I like pairing a cab I hail but the hailing feature is inconsistent at best. The map never updates where the cab is if it’s coming, and I have had more than a few cabs pick up an in person fare while on the way to me, which means I then have to disconnect that ride and then ask for another, which obviously adds a lot more time! (I use Curb to get away from ride sharing but to give those companies credit that doesn’t happen with them.) Also tonight my husband used it, the cab driver disconnected or something, and now keeps calling us that he didn’t get paid, and the Curb app can’t find our ride in the history even though it’s there. There has to be an easier way for cab drivers to use it, since it always seems like it’s a gamble if it has gone through at the end.
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6 years ago, Lance Nimrod
Great app until it quits working and no support from developer
This app worked extremely well in NYC until it quit, showing a message that my account had been temporarily suspended and to contact support, which I did — no response. This all happened when it was pouring rain and I really hoped I wouldn’t have to get soaked to hail a cab. I also got an email saying a credit card charge had been refused and to go into the app to fix it. The card is good and I can’t get into the app, so I contacted support about this as well. No response. I’ve been trying to use this to support a cab industry in NYC that’s been hurt by Uber but maybe I made a mistake. Uber works. If you read this, Curb, you need some fixes or at least some support because even people like me who are inclined to use cabs instead of Uber have a limit. ADDENDUM: I did ultimately get a response from Curb and resolved my problem.
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