Currency converter calculator!

4.8 (34K)
6.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Aleksei Mezhevikin
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Currency converter calculator!

4.77 out of 5
34K Ratings
5 months ago, Dude on the East side
I love this thing!!!
It has to be the best thing since sliced bread. Always having to quickly convert money, I always had issues with getting it right. This app has saved so much time, it’s incredible. And also has the most current exchange. Thank you folks for the app.
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2 years ago, Mike- Ventura CA
Love it
I used it in Mexico and I’m Africa! It’s a life savior to say the least!!! Plus you and add your totals if needing to add in a foreign currency- it will also update daily the exchange rate if you have service available. BUT still works with no service or airplane mode! I went with a group to Africa and everyone needed to use my app
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2 years ago, anolesman
Lets Go
Been to Europe many times. This calculator would have been great to have. I remember money changers on almost every street. Europe is looseing it's old charm. I remember when we use to look for a McDonalds just to have a American coffee, not anymore, one on every street now. But yes I would go back.
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7 months ago, GnRyushi
Great Converter
This is an amazing tool. I don't know where they get the conversion data from but this is fast and convenient. I don't have to load up a web page and all that. Just open the app and leave it there. Great tool.
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2 years ago, Alaskan Mr C
Nice but…
It works fine but the ads pop up while your are trying to enter the numbers. When they are long numbers I had to pop back over to my other app that I was converting from to see what the numbers were again. Doing it once would be fine but having to do it several times per conversion is annoying and makes the app not worth while. I will look to find something else that can give me current conversions on the fly.
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9 months ago, Wellinformed
Easy interface for multiple country travel
So easy to use! Looks like native Apple calculator…Set the relevant currency(s) and then just put in a local value to see equivalent home country value. Quick and easy! Thanks!
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7 months ago, DougCDLinAZ
Worth paying for
I work and travel in foreign countries on a regular bases, I use and depend on this app multiple times everyday. Its well worth the modest cost to get rid of the annoying ads and help support the app creator. Highly recommend.
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6 months ago, PalmettoDub
Ok, I get that ads pay for apps but… while in Costa Rica, multiple times standing at the register or sales counter, trying to get a cost, it would go to ads and have restarted but had to super quickly put in numbers. Most times, I had to do it a few times to get a total. Super frustrating!!!
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2 years ago, MeatBeater6996
Amazing app
I NEVER write reviews but this one deserves it. This is so easy to use and fast. It’ll automatically update the currency throughout the day which helps a lot. Used it for Mexico and this thing is a life saver.
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8 months ago, Bardfly
Best Currency Converter App
I’ve had many currency conversion apps but this one is the easiest to use for converting currencies, adding new currencies and for its simplicity. The few extra dollars a year for removing ads are a worthwhile investment, too.
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5 months ago, DominicHolmes
Good app, really annoying ads
Of course the app is ad-supported, but the ads are extremely annoying. I open my phone in a shop to get a conversion, and I have to wait for a full-screen ad for some mobile game. Feels like the app is punishing you for trying to use it. There’s a way to do ads without making them this annoying.
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3 years ago, zorybony
Easy to use no problems , friendly user even a child can use it , great app, would recommend it to friend and family’s.
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8 months ago, Andy2012200
Works great
Works great, simple input and can be used quickly. Only shows ads when you have wifi.
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2 years ago, blueyah
Very helpful
I love it, for the fact that I can how much I’m giving away to friends and family and save you so much of your money at the same time.
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1 year ago, ezzelife
So great when traveling
Love this app to quickly convert my $ currency exchange rate to the country that I’m in! It might not be exact for the merchant you are buying from - but close enough!
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1 year ago, ianw58
App = Fantastic. Ads = really bad
The app is great! The ads are a problem. They lock up and make the app useless. I don’t mind ads and understand that 5 seconds of watching an ad. Fighting for 5 minutes to close the ad makes this useless. I was thinking of upgrading to purchase, but, not after the last lock up.
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2 years ago, Abbas_Fathy
Excellent application
am currently using it to convert currency. I am using it as an application program for mine different purchases. I recommend it for everyone.
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2 years ago, hsidnffhifv
Very easy to use
We are curently in korea and this has become the best tool for when we go out and try to purchase things.
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3 years ago, nycjoe
Easy and convenient app
I keep this app nect to my calculator along with my other apps and I find it accurate and easy to use, happy with the app
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3 months ago, SkylanderChampion
Great for the first week, then worthless
I used to convert currencies on Mac's calculator but the currency converter stopped working so I needed an alternative. Found this and for the first week it was fantastic. However, it is now telling me I need to pay in order to convert more currencies. I need to be able to switch between currencies for work so now it is worthless.
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1 month ago, lieu1803
Great help
I have used this many times and find it very helpful. Would defiantly recommend it.
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5 months ago, Koka 123
Great application!
This application is great! It’s worth downloading it. You only get ads once in a while, which is easy to close it.
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7 months ago, NYCDeke
Handy and Quick
Very easy to use with tasteful graphics and no-hassle interface.
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2 months ago, HappyShopper247
Super Useful
It’s great to have when traveling. Makes it easy to figure out cost to your home currency.
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10 months ago, Real Lover Boy
On the app, advertisements have started popping up, but I can't get rid of them. And they pop up in Chinese instead of English. These advertisements are annoying, so if they continue to pop up in Chinese, and I can't remove them, I'm going to find another app.
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2 years ago, LP388
cannot change currency after inital selection
I have checked "help" for infromation to change the selected currency. I can find instructions to move a currency's position in the currency list. However, each time I attempt to change the currency, I am asked to purchase the premium version of the app. Really?!
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5 months ago, CaptainClaud89
Useful when traveling
This is a Great application to have when you travel
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2 years ago, VB-Villa-Hills
Quick and easy to use!
This is by far the most helpful travel tool I have ever used.
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1 year ago, Dr.Why?
Ads are annoying but it gives accurate conversions
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2 weeks ago, Jumping 123
Easy to use
Many different options in currency to use great calculator
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1 year ago, Toady beaver
Converter app
I love this app! It is really useful and is easy to use. If you are going on vacation in another country, this is a must-have app.
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4 months ago, DigitalNomad1
Constant ads with sound
This was a good app until it started pushing an ad on each use. The ads come with sound on, which is startling and embarrassing in certain settings. There are too many similar apps out there. Deleting this one.
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1 year ago, raptor51pro
Good app, but it just becomes irritating when the ads start running
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3 years ago, All For The New
Missing Something?
Unless this is a temporary glitch, the free version (non premium) of this app basically stops allowing you to change the target currencies. Any attempt to switch just forces you to consider the premium purchase. So, essentially, after flirting with you, the app becomes... worthless (as charged.)
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2 years ago, shaunwortis
Great design
Perfectly designed for quick use while traveling. Well designed and executed. I love this app.
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10 months ago, Giligori
Greg Horton
How does one stop the very, very obnoxious advertisements. Is there a up charge for killing this obnoxious advertising before I opt for a different currency exchange app??!!!
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1 year ago, Marc Charbonneau
Canadian converter
Very accurate when changing currencies. I would highly recommend this app to my associates….thanx!
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2 years ago, cmt5667
Frustrating ads
Every time i open this app there’s an ad that is extremely annoying and difficult to close. I understand that ads support apps. But I haven’t experienced an app that allows an ad to pop-up, before you’re able to utilize the app. Not worth the bother.
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2 years ago, Michael van Eyck
To many advertising
To many advertising
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1 year ago, bro1966
Thank you for calculator
This calculator have been great for me. I am very happy with it. Thank you all for creating one of the best calculators that exist.
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2 years ago, rtohira
unit converter
It really helps with knowing the currency values. How up to date is it; in other words, how current?
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1 year ago, Best game ever 🔥 🔥🔥🔥
Does exactly what it’s supposed to do
Again, it does exactly what it is for
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1 year ago, Von911 IPAD, IPOD
Change your C button
Change your C button down to the bottom and you prevent up to the top
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9 months ago, dannieSays
Changed, so many ads
Recently went from an ad every few days to like every time it’s launched and then every few entries. And they’re not short ads, they LONG ads. Delete.
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11 months ago, dlb3dlb3
Good widget
easy to use, easy to change. Lots of choice dominations. I really like this widget.
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2 years ago, arlo cameras no bueno
Money exchanger
First time right to use but now it’s easy
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1 year ago, Sisilor
Good translator
It works!it works but this part is very annoying
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2 months ago, NHisImg
Good Help
The interface could be improved a bit but it is clean and funtional. I llike the app . I use it regularly!
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8 months ago, Laurie1960rn
Ok converter
Every time you go to use it an add comes up and you cannot get out of it. I’m sure there are better converters out there without all the adds. Will be deleting this asap
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2 months ago, Kiaranes
Waste of money
I got the paid version thinking that with it came the option of viewing several currencies at the same time. Nope. You are stuck with only 2 at the time. Ridiculous.
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