4.8 (68.6K)
26.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jeffrey Grossman
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Currency

4.82 out of 5
68.6K Ratings
6 years ago, DebShadovitz
A must-have go-to app for travel
I have been traveling/living internationally for most of 7 years and have used this app almost daily for all these years. When shopping I use it many times a day. I also hand it to many others as they need to understand a price in their own local currency. I love that you can easily add any currency to your exchange list and just as easily delete it when you’re no longer needing a country’s information. You can’t even move each country up-and-down on the list to make it easier to compare and see what you need as soon as you need it. I am so happy to have discovered this app in 2011!
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4 years ago, planeKrazy
👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 $£€¥₩
A heads-up -> Just updated to the latest version - all ‘saved’ currencies are gone except for the top 7 major currencies. (..and since when has Chinese yuan become a major currency??) You’ll need to re-save your preferences and rearrange the currencies in the order you like them. _______ Previous feedback _______ They just added 2 more crypto currencies so now they track Bitcoin as well as Ethereum and Litecoin. I use this app extensively when traveling. Now I can also use it to track my crypto wallet investments. Greatly appreciated Jeff! _______ Thanks for listening to our feedback. The new, darker layout option is fantastic! Should be the default option as it's so much better! Other Suggestions/Comments: ===> the advertisement banner at the bottom is way too close to the number "0". Several times now I ended up being taken to an app which is supposed to tell me "who I'll marry?!" while I was trying to type three zeroes. <=== To save space (so the font can become even thicker/easier to read) I'd use country name & currency name versus the possessive form of a country's name. In other words Hungary • Forint versus the present Hungarian Forint. Norway • Krone versus Norwegian Krone, etc. This method saves several letters (Switzerland/Swiss is the exception). It also makes country names easier to find for non-native English speakers, i.e. the majority of this app's users.
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3 months ago, summerlinNV
The best of the best
I have used this app for years and years and years. It is simple, practical, absolutely reliable and in my opinion just the best out there. I think 20 bucks for a yearly subscription is very very adequately priced. Especially compared with other apps these days. But the free app is also fine and gives you almost all of the functions plus some ads. regardless of whether you choose the free or the paid $20 a year it is the best app for Currency conversion out there. And you can set widgets on your phone and that makes it even better. I love this app. Go for it.
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6 years ago, Julie Spigner
Life saver!
Seriously, I’ve been to more than ten countries and this app is super useful! Prior having this app, I had to take a mental crash course to figure out the country’s currency and make estimation on how much I spend and how much I lose which is often time consuming and takes the fun out of traveling sometimes. This app saves me the trouble of asking locals awkward questions about money and helps me by shielding me away from situations where I could be taken adventure of simply because I don’t know how to accurately count money based on their currency.
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4 years ago, nonunchi
I have only tried 2-3 currency converters but this one is by far my favorite! Extremely useful if you travel often and you want to stay up to date in regards to the currency exchange. You can also use it offline and it will give you the latest currency exchange (based on when you were last online). You choose which currencies to have and you can change it as you wish 👍 Totally recommend it!
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3 years ago, X-VENOM-X
Excellent App For Easy Money Checks
I use this app in North Macedonia for paying my bills and when buying items from the big box stores. I am an American which moved to North Macedonia about 5 months ago and without this app I wouldn’t really understand if I’m paying a fair price for items or if I was being taken advantage of. I now use this app everyday. It has saved me hundreds of dollars. Thank you for making the money translator so easy to use.
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4 years ago, khlbt
A must-have app for everyone
It’s a great app and personally everyone should have as updates are near to real time. Been using it for the last 8 years or so especially when we’re a family that moves around the globe. Great for currency investors and also while travelling for pleasure/work. Updates are frequent which is good for unnecessary app crashes.
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8 months ago, MStyleFTW
perfect if not for the main screen resetting once in a while
Love the paid version of this app, especially the UI and the addition of Bitcoin & XAU (gold) prices. The only problem, for which I am deducting a star, is that every once in a while the app "resets" the main screen to the “default” currencies and I have to delete them and re-add the ones I want. I hope one day the app will stop doing that so I can give it the well deserved five stars.
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4 years ago, WaveHi
Easy to use!
I love this app to get all my global currency conversions! It also works to easily “triangulate” multiple currencies at one time- something most sites don’t do! I’ve noticed some recent updates that make the app even better too! (The currencies seem quite accurate, but I actually don’t know the source or the update frequency. I inquired with the developer once to confirm, but don’t recall a response.)
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1 year ago, …Ace…
Love the widget function!
I’m currently on a five month trip for work to bogota and having this widget is absolutely one of the most useful tools on my phone. I can set it to $100 USD and I always have the current price of COP viewable and if I wish to make a big purchase I can easily add that price in and see how much it is in my native currency. I use it multiple times daily.
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3 years ago, zoragold
Bug not resolved
This isn’t really a review, it’s more of a question, As I’ve seen in other reviews that this app used to work and has since then stopped working, there are responses to those reviews that in the latest update the problem was resolved. My app is up to date and the problem hasn’t been resolved.
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5 years ago, Flippitti
Very useful
I’m using it right now for my trip to Peru and it’s proven to be very useful and easy to use. It’s updated so I can compare the currency exchange on the app to what the local hotel, bank or ATM will give me. I use it when arranging the price of a taxi with the driver and when checking my bill at a restaurant. Like I said, easy to use. I’m traveling a lot this year so it’s staying on my phone.
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3 years ago, התגלות נאו
I use the app pretty often and I really enjoy it and very happy with it I use it to know the currency rates of different country’s since I do business with different country’s also the currency converter is very helpful I put any amount in any currency and (not even) in a split second I have the right calculation it’s amazing
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6 years ago, SDHSR
Currency off line
If you are traveling abroad this is THE conversion app you need. Want to know how much that item costs in $?, instantly convert off line. You can load only those currencies you will be using and change in the future if you need to so you aren’t having to scroll through a hundred countries to find what you want.
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2 years ago, Hero887
Number Pad Too Small on Apple Watch
I took off 2 stars because: in a recent update, previous screen real estate was taken up for the currency name. It’s obnoxiously large text. Completely unnecessary. Now the numeral pad is too small to accurately punch in numbers. I find myself not using the app because on my watch because I frequently, accidentally type in the wrong number rendering the app useless for the Apple Watch now.
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2 years ago, CDR Jack
Great App - minor recent bug
Best currency app I’ve used (many years). A recent bug is that all your saved currencies are deleted and replaced with default currencies after each iOS update (interestingly, the graph tab retains your last viewed currency). Still a worthy app, just need to manually delete defaults and re-enter desired currencies after each iOS update.
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4 years ago, Nix2non
Perfect for international transactions
Very handy app that you can always use with or a WiFi connection. Its very accurate as it shows you when the currency is going up or down. I wouldn’t travel without it, unless you can convert foreign currency in your head on the fly! When negotiating a price, this is what you want!
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3 years ago, omalansky
One of my favorites since the beginning
This currency app is one of the first apps I downloaded on my original iPhone, and I’ve never seen one I like better. It does its job very well without calling undue attention to itself, and I use it almost every day.
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4 years ago, ElTaqueroestrella
Awesome app
Look no further, Makes converting really simple and quick. Used it while buying and haggling prices, and made things quick and smooth. So I’m reality saved me $$ and see how much I’ve spent on the trip, to stay in budget. Will be using it in Portugal later this year. Will be a great asset as I travel different countries.
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6 years ago, City girl6
Works with multiple currencies, no connection needed
I just got back from a multi-country trip with very different exchange rates. We were crossing borders back and forth so it was really helpful to be able to see relative values quickly and without Internet or wifi. Thanks, this is how apps should work.
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5 years ago, JBirds1957
Awesome tool - highly recommend for travelers
Went on a trip to several countries over the summer and this app was not only easy to use, but it displays several currency types at the same time - I loved it and just having that information saved us a great deal of money
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3 years ago, gratefulladybird
Easy & quite helpful
I downloaded the app when I was traveling in England and found it perfectly helpful & easy to use while traveling. And I have used it occasionally while not traveling, which has been a pleasant discovery.
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1 year ago, Riclf
how i feel
this is without a doubt the best currency program out there for iOS. I have used it for years, probably almost from its beginning. I have found it so useful both at home and traveling.
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5 years ago, Fishing Michael
Great for traveling
This app quickly shows you the value of purchases in any currency compared to your home currency. Just put in the currency you purchased and it gives you the cost in your home currency. I am traveling in Europe and used it for Croatia and Euro. Fast and easy
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6 years ago, Mytello
I have been using this app for some years now. I love it. It has never disappointed! It’s always been on point. Anytime I launch the app it refreshes and updates instantly. The calculator feature is a plus. I highly recommend it. It’s a must have on every smartphone.😊
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8 months ago, d.zakharov
Best currency app
The free version is already great, the ad banner is small and does not obstruct the content, easy and smooth interface. The app even suggest you to add the local currency when it detects you in a new country. Just a great tool for travel.
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7 years ago, eddiejm
Best currency app - done!
I have had this app from pretty much when Jeff first released it. How he improves it makes me sit down, but he manages to do just that with every release. Also, how he handled merging his two apps (free and paid) into one was just the easiest transition ever. Thank you for a job well done.
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10 months ago, gobigg23
Better ones available -- look for "live" convert
Look for a live converter so you can type in the number and see the exchange in real time rather than have to click something when finished to see -- app called Currency Plus does it right
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5 years ago, global trials guy
Global Trials guy
I travel for a living and I am always looking for an app that keeps me current but also one which I don’t have to dump because it’s outdated and missing components I need. This app is so simple and clean. Air updates, off line use, crypto currencies if you need that. A must for global movers.
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8 years ago, RichNTX
Been Using it Forever!
I love this application tons. I'm considering upgrading, however, if ads are the only thing removed, I'll pass. In order to upgrade this app, I would love to see historical fluctuations in the horizontal view. Maybe and additional piece of info, like news from that country that is affecting their market? Thank you.
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1 year ago, Booaleez
Used to be #1 currency converter…. Not anymore
I used to absolutely love this app. I have used it for years, probably 5-7 years. Always loved its simplicity and speed. In the past Year or so, every now and then they release an app update, sadly most of those updates simply do nothing but delete all of the currencies I have favorited and I have to re-favorite the currencies and re-organize them again. So sad this app isn’t the same anymore
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4 years ago, andreyaltukhov
Worth every dollar. You’ll want to pay!
The best currency rates app on the market. I’ve been traveling back and forth in 2-3 countries all the time and it saves me a lot of time calculating approx. prices etc. Thanx! Must have for every traveler/tourist!
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7 months ago, rspang
Better Ad-free pricing
I wish there was a stripped down simplified price point for ad-free like lifetime for 5 bucks. Or something, it would be good to have that options. Not really sure why I would pay 20$ a year for all those other features I don’t need/or use.
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10 months ago, Fiddlocity
Custom shortlist and offline use make it stand out
You can customize and order your list of currencies, get rid of clutter, and use it when you’re not connected to the Internet. Three big pluses.
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6 years ago, Ed G
If you live or travel overseas, a must have app
I’ve been using the basic Currency app for years and find it indispensable during my frequent travels overseas. Very flexible and customizable—you select the currencies you want and their list order. A must have app!
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7 years ago, Kwaku Dondoo
Great tool
I have been using this App for close to two years now, it is an excellent app that gets the job done. No second guessing always on point. It has more currency to choose from and also gold and silver.... it is a snap to use
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4 years ago, Matt72737383
Author fixed an issue I complained about
Previously ads would push the keyboard up forcing you to wait 2 seconds for the ad to load or accidentally clicking ads. Author fixed the issue and now the app is perfect
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4 years ago, wowthisnicknamestuffisbs
Reliable and accurate
I use this app daily to convert currency, as my children attend school in a different country. I have to pay bills and send money constantly. This app is the best & is accurate within a few cents, to real time rates.
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11 months ago, Harry399
Currencies get Reset Ever so Often
This app has been really useful in my travels and spending overseas. But since last year, all my selected currencies get reset every now and then. Having to re order my set preferences so frequently is getting to be a hassle…
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4 years ago, Annie Travels
As a travel agent that specializes in international travel, knowing the status of currency is essential. I check it in the morning and then again throughout the day as I work on price quotes. Can’t imagine my business without it.
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5 years ago, Azizza2
A Great App!
I travel internationally often and have used several currency conversion apps. This one is the most user friendly one I have had. It provides consistently accurate conversion rates and it’s easy to select new countries to display as needed. It’s a KEEPER.
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5 years ago, k2arx
Awesome App
So useful, I have to convert currencies on a regular basis, it make the process easier to have all of them on the same page instead to have to do back and forth to be able to see the amount in different currencies. Love it!
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1 year ago, Chief Don
Great App
I’ve enjoyed using this app when I travel to know what I’m paying for items wherever I go. It’s great and easy to use and fast too so you are always updated as you use the app.
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4 years ago, ashleythereviewerofdoom
Very functional and no shady in app purchases
I rarely write reviews, but this app is extremely useful when traveling. You don’t need any WiFi to use it and it instantly converts so you can easily compare across different currencies.
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5 years ago, ijaguar
Great app. Thanks!
One small but significant enhancement would be to leave more space below the number keypad because when I want to tap on the zero (0) key, most of the time I inadvertently tap on the "convert" key instead!!! A small ux enhancement but important. Thanks.
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5 years ago, LawrenceFP
I’ve used many currency converters. This is the best and most accurate! I just withdrew Russian rubles from an ATM. The bank notification I received was within 30cents of what the app had indicated it would be. Doesn’t get better than that.
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2 years ago, dd2some
Ease of travel
This app has made travel so much easier. Being unfamiliar with all the different currencies and constant changes in the value of the US dollar, this is a lifesaver.
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3 years ago, Bowshanks
Great but choice of icon puts it over the top
I already thought the app was great and have used it for years. But adding the ability to choose the icon just makes it that much better.
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6 years ago, Jwnvhitaker
Great handy app
This is a great simple app which tracks all sorts of currencies. It is quick to use and very intuitive. The only thing that could make it better is if you could see a trend chart to view the history of exchange rates.
Show more
7 years ago, JoeCool5674324687
Great app!
Aesthetic user interface, intuitive to use, quick updates. Suggestion would be to have a chart feature to compare the relative value of two currencies over time (at user defined periods of time)
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