Curtsy — Thrifting, Delivered

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Curtsy, Inc.
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1 month ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Curtsy — Thrifting, Delivered

4.83 out of 5
58.6K Ratings
2 years ago, H Wifey
Great Platform and Excellent Customer Service
This is a great thrifting app! I have used other similar apps as well (poshmark and mercari). Curtsy is my favorite especially for buying. Pretty much all the sellers are younger, so most people take good pictures and respond really quick. The sales are also a great set up where the app covers the discount, so the seller still gets paid the full price. For selling, sometime it can be slower than other apps. It is only women's clothes on the app, so the platform is relatively smaller than other apps. If your items are not supper trendy and popular brands they will take longer to sell. That being said it is very easy to post an item, and you get also rewards points for posting each item. I think I sell with and equal success rate on Curtsy and poshmark. There is an automated selling helper where you put in the date you want it sold by and the lowest price you are willing to sell at, and it handles the rest. Though it hasn’t always been successful for me. I feel safest buying on this app because the customer service is top notch. They have REAL PEOPLE who you can message through the app about questions and issues! I bought something that came not as described. I posted my complaint and within minutes a customer service rep messaged me through the app, and I was able to get a full refund.
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3 years ago, SouthernGirl_123
Style and Extra $ On the Side
This app was recommended to me by a friend. I was out to dinner with her one night when I noticed her sweater. I was in love with it. She said she got it for only $15 which is crazy because I thought it was like a $60 sweater. She said she got it from curtsy and she told me about the app. I immediately got it and I bought some clothes. I get compliments on them everyday. What I love about the app is if you are unhappy with the price listed, you can negotiate! You can make offers too! I thought that was amazing! Another thing that I started to do was sell my clothes! During the coronavirus I made an effort to go through all my clothes. When I did that, I found so many clothes that I either did not fit into or it wasn’t my style anymore. I listed them all, and with in a month I made $150! It’s been more than a couple months and I am almost at $2,000! This could be you! I’m in high school and tons of clothing stores are closed all around me so I really enjoy using this app! If you have any questions you can message Clara Agnes! She is so nice and so helpful! Almost everyone in this app is so friendly and welcoming! I have not had a single problem with it! I 100% recommend this app! Anyone can use it and it is perfect for a way to make money for teens, college students, and adults! Get the app!
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4 years ago, Sydney3799
Best Buy/Sell App!
Love this app! I’ve sold a couple of clothes as well as bough many items. The seller side is super easy, easy to post, easy to get the shipping label, and easy to ship it off! Buying items is easy as well. I enjoy that the app is tailored to females teens to young adult. The app ensures no low balling for sellers, and gives reasonable recommendations for what to offer for each item when you are buying. I’ve used FB marketplace, FB pages, mercari, let go, poshmark, thread up, and a few others and this BY FAR is my favorite. The only critique is that there is a noticeable smaller amount of people in the app so sales are slower then other apps. I prefer the quality of quantity. The curtsy cut is average/slightly above but you get sales every week on different items and the sale doesn’t effect the seller, the $$ comes out of the app developers fund(through the cut fund). You can earn coupons to use on clothes based on how much you buy/sell. Finally, the app is super friendly over all. Customers/sellers are amazing, and the app team is on standby to help with any confusion. I had a shipping issue and it was resolve and refunded in about 2hrs from my initial text to HQ through the app. I like how modern the app is, I’ve recommended it to SO many people.
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1 year ago, svnikki
It’s okay.
I’ve been selling / buying on Curtsy for over a year now and I’m going to be honest about my experience. Compared to other apps, I think there’s better platforms out there. Curtsy is great for influencers and people selling the trendiest and brand new items, but besides that, it’s not great. On your feed there’s recommended items, but every time you log in it’s the same items, over and over again. It makes it really hard to find new items based on what you like. There are categories too you can search, but you can’t filter by size which I think is a huge flaw. I don’t know about you, but I feel like people are different sizes in different brands, and not being able to narrow your search down that way is frustrating. As far as selling, at first it was great! But now I’m getting no views on my items (even with complete 5-star reviews and brand new items from brands like MOTEL ROCKS and Nike). I feel like Curtsy tries to get new users and promotes them (which is great) but then forgets / pushes away older users. I have a few friends who use the app as well and they’ll tell you the same - at first it was great, but now it’s hard to even get your item seen. And the only way to promote your items is to drop the price, which means less profit. So, Curtsy is okay if you’re looking to buy / sell a few items for a week or so, but look for other platforms beyond that.
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5 years ago, judgemebg
It’s okay
Let me start by saying I sell on Poshmark and never have any issues. I’ve bought things before that weren’t as described and Poshmark happily sent me a return label to ship back to the seller for a full refund. My first order on curtsy went excellent, so I had high hopes for ordering again through the app. I ordered two T-shirts recently that I received smelling disgusting. Think about how greasy dirty hair would smell. They were also wet and were smaller than what I already had that was that brand. The description said they were in great condition and were only worn one. For one, the item was an old design and I learned that since the tags are different than the one I already had, so this seller had the item for years. I could tell the items were worn MANY MANY times. One of them felt especially rough like a worn out shirt feels. I could tell it had some pealing starting to take place. They were shorter than the T-shirt I already had. It’s either they were shrank from washing it so many times or the fit was just completely different. The seller said it was true to size, which it wasn’t. I contacted customer service and they weren’t of any good help. I was told I could get a partial refund, which was barely anything. I was told that I should take it to a dry cleaners and have them clean it to remove the smell. That still doesn’t fix the other issues with the tops. Very disappointed. I will just continue to use Poshmark instead. There are just too many kinks to fix.
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6 months ago, Li459032
Good but also very restricting
I normally never leave reviews on apps, unless I feel really passionate about them. I do love this app. I saw move to my clothing on here although I am on other apps. I will say the posting is very user-friendly and very easy to navigate, but they are policies on selling are the most strict policies I’ve ever had to deal with. A lot of mine are hidden because they do not support bundling, they can be strict on using stock, you can’t use collages, so if some of the stock photos are collages of the models, they are taken down, requiring you to have to redo the post. They are very strict on how the item is and how it looks on the picture. I have pictures of boxers that depict show that they are boxers, and they claim they are not accurate pictures of the items, therefore, they are taken down and now I have to redo the post. This is extremely frustrating, as I accurately portray what the articles of clothing are a elaborate description underneath the photo, and I’m always open to messages about any questions. I really think that Curtsy needs to reassess their policies, and some of them are a bit ridiculous and restricting. It almost makes me want to stop using the app, even though it is where I sell most of my stuff. It slow down the whole process, and I have not had any other issues like these on my other apps.
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1 year ago, EllaVvvvvH
Love it!
Before I write a review I always read through the bad ones so I can make positive points if I like the app. Curtsy is awesome, I’ve found it much more user friendly on mobile than Poshmark and Mercari. Sales are gradual and not immediate for me, but I also don’t have a lot of designer or high ticket items. I’ve sold 7 items in 2023 as an average American consumer (target, Aerie, Forever21 etc) and casual lister cleaning out her closets. The only time I’ve had an issue with the app is uploading try-ons, but I heard back within a few hours from a real person, not a bot! Curtsy has been more communicative with me than I them as they work on the issue. I don’t know why other sellers have so many issues uploading items, out of 126 items I’ve only had 3 rejected and for valid and clearly stated reasons (bulk sales or men’s clothing). Even with the men’s clothing they gave me an option to relist with equivalent women’s sizing (I love that they’re allowing this, as a Tom boy I wear a lot of men’s clothes). Again great concept, great working, and a communicative team, I love that they continue to make updates. Don’t expect to make millions, it’s a thrifting app after all.
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2 years ago, Maddie Izabel
Loved in the past . . .
I LOVED this app in the past, I used it when it first came out. I still use it, but there’s a couple things that disappoint me sometimes. Whenever I try to promote one of my items I am selling, I will do a price drop, (which is one of the things you have to do in order to promote your items). Under my list of items I’m selling, it does not show that it’s being promoted. So another words, I’ve dropped the price of the item I’m selling, and it’s not always promoted. Another thing, the fee to use the app is high (20%) for items you sell that are priced under $15. Really, the fee is 20% for all items sold, but when you’re selling something under $15, along with paying for shipping, you can get very little return. I wish that the fee wasn’t higher for these low-priced items, but I understand this may be unavoidable. So this is not very much of a complaint, as there may be no way around this on the developers’ end. Just putting it out there. Other than these two issues, I really enjoy this app, and the ease of access. The interface is easy to navigate, the shipping kits are really useful to use as a seller, and all in all I’ve had a positive experience with the app, except for the first comment above. I hope this review is helpful to someone.
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3 years ago, Luciaodoyle
Waste of Time - Very Frustrating
I sell on several different sites. Each has its own merits and faults. This one takes the cake for being the most unwelcoming and not seller friendly. First of all the categories you are allowed to list in is limited. They told me this was because they are a small company still - ok understandable but still it’s limiting. Next - they seem to have some weird aversion to certain brands of clothing. Iron fist - you can list an item under that name - can’t put it in the title. They erase it. I think they think it’s naughty or something - uhhhh I’m sorry it’s the name of the brand. Minor thing. But then they just took down my postings for shorts saying they were unsupported. UHHHH - they are shorts!!!! Why??? Is the problem they are too sexy cause they are “booty” shorts? I feel like the ladies running this app are very uptight and picky. Which is fine - but you are not going to be able to compete long term with the other successful apps out there. There are other issues - the suggested price automatically populates and if you accidentally post by that price you are going to have to start all over again as you won’t be able to lower the price to promote even if you fix the price. Anyway - I’m done complaining - it is way not worth the frustration to post on this app for the low number of sales I have had here compared to other apps. I quit. Good bye and good luck! Erasing app now! 😜
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4 years ago, missynellyit
Beware! Complete Rip Off
I list items on Mercari, Poshmark, eBay, vinted, and depop. Have made thousands of dollars doing so. I heard about Curtsy online and was excited to try something new. To he safe with sizing I always order a size up to factor in possible shrinkage/inconsistencies. Worst case it is too big and I relist it. In five years on all apps I have never once asked to return an item. Bought a large and am not kidding when I say it must have been a junior’s/child’s large. Mind you, I wear a size small and have multiple listings of myself on the app in tight form fitting size small items. I tell customer service that I would like to return the item but it is most certainly not “true to size” as stated in her description. Essentially, I was told all my listing photos fitting into items comfortable well under a large did not matter, the fact that I could barely get my arms/head in did not matter, she took a picture of the tag showing it is a large so that is that. Does not matter if it is possible if this knit sweater was extremely shrunken, or a child’s size, or one of those Chinese sizes and are always way off US sizes etc. Whatever the case may be. Tag says Large so it is a large. They tell me to just relist it but there is no point because I dont want some other poor soul being conned into wasting their money on something that says large but isn't a large! I want no business with this app and am deleting all of my listings on it.
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4 years ago, craziest chick
Slowly falling out of love
Let me start by saying I used to absolutely love curtsy. I was able to buy specific items I needed for events and sell items super easily. As a seller I haven’t had too many issues that I can’t handle or discuss with a buyer. As a buyer however, there are a lot of issues I have experienced the longer I have the app. My biggest frustration is when I buy an item and reach out to the seller asking when they can ship and they don’t respond. With all the things happening with corona recently this issue has become even worse. Many girls are listing/selling items just to turn around and say they can’t ship. Curtsy should really be reaching out to people after that happens once or twice or making a general statement saying if you can’t ship don’t post. There have been many items I’ve fallen in love with and bought just to be told it is never coming because the seller can’t ship (after I reach out to them and get no response/they never contact me to tell me why they can’t ship). I absolutely think that you should still be able to leaving a rating/review on items that were cancelled by the seller so that other girls can be warned that sellers aren’t shipping at this time. It kind of screws users who are using the app to purchase. Update your review system curtsy!!
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3 years ago, happishbuyer
Buyer review
I want to start by saying I love this app and will continue to use it as I have had good experiences with sweet sellers. However, I had a recent issue with a buyer taking days to ship an item (she was labeled as a fast shipper) I opted to cancel the order since I was afraid it wouldn’t be here in time and I was also worried it wouldn’t fit after looking at it more. The seller denied my cancellation (which shouldn’t be an option) and I was notified by the seller it had shipped with no tracking number and like 5 hours later I got a notification from usps saying the seller actually shipped it. Customer service was incredibly helpful and kind but now I’m left waiting and returning an item I no longer want to a seller who was rude to me through messages. I love this app but sellers shouldn’t have the option to cancel unless they already have shipped it with proof of shipping. I didn’t want a refund as it wasn’t an expensive item but the whole experience with the seller was incredibly frustrating. My advice to those who want to download the app: do it but don’t be surprised if you have to deal with problem sellers.
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4 years ago, meredith2214
Love Curtsy!
I am someone who typically does all my shopping in the store. I am in my 50’s and I like to see the clothes and try things on. But I had heard good things about Curtsy and decided to look at the app. The first thing I noticed was how easy it is to navigate around the site which is good because if I’m buying used clothes online I like that I can easily filter for things like lines of clothing I like and then I know the sizing, etc (Free People, Lululemon, J Crew). Most of the time if I “love” something I get a message from the seller to negotiate price. Then I love how quickly the clothes come! There have been a couple times that the clothes weren’t mailed within a few days and customer service reached out to me which I was impressed with! Since starting at Curtsy, I have bought many many things! I always make sure that there are pics of the actual item and not just a store stock photo. One of my favorite features is how easy it is to re post, literally a click of a button! The only thing I would love for curtsy to do different is to add a men’s section so I could order for my husband as well!!
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5 years ago, bambiwink
Love the app, but not the instagram
I’ve had this app for about a week so far and have really enjoyed it! I’ve put up a couple items to sell, and I’m so impressed that it only took me less than 3 mins to upload the pictures, write a description, and boom! Ready to go! The app is so easy to use and actually pretty addicting. There are so many great deals and really high quality items. My only complaint is the instagram. Usually for apps/businesses, the instagram is a place to go to find additional information and keep updated on app related news. I went to app’s instagram to find information about what’s popular to sell, tips and tricks for the app, what’s trending right now, etc. Instead what I found was no information and just dozens of pictures of random girls in cute clothes with zero context, besides links to their personal IGs so they can get more followers. I find this pretty unprofessional and disappointing. I do not know who’s in charge of the instagram page but it basically has nothing to do with the app. Hope this changes because I would love to have a place to get additional information, and right now there is none.
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6 months ago, S.Cutshall
Best Buy/sell app!
Curtsy is 100% the best thrifting app on the market! How the app is laid out is very easy to use. Selling is made easy and convenient as you can get the label free to print off or sent to you for very cheap and shipping the item is simple. You can also upload videos of products. You get paid right after the carrier scans the item. You can also buy shipping kits that come with mailers + label holders for a very good price. There is also an option to have an automated seller help sell your clothes faster without you doing anything! Buying is easy as well you can like items and make “lists”, send offers, and comment/ communicate with sellers easily. Sellers are also pretty quick with responding and curtsy ensures that items are shipped in a timely manner and lessen the chance of getting scammed. The app gives great tailored recommendations and you can get coupons/ discounts. The app is all around amazing but i think the best thing about the app is how good the customer service is. I love that the app is tailored mainly to women and young adults and from my experience the app is super friendly!
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2 years ago, raynarem
Best buying & selling app!
I never ever leave reviews, but I just have to rave about Curtsy. I wanted to start selling clothes I wasn’t wearing, and I had never found a selling app that I was extremely satisfied with, there was always a few things I didn’t like and I would end up not using it and not sell anything. I was so pleasantly surprised after I started selling on Curtsy. It’s super easy to put things up on your page to sell and very easy to shop as well. My favorite thing about Curtsy is their support team. My experience with their customer support has been nothing short of amazing. There is a chat already set up in your messages to be able to reach them easily and they reply really quick. Sometimes you get an alert that it might take a little longer because they have a lot of messages coming in, and even then, they get to me really quick. They are extremely generous and are just amazing at solving my issues. I have stayed consistent with selling my stuff because I am just so satisfied with this app. I 100% recommend!
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10 months ago, diecvst
Kinda needs improvement
I’ll start off by saying the app does work, and some of its features are genuinely great ideas. i sell on a lot of apps, and having my poshmark closet copy over so i don’t have to create new listings is really great! however, some of the settings that are automatically left on are messing with my profit immensely! the copying over feature copies over my listing and price, but then has it up for free shipping and automatically lowers my price over time. this means, out of all of the apps i have used, i’m making the least amount of profit here. the constant pushing to have free shipping enabled is so frustrating because if my prices are being copied from an app where i have the buyer pay, i’m losing so much money. i’ve had to cancel two peoples orders in the last week because the app has dropped my prices so low that i am making NEGATIVE money. i end up delisting to make like 50¢, but it’s insane that the app even lets me pay money to sell an item. there should be no instance where they drop my price so low that it says i’m making -$2. that literally should not be possible at all. i have to go back through all of my listings now to fix all of it, and it feel so not worth it because i’m making $1 on a $12 item.
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1 year ago, Nona102
Worst selling app
Have had horrible experiences with this app , all the other apps are way better , one time I shipped my item and buyer received it I had to reach out to receive my funds because tracking never updated , then second time I received a msg reminder to send my package for deadline I quickly did on Sunday and dropped it off in person at the post office Monday , if you know pre paid labels don’t wait in line I walked in and gave it to the lady in the front desk she took it and placed it in the area they scan prepaid labels and I left the next day I receive a msg from curtsy saying my sold item was canceled . I quickly contacted them telling them I had dropped the item off at the post office in person the previous day which was before the deadline ! They must do better than to just cancel the whole thing without consulting buyer or seller and they should know by now that shipping takes a while to update or appear ! Which other apps do great on doing . So now I’m hoping I at least get my item back . It’s just a hassle I had to print label , pack , & drive all they way to the post office go in drop it off just for it to get canceled automatically by then without asking any of us . Just horrible experiences and it makes no sense !
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2 years ago, Johnna🥺
Starting to hate the app👍
At first when I got the app I ordered quite a few things. The sellers were super sweet and some even included little notes which I loved! Here recently I’ve tried ordering multiple items from different sellers and they just don’t respond or avoid the fact that I’ve bought their item so I have to go through curtsy support to get my refund. I’m starting to get very angry about this because it’s happening to me more and more. 6 out of 16 items I tried buying I did not get strictly bc of the seller. I simply believe a seller shouldn’t post something they are not going to sell. Although it is technically the sellers fault and not Curtsy’s I still believe that some kind of consequence should be given to sellers who do not actually sell the items they are posting to sell, especially after someone has already took the time to pay for the item. Sellers are also not descriptive or honest enough about items. I ordered a sweatshirt from one seller and received it with disgusting armpit sweat stains that was not at all mentioned. I’m weary to even buy items anymore bc of the amount of uncertainty that the sellers on here bring to the app. These problems need to be fixed or I will completely delete the app and find a better one.
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3 weeks ago, Skorpionqueen09
Illogical offer rules for sellers and unhelpful in general
I have been a successful seller on other platforms like Poshmark, Ebay, Depop and Vestiaire etc. Have been selling for over 4 years and sell several thousands a month doing this part time. So I of course wanted to give this app a chance, why not? They have these rules around sending offers in which you have to keep offering less and less to people that like your items (other platforms you can send offers for the amount you want without being forced to offer less). Plenty of times I have made sales on other platforms for close to my listing price, after sending previous lower offers to other likers. I have asked them to change this so we can get more chances of selling, but it falls on deaf ears. You would think Curtsy wants us to make sales so they make money, but apparently their business model is that sellers don’t make sales (I refuse to keep lowering my prices to garage sale prices). Well I guess I will continue giving my money daily to other platforms instead. No wonder why they are mentioned always last (when talking about worthy apps for sellers) in all reseller groups on FB. If you are a serious reseller, don’t waste your time with this app. This is for people wanting to make .25¢ per item.
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3 years ago, Diaz💖
Great app!
I have tried a variety of selling apps and this is by far the best! The app makes it super easy to post things and ship stuff out. Also I really like how they filter stuff to fit your liking. It is very well organized and helps find things you’re looking for. I had a problem with a seller one time over shoes and I ended up getting a full refund and the curtsy team was very quick and responsive. Compared to apps like poshmark, they have a messaging system that helps you reach out to the seller or buyer to keep each other updated. If you are selling clothes they usually send one free packaging kit which is very helpful. I have been purchasing them for about 3 dollars and it is definitely a must have. It comes with packaging bags, stickers, and shipping label holders. With any selling app some percentage is taken which is very reasonable. Yes it can be frustrating but they let you know how much Is being taken out and every app will do this. I recommend this app more than any others! It also can help build your Instagram which is fun!
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2 years ago, layla224313
Love the app but…
I love selling my stuff on curtsy! It’s super easy to do. HOWEVER the over priced shipping costs and percentage that curtsy takes out does really lower your cut of what you make from selling an item (I always try to post with free shipping) most of the time the items don’t need that much money to be shipped (I spoke with people at the post office about it a couple times). Also some items that are posted get taken down for odd reasons I had a workout set that I posted and the top was solid green with bottoms that were snake print and they wouldn’t let me post them together because they said they didn’t look like a set when I literally bought them together as a set. Some items also take FOREVER to sell its hard to get traction and the “auto pilot” feature has never worked for me (I’ve tried several times). If your stuff doesn’t sell after a year i wouldn’t waste your time and move them to a different site which I’ve done a lot and that seems to be better. The staff is always really nice and at your fingertips if you need them. And again it’s such a great app but those are just some things to be weary of when you sell on it :)
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3 years ago, ellehale1234
Really good deals! Just some improvements!
I have been using Curtsy since September 2020 and I’ve never looked back! The deals I’ve been getting on this app are seriously awesome! Like Nike Air Max 270’s for $25?!?! It’s crazy! Additionally, the sales I gathered from selling my clothes are amazing. I’ve been able to sell my clothes fairly well and fast. And they give you the money once the order ships. The Curtsy community is really trustworthy as well. I’ve never really run into any problems and all the sellers are super sweet and understandable. Finally, the only improvements I would suggest are bug fixes. I’ve gotten kicked out of the app in the middle of shopping pretty often. And I have a good updated iPhone so it wasn’t my iOS. Also, I canceled an order once but the app didn’t process it i guess and the seller approved my payment so I had to request a refund for an item I canceled. Even thought there is some work to be done, the curtsy customer service is phenomenal and they are very understanding. 10/10 would recommend downloading!
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3 years ago, bmelte
I want to love this app 😭
I really want to love this app but I’ve had bad luck. The first time I made a purchase I waited about a week to receive a shipping notice but I never did. I messaged the seller with no response for a couple days. Finally, I contacted costumer service which was extremely helpful. I waited a couple more days as it was an item I really wanted but still no response. Customer service helped me cancel my item. Okay, so, my first time wasn’t so great but it wasn’t the app itself, in this case it was the seller. BUT then I noticed my money had not been refunded and I’m still waiting on that. 🙃 Next I ordered 2 pairs of shorts from the same seller. She was great and literally shipped them as fast as possible. I received them within a week. I opened them and the size I ordered was correct... EXCEPT it was a child’s size. I went back to check if this was my error, but no, it was not. The seller listed them as an adult size when they clearly were not. I again reached out to customer service to see if there is anything I can do but have yet to respond two days later. I LOVE the idea behind the app but I don’t know if I want to keep trying with this luck.
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4 months ago, smellymelly714
The BEST Thrifting App Out There!
I have been using Curtsy for the last several years and I just continue to be more and more impressed with this app. 😊 I absolutely love the algorithm, I never have to search very hard to find exactly what I’m looking for! I shop here more than anywhere else and almost exclusively buy my clothes on this app. I get SO many compliments on my travel/wedding/special event/day to day outfits and I get so excited to tell them… it was thrifted! In addition to having a great platform, Curtsy also has the BEST customer service! In my several years, I have had experienced it ALL (It happens!) and Curtsy has handled it seamlessly every single time. Seller switched the items? No problem, Curtsy sent us new labels to switch them back! Seller ghosted and never shipped an item? Curtsy usually catches it and refunds me before I even realized the item never shipped😂 They are so quick to solve problems and so friendly! Thank you Curtsy for changing the game! I am so proud to be a Curtsy buyer/seller! 🫶
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4 years ago, Kkdancer
Enjoying it!!
I ended up on curtsy while looking for a tennis skirt for sorority recruitment and then just fell in love. I’ve used poshmark and many other platforms to buy and haven’t had issues, I just never found one as easy to use as curtsy to sell. While I do think it’s more of a niche type market (it’s mostly clothing/accessories, not like apps that have tons of everything like mercari or poshmark) it’s a really quick and easy way to clean out your closet or grab a piece here or there for an event or something. Shipping is super easy and you can track right from the app, and there’s even an option to buy a shipping kit for sellers. Anything I’ve ever had an issue with I’ve gotten help right away. I will say that I have been having issues with the app glitching and changing my shipping addresses and additionally crashing when it’s launched, but both are recent issues and Curtsy responded to me right away and said they would look into it! I will definitely continue using curtsy and sharing with my friends!
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2 years ago, ssskylarrr
Long time customer/seller
I have sold and bought on curtsy since 2019. I sell on poshmark also and prefer curtsy over it. It’s easy to upload and I like where you can save your searches to always be updated on new posts. I did like when the curtsy branding was blue but that is just my personal opinion. Ever since I remember, when you get your earned money you can choose 2-3 day transfer for free. However, recently Curtsy has a $1 fee if it is under $10 even when you choose 2-3 day transfer. This is very unfortunate for sellers like me who sell a lot of phone cases and airpod cases that are usually under $10. Curtsy already takes a service fee out when you make money which is understandable to help the app run, promotions etc. But i’m very sad with the new $1 fee if you earn under $10, which is on top of the service fee. I love curtsy but this is hurting a lot of sellers who do this as a side job:( Other competitors like Poshmark only have the service fee and not the under $10 fee. I hope Curtsy can understand and look into this because I love curtsy!
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3 years ago, Ihatethis1234
Could be improved
The app isn’t terrible, but there are a few things that already bug me within the first day of downloading it. 1) It doesn’t give me smaller shipping sizes to choose from when I know my garment is lighter than the smallest shipping size they provide 2) I hate having to always manually go back to change the “offer free shipping” option because it keeps automatically offering free shipping. It’s tedious and takes extra time to go back and change it when I’m trying to post multiple clothes at once 3) It keeps cropping and changing the size of my images. And if I have a PhotoGrid of multiple images in one image, the app automatically separates those images and uploads those images separately (I hope that makes sense). I also like to upload my images as a square since it’s more consistent that way. I upload my photos a certain way for a reason and it’s annoying how the app just changes my images without my permission. 4) sometimes I come back to the app and find out the app changed the cover photo of the item I’m selling I swear the app has a mind of its own! 🙄
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2 weeks ago, Sborn1
Horrible service
I am astonished. I worked with curtsy for almost 10 years, selling clothes and items with every single rating a 5 star rating. I was awarded fast responsiveness, and fast shipping as well. I had great client success and happiness. Out of no where, my account was shut down and deactivated- I was confused and spoke to a lady named Clara Agnes who informs me my account was deactivated because I cancelled an order (never cancelled any orders I hadn't posted items as I was living in a different city for nursing school so my account was on vacation mode for the entire time I was there). I explained my side of the story where I was never notified of ever cancelling anything, because I did not cancel anything. I was blown off by this lady, she repeated her same words in numerous texts which was unkind and very unprofessional. I was completely thrown out with no proof of anything I did wrong. She had no care in the world what I had to say and sounds like they only care about the money, not about the people that use the website to actually make money for this company. I am very disappointed in this as I was a very loyal worker for them for 10 years and was completely shocked by the way they treated me when I asked what happened.
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2 years ago, Bria Nic
Lots of Scrolling…or None At All
I have four clothing apps, and Curtsy, sadly, is the one I use the least. Their selection of clothes and brands doesn’t seem to be what I wear usually. However, I loved a recent brand sale they had and tried to find some pants in my size. Filtered by the “My Size” button and was discouraged to see only four pants listed in my size and dozens in sizes way too small for me that did not match the filter! Unfiltered the search. Quickly saw five or more pants in my size that had not been shown when it was filtered to my size. Annoying, since I then scrolled through about a hundred listings looking for my size. Have had similar problems when searching and trying to filter before. Makes it very hard to look for anything as a buyer, especially when the other clothing resale apps have great search capabilities. (Side note to curtsy app developers: please line up the listings side by side and/or at least make them all appear the same size in the feed. It is hard to quickly skim so many titles when the titles are never in the same place twice. Thank you!)
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4 years ago, _sorry_not_sorry_
this app is horrible
Let me start by saying that i used to frequently buy things off of curtsy and loved it. I recently bought a Louis Vuitton belt off of curtsy. I then decided to sell it this past week due to a financial crisis and needing money. It sold pretty quickly and i got a message telling me that $50 worth of the $250 belt would be going to curtsy. Rip off. then i got a message saying that i would receive payment 24 hours after shipping it. so i headed off to the post office and shipped it the next day. i waited and waited. 4 days later with no payment, i decided to message customer service. i then was told that my belt was being sent to curtsy for reviewing and i would be paid after that. okay whatever. then they came back to tell me that the belt was a counterfeit. mind you i bought this belt from the app originally, and no one informed me that it was counterfeit. and then they told me that i wouldn’t be getting my belt back unless i wanted to pay $5-$8 for it. I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY TO GET SOMETHING BACK THAT IS RIGHTFULLY MINE!!!! i’ve been ripped off badly. and i encourage the rest of you to not allow them to rip you off like they did me. and finally, the customer service lady, Clara Agnes, is the worst customer service representative i have ever dealt with in my life.
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7 months ago, luu1uu
Surprisingly great
Really nothing negative to note on this app. Reasonable fees and shipping prices. Superb and friendly customer service - they get back to you fast and don’t sound like a bot. The app “rewards” you with coins anytime you sell or make a purchase. It’s also easy and effortless to sell and buy too. Their curated collections are cute to go through if you’re bored and there are always trendy things to look at. If I have to comment on anything “negative” I’d say that the demographic is for younger females so don’t expect to find stuff for families aka men or children, or even maternity items. You cannot create bundles but instead there are lots for auction instead. Their auction lot is a new feature which I don’t use often due to the fact that you can only upload one photo per item, must have at least 3 items for a lot, and there are no text boxes to make comments or feedback on the items listed. I did bring this up to customer support as a suggestion and I hope that this can be improved.
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3 years ago, l_r26
Best app ever!!
I came across this app on Facebook a couple of times and eventually decided to download it. I started listing my clothes and in the first week I got about 2 sales so far I’ve made a lot in only a month. I feel like most clothe reselling apps are for items in perfect condition and that are up to trend. And on this app you can sell it in any condition, obviously it would be better in a newer condition but either way. If the items have tags you can list them for a higher price. I also love it because you don’t have to be figuring out how much you’ll have to spend on shipping as they have that all set up for you. It’s so easy to list an item on which they also sell you shipping kits which I would say are 100% worth it. The app does have a fee for the items you sell but despite it you always know how much you’ll earn from the item. The other users also sell the cutest clothes ever for some great prices. BEST APP EVER I TOTALLY RECOMMEND.
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2 years ago, evaama
Not so great for sellers
I would like to start off by saying I sell on other platforms such as Poshmark and Mercari. In my opinion, it takes more time listing an item on Curtsy than on the other platforms. It’s really annoying that free shipping is pre-set and I have to remove it when listing and still have to click yes when asked by the app if I’m sure what I’m doing. The suggested prices are approximately 1/3 of what I usually sell my items for. When uploading photos I have to upload my cover photo first because if I upload all of the photos together they upload in a random way, not in the way I clicked on them. That wouldn’t be an issue if I was able to move photos in my draft but I cannot so I have to delete the draft and start another one. So after I finally post a listing I am presented with an option to share my listing. I honestly don’t care for this. Then, you are presented with your potential earnings. I feel like those last two steps should be optional or should be provided elsewhere, not after every single listing. All those steps makes listing on Curtsy quite annoying and a waste of time.
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2 years ago, Kali MK
Deactivated account
I had curtsy and absolutely loved it and was so easy to use until curtsy deactivated and hid my closet on the app. I do not have a label which means I had to have labels shipped to me and sometimes shipping for the labels would take a really long time. Curtsy then put deadlines for shipping and sometimes the labels would not come in time so I would not meet the deadline so my order was canceled. Curtsy had deactivated my account because of the cancellations and I tried to explain to them that majority of the time it was not ny fault that the orders were canceled and it was in the hands of usps for shipping the labels. They did not acknowledge the fact that this is my way of income and that I was in the works of getting a printer and told me that there was nothing they could do about it. They did not acknowledge how I felt or what I had to say. Be aware if you are a seller without a printer you may encounter the same issue as me.
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4 years ago, tanialovesfrys
I’ve been selling on resale apps for about two years curtsy is definitely my slowest one , but that’s not really my issue with the app . 1st off the fee is ridiculous for the service you get they say they have great customer service and you can even “ text them “ I’ve had many issue and texted them and they never were resolved which is frustrating especially since there fee is so high I feel like you have to price your items higher just so you can actually get the amount you want for your item . They should really reconsider reducing there fee , also other apps when buying an item the have a certain time from to ship item I have bought along with selling but I have only successfully received two items out of 6 I tried to buy the seller never shipped and no update from Curtsy and a seller I expect the same service I provide as a seller and a buyer as well , also there rating system isn’t the best this app has a lot of potential but a lot of improvements need to be made but overall the app is very nice and clean just needs small changes that could make this great
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2 weeks ago, KayEmm0710
Waste of money
I downloaded this app in desperate need of a dress for my wedding reception, I found on but I was terrified to purchase knowing it would be 56 dollars I could not get back. Thankfully I saw the option to purchase the ability to make my order returnable through Seel. I added this to my cart and was able to checkout so I had peace of mind that I could use the option if it did not fit. Sadly my dress came and did not fit so I knew I would need to return it. When I tried it did not give me a return option. I reached out to customer service and was told that option was not given/purchased and I would need to resale the item to make my money back. I explained that I know I purchased this option because I wanted to make sure I had backup if it did not fit. They refused to return my item, continued to say the option was not purchased and refused to do anything to help me with my issues. The only response I got was “so sorry, you’ll need to resale”. This is my first and will be my last time using this app due to the terrible customer service, blatant lies told by the site and the customer care team and the disappointment I faced with this app.
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3 weeks ago, puppygirl2011233567
Great app for the selling part.
When I downloaded this app I was looking around for stuff I want, I found these bracelets this person was selling and I messaged her a few questions and things. She was super kind and helpful. I then bought it, after that I exited the app, a few hours passed I went back on because the girl who I ordered from messaged me back from my questions. However when I went on it said a page that said “your account has been suspended”, and underneath it said “underaged”. Before I say my age I want to clarify that this app says it recommends for customers or sellers downloading this app to be 12 + , I am 13 years old. I then messaged the owner about this issue and she/he told me I had to be 16 or older. BUT the most important annoying part is that my twin sister is 13 as well, she has a curtsy account, but she never got banned. I did sell on there as well and I would share what I look like. When I got suspended what went through my mind is that “oh maybe it’s because I look younger” because I do. So bad service. Great sellers
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2 months ago, stewert littlee
Horrible Customer Service.
I am not usually one to write reviews but I have never received worse customer service. I contacted Curtsy right after my package was sent out that the app glitched without my knowledge and sent the package the wrong address. They responded quickly by telling me to contact USPS for forwarding. I did this and the package was not eligible for forwarding. A month later I contacted customer support by saying the package was never sent back and would like understanding as it was the app that glitched. The customer service I received was harsh and rude. I explained how the app glitched and I typed in a completely different address and even confirmed it. I understood there was little the support could do but the tone and lack of understanding was very harsh. The app did glitch and there was no understanding that the app isn’t perfect. When I was trying to contact with a good tone, they kept responding with “we told you to contact USPS for forwarding” (which I explained I did in my first message). The app support is simple in search for money and does not understand the clients issues when presented. I used to love the app but was very disappointed by the support.
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2 years ago, Dawnluv
Horrible customer service and horrible platform. Some random Irrational buyers will attack great 5 star sellers because of their ignorance and write false statements on the review to destroy good sellers business. Curtsy takes all sides for irrational horrible moody buyers who want to put false claims on reviews while keeping the item. Curtsy just suspended my account unfairly with false claims that I harassed customer when I was trying to help her request a return. This is the type of platform that will never grow. Poshmark and Mercari is professional and doesn’t work on emotions and siding with ignorance. I had all 5 star reviews and with this one ignorant moody irrational seller that attacks seller obviously, curtsy decides to side with them and let your business close down. Disgustingly immoral and unjust in the curtsy world. These uneducated buyers that can’t even read or understand the listing correctly attacks sellers for their ignorance and curtsy will always side with them and close down your shop. Beyond ridiculous. Curtsy needs to be educated on how to run a business. 37 years selling on many platforms, curtsy wins gold medal and trophy for the worst customer service and selling platform.
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6 months ago, Beachgirlie101
Amazing Platform
This is a great app!! I love curtsy to find all of my favorite brands and my favorite items. I can find things in great condition that are half the price that I can get in store. They have all of the high end brands that everyone likes along with Aerie, Lululemon, Skims, etc. I love being able to directly interact with the sellers and look at their accounts to see what else they’re selling. You can also send offers to lower the price or add it in your cart to save for later! I have used other thrifting and second hand apps before but this one is definitely my favorite. The lay out is the easiest to understand and contacting customer support is also very easy. They respond very quickly when something is wrong and I have never had a problem with not receiving my item or not reviewing my payment! I have so much better luck selling things on here compared to Poshmark, Mercari, or Depop. I love it!!
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2 years ago, J. Manny Molina
Amazing Customer Service!!
For real, yall! I have had some issues with some orders, including horrible quality items from sellers, a seller that ignored my messages, among some others. The representative that I speak to is always so kind—not sure if its the same person all the time but whatever—and treats me like their number one priority. If I have any questions, I just shoot a text to the representative and my question is answered within minutes of sending the text (its a real person btw!). The app is so easy to navigate and gives you up-to-date info on your orders. The 4 day shipping max is such a handy thing because if the seller doesnt ship it, your order is cancelled and refunded automatically! I primarily use Curtsy to shop. I have recommended this app to so much people, including my mother who used to ONLY use poshmark! Definitely the best resale app out right now. Items aren't overpriced and unaffordable.
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2 months ago, fdrubofr
Watch out other reselling apps 👀
Curtsy is truly an amazing selling app. I have been selling online for 20 years, with 8 of those years selling clothing full time. Curtsy is the most straight forward, user-friendly interface I have used. There is so much potential and the recent addition of being able to import listings from other apps makes this a no-brainer for sellers. I literally do nothing and my listings just magically appear, it’s amazing. The fees are beyond fair. I haven’t made a purchase yet, but the buyers I have dealt with have been nothing short of lovely so I am sure the buying experience is as easy and enjoyable as the selling experience. As a seller, Curtsy is a great supplement to the other reselling apps I use. Sales aren’t every day, but that’s because Curtsy is relatively new. As more buyers and sellers join, I can see Curtsy taking off and going very, very far. I hope to go far with it! 😊
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3 years ago, akdjfjsndnf
Favorite thrifthing app
When I first got curtsy I didn’t really use it as much but over the last year It’s become my favorite online thrifting app. I personally like curtsy more than Poshmark. I feel that it is a safer platform and people aren’t sketchy. There is a support team you can talk with in the app , unlike the other platforms where you have to email someone and it takes forever to hear back. I hear back from curtsy immediately and they are always so kind and helpful. Also the quality of clothes are better and there is less “junk” that people are selling. You don’t have to sort through stuff to find something cute! It’s easy to talk to sellers and buyers and I personally think people price items a lot more fairly on curtsy than on Poshmark or other similar platforms. I have found so many cute items in amazing condition. I couldn’t recommend curtsy enough!
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8 months ago, gdyjwjsbdbdb
Do Not Recommend Anymore!
I used to love this app, have been using for years throughout high school to buy sustainably and cheaper luxury items! Although I have spent hundreds of dollars on the app, my account has been locked. I have contacted curtsy support multiple times… no response! Yay! I finally get one, tells me to provide my cell phone number… I did. Still not unlocked, I had orders to ship and no telling how many people accepted the offers I offered, and money went out of my account without me being able to check! Great app for the products, but customer service is not it!!! If my account is unlocked, I will NOT be giving my business and hard worked dollars to this app. This has been reoccurring and when i provide my number they say there is another account with the same number and i need to get rid of that account… well i can’t because i only have one account and i have tried to login and i can’t delete account much less login. Used to love this app but changed my mind and have told all friends and family do not use this app because you could be banned for something not your fault.
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2 years ago, Dogmama73
Honest comments from a seasoned reseller
So a few days ago, I heard about curtsy from a fellow reseller and thought I would give it a try. Now I’ve been a reseller since 2005 and have tried a lot of selling platforms. This isn’t my first rodeo. My assistant listed 159 items in two days on curtsy and all of a sudden they logged us out and suspended the account with no warning/reason nothing nor would there have been a reason. We know what we are doing. We don’t sell fakes, our prices average 50% off retail, etc. I have contacted them a few times now with no response. So I did some research and they have done this to a lot of other sellers from bad reviews all over the internet including those that couldn’t collect their funds from sales. This is the worst platform I have ever come across in 17 years of being a reseller…and they take 20% commission? No thanks! But I will contact my attorney to find out what my rights are to recover two days of labor that was wasted; my photos etc. I’m also filing a complaint with the BBB. The reselling community will never support your platform with your horrible practices.
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1 year ago, GAMEJUDGE...
This app is literally the most perfect clothing app there ever is. It’s just so perfect. I have an obsession with shopping, and this app makes it so much easier to fulfill that. I am new at this (kinda) and I have sold 5 of my items so far, and made a ton of money, and I have also bought a lot of things on here too. Some things I love ~ - They are so fast to respond to any shipping problems, and are so kind and patient about any questions I have had. - Because of the way this app works, it has recycled so many clothing items that could’ve been thrown away, and instead given for someone else’s enjoyment:) - Once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy. They don’t make the process of selling hard at all. In conclusion, I 100% recommend this app to anyone out there who’s looking to sell things, or just to fulfill your shopping obsession. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH CURTSY
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1 year ago, jjs2341
No protection for sellers
I use to love curtsy and even got my mom and best friend selling on the app. However the most recent selling experience I had has made me completely swear off the app. I sold a pair of lululemon leggings to a buyer. My photos included photos of the logo. Buyer receives the leggings. 15 days after receiving their item, they file a claim saying my leggings are fake. Curtsy sides with them. I bought these years ago so I don’t have a receipt to prove authenticity. Curtsy sides with the buyer and tells them can send the item back for refund. Fine, it is a part of reselling and I take it on the chin. TWO AND A HALF MONTHS later, I receive the leggings, covered in hair and lint and throw in a ball into an envelope. When I reach out the customer service, they say that because the item is fake (which it is not), the return time limit does not apply. For all I know, this buyer could’ve worn these leggings for months and months before finally returning them to me. I have never had such an atrocious return experience before and I resell on mercari, poshmark, nuuly, and depop. DO NOT SELL ON HERE. I will be deleting my selling profile.
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4 years ago, Alexisryoungg
Curtsy App
LOVES THIS app! i’ve sold so much and have bought so much. it is such a great way to sell and buy clothes for cheap and still be fashionable. However, the app really lags and fails to work for about thirty minutes straight. sometimes i just like to browse for hours but it freezes and then i have to exit out of the app and go back into it - i would like to add that after making this review i changed my star rate because i was suspended off the app for giving my instagram to a friendly girl who bought my backpack. I’m not sure how this is soliciting off the app LOL... the reason i gave this girl my insta was because my app was constantly lagging and constantly freezing. whenever i am shopping or selling clothes- it freezes and then kicks me out. i constantly have this issue and even made a complaint about it and got no help in the matter or a return email. I tried deleting the app and then reinstalling and it does nothing. i am still suspended from this app for one week & i think it’s ridiculous because it’s over their slow app.... Don’t recommend this app- avoid a headache.
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1 year ago, p!reviews
This app is terrible
Update: they’ve found even more ways to mess up the app. They now change all your listing information after you list the item. They change the package weight you select and try to force you to offer free shipping by selecting that option no matter how many times you deselect it. It’s the worst out of all the reselling platforms. They regularly delete and change the order of your pictures, change your titles, and reject listings for strange reasons. Too similar to another product you’ve listed? Rejected. Men’s clothing? Rejected..even though there are already thousands of men’s items listed on the platform. The app itself is full of glitches. You can’t search your listings properly. Information about the few sales you’ll make is hard to find because the app isn’t easy to navigate. You’ll only get some of the notifications you need no matter what notifications settings you enable. The strangest glitch that has been happening on and off for months is that music or podcasts playing on your phone will pause as soon as you open the app.
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