CVS Pharmacy

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CVS Pharmacy
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User Reviews for CVS Pharmacy

4.72 out of 5
1.3M Ratings
7 years ago, Levmel
Best App EVER! Thanks CVS
After a bad car accident over 5 years ago, I have found myself requiring pain management for the rest of my life. In needing this, I had to choose ONE exact pharmacy location to fill all of my prescriptions. Not only do I love my CVS location and all of the staff, I started using the app right away. I already had an Extra Care card, and used it for coupons and discounts. I’ve loved this app from the start, and thanks to developer updates on a regular basis, it has only gotten better! I would give more than 5 stars if I could. The app platform is excellent and user friendly. It’s amazing how much you can do with the app!! I’m now in the top 1% of Extra Care money savers in the nation, and I can refill, scan, and check prescription status right in the app for myself and my family. All of my coupons are right there - one click to “send to card” in the app and the discount will be applied at checkout. The more I shop in-store for things I need, the more customized coupons I get! I also love that you can open a barcode to scan for prescription pickup so that you don’t have to say ANY personal info out loud! It tracks and archives everything. I cannot say enough about how much this app has changed my in-store and pharmacy experiences for the better. Thanks developers for a beautifully designed app! One VERY grateful and impressed customer here!
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1 year ago, mmtroutman
5 points CVS Santa Barbara
I have had a couple of problems getting medications from you. The latest one that had been phoned in to this pharmacy from my doctor. Most recent was from the Cottage ER, Dr Anderson early in the morning 5/14,2023. It was for prednisone and a Zpak. I went home and went on the CVS app and it stated that it was being processed. So I waited all day and never received notification of my medication being ready. You are now closed. Now I need to wait until the morning and just hope it’s ready. I may need to go back to the ER as I have human Metapneumovirus and am starting to have extreme wheezing again since the Prednisone they gave me in the ER wore off. A few months ago I was late picking up blood pressure medication due to a death out of town and was told it was put back and I would need to get a new prescription. Didn’t even get a smile from your employee as she brushed me off. I switched all of my medications to a more trustworthy and dependable pharmacy. That worked great until Sunday morning when the ER had you guys on file. I had hoped you would have gotten it together a little better by now. Please fill the prescription my doctor phoned in, I need it to stay out of the hospital. Mary Troutman
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3 months ago, ddc!!
I wish CVS would get it right
The only thing I can give CVS credit for is their reward program is better than Walgreens by far. I feel like I actually get to use my reward money and it applies to anything that I purchased except prescriptions. Walgreens not so much. On the flipside of all that CVS has the worst automated phone system and the app that they just improved actually angers me and frustrates me more than the old one. I’ve been prescriptions filled forever and I know I had one just recently called in. For whatever reason it never seems to register that through the app. It always shows that I have no prescriptions and no prescription history. Also noteworthy, without warning, and no real good reason my notifications have stopped coming in. The pharmacy says that I am supposed to be getting text messages when my prescriptions are ready, but I just don’t. And yes, I have checked all the boxes I have crossed all the teas and do all the i’s within the app, it still just doesn’t work. The new app is also very bland. Meaning, nothing really stands out. You literally have to read every single word on every tab to know what to do and where to go. My Rewards should just kind of pop out somewhere I shouldn’t have to hunt for them. My prescription tab, same thing. it’s just a lot of words on a page divided in little boxes/rectangles that are also filled with lots of words and for an ADD person… It’s just kind of much. I think it needs massive improvement.
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2 years ago, Jennie's cellphone
Improvements to website
Please schedule prescription refills once or twice a month instead on different scripts on different days. I get 15 routine refills every 90 days and when they are on so many different days it is frustrating. I wait until I have 4 or 5 refills since I pick them up at the drive through. It would be perfect if there was a way to leave a message when ordering refills. I have two that are ordered for 90 days but I can only get one month at a time. I want to be able to send a message to fill those monthly refills since they are not automatically filled. I know there are so many calls to pharmacists and it seems that would be easier for them and me. I wonder why I have so many messages to call pharmacist for a refill when they are scheduled for refill. Again, a place to message pharmacist would be so much better especially when I think about it after hours. I also have one script that I don't need refilling and would like to leave message to cancel prescription for that one refill time. Why are so many of my prescription refills not in stock when they are due for refills? This is happening quite often lately. I don't understand why ready refills are out of stock? I have frequently asked for these suggestions and nothing changes. Thanks for reading my suggestions for better service.
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1 month ago, Caps man
I am going to take this opportunity to sound off I frequent cvs Lockheed Blvd in Alexandria va. I just hit retirement, and due to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, I have lots of prescription to fill constantly. Drugs are my friends, and I don’t mean illegal ones like crack …. The application is great for the most part. It could be better I wish I could communicate with the pharmacist through the app. I can’t I wish I could see what insurance is used to fill a script. WellCare, GoodRx James the pharmacist is the best pharmacist I ever had in my 65 years of life. He is a saint. I call him saint James. Since pharmacist ends with “ist” like lots of doctor titles ,,,, I call him dr James. The outside of this store is always littered with trash. Hire a company to clean it up and take chewing gum off of the sidewalk. The manager could care less. There are bottles, cups, trash always out there. I feel like I am in the ghetto when I go there Cvs is getting to corporate like and impersonal. Have the pharmacist record the messages on the integrated voice system. Let users chose (through the app) how and when they want to get called / texted. Too many texts and too many phone calls. I cannot even tell if a real person is calling me or your automated system. Did I say you need a old type of fountain in each store. Everything is too corporate like Lots more to say, but I don’t know if this will be noticed, so I don’t want to waste too much time and effort
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6 years ago, Alyse Pharm Tech
Keeps getting better
Cvs has nailed it with this app & continues to with updates. The CVS Pharmacy app provides customers with easy to use, detailed information based on their prescription history. The pharmacy portion allows you to make several different options with any prescription you have on file. You can fill from a detailed list, you can archive and remove medications into another part of your medical history, you can even scan your bottle to refill a prescription, chose pick up location & while your waiting? Go ahead and make sure your ExtraCare card is associated with the sign in information used to access your pharmacy information. Look through a variety of weekly coupons & deals, coupons specifically catered to you as well as Sunday coupons. Yes! Manufacturers coupons found in the Sunday paper that we all clip for savings, is now available paper free, through the Cvs app. You can now click and simply send to your card manufacturers coupons that can be applied in addition to your personalized extra care coupons to maximize your savings. Can it get even better? YES!! You can send all of your extra bucks you earn directly to your card, no more worries about throwing away those precious extra bucks! whether it be for a specific item, weekly deal, beauty extrabucks or pharmacy extrabucks- all acquired earnings can be digitally applied 😀
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3 months ago, toffygirl
Bad changes to app
I don’t understand why Cvs constantly has to be making changes to the app, especially when it was working just fine before. There’s an old saying it goes something like this: “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it “ it’s not user friendly either now with all of the new changes. It’s more difficult to navigate and find the prescriptions and to check if they need to be refilled. And it’s hard to even get to the part where the pharmacy rewards tracker and the coupons are now. I’m not one to normally make a review but I really feel that this review is very important and necessary. ( not that it will be acknowledged or anything or even seen by anyone from Cvs but nonetheless it’s necessary) the fact that there is no way to even archive the meds you are not taking any more is even extremely disturbing because as time continues to pass CVS will continue to make the app even worse than before. It’s even more concerning that it’s even harder to use than it has been in the past. If my insurance policy were to allow me to change my pharmacy I would change it to Walgreens because they are cheaper than CVS and a lot friendlier and they actually do Not accuse their customers of stealing if they have an issue with a product like (it wasn’t in the package in the first place!) But unfortunately the fact that my insurance policy will not allow me to go to any other pharmacy is the only reason why I am still using CVS!!
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4 months ago, Dissatisfied Granny
New Mobile App
I couldn’t figure out how to give this mess half a star and that would have been overly generous. This is the hardest app floating in space and space is where it belongs! Way too confusing. Is there any option allowing customers to return to any of the older versions? All were superior to what is here. This is going to be a problem for my poor pharmacist. I currently have 20 something active prescriptions and I kept track of these with the old app. Some require a doctor’s approval and some even a new prescription for each “refill”. I checked the app regularly to stay on top of getting refills timely when the number available was running out. I did this at least twice a week and I also checked my co-payments for previous refills of 30 and 90 days to determine what I could afford each time based on number of different meds I need. This new app probably has all that but I just wasted 35 minutes trying to find refills, numbers, and costs and I gave up since there’s no concise method to this madness. But I’m sure the pharmacist will check all this for me a couple times a week or you’ll be hiring more pharmacy assistants. However, there’s been signs at my CVS almost begging people to apply?? Good luck with this piece of garbage. And just so you don’t think I’m computer illiterate: I worked over 30 years and big part of my was to train, explain, and consult on new state computer programs. None ever “improved” this badly!
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10 months ago, First Citizen Reviewer
Handy App
I love this App…….it’s very handy to check prescriptions, when the next refill is and if you need to remind your doctor to call your refill in. You can also see the weekly paper and purchase items and someone will have them ready for you, you can also check your CBS Extra Bucks and see all available coupons you can use. The pharmacy stays busy and this way you don’t necessarily have to call them when they are all working hard to fill prescriptions, take orders from ppl’s doctors and stock prescriptions as they come in. The only thing is that the app is a little slow at times but all-in-all I’d highly recommend this App. And, also want to give a big shout out to the wonderful service in the CVS in Rockwell, NC……always so nice, helpful and get the orders filled very quickly for you. *(The recording on the phone is a different matter and it’s TOO many Yes or No’s to get to the Pharmacy and if you’re in a hurry getting to the pharmacy then forget it bc the responses to get to the pharmacy is ridiculous. Their should be a number to push if you just want to speak with the pharmacy without having to jump through hoops to get there……the app makes things so much easier.)
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10 months ago, Upset at CVS
Having Trouble with App... AGAIN
I hoped this would be a good app. I got it to have my prescriptions sent to me. But, the technological "geniuses" at CVS keep bumping me off the "send out meds" list . Everytime I think one of the nice pharmacy staff members has fixed the problem for me, some IT person gets involved and I end up having to pick up my meds...or having to explain AGAIN that I pay monthly to have my medication sent to me...and the pharmacy staff shouldn't have to fix the problems that the tech people create. This is insanity. And it's aggravation. I don't need the aggravation. Stress makes my medical situation worse. Pharmacy's with apps should be making sure these apps work for the health of their clients. It's the ethical thing to do...and I shouldn't have to keep on repeating myself, ad nauseam to corporate people at CVS. It's clear they care more about selling overpriced crap which has little to do with healthcare, than they do with sending medicine to people who have medical issues...and who pay monthly for this service. I'm very disappointed with this app and the people who designed it to bump me off the "send out meds" list. I wouldn't have gotten this app for any other reason, to be perfectly honest. One star. It's not working...and I keep having to write emails to CVS...and this is not the fault of the overwhelmed, understaffed local employees of my neighborhood CVS. This is technological chaos.
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3 years ago, ZEESG1
CVS on Neptune Avenue must get an overhaul NOW
The pharmacy is located in a new complex and is a nice size store. It is usually not well stocked and not tidy. The worst is the customer service both in store and even worse over the phone. In the store after waiting on long long lines they send you from one side of the store to wait on another line. The horrendous and unsafe practice for a pharmacy not to pick up the phone lines and/or disconnecting the caller has spiraled out of hand!! One can call for days in a row (I experienced this multiple times and most recently over a period of 4 days) and the phone doesn’t get answered. Rings and rings and rings and after 20-30 minutes the system disconnects you. I was trying to arrange for my medication to be delivered as I’m on my own and couldn’t get to the pharmacy. To no avail. 4 days later I hit the prompt for “doctors.” The individual who answered the phone was so rude. I asked if there is something wrong w the phone lines as I’m calling all week. She replied “We are very busy here, get to your point.” Not unusual to get attitude from the CVS Neptune ave staff. Doctors offices don’t have much better experience. They don’t take their calls but keep sending automated messages via the cvs system and then state that the doctors office just isn’t responding. My neighbors and I have experienced this several times. Some neighbors won’t use this pharmacy anymore and I’m close to doing the same. Big box store that needs a major shakeup!!
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12 months ago, JacklynRose F
Life saving app!
This app is a life saver! So easy to use and can complete many tasks at the ease of your fingers tips from home. You can refill all your prescriptions, request refills, ask questions, add family members prescriptions and care, shop, plus much more! I normally do not leave any kind of reviews but this app deserves a high rating and review. I use it almost daily and has greatly improved the quality of my life by making things so much easier and confident for me. Gone are the days of constantly questions what prescriptions I need to get filled as it tells me what’s coming up, what’s date I filled prescriptions on , what date I have upcoming prescriptions due, and will also contact my providers for prescriptions that I need refills on and do not have any written for. CVS has truly made things convenient, easy, hassle free, and you will take a sigh of relief once you get this app for yourself. I guarantee it. Also, with this app you can get all these prescriptions delivered conveniently to your door without leaving your house! Never having to go to the store again if you do not wish. If that’s not another plus, I don’t know what it. So do yourself a favor and download this. You won’t regret it.
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2 years ago, starstellie
App has been horrible lately
My prescriptions don’t all show up on app. Refill process rarely works and text messages aren’t accurate. One pharmacist especially questions my prescriptions and the use of them. Missing medications and condescending pharmacist at my location. Inaccurate information given by pharmacist on quantities dispensed and / or when. (I keep proof) Have to order refills a few days ahead of time because 2 of my medications you are almost always out of. Then pharmacist/ app tells me it’s to early to refill. Then comes the lecture from the pharmacist about what I’m taking. I’m very closely monitored by GP, psychiatrist and therapists ans they all talk. I’m tired of app not working right and pharmacist treating me like if I was a drug addict. I’m 53 and just spent a week in the hospital for liver damage caused by Tylenol taken over a few days while I had the flu. I’m calling tomorrow to find out where the missing one time prescription went to. I’m still in strong pain and need it filled by Saturday and if I get condescending responses to missing prescription or getting refills, I will be switching pharmacies immediately. Fix your app and tell your pharmacist (one in particular) she needs a refresher course on common courtesy and empathy. I wish I didn’t have to take any meds but I do. The least they could do is fo be kind and either fix the app or go back to the old ways of doing things.
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11 months ago, Bev2beautiful
Pharmacy workers not listening
Today there was a patient gentleman that works for your pharmacy on Taft Ave, Cincinnati, OH, near UC, that finally heard me when I said “there must be a mistake with my insurance information, because I am being charged too much”. I had said this more than once, and showed a number of employees my cards. I requested a printout that showed which insurance was charged. No success. Tonight, the gentleman checked all the numbers and found the mistake and made the correction. After he typed in the new numbers, the out of pocket cost changed from $107 to $40. There needs to be more customer service training for your employees. There is lots of traffic at this store. It’s so busy. They have be able to fine and correct errors without talking to the client as if they don’t know anything. One guy took my cards and put in the info incorrectly and told me that the copay amount didn’t change because only one insurance pays. I often get charged more when the Perscription is requested by my doctor fir 3 months but is only filled for 1 month. If I am experiencing these types of problems, I’m sure others are also. Please go back 6 months and check the insurance that was entered and make the correction. I would like to have any co pay charges that were more than I would have been charged returned. Thank you.
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1 year ago, Grandma LE
CVS - Customers (are) Very Satisfied
The online system is very efficient and effective. Prices and rewards are super awesome! They have almost everything in the store. The manager at the 3020 Sepulveda Blvd I forgot his name -he’s a young African American gentleman. He happened to be at the store when I was looking for a help to open the locked where they keep Tylenol and other Antihistamine pills inside the fiberglass cabinet. I didn’t even know that he’s the manager because he was going around isle per isle and tidying the store. He’s very professional, friendly and very helpful. Two thumbs up for him! Over all CVS store in Sepulveda Blvd Torrance CA is probably one of the best -even though most CVS stores are good. I also trust and comfortable with the pharmacy staff. Most of my family and friends are CVS customers because I recommended CVS to all my friends, clients and family members. There’s only one thing that I wanted to comment on, is the extra Rewards bucks that customers get after we paid our items at the checkout-a long receipt with bunch of coupons and $bucks rewards but it expires within 5 days. It would be great if the expiration date is at least a month. It’s just a thought. Thank you CVS! Kind regards, Luchie Eslao
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3 weeks ago, wug212
It’s not the app.
The app is fine. Actually the app works great. My problem has been every time I place an online order a portion of my order is canceled. No explanation, just canceled. Usually it’s one of the main items I need. If it’s out of stock then fine. But other stores will offer to substitute for another item. I’d be ok with that if it was out. What gets me is since there is no substitute offered I have to go into the store anyways to get a replacement then find the exact item on the shelf that was canceled. I do the online orders because I have a medical condition with both legs with bandages that go from my feet up past my knees. I can get through the store but if I have to stand in line it’s agonizing at times. I’m not online shopping because I want to. Why do we keep canceling portions of an order if the items are on the shelf? It happens every time. So this time I had some of the most important items canceled and I never picked it up. I got them from Walgreens instead. I’m just not going to go through the aggravation or the pain in the legs for this any more. I spoke with someone at the store and they told me I was more than welcome to buy the items off the shelf. You think?
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11 months ago, LindsyD1820
One App That Genuinely Makes Life Easier….
And sadly that’s not something I generally find myself saying, & if so 100% meaning it; but this is def one of the exceptions! It gives you the capability to manage your entire family’s medications etc., cvs shopping online &/or in store pickup, ability to request Covid hometests with a few finger taps & then it comes right to your door, manage your card/store membership & rewards, much easier etc for monitoring your ExtraBucks & personally i think since the apps been out it’s made earning ExtraBucks happen much faster & earning much more than before; also you can schedule/reschedule/& much more Appts for the Minute Clinic- even to request or schedule a video call/appt, & give you instant access to your medical records; as well as Covid vaccination documentation & documentation for any & all Other vaccinations you’ve had…..ALSO allows you to submit prescriptions/refills in 2 seconds from phone & you can have your prescriptions filled & sent directly to your door on the app w/ a few taps as well! I know I didn’t touch on literally every great aspect of it but there’s MANY examples. It’s definitely extremely convenient & helpful etc.
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9 months ago, Detayl63
Each update takes a step backwards
Isn't the point of using an app to make an experience easy and save time? Well your app gets farther away from that with each update and here’s why: 1. I’ve been receiving texts but with this update it shows text alerts turned off. I tried to turn it on but after entering my mobile # and confirming it and making a selection for type of messages it will not allow me to save. Very frustrating as I have attempted multiple times. 2. There used to be an option for sharing prescription information for family members tied to same care pass. I received texts if Amy family member had a prescription ready. That is no longer available. This often causes multiple trips to the pharmacy. 3. The express pickup option is useless. Every time I use it in advance I still have to give the drive in associate the same information for the prescription and wait for them to pull it and most of the time give them the payment card again. 4. Please consider having all deals automatically default to the care pass card or at least provide an option for “send all to card”. It is time consuming to run through 150 coupons and select send one at a time.
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10 months ago, Kraze Bing Lady
The pharmacist is very knowledgeable and friendly.. If there is ever a problem with my Doctor or insurance issues, the staff will call discuss with the pharmacist and somehow they get it taken care off. The employees at the store are very helpful and always tell me when there is a Coupon available or tell me a better deal. So grateful for their help. If you plan ahead and load all you coupons and bring your paper coupons you can really get great deals and even get Extra Bucks to use on your next visit. I joined Carepass, it’s a no brained. You pay $5 per month and get a $10 extra buck to use on your next purchase. I love CVS !!!! It’s a win win shopping experience. And when you join Carepass you get free same day delivery and 25% off any CVS Product. In today world everything is so expensive especially things you need to buy from a pharmacy store.. If you are not a CVS member, you need to transfer all your prescriptions and Join CarePass. The CVS APP is so easy to use, very Straightforward. And if you have any questions or are confused about anything all the Staff are very knowledgeable and will take the time to help you understand..
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11 months ago, Joy motorman
My CVS #7513
I love my CVS, everyone is so nice and polite. My pharmacy David and his staff are the best. If they say 20 mins. It’s 19 mins. They greet you by first or last name. I don’t expect them smile all the time, because they look at pills all day. They do their best to get you out. I’ve been getting my medication there every since it was built all the Pharmacist are great. They are very willing to answer your questions if you have one about your meds. David is quick to ask me if my doctor changed my medication because he is aware that there is a difference in a medication that may be the same as one that I’m already taking. I have never been disrespected but by one lady, and she still refuses to treat me with respect. The other new technicians in there are very slow I have orders in there in the morning and when I go in at 8:00 PM my order is not ready. Then you have to sit back and wait 45 minutes for them to get it ready. If they change companies of where they get the medication. They used to tell you this tim they didn’t I had to call. Must you have to wait that long when they’ve had it all day. Someone in my opinnion has dropped the ball somewhere or they don’t have enough help. But it’s not my problem.
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1 year ago, Gelbuda21
CVS app & CarePass have MADE ME money
-This app is so user friendly. Simple. Easy to navigate. I literally take 5 minutes in my car before going into CVS to search and add extra care bucks and coupons for what I’m going there for to my card. And if I add a couple extra items I scan them in the store and ALL applicable coupons automatically populate for me! This 5 minutes and awesome company’s savings app saves me tons of money every single transaction. At LEAST 15-20% off my total almost every time. I can easily see and push “+” for all my extra care bucks, coupons, and mailer discounts in one place! - The CarePass is only $25 a YEAR. I made my money back in 2.5 months by doing nothing bc every single month I get $10 promo reward. In addition to 20% of ALL cvs brand products, I mean it’s a no brainer. It’s only February and I’ve already saved $237 dollars YTD. I don’t work for CVS, I just have a lot of other apps from stores like Publix and target and their membership savings program and apps are crap, not user friendly at all, confusing and frustrating. Not worth spending time to get coupons to get $1.00 in savings for spending $100+.
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7 years ago, Katz's Itunes Accounts
Terrible Buggy, unnecessarily cumbersome
They payment feature never works and the people in the store don't have a clue what to do. It’s nearly impossible to figure out how to change your form of payment when your credit card expires except during a check out. Naturally I don’t want to hold everyone up so I wait to do it afterwords and you can’t find on the app where to do this. All the special offers and coupons should automatically be added to your card which they aren’t. This is an unnecessary process to have to go through. Adding this to my earlier review. Why can’t all of the coupons automatically load onto my care card. It’s so such a complete utter waste of time especially when I’m standing at checkout trying to go through them so I never get to add them until it’s too late. I don’t have time to plan my shopping experience at CVS I kind of go there cause I have to because my insurance company I would never go to that store the way that I make this so difficult. It also stinks that half of the things get printed on the receipt which I don’t want to save why should I have to save it if I have it app? What do you think they could add a setting where everything automatically gets added to your cart and not print it out on the receipt and that you don’t have to review it all? This has the potential to be a very good useful up and it’s just way too cumbersome and not worth the effort
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2 months ago, Mesa customer
Staff and app
This week I checked my ready prescriptions - their were two - I had stopped using one so I cancelled it and left the one I needed. I checked twice to make sure I had done it correctly - today when I went to pick up the one I wanted turned my bright and sunny day into a dismal day - The clerk gave me one prescription that was not either and when I asked about the one I came for he said go to drop off - I asked could he just check and he so rudely told me go to drop off - so I go to drop off and the lady told me quite rudely I guess it must have been put back - so obviously they don’t know how to use the app - Secondly the entire pharmacy 305 Brown St Mesa staff are unpleasant and rude - some excel at it even more than others - they don’t greet you if you ask questions obviously they are annoyed and monosyllabic answers often occur - I hate going there - Earlier this year there was a new assistant and older gentleman and he was so helpful and polite but now the old crew is back and it’s back to a knot in my stomach every time I go in there - oh and what happened to my prescription - rather than be helpful and let me wait the 20 minutes the woman says come back in 4 hours - had it been a new script I wouldn’t mind but the app had it already filled and ready and now I have to wait again - my final comment can’t anyone in CVS rearrange those people’s attitude - thank you
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10 months ago, lisabellem
Worst app I use
I’m usually not harsh about apps but this one has caused me numerous issues in getting my medication on time. Running out because of a terrible app is totally unacceptable especially for such a large company. For instance, the app said I picked up a medication in January. I did not. The doctor reordered it after a January visit but it was too early. So when I wanted to refill it, it wouldn’t let me. It appeared that I had picked it up. Then the history details said it was on hold. Another more annoying problem is the app not agreeing with the store computer. Happens frequently. But worst of all is when ordering a refill, it refills at the store the prescription was originally faxed to by my doctor which is another state. It doesn’t matter if I changed every address months ago and the pharmacist transfers it while I’m standing in the store. Then, she or I must call the wrong pharmacy to have it returned then wait up to a couple of days for it to be filled in the correct pharmacy. That means occasionally I RUN OUT OF HEART MEDICATION! Your computer system also doesn’t let me know the prescription is ready (often) even with that option selected. Shame on your company and computer technology staff.
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4 years ago, Flyby777
Horrible since iOS 14
I paid $50 to get the $10/month & it while it was on my card, it wouldn’t apply to my purchase. They email me coupons & I don’t know why!!!! I go to send them to my card & get a “ooops something went wrong. Try later” & I get that message EVERY SINGLE TIME!! I tried to uninstall & reinstall but now “technical difficulties” won’t let me sign in. I call & on the one time someone actually answered, it was a moron who was only able to parrot a few words she’d been taught “uninstall/reinstall app”, “make sure your account matches” “have you tried turning your phone off & on” “I’m a pretty bird squawk squawk I don’t know squawk” A parrot would have been more useful especially when I told this woman what I’d done before she gave me the parroted answers “Why not send me to someone who knows what they’re doing?? Why not stop wasting MY TIME if all they can do is squawk what they’ve been told before saying “I don’t know. Have you talked to someone at the store?”🙄 I couldn’t help but think “did this idiot just ask me the dumbest question anyone could ask? That’s like calling Apple with a question about your phone. They have all the info identifying it as an iPhone & ask “are you sure it’s an iPhone”. That’s not ever happened with Apple but that’s how stupid the question was & I ended up with a we’ll give you a 20% off coupon to use by tomorrow since we can’t give you the $20 we stole from you. They’re useless.
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2 months ago, Lost 6979
Pam Perrin
I’m very upset with CVS because you run all my meds threw medicaid and they fill them you have no problem running my Klonopin threw Medicaid but when it come to my pain meds you don’t even try to run it because Medicaid says you never submitted it to them so I have to pay for all my pain meds and My medicaid is good all be on it until I’m 65 or sooner. I know people who get the same meds that I get and have Medicaid pays for there’s and there not on disability . Like I am so please explain to me way CVS is doing this to me they even go as far as tell me that my Medicaid has been canceled and that not ture I even call Medicaid when I’m in the store and you all keep saying that I don’t have it so someone is stilling from you and I’ve had it I will be getting a lawyer to fall a lawsuit against you had the people be hind it I only bring in a little over 900$ a month it’s not much and I have bills to pay so I will see you in court just like know I have a prescription ready that I know Medicaid pays for and know your saying I have to pay 11$ for it and I will be going to the local news stop work this story
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9 months ago, AngelaBrins
Not enough help And not getting the prescriptions correct amounts
There’s not enough people helping the pharmacist it’s a little pharmacy and a big town and it’s like they’re overwhelmed with prescriptions. Last month I had to keep my bottle of Clonopin because they didn’t give me The correct amount , so I had to bring it The bottle with the prescription on it to the pharmacy because the doctor changes it and someone is not reading his notes correctly I don’t know? The amounts on the bottle should be correct all the time and you shouldn’t have to prove yourself by taking in the previous bottle. Read the doctors notes and do some multiplying that’s not too hard to do!!! And the wait time stinks!!!! There’s always a problem with the app!! The pharmacy needs extra help. Over Fourth of July weekend I was in the hospital three times to figure out what was wrong with me. The pharmacy did not have my medication (my husband went to pick up my medication, and the pharmacy did not have it) Then the pharmacy was closed for Fourth of July the fifth day I was in the emergency room seizing and going through severe shakes from not having my medication (Clonazepam). You’re going to lose a good customer.
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6 months ago, SMOKIE3914
I myself was confused about the update and new parts of the application. The newest update is worse than the last. A person shouldn’t have to out of the application itself to a website. The sole purpose of an application is do things in all one place vs back & forth. A customer can get very easily confused on which part of CVS (application or website) was used to get to the area that the customer wants to go. It’s just simpler and less confusing in the long run for the customers to use the application itself only vs to go outside of the application for their need’s. So at this point, I myself will not use the application/website until this is fixed or improved for us customers. UPDATE: I don’t like the new system for voicemail message’s. There is a problem with the application not following through on my request for Rx’s ready for refill & when I request them. I log off the application & log back in, the application doesn’t show the request. I need the Rx’s filled within a certain amount of time, so my dad can pick them up with the other’s. Now I don’t know if they will be ready & now my father will have to make a 2nd trip to get them. I don’t even know if/when the pharmacy will call me back before my dad leave to get the Rx’s. I am trying to get them synchronized together & now I may not be able to.
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3 months ago, Sherpags
Worst CVS
The CVS located at 610 west main st freehold nj This pharmacy department does not know NJ State law. Upon needing a prescription transferred to them they need to call the other pharmacy (Wegmans). But person who would not give their name to me refused to do! He said the other pharmacy must contact them. I tried to tell him state law says he kept talking over me repeatedly! I asked for another clerk he said ok will put me on hold & disconnected me … this happened twice! Also put on hold for long lengths of time! The Wegmans’s store also tried to help me they called & were left with constant ringing & no answer…. I decided to call store manager. He immediately went to pharmacy & had them work on my prescription immediately! I was told do drive tru pick up in 10 minutes…When I came to pick up the drive thru line was 3 deep & 20 minutes! Also confusion on coupon & what not. I feel bad for anyone trying to get medicine needed going through that particular CVS. My usual pharmacy on Ryan road is great much nicer & helpful they found the only pharmacy with my medication & I was shocked & upset with what I had to go through to get it at the 610 west main st store ! Over 1 hour of phone calls & a pharmacy technician that is not capable of handling a routine task. I’m told by Wegmans that it’s not unusual with CVS they have issues with them. I’m one unsatisfied customer with th this store.
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4 months ago, Truth plant
Why not use CVS
Cvs needed to not only update their app but update their pharmacies! Their pharmacists are rude in four out of five of the pharmacies that I have talked to Cincinnati. They can’t keep pharmacists in two out of three of them. They can’t keep employees in any of them mostly because they don’t want to work with the pharmacist, especially at the pay that they get. Now let’s go about the app. The app is good it’s copycat of Walgreens which is also good. Cvs however doesn’t allow patients anywhere to talk to the pharmacist. What about talking to the pharmacist and telling them they don’t want this order? I have one at CVS that I want to cancel No one there will answer the phone so I have to go there and cancel it, no one will go to the drive-through so I have to go in. I can’t walk so I have to get a wheelchair out of my car and go in to cancel an order so that I can get my medication at the store I want to get it at now. I have changed my store and signed a new contract with my doctor to use only Walgreens but another doctor has mistakenly sent a medication to Cvs and then sent it again to Walgreens. Cvs is already filled the medication and my insurance doesn’t want to transfer it. Thanks to Cvs. No wonder nobody wants to use Cvs.
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8 months ago, Hallie789
Annoyed and Frustrated
I have been going to CVS since I was a young child with my parents. A few months ago I decided to buy my own CVS Care Pass now that I am an adult. The app is so glitchy. On a almost dailu basis I get really good coupons in the form of a notification. It will be either $5 off your purchase or 40% off your purchase, tap to send to your cvs card. When I press it the app begins to start and then crashes. I restart it and NEVER get the good coupon. To add to my frustration, I wanted to add my prescriptions off of my parent's account to my own and the manager of the CVS had informed me he added it to mine. He neglected to tell me the prescriptions were still under my mother's name and my entire family was now on my account!! I had saved up a $5 coupon by picking up my prescriptions and my parents used it due to his own mistake. They told me to call the CVS customer care line, because the manager of that store messed up my account. I am beyond frustrated. Why is is such an issue for a young adult to have their own CVS card and transfer their own prescriptions to their account? Surely this is something that happens quite often. I wish there was a way to fix my account and the app. I am considering switcing to Walgreen's at this point, once my yearly Care Pass expires. UGH!!
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6 years ago, CBearTree
So Good So Far!
1. Except I Would Like to Get My RX’s Sooner than the Time Space Shown & Only Allowed❣️When I Could Actually get Through on the Phone, Via Recording, or An Actual Person, I Could Get Them Within 2 HRS.❣️Please Make That Possible Again Either Way❣️❣️❣️ 2. PS: As of the New Year, Your App. Is Worthless, if Your Employees Can’t Read the RX’s Correctly❣️So Far This Year (Jan. 2018) They Have Screwed Up 2 of My RX’s in Both Jan. & Feb. & Promised To Fix Them in Feb.!❣️They Have NOT Done So, & are in The Process of Screwing Up March, & My Dr. Is Too Busy & Frustrated to Take the Time & Fix It, & Unfortunately Her Nurses Can’t Understand What is Going On & Now Your/My Pharmacy Won’t Admit There Mistake & Just Fix It❣️😱😤 I Found the Mistake in Black & White, & It Was the Original Person Who Filled Them in Jan.’s Mistake; a Human Error❣️🙀I Can Forgive If It Can Be Fixed Immediately❣️I Have MS & Now I Am Too Old & Tired To Keep Messing With This❣️😔 I Have Been Filling the Same RX’s at This Location for 18yrs.!❣️🙀 There Have Been Problems with RX’s & In’s. Etc... Since Current POTUS Has Taken Office & I DON’T NEED ANYMORE❣️PLEASE HELP❣️❣️❣️😫 Your Faithful Customer Since 1990, & at Current Location Since 2000❣️👍✝️ Sincerely, C. L. Nelson
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1 year ago, boxchevy69
App is good service bad at drive thru
I have been a loyal cvs customer for over 35 years, I recently changed to Macs pharmacy, not because of price, but the cars I was instructed to buy a young lady at the drive-through!!😧🥺 While waiting for my prescriptions in the drive-through for a lengthy amount of time, which I understand, Cvs stays busy that’s a good thing, but when I pulled up and said you guys are really busy, the lady just looked at me and rolled her eyes after sitting at the window with no response for 11 minutes. I was asking her if there was a way that I could physically request my prescriptions to be done a different way than callingling in the day of. Her exact words were,” you could go somewhere else”. I said is that how are valued customer is treated, told to go somewhere else. I told her that’s exactly what I’m going to do, and, as explained very clearly that that is not how you treat a valued customer, and she just kept on making it worse. The pharmacist approached her as I drove off, I’m not sure what the young black ladies name was, and I have never been treated and humiliated so bad, I feel that this needs to be addressed, for Cvs sake. Very disappointed.😥
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5 years ago, Customer in Orange, CT
I am not happy about the cvs app change on the deals. It was much easier to browse coupon deals by going into each category. For example I would go to category “grocery” and all the deals would be listed and I would just scroll through and select the ones I want. With the new change you have to select all the categories you follow, and all the deals for “all” categories are listed as one list and you have to scroll through the whole list to find what coupons you want and select. The new feature makes it more difficult to shop and select deals. Please bring the old one back! By customers using the new feature will not be using the coupons because it is way to difficult and cvs will lose sales this way. Also, want to mention that each deal does not show the whole description of the item, you have to select more in order to see the item in full view. I’m not happy with new feature and I don’t think anyone would take the time as I did to let cvs know this situation. Please let the technology department be aware of this situation. Kind regards, Your customer in Orange, CT.
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2 years ago, Billybobit
Live Store Inventory and pricing
Comment on Pharmacy…. It sure would be great to receive a text message if your prescription may be delayed or on back order or the price has changed. It sure would be of great value to be able to access live “your store” inventory and pricing to create a true shopping list with actual true off the shelf pricing. Also please bring back more BOGO (buy-one-get-one-free) rather than buy 3 and get one free or save $1 etc. when you purchase 5 of the same item. Also remove limits on quantity purchased. And please for diabetics please create a designated section for Sugar-Free or No-Sugar-Added Items and increase inventory especially diet and caffeine-free soft drinks. And please increase all store inventory it is very frustrating when the sale says buy 2 and get one free and there is only one on the self. Please lower pricing on clearance items. One last note… please add a clinic to the Kings Highway Fort Pierce, FL store. On a positive note, the Port Saint Lucie, Saint Lucie West Store is beautiful! So clean and well organized and the clinic is a big plus! It was so nice I didn’t even think I was in a CVS. Very impressed!
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2 years ago, Tina the toothpick
It’s not really about the app
I find the app to work fine but going to the actual CVS store is different. For months you were only allowed to use self check out. The employees spent plenty of time helping people at each terminal. I understand that their had to be a method to the madness but I dislike it anyway. today I purchased two items at the self check out. I’ve had to do this many times before for myself or my husband. I followed the prompts and when it got to the end of the sale, my 40% off coupon was not used and I did not get a receipt!!! I pushed the help button when I realized things were going wrong. I had to wait and the terminal went on to the next sale. The CVS employee told me that I had not put my phone number in when the terminal asked for it. I feel like I did because I was prompted to. If I made the mistake or not I did not get my 40% off. He basically told me there was nothing he could do. if he would have waited on me to begin with this would not have happened. I think the self check out should be an option not a requirement. T. Mathews
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3 months ago, Farley213
Omg just go back to the OLD version!
Your pharmacists even hate your app! It never works in the store when I’m trying to bring up my card at checkout. Always crashes. I live at cvs both online and in store. The extra care card is like my favorite savings tool ever. The RED plus signs need to come back! So hard to see if I missed anything when I’m scrolling eith the new colors. Whoever designed the new update obviously doesn’t use the app themselves. But the pharmacy section? Blows!! First off the new app format is horrible so just go back to the old one. Second, I get reminders notifications that it’s time to refill a prescription, I go in and put the order in then later on get that its (too soon) to refill it. This is every month on almost every prescription (I am on a LOT of meds) and then they put me on an auto refill which I do NOT want. I want to manually put in my refills. Then to top it off, I will run out of my current supply. Whety my prescription is available for a refill or it isn’t. Don’t tell me its time refill it when you cant do it. When I’ve talked to my pharmacists about this, they roll their eyes say they understand and then proceed to tell me how much they hate the app. This needs to be fixed big time as you have customers whose very lives literally depend on you for their meds!
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11 months ago, Tudie54
Marketing Consult Needed for the Pahoa, HI CVS
The App is Mostly usable, whereas the Phone recording for the CVS in Pahoa, is the Absolute Worst Phone Info Messaging I’ve EVER witnessed in a Major Store Recording. just try getting through to the pharmacy for your medication! It can’t understand anything you say unless you speak pidgin. For those of us who don’t it takes every bit of 30 minutes to try to get somebody on the phone from CVS to call me and talk to me in regards to my medication. I also find it disheartening that the same store closes down completely for 30 minutes every day to take a lunch break fortunately it’s at the same time every day so you don’t miss your pick up unless you’re just really not paying attention. It seems like a tremendous amount of revenue would be lost in that 30 minute time. And as a nurse 50 years I can count on both hands, the number of lunch periods that I actually got to have lunch! there’s gotta be a better answer than this because if the other people that work at CVS behind the counters and out in the isles if they can take a break without disrupting the store why can’t the pharmacy people do the same thing?
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1 year ago, Mei347
New CVS App
I attempted to order 3 prescriptions on the CVS website this morning. I could not locate a simple complete list of my of all my current prescriptions from which to indicate the prescriptions I needed to refill. I found lots of pages explaining medications, frequency of use, but not a check off box to indicate that I needed it. The website is now so convoluted and confusing that I have given up and will need to call in my prescriptions. I believe that I am probably one of many who will need to do this, so I am quite certain that the phones lines will be completely jammed up everyday until they can simplify the website. I’m certain the IT people responsible for this update can easily find whatever they are looking for because they created this mess. But, please review this app update from the user’s perspective. Also, I have always relied on using my list of prescriptions on the old (and easy to use) CVS website each time I was required to give my doctor(s) a list of all my prescriptions. Now, I can’t find it to even place an order. I tried to order 3 prescriptions, but was only able to order 1. I have no idea how I got the one to go through and not the others. I’m not even sure if the 1 is ordered. This was a nightmare and it definitely needs a lot of work to make it user friendly.
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4 years ago, EvaTheBelieva
Wow. Just awful.
I am writing for my 85 yr old mother. During the past few weeks, she has had so much trouble ordering her prescriptions from CVS. Although I set up her Rxs on the app, it is not “senior friendly” at all. Heck it’s not even friendly to me, and I happen to be very tech savvy. This app is awful. I recommend doing anything you need to do on their website. DO NOT USE THE APP unless you want your blood pressure to go up. I had to take over her account because she actually has high blood pressure, and was so stressed when she used the app that it would go up 15 pts! That’s horrible for a healthcare pharmacy. I know you guys can do better. To top it all off, there’s a pandemic going on, which adds even more stress to our elderly. My mother and I both tried numerous times to contact the pharmacy, to no avail. I was on hold for over an hour. I finally spoke with an associate, who I thought had straightened everything out. He didn’t. Needless to say, after a week of trying to get her Rxs in order, it still hasn’t happened, and she is still without her prescriptions. Just appalling. Time to change her 5 medications to a different pharmacy I guess. Say goodbye to $350 a month of out of pocket purchases CVS!
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1 year ago, Showdon214
Good app but needs tweaking and updating. I have a number of prescriptions, some of which have changed or been discontinued. There is no way on the CVS app to stop discontinued prescriptions without calling a store to talk to pharmacy staff. The refill reminders are convenient. However, I have two prescriptions that are irregular in taking the meds. One is to be taken after I have a severe seizure, which appears well controlled. Another prescription is to be taken for moderate to severe nausea and vomiting which is a relatively rare event now. However, CVS and the app keep reminding me ti refill these rarely used medications when I have a good supply on hand. Every time I use the app it asks if I want to refill these meds. It also tells me to call the prescribing doctor if a prescription expires: annoying when we have discontinued that medication. The nuisance of the app for discontinued prescriptions or for inconsistently used medications keeps the rating from being higher. I also do not like the non-medicine shopping components in the app. This app is helpful but could be better with some tweaks to prevent repetitively dealing with the same nuisance issues.
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2 years ago, CVS Reviews
NEW is NOT Better
I noticed some changes in your app today. Mostly to do with the pharmacy. This happens over & over & over again. Do you actually have people that test your pharmacy app in real life/real time? Every single time it’s upgraded the mistakes are readily apparent (to me ) at least. Today I am looking at pharmacy re-fills for my family. It looks like you are trying to push “script syncing” again. One one the list is my husbands blood pressure medication it shows he picked it up on NOVEMBER 26th. How is that even possible when TODAY is NOVEMBER 14th? These are the annoying little things that will cost you users. Change is already hard but when your users learn something new they don’t need to be even more confused. I have a photo of the screen if you would like to see it. On one of your previous updates there is only 1 spot to show when you filled your prescriptions under “date filled” that same spot is also used when the Dr writes the script to the pharmacy. This confuses people easily. You need a line for DATE WRITTEN & DATE FILLED & DATE PICKED UP.
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1 year ago, Wilsmom09
Great app but missing a few things
Love the app because I can lookup prescriptions and they are filled accordingly. It’s easy to navigate. I wish it had an option to cancel a prescription to be filled if not needed anymore (like a competitor’s app does) instead of having to call the pharmacy and letting the pharmacists know. I work banker’s hours and usually do not have an opportunity to call the pharmacy that me and my family use. Also, when my daughter turned 18, her information was taken off my app account without any notice. I don’t even have access to anything for her. I should have been notified at least by an email that this was going to happen. My son is disabled so I take care of his prescriptions. What happens when he turns 18? I will have no access to his prescriptions and will not be able to assist him with prescriptions? While I do know there is a way access to my daughter’s CVS account, the way for my daughter to allow me access NEVER works so I end up having to get her login information when/if she needs some assistance with her prescriptions. Very frustrating but otherwise think the app is good.
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2 months ago, Anew. Listener
What happened to my prescription list???
This app is very convenient. However, the appearance changed immediately after I changed pharmacies a few weeks ago. I don't know if the two events are connected or not but I liked the old one better. I'll just have to adjust to that but I do have one wish: that users could personalize their home screen. I would like to see my prescriptions appear immediately when I log in, rather than having to select Account/Prescription Management to get to them. It would also be nice if you could "lock in" how you want your prescriptions listed: they appear with the closest fill date first - which makes perfect sense - but I like to see them alphabetically. And finally - occasionally there is a prescription I no longer need. Sometimes they won't archive, or when I do archive then I still get refill reminders. I have to call the pharmacist to remove them but getting through to soak to someone takes a lot of menu navigation, which is frustrating. It would be nice if there were an option to text the pharmacy to remove an item if you cannot do it yourself.
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3 years ago, NicoliMari
How is this app so terrible
I work in digital marketing, specifically in apps, so I have evaluated a lot of app UX over the years, and this one was shockingly bad. Today was my first time downloading and attempting to use this app but it is 100% unusable. I tried to create an account using the license scan feature but it only takes the photo once it recognizes the card, so it took a good 10 minutes of wandering around the house trying different backgrounds and lighting to get that to work. I get an account created & linked up with my care pass (approx 15 min into the app) and I go to check on a refill that is at a weird status, but there is nothing to reference what that status means. So I try to look around the app for my answer and anything I click on requires me to log in again but doesn’t accept the password that I wrote down and also saved in my iPhone. Both attempts don’t work. So I go back to try to find the phone number for the store for my RX and the app crashes and gives me: “An error has occurred trying to contact the server. Please try again later.” This was during normal business hours. Literally everything I tried to do in this app didn’t work. CVS is a big company and rx is kind of important so I’m baffled at how this app is so awful. If anyone from CVS corporate reads this - please hire another company to run your app.
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4 months ago, PittsburchChic
out of stock/unavailable items
The filters are complicated& anytime I tru to use specific filters to avoid needing to go thru each item in random orders , it drains my battery on phone , is confusing to me & could be hundreds to thousands of items in no specific order it takes so long to place orders due to constant freezing/re-loading pages & repeatedly goes back to page 1 & removes filter options selected . It shows items that aren’t abailable for all 3 of delivery/pick up in store options & the things I need most (Tide Liquid laundry detergent & toilet paper , for example, ate in store pick up only & I can only get to physical cvs store once evey 2 wks so by the time I get there , either items are sold out &/or my rewards/coupons& sales (all the deals) are expired ! please consider adding more options for these household items & update the lists of items that are sold out as necessary bc Ive seen items sold out for up to 7 days remaining on list as thiugh available until 2-3 hrs later when ready to checkout/pay/place order 1-3 items removed from my cart which completely throws my entire order off & more often than not I just get thise items @ other retailers ( Such as : Walmart , Walgreens/Target/Rite Aid/Sams Club )
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7 months ago, QueenBchs
Actually Zero?
My CVS never has my meds available, makes me go days without filling it, and now doesn’t even answer their phone- it just goes straight to VM. I live with horrific daily chronic pain from 6 different spine disorders, diseases & issues, so I’m constantly at about a 8-10 level pain even with medications & procedures. So I can’t go even an hour without my meds or I’m in screaming pain & can’t walk, and they don’t seem to care about that. I realize a lot of this is because of regulations that keep getting stricter from people who don’t seem to be in chronic pain themselves, and who don’t seem to be thinking about those of us who need these meds to tone down the pain, just to be able to function a bit better, and who are still trying to have a bit of a life each day. But whatever the cause, CVS is literally a pharmaceutical company, and we should be able to get the medications that are prescribed for us, by our doctors who know us BEST, no matter the good intentions of lawmakers cracking down on addiction & over-prescribers... They just seem to be “throwing the baby out with the bath water,” as the saying goes, by lumping chronic pain sufferers in with addictions, so now we can’t get the medications we need to have a better life with our friends & families. Please please remedy this. Thanks.
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6 years ago, Tinlizzy55
Something is better than nothing
It could be amazing. I’m on a ton of regular meds and I feel like I live at CVS. This is the easiest was to refill...except the info is frequently wrong on when your med is available for refill, etc. Don’t do the thing that’s supposed to sync your meds together, you just end up getting some meds late. I wish I wasn’t owned by pharmacies, insurance, and haggling with my doctors office, but that appears to be the future. CVS has cornered the market and NOT making life easier, except for a few pharmacy workers who recognize me and try to be accommodating. They need to pay those people more so there isn’t so much turn over and more customer service. And put more money into this app because it could be great but it’s sadly neglected and “under construction” frequently. How come I can’t shop for all my stuff and my meds and go to the drive through (more of please) and just pick up the whole thing? Because 3 people are working at a huge store. Lines are ridiculous and that’s another reason this app should be amazing!
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3 years ago, Mission worker
I am so tired of this worthlessness of this app. I do not want my scripts on automatic refill because I pick up at different stores. Last night was a perfect example of the problems I have. I ordered 3 scripts for me, 3 scripts for my husband and 2 scripts for me that needed to be renewed at the doctor. Today the three for me are ready for pickup. The three for my husband show they were last filled yesterday but they are labeled “in process.” The two that needed a new script show they were filled today but I have to call the pharmacy to get them filled. This happens EVERY time! When I call the pharmacy I wait for 10 minutes or more and no one picks up. I tried going to the drive through and it didn’t move for 10 minutes. I know they can’t help being busy but if the app were fixed to automatically release scripts when you have requested a refill from the doctor it would help. It would also help if “in process” had more info, sometimes that means they didn’t use the coupon so th e script is being rejected by my insurance, sometimes it means they are waiting for the medicine to be delivered to the store and sometimes it means it is just sitting there waiting to be put on the system. It it wasn’t for the fact the CVS I normally go to is right where I turn I would have switched to Walgreens long ago.
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7 years ago, StarWar12
Very unhappy with the cvs app. I send their cvs coupons and when I go and pay for the items, coupons do not pull up on the cashiers screen and nothing can be done on their end so you lose the savings. I call the cvs 1800 number and I have to call 2 days later and it takes them another 3 days to give you the credit. Months ago they added manufacturer coupons to the app and when I send them to the card and go make a purchase at the store , most of them do not go through . The cashier says they are having problems with the coupons not showing up on their end and therefore no coupons work. I call the 1800 number for cvs and they have no clue how it works either. They tell me I need to call the company from the coupons that didn’t go through myself. They don’t know the numbers to them either. After cvs adds all these coupons for the customers convenience to use, they make it hard on us with them not working. Then when I call they are no help . Cvs needs to fix the problem . If manufacturers coupons were added to the cvs app, cvs should fix them and not tell you to call the other company. I don’t want to go through the trouble of calling all these different companies because my coupons sent to the card do not work
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