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User Reviews for CVS

4.47 out of 5
7.2K Ratings
3 years ago, jennasix
Does what it should
I appreciate the convenience of being able to order, pay, and have my meds delivered to me. It would be helpful to be able to select which prescriptions I’d like to have sent. I was scheduled for surgery, so my doctor sent a prescription for narcotics. My surgery was postponed, so when I was due for a refill on the regular meds, I had to call to ask to have them sent to me, because narcotics are not eligible for shipping, and the app doesn’t give the option to just send those that are.
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3 years ago, sd01131970
Poor customer service at store 8782
I worked in the retail field as an Area Manager for Mervyns for 14 years. During that I trained employees on customer service. I am not a “mystery shopper” but if I had been one, your store would have failed. I also worked in HR and brought trainers to train our employees at the Health District. Your customers should expect kind, courteous staff. I went to your store today and “George” rang me out. Maybe I have higher standards having worked in retail but there was no acknowledgement as a shopper. Upon walking to his checkout counter he just looked at me. I expected a greeting (not picky hello would have been okay). There was not any words to greet me into his store. When he was done ringing me out and I had paid, an exit or thank you would have been appropriate. He handed me my bag and said, “ there you go”. Wow! He failed miserably; did not thank me Or wish me a good day. What has happened to customer service? Do we not train our employees on BASICS? What is wrong with this employee that he cannot talk simple basic conversation. I will continue to shop at my local CVS. This store was out of the way close to GNC. Will not return to your store. Was very discouraged with this employees lack of caring. He appears to be mismatched to this job.
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3 years ago, dr philH
Unreliable and unclear
Hard to find pre-payment button since it is now necessary to press start delivery (no clue that this is how to get to prepay page). When put credit card info in, took 3 times to be able to type in number despite cursor on box, despite valid credit card and correct numbers, error message “need valid payment method” comes up...had to put info in 3x before it magically took payment(no change in numbers entered). Despite rx ordered, when pressed recent orders, only one rx came up of med that i had already marked as no longer needed. The 2 rxs that i needed were not on this list. When box came up9without me asking for it) to participate in survey , i said yes, pressed yes button and no survey came up. When i hit pay, the survey box came up again and no survey appeared. Since changes were made to this site, it must have been a web designer knucklehead. It is markedly useless for the purpose i need it for. Fix it!
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2 years ago, Mysterriou$
"Pharmacy" part of this app needs some work!
I mainly attempt to use this app on my iPad to refill Rx's. However, the "Pharmacy" function of the app frequently has issues; Rx's updates are too ambiguous or completely inaccurate, (e.g. "On Hold" or "Contact your pharmacy..."). Consequentially, when phoning my local pharmacy, orders 'never existed' or 'were returned to shelf' or 'ineligible for refill'; Indication if a refill was submitted via app, by phone, or in-person should be listed (yes, "automatic refill" can alleviate some of that uncertainty. However, that one alternative has its Cons, too.); Turning "on" the option to receive text alerts or even input my standard 10-digit cell (at&t carrier), consistently and inexplicably returns to "off" and won't save anything; and the "Feedback" tab presents to 2 choices that regardless of selection, opens a screen with a CVS banner header with no words, forms, or "back"/"cancel" button. It's all just very frustrating.
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5 years ago, njzeus
Useless Update - password issues?
Last update didn’t seem to do anything but cause password problems. If you have a simple password like I did, you will get an “incorrect email and/or password” message when you try to log on. Unfortunately, due to lazy programming, you will get this even if your password is correct, as long as it doesn’t meet their new password requirements. They now require passwords to contain at least: 2 letters, 2 numbers, and 1 special character. If your password doesn’t, you will keep getting the “incorrect” error until you either change it or get locked out. No reason whatsoever for there not to be a more helpful message in the app. Additionally, based on other reviews, iPads lost the ability to view the app horizontally. I’m incredibly jealous! Us iPad Mini users have been stuck vertically for years. I would love to be able to view the app horizontally, even if it meant scrolling a little.
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2 years ago, MakeMYmark
App suggestion
I would like to have the ability to upload a medication coupon card information in advance of my prescription being filled. The way it works now, I go to CVS to supply coupon card but they won’t take it until prescription is in house. So prescription is sent electronically and I go to pickup my prescription and then they have to throw out the paperwork and reprocess my prescription with the additional information that they didn’t have. Making them work harder, wasting paper and ink, and making me wait longer in the store than is necessary. If we could supply coupon card info in advance of medication being filled by pharmacist, this would be a savings for all!
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3 years ago, Rocko0714
CVS Pharmacy
I am totally disgusted at the way that CVS’s policies regarding pain medications are affecting the people that NEED IT. I am totally disabled due to a severe injury and I also have fibromyalgia. I have been waiting since Saturday (6 days) for my pain medication to be in stock even after a special order. The pain is absolutely debilitating. A big company like CVS with millions of customers should be fighting for the right to have enough medication for their customers. This has happened to me several times and it’s like going through withdrawals every time it happens. A computer should NOT be ordering the medications needed if they can’t figure out how to order enough. And CVS should have representation to STOP this from happening to the elderly, disabled people and anyone else with a valid prescription from a pain management specialist. The drug addicted people will get their “fix” regardless of these ridiculous laws that are only hurting the people that really need it.
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3 months ago, Shelia93
Fill in Pharmacist
I have been going to this pharmacy at least 10 years. The fill in pharmacist working today has made up all kinds of reasons to not fill my Schedule II medication. Months ago he said I had 2 profiles and he wouldn’t fill my prescription. I didn’t make the 2nd profile. That’s an internal CVS thing because I got married. Today he said I had to have my physical address on my prescription. Nobody told me about any policy changes. It’s on my license. He pulled the prescription to fill today and then told me I couldn’t fill my prescription until April. My March prescription was pulled by him and basically deleted from the system. I have MS, kidney disease, high blood pressure and arthritis. I had received 2 texts saying it would be filled today and now they can’t tell me when. Because of the sensitive nature of scheduled medication you can’t just transfer those prescriptions. I will be in agony because he thinks he’s a doctor.
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5 months ago, Teth-Adam
Getting Better, But . . .
Hey CVS Team, I’ve been wanting to bring up a couple of things about the CVS app. First off, the lack of landscape mode is a real inconvenience. Most iPad users, myself included, use keyboards that are designed for landscape use. It’s quite a hassle to have to remove the iPad from the keyboard every time I want to use your app. Also, I’ve noticed the app can be quite slow at times. It can be frustrating when you’re trying to get something done quickly. Another thing, the screen brightness increases unexpectedly when I switch to the order tab. It’s a bit jarring and seems unnecessary. A consistent brightness level would be much more comfortable. A suggestion for improvement: could there be an option to automatically fill in the shipping address? Most of the time, we’re likely sending prescriptions to our home address. It would save time and be more convenient. And lastly, the constant pop-ups asking for feedback or about vaccinations can be overwhelming. Even after responding, they keep reappearing. It would be great if these could be minimized once we’ve given our response. Thanks for considering this feedback. I believe these changes could really enhance the app experience.
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5 years ago, WBP115
Major issues
1. I got an email saying that I had two prescriptions ready for refill. When I selected the link in the email to “refill now” it opened the app and said that I had nothing to refill. 2. I log into the app with fingerprint. This method gives me access to any account that know the email address for! 3. Every time I pick up a prescription I am asked if I want to put it on auto refill. I say no because I travel and I don’t always know the location for the next refill. I just upgraded ... the two prescriptions ready for refill were set to “auto refill” and I could not change the setting. 4. If I have a prescription that needs to be renewed the app asks if I want CVS to do it. I select yes and the app confirms that it’s in process. However, if the doctor is not local to the pharmacy then nothing is actually done. I ran out of an item because of this. I showed up to pick up the drug and the people treated me as if I should have known not to believe the app. So the only way that I know of to deal with this is to change the pharmacy to the one local to the doctor and then that CVS will renew and refill. Then I go to the CVS where I am and have them cancel the first order (which has been filled and ready for pickup) and refill it. Appears that the testing of this app is poor.
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4 years ago, Mark J Val
Crazy, Useless, Duplicate App
I cannot understand why CVS has this app! Do not use this app if you are trying to have prescriptions delivered to your home. During this covid-19 crisis, I was trying to have my 91 year old father’s prescriptions set up to be delivered to him. Nothing but nothing worked. The app seemed capable in every way except for allowing to choose between pick up in store or deliver to home in the prescription section. I spent hours over two nights trying to figure it out. Finally, at the App Store, I realized CVS has two identical looking apps. There is absolutely nothing different looking about the icons. Only upon close inspection did I notice this app has the word Shopping under it. The other identical app has the words Pharmacy, Shopping, and Photos under the title. This is the one you need if you want to have prescriptions delivered to your home. Both apps look identical and open and are navigated the exact same way! Yet, they are not the same functionally. This app never even indicates that it cannot be used for having prescriptions delivered to your home. Why would CVS have an app just for shopping and one for Pharmacy, Shopping, and Photos? CVS, get rid of this app and keep the one that names all three functions. It would save many people hours of aggravation.
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2 years ago, dont wanna hear from me
CVS pharmacy
This app is not alone in the total crap which it tries to sell a person while they’re simply trying to refill prescriptions. And that too is a major headache. Once a person wades through all the crap and thinks their prescription is on the way CVS emails and texts again and again and every one leaves a person wondering how all this could possibly be called helpful or convenient. It is neither. Simplify this app and/coordinate with your in store computers please. Every time someone has to call a store to do what should have already been done it is a waste of their time and the CVS store employees time also. Advertise crap all you like but it’s still just that. The fact that the nickname “ had enough” has already been taken should say it all! One star as a rating is way above what this mess should be given.
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3 years ago, app
Must be the worse app that I have ever used!
This app is slow, inefficient, not user friendly (e.g., can only be used vertically!!!), and is extremely frustrating I plan to change to Walgreens because of this terrible problem with the app that just doesn’t go away!!!! If I use the app, and then I find that I need to go online to change a setting (since the app won’t always allow me to do so), my account is frozen for awhile. This app is time consuming, archaic, and NOT user friendly. Wouldn’t you think that CVS could design an app that is both vertical and horizontal, that is efficient, and that is not so frustrating? I have just about lost my patience with CVS and the app!! I have always liked to deal with CVS and I love the employees in my little town, but the frustrations are extreme!
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3 years ago, Anniesan73
I have been with you for more than 20years with your service at that point I have satisfied with your service. But after march 10, 2021. I am not satisfied since you don’t have a medicine that I need for my chronic pain that i suffer from, the medicine is buprenorphine 10 mg patch. But the worst thing is that you doesn’t do the best to get the medicine. It’s very unsatisfactory that you doesn’t try to help the patients to find as quickly as possible keep the patient happy. Now I have to find another pharmacy to get my medicine that I need for my pain. Thanks. The Cvs pharmacy num is 7132
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2 years ago, daisyberger
Stop paper coupons
For a long time after coupons could be added to your card the paper coupons printed at check stopped. I’ve noticed the last several times that I’m getting two yards of paper coupons again. What an incredible waste of paper and trash on my end. I specifically go through my app which I give 5 stars to select the coupons that I like and might need. If the CVS systems cannot tell who has the app and if the little coupon machine is no longer working—FIX IT.
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1 year ago, Melon804
Something changed
Something changed drastically in the last few months. 😫 When we are sent a link for delivery via text message, you used to be able to click on it, add it to your cart and continue shopping for in-store items and these used to be added to the cart with the prescriptions, but now it’s impossible to add store items. I fiddled with this for 30 minutes until I gave up. So basically you have a choice whether to have your prescriptions delivered and nothing else, or in-store items delivered and no prescriptions added to the cart. this has caused a lot of frustration and confusion. Put things back the way they were please!!!
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1 year ago, Bira Boo
I Preferred Using the APP Designed for an iPad
The last APP update forced me to change from the CVS APP designed to be used on my iPad to the APP designed for an iPhone. Since I order from my iPad, it is difficult to use the iPhone version of the APP. It is not full screen, it is more difficult to navigate and hard to read the much smaller print. Please return the CVS APP for ipad! Being a senior citizen, it made it easy to purchase what I need from home and have it shipped to my door. Thank you!
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8 months ago, Nahkande
Easy and useful
UPDATE: Since the last update the app has become completely unusable. It crashes on launch. It has now been a month. I tried telling my local store and I do not believe they could have cared less. How do we report this so that it can be fixed? If the app is fixed I shall change my rating back to 5⭐️ This is one of my favorite apps. It really helps me keep track of my meds. Some new features would be nice like customized sorting of medications by name, date filled, etc. The option of being able to toggle on/off "My CVS." For those of us who do not share our mobile devices, the option of not having to log in every single time we use the app.
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8 months ago, MT Lin
Online ordering with CVS
I enjoy shopping online with CVS every month for items that we use regularly & it is just faster & easier than getting in the car & heading to get them ! The store is 120 miles from me ( a Senior citizen also) so it’s too expensive to get there in today’s economy. I appreciate their shipping me the items free (with CarePass & minimum purchase) as I have to get my mail several times a week anyway. Thank you again !
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1 year ago, eherna1963
Very easy to navigate for what you need to do.
Have been using this app for a few years now and one of the easiest to navigate in retail apps. Whether for Pharmacy or the hard good lines easy to manage back and forth. The clipping of coupons to be deducted at the register is one of the most manageable features by far. Prove is in the savings tab at the end of the year. All their services can be looked up in one single place.
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10 months ago, CVS Get Your S**T Together
Worst App!!!
Every time CVS updates their app, they add more problems. Getting delivery for prescriptions while a CarePass member ONLY takes me an hour or so, with repeated attempts in both their app and website. And now BOTH the app, and site are super sensitive to touch while scrolling. I don’t know how many times I am trying to scroll on my iPad that I accidentally open the page for some item for which I’m not interested. I just want to scroll. Honestly, if I can find another close pharmacy I’ll cancel CarePass and move my family’s prescriptions there. It’s not worth the frustration, and I’m tired of saying “I HATE CVS” over and over. Not to mention my flaming language…
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12 months ago, Thor the "Mighty pug"
CVS employee
I recommend this app to all customers, especially to those who hate log receipts. With the app u never lose a coupon, never have to remember paper coupons and you can go paperless. You can track your savings all year and if you have a carepass you never lose out. If you still rely on paper coupons you can still go paperless and use are coupon center when you arrive at store.
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11 months ago, Old lady with bad eyes
Saved data issue
The saving of my data is not dependable. I moved 4-5 years ago and on intermittent uses on the side my same email address maps to my old residential landline vs my new residential deadline & this terribly delays my checkout. When u r old & starting with eye issues, you don’t need to be typing in new data that you know CVS has somehow mislocated on the pointers on their data files. If CVS wants to be a historian, they should update whatever routines control where their pointers track in their data systems when reading customer records. Terrible inconvenience to me and my old eyes, and always when rushed and trying to catch a last minute great sale del.
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5 years ago, Unhappy CVS app user
Not happy with this version of the app
Don’t like this version. The previous version had screen layouts and options that were much better. (1) This version does not rotate to landscape, when the previous version did. When running on my iPad, I have to rotate my iPad to portrait, which inhibits me from using my keyboard. (2) Also, the app has no SIGNOUT option on the Home screen. I have to go into the Account options to find a SIGNOFF option. (3). I think the Home screen is too “busy”, and option selections are to as convenient as they were with the old version of the app. I’m going to quit using this one, and use my browser.
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3 years ago, 707 Man
Great for the most part
I’m not sure if I would rate the website as high if it weren’t for the FANTASTIC people in the pharmacy at your 3133 Lemmon Avenue location in Dallas Tx. I like being able to sign in with a thumbprint. Sometimes the site freezes and you can’t do anything (usually happens in the middle of the night so maybe you are doing maintenance). I know the exact path that I need to take to see if a medication is ready, but if I needed to find something else it might be confusing. When I am talking to a pharmacist on the phone, it is great that I can be viewing my medication list on your site. Walgreens has a live chat feature which I used, but the store was so bad it didn’t matter. No complaints
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3 years ago, Engineer RPI
Website flawed as well as the process
On numerous occasions auto refill refilled 90 scripts in 60 days. Unacceptable. I was told a third party did this. Who is the third party that screws this up. …or is on purpose? Unexceptable! Earlier this month I got notice to pick up two scripts. I paid ahead of time. When I went to pick them up they were still in process and not available with not confirmation. I got texts daily to pick them up Last week. When I went to pick them up, they were not there, but in their place CVS had three auto refills ready that were 30 days early. I'll change pharmacy’s as soon as I can. I have had it.
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5 years ago, V4K8
So far
I am so pleased with the ease at which I can refill a prescription. I also appreciate the convenience of photo printing. Unfortunately, since my initial review, you have changed the app. I can no longer hold my iPad horizontally which allows the cover to act as a stand. In addition I accidentally indicated to auto fill a prescription thinking that touching a red bar could undo that order. It did not and I could see a way to correct the situation. I would love you to go back to the original app format which was easy to use.
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3 years ago, Magicman0711
Terrible App
Between my wife and myself we get close to 30 prescriptions a month. Your app is terrible terrible lousy inaccurate terrible terrible terrible. I click on drugs it says to refill and go to the drug store and am told that it is too early ALL THE TIME. YOUR APP STINKS. Walgreens is looking better every day. Very user un friendly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hate you’re site won’t let me log in and changed password THREE TIME WORST. APP!!!”! You do nothing about this lousy crappy app it is the worest unfriendly app in existence. I would rather call India and talk to a rep. You should be ashamed of this app I spend thousands and thousands literally in your store and nobody gives a crap!
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5 years ago, stressed 54672#
What happened to pending scripts?
What happened to the prescriptions that were pending on 7/31? They just disappeared = no messaging or communication. Bad enough that CVS prescription insurance requires a 90 refill but CVS pharmacies do not have enough product to fill and use archaic delivery methods that take a week to restock, but then the refill request just disappears with no explanation. Also, my account had been setup to receive text messaging for refills and status but on this app, all settings are set to no. I didn’t change them. There was also a new script for eye drops that were pending since 7/31 = gone with no explanation.
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8 months ago, CGtina
Crashes constantly
This app has become unusable on my iPad. I can still use the iPhone version. The app crashes immediately after Face ID, or if it gets past that, crashes during the next process. I tried rebooting the app, restarting the iPad and deleting and downloading a new version of the app with the same results. I rely on the app because the ability to reach the pharmacy by phone is generally terrible. Being immune compromised, going to the store in person carries substantial risk. I don’t know what happened. The app used to work fine. Perhaps it is not compatible with the latest IOS update?
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2 years ago, CMWalhalla
Excellent App
Very easy to navigate. The pharmacy may be a little slow to load but not enough for me to down rate. I love the ability to manage my prescriptions, order refills, check if they are ready, and pay for them before going to the store. Rewards are easy to spend and have delivered. His is an app that I use often and enjoy completing my shopping here.
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3 years ago, AjBezark
Why no landscape mode?
CVS, you’re big kids. You can afford proper app developers. So why, when more and more iPad owners are using keyboards and trackpads (and when Apple is pushing the iPad as a laptop replacement), WHY DOESN’T YOUR APP WORK IN LANDSCAPE MODE? This is inexplicable and silly. I use my iPad with Apple’s own Magic Keyboard case. Every time I open the CVS app, I have to remove the iPad from the case, rotate it into portrait mode, and stop using the keyboard. This is incredibly frustrating and makes the app effectively unusable for me. Let me know when you finally add landscape mode, and I’ll add two stars. Deal?
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1 year ago, PilotWoman
Easy to keep all your scripts organized
My CVS apps allows me to keep scripts together, with dates, refill information, doctors and more. Sometimes I even get a text when the refills are ready. The app lets me shop sale items, and other products I may need and have them delivered quickly. Worked great when family wants to stay home and get delivery.
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4 years ago, TXKSA
Online Account
We set up accounts in order to refill prescriptions and after being customers for years, the app shows no prescriptions present or past for us. We have been able to get any help from our pharmacy or the online customer service in resolving this. After long wait times, we are just passed to another department where we are placed on hold again. The online customer service says the pharmacists can fix our accounts, but the pharmacists said we should download the app and the prescriptions would show up. We tried that, but it still doesn’t work. We’ve spent hours on this.
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5 years ago, darryl805
Pharmacy refill app
It could not be harder to use. It contacts me all the time about my refills. It says I have one ready to pick up. I get all my prescriptions started at the same time. Dr writes them all the same day. All are for 90 days with 3 refills so they should all be refilled at the same time, but that is not the case. I try to wait until I have a week’s worth left so I can get them all at one time. When I go to the app it has no refills and I can’t refill without calling someone. What happened to the refills. I use to use the auto refill but it sends things I don’t take anymore. This app is no help. It just adds to my high blood pressure.
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1 year ago, llamawana
CVS is #1
I’ve hand several interactions with staff at Keaau which include Pharmacy, floor assistance, and checkout experiences…everyone is friendly & gives information readily. Unlike Target which doesn’t give good customer service…they tell you an aisle number and rarely give their full attention to customers. More interested in the stock they’re unpacking. Keep up the excellent service!
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5 years ago, tonkinite
Adequate? Very poorly maintained, where to begin...?
It works, and mostly gets the job right (at least the current version). It's been revamped several times in the last few years. Now supports the iPad(!), a device that been around for how long? But only in portrait mode. Back end poorly maintained, password changes not supported on any iOS browser apparently. Stupid restrictions on password choices, implying they are sending the passwords in the URL or worse, don't know how web forms work. Worse if you call their support line and don’t know the answer to your security question, you can’t get into your account. Massive. FAIL.
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7 months ago, The mighty db
Useful but frustrating at times
Generally a lot of good information about the products. Some times the app can be hard to use, like when searching for a product on the iPad, the keyboard pops down after each letter that you type into the search field. Also, it was confusing that the check out procedure didn’t seem to remember my extra care card number that other parts of the app seem to know.
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5 years ago, cragel1
No Landscape Orientation ?!?!?
Count me in with the other folks who use a keyboard case or choose to use landscape orientation on their iPad/tablet - with this app’s current iteration . . . It’s just not at all user-friendly. Makes my neck hurt just thinking about it - more so when I’m actually doing the 90 degree neck-wrench thing. The app used to be so good - but now . . . Not so. It used to be so handy. If it ain’t broke, please don’t fix it. Please rectify. Please! Please!!! There may well be some reason it was revised into this less-than-fully-as-it-once-was ergonomic layout that’s way beyond the comprehension of this customer but it befuddles me. Is there a zero star rating?
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5 years ago, The Bitter Enq
No gyroscope in the ipad
The CVS app on the Apple Ipad Pro doesn’t have a horizontal gyroscope. This is a critical IT mistake. The ipad Pad an attached keyboard in the horizontal position while the app doesn't move out of the vertical orientation (no gyroscope). So, in order for me to use the app, which is locked into the vertical position, i have to turn the ipad sideways and type and read with the attached keyboard in a vertical sideways position. it is so awkrward and difficult\ to use that I avoid ussing the app at all. I wonder how many other ipad users feel the same way.
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3 years ago, KSR56
Poor in-app and online technical support.
My old email address was retired, which made it impossible to change the password to my CVS (which sends verification to the old email address). I’ve been trying off and on for two years now to regain access to my account. I finally had to give up after many hours of frustration. Tried opening a new CVS account with my new email address, but CVS can’t transfer my prescriptions to my new account because they are still tied to the old one. Thinking seriously of switching health insurance carriers so I can take advantage of superior app one of CVS competitors uses.
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6 years ago, gone to mail order
Why only portrait
Someone who doesn’t own an iPad with the nearly ubiquitous add-on keyboard should not be the person responsible for updates. Really bad marketing. Really bad customer service. You offer this service to stay competitive and to keep people like me off the phone ordering scripts. Until I can use my iPad/keyboard without acrobatics, I’m back on the phone. Really bad design planning. The older rev worked fine so you had to keep improving it until it doesn’t work for a large number of your customers. I’m off to mail order!
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4 years ago, Sunbanker5
Some much lacking in this app
I’ve had to switch to CVS pharmacy due to new insurance that doesn’t use Walgreens. I must say that there are features that could be added that Walgreens has on their app that would be helpful. For one you should be able to click an item in the weekly ads and add it to a list in the app for ease when shopping. You can add coupons on your card on the app so why can’t you make a shopping list. It make me not want to shop there. Needless to say I’m disappointed in the CVS app. It’s slow and it crashes.
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3 years ago, Robina64
Always issues, can’t ever get to the area to have prescriptions delivered. Have tried several times to add another person that lives in the same household and it tells me system down try again at a later date. I’ve tried for over 2 yrs. I don’t like that if your prescription isn’t covered by insurance, nothing let’s you know that, you just don’t get the medication. You need to call the pharmacy, then need to listen to everything about covid shots and flu shots before you can even enter the # to speak to someone. So much for automated.
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5 years ago, Bill Paying Bills
CVS pharmacy app
You never know if you should use the provider's app or its website. This CVS app is pretty good. I am currently running it on my iPad. I find that I have to have the iPad standing vertically to see the display correctly. Well, that may not be the case all the time — at least while writing this review. Please take a look and ensure that the app will display correctly standing on either end horizontally or vertically. Thank you for your attention.
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1 year ago, jpklu
Wish the app was more functional
Regarding the rewards and coupons, it would be easier if there was either one single button to download all coupons or as a care reward member the coupons were automatically added. It's frustrating having to peruse through each coupon.
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12 months ago, Mimi and dody
App is amazing for saving money
I absolutely love the cvs app!! Use it all the time to keep track of my rewards and also to look up sale items that I will either purchase in store if it can’t ship or get it shipped free with my care pass membership which is worth the five dollars a month for the ten dollar reward.
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1 year ago, Fionna Girl
CVS in Monticello
Love the app. Describes the prescription and the refill number. Have ordered many times and have had the prescriptions waiting for me as displayed on the order form. Love that the refill order now shows the cost to consumer and when to pick up...Thanks for a great website that helps me keep up with refills and expenses.
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1 year ago, Happy Customer/Juli
Love the CVS APP and care credit,
I have been on care credit for over a year now and have saved hundreds of dollars. Love the coupons, shopping on line and free prescription deliveries. I am so happy that the clerk at the Perris Location in Moreno Valley talked to me about this plan! Staff is always friendly and helpful & store is always clean and organized!
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4 years ago, Garage Rock
Great app with one flaw
App is very useful for managing prescriptions and orders, but it’s not clear how you can get prescriptions delivered....I always have to call the store which is a pain because they take so long to answer. After your prescriptions are filled, there should be a clear link to have them delivered instead of having them picked up.
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