CycleTrader: Shop Motorcycles

4.7 (16.2K)
60.4 MB
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Current version
Trader Interactive, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for CycleTrader: Shop Motorcycles

4.75 out of 5
16.2K Ratings
5 years ago, Bioslayer
1 stop shopping
I have a motorcycle buying problem. I have consolidated two bikes down to one which means I only have four in the garage currently. Cycle trader gave me the information I needed to make a national search and local search and I bought my third Motorcycle utilizing CycleTrader. Once again; purchased halfway across the country... I flew out and I picked it up the bike and I rode it home. Every time I do that it’s an adventure that brings smile to my face! Being able to compare identical bikes all across the nation allowed me to find a slightly used bike already equipped with many of the Farkle’s I would pay retail for. I not only got a well-equipped bike but saved thousands over the purchase off the showroom floor.
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5 years ago, Abel Goddard
Very good, almost great, except...
... for the picture viewing. If I turn my phone sideways the pics automatically become full screen, which is nice, but you can’t pinch and zoom with any picture on any listing. The pics themselves can occasionally be a tiny bit blurry, but even then I want to be able to zoom into some small area to see a particular detail of a bike. I’m sure all the pics used were of a decent digital size but were reduced in size/quality for fast loading, but I wish the originals were accessible also - on demand. Let me decide to download the larger file size in order to get better detail. In distant second place in terms of priority, I wish folks were more forthcoming with details about each bike But it seems that there’s only a small amount of info required in order to make a listing. I don’t know exactly how the app could fix that, but it’s on my wishlist for things I’d like to see happen. Overall I like how easy it is to use the app and filter and sort my searches. I just really want to see the pictures better.
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5 years ago, CaptainMed57
Software doesn’t work well with IOS Systems
Should I even give this crappy app a two rating if it doesn’t work? From an iPad Air running IOS 13.3, YOU CANNOT ACCESS YOUR LISTINGS. You cannot see your bikes you register either. This was true on previous versions as well. Cannot even place an add from my iPhone 7+ when signed in. What good is this app? Well you can search for items to buy or find from those devices I’ve mentioned but the search engine is very basic and lacks good features to ease your effort. I could list all the functions this app should have or what is actually broken and why but why waste my time because these things have been broken for a long time. Dos everyone a favor fire the developer and hire a developer that can make this app work, Dah!
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7 years ago, Andrufus Ombudsman
Great App
This is a great app that features listings from dealers and private sellers. You can customize your searches with a lot of specific detail. Search for bikes within a custom range of miles from your location. Filter the searches to show you the prices from lowest to highest (or vice-versa), bikes nearest to you, or newest. There are a lot more filters but those are the ones I like and use the most. You can save the bikes you are most interested in and track their pricing and availability. The app lets you know if a saved bike has been sold / removed from the app. Very helpful.
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6 years ago, wjthornberry
I gave up on the mobile app a few months ago as it would often hang, freeze, or crash with great frequency. It was unusable. I switched to the web app, which was much better. On a whim, I decided to give the mobile app another try today. After I started it, it showed that it was initializing some process for over two minutes—the progress wheel kept spinning, but nothing was happening and I had no idea if it was rebuilding a database or updating itself or what (if a user doesn’t understand what’s happening, that’s bad UX). I restarted it and it ran fine. An announcement popped up that mentioned that it had been updated to fix various bugs and performance issues. I thought that was promising. However, after using the app for a few more minutes, I was letdown again. It still freezes, still hangs, and still crashes. I’ve never had such a bad experience with a mobile app, especially one from such a well-known company. I love some of the UI enhancements they made, but if your app doesn’t work, attention should be diverted elsewhere to make sure it functions before making it look slick. My phone is an iPhone 6 running iOS 11.4.1. (I’m writing this review because I care and I truly hope the developers can rectify.)
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1 year ago, Nimbus Rider
Useless and lying scam
This is really just a scam for dealerships to try to collect your email and phone number so they can spam you. The majority of the listings are dealerships. Miss quoting their own price without freight charges, and assembly and documentation fees before you even get into shipping costs. I have now had 15 dealerships not respond to my email with the clearly asked information, but instead try to call me all day long and blow up my email with stereo. Typical used car dealer personality, harassment. You’re better off just using Google or DuckDuckGo or Bing or your preferred search to find out what dealerships work on your preferred brand. I cannot even recommend using the search controls since even setting it to used will pop up older motorcycles that are still priced at MSRP plus all the fees and it turns out that it is just another dealership with an old bike that they never saw it claiming that it is new old stock. It is still the most popular search beating out craigslist But it is sad and cycle. Trader is making money off of people paying for this garbage, and to be harassed
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4 years ago, JohnnyBravo2nd
Interested buyers are out of state scams!!!
Ever since posting my motorcycle here, I have had daily texts from numbers outside of the state I am in. Numerous texts are from people who are “deployed” or “on business trips” and they want to buy the bike. It is so frustrating to see an app that cannot have some type of firewall against scams. There needs to be a prior authorization built in that allows the seller to specify which type of people are allowed to text buyers varying by location. I can’t think of anyone in their right mind who would buy or sell a bike out of state. There also needs to be a place in the app to REPORT any suspicious numbers from “interested buyers” so that cycle trader makes sure that continuous scams are not taking place and ruining the app any further. Completely disappointed with this app and I doubt I will ever use it or sell from it again.
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3 years ago, Red121212
Giving buyers power
I really do like this app it works better than auto trader. Occasionally it likes to signed me out, and at least on auto trader I can use my iPad password and quickly sign in with four digits, unlike cycle trader making me type a bunch of things. And could you please delete every item for sale that does not have an actual physical picture of the motorcycle and at least 10 minimum. Come on you expect me to spend $15,000 on a bike but you’re too lazy to take a few pictures and post it on cycle trader. Basically I’m saying clean it up so I don’t have to waste my time sorting through so much crap.
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6 years ago, TBearSF1
Pretty good
The CycleTrader app provides a really comprehensive nationwide search. No, it doesn’t have every bike for sale, but it seems to be the single largest source (that I’ve found). I have two complaints, neither of which have ever driven me away: 1. At least on an iPad Pro 10.5 running ios12, you can not zoom in on any photos using the normal two finger enlargement. You can bring up a fairly big photo, but if you want to zoom in to see what buttons a bike has on the handlebar (the ASC or ESA button on a bmw r1200 for instance), you’re SOL. You can usually click over to the dealer site and enlarge the photos there. Perhaps that’s the very intent of disabling that feature in the app. 2. On rare occasion, the app will slow down after a lot of searching. This isn’t the only app to do that. Perhaps there’s some sort of data loop or leak, making the app much heavier on your device than intended. A quick close and app restart solves that for quite a while. Overall, it’s a good app that could be great, but isn’t. Still, it serves its intended function well. 4/5.
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6 months ago, Not-Him?
Great App, Minor Tweaks Needed
Overall very smooth and organized app. Makes it easy to look for a save listings. Two things I would change is when tapping on a recommendation at the bottom of the home page, there is no way to directly click on the dealers page when looking at the listing to see what else they have. The only way from this direct page to see what they have is “More from this dealer” and it’s a horizontal scrolling list. If it allowed you to just click on the dealer image or something similar to take us to their page would be cool. Secondly when scrolling through a custom search or general search page and your looking at the thumbnails of each bike listed, there is an option to click on the heart symbol to save it to favorites. Often it’s hard to click on this heart and it takes you to the bike’s page. Not the biggest deal but if the area of the heart being selectable was slightly increased would also help in efficiency. 👍🏽 Great app overall.
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4 years ago, Tobeus
Good customer service
I had issues with full screen video ads that wrecked the shopping experience and I deleted the app, frustrated. Dev responded and said they communicated with ad department to fix it. Good customer service. I’ll let you know if I see any more full screen video ads and thanks for resolving the issue. I don’t mind supporting you revenue stream with static ads but please don’t ever interrupt shopping with full screen vids. It totally breaks the shopping magic. Changed back to 5 star review.
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5 years ago, ...I'm notta tool...
Apps works fine, there’s just nothing on it.
If you want to find good bikes at a great price, you’d be better of going to craigslist. CycleTrader shows me 3 results for the manufacture I want $6000 and under within 250 miles. Craigslist is showing me close to 100. I don’t know if CycleTrader charges some kind of fee to post on there site but whatever it is they need to fix it because I can see someone that’s not craigslist savvy buying a bike listed on here and becoming a brand detractor when they realize they could’ve found more budget friendly options on craigslist. Again, app works fine, there’s just not a wide selection to choose from.
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5 years ago, epicness2727
The app is.. okay. It’s good most of the time, but I am looking for a motorcycle for $3,000 and under, you’d think you would just be able to search for that but noooo. It does let you adjust the price range of bikes you want to see BUT it only lets you do it in increments of $2,000 which is just silly. So now I am browsing and 50% of the bikes I am seeing are way out of my price range and it is just so annoying and time consuming to scroll through them. Update... another bad bad bug.... on the favorites section every time I remove a motorcycle from it the entire app freezes up until I close it and restart.. very annoying.
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3 years ago, buy it sell it
Might be the worst app and website
SO I FLIP BIKES AND THE MORE PLACES I CAN MARKET THE BETTER BUT THIS APP AND THE WEBSITE IS JUST TRASH, I wanted to use the app but when I put in all the information about the bike and wanted to input the pictures but when I pressed the next button nothing happened and then I kept pressing it until it froze, now the website was a little better but still garbage, when I try to checkout it says “please enter a description” even though I have a 500 word subscription overall it’s just absolute garbage complete trash, if I’m doing something wrong please let me know and I may change my review but until then it sits at one, I wish I could put it at negative 2 stars that sounds more correct than 1
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4 years ago, Be you, everyone else is taken
I love this app so much
I’m a cyclist and I’m always curious about what good bikes are on sale for cheap, and I’m always on the lookout. I’m thinking about getting a 2001 SV650, and I search it on this app... I have found a couple for actually around $2,500 to $3,000... not bad actually. I use the website from time to time, but then I remember that it’s just easier to get the app, so I did. It’s better: you can search for bikes faster, and can get faster results on the actual website.
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6 years ago, JayPRFade
When you had the other app for this it wasn’t good I decided to try it again and I love it you can see the images of the motorcycle clear and big very easy to use thank you for the improvement
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2 years ago, Doug1965
Can’t filter by color?
Love the site & app, and have used it for many years. Recently an update was made to remove the filter option for color. I can’t imagine what (expletive deleted) decided this would be a good idea, but they obviously don’t love bikes. I am irritated and frustrated now every time I use the service to window shop, and have to scroll through so many bikes I wouldn’t consider. Please add back the option to filter by color, and as an added bonus, add the ability to exclude certain colors.
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6 years ago, OneWickedWolf
Great app … but
Love the app ! But could use a few minor tweaks . For example , when looking up bikes , specifically models . If I search for a ninja zx10r , then a ninja 650r should not show up in the search . Also when I search for unspecific bikes like Sportbike , Harley’s show up . One other thing is not all adds show mileage . Maybe you could force sellers to complete that input before allowing to post . Like I said, I love the app , but it has some very minor issues to me . Thanks CycleTrader !!!
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4 years ago, TriumphR
Apps ok, content out of date
The app is ok to use from an interface perspective. The filtering functions also enable you to get to the specific motorcycle your looking for quickly and efficiently, however my biggest issue is a lot of times the motorcycles that are “for sale” (especially new) are not when you then call the dealer. Seems like the dealers and CycleTrader need to have a more frequent way of synchronizing their data, as it is disappointing to find “the Bike” then to only find it does not exist.
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4 years ago, Ineed911
Issues on various iOS devices
The app would get 5 stars from me if it were not for the following issues: iPad - I find that the bike images don’t always load when I view this on my iPad. I never have issues from a PC with site loading but, with my iPad, I am normally frustrated by this. iPhone X - the app just crashes and never even runs. This may be because I do not allow location tracking? Whatever the case, there are some coding issues that need to be addressed.
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4 years ago, Mean mug man 22244435564
Update is terrible
Not sure what happened with the last update. I used to be able to browse with no ads popping up. Now as soon as I filter through some motorcycles I get six different ads that pop up. They start playing and then they stop with one second left and then another ad pops up and repeats six different times. I have to let them all play and when the last one is done I can close each ad and resume for about another two minutes until the ads pop up again. Please fix. Can’t search for bikes if I keep fighting the ads.
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2 years ago, excitermike
Cycle trader app
App is most of the time useless. You type something into the search and press return and it doesn’t search for what you entered. Even when sometimes it does come up with the right results if you change search filters it will give you random results go bikes nowhere near the type location or price range you wanted. Overall the app has potential but it’s too confusing to and glitchy to be useful. Fix the app and I would be happy but it simply doesn’t work the way it should.
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2 years ago, Weisalchemy
Great place to sell but poor app
As much as I like selling on cycle trader, I hate dealing with its app. The app freezes often, sometimes copying and pasting items mess with the formatting even if done in a neutral area. The icons are not intuitive and look like a png instead of an actionable function. I have trade this app on many devices and each time the same thing issues persist. They have made some strides in improving the app but it’s still functioning poorly after all these years.
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2 years ago, Hijinx1812
Search feature is too broad
I tried using this app to see if there were any Honda CBX’s near me. I typed “Honda CBX” and got over 7500 hits! I knew that wasn’t right! I adjusted the search parameters to 150 miles (default is nationwide) and it returned over 2000 hits. More adjusting to fine tune - I deleted the word “Honda” from my search and selected Honda as the manufacturer from the search criteria. Around 100 bikes popped up. NONE OF THEM WERE HONDA CBX’s. C’mon devs, polish the search feature to help those of us looking for something specific!!!!!
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6 years ago, Erik Bloch
Updated up, and it stopped working.
I had used the previous version of this app, and was disappointed there is no way to search locally (the location or zip based search never worked). I’d narrow the search down to my state, which was ok to give me a ballpark price and selection. Today I updated the app, and now it opens to the red screen and hangs. I deleted the app and reinstalled and same thing. There aren’t many apps for shopping for motorcycles, and it’s too bad this one hasn’t been able to get its act together for years. What a missed opportunity. 🤷‍♂️
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2 years ago, Matt-f1
Very good, but not quite perfect
The app is great for getting a nationwide as well as local view of the bikes for sale currently. The one issue I have with it is that it caps the mileage filter at 25,000 miles. This isn’t a useful amount for big touring bikes, and makes it hard to filter for touring bikes based on mileage. Please let us enter our own number for min/max mileage.
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3 years ago, jdonnovan
This app crashes and freezes a lot. And I mean a loooooot. The interface is laggy, as well. For an app that I find myself on for a while at the time, I sometimes have to close the app and start all the way over. Quite annoying. (And for clarity of my pov, I’m using an iPhone 12 Pro Max- which you’d think would have the most seamless software, as it’s quite popular among cellular devices) Please fix, thanks!
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3 years ago, Arrested by Love
Fun way to shop
Great set up and viewing sales across the nation! Improvement possibilities might be a way to go to the next bike for sale without having to go back to main menu. And when setting the filters it would be nice to have the capacity to select more than one price range and such. But really fun to use!
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1 month ago, MurrietaRob
App needs serious help
Paying for your advertisement and getting it online works, but when you have interested buyers good luck on replying to their inquiries. My experience was and continues to be a continuous series of app crashes, or a generic “Send reply failed” message. When I was successful in sending a reply it was a short cryptic message to provide the potential buyer with my cell #. I am done with Auto, Cycle, Boat, whatever trader applications created by this developer; oh and customer service ? Crickets!
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2 years ago, Jqnsngl
ABS Filter
The app works smoothly, and it has a nice UI, but there really should be an option to filter for ABS bikes in the search tab. In other words, people should be required to state whether or not a bike has abs when listing the bike. This way, I don’t have to leave the app and look up bike specs. ABS is an important safety feature for some people, including myself. I will not buy a bike without it.
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6 years ago, IsaiahM33
Pretty good
I don't seem to have the problems some of these others have. The app works great except for several bikes that are no longer available for sale are still listed as available. I've ran into this problem while checking on several different bikes. Also not crazy about the new format.
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7 years ago, SDMapper
Never seems to open
This app seems to hang every time you start it. Thought it was just a bug, but after many new versions, the problem is still there. You end up staring at the start screen waiting for something to happen. It’s terrible. It’s trying to load an ad at the splash screen and just hangs there. Worst app I have ever seen. Seriously. So frustrating. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted the app etc. Sometimes it works but 90% of the time it hangs. I have an iPhone. Nothing unusual.
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4 years ago, Hooyahdiver
Deceptive depictions of dealer inventory
The app works fine but it’s a waste of time if you’re looking for a new bike sold by a dealer, in my opinion. Dealers are showing inventory they don’t actually have to get phone and email traffic. I know this sounds whiny but it widespread. I even went to a local dealer who told me they had a bike but when I got there they didn’t. They must get some benefit from the manufacturer for collecting names, phone numbers and email addresses.
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6 years ago, Perry.stevenm
Fix the App...puleeze! #STOPTHEFREEZE
Application freezes every time. Click on a saved vehicle that is no longer available and then remove. Then when attempting to click on another's saved vehicle or perform a search... Nothing happens. This should have been caught very easily by testing. Please fix the application among the other various bugs that persist for your paying customers and users.
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4 weeks ago, meowmeow1928
Rip off
This app is a total ripoff unless you’re a deal using it to advertise your inventory. Communication in the app does not work well at all. Simple things like formatting apostrophes show the encoding not the actual apostrophe, which sure invokes a lot of confidence when trying to sell something. I paid $80 to get spammed with bot accounts trying to sell some fake vehicle history service to me. F this app, I would never buy anything off of this platform. What a joke.
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6 years ago, Cav68W
Been a great app and have been using for awhile the only problem is that when I launch the app, it sits at the logo screen with the red background and white outline, I tried stopping the app and turning my phone off and then even uninstalling and reinstalling the app but nothing’s working, if y’all could fix this is give 5 stars no doubt, thanks for your time!
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6 years ago, Zephyr.Lorenz
New issue has arisen. PLEASE FIX!!!
This pass week I’ve not been able to open app. Seems frozen at launch screen. I only see a red screen with CycleTrader logo from now on. Even after deleting app, power cycling phone, and downloading again. Please send update or fix quickly. Planning on make a move on a recent listing. However, unable to follow up without seller contact info through your app. Thanks 🙏🏽 🙏🏽 🙏🏽
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2 years ago, jackhammer717
The app for CycleTrader is one of the easiest I have used when I am searching for a used bike. I can choose many options to specify the precise motorcycle I am looking for. Thanks for making it easy!
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2 years ago, csufaaron
The Ads are too annoying
The ads trigger even when you’re just scrolling. They don’t require a tap like everywhere else. It takes you to the App Store to download some shady app and kicks you out of the cycle trader app. It also opens the browser. Then you have to close both to get back to the app. Infuriating. Just use the web version.
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2 years ago, Smitty short stack
Desperate Adds
I get you need to make add revenue to fuel your company, but having a scrolling UI and forcing an internet window open when I don’t even click the add is manipulating and dishonest. Please change.
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5 years ago, Sl33ping d3ath
New cyclist
I am going to be a new cyclist and I have used maybe five different cycle apps and this one so far is the best one I have used sooo many bikes on here and from what I can tell they are priced greatly I highly recommend this app for new and season cyclists..... TSD.....
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6 years ago, p😶
Sometimes doesn’t load at all
sometimes The app doesn’t load at all it stays in the red opening page and doesn’t go forward. Other than that the app is up-to-date.
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5 years ago, BMR-Racing
To Development Team
Sort this buggy App out! At the point your load up the app or try to at least “you’re app” stays stuck at the Load screen even if you close out and try to reload again and again, #fail Also there needs to be some more options when filtering/searching for bikes. Example when dealers spam the same F’ing bike 10-30 times in a row there should bee some way to filter stupid duplicates!! As well as that there needs to be a crack down on (simplifying motorcycle models) like if I search for a GSXR-600 I shouldn’t find a GSX-250R on the page. Also need be a option to report fake/spammed out bikes listed.
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3 years ago, EarlW65
Great shopping/selling tool
Great tool to see what’s out there. My only complaints, and it’s not cycle trader‘s fault, is that there are too many brand new dealer listings, and many dealers are very slow to remove ads after they have already sold the motorcycle.
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6 months ago, Hikephoenix
Good App for Browsing / Buyers
This app is good for a buyer to shop. If the seller doesn’t respond to you right away, that’s because the app interface is horrible. It will only notify you via email. Opening the app is glitchy it locked up. That needs to be improved drastically to be effective. I would not pay to use the service again.
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2 years ago, njredavid
Bad redesign
Who thought it would be a good idea to remove locations from the search? Instead of being able to see where a bike is in the thumbnail we now have to click into each individual listing. It’s turned into a guessing game being able to see if a listing is in a place I’d want to travel to. Please put the locations back and make this easier on us again.
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3 years ago, Collins_ml
Works ok across platforms
I use CycleTrader on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro, with both the app and on Safari. There are different features available on each. I wish the app would allow sorting the Saved bikes like the Safari version does. It would also be nice to sort by mileage too.
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6 years ago, Matthew McCarthy 75
I don’t like the update PICTURE ZOOM!
iPhone 8 Love the app, everything was working fine, Until the update! I don’t have the greatest eyesight & I need to be able to zoom in to a picture so I can see what I’m looking at! Before the update zooming in was natural, Zoom in, see what I like, put it to my wish list. Then I can Compare Harley’s! What options I like and which ones I don’t. If it has a dent or scratch. Small details make a difference. The ZOOM Is the best part to any picture! Blocking this with an update is just wrong & it’s making me dislike this app! Small details make a difference not just in bikes but apps too!
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2 years ago, Tiger Wu
Better than the website
I’ve been using the CycleTrader app for a few weeks on a 5th generation Mini iPad, It’s not bad. Freezes on me once in a while but closing then opening again seems to reset things. The app is Wayyy better than using Cycletraders website.
Show more
12 months ago, DaVincis Mustache
Don’t waste your money
I never write reviews, but I had such a terrible experience with trying to sell on this app, I am making an exception. The messaging system for “leads” is terrible. Received no notifications even though I had them turned on. No indication of when replying the potential leads got or saw the messages. Ended up selling on market place for free and basically wasted money on this app.
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