Daily Hope

4.8 (212)
182.6 MB
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Daily Hope Ministries
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Daily Hope

4.76 out of 5
212 Ratings
1 year ago, RabbiLoggerLover
God Speaks
My husband and I have been reading this daily devotional each and every morning for the last seven years! It is amazing how God speaks to us through his word through this devotional! It is like a playbook for our lives. Each word from the Lord through Pastor Ricks devotional is customized to what we are experiencing that day in our family, and it offers such a wonderful encouragement from the Lord! Highly recommend this.
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3 years ago, Lovetateach
So disappointing...
I am reading reviews from two and three years ago and finding that some complaints from then still apply today. Why is that? Is no one paying attention to the feedback? How sad! I first downloaded this app about two months ago because I love Rick Warren. Unfortunately the devotion that opened up for me on my iPhone was from the previous day. Today I opened the app again to see whether that had been addressed or resolved and found that the issue remains the same. Please fix this! I would like to be able to open the app at 6am to the current day’s devotion and not the previous day’s one. I will try back again later in the year - maybe - but in the meantime, I’m off to use a more reliable devotion. This is so disappointing!
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4 years ago, RedHed111
Start your day with hope
Regardless of whether you consider yourself as religious or not, this message is simply one of hope. Sometimes life just gets hard and hearing the right message can get you through one more day. The messages are practical advice for everyday life Try this for a few dats and you’ll be hooked.
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4 years ago, Eric Esajian
My daily medicine
I absolutely love this app. I need this App to start my day the correct way. I listen at work but now that I download the app, I will be listening on my way to work instead of the radio. I would give this six stars if I could.
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3 years ago, Alicewoods
100% a gift from God
Praise God for this app and Rick Warren’s gift of speaking truth to millions of people through this app! I recommend this app to all the people in my circle as well as students across my college campus! This app is a daily practice for me along with my other daily devotionals and readings.
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2 years ago, NettieMillie
Great app for daily devotional and podcast
Very encouraging and simple. Easy to listen to and short enough to make it easy to fit into my day.
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2 years ago, Michelejv
Overall, great! But…
Love it but I wish there was a way to know which podcasts I have already listened to. Sometimes I lose track and I don’t see a way to mark them off. But I love it. I’ve been learning so much!
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7 months ago, Pocket god lover oh yeah
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5 years ago, dknyhhs79
App stopped working
Daily Hope app stopped working didn’t get any down load for today’s devotional but it is on the website
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3 years ago, brbzzz
Doesn’t update
I’d give this app 5 stars but it doesn’t update!!!!
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4 years ago, cdlu1141
App Does Not Update
The app does not update with a new devotional each day.
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6 years ago, RPLove
New Daily Hope App
Thanks Daily Hope team for improving your App. I can now adjust the font size and the font is dark and easy to read. This is an awesome App if you want a convenient way to read Pastor Rick’s amazing Devotional or listen to the wonderful audio teaching. In a troubled world, Pastor Rick’s Bible teaching gives me true hope.
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8 years ago, Trumpsters1
Like the email but this has some perks
Thanks for the app and it's a great start. Especially the small group piece and streaming. Please add the beauty to the app that the email has (pretty image with verse) Please consider larger and darker font. (I'm 40 and it's too light) also consider settings to remind you to read (like you version) also consider the ability to invite friends like in you version. This can especially be great for accountability in small groups. It sparks for conversation after you have read and draws everyone in. It's also encouraging to see the people in your group have read it. Lots of potential here keep going. I will check back.
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7 years ago, Qbcupcake
Turn off intro video or give option
I would rate this higher, however since the most recent update, the intro video plays each time you open the app. It wasn't always like that in the past. In the past it would play the first time after an update and then not play again. Not sure what happened but it is very annoying. The video says "it opens to the devotion of the day" which technically is incorrect since the video plays first. You can skip the video, but that doesn't line up with the into video.
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11 years ago, javajunkie070786
Love it but ...
The app is great and the in app purchases are worth the money. I use it daily. Only problem is that the Daily Hope reflection is always a day behind and there's no way to move up to the correct day, so if I want to be current with friends who use the website I have to go to the web also. Other than this glitch -- and it's not a small one -- I'd give it 5 stars.
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6 years ago, Lollipop2121
I am so impressed with the response to users’ frustrations! I am so thankful for your willingness to continue to improve this app as it has been such a beneficial daily devotion. I appreciate Rick’s down-to-earth approach in applying God’s word in a way anyone can understand. He’s sincere, kind, but totally honest, and I appreciate that. Great job to all!!
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7 years ago, JLCG02
App not working currently
Once you get past the intro video nothing is popping up. Please fix, I love this app and listen to the messages daily.
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6 years ago, dkfant
Intro Video Too Loud
I love the devotions, but every time I launch the app a loud introductory video blares. I enjoy reading on sleepless nights and having quiet time early in the mornings, but I cannot open this app unless I go in a separate room because the video automatically launches and wakes up my husband. Otherwise, this is really a great app. I’m not sure why there are not any setting options to control the launching of the video.
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10 years ago, BuckeyeDave93
When is the font size going to be fixed?!?!?!
I loved this app, but, as I and several others continue to say, ever since one of the more recent updates for the iPhone version, the font size makes the daily devotionals unreadable. It won't even allow you to expand it to make it readable. I would rate this a 5 star app, if it were readable!
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7 years ago, EweniqueOne
Please offer an option at least to turn off the intro video. It is totally annoying! There are too many other great devotionals to put up with it much longer!! Otherwise I would love this app!
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6 years ago, Sarah54387
Great but dead
I love this app so much. I use it daily and it’s often a conversation point for me and my husband. But it’s not been working for a long while and needs an update. By the reviews others are greatly missing this app too. The app is so much easier than the podcast, and they are sometimes not the same Topic, and I would love to be able to use it again. Please update it
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10 years ago, BuckeyeDave
Thank you for the update!
Once again this app is back to the top of the list with the font size correction!
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6 years ago, 62copper
New look
I really enjoy the new look of the devotional app. The presentation is great and the option to change font size. God bless.
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9 years ago, gayle.gammage
Hard to read
I found the app to have good content but the small font and light color of the font made it difficult for me to read. If they would use a larger font it would be helpful.
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6 years ago, Mackski 215
You fixed the app, THANK YOU!!!
As promised, I have changed my review to a 5 star. Thank you for updating the app, my wife and I appreciate it!
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10 years ago, Hamster12567864699
Best devotional app ever!
I love how Rick Warren writes to make me think what I can do to better myself for Christ. This is by far the best devotion site I have come across!
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7 years ago, Monarchmomx22015
Great message please remove video
The intro video is annoying and most days I read before getting out of bed while my spouse is sleeping, unfortunately the video has woken him more than once
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7 years ago, Andy Liwen
Please turn off the intro video. I hear it over and over every time I start it. I love it for everything else and use everyday. Intro video still on. Excruciating. Please. Off.
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6 years ago, 216Kings
Doesn't work anymore
I love the daily devotionals. Unfortunately, the app stopped working about two weeks. When I try to open the daily, I receive the following message: "The operation couldn't be completed. (NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 42.)". Please advise!
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10 years ago, SenerikDoomsBlade
Great app
Another way to be blessed by the teachings of Rick Warren. God has used Rick to point out many things in my life!
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6 years ago, Futand
Save a reading!
It would be nice to have a bookmark button to save devotionals that I’d like to read again. Thought the new app was going to add this feature.
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10 years ago, L*B*C*
Too small
Since the update, it is too small to read on IPhone. Please fix
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11 years ago, Regal66
Daily Hope - awesome. App needs improvement.
This display is way to small for the iPhone. Please make it smartphone friendly. I can't expand text. I Love Rick Warren - so happy he is using technology to reach us!
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9 years ago, Wonder19
Daily Hope with Rick
I read this devotional daily. It is inspiring uplifting and informing. Very much enjoy this devotional.
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7 years ago, only1me
Lots of ads.. love the messages! But it's broke.
Broke right now. When you try to listen, this is what you get. 404 - File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
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6 years ago, 80Tip
Please fix app great app! Not currently working.
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6 years ago, GarconD00
App stop working
The app no longer work, and stop the intro video, this doesn't to open everytime or give the option not to open
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9 years ago, iCKR
Only shows in portrait view on the ipad
I keep my ipad on a stand and it has a keyboard case so anything that only displays in portrait view won't work for me. Will check back now and then to see if they offer more views.
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7 years ago, DruryMan
Why play the video every time?
I get it already. Turn it off please. Other than that, I really like the app.
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10 years ago, KdS-2000
Great, but now font size unreadable
New updated app font size is unreadable on IPhone :( - fine on iPad :)
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6 years ago, AmericanGirl6525
What happened?
This app has turned out to be a huge disappointment. It worked great for awhile, but now I get weird error messages and it won’t open at all, so I have deleted it.
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6 years ago, Artverg
Please fix the bug! I love this resource.
Every time I open the app the video plays, then as soon as I click on the “My Daily Hope” button this error message shows: NSXMLParser ErrorDomain error 4.2
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10 years ago, mystbrow
Too hard to read
The writing is too small and faint
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11 years ago, WBruceStill
Like app but
For iPhone 5 can't make print bigger, hard to read on phone or is app mainly for iPad
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7 years ago, KmSS42
Get rid of the video ad
The devos are great, but the pop-up video ad is just annoying and pointless. Please get rid of it.
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6 years ago, GG@110
Love the App but it’s broken
Getting the same XML Parser error others have already reported. Please fix it. It’s been broken for a couple of months now it seems.
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10 years ago, Deniedground
Too small to read!
New font size is ridiculous, can't read it so now one of my favorite apps is now useless. Very disappointed!
Show more
6 years ago, Sheallabouther
What’s going on?
This is a execellent daily bible app that just stoped working 4 days ago it is the best out can you fix it or do I need to delete it a real bummer I can’t use it.
Show more
10 years ago, Jjssb2012
What happened??
Since this app updated, the font is way too small! It's unreadable on the iPhone. Very disappointed:(
Show more
7 years ago, Vase:45$98rtnjives
Under construction
Please don't put an app out before it is tested and all the bugs worked out.
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