Daily Streams in the Desert

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User Reviews for Daily Streams in the Desert

4.84 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
5 years ago, altouser
So grateful to have found this devotional!
Streams in the desert speaks to my heart daily! It covers a lot of hard truths you would not hear about these days, not even in churches. Some Christians erroneously live under the impression that when things go wrong in their lives, it is because they did something wrong. Streams in the desert instead suggests that these hard times are indeed God's way of building us up. And making us depend on Him. I found this uplifting devotional when I was going through a life crisis, and when everyone around me kept telling me it was my fault. Using this devitional, in addition to prayers and unwavering faith and trust in God, I was able to navigate the situation with a different mindset. I have recommended the friends and will definitely keep recommending this great book! And having this on the phone, is such a great privilege- makes it easier for me to stick to the routine.
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3 years ago, Sarah in Spain
A classic. A favorite!
I have been reading the Streams in the Desert devotional for at least 18 years now. The appreciation I have for this book is beyond expression. I first received it in book form and that book is now weathered and worn— it even split in two at one point and I had to tape the binding, which is still holding it together. It is full of underlining, notes, and tears. The LORD has used this devotional to speak into my life circumstances again and again and again. I am so grateful for L. B. Cowman and this treasure that she collected and put together during periods of great suffering in her own life. This book is full of the “treasures of darkness” that God graciously gifts to His children in times of trial and suffering, and I highly recommend it for any of God’s children who desire to understand that “suffering produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope” (Romans 5:3-4).
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6 years ago, kerribrandon7
Sweet and deep music to my soul
I have been reading Streams in the Desert for over 10 years...ever since I found a 1925 printing of this beautiful, sweet and powerful devotional. God has brought me so much wisdom, healing, joy, conviction and blessing through this amazing book. When I found this app, I praised God (and still do every single day). To be able to have this devotional & daily wherever I go and the reminder that we are ALL on this journey together, was a HUGE blessing. I am able to share it with so many more people and have seen the power of God work through these devotions and touch and transform the lives of others. God IS SO good to us!!!!✝️😇♥️ Thanks to the developers of this application of a most precious book.
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3 years ago, BBB is next
I love Streams in the Desert and have a couple of printed copies. I appreciate having a phone copy that is always accessible. The only issues are that it comes up with the previous day’s devotional instead of the current one approximately half the time. Must go to the calendar and then back in order for that day to appear. The other issue is that it suddenly goes back to the beginning of the daily reading when I’m half or 3/4 of the way through it. I then have to scroll down and find the spot where I left off. This is an issue that started a month or two ago. Hopefully it will get fixed soon as it’s pretty frustrating and has made me consider deleting the app and just going back to my printed copies.
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5 years ago, Renewed Interest in Biking
I Enjoy the App
The devotionals offer a refreshing perspective on daily living and our future hope as Christians. I appreciate the text-to-speech feature though it is a little wooden sounding at times. I think a natural voice would be better but this would probably result in being charged a fee for the app. The artificial voice does force me to pay more attention to the devotion of the day, and often prompts me to actually read the devotional for myself rather than merely listen to it. Reading the devotional aids in my understanding of it anyway so it’s not a negative at all. Thank you for developing the app and making it free! I am very much encouraged by it.
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3 years ago, Val your pal
Best devotional for the hurting soul
This resource is such a blessing as it provides a daily boost of truth and a reminder of how to walk in the deserts and valleys. We are not alone. And I love the morning and evening prayers. I just started reading and praying those recently -thinking I didn’t really need to pray a prayer someone else wrote. But they help take the focus off of me and my needs while also allowing for that too. This is the best devotional for the hurting soul. I have been reading the hardbound book since 1995 but having it in an app - and now with the prayers - is such a blessing that I can read it anywhere.
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4 years ago, choclick drop
I find Streams in the Desert to be my mainstay devotional . I have wore the pages out as the book was Gifted to me 9 years ago to support me through my cancer battle. I read and reread it nightly and in the a.m. daily! I have gifted this great and soothing and inspirational book to family and friends. It is a constant in my journey with God. Everyday I find new meaning in this devotional after years of reading; just as my thirst for the Bible Is to find the perfect chapters and passages for song, encouragement and insight and growth and inspiration. God is great. Jesus is my Savior. My heart feels the Spirit and God’s presence. Where would we be without Him? Yes, this book is 10 stars!
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6 years ago, Luv Theatre
Daily Bread
Daily Streams, while not pretending to be a deep study of large passages of scripture, certainly plays a vital role in keeping The Word close and very personal. In the way of our not needing to eat three large meals a day in order to provide adequate physical nourishment, hardly a day goes by without this Christian classic giving me a comforting bite of daily bread which keeps me going and comforted until such time as I can sit down for a longer, richer “meal.” It has sustained Christians for decades, and has made the transition of the years seamlessly. I find it a terrific way to begin or end a day, and it always seems to fit my circumstances. Indispensable!
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6 years ago, I-am-listening
Such an encouragement!
Streams is such a daily encouragement! A friend bought me my first paperback several years ago. I loved it, and after I had used it a couple of years, the Lord prompted me to give my copy away to a troubled you woman who was facing demons in her life. I brought another copy of the daily devotional calendar for myself last year, and the Lord called me to give it to an sweet elderly lady who we deliver Meals on Wheels to. She absolutely loves it and is encouraged daily. I haven’t bought another physical book yet, but using the app on the go while caring for my ailing mother in law. It’s great to have the app wherever I go. It truly is a stream in the desert.
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6 years ago, Kay, a devoted reader
Streams in the Desert
I received Streams in the Desert as a gift in 1976 and have read it almost every day since. The amazing thing is that it still speaks fresh, new thoughts to my heart, and I continue to learn and grow in my faith. I have given this book to many people over the years so that they too can be blessed. I like the original version best because sometimes the modern translations water down the original content, and the depth of the meaning is lost. I’m so grateful to have the app in the original version. I can have access to it all day and can readily share it with others. Thank you!
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2 years ago, FW 24/7
Love this devotional app —
It’s a daily refresh of God’s Word plus a short encouraging word to start the day. Thank you! The only thing I really don’t like are the outside ads (especially since they don’t always align with Christian teaching — so I assume they don’t have control over the ads served) . I believe the ads can be removed entirely through support of the app. Candidly, I would normally take one star off my rating for this, except the rest of the app/content is so good (and free to all!), I will choose to leave my rating at 5-stars.
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3 years ago, Living Momently
Focuses my busy mind!
First thing in the morning my mind can be very busy and it is hard for me to focus on what I want to focus on which is time with God. I love this devotional because it gives me the words I need to center my thoughts on the Blessed Holy Trinity! A friend of mine gave me the book, “Streams in the Desert” many years ago and I have loved it and now the app is even more enriching with the beautiful prayers that you are given for morning and night! Thank you for all who helped create this app it is such a gift in so many ways! God bless you!
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5 years ago, Hookem_Jules
Anchor to Christ but on the go
Streams of the Desert I believe has many Divinely inspired passages. People who were intimate and open to God and heard Him being led to write these words to encourage and help us! It is such an easy tool and format to use. I can bookmark my favorite ones to look back at later which I love. I have the hard book as well but when you can’t bring that with you no reason or excuse we can’t find hope and turn to God in the midst of a busy day with this tool on our phone. Even 5-10 min or waiting in traffic. Be blessed!
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4 years ago, klscribe
I have loved ‘Streams’ for many years, first in paperback, then as an app. I love your new look and upgrades, but most of all, I love your morning and evening prayers. I don’t think I can adequately convey to you the fullness of my appreciation for these prayers. They have such depth and scope and are frequently what I myself have prayed, but less eloquently than these. They show maturity and a rich intimacy with the Word. They touch my heart profoundly. It is these prayers which has finally caused me to carve out an evening prayer and devotion time just before bed. Thank you. From my heart. In Christ....
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5 years ago, MTP 123
Pass it on
I’m grateful for this app because my hard copy is over 50 years old and starting to fall apart. You see, it’s been well-read over all those years. My great-grandmother read it, then passed it to her daughter. She read it and then she gave it to her daughter-in-law (my mom). My mom read it and then she gave it to me. It may have some old-fashioned language, but the life lessons woven together with stories and scripture have been a powerful message to me. The poems and quotes are also very meaningful. And then I think about my great-grandmother...what trial was she facing? I am grateful she passed this book on. After mom passed away, I thought it would be fitting to share an excerpt at her memorial service. After the service, I had 3 of my relatives come and ask about the devotional book. I passed it on to them. Just like what it represents, the faithfulness of God and the good news of the Gospel...let’s pass it on!
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6 years ago, shandyH10
Streams in the Desert
In 2005 my husband passed away and a friend gave me this devotional. It was a life saver and changer. Recently a young lady that has a life threatening form of cancer asked me where I got the devotions I was sending her, so I re-gifted her my Streams devotional. I missed it so much and then I found you on line! Imagine my joy!!!! It is inspirational, I read it daily along with the Bible. Thank you for my finances are .....minimal and to buy the book, and I will....will take a little time. Yay for all who have been blessed by your website, and may you be blessed as well.
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2 years ago, Jab Jat
Prayer Blessings
I have been reading Streams in the Desert for many years. It’s theme is healthy food for myself. Recently, I have begun to meditate on the daily prayer this app provides. It has been such a rich blessing to me, helping me to focus on the importance of my great need for Jesus. It guides my thoughts and words, helping me to pray to the only One who can truly help me. As I meditate on the prayer, the Holy Spirit enables me to apply the words to my own life and to genuinely praise and worship God. Thank you.,and thank God for this worthy treasure.
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3 years ago, StillWaters45
This will never grow old
I bought streams in the desert 20 years ago in book form. I loved it then but haven’t been reading it for quite a while until I found this app. The devotionals are timeless, sometimes difficult to read sometimes encouraging but always telling the truth with love, straight from the Bible. The morning and evening prayers are beautifully written and a joy to read. Thank you for making this app available.
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3 years ago, NC-TQ
Could not do without
My life has been sooooo inspired and transformed, because of Streams in the Dessert! 👌🏼🙏🏽❤️ So appreciate the hard work Mrs. Colman put together. And look forward every morning to opening the beautiful pictures and prayers also that you all have put together! Thank you so very much!! ps any way to have an Spanish App also? Have so many Spanish friends that would be so blessed by this! Thank you again!
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4 years ago, thirsty..
Grandmas’s Legacy
My Grandmother was faithful in daily studying God ‘s word and she also read from Streams in the Desert . When I was with her she read to me. About 15 years ago I came across a daily journal of Streams and I bought it in memory of my Gram I have continued her morning devotional and am so blessed and comforted by the messages it contains . I will be 74 in a few days and today I am celebrating 50 years of marriage to a man who loves and serves the Lord . I am blessed and God is so good !
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3 years ago, princess daughter
Faithful reader of streams in the dessert!
This devotional book has kept me through many trials and disappointments over the years. I recommend this heart and soul felt book to anyone because it’s like a lifeline to God when things aren’t going well. Always confirms what you’re going through at the time. So powerful and well written because it’s coming from the soul. God bless her soul the beautiful woman who wrote it. It’s very encouraging, I love it❤️
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3 years ago, LFW59
This is a golden nugget for me….everyday it is an appropriate devotion!
This is a golden nugget ….everyday the devotional is real ENT in some respect. The prayers are mighty and appropriate daily! I have passed this along to many friends and strangers only to receive heartfelt “thank you’s” in return. I recommend highly that you download this app and have a reminder sent to yourself daily so that you don’t forget to “check in” with God 🙏♥️
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6 years ago, 1881 Cowboy
Streams is the Best Devotional for me.
Streams speaks directly to every issue of concern I have on a daily basis. It is amazing how dynamic it is. Streams uses devotions from the great Christian scholars that devoted their entire lives to learning the meanings of Gods word. They were driven by the Holy Spirit to study and interpret God’s holy and just word so that others can grow in knowledge, worship, success, understanding, relationships, etc. God loves everyone greatly & He cares about every tiny part of your life.
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2 years ago, Pichuline
Exactly what I was looking for
Simple to use, does not overwhelm with lots of options, or lots of different types of prayers. I was looking for an app which offers a morning and nighttime prayer. This is that app. It also offers a daily devotional, which I like to do midday. There are daily quotes and lines from the scripture. Just enough, not too much. Very good for a busy mom.
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3 years ago, fiddlin-john
Beautiful guide for prayer/mediation and sharing
Love this app. I’ve enjoyed Streams in the Desert for years, but the accompanying morning and evening prayer is wonderful. The ability to save favorites and share texts with others has been helpful as well. I did pay to have ads removed but they are still showing up. Not a big deal.
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5 years ago, Georgean Maddy
Streams in the Desert
I have been blessed by the Streams in The Desert since 1972. My book copy is worn out and held together with a rubber band. I treasure every day now that I can enjoy it in my cell phone. My book full of notes is secure on my bookshelf. I do open it from time to time to refresh my memories of God’s grace and mercy in my life over the years. Thank you for your continued work to keep it relevant and alive! Blessings, Georgean Maddy
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6 years ago, Timpastato57
Always a message from heaven fitting for the day
I look forward daily to reading and meditating on the study from “Streams in the Desert” devotions. As a child I recall my mother reading and gleaning from her old blue hardcover book. The timeless teachings contained therein are rich with wisdom for all seasons. Today It’s so convenient having it as an mobile app at your fingertips🙏🌹🙏 Read it daily and watchGod use it to transformed your heart and life.
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6 years ago, Patty4450
This is a holy spirit filled devotional book. It’s unbelievable the times that God speaks to me and or my situation that day even if I’m on the “wrong” day! There are days that it is so on target it’s unbelievable! It’s like God stepped into time and wrote it just for me that day! This has been my favorite devotional book for many, many years. I haven’t given away countless copies because it has meant so much to me.
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3 years ago, Time For Art
Don’t interrupt please
I have read Streams for many years in book form but had to switch to reading on my phone to have ability to adjust font size and back lit. which I really enjoyed until one update when commercials would pop up as I toggled between pages and interrupt my meditation and reflections. I will rate at 5 stars once you remove the commercials. Not the right venue. Thank you
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5 years ago, NiqueODFreed
Streams in the desert
This is a great devotional and it reminds me everyday. are there more out there like it? When u feel like you are the only person in the world going through something this devotional helps you get into perspective the trouble and trials one faces in life. It was with me in prison and it is still good outside of it. I would share this one devotional with the world if I could!
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5 years ago, Digging Deeper
Have loved Streams for years!!!
Given as a gift more times than I can remember and regularly email devotions to friends!!!💕 I,too, have given the book more times than I can count. Incredible how many times I have said, “This was written just for me for this very day.” Now I can email a particular message to a friend that I know needs it!!! What a timeless classic!!!
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3 years ago, Area 209
No No No!
Hate this change. My notes were critical for me including many memories and reminders. Want my old app back! 7-4-19. That was previous change. This time I really like the site. Sure hope you keep my notes for my reference because I’m really enjoying this app!
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5 years ago, ShewaSwinnay
Love Streams in the Desert
I have loved this devotional ever since my Sunday School teacher introduced it to me years ago. So thankful to have it as an app, where I can take it with me everywhere. I would love if there was a function where you can underline or highlight portions of the text. It is a very anointed devotional, and has helped me so many times. Thank you for the app!
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4 years ago, Boreedken
Devotional great, picture flipping down frustrating
The last update changed the picture. It continually flips down on top of the text. The pictures are beautiful at the TOP of the page, but very frustrating to have it keep flipping down on the text when I scroll to keep reading. I love the peaceful scenes as ever since the the backgrounds, the content is powerful and Biblically sound.
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4 years ago, Avie3
Nice Try
I liked being able to switch Bible versions for the verses. A nice feature to have would be a built in dictionary. While you can be read to in the App the voices were all terrible!! I tried every one. There was an ad for a Prayer App and the voice that read the prayer was great!! Too bad they don't have it for this App. Very puzzling to select copy and it copies all? Also it would be nice to highlight. Just remembered I have Streams in the Desert on my Kindle App on my phone. It highlights in different colors and allows smaller portions to be copied. And just touch a word and you get a definition. I'll probably uninstall this App and not recommend it. I'd be willing to buy to have those features.
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2 years ago, suzietalk
Beautiful and personal....
Is always the inspiration I need To put my Trust in Him’ He Never Fails. I have been giving the small leather bound book to many persons thru the years... Each recipient has said it was life-changing’ I know the words within have brought me closer to God in so many ways. Suzie Humphreys Mayo
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3 years ago, Gmoma713
Streams in the desert (original)
I have been blessed by this book for many, many years. I am a pastor and have recommended it to new converts and even bought copies and given it out. I feel that the original author had a true relationship with the father. son and the Holy Spirit. Still use it now from time to time.
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7 months ago, Mamawbear777
Daily Streams app
I like this app so much. It has a lot of features and everyday I get a message that takes me through my day. Life is tough and some days are hard to even get through but with this app I can get a nugget to make me think out of my box for that day.
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2 years ago, neimanl
Streams in the desert
I like the hard copy edited by Jim Reimann MUCH better. Wanted to share with my grand daughter (she has no idea where all the hard copy books (SITD) are that I’ve given her 🤨🧐 so told her to look it up on her smart phone 🤩. But when I read the one on line version (March 22) lt was quite different than my 25yr old hard copy 🙁☹️ Do you have an on line version edited by Jim Reimann ?? Would love to have it 😌😊😀
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7 months ago, AustinCsue
Thrilled beyond words to find this app!
I’ve had the book for years. As I have gone thru it year by year, rereading devotionals, it’s always just right. I continually learn. When I found this app, I was overjoyed! It’s my book but now I can high light, favorite and save special devotions!
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4 years ago, kikilia67
So uplifting to my hungry soul
I love this devotional and now the morning and evening prayers. It’s interesting to walk in the footsteps of those who have gone before us in their own pursuit of knowing our Lord firsthand and discovering His perfect will for each of our lives. My thanks to the developers of this beautiful app, may God richly bless all of you in every way.
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5 years ago, Sunny Aries
Great devotional if you have little time
As much as I want to have lengthy quiet time with God, that doesn’t always happen. This app is a wonderful resource to have devotions when I have only a few minutes. My connection with God is important and I want to know Him more. It’s more about quality time with Him than quantity.
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6 years ago, sarah's streams
I came across this app as I remembered how much this daily devotional had helped me years ago. I have had many challenges thus far in life, especially the past few years, and as I turn my life back over to Christ, SITD is the perfect book to guide me along my journey. Thanking God this book found its way back into my life again.
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3 months ago, Kathy Simmons
Wonderful devotional App
I love Streams In The Desert App in the legacy layout! The daily devotionals speak to the depths of my soul more often than not. I LOVE this devotional app! It’s only taken me a few years to figure out how how to read Spurgeon’s quotes. But, a few days ago I accidentally figured out how to read the whole of the quotes and now this devotional is better than ever! I really appreciate this devotional more than I can say! Thank you so much! I tried to give this app a five star rating. I hope I did but, I had trouble telling. Anyway, this is definitely a five star devotional!
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5 years ago, Blpouncey
There is nothing quite like Daily Streams
I have been using this devotional for almost 30 years. It was handed down to me after my mother’s passing. Her close friend had given it to her while she was going through cancer treatment. It gave her so much comfort and gave her peace in the midst of her trial. I recommend it to everyone!
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4 years ago, TheOnceTiredMan
Love it..but keeps failing to load
I’ve had this app, and the various updates etc., for a long time now. Recently, on iPhone X, it randomly fails to load. Unless I delete the app and reinstall it, it won’t fix it. Once I delete and reinstall, it will work for a week or two and then the process begins again. 5-stars if it stopped failing to load.
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6 years ago, Dulce3102
A blessing and boost for the day
A true blessing, encouragement and boost for my day. It has always amazed me to know God knows exactly what I need each day. If I miss a day or two I can always look back to them. Daily Streams has been around for a long time in book form, but it is nice to have it in your pocket or purse, just pull it out and read you devotions over and over. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Fooxx123456
Great devotional
I have been a fan of streams in the desert in book form for years. Having this devotional in app format has been a blessing as I’m away from home a lot. The app is laid out very neatly and has an audio option that is nice in the car. Mind you the devotional is dated but the basic message is still relevant and inspiring
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6 years ago, CameronPreston
I thoroughly enjoy reading my devotional every day. I enjoy most of so much I save them by tapping the ribbon at the bottom of my screen (red.) when I want to go back a read the saved ones there’s none saved. I’ve searched everywhere within the app and can’t find the saved ones.
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6 years ago, LaynieW
Daily blessing!!
I’ve been reading Streams In The Desert for many years. How I love having it now on me smart phone to enjoy anywhere and anytime. Sometimes I feel God switches the devotions around because when I read one, it is so specific to what I’m going through or feeling. Blessings upon blessings is this treasured devotional!!
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