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Dailylook, Inc.
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2 years ago
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User Reviews for DAILYLOOK

4.24 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Sudo_Lo
Love the service, but app is Meh
It would be great if we could heart/like/pin looks as feedback to our stylists. I’m not sure the purpose of this section otherwise. I love the most recent update allowing box review in app - maybe add a “attach photo” feature for the feedback so the stylist can see why something isn’t flattering. Living in the middle of nowhere this service is great for helping me find beautiful clothes without driving >3hrs.
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5 years ago, Mains bodkin
Very hard to cancel subscription
I had ok experience using this service, but the charging and cancellation was extremely frustrating. I decided to cancel my subscription before my second box and I just removed my credit card from the website. Guess what, after 2-3 email reminders to add a credit card or they will stop my subscription, my card got charged again! Even after removing it from the website, they really did charge my card again and sent me another box. Same with the address, even after I cleared all addresses from the address book, they still showed me my address and asked me to review if it is correct. It’s as if they are secretly saving all your info even after you deleted everything. I was very determined to cancel right after I returned my second box, then they told me that I can’t just cancel it by clicking the cancellation button, clicking the bottom only sends a “cancellation request” and I need to wait for a representative to call me in 3 business days to cancel. And of course two weeks passed and nobody ever called me, and every time I want to cancel again they say “your request is still being processed.” It’s almost like they are intentionally delaying and complicating the process just to make you give up or to charge you for the next box before you are able to cancel. I totally hate that experience. Will not recommend this service to anyone.
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2 years ago, leahu417
Pushy Payment UI
This is truly a case where the app’s interface was so frustrating that I’m opting not to use this company at all. I downloaded the app, and began the process of setting up an account. I completed the style questionnaire and was proceeding toward payment when I was distracted by something and closed it out to come back to. When I returned a day later, I was shocked to immediately open up again to the credit card information page. I force quit the app and reopened it, expecting to be on some landing page so I could review my styling choices again. No! The credit card page again! I tried to navigate back, and went through the address page to the “give us your phone number” page and could go no further. I’ve left it alone for days, force quit over and over, and never have I been able to review my selections or plan choice again. Unless, presumably, I give them my card, purchasing the selection and can no longer remember. Which I would’ve done, eventually! But now I’ve forgotten what I even selected, so I have no idea what clothes/plan I’m asking them for! Truly, not worth the invasive annoyance. Presumably this could be addressed by going to the desktop site, but I’m too irritated. Deleting the app and going with another subscription service. Plus, it took me multiple times replying ‘stop’ to the texts they immediately began pushing to my phone for it to take.
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6 years ago, Product Feedback
Worst Subscription Service and App
While I usually avoid writing reviews because I’m Mobile Product Owner and acknowledge the difficulty in creating meaningful designs and experiences within a mobile app, I was shocked by the poor UI and lack of features compared to DL’s competitors in subscription clothing services. There is a sheer lack of transparency and intuitive design regarding the box creation workflow, reviewing items in your box, and tracking order history. A few recommendations for your Product team to consider - add filtering and sorting to your Styling tab, allow users to “like” styles or place in a virtual closet to inform their stylist of their taste, add descriptions to styles, provide better transparency to the ordering process (there are only two statuses currently), allow flexibility in dates to request orders, update your copy to be less transactional, allow users to zoom and see multiple photos of items placed in their box, if users request items be removed from their box then honor it, order history should document both the order received by the user and returned to DL, confirm what items were returned and provide a final invoice, and lastly make your Stylist more human (whether they are or not) by actually responding/acknowledging feedback and providing a more personal approach. Unfortunately, this killed the experience for me and I have decided to cancel.
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10 months ago, ShellyPAC
Could be better
First…I’ve been using the service for 6 months. The selection is pretty good if somewhat overpriced. While I appreciate being able to communicate with my stylist (which is the primary saving grace for this review), the service and app have a way to go. I have been delivered damaged clothing & was withheld boxes when I returned the damaged goods (so essentially held accountable for damage I didn’t do). I have been charged styling fees during three months that I did not receive a box bc I didn’t understand that my account was held bc I returned damaged goods (see previous sentence)…to be fair, those have now been refunded but only bc I realized what was happening. I have not been able to sign into the app or request a password reset and have gotten error messages consistently for a couple of weeks now which will require additional assistance from them. There are small technical complaints regarding the function of the app (word count restrictions, annoying return to the top of the page when liking style selections, etc) that I hope will be resolved, but my primary complaints have to do with the service issues that could result in my departure altogether.
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1 year ago, s_msa
It’s not horrible but it’s not great
First, the functionality of the app on my phone is different than the functionality on my iPad. Both are different than the functionality of the website. So you never know what device is best to use for what you need to do. Second, the delivery dates are never accurate. If you’re depending on some new clothes for an event, order a box to be delivered at least 3 weeks before you want it. The styling fee is twice as much as Stitch Fix which should prepare you for the $50 basic tees they include in your box… Another thing - don’t expect to get what you like on the site. I can like 100 dresses and get fuzzy pants in my box. ??? DL does give you the option to preview your box, but only lets you switch out three items. So if you don’t like 7 of 10 things, you can request to switch three and that guarantees you’re still getting 4 things you don’t like. Which ties into my last point, and I know this isn’t the case for everyone, but my stylist does not take my comments into consideration when putting my box together. I feel like I get what they have the most inventory of and my style and requests are on the back burner.
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4 months ago, Mwalk1
Buggy, not user friendly, few pics
I have been very disappointed with the service so far. I got my first preview and hated everything but they only let you remove three things so i have to receive the rest of the stuff that i know i wont buy. I tried to message my stylist but the in-app message feature doesn’t work, so I tried to use the “email stylist” link hut it links to the mail app which I don’t use (use gmail app and outlook app) but it wouldn’t just give me the email address so I had to download apple mail app just to send a note. I went to update my profile after being so disappointed in the pics and some of my preferences were incorrect from what I had selected, while ofhers were selected correctly but clearly the stylist had ignored (prefer to cover cleavage but a dress that was full plunge to the point where you couldn’t even wear a bra was selected). I tried to look at the “styles” tab to help give more info and there are only like a dozen outfit style boards! None of which really fit with what I’m looking for. I’m in my mid-thirties and have used similar services and this has been the worst experience so far.
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2 years ago, Gordulina
Stellar customer service
I am impressed with my stylist, more specifically with how much of my feedback and my pins she actually uses when curating my box. At the same time, she adds other items that could interest me by analogy. In addition to the work of the stylist, I had a convoluted week and sent my delivery in late. When I emailed them to let them know, I did so from an email address that is not on their file, so I was charged for the whole box. When I got the bill, I was shocked and worried I wouldn’t be able to afford it, and I considered cancelling my subscription. Even though I never mentioned my thought of cancelling, I was moved by how the customer service person I talked to heard the worry in my voice when we hung up. She figured out how to help me and called me back with a solution. That’s customer service!🌟
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2 weeks ago, MI7887
Non-user friendly App and service
The app itself is not the best functionality. I found better use on the actual website itself. The app is difficult to find other services/offerings. When you click on different styles to view and go back you lose you place and have to rescroll through. The available styles themselves aren’t the best selections, and don’t let you leave a note like “love the shirt only” or even see what colors/patterns they come in. You can’t favor select items in an image you have to favor the whole look, which, I’m sorry, doesn’t always work for people. I got a box preview for my second box in which none of the items were to my liking or where following my style profile. I emailed my stylist to alert her to this and they would only change out a few items and not the whole box. Big surprise that the box came and I have returned the full thing. Also, everything is super expensive. Even if you select a specific price range, they will go to the top end and above it.
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3 years ago, ccahillfhc
Couldn’t get size right
JUST COULDN’T GET THE SIZE RIGHT!!!! I got this for my wife. She sent in her likes and her size (medium). She received items that were on her I do not wear list and were size large (way too big). We returned everything and they kept the $40 for picking things that were the wrong size and style. She sent in for another order thinking we could correct this. Paid another $40 asked for medium instead of large. We received the second order and it actually had clothes we would have bought but in size large so wayyyy too big. We cancelled the service and asked for the $40 back since they were unable to pick items we could actually buy ( the reason for the $40 pick fee). No response and they basically took me for $80!!! This seems pretty simple she wears a size medium and asked for a size medium but twice they sent us size large. Baffling!!
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2 months ago, Mamba8050
False Advertisement
So I realize that not everyone has this problem, but due to my algorithm or whatever on social media, I was bombarded with ads for Daily Look for quite a while. The models on my particular advertisements were plus size curvy girls (of which I am one) and the styles were just what I was looking for. As a plus size girl its hard for me to find the right style, and I was really excited when I was seeing clothing that I liked on models that looked more or less like my body type. So I downloaded the app and had to pay for the service before I could check it out. Where are the models and styles from the ads? The only models I see are very slender, basically wearing different versions of the same clothes. I feel like I fell for some kind of bait and switch, and it’s really disappointing.
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2 years ago, Allie swanson
STOP! 🛑 READ ME!! ⚠️Don’t do it!!
I’m not Cardi B I can’t afford this!!!!! If I could give this company zero stars I would. First off get ready to pay that styling fee of $30 even if they send you pieces that are over $150 each!!!!!! I can’t afford tops and thin leggings that’s $150 each!!!! Secondly, my box arrived 2 1/2 weeks late. I reached out several times with several emails and tried the chat option but my “stylist “ was always unavailable, no one ever got back with me. Does anyone even run this company? Are there any humans at this company? Finally, my box just literally appeared out of nowhere on mydoorstep. I am so upset that all I can do is laugh at myself for being so stupid to throw away $30 on a bogus company that sends ridiculous expensive clothes that arrive late that most people can’t afford. I’m not Cardi B I’m not a famous actress I’m a freaking housewife! I guess it’s back to target for me.
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1 year ago, JulieAnn123489
Listen to the reviews.
It’s trash, you can clearly tell this company provided a half-baked platform and service just because they were successful with Adore Me. Wasted my money and time on 2 boxes because I figured maybe the first box was just a dud. Firstly, the cost of their clothing is astronomical and doesn’t reflect the quality or cut of each item. All items are clearly outdated and no longer desired looks that the company was able to buy well below margin and mark up with the guise of “tailored to you” high fashion. Secondly, the absolute opposite of anything you ask for will be sent. I changed stylists, even gave clear directions and examples on what I like or don’t like, and still received the exact opposite of any recommendations. Take my advice (and that if many others) to avoid this service and stick to an AI generated service like Stitchfix.
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1 year ago, NwaRose
Poor service
I have a similar experience as others. Trying to cancel your subscription is frustrating and difficult. The app is awful. The website cumbersome. My boxes have been just ok so for the cost it’s not worth the expense. The best I could do I pause my subscription for a year because they already charged my account even after I went in and deleted it. So if I cancelled now I would lose money they already charged, so frustrating. My stylist was not getting my styles right, even with feedback. I’d say no skinny pants and she’d send skinny pants, when I sent feedback she said it was all they had so she sent it. I tried to request a news stylist and the website and app would not process my request. Overall a frustrating experience that cost me a lot of money and I don’t have a lot to show for it.
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6 years ago, KRGiac
App Difficulties
I have been very happy with Daily Look as a whole. The items I have bought are some of my favorite pieces in my closet. However, I have problems with the app itself. The app doesn’t respond to scrolling. Whenever I go in to change box delivery I can never scroll down to the options below the calendar. I always end up going to the website in my browser to do what I need to do. When my box preview comes, the “preview box” button freezes, and I have to shut down and re-open the app multiple times for it to work. If this app cannot function in the very basic way that users need to manage their accounts and boxes, what is the point of having it?
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4 years ago, LD20202222222
Hell no.
All I have to say is if you’re thinking about it don’t bother. The app itself is terrible. The clothes are not high quality and are expensive for what you receive. There are a TON of bugs as it relates to customer communication. For example, I received a text message and email the same day telling me to hurry up and “check out” and that I had 48 hours to complete it. No more than 2 hours later I received a follow up message via text and email telling me that I missed my window to check out when the original told me 48 hours.... I cancelled my account and sent a request in to customer service multiple times. I have yet to receive any confirmation from them. Don’t waste your time with this. I’m willing to bet the company won’t make it.
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2 years ago, Amack8989
Cancelling will take you forever, if you can cancel at all.
I literally just want out. I paid for 2 boxes where I didn’t want all the items and I’ve paid over $1k. There is no cancel button. I originally signed up because I was very busy and wanted unique and fun pieces based on my super detailed profile, but it’s all been super bland clothing that is super expensive. I wasted time and money on black tank tops that are $100 a piece. If you call after hours, the answering machine is a robot. If you email and ask about how to return things and ask about refund policies, you won’t get a straight answer. Don’t sign up for this. The clothes aren’t even interesting. There are other services out there that aren’t a scam. :(
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5 years ago, Loverchild
Waste of time and energy
I literally did the style quizzes, posted my Pinterest link, gave feedback on favorites and called customer service to advise I NEEDED WORK CLOTHES & what I wanted... THEN provided feedback on the preview and ended up with mostly see through shirts about 5 shirts with the same very thin work inappropriate material, too long cropped pants & a too big jumper (I’m 5’2 and they ask for height in the style set up). And the box for all that wrong stuff was almost $700 worth of no name (most of the items had the “Daily Look” label and was priced no less than $68 for those see through shirts) nonsense. Like don’t waste your time and try the Express style box instead, at least you’ll have coupons and sales. I wish I could give this service a negative star!!!
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6 years ago, m_sheri
Thoroughly Dissatisfied.
Thoroughly dissatisfied. There was no initial communication from DAILYLOOK after I paid my styling fee. I emailed to initiate communication, no response. I then called to ask what was going on. Only then did I receive some answer as to when I would receive my box or any communication from my stylist. My stylist then turned right around, the same day, and threw a box together that had items I clearly stated I wanted to avoid in my profile. The items were basic, nothing special considering their prices. The items did not seem to be catered to my individual profile, and to add insult to injury I am only able to remove 3 items 🤦🏾‍♀️ This box system is a failed false sense of individualized styling. Don’t waste your time or money, just go get it yourself.
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3 weeks ago, SE_Ash
Service is great, App Not so great
My stylist has done a great job getting to know what works for my lifestyle. The call center is helpful when the app doesn’t work. The clothes are on the expensive side. Jeans are expensive but fit so good! A was sent a tshirt that was over $100. But I was also received an awesome knit blazer that was only $88 The app is awful. I can’t track my return, the button doesn’t work. I can’t fill in the survey boxes because it cuts off the bottom of the screen. I can’t add links to my Pinterest in the place where it says to add links. I often have to close the app to get out of a screen.
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10 months ago, progresscity
Not sure about the service, terrible app
This app looks like it was developed by undergrad web development freshman in their first class (and I would know, since I once was one). At least what I got to see of it. It is barely functional to sign up and I had to reset multiple times. Once I got to the point of paying, it just brought me to a black screen and I had to reset and try again - but it was the same every time. So I guess they don't want my money. I might try again through the website but I'm seriously questioning it because I don't have a lot of respect for a company that doesn't dedicate money to making their tech usable.
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2 years ago, MrsPeery120
Deceptive horrible company. To start that you are charged $40 up front and cannot see the options beforehand. I am unable to cancel my subscription even though I contacted my ‘stylist’ multiple times. Disputed the up front $40 fee and not only did they still send me a box they sent me 2! I now have to spend time getting the boxes sent back, call American Express again and deal with that. I cancelled my subscription and payment on the app sent an email revoking my permission for them to charge my card but still have no way to cancel my subscription/membership. What a horrible company to cheat so many people out if their money. They should be ashamed.
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4 months ago, J. Puch
Some good, some not so
Trying daily look, after being with a competitor for a while. The good? I like the models are not all size 4, so i can really get an idea of how something will look and fit. My first box had some nice things, but a bit pricey. The not so much, the app lacks enough variety to mark my likes and show my style. This service uses UPS, which is less convenient than other services which use the US Postal Service. part of the reason that I do this is I live in a remote area so shopping is difficult but that also makes returning something to a UPS location difficult. On my First box, I received a few cute things, and some things that were totally contrary to what I had outlined my style was like. For example, indicated I didn’t like loud geometric patterns, but I got these loud geometric pants. App is not as easy to navigate as the competitors.
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1 year ago, Kitkat254@582729030
Worst app ever. I tried so many times to purchase from them but no matter my payment method it wouldn’t accept it. I tried my Apple Pay, I would get charged and then refunded and it would not go through. I tried my card, it wouldn’t accept my card for some reason saying there was an error. I tried to re enter my card and it said my card was already on file. If you want people to use your app, fix it so people can actually buy stuff instead of going through the same circle of you not accepting anything and taking forever to load to end up back at the beginning step. Don’t waste your time.
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2 years ago, LynA12345
Giving it one more chance
Have received two boxes and kept items from each box but I really need pictures of how the outfits should look such as they do in their ads. No shoes, purses or pictures come with the box and it is sort of a strange mix of clothes. It would be nice if everything was coordinated as separates to be warn together. But biggest problem is uneven quality and super high prices for something that could probably be bought at Wal-Mart. I’ve kept the better quality pieces.
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2 years ago, GoldenGate74
I’m a shopping editor and this was a terrible experience
As a shopping editor, I was so excited to try this service — having someone else style me is so fun! But I am super bummed that my experience with DAILYLOOK sucked. What I thought made the app experience great was the extensive quiz about my likes and dislikes, but it seems like my stylist didn’t look at my profile at all. I stated in the quiz that I wanted to see more dresses and pants that weren’t jeans. My first styling had multiple jeans in there — and they weren’t even the style that I ticked in my quiz (they were all skinny and I prefer boyfriend and wide leg jeans). On top of all that, the delivery was set for mid September and I got all sorts of tank tops/sleeveless tops like it’s July. I gave my feedback to the stylist and she was pretty defensive. She apparently didn’t listen to me because I got sleeveless tops and a sleeveless dress. 🤦‍♀️ I was super disappointed with everything that actually came in the box. I canceled my account.
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3 years ago, Coach Bree
Quality matches
I’ve used a couple different styling companies and this one has proven to be the best. The only reason I didn’t keep the entire box was because it wasn’t quite in my budget to do so. My very first box I absolutely loved that I liked the pieces I kept and they could be interchanged with each other providing me more than just two outfits.
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2 years ago, ALRH99
Don’t bother
I’ve never reviewed an app before but I’m reviewing this one to warn others not to bother. Especially compared to the robust functionality of other clothing subscriptions (and their apps) like Stitchfix, this one is so threadbare as to be almost worthless. Beyond the initial style profile, it’ll occasionally give you 3-5 “looks” to rate, but… that’s it. You can do some minor subscription management on it, track your box, email your stylist, but that’s it. The clothing boxes themselves, while nicely packaged, had basically nothing to do with my style profile. Canceling after two very disappointing boxes.
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1 year ago, AwSnapJB
Buttons are off the page view
This app isn’t working right. The navigation buttons on some of the screens are out of view, like the coupon applying page and selecting payment type on the checkout page. After I’ve applied a coupon there is no way to navigate back to the check out page without closing out the app and then going back into it, in which case you have to start over and no coupon is applied! So frustrating, please fix!
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5 years ago, CCH824
Horrible Customer Service
They have an option to email your stylist before you get your first package. I emailed her about preferences...no response. I then received my box. Everything was a size too big. I emailed them to say they didn’t get anything right based on my preferences...no response. I sent back everything from my first box and because I didn’t get any response back, I emailed them to cancel my subscription and let them a note letting them know why I was canceling. You guessed it...no response! Terrible customer service and doesn’t make it easy to cancel your subscription on the app!
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6 months ago, allthedamnnames
Difficult every step of the way
There are several things that are extremely frustrating with this service including: - Return window is only FIVE DAYS, which is not clear when you sign up - You are not able to see the prices on anything until you check out. You’re then required to page through one item at a time and only then are you shown the price - The return bag is way too small, wouldn’t fit all my items - There was NO RETURN LABEL included (there is supposed to be) and when I attempted to request one it prompted me to send an email to cust service - when i attempted to contact customer service via chat to request my return label i received an away message. Extremely frustrating to say the least. Plus the items in the box were nothing special, mostly plain basics which is not what I asked for.
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6 months ago, Linds31scar
App is horrible. Stick to website on a desktop
It was already hard enough scrolling through possible styles to favorite (I guess they’ve never heard of page numbers?), but on the app it’s so much worse. You can only see the first page of looks to choose from as favorites I wanted to scroll through their whole catalog of 600+ looks and I gave up after a few pages because it was so disorganized & hard to find where I left off. Get Page Numbers like every other website in the universe ! Please!
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3 months ago, DiaFry
Great Service. App needs loads of help
My stylist is awesome and I often have to choose things to go back because of my personal al budget rather than disliking choice. The app is a headache. Checkouts are dreadful, and often require me to come back to the app multiple times simply to check out. I also would like a checkout option that simply says “I don’t need/want this option right now.” Realistically I’m not purchasing 10-12 new items of clothing on a quarterly basis. I’m worried that my stylist gets dinged or penalized for what I don’t choose - when I simply don’t need those items. All in all - great service. It’s why I continue to use it.
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1 year ago, WiggyBL
App Needs Work
The App does not work properly for entering payment information. It does not connect to Apple Pay fully. When you go to enter payment information the “Scan” function for scanning a card does not work. When you manually enter the card information and go to enter shipping address, if you live in Wisconsin or Wyoming you can’t select your state because the list doesn’t allow you to scroll down that far and select your state.
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1 year ago, Loulie Atoms
Testing the waters.
I sure like this service so far. I have been a Stitch Fix member for over 5 years and am trying this one out. Few improvement suggestions. Why the app has to always have a “1” on it like there is a message drives me crazy. Also, should provide more options of outfits to like or dislike. What if I want more than one box a month? We will see how this goes if I am a complete convert.
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2 years ago, sleepyhead301
They don’t even pay attention to what you put in your style profile. The majority of the things they send are what i specifically said I don’t need or like. They also send you items you rejected in the past. It took 2 months to receive my last box after it was due. I was also double charged. I called to get it corrected and I just get a recording to call back during business hours. It’s 1:30pst. Several of the items I kept in the past had seams unravel during the first use or first washing.
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5 years ago, C Bus Teacher
Great service but not so great app
I love the service but this app needs a lot of work. Checking out has been a challenge because this app is so buggy. I have closed and reopened the app several times to try and fix what should be a simple process but am frustrated that the pages don’t load all the way. When I finally got to the check out page, the total was blank. This app really needs to be looked at for a better user experience.
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6 years ago, tchuntet
Used to be good
Old what happened. My first box or two were great and it has been downhill ever since. The looks are not customized like they advertise. Multiple times I have sent entire boxes back because they did not match my style, and was still charged the ‘styling fee’. Quite often my sizes are wrong. They seem to push certain brands also. And don’t get me started on sending the boxes back. You used to be able to just put it in your mailbox. Now you have to go track down a UPS store or drop box.
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5 years ago, DavisMichele
Exciting presents
I really enjoy someone else dressing me and picking items I would never have thought to put together , The stylists are great ! And I look forward to getting presents in the mail and surprises , makes life really easy for my husband to shop for me as this is his gift to me ♥️
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2 months ago, Lady Eine
UX lacking
Spent all the time to enter preferences. I went to pay and typed in the expiration date to my credit card wrong. Now the app has no way to go back to edit the information and it’s just stuck. if I try to edit the information from the pay screen, the app tells me that I’ve already entered in that credit card. I entered a new credit card and the app just flashes at me. Won’t work. I deleted it from my phone and re-downloaded it and it’s the same. No UX to resolve. Dumb dumb dumb.
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6 months ago, Lalanikki
Ad scams and broken app
First of all, I took the bait and signed up because the ads for the app have full outfits including shoes and accessories and come to find out talking to my stylist they don’t carry any accessories or shoes. I am so disappointed I wasted time signing up. I’m still going to try to find at least 1 item out of the box to keep since I invested time in the sign up flow. Secondly, I can’t use my login credentials in the app even after resetting my password twice. Seemed to work on web only.
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2 years ago, Accountant9900
The app.
The product is fine but the app is horrible to work with. It doesn’t let you truly track your delivery. It locks on to whatever screen you pull up then you have to shut the app down to get back to Home Screen. The box preview didn’t work either as I kept removing an item and it never did. I’m sure the website is fine but the app?? Nope!
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2 months ago, nico-le
App is awful, clothes are ok
I don't have any complaints about the clothes or the styling service but the app itself is awful. You can't go from one screen to the next there's no back or continue. I think I had to try six times over three days to check out and then I could only do it by calling them on the phone. It's like they don't test at all and and is really a terrible experience.
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4 months ago, Cgrogan516
Couldn’t even get past the quiz
I’ve been seeing ads for this app for awhile now and I currently use stitch fix which I love but wanted to give this one a shot since I hate shopping but I could barely get past the style quiz because every time I try to type in the fields it would close out my keyboard and would barely let me type one word. I’d rather go shopping than deal with that I may be impatient but I hope it gets fixed for people like me
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10 months ago, AndiRose
App is not like the pictures
I just had my first experience with the service. While I liked the clothes and delivery and return went well, the app didn’t show me anything like the screen shots pictured here. I couldn’t review my box, the ‘my box’ screen is only shipping information. I could no longer review my box after I initially selected items. I have many suggestions but the app definitely detracted from the overall experience.
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5 months ago, Tracemo
Too wonky to sign up
I am trying to sign up. It asks to fill out text boxes. It only lets you add one letter at a time. So you type a letter, and it kicks you out of the text box, so you have to tap back in to add only one letter, and then repeat the process till you either finish what you are trying to type or quit and dont sign up. I chose the latter. If it is this wonky to sign up, I cant imagine how bad it’ll be to try and shop, or return an item, or quit.
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1 year ago, 12421567
Service is Great, App is AWFUL
The service is great. The app IS AWFUL. It can never connect to the stylist always says please try again. It looks wierd almost like a screenshot. Theres no real way to see after you agree what is in your box for refrence. I wish the stylist could provide more feedback on how to syle or wear the pieces and have a more open conversation.
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2 years ago, SelinaKyle1128
Major delays
My box has been delayed without any estimate for shipping. The customer support doesn’t know when the box will be shipped I love my stylist, but the company needs to decide whether they want to be in business. I’ll give them another week before canceling my subscription and asking for a refund of my styling fee. I wonder how long it will take to get that back…
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1 year ago, Meggg1985
BBB rating of F
This company is a scam. Don’t do it. They have a Better Business Rating of F. You pay $40 for a box that will arrive late and when none of the clothes are worthy of keeping, they keep the $40. Do not do it. The app is also very outdated. The notifications won’t go away. You have to email customer service to do anything so the app is worthless. So sad I fell for the ads. The clothes you get are nothing like what’s advertised. Wrinkly, unfinished, cheaply made.
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2 years ago, larnold1109
Rip Off
I have been trying to call for days now (during working hours) and only get looped to a message telling me to call the number I just called. They will not cancel my subscription and now I will have to cancel my debit card. No emails have been returned and you cannot delete your cc information. Absolutely DO NOT recommend unless you are fine with a lifetime commitment and zero way to communicate. Terrible. Zero stars.
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