Data Recovery Essential

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Justin Johnson
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5 years ago
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User Reviews for Data Recovery Essential

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5 years ago, Scott Phrenetik
Here are your files, but oh… they’re all corrupted now
My external hard drive worked fine (and still does), but somehow all the files went missing in just one folder. It is an older drive and I had a couple different docs open at the same time, but it was weird. Did a little data recovery research and went with this app due to the ratings and because my problem obviously wasn’t a hardware issue. Made the disk image through Terminal and ran it through the app. It found all my missing files and recovered them… but ZERO of the “recovered” documents will open. They’re all there (albeit scattered about) and show the correct name and file sizes, but not a single one will actually open. This situation seemed like the perfect scenario for this app to work flawlessly and it failed miserably.
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1 year ago, dannygrizzle
I've been a Macintosh user since the very first year the Mac was released, and in that time I have maintained a current inventory of virtually every major Mac utility software. Fast forward to today, and I am currently involved in a major time lapse photography project operating up to 5 cameras simultaneously on a construction project. This generates thousands of photos every single day and takes hours every night to download, backup, and reformat the cards to be ready for an early start the next morning. This entire process is incredibly labor intensive, and a break in coverage can threaten the entire project if a major gap were to occur. That's the situation I found myself in tonight when a 128 GB memory card would not mount on the Mac desktop, and could not be read on the camera that had created the photos. While I don't have extensive experience with this software yet, I have decades of experience with similar recovery utilities, and they are always a last resort and nearly always fail. In this case, I started the morning with a cleanly formatted SD card and wrote a single file type, Canon CR2, to the card. Data Recovery Essential performed so well, and recovered all my photos off this card so fast, I get to sleep tonight and nothing was lost from a very important camera angle on the time lapse today. Thank you!
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7 years ago, Trek110376
Works as advertised
Inadvertently, I permanently erased some important work data. I spent several hours trying to salvage them and tried many apps. Data Recovery Essential was the only one that did not ask for a steep price to recover just 10Mb, and data were recovered perfectly. Data Recovery Essential allows to recover 100Mb of data per day for free (you pay if you need to retrieve more), and also through its website provides an additional script to avoid the hassle of generating a disk image. Everything worked great in my hands, and also appreciated the transparency of the developers, as the limit of data retrievable for free was very clear upfront.
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4 years ago, PirateJesus
Same as Disk Drill?
As far as I can tell, this is a stripped-down version of Disk Drill. The instructions for getting started were cut-and-pasted from Disk Drill, with no change to the app name. I've tried it a few times, each time within minutes of accidentally deleting something, usually videos or a folder of photos. Neither this nor the free version of Disk Drill have ever found any of the files I wanted to recover. (It usually just finds a bunch of .plist files.) The only reason I give 2 stars is because of the very remote possibility that, somehow, the data was overwritten in the few minutes between being deleted and this app was run, and the app can actually do its job, since so many others seem to have had a positive experience.
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2 years ago, Antares4141
Not sure this app is safe
Tried to get me to go outside apple store to download yet another app in order to get past file permissions on mac. I would think if these authors were legit they would not ask me to do this.
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5 years ago, SpacemanSpiff042
This App Saved Christmas!
I was helping my niece figure out why her brand-new video camera was not recognizing the SD card when I (foolishly) offered to try mine in her camera. Once we figured out what was wrong (her card needed to be formatted differently) I relalized that her video camera had erased my SD card (with all my Christmas Pictures on it). Data Recovery Essential was able to find my pictures and the pro version was able to recover them all.
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4 years ago, rxmilner
Life Recovered
Issue with our time machine and didnt realize everything was wiped. When we did 20 years of videos and photos, gone. After being on call with Apple for 4 hours working through options, we tried this program. While we recovered more than we ever understood (why are there soo many muppets clips??) we were able to recover kids first steps, key moments in our life. This worked well, extremely nervous so TRY THEE FREE VERSION FIRST.
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6 months ago, Yacht100
Red Flag watch out!
The App wants you to go outside Apple's Apps and downoad more additional apps from thier website into your Macbook, in order for the app to work? This is super sketchy! if i downloaded the app it should work... nope they want you to go and trust them and download something that has not been vetted by Apple. This is an easy way forthem to install a keyloogger or a rare virus to attack your Apple Macbook. This App doesn't make any sense. If I'm going to have to download from your website i wouldn't came to the Apple store in the first place.
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3 years ago, CRM Guy
I was able to recover several external hard drives with this app. They were not mountable but after acessing them with this app I can again mount them. Note that I did not use the whole recovery process in the app but when I started the recovery they became maountable and I was able to use them normally again.
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4 years ago, Kurtis Blow
Excellent product - go Pro!
Very happy with this product. I scanned a 3T external hard drive and found what I needed. I used this on a Mac so to bypass the setup, I upgraded to PRO. It is TOTALLY worth the money. I have used other data recovery software out there and this is the most seamless and reliable. Thank you Data Recovery Essential!
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7 years ago, Pillarman1009
Great Recovery App for accidental deletion/loss of data
I recently had issues with another drive and in my hurry deleted my partition from the wrong drive. This program was a life saver. Its great for the quick recovery of documents and can do larger recoverys for a small price compared to other options. A+++
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5 years ago, MysticalCheerioz
'Recovers' Corrupted Files
First, this program is Disk Drill under a different name, not sure why they have it listed in the app store twice under 'Data Recovery Essential'. Second, this app will recover files for you but they will all be corrupted and unreadable. Doesn't matter the file size or type, I haven't been able to properly read a single file from this program, and that's even after running hundreds of them through additional repair programs.
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7 years ago, Nadia786
Perfect for recovering what was lost!
After accidentally losing some files, I have been trying to find the best software available that would recover my data for me. Data Recovery Essential is the perfect app for that - very easy to use and worth each cent!!
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7 years ago, RogerVictorVector
A nice option when in a pinch
Steep prices definitely make data recovery a pain. app made it easy to get back the few essential files I lost without shelling out.
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6 years ago, Ktonchev
This software is the best
I have been evaluating for some time data recovery softwares. This is the first one that was able to recovered from my formated disk all files with the original names and folder sturcture.
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5 months ago, samesk8r
Beware!!! Possible scam
This "app" loads a menu that just has "Instructions" as the only clickable option. This jumps you to safari which loads a page that requires you to download and run an entirely different piece of software, bypassing the App Store review and most likely security.
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4 years ago, Thiago Tota
Worked like a charm
I deleted my partition by accident. Using this software I could find all files and the folder structure was kept. Recommended.
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7 years ago, gCapt
Easy to use!
Great program that is easy to you. Takes the guess work out of recoving lost / deleted files!
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2 years ago, z33k3r
App seems to be a shell for Disk Drill... Found my missing files on an external SSD, after paying $40 to buy the pro features to recover, the files are corrupted. This is pointless if it can't maintain the bits during transport.
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3 years ago, JWeybright
Free version got stubborn disc to mount
Was able to mount a stubborn external disc and view files. Finder and Disk Utility failed me, but this app worked!
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4 years ago, Norcaldunk
I had formatted a CF card, redorded two additional dives and was able to recover 156 dive videos and about 50 photos. It worked great for me as the dive resort really wanted some of the recovered video.
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5 years ago, FmF DocZ USN
Paid for the app but cant recover Pro
I paid the 40 but accidentally erased app then re downloaded it and it wants me to pay 40 again… Help!
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2 years ago, Jlea05
Doesn't work
Prompted download of helper app. Check. Then.. nothing. Can't run helper app. This app does nothing.
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2 years ago, Mac User98
I can't unistall don't buy
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3 years ago, Us brat
Tries to get you to install 3rd party software
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1 month ago, Reagan Cardwell
Data Recovery Essentials is worthless
I made the mistake of downloading Data Recovery Essentials, and then found out that it wouldn’t recover anything over 100MB. So, I made the additional mistake of upgrading to the unlimited data recovery for ~$40. It wouldn’t find the 8.1GB mpg recording that accidentally got deleted. In fact, it couldn’t find any mpg recordings over a few hundred MB, even though there are hundreds on that drive. So, I turned to the User Guide to see if there were any ideas that I could get from it. Lo and behold, it’s not the User Guide for Data Recovery Essentials, but the User Guide for Disk Drill, which has a different user interface. I contacted customer service, and they can’t get it that I didn’t download Disk Drill, I downloaded Data Recovery Essentials, so the help they kept giving me wasn’t helpful. Of course, before long, the next program in the queue began recording, and I lost the window of opportunity to recover the deleted file. Not a happy customer. Data Recovery Essentials needs to be removed from the App Store. They already have the Disk Drill Basic in the Store, or you can go to their website and purchase the PRO version, which is actually what I needed in the first place to do what I needed to do. But, I found out too late.
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4 years ago, Lux Umbra
very disappointing
I accidently reformatted over some images on a Sandisk SD card. I caught it within an hour and downloaded this app to try to retrieve the images. (I've heard of many people being able to do this without issue.) After having to download some additional software, (all which seemed kinda sketchy) I finally found the files. The product advertises being able to recover up to 100 MB for free but when I tried to do that I couldn't proceed without being charged. I would be fine with the price had it not been for the fact that every single file was corrupted. Don't waste you money.
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2 years ago, allisonsarahjoyce123
It works!
Recovered 735 RAW files from my CF card, cost only $40. Saved my butt!!
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