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User Reviews for

4.89 out of 5
14.9K Ratings
2 years ago, EdWaRdW818
Works great for emergency night shift!
Although I usually work one region during the day, my work had an emergency 3 hours away that needed me to work that night, and by the time that my situation was resolved, it was already 7 AM, I was way too tired to drive all the way back to my regular region, and it was dead in the middle of the Texas desert and 100°F/38°C outside, so there's no way I could sleep in the car, even with the air conditioner running! I tried calling hotels on my own, but mostly got nowhere since they'd either flat-out refuse or want to charge me for 2 nights. I found this app on Google, and I was able to get a decent price hotel room for the same price as a regular room, no questions asked, and was able to catch up with my missing sleep to drive back safely in the afternoon. Thanks Dayuse!
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3 years ago, Sydney5257
Left me and my kids out in the cold!
Used this app after driving all night for a dying family member. They weren’t being discharged for a few hours but no hotel would let me book a room for the previous night thus letting me check in before 3pm when i would need to be at the hospital. Arrived at 0600 to the Hyatt in Palm Springs and upon arrival the front desk informed me they had no idea what app i was talking about and told me there was nothing they could do. I had no where to sleep as I was with my two year old and 10 month old. I complained to customer service and the first response I got i was told that the hotel manager said they offered me a room I just didn’t want to wait for 30 minutes for it to be ready. Are you kidding me? I told the customer service that the hotel was lying and after a couple messages it finally came out that they were sorry and they would better educate their stafff for the future. I was then offered a whole 10% off my next stay!!! Wow!! Like $10!!! Thanks!!! Oh but i would need to make sure to let them know about my emergency hotel stay TWO WEEKS in advance to “let them make arrangements with the hotel” this app is a joke. This company is a JOKE. Don’t waste your time.
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2 years ago, faye426
Great experience using app & Hotel
I was a little nervous using the App but decided to give it a try because they had relationships with major chains. I stayed at a Holiday Inn On Long Island NY. I received Of my reservation In The App and via email immediately. When I got to the hotel check in went perfectly and I enjoyed my 8 hour stay, got some much needed rest and headed out to the event that I was attending feeling happy and refreshed. I can’t say enough good things about how easy the entire process from booking to checkout went. I Will definitely be using again and recommending to family and friends. Finding this App was a A wonderful surprise .
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2 years ago, Geemoney35
Very easy to book a room for a few hours
This is a great App. It’s easy to navigate and book rooms for a few hours and there are some great rates on the rooms also. This App found me a great hotel in my area which was very affordable. The hotel was brand new had all the amenities and even a small gym. I was impressed with how nice the rooms were and there must be sound proof because I couldn’t hear anything inside my room. If it wasn’t for DayUse I don’t think I would have found this hotel in my area. They also have a fridge which quite a few hotels that I’ve been to does not.
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2 years ago, BIGSARGE64
Finally an App that works for me
5 stars. This app is actually perfect for me. I can book anytime and be sure my reservation will be honor. But to be fair I only book at IHG hotels. Here is what I recommend, make your booking but be proactive. Once you book, call and ensure your booking has been received by the hotel front desk if not received call the Dayuse Help Desk ahead of time and they will ensure your booking is all set by the time you get to the hotel. The help desk it is number one in customer support, So far they have never let me down once. Highly recommend this app to everyone.
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10 months ago, mjbp99
Perfect app for concerts
I used this app to book a hotel in nyc while I waited for a Harry Styles concert (I was there extra early - 4 am - to get a GA wrist band). Once I got my wrist band, I went to the hotel I booked, which was extremely clean and welcoming. I was able to get a few hours of sleep before heading back out to go to my concert later that night. It was perfect since I didn’t feel tired afterwards and drove back home a few hours away. This is now my go to when going to concerts.
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2 years ago, Jray8588
Very Helpful and Easy to Use
I love the concept because it packages a lot of short stay information in one place. Good summaries about different properties and rating system gives good guidance before booking. No just going to just any old place and finding out that it is run down or not properly cleaned. Plus, option of making reservation and being able to cancel without fee provides good amount of flexibility.
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5 years ago, EximusVir
I’m not sure what to say!
Literally just found the app., read the reviews, would work great for me! I’m in Denver, and let me tell ya, we have no shortage of hotels, motels, or Holiday Inns. A new hotel is opening every week here! Anyhow, this is a rewrite, the idea is awesome! I gave a sarcastic review earlier out of frustration. I thought for sure I was going to be able to find a room here in Denver, well that’s currently the fault of the Denver hotels, I’m guessing they haven’t yet jumped on board with the idea. I was able to find rooms in numerous other locations I travel to, and it turns out, for very reasonable rates. Thanks for putting this app out there, seriously!!!
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5 years ago, Photoshop Ninja
Account sign in added!
The developers have indeed followed through and added account support. This is fantastic! Thank you! Previous review: The app works as intended, but it’s critically crippled for people like me who use dayuse regularly. We really need to be able to sign in to our account so we can see our upcoming and past bookings as well as see our saved favorite hotels. It’s a big missing piece and it’s why I have to use the desktop site all the time still.
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3 weeks ago, Luis905
Fix the bugs!!!!
Love the app and what it stands for sometimes I’m traveling and just want a few hours worth of room it’s perfect. But it’s buggy! It crashes when I tap on the images of hotels. I also this is my biggest issue can NOT save hotels. I tap on the heart and nothing I had a few and they’re all gone. Fix this it’s such a small thing but to me and I’m sure others it means a lot!
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2 years ago, lunch fee
Need more Hotel availability with airport shuttles
I think the business between Dayuse and Hotels should be better! In researching for 2 rooms for a family of 7 just for 6 hrs (due to wait on our international trip) we were looking for a hotel to relax, have some coffee, snacks, tv better than waiting at airport. But the lack of availability of rooms, AND most of the hotels did not offer shuttle service. There is big business here, if only they can make sure 1/2 the hotels have shuttle service and have more rooms avail than one ☝️ room! This app service is for a single person flying. Not a family. 😔
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2 years ago, ErikofSix
Worked just like they advertise
Booked the Embassy Suites by MCO one week ago for a 10am to 4pm stay. We called the hotel from the airport to confirm our reservation and find the airport shuttle. They had our reservation, just like a normal reservation when we checked in. So much better to stay in a hotel for six hours instead of the airport. App worked great and everything turned out fine.
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1 year ago, reedj3
Perfect for night shift nurses
As a travel nurse, I need to sleep 8A-4P. It’s been almost impossible to find hotels willing to accommodate; they typically want to charge me 2 nights for an 8 hour use. I found this surprising as surely I’m not the only night shift worker on the road! Dayuse has pretty much resolved the issue for me. Hopefully they will expand to offer more options in the smaller cities.
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1 year ago, xmugiwara
Game changer
I’ve always wanted a service like this. Just booking a decent room for layovers, quiet work room, or simply spending some time to relax/hang out with friends. This app has been working great for me since last August, I hope to see more hotel options in the future. Keep up the great work!
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2 years ago, Skyline&Beyond
Gamble and Higher Prices Than Expected
First time using this, and this is a huge gamble . First, the final rates appear to be about 20% more than what they quote you . I made 2 reservations in NYC and one was cancelled without my knowledge - luckily I called the hotel in advance . According to the hotel, Dayuse booked the hotel the day prior to the actual day on the confirmation . I’m still trying to rebook my missing reservation and confirm with the hotels . It’s a real time drain . Don’t use if you don’t have to . And ALWAYS CALL THE HOTELS IN ADVANCE TO GET THEIR CONFIRMATION OF ALL THE DETAILS
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5 years ago, The-Skellington
Pretty good so far
I used Dayuse to book a hotel from 10:00am to 5:00pm. The experience of booking the hotel is quick and easy. And I would use this app again for anytime I would want to study in a quiet location away from home. It’s great for college students who need a few hours or almost the whole day to study somewhere quiet!
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2 years ago, ihearall
Market to touring performing artists everywhere!
This idea is an incredible boon to touring artists, especially if the service continues to expand throughout all regions and hotel chains. Please please please market to the touring music/entertainer community. Tour managers everywhere will cheer. Sponsor music festivals, partner with master tour, etc. word has to get out!
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4 months ago, Tony102187
Great app great service
Greater if you need a place to nap and don’t want to pay outrageous hotel prices if there’s ever an issue customer service is very fast and friendly. I recommend this app when people ask where I book my hotels.
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1 year ago, LiSa SiMpSoN316
So quick and easy!
I needed to leave my apartment temporarily due to a maintenance issue and this app was helpful with finding a quick way to get into hotel when experience a crisis! The onboarding was super smooth!
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9 months ago, there is no nick name 6
Please do not go through high rated reviews they are fake. Like dating apps these days using review system or any app which doesnt offer service to make your life comfortable. This app literally exhausted me in heat wave i booked 3 hotels which were easily available to reserve but every each hotel i went to they said they have no booking. And all rooms are sold out i called support they were not able to help at all. Please avoid this app and save yourself.
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2 years ago, karlita0829
I found this app through Tiktok and honestly its a LIFE SAVER. Its so easy to find hotels nears me and book it so easily. All you have to do is pay at the hotel and your done. I honestly love this app and recommend it. Thank you tiktok for showing me this app!
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2 years ago, StrikingBeauty
The app has lags.. like a lot.. photos don’t swipe, you have to press the calendar several times to have it appear, swiping up to view the remainder of the page either buffers & never shows or the whole page freezes. Other than the bad lags the app is fine
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2 years ago, david the mexican
What Happened to 3PM-10PM and 3PM-11PM ?????
I used to book hotels with these time slots but now almost no hotel has 3pm-10pm or 3pm-11 pm. Why, what is so wrong with those times they were literally perfect. No need what so ever to remove them. I want those hours back.!!!
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2 years ago, helen_user
Does NOT reserve
I reserved Aloft Hotel by the Reno airport for a 7am-4pm time slot. I was counting on this reservation after a very long night in which I slept less than 5 hours. I was hoping for a shower and a good nap, as well as a place to relax before checking into a different hotel for the night, which had a check in time of 3pm. I arrived at the hotel and spent a while with the front desk attendant trying to find the reservation. There was nothing. They could only offer to try and accommodate me with their full nightly rate and maybe get me in early. The price was almost double what was listed on the app. Not worth it and not what I had planned. I ended up asking my other hotel for an early check in and, luckily, they got me in around 1pm.
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7 months ago, timsea
Doesn’t work
I made a reservation for a day room in Manhattan. When I arrived at the hotel, they told me they were sold out and had no room for me. Getting through to customer service took me at least a dozen times. The call disconnects if all customer service agents are busy. After finally speaking with someone she confirmed the hotel had no rooms. She made a reservation at another hotel. Also, no rooms. Never again.
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11 months ago, BT Traveler
Easy to book. Great for traveling when you have a stay over between flights for several hours.
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2 years ago, SarahD83
Absolute garbage
Booked a room weeks in advance for our family of 5. We flew into Orlando on a red eye and were in desperate need of a room. Upon arrival the check-in clerk said he didn’t have a room for me and wouldn’t until 2pm. Our window was 7am - noon. We tried 2 other hotels that we booked with the app and upon arrival at the hotel were told “nope no room “. Customer service is a joke for the app/service is a joke. Absolute garbage service.
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2 years ago, DsGyrl
This is a JOKE
I downloaded this app thinking great no need to pay for an entire day. So I book in the app a few days in advance. I get there that morning and they have no idea what I’m talking about. Ended up saying that the app doesn’t communicate anything with the hotel. And of course there’s no availability. So I’m in between shifts and now don’t have anywhere to nap. This app is a JOKE. What’s the point if they don’t communicate w the hotel??
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2 years ago, Nsulli
Wish i could give 0 stars
I booked a room online a few weeks ago and when i got to the hotel, i was told that the hotel was booked and they didnt have any availability. Fooled once, but i gave it another chance. Now im in vegas, fooled twice because after ive reserved a room, took an uber to get here, ive just been told that there is no availability. Im Never using this app, never using this company, and only recommending to my enemies.
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9 months ago, turtlypo
Doesn’t tell you when the hotel cancels
App and emails show that my Dayuse reservation is confirmed all the way up to day of reservation. When I call the hotel ahead of time, they tell me they can’t check third party reservations ahead of time. When I arrive at the hotel, they tell me they have no bookings and cancelled to Dayuse, even though my app still shows everything as confirmed. I’m now stuck for seven hours at the airport with zero options or recourse. Dayuse customer service phone lines have perpetually been full and I have never reached a human representative. The phone literally just hangs up on me. Very surprised and disappointed at how bad the service is. It feels like a scam.
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5 months ago, loring264
Great Save!
We are seniors that cruise frequently and to have to wait in the airport for a evening departure was very exhausting for my husband with a few medical issues. We will forever utilize this great save!
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4 years ago, thlpy
One hotel was fully booked and didn’t have a room available
I’ve used the app a handful of times and it was great most of the time but considering it’s a short stay it’s very frustrating when rooms aren’t ready at check in
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8 months ago, Daniel Greene
A great resource and app
Dayuse has been a wonderful discovery for me. It comes in handy for when you need a hotel during the day but not at night.
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1 year ago, martha helper
A win win deal
Love it , helps me find a great place for meetings, zoom, work out of home or just to use their amenities. Hope more hotels participate bc is a win win situation!...
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2 years ago, Juancho Jack
Smooth Operator
App runs really well and hotels always have the reservation ready. I hope this app gets more outreach to more regions as people catch on.
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3 years ago, jackpot1304
customer service
i had issue that wasn’t Dayuse’s fault. they responded quickly and resolved it. I tell everyone about this app.
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2 years ago, MiaInMass
Like > Love w/more King Options
Had a great and relaxing day, thanks to Day Use. I’m sure there is a reason why you cannot offer more King Beds ☹️, but save our time and allow us to filter by bed size. A double bed is a nonstarter.
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3 years ago, ernursecathy
Hotel for the day
Nice accommodations at clean hotel. Easy booking. No money paid up front. No cancellation charge. So easy. Will definitely use app again.
Show more
6 years ago, inxe38
Easy to use
This app makes using the site so easy...within a few clicks I can book a room and being a road warrior the mapping tool is amazing!
Show more
4 years ago, Foodman100
Hard to use
I was told my user name was already registered. I couldn’t figure out how to change my password. I reserved as a guest -
Show more
2 years ago, veeGriff
Nice to Have
This was easy and it’s nice to know you have a place to rest before your long flight
Show more
2 years ago, tonygee182
Works perfect
Needed a room for a few hrs during the day and this app worked perfectly.
Show more
2 years ago, Anthony1218
This is a Joke!
This is a joke. It’s a hit and miss. Your reservation is never guaranteed. Hotel people look at you weird when you tell them you have a day use reservation and in many cases they don’t even know how to process the reservation. If you want to risk it and don’t care about having to deal with all these aggravations, go for it. Good luck.
Show more
2 years ago, alej mm
Please don’t even bother downloading this app, its a complete scam. I booked a hotel on this app and was concerned if the reservation was real so I called the hotel directly to see if they even had my reservation and they didn’t find me in the system so thank God I called before going to the hotel because they had never even heard of this app.
Show more
2 years ago, FINE PAINTING
Easy to use
Great prices and easy to use for last minute bookings
Show more
4 years ago, Gracienyy
Failed App and Hilton partnership
Booked FIDI Hilton from 10am-4pm and when we arrived, we were told the room won’t be ready until after 11am... they would charge me 60% of the night rate and not even plan on giving me the full 6 hours? Let along the lobby person’s weird look at us. Terrible experience, cancelled right away.
Show more
2 years ago, sunshine641
Weird concept
I guess it’s in the name “day use” but I didn’t see any way to filter by the times I wanted to stay. The app started sending me marketing notifications and it was promptly deleted.
Show more
6 years ago, Nonyc86
So convenient whenever I need a space to work, between flights, even with friends!
Show more
1 year ago, Imackintouch
Major Bug
Normally a reasonably good app but the very latest iOS mobile version no longer lists one’s reservations.
Show more
10 months ago, Jchuchu03
App needs better map
Trying to look for the hotels and pinpoint exactly where they are on the map but there are no streets or any landmarks listed which makes it difficult. Please update the maps in this app.
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