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User Reviews for DealNews Deals & Coupons App

4.7 out of 5
4.9K Ratings
1 year ago, onemantacteam
Beware the Deal Addiction
I honestly check Dealnews repeatedly throughout the day. It's one of my top five apps. The app design is very clever. It allows you to complete all the steps to purchase the featured deal (or research it) all within the app. Of course you can save deals to research or think about without having to scroll through all the new deals to re-find it. And you can notify friends via email, twitter and Facebook. I would like the ability to check for updated deals on items I added to my saved list directly from the list but that's a very minor critique for such a great app. The feature that adds the discount codes at checkout is just tops. I highly recommend this app. It's saved me hundreds of dollars. And you can't beat that!
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6 years ago, StuShipp18
Love it... but...
The only thing is dislike about the app is that if you go into a deal and come back out of it you're put back at the top of the list instead of where you last were. Same goes for if you leave the app and return. Like if you get a text message and read it, then come back to the app. It's just a little tedious is all when it comes to it taking you back to the top. Also, while actually scrolling through the lists the app will refresh and once again put me all the way back at the top. It’s so annoying trying to find my place again! Especially if I’m pretty far down the list.
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6 years ago, IDoMagic
Best app ever down downgraded to crap
What used to me a simple and quick to browse app is now a bloated and hard to navigate debacle. The latest upgrade includes (I sarcastically add) huge fonts that take up so much space you only see 75% of what was shown in the original app. Missing graphics, photos of products you might be interested in are now replaced with grey boxes with (contrary to the listing) in a font so small you can’t read it showing the discount “$100 off” (of what? I want a photo like in the past). Seriously, more than 50% of the listings now show no photo. Plus, the date the deal was posted is now missing so you now guess what the last deal you last looked at was (no more scrolling to “24-hours ago” and knowing you’ve seen everything listed below that deal). And I’m done. Bummer. From a 5 to a 1-Star by allowing some coder (obviously they didn’t hire a human interface developer) decide what looks good. I think I’ll let my 10-year old design my next company flyer, apparently that’s now the going style.
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6 years ago, mattb900
Update Making app unusable
I’ve been using this app for what seems like over 10 years now every day, at several points in the day to see what new deals are out there. In a sea of similar apps, this was the one that stood out enough for me to stick with it and delete the rest. That is, until now. I cannot imagine consumers demanding that a key feature of displaying when the deal was posted to be removed. Why would anyone ask for that? It’s important to know if something was posted an hour ago versus a week ago. Why would you take this out? Also, it doesn’t even look like all the categories are even there anymore. Toys and games looks like it’s gone (unless the interface has been made so difficult it’s buried somewhere else). I can see some of those things show up under “new” but there’s no longer a separate category for that. I’m not scrolling through every single new posting in the hopes of finding those things. I’m sad to say that I just can’t use this app anymore unless some of these features are reimplemented. I understand the needs of a business to move forward but these are major steps back just in the effort to put out something “new”. Whatever happened to “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it?” In the meantime, I’ll take a swim in the sea of other apps which will likely have these features.
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6 years ago, The Real GM
Poor App “Upgrade”
Since the update, I could not find the deals that were supposedly added to “My Deals.” I’ve been following the prices of 65” TVs for several months, and I have a lot of these deals saved under “My Deals.” Since the update, I continue to get notifications of new TV deals, but when I go to the “My Deals” area, the deals would not be there. After several days of frustration, I finally scrolled all the way to the bottom of the “My Deals” screen. That’s where the app has been placing the new TV deals. At the bottom! Not in reverse chronological order like before. It would make sense to place new deals at the top of the list, but this app upgrade does not do that. Also, like others have commented, I’m not a fan of removing the hotness ratings. And, the overall look of the deal listings is not as clean.
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1 year ago, Squeakky
Great deals!
I love this app! I check it regularly! I especially love that you can create saved searches & be notified when something you are searching for comes up! Not only that, but their tech people are amazing. Over many years, there have been a couple times when they have had technical issues. I have reported things & not only does it get fixed right away but they actually contact you & basically say “we fixed it & thanks!”
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1 year ago, SupMake123
Pretty awesome app
This app is more stable and better than a lot of deal apps on the market. It is quick and snappy. Using it have been easy. Not difficult to find options and things. On another note, leaving a comment requires approval from the app’s moderator. Made some comments on certain product to provide some basic review with purchases. However, it had to be approved by moderator. I still haven’t seen any of my review. All in all, if you’re looking for cheap deals and wanting input from the community, then this isn’t it. If you only care about cheap deals and wanting to try it out yourself without needs of reviews then this is an app for you
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1 year ago, BTW, which one's Pink?
Longtime user and big fan. I check out DealNews several times a day and buy something usually once a week. This latest update doesn’t show that there are comments for a particular items. I often look for these comments from other users as I’m scrolling through, and am sometimes encouraged to make a purchase that I might have otherwise passed on as a result of the comments. One feature I’d like to see is the ability to “Like” posts and other users’ comments like on FB and other SN platforms. I think this would be beneficial from a marketing standpoint as well.
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6 years ago, gurnx
Can’t delete Deal Alerts
Jan 2019- PROBLEMS: 1) Delete all your deal alerts (I have 5 of ‘em). Close the app and restart; all the deal alerts return. I’ve seen this over and over for the past month (Dec 2018). 2) Search- sometimes the search-box appears at the top of the app, sometimes it doesn’t. The ‘Search’ icon in the right corner randomly appears and disappears. 3) ‘Deal Alerts’ are NEVER ‘sent to ipad’. 4) DealNews app does not appear in IOS Settings/Notifications. Was this deliberate or an oversight? On the good-side, app lists lots of deals. If you’re looking for specific deals you might be better off browsing their website directly, though it also has issues (select ‘search’ icon- changed your mind? Too bad, you can’t close the search box). Is DealNews hiring developers? SYSTEM iPad Pro 2018 running ios 12.1.1. Please let me know what screen-recording app I should use to demonstrate these issues. These issues are easily and consistently reproducible. SUMMARY Overall the app and site are somewhat useful, listing lots of deals in one location. Hope they’ll fix the UI issues. Would be happy to pay for this app if it worked properly. Thanks.
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7 months ago, LeRoys IPhone
I have used DealNews for quite a while now
I have gotten some of the best deals bar none I highly recommend this app if there is a good deal it will let you know and it covers and actually gets to know what you are looking for deal wise and allows you to choose from so many stores and so many different categories check it out and see what do you have to lose it is free after all
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1 year ago, Tech toys are fun
A daily ritual
DealNews is really a great tool to search for things you want at a great price. I use the DealNews app on both the iPad and iPhone. As it stands, the iPhone seems to have a more versatile interface. The iPad has a few glitches since the new iOS has been released. The images go blank when scrolling down. Tried to reboot several times but the issue still plagues me. Dave the iPad app 4 stars as a result.
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1 year ago, SirTula
Despite the update and some problems, I like the app.
I have been a long time user of Dealnews both the app and the website. The most recent update changed the way a lot of the app is navigated. I don't like the newer format (like many others) but I think Dealnews will listen to the users and fix some of the things people have brought up. Despite navigation issues, I plan to still use the app as much as I have before.
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4 years ago, Pike1346
Thanks for finally putting directional buttons in the browser. Its is very useful. I always use this app and that was the most annoying thing, I even emailed tech support for this feature a long while ago. I was told it was using Safari and it acts the same, well, no it didn’t. You should pay more attention to your users. So, thanks for finally adding them. It is so much better now.
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2 months ago, serenity0000
Loyal user until most recent change
After many many years of using and loving this app, the new change to have the card go directly to the deal is a big mistake in my opinion. Such an obvious attempt to force that affiliate cookie, instead of providing as much information about the deal as possible. Yes, I get that you can click on the info button, but most users aren’t going to think to do that. Just my personal opinion, and I wish the developers the best of luck. For me, I’ll stick to some of the other deal apps going forward.
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6 years ago, ak-oh
One Really Annoying Bug
I like this app but it has had a really annoying bug for a long time. If you scroll down really far (it seems to load more content as you scroll, so past a couple of these load points) and then tap on a deal to view its details, then tap on the back button... it takes you almost all the way back up to the top of the scrolling list (maybe to the first load point?). It’s extremely annoying.
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7 years ago, Goonie27
Great app.
Been using DealNews and this app for years. My only consistent issue is when the app auto refreshes the screen and if I am say 12 hours deep, I get shoved back to the beginning. This occurs without new deals being refreshed. It may occur as I navigate down or when I come back out after reviewing a deal. Very random. This issue occurred for years,on two iPhones that I have recently had.
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4 years ago, Jaggy subbu
Really bad design, have to reinstall every free days
This app is really buggy. After a few days There are no more new products. Even if you refresh it’s always the same old products. You may not even notice it for a few days. The only way to solve it on iOS is to reinstall the app. This is super bad experience. Other than that I love the deals in the overall concept. I buy a lot of stuff based on what I see here. It’s just their technical capability which is bad. Which is why I give them three stars.
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1 year ago, Classic bball. So good
I love a good deal
I am one that always tries to find a great deal and this app does all the work for me. The fact you can save a search and it notifies me when a similar deal appears is clutch. I’ve been using this app for over 5 years and have found well over 50 deals I’ve purchased in that time frame. Thanks for all the savings!
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1 year ago, aaroninvestor
Great App - Great Deals
This is my go to app whenever I’m shopping for deals. Great search features, set what you are looking for and the app sends you a email or notification when a deal comes up that matches what you are looking for. I’ve been using this app for several years and it’s saved me thousands of dollars on great stuff.
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4 years ago, MacEdit
Love it but some UI fixes wouldn’t hurt
I use this app everyday several times a day and it runs great. The bugs are minimal if even there at all, but the new “dark mode” doesn’t seem efficiently done. The top and bottom of the app is still the white color. The contrast of the black background and the arrivals makes it a jumbled up mess. A UI dark mode setting like in the Apollo for Reddit app would make this app that much better. But love the app overall. Just some simple changes to UI to make it that much better
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6 years ago, CruzanMagic
Best website for the best deals
My family and friends says that I have a shopping addiction. However, when they see how much I pay for items, Now they they are telling me I’m keeping secrets and should let them know when a good deal is on. Now that are purchasing these deals it’s no longer a “Shopping addiction” but good deals....funny how life works.....🙄
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6 years ago, Schwartzy116
Revert back to 3.5.5
I updated last night, I really wish I hadn’t. DealNews is the only app aside from Reddit that I check on religiously. I’m talking about 5 times a day minimum. What was once a great user-friendly app has now been destroyed by a clunky interface. The new icons are harder to see than the big “Editor’s Choice” blue banners. The tiles for each deal are waaaay too big. 50 to 75% of the pictures refuse to load on both WiFi and 4G LTE. Also the Gaming and Toys section is just straight up gone. The app is not useable in its current state. Please revert it back to 3.5.5 or earlier. Everything was perfect until the recent updates.
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5 years ago, Born to groove
Just plain FUN
I don’t know about you but for me I deal news is like old fashioned window shopping. And the best thing of all is when I find a deal that is just too good to pass up! How cool is it to know that there are people out there that are working hard to find the best of the best for me? It’s a win-win for me. Check it out, it might just become your favorite hobby.
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4 years ago, Cheek-ta-Vegas
Update layout is a Big No No
I’ve been using this app everyday for years. Now after this update, I can barely see the product your presenting. I can’t maximize the pictures to see what the item I’m looking at is. I understand change is inevitable and trying new things can take some time, but my eyes immediately reject what I looking at. I feel like I’m wasting time and become frustrated. It’s sad, but I most likely won’t take the time to adjust and probably will move onto something else and slowly not go back to this app then finally delete it. Kinda sad actually.
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9 months ago, WhiskeyWater
Great app
My brain chemistry makes me prone to dopamine seeking when I am otherwise low, so that means I’m constantly fighting impulse buys and looking at new tech. DealNews makes it much easier to set an alert so I can get the stuff that’s on my list without being taken to the cleaners with high-priced impulse buys. I’ve save thousands with the DN alerts.
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2 months ago, MMASSASSIN
Great deals
I bought a 55 inch LCD tv for 300 bucks, need I say more. The website is never as effective as the app with customized alerts and what not. I'm not one to check my email so this app allows me go get the things I want at unheard of prices. Not just for me, for my girl. Keep up the good work, you have a fan
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5 years ago, Mega Chungus
Legitimately Good Deals
My brother recommended this app to me and so far I’ve seen great and reliable deals from honest sellers. Not only that, but they’re usually left over stock that’s being sold from name brands which is very soothing because you know you’re getting something you can trust and not a cheap and off-brand product.
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3 years ago, 92708
Nice to have BUT
This app is nice to have when you are shopping for discounts but it is a waste of time because it doesn’t present the latest addition at the top but all over the place so what you might want to buy could be 1,000 screens away making it useless. Update: changed from 2 to 4 stars because the developer responded to my review. I can sort now. Thanks
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7 months ago, Cuteness519
Great deals!
They keep the deals up to date for the most part. I’ve only had a few have the wrong price or not be available. That says a lot for how many deals they show! This is the best place to do gift shopping throughout the year!
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1 year ago, AugustoB
Best app-deal App!
Been using DealNews for years, and the app for at least a couple, easy, has what you need, perhaps if it could be customized to notifications in your phone instead of email would be better, overall, great app that I check every day.
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3 weeks ago, N0b0die
Been a DealNews fan since almost the beginning!
Hands down my favorite app to incessantly check. They have been an awesome resource for me to gauge fair prices and are a very big reason I am able to afford some super awesome items at great prices. Save yourself some money, check it out.
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1 week ago, Ryan Riverdale
A Good Browse Daily
A great source to discover a great deal on something you didn’t know you needed, or set up alerts to track deals on items you do. A frequently used app here, has a clean user interface and is updated regularly.
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2 months ago, Larry229
Love it
I have been shopping with deal news for a few years now and have bought some nice stuff all at reasonable prices without the hassle of going through the malls and having to schlepp it home by myself. Bravo Deal News.
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12 months ago, A T-Rexer
Easy Alert Setup
I always look here before buying anything! Coupon codes and sale items are easy to search for. I can set an alert for items I’m looking for deals on and it sends me a message!
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6 years ago, femi.abioye. ny.shopper
It is a wonderful site that presents items for sale without being pushy or being biases. The item descriptions are succinct and the product they cover are enormous . It is the first site I checked before asking any purchases. I wished wine woot would be brought back! I will give the site a 5 +
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5 years ago, Sac Reader
Good Deals
DealNews there are many good deals on your app, but I tried to create a new account today and it seems that you all require cookies to be unblocked for registrations. None of the other apps that I created an account with including SlickDeals required my cookies to be unblocked on my phone. Since I only look at your deals there is no need for me to create an account now. When you all change this requirement for unblocking cookies I’ll create a new account.
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1 month ago, kittenwhisperer
I use this app daily and recommend to friends and coworkers
It has saved me money me money, time, and made me aware of opportunities I wouldn't have known otherwise thanks. After many years still use and appreciate
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7 months ago, Seansix
Great site
I’ve been using this website for over 20 years, at least. I always check it out before buying anything to see if I can get a discount. It’s saved me thousands. Highly recommended.
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8 months ago, Mcphlar
Saved searches for Xmas!
I love creating saved searches for brands or categories for specific items! It alerts me when there is a deal on something I’m interested in. Ryobi, Husky, Govee are just some of the brands I’ve purchased using the Dealnews app!
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3 years ago, Mr. Mikeod
Unusable with latest update
The sort order default to ‘featured’ makes this update unusable. Please tell management they aren’t doing their math right. While it may look like you get more ads served by sorting by featured, you are losing users who looks for CONTENT that updates when sorting by recent. We used to come back more often meaning more ads! Slickdeals sorts by recent by default. I was diehard DealNews until now. Anyone who wants more content - go to slickdeals.
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6 years ago, Pbag
Crashes after first scroll down
Used the app for years, this update breaks it. Can’t scroll down past the first ten lines before it freezes and then crashes. Edit: Bugs fixed, app works like it should. Everybody wins.
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5 months ago, sWhiteJr
Best Deal App out there!
Love DealNews, and I use the app almost daily. They are constantly refreshing with new deals. More than a time or two, I know I’ve spent money on things I didn’t know I needed until I saw them on DealNews!
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6 years ago, Luvin(F)HF
Another One Bites the Dust
I have had this app for years. Recommended it to every friend and family member. Used it everyday. After the update a week ago, I’m done. I honestly don’t understand. The layout is blah, it’s hard to read, even the font is boring. I miss the hotness meter - it might still be there, but after trying to figure out what the “deal” is and searching for the actual details (like PRICE) I’m too tired to care. Whoever decided this was a good idea should be fired immediately!
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1 year ago, LovesToListenAlot
First Stop for Purchases
I always check Dealnews when making purchases. I have saved a lot of time and money by using this service. Loyal Reader for many years. Thanks Dealnews!
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10 months ago, Morgan Gales
I love deal news
Deal news is one of my favorite apps to look through for anything I may need from household items, electronics, clothes/shoes, personal items etc. I do wish the UI/UX was a bit more updated but otherwise it’s a 10/10
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2 months ago, mcspaul
Great app to view great deals
DealNews has always had great deals but it's so much easier to open an app instead of opening a browser and browsing the site (at least for me).
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6 years ago, RizzleDizzle
Still my favorite source for deals
I’ve been using DealNews since before phone apps even existed! Holy moly that makes me feel old. Anyhow, I love the app, but I just wanted the devs to know that it still crashes for me a lot when I try to manage my alerts. Please fix this. And keep up the great work!
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7 years ago, Lewinbrau
App ver 3.4.1 Crashes
Latest App version 3.4.1 constantly crashes on iPhone7 running. 11.2.2. Happens almost immediately when clicking “open” from App Store. Of course this implies the app has already been updated to latest version. I would have written this in the App Support form but form is too restrictive in that it requires a Merchant to be named before submitting. Not good.
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8 months ago, n.vonstaden
Factual and prompt
Everything I have done with Apple has been positive…from buying my first Apple Plus in 1996….all the extra costs have been worth it on the long run.
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1 year ago, AutomateNYC
This app will help you save $
Use it to buy stuff you need & save $ Don’t buy just because you feel it’s a good deal & buy stuff you don’t need. You will start getting a lot of clutter in your house.
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