DICK’S Sporting Goods

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Dick's Sporting Goods
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2 months ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for DICK’S Sporting Goods

4.75 out of 5
196K Ratings
3 years ago, D.K.G.
Does not always sync
I have many days that do not sync with the iPhone health app ,those days are lost there’s no way to get back them back even though my iPhone health app says i did the miles .so pretty much keep wasting my time checking the gimmicky points program Also cannot make pic big to see a product you want to buy ? Every where on earth the pic can be enlarged. But not here But I did get my order in a somewhat timely manner . And it was correct and not damaged .
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3 months ago, Improving the app and rewards
Trying to scam me out of rewards for a 400 dollar purchase :((
TLDR: The infrastructure of the app just seems to have been made by unqualified people. I signed up for an account in person, while making the before mentioned purchase, and the next time I went in I asked to exchange the points for a discount the cashier said he couldn’t do anything on his end. No big deal, I try to log into my account to activate the reward myself, just to be told I don’t have an account. I went back in and had my email linked to my phone number just to be told I still don’t have an account! Here’s some strategies that other companies use to make sure things like this don’t happen: 1. Only 1 account can be linked to 1 phone number. That’s just logic. 2. Log in using a phone number, not email. This is safe for the consumer and the store, and cuts down on confusion with multiple accounts and would cut down on inactive accounts 3. Be able to have cashiers active rewards. It might seem like an easy way for scammers to steal points, but considering that you have to spend 300 dollars to just get 10 dollars off your next purchase, there won’t be a whole lot of rewards worth using if you already have enough to afford getting the points in the first place I hope this constructive criticism is helpful for you guys!
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1 year ago, sammyd1717
Search algorithms on this app are the worst of any app I’ve ever used
Extraordinarily frustrating when searching on the app to find items or related items. Certain search specific searches brought up items that I couldn’t figure out and plausible link. When looking for an item I had to go out of the app and use google search to locate the item or save it as a favorite. If it hadn’t been trying to spend a gift card I would have used another store. The items I purchased have constant changes in arrival dates and the three items didn’t ship together. I’ve made several purchases this week and none of them have had issues like this. Part of that is out of the stores hands but other apps/sites update the tracking info to match the carrier. Overall annoying purchase experience. Will stick to in store or non mobile if I have to purchase from dicks again.
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10 months ago, Rick of Kingsport
Poor layout
I like the Dicks app but find it hard to navigate the way it’s laid out on my screen I have iPhone 13 and keep it updated as well as the app up to date but my screen seams to be shifted 1/3 of the way down what should be at the top of the phone is 1/3 down on the screen and then the little boxes under the search bar are not legible sometimes they only have dots and no letters then when you scroll the product pictures which you can only see one roll of go behind the search bar and filter box at this point can’t real see what the product picture are of please fix or I will have to delete app as is almost unusable this way if was able I would share picture so you could see it
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6 years ago, RollinAssassin
Honest review
So I have been using the dicks sporting goods app for a couple years now and it's pretty good only negative things I have about it is that sometimes it loads slow and when it does not keep you signed in for purchase but it does keep you signed in for your score card and rewards which should be the same thing and does not make sense other then that it's great it gives you a scannable copy of your score card and your rewards straight to your phone lets you know how many points away you are from a reward easy to navigate except for the slow loading of images and item pages also lets you manage your dicks sporting goods credit card through the app very easy
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3 years ago, kknightner
Unable to shop
I can’t even look at items to shop for I have uninstalled, reinstalled, logged out, logged in, added a card, removed a card.. everything possible and I can’t even attempt to shop what is the point of the app at all if I have to use my web browser to shop, it actually quite ridiculous and I plan to return the item I just wanted to see if this was a whole platform problem or just the app. This poor interaction with the app has pushed me even further from shopping with this company. How is it possible for a shopping app to not allow you to shop?!!! I don’t care if you fix it I just want it to be known to the developers and to anyone who is interested in the app. This is a terrible app and a poor company as far as customer service goes, 0/5 negative points if I could!
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3 years ago, thenothingblack
Needs some updates
Overall this app functions well for most things, but sometimes it feels a bit clunky, slow and unintuitive. Doesn’t quite feel as modern as other stores apps. I also don’t like how long it takes for your rewards to show up on your account to use. I earned a reward weeks ago but it says “coming next month”. Why should I have to wait if I earned the points? Also I would really love if we could have a favorites list or a wish list to keep track of things we want to buy, that would be really helpful. I will say that I do love that you can earn points by being active. It’s a great incentive to be active/nice reward for being active. Haven’t seen any other companies do this so it’s really cool.
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2 years ago, TJ1q
Very poor chat experience
I am very disappointed and had a terrible experience with Dicks Sporting Goods tonight. I have been a loyal Dicks customer for years. However this evening I was ordering a few things and had some questions so I chose the chat option. It was a simple question but after one chat assistant completely disappeared the next one kept saying just wait one minute only to go away and come back 10 minutes layer to say I’m checking”. It was ridiculous. I was on the chat for 1 hr and 36 minutes and at the end they said to call a number where they could help me. This was unacceptable. I am taking this purchase to another store. I sincerely hope that Dicks gets their act together in the future because customer service like this will cause them to lose customers.
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4 years ago, Shellz03
Great app minus glitches with PW
I love this app so much except for a few details they can probably tweak. Browsing is great when trying to shop around. However, everytime I’m ready to purchase it makes me login again and it says my password is wrong. This happens everytime and it makes me reset it! Can you imagine how annoying that is? Especially if it’s a saved password you know is correct. When shopping around, I wish the page was shareable. If you want to share an item, you have to open up a browser since you can’t use the app. There’s an activity tracker sync so you can get daily reward points too that part is great.
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6 years ago, Add Comcast back
App needs some updating
This app is ok, but it could use some improvements. First thing be be the ability to use apple or Samsung pay to check out instead of having to enter your info. Also. Making it easier to view your account and online order status. As of now, you have to go to the shopping cart then click on my account, you have to enter your email and password every time, then click online orders or saved items. This is super tedious. Why not just log into the app using your touch ID, then post all the account info on the top left where the drop down menu is. This would make it way easier and more functional.
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5 years ago, Ed Gamboa
App Order to Rewards “so, so”
You all need to fix the issues with placing an order via the App and reconciliation for the Reward points earned for the transaction. I can go to the store to buy something and receive Reward points immediately, but with the App, I have to call into customer service in order to have the points added, which makes no sense whatsoever given the the App already has my Reward information. It seems to me that if I order via the App your system should be able to take that transaction and apply the Reward points immediately as if I had walked into a store to make the purchase. Fix this...
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2 years ago, Ohwin
Please fix the move part of your app/services. The move never syncs unless I manually open the dicks app and click on the move section. Nothing has been tracked since April 6th although it days last sync may 29Th at 8:29pm. I’ve had this issue in the past and brought it up to the help section. Their only “fix” was to tell me to open the app every single day and select the move section in the app to get my points. But this doesn’t even work anymore and it’s become a hassle to even try to talk to anyone to resolve this issue. Even the big fix 3 weeks ago has not fixed this issue. Any help for this would greatly be appreciated. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this issue.
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1 year ago, yafang 2020
International access
I could not open the apps when I was outside the country. I was in Australia and New Zealand in March and April. Therefore I have missed my active points for those dates. I would like you to include international in your apps because I travel often oversea. I could not switch back to Fitbit tracker after I changed to apple watch. Hopefully you could fix this in the near future.
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4 years ago, LMMIK
Slow-loading and very glitchy!
Shopping this app is tricky and slow. You really have to wait for the page to fully load. Otherwise you will be clicking on the wrong products as the page jumps up or down while loading. Also, after loading up my cart just now, I created an account while checking out. Apparently creating the account during checkout empties the cart!!?? What on earth?? So they just lost my sale. I do tons of my shopping online and this is the least user-friendly experience I’ve ever had. FYI the app empties your cart every time you leave the app. Could be a pleasant security feature in case your phone gets in the wrong hands. However it’s a pain to fill your cart, have to run and do something, then you come back and everything is gone. I’m SICK of babysitting my cart on this app. Dicks isn’t my favorite store anyway. They do have some things I struggle finding elsewhere, however they don’t make shopping at Dicks easy! My local store is never fully stocked and the app is way too glitchy. I recommend shopping somewhere else if at all possible.
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7 years ago, AJYMRAT
Rewards of sport credit card. Terrible
This app/the customer service behind it Is by far some of the worst crap I have ever experienced. I haven’t been able to log into my account for months, Every time I call to try and reset my information so that I can login, it’s an absolute nightmare trying to actually get a hold of customer service. Furthermore the few times I have gotten a hold of customer service they have failed at resolving this login issue and end up telling me to just try logging in through the desktop site which also doesn’t work. Ultimately resulting in me being unable to make payments on the card without having to call and fight with the phone service in order to make a payment. Very aggravating.
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11 months ago, Alibur86
Move does not sync
Like others have stated, the Move feature does not sync well at all. I’ve been using the app and this specific feature for more than 4 years, yet the Move feature does not sync my movement with Apple Health as it claims. I have called customer service one too many times about this issue and have them adjust my points. First they told me that I’m having the issue because I have to open the app every single day in order for it to sync. That was a joke and of course didn’t work. Then they said I had to create an entirely new account, assuring me that that would be the fix. Surprise, surprise, that didn’t do the trick either. FIX YOUR APP!!! Please and thank you.
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4 years ago, trash game reveiws
Terrible service
I had ordered me some Nike 270 reacts winter and accidentally put in 5 orders because my purchases didn’t show up in the purchased tab, so then I went in my PayPal and I see 5 pending orders , I try to cancel them , don’t work so I go back to dicks sporting goods app and there IS NOT BUTTON TO CANCLE , My previous orders didn’t show up until the next day and by then it was too late , $425 when I was SUPPOSED to use only $75 . I DO NOT recommend this app it’s glitchy and not as simple , I learned not to use your money on here just because they claim “ they’ll have the cheapest price “ , My advice to you is to just save your time and money and buy the official product where it originally sell it , Like how I should’ve went to Nike instead of here 😒
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6 years ago, Needs improvement....
Months later. Still no fix lol
Maybe someday in the next 50 years, they’ll want to fix the most aggravating bug there is. Can’t TELL you how many times I close out of this app and buy my stuff somewhere else. I super love having 1700 results come up. Filtering them. Looking at an item. Hitting the back arrow and fixing the filter all over again and THEN it’ll show the same filters checked off but all 1700 results come up so when you need to go back and fix said filter every. Single. Time. Gotta screw with the checkboxes till it’s right again. Literally it’s been since at least Christmas. How in the WORLD is this not fixed yet lol. I give UP! I’ll keep buying things elsewhere even though I don’t actually want to... its fine tho.
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5 years ago, bricho22
Slow in every aspect
The app is so slow and its annoying that my account and scorecare have different logins. I always have been shopping elsewhere bc your shipping is insanely high. Ive bought my nike products from nike for free shipping and other products thru google shopping for $2 shipping. I went to a store to purchase a shirt that they didn’t have in my son’s size so being forced to order it online and pay almost $40 after shipping is ridiculous I bought it from nike for 26. Especially since ive had enough points to get a reward for quite sometime now and cant even use them yet. By the time they hit ill have everything my son needs for the season. Dicks does bad business and the website and app are ridiculously slow.
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2 years ago, ZTSCHMIDT
Inventory isn't always right
On several occassions, I've made a purchase through the app to pick up in the store. When it works, it's great. The communication was solid and I don't have to wait in line. However, just as often, I have purchased an item only to find out that the inventory is wrong and the item isn't actually in stock. What's worse, this has caused me to lose promotional rewards -- once used they are lost even if the order is canceled. When I contact customer service the company has acknowledged the glitches in the inventory tracking. In the end, the app probably works fine, but the back-end inventory management system is no good.
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3 years ago, ERM Outdoors
Garbage company
Was trying to look at trail cameras on the app like you can on any sporting goods website or app and wasn’t able too. I was able to click on the hunting section but it wouldn’t let me look at anything but every other category worked fine. Tried contacting customer support through the text feature and they just didn’t answer. It said I was connected and that they were waiting but no response when I sent a message. This company got the first part of their name right but needs to take the sporting goods out of their name because they are just a glorified clothing store that sells some high school sports equipment at this point.
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5 years ago, Big_Red21
Points just keep piling up
I’ve used this app for a long time. Beginning of this year, my points never total now so I can get my reward certificate. Keeps saying I’m however many points from my next reward. Reached out to the support email and after months with no response, was told my account wasn’t set up with an email address and I hadn’t opted in to have them mailed to me. Funny because the last 5 rewards I’ve gotten, there hasn’t been a problem with them sending them to me. Just to help the process, I went back and re-verified all my info, still no change. I’m at over 1300 points now. Reached back out to support and nothing. Their support is non existent and the app is useless.
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4 years ago, MIXMK
App and website need improvements
Website and app need to improve search options. When searching for say a particular item (treadmill, kayak, elliptical; just examples) it will search using my “favorite store” and come back with the results for that favorite store. If your favorite store doesn’t have it in stock or available for curb side pick you have to start over again. SHOULD have an option where it searches ALL store within a set radius automatically. As it stands now you have start over, pick another nearby store and begin your search all over again. Website and app are slow moving, they need to redesigned
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2 years ago, PFOJ02
Poor inventory accurately and sign on broken
The app itself is ok. But the 2 MAJOR issue that need to be addressed. 1. Signing on. It has not been working for a while now. I literally have to go to the website to order what I find in the app. I’ve uninstalled, rebooted phone, WiFi w/o WIFi. Please get it sorted out. 2. when they say there are X amount at this location when you have specified filters for what you are looking for. then you look at the specifics, it’s not available. The option needs to be clearer to what is actually in stock.
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3 years ago, Boulder40mma
Can’t use scorecard credit card
App won’t allow me to use my dicks store credit card. My card doesn’t have an expiration date and I can’t get past the payment info page because of this. I can order on the website without it just fine but I have to go to the website to do so so why even have the app then? The app also hasn’t tracked my steps with my Fitbit ever and their linked yet nothing happens. App is completely useless Update: they’ve heard my cries! They updated the app to now be able to use my store credit card!!! Now if they can just get the app to talk to my Fitbit like it’s supposed to so I get my rewards…..
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5 years ago, As777!
Thrifty mom
I have 4 kids so I’m always in need of sporting goods and clothing for a range of things. Dicks has tons CB of items to choose from for the whole family. I like the sales and earning rewards as I buy. One of my favorite things about the app is you can link it to your phone pedometer and literally earn rewards for walking (3 miles a day). It’s an extra bonus I found and like the bonus earned from everyday walking! Try it!
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2 years ago, Tiffoxx
Dicks Sporting Goods App
I love the app. It is so convenient to look for a specific item and see if my local store has it in stock. If so, I order it and within an hour or two it is ready for pick up. No need to waste time looking for the item just order and go. The app also gives me my available rewards and how many more points I need until my next reward.
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3 years ago, gadean
Will not let you use Dicks credit card at check out.
The UI is nice and easy to navigate. I would give it more stars if for not two major issues. My first issue is that the search does not return the same results compared to using the website. For example if you type “dog” you will get no results. However if you type the same search in the website you will see all of the products. My second issue is that the you cannot use your Dicks scorecard credit card in the app. It request that you insert a expectation date; however, the card has not expiration date.
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5 years ago, rexanaaa
So hard to use
This app is garbage. None of the form fills are properly programmed so it won’t auto suggest your name, address, phone number, etc. I also found it very difficult to create an account through the app because I couldn’t paste my password into the confirm password section. I auto generate passwords and it was very difficult to type it in by hand. Also, when I selected an item and added it to my cart and then hit continue shopping, when it took me back to the previous page it had me scrolled up almost to the top so I had to scroll down really really far to get to the stuff I was just looking at. Just horribly programmed.
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6 years ago, Nickname is already taken 3
App is almost as functional website
Even though this is a 4 star rating, the app is great. I can shop and navigate through the app very easily. A few suggestions I’d recommend: 1) when the user filters and sorts the products, once the product is selected the user can view the product. Once hitting the back button, the app loses filter and sort. It would be nice if the app would keep the filter and sort when going back to the results. 2) it would be helpful to have a “My Account” option on the main menu to easily navigate to order history. 3) it’s quite a nuisance when the payment system asks to store my credit card, but doesn’t store the CCV number. Is there a way to store the CCV number so I don’t have to be Rain Man and try to remember all the CCV numbers on my credit cards. Thanks!
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6 years ago, LikeIneedanotherapp
1. If you go back to a previous page it takes all the way to the beginning of a section. For example if you have filtered women’s Nike tops, found a particular women’s Nike top, go to the following page (which gives you the details of that top) then decide to go to the previous page the app wipes out your filter and takes you back to the beginning of women’s tops! Why?! 2. Page downloads are too damned slow! I downloaded this app so I could get some shopping done quickly but I was fooled! I’m going to my nearest retailer; maybe the page will finish downloading by the time I get there!😡
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1 year ago, Jette Out
Ordered thru App - Cancelled with No Reason
I downloaded the app because I thought it will be easier to look up products and shop through the app. Adding products was easy but adding back the products that I accidentally removed wasn't easy. I wish there was "previously seen" option. The main reason why I rated the app low because the next day my entire order got cancelled and I received no call/email/ notification from app as to why my order was cancelled.
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2 years ago, Shittygene
Great app great store
App is very easy and convenient to use. I typically use it to see what they have or don’t have in stock. It is also very easy to keep track of your score card balance and rewards. One of the more well put together shopping apps. It is also very easy to pay your score card bill. A matter of 3 taps to pay your statement once all is set up. Very convenient.
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6 years ago, Katie4818
Fitbit app
Your Fitbit portion of your app is constantly not working, I’m always having to send messages letting them know that there is problems with it linking up with my Fitbit. It always takes a few days for the app to correct the problem and I feel like I’m losing points during this process. The tweaks should’ve been figured out along time ago and it gets very frustrating
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6 years ago, Bobington.Darwin
use only website
online website works so much better then this app. The app is very glitchy and doesn’t work well. It brings up a thousand products of what you search and then as soon as you filter it by brand, color, or size it brings up completely different products. (example- i was looking for under armour shorts and as soon as i filtered by black, there were no shorts being shown and it would bring up men’s nike t-shirts. Do not recommend this app if you want to do anything more then a simple search that leaves you with thousands of products to look through.
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2 years ago, gmckellen
I love dicks they always have what I want and what I need but this just started happening and it’s making me mad because when I open the app it just kicks me out the app and send me back to my home screen and I even tried turning off the wifi and also turning off my whole phone and still did it and I’m trying to track a few orders but it keeps kicking me out and I’m on an iPhone if that helps
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4 years ago, republican2648
There’s some weird stuff
So I ordered some stuff from the app recently and I did the ship to me thing. It said the estimated delivery was two days ago... and it hasn’t come. And I don’t mind that I understand that stuff is slow because of covid but maybe you could tell me that it’s coming it’s just late, or if it was straight up delivered and it didn’t get to the right house or someone took it or something. Also when I check the online orders and pickup page only one of my orders comes up and I did two different orders. Hmmmmm kinda sus lol.
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4 years ago, Doug Abdill
Prejudice against hunting products?
I usually love using this app, but recently it has become impossible to shop for any hunting gear through it. The menu options are showing up, but when I select an option, say “hunting optics”, products flash up for a couple seconds and then the screen changes to an error message that states “We cannot find any results for search “ “.” I can search for products in any other sporting category, but I do not have the same problems. Hopefully this is a glitch that you can easily remedy and not an intentional censoring of these products.
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5 months ago, JorDee1 gt r e f IT we dad
UI Is Broken.
Reviewing this from the iPhone 13 Pro Max. This can’t be from the actual Dicks Sporting Goods. It appears incomplete and broken in a majority of pages. Blank elements keep getting added to the top during navigation pushing the ui down, box drop shadows don't have the same border radius as the elements they live in, carousels are broken, there are dead links all over the place. I wish I could post pictures with reviews. At least the inventory management seems to be fairly accurate. This looks like an app of a company that fired all their senior developers because they were too expensive.
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3 years ago, Druskii124
Needs fixes
Works I try to shop for hunting equipment it redirects me and says “it couldn’t find what you were looking for. Shop by category.” Okay, got it. When you try to shop by category it still does the same thing. My app is not set up for a specific store so essentially it’s telling me that no dicks sporting goods has hunting equipment. Not a terribly big issue I know, but when you know they have the items in stores and the app tells you different it’s a bit of an annoyance.
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5 years ago, Anatigger
My biggest complaint with this app is that I am a person who has chronic back pain and is trying to crawl her way back up to walking consistently in the hopes of eventually being able to do a 5K. That being said when I use my Apple Watch it allows me to get my three points for the day by doing 30 minutes of exercise but if I use the Fitbit I have to do 10,000 steps in a day and I can’t always guarantee with my back pain to get to 10,000 steps. I don’t think it’s fair that it’s so much more involved to get them if you’re using a Fitbit that if you’re using an Apple Watch. If you were to fix this I would fix my review.
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5 years ago, megsrn2008
Move point issues
Used to like this app but now not so much. Enjoy seeing how many points I have and my card in the app. Enjoy the ability to collect move points if I was actually credited for them. For at least the past week have earned them each day but never received credit for them. My points have remained at 73 for over 2 weeks despite getting the message that I have earned my move points. Even signed out and back into app as well as uninstalling and re-installing the app. :(
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3 years ago, oldoarfan
Sign in bugs
This app is easy to navigate but so frustrating. It never accepts my email/password combo even though I know it’s correct. I have to hit forgot password, then reset it to something I’ve never used, and even then it still tells me it’s not a valid combination. I’ve been a customer for years with the same scorecard info etc and the login for this app never works. If I go to the regular website, my account info works just fine. I never review anything, but this app is so annoying to work with that I had to review it after trying to work through this for probably the 10th time in a few years.
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4 years ago, fearlessmom
Online experience
I love Dicks but I always have issues when ordering online. Your website goes down often. Especially during sales. Makes for a frustrating and unpleasant shopping experience. I usually never complete my online purchase because of it.
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2 years ago, RX_Schlegel16
Used to work
Used to love this app. Bought stuff on here, tracked points and also loved it would reward for working out. However, it no longer tracks workouts properly. I exercise on my rower 3-4 times a week and it doesn’t reflect in the Move section. The app shows it syncing with Apple Health (which is how I track my workout and that shows over 30 min of activity), but Dicks doesn’t reflect. Fix that issue and it will be back to 5 stars.
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2 years ago, Zachd1026
Poor Customer Service
I’ve been using this App for years but they recently fell off the deep end. I would love to leave a good review because everything I usually order has been available and on time. Recently I ordered a pair of leggings for my wife for Mothers Day and they were set to be received 5 days beforehand. I even received a confirmation email that my item will be shipped and not to worry. Then, on Mother’s Day, after reaching out to customer service on Friday, they emailed me and told me I won’t be receiving my item and they refunded me. No explanation. No replacement. Just a cheap “sorry”.
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4 years ago, KDG0520
Cart Empty Again!!
Within the last two months, I’ve tried to place four different orders within the app and on the website, back and forth. The reason for switching between the app and website, is because the app would either crash, or log me out, or empty my cart! Unbelievable how much time I’ve wasted trying to add all of my items back and actually get through the checkout process and complete the purchase. On several occasions, by the time I am able to get back to the items to add to my cart, the color/style/size I need, is no longer available! 😡 Super aggravating.
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4 years ago, Big Trev271
Point system
Love the idea! However I think the pint system should be higher if someone walks 3 miles everyday or more. It would take an actual 3konths to get 300 hundred points. I think this is a bit too much. I feel that if u walk more that 3kilesnper day those miler should be use as points. The objective is to get people to use it more and they will if it’s a bit more realistic or fair. But I use it faithfully I love iOS it keeps track of my walking or running and like the updates.
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2 years ago, Peater griffin
Terrible glitch
I used to love this app, was very convenient and organized being able to have your score card and account linked on the app. Being able to save items in cart and come right back to them was great, but the app is now unusable. I’ve reset, deleted and re-downloaded and nothing has worked. It’s just a continuous glitch anytime I sign in or go to use the search bar. I deleted the app because it’s not worth my time and very frustrating. Hopefully there will be a fix but until then I will not bother.
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3 years ago, nslyax
Would be nice if it kept me logged in
I love that you can earn points for moving, but that the app can’t seem to keep me logged in for more than 5 days or so is just annoying. Not sure if it’s an error in the app or intentional to keep anyone from racking up points without checking into the app regularly. Yeah, you can shop in the app too, but it’s no better of an experience than just visiting the website, probably a bit worse as it is generally a bit slower.
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