DiDi Rider: Affordable rides

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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for DiDi Rider: Affordable rides

4.78 out of 5
20.8K Ratings
3 years ago, Destinsssss
First timer
Also was hesitant to use this app. I had never heard of it and after learning about and getting explained how it worked I downloaded it and played with it a bit and read reviews. It was the best thing we did to transport us to and from places. The drivers very knowledgeable, passionate, respectful, and willing to help your needs. The best of all is that you can pay cash!! Would we have known about this source of transportation when we flew in we would of used it from the get go. The transportation from the airport to hotel was really pricey.
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3 years ago, palekumalo99
Bad service
My trip cost a bit more than the trip estimate I saw when I requested. So had that exact money on me from the estimate I saw when booking. When the trip ended it was a bit more as driver took a longer route. So upon reaching my destination he ends the trip and I see it’s a bit more. So kindly ask if I can fetch some change inside, he then starts to complain saying you customers like doing this, it wastes their time. I then mentioned the trip was more than the estimate cause he took a longer route, I’m not saying I’m not going to pay, just asked to fetch more change in the house. When I get back with the correct change he then says I was sleeping, why didn’t I tell him the correct way to go instead I was probably sleeping cause that’s why I didn’t say anything. I said why would you insult me by saying I’m sleeping when I clearly wasn’t?? What do you mean by that?? He then went to say I’m crying for the extra money on the trip, I now told him why would I cry for that, you took a longer route and I knew it would mean extra, when we got to the house I gladly fetched the money so how am I crying for the extra money?!! He now went on to insult me by calling me names. How disgusting of him. So I am very bothered by how they would treat a lady, what did I do wrong??!! I never refused to pay or anything. His grievance was that I wasted his time by quickly going into the house to fetch some change. How pathetic
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3 years ago, lalaaathegreat
Great but DON’T add your card info!!
I used this while in Costa Rica. I paid with cash so everything was good. Great drivers. And cheaper than Uber. I decided to add my card. But any “Costa Rican granny” told me not to put my card on there. But I did it just to get some food delivered then I was going to take it off. That next day (a Saturday) my card stopped working and I thought because it was going to expire this month so I wasn’t worried about it. I just planned on calling my bank that Monday. I called my bank and asked them what happened long story short this app said they were going to do $0.89 authorization then refund the money (which they did) BUT after that they tried to take $550 out of my account! No car ride in Costa Rica is that expensive or food deliver is that expensive! But luckily my bank blocked that. So this is a warning the app is amazing but the scamming the card part is ridiculous! Now I’m two weeks out of having a card. Luckily I had enough cash on hand & my credit card during my trip OR I would have been horribly struggling because they scanned me and my bank won’t even unblock my debit card because it’s compromised.
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1 year ago, Journey Untold
Me cobraron casi el doble / I was charged almost double
ES: Pedi un carro cua do estaba lloviendo y había mucho tráfico. Por eso una ruta que es una distancia hasta cambiable me salió más cara que lo que normalmente saldría. Acepté el viaje, y cuando llegue a mi destino me pidió casi el doble porque se había tardado, a pesar de que ya me estaba cobrando más que lo que normalmente me cobrarían por esa distancia. Escribí y me dijeron que el monto era correcto, pero me parece una falta de respeto que me aumente tanto por algo que no es culpa de nadie. No vuelvo a usar más DiDi. Si me dicen un precio, espero que ese sea el monto que voy a pagar cuando llegue a mi destino, no usarlo como una guía de lo que tal vez pague. EN: I requested a ride while it was raining and there was a lot of traffic. Because of this, am usually walkable distance was more expensive than it would normally be. I accepted the ride, and when I got to my destination, DiDi charged me almost double my original price, even though they were already charging me more. I wrote and they told me the amount was correct, but I think it’s incredibly disrespectful that they would charge so much more when it’s nobody’s fault. I’m never using DiDi again. If I’m being told a price, I expect to pay that price at the end of my trip, not for it to be a guide of what I may be charged.
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1 year ago, Shazzam man13
First and last time I use DiDi food NEVER AGAIN! ITS A SCSM
I Had a really bad experience with the delivery rider and the customer service department. Ordered a lunch for my wife as I was away from home and she had a surgery and was home bound. Clearly wrote the complete address including the apartment number, my order was accepted by the delivery driver, however before he arrived, he said that he wouldn’t deliver the order at the apartment door. I wrote back to him asking him to please deliver it at the door as my wife had a surgery and couldn’t meet him at the building reception. Still he refused to made the delivery and also was rude with the receptionist and my wife who was listening the whole thing by her phone. After this the delivery rider toke the meal and leave without offering any alternative. I received a phone call from customer service but they didn’t acknowledge anything of what I complained for, and charged me for something that I didn’t cancel and also didn’t receive. I’m extremely disappointed with DiDi food and will share my negative experience with everyone I know, don’t want anyone else to pass for this. It’s a scam.!
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3 years ago, frank hendrickson
Stolen phone
The app is good so far as like Uber, pretty same platform, but the didi support is awful no response, and it is basically the process of requesting a ride that works good, because my last rides were terrible, my second last ride that was in Mexico City That was toward the air port, he took my cellphone out of my hands an the last moment when I was getting of the car , it was a terrible situation cause I was quite late to my flight, so I had 2 options or have the police help me get my phone back or lose my flight, of course I did not lost my flight and have no opportunity to do absolutely nothing about it, and a second one that I requested, he got to the wrong pick up point, I tried to call him did not respond proceed to text him, then he got to the spot requested, just looked at me and abandoned me, and still charged me the fee of getting there, and still no response of didi support about my complaint , I’ll never be using didi again and recommend all my friends and family members to not to use didi cause, what’s next? Being robed with a weapon for all belongings, nooop, safety is first.
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4 years ago, 23sam23
Unable to Add Card + Horrendous UX
I’m sure this app works great, however, when I tried to add several cards the amount I entered did not work. I used all of my attempts and contacted support. Two reps confirmed to me that my card was verified and both turned out to be lying or ignorant at their job as neither were able to work. Thank goodness Uber was able in the location or I would have been stranded. On top of that, the UI kept showing the same screen as I hit the back arrow on the help screen. An embarrassing problem on their product team to not be able to get that right. Hope you hire better front end devs. Also, you should allow people to be able to email customer support in Gmail or copy the email and not have the default as Apple Mail - unless you hate your users and don’t want them contacting you for help, but I could be wrong. Hope this feedback makes it past your customer service team and actually gets discussed on and maybe put into a sprint cycle.
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9 months ago, BigBenji90069
A rip off with no reply
After reading the above review, and was told i could pay cash, that’s what i did for a day or so. Then i felt lazy so i added my debit card: big mistake. Was picked up at designated pick up, dropped off at designated drop off. Unsure of the app, i asked the driver: “i hit the button, were you paid?” Yes, don’t worry! So, a half hour later i get a fraud alert. Driver went on , not ending my trip. Route is Clearly seen on the map So a 53 peso trip is now 147 pesos. Only a $6 difference, but not correct. I have written several times, to customer service, they do not reply. I just constantly see “pay 147 pesos”. I cannot use the app(even with cash) because of their mistake, so I’m using Uber, a reputable company. I am moving here this week, so it would have been good business for them. If you use the app, do not connect a card, pay cash. I am deleting the app: no more time for ignorance!
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10 months ago, ZaccyMan
Driver Rejections - Difficult to Secure a Ride (Japan)
When the service works, it’s nice. But I encountered too many situations where many drivers would either reject my request OR they would accept and then immediately cancel. I’m respectful to the drivers every time, sometimes have very friendly conversation and had zero problems with payment. So it’s hard to imagine that the issue would be something like a low passenger rating. I’m not sure if this issue is unique to the Tokyo area but it has caused me huge headaches being late to the airport and medical appointments, etc. If taxi drivers at the train station will accept my ride request, then Didi’s system should be better at incentivizing drivers to accept + NOT CANCEL ride requests for no apparent reason.
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2 years ago, Get out of here... no thanks.
Difficult to get a ride as a first time user
Signed up and was quoted as 3 minutes wait to get a ride to the airport. First driver to accept was 5 minutes away and sat it place for 10 minutes before canceling on me. Second driver was 10 minutes away and canceled 2 minutes from picking me up. Third driver to accept was a few minutes away, immediately started driving in the wrong direction, and canceled a few minutes later. Finally had a driver accept from 12 min away and they picked me up 35-40 min after I was quoted at 3 minutes. I don't know if this was a one off experience, but it definitely added unneeded stress to my morning!
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2 years ago, GLSGA
Driver never delivered food and didn’t get refund
I placed an order throughout DiDi and waited an hour to be delivered. When the delivery guy was supposed to be in my location he stated he was unable to locate me. I messaged me my exact location and even went out side and waited. 45 minutes passed and then it shows that my order was cancelled and I was not receiving a refund. I tried to contact the delivery guy several times and he would just say he was not able to find my location when I had deliveries from here before and Uber and they had no issue. I contacted customer service and was informed that I can’t get a refund because I never showed for my pick up. I even showed them screen shots of all the time I tried to contact the delivery guy.
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1 year ago, ZafarArslan, Eric
Not working in china
I am trying to sign in but I couldn't, my changed my cell phone , didi app is still working in my old one cell phone but when i try to log in my new cell phone it doesn't work , i have few questions why I can't use this app in china right now ? Even this service is available, but in app there is error that " not available in your country " , please fix it
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2 years ago, Jesse25784
Works some of the time.
The good- it’s usually cheaper than Uber here in Puerta Vallarta. The cars are almost as nice as the Uber cars. Most Uber drivers also drive for DiDi so their cars are in good shape. The not so good- Occasionally you’ll get a sub par or dirty car. It’s hit or miss on whether they will accept credit card on file or you have to use cash. If you have a problem, like their app led them driver to the wrong location, they charge YOU for the added mileage. When you contact customer service it’s a waste of time. In 4 bad charges they resolved zero complaints. The system seems set up to pretend to care.
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6 months ago, Mocha-China
Card failure
I’m not sure what’s happening with this app, but every once in a while, the payment doesn’t go through. I have to go through all these hoops re-entering my card number for the card to go through. I’m at a time where it’s not even working if I re-enter it over and over again. I don’t know what the problem is but it happens every once in a while and it’s extremely annoying. There’s a driver up there who hasn’t been paid and I can’t take any more rides until this is paid. But the platform isn’t working.
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3 years ago, OORC
First ride with DiDi and in Mexico
I was extremely hesitant to use this app in Mexico, but to my surprise the app was easy. In my opinion better than Uber, but what made it all so much better and worth it was the quality of my driver. Mr. Oswin was passionate about his job no kidding. Friendly, attentive, and extremely knowledgeable about the city/country. To top it, he even spoke a little English! Loved it. Nice job DiDi!
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8 months ago, catthunderpaws
Don’t use didi Egypt
Didi has a way of putting money in your wallet however the next ride sometimes it’s broken for example they gave me a 30 EGP credit for changed from another trip where a driver forced me to pay extra. The next trip was below 30 EGP however the request screen was stuck and showing “0” and it wouldn’t let me order a ride. so I put 30 and it worked, guess what? I paid double the trip. I paid 60 EGP for which is suppose to be only 30 EGP. Support is useless and does not bother to answer and has not bothered with the situation. Do not use DiDi instead use careem or indriver at least their support team works.
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1 week ago, blueboyblonde
Won’t let me pay with my credit card
This ride app won’t use my credit card I entered to pay and tells me I need to pay in cash. I don’t have cash or a credit card that can be used at an atm. First and last time I use this ride service . I am using Uber which is safer, cleaner cars and I trust not to say enter card information but then when you sit in the car it says pay with cash. This won’t happen again. You cannot change the payment method to anything other than pay in cash. You cannot get ahold of didi for help easily. The estimated savings vs using Uber was not worth it
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3 years ago, Armandoisaac
Charges for coupons then does not allow to use app again
I've been using this app for a while. The app is easy to use and is cheaper than the other apps but unfortunately, once you buy their coupons, you can't use the app anymore as they say that the credit card you are trying to use is not valid for purchases, even if you have been using it for months before this coupon purchasing. After that they won't refund and will just ban keeping the money. Be careful, use the app but never buy coupons or top founds as you will loose the money.
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3 years ago, RSB_83
Annoying advertising!
Constantly, this app reminds me why I deleted my account the last time: There is absolutely no way to not get irrelevant notifications and ads, what totally decreases my user experience to a bare minimum. For now, I want to keep the app as an alternative to Uber, but since I didn’t use it yet, it’s just a matter of days maybe weeks, and as soon as I’ll leave this country, I will delete my account no matter what. Why on earth do you not have any setting to stop these annoying messages and emails?!
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2 years ago, Gucci G'Wop
Horrible Service/Driver Accountability
I have been living abroad in Colombia for almost a year now, and I have had countless horrible experiences with the app. The worst being that there is no driver accountability. I constantly have trips cancelled because I prefer to pay with card. I am told “sorry, I don’t take card” and drivers will cancel on me and leave me waiting to find a ride for up to an hour at a time. These drivers are failing to reel in a profit for the company, and have given me a horrible image of DiDi. I would not recommend this app. Just use Uber, which is far more reliable and consistent.
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2 years ago, LeoT88
Worst app even! 5 star reviews are probably paid by the app
I bet they pay people to write the reviews! This is one of the worse ride sharing app I have ever use. It’s absolutely useless. I can’t even add a credit card cause the “system is busy” all the time. Referrals never work. I tried requesting a ride and it kept glitching and not requesting one. What a sham of an app. I have had friends who used it to request rides and the drivers keep cancelling and when you cancel the ride, they charge you. You can’t reach a human being in the support so they couldn’t get a refund.
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3 years ago, chivatiolowks
Broken app
Paid with my debit card and it made all kinds of holds on my account and I also got charged for rides and then refunded and then charged again. The cost of each ride makes sense but when it would refund the money back it kept a couple cents each time. Also the holds are still there AND the charge so I will give it a couple days to clear before I report it to my bank. This app is suspect beware. One extra star because the drivers seem to like it more than Uber.
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10 months ago, Michelle190398
Now is more expensive than Uber
I used to use DiDi and I loved it because it was cheaper than Uber and the cars and drivers were better. I thought it was the most special app to request rides. But now DiDi is even more expensive than Uber and it has a worse customer service. Now I am with Uber again because it is cheaper and faster. It is a shame that DiDi became into the same way as the other platforms to take a ride.
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2 years ago, Fox13579
Had to disable notifications
Good app and good rates. They send annoying morning notifications and unnecessary nuisance. I was forced to disable notifications on my iPhone for this app because of their “thinking they’re funny” attitude. It’s amazing how they manage to ruin a good product with one tiny act. It might make better sense to just send coupon deals or something instead which would be even a good advertising for them
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3 years ago, jaganot2727
Very poor location service!
This app is good but very annoying. I will stop using it if this stuff continues. Your location services are very poor . I put an address and the driver goes to a very wrong place . Saying it’s the app that put that location 😖 it’s so annoying . After ordering taxi because I’m late I now have to spend half of my time chasing the car 😡💔 it’s absurd . Do something about it . I know like 5 people who don’t use the app again because of this same problem .
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1 year ago, Gander29
No foreign credit cards
The app doesn’t accept international credit cards which I found out the hard way after having to cancel a ride. They are charging me Y500, which is annoying but not the end of the world… however, I can’t even pay it because the only way to do so is with PayPay, which is available only to Japanese residents, or a cc issued in Japan. I want to use the app but at this point I’m unable to. Why allow foreigners to create an account if you can’t accept international credit cards?? That makes no sense!
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2 years ago, heidi de las montañas
Jesus Christ. I wait like 15 minutes for a dam car to accept my request. In the morning here in Tijuana, business should be blooming but there’s only like 5 cars at that times when thousands of people are crossing the border between 2 AM - 8 AM. also DIDI please make sure ur drivers have change. Instead of paying $60 pesos I pay $100 because the guys don’t have change and expect me to be okay with giving them another $50 pesos
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7 months ago, Inoa31
The app is not user friendly
You can’t make a complaint which is always good to know the quality of service. In Colombia there are many cheap, unpleasant cars and drivers are not well groomed. The app cancelled a trip without me noticing, now it charged me and I feel I won’t use them again. Customer service does not exist within the app. I need my $$ refunded. Thanks
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3 weeks ago, Ckgyhj
Use Uber better
Lost my iPhone in the car I took and contacted didi to help me connect to the driver, instead of having them connect me to the driver they sent me a bad phone line to reach them. It didn’t allow me to reach out to the driver and therefore before getting in contact, someone stole it. The person who “found it “ then charged me $200 dollars to receive it back. I could have avoided this if the app or company was more helpful. Never using didi again! 🚫 Uber has a better customer service and safer rides with safer drivers!
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2 years ago, phil phil hello
The app always lies about the time of arrival
I use the app almost every day. It works. It usually does what it should besides some occasional drivers being irresponsible, bad at driving, or unresponsive. But what bothers me is that the app always lies about estimated time of pickup. It’ll say the driver is two minutes away and then take an additional 5 minutes. This is an intentional and unethical feature of the app to make people not cancel. Give honest time estimates so people can decide if they should use the app or some other form of transportation.
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3 years ago, lewkingg
Wow what a terrible experience with this lousy app. The payment process is a NIGHTMARE!!! I attempted to put in over 3 of my debit cards for payment but it kept saying I needed to verify my card by inputting a charge that would be added on my account but I never got one. The customer service was also just as Terrible at helping out my situation. They just replied with the basic info to do the steps you had already done to begin with. No help at all. Absolutely the WORST APP I have ever dealt with. I wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy. Thanks for nothing DIDi 🤢🤢🤢
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2 years ago, bewarejahahah
The worst delivery experience in any country anywhere
Every order was a bait and switch. It would tell you that the order would take 15 to 20 minutes. But they send a driver to pick up your food and then send that person to pick up three or four other orders before they deliver to you. Each order was delivered over an hour late and the food was cold. There’s no way to cancel and the poor delivery person is standing out there and gets screwed if you don’t pay him. Don’t use the app.
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2 years ago, Yalkhans
Worst experienced (on many occasions)
I've tried to give this company a chance but they have disappointed so many times. Worst customer service. Both on the cab side of the app and food delivery. Many times I was canceled on but the app did not refund or the driver did not pick me up but the app showed that I'm in the cab and on two occasions ordered food and the restaurant was closed but the app did not tell me it's closed so after waiting a long time I realized I'm not gonna get the food. Please do not work with this company
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2 years ago, AppMaven9
No customer service
I wasn’t able to verify my credit cards because the verification amounts DIdi sends my US cc get converted to US dollars so they become inaccurate. I also tried uploading an Australian debit card which the system outright rejected. I emailed Customer Service several times and the responses clearly showed they weren’t reading my email and just sending me the same information that was in their FAQ. Unfortunately I won’t be able to use this app even though I would really like to.
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7 months ago, u2021
I can’t track the trip when someone share it with me
I have tried at different times to follow the trip of my partner when she share it with me; I can see the car number, driver name and a clock about remaining time. However, the position of the car only updates like 4 times in a 1 hour trip, I can not follow the trip really. In this aspect Uber is superior as it allows to follow the trip with the actual position in real time; a difference of Didi, Uber is reliable in this safety aspect.
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1 year ago, Lorenitaris
This service is terrible my first time using the app I was just trying to check on my payment method and it send the order directly cash i immediately tried to canceled and the state just froze than I went through the chat and selected cancel order and they just replied sorry server is currently busy and that was it it’s a shame they making restaurants lose money and drivers and losing a customer over failing to provide customer service
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3 months ago, SomeKindOfGinger
Terrible interface. Never managed to get a ride.
I saw this advertised while I was in Japan, but I found it to be entirely useless. I could wait 5 minutes and still get no response to a ride request. I used a competitor and always got immediate responses. I don't know if this is a Didi issue or just a they don't work will in Japan thing. The complete lack of status updates and what's going on behind the scenes in the app is a bad design. You can't tell if it's working or not.
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2 years ago, Lyshiissss
Very bad service in Mexico
I experienced DiDi food delivery service in Mexico, and DiDi is the worst delivery service. I ordered food with discount coupon from DiDi’s app, the driver disappeared, restaurant wanted me to take their food and paid in cash full price. I contacted customer service and there was no response at all. They charged my credit card. Please don’t use it. I reported them online through their App and Facebook page, it happened that a lot of people had the bad service not only me.
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3 years ago, GTH24
Double charged
Today I used DiDi to get from Chatan to Naha Airport. Once I arrived at Naha Airport the driver proceeded to try and run my card. I told him that DiDi charges the card that’s in the app but he wouldn’t listen. He wouldn’t allow me to get my bags out of the trunk until he could run my card. I even opened up the credit card app on my phone and showed him the pending charge from DiDi which he brushed off and ran my card a second time. My taxi ride cost me 90 dollars instead of 45.
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2 years ago, heba___salman
Problems are not being solved !!!
They tell you you will be charged a certain amount and then change it along the way without your consent I have had a ride with a problem that the driver took a bad route and they charged me TRIPLE the amount I was supposed to pay and they won't contact me again they keep saying it will be resolved within 24 hours .. well I'll tell you what ? It has been seven 24 hours and nothing is solved !!
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4 years ago, Jennifer Portillo
Double charge
I use this app in Ciudad Juarez, most of the drivers are mean, they don't want to do the trip, but they don't want to cancel, in order to charge you, and if you cancel, you have to pay for the cancellation fee, even when the ones who refuse to do the trip are them or you can choose the Express ride and they take 10 o 15 minutes to arrive or use longer routes in order to charge you more, also some of the cars don't even have AC or they are in terrible conditions.
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6 months ago, Thejcatx
No integration with payment cards
After a month long battle with customer service, I am putting this review here. I’ve tried to link my cards, and all of my friends have linked theirs. But mine won’t. So, after customer service basically said I can’t pay for their cars unless I have cash (of which I’ve tried, but the drivers overcharge for cash), I have decided to tell everyone I know the at DiDi is not recommended. Get Uber instead.
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12 months ago, Miiik Bram
The worst deliver & ride app.
You get what you pay for. Prices change or are not accurate for food delivery. The options are very limited and of the lowest quality. Drivers are constantly trying to rip of westerners and probably their own family. They’ll often leave food anywhere just to go to their next stop and then DIDI will force you to pay for food you never received. If you’re using cash and don’t mind being hassled it’s ok for emergencies. Otherwise I consider it the worst food or ride app on the market. Refunds and coupons can’t be used with a card so you’re forced to get cash and pay atm fee’s and mark ups if you want your refund, if you’re lucky enough to get support to help out, unlikely. Overall-horrible lol
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2 years ago, cornwellsb
US credit cards don’t work
How can you create a business that does not accept Credit cards from the US. I’ve added 2 cards and you always get an exception saying credit cards not accepted at this time. I’m in Colombia and it’s Really annoying having to pay cash … there is also obviously a max n what you can order. Have to use other apps. I’m here with 20 people and no one can use credit. This company will fail
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3 months ago, nickmame101
I heard of this app as I was commuting to Colombia . At 1st the 1st ride I requested everything went well and smoothly . Hours later when I requested a ride to go to a different location it was denied and telling me to pay in cash . What was the reason it’s unknown . As I contact customer service , the representative tells me that there isn’t anything he can do that if I wish to use the service to just pay cash . It’s a huge inconvenience.
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12 months ago, SHR3W
Worst experience
Didi was the least enjoyable part of my trip to Mexico. I thought it would make it more enjoyable with food deliveries and taxi rides but it was CONSTANTLY a problem. My car would work one ride and then not the next. Whoever you are using for your payment processor, figure it out! I didn’t have problems with my cards anywhere else other than DiDI. My advice if you are visiting Mexico is to just use Uber instead.
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8 months ago, Templar Wright
Never any drivers, many cancels
I’ve tried to use this app in Japan many times. The rare times when I am able to get a driver, the fare is much higher than the app said. Most of the time it is nearly impossible to find a driver, even when i’m a big city in the middle of the day. When I do find one they quickly cancel. This app is pretty much completely useless and leads to a lot more stress when traveling.
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1 year ago, Drewshifu
Suddenly Disabled Foreigners’ Bank Cards
Seething as I almost missed my flight because DiDi decided in the middle of the night to disable the bank card in my DiDi wallet—without any warning! I tried frantically re-adding it. I also tried to use Alipay (which they also suddenly decided they won’t permit foreigners to use). C’mon—you need to WARN people before pulling this rubbish. Very unprofessional and sloppy. In the end I had to switch to Meituan because DiDi was all messed up.
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4 years ago, Coralville Clark
Good Interface Poor Experience
Well designed app but I have issues with the business model. Each time I attempted to secure. ride in Melbourne I experienced obvious bait and switch pricing. Express price quotes were always significantly lower than Uber price quotes but no driver ever accepted the ride. If you want DiDi to pick you up you need to pay their max price which is comparable to Uber. No thanks, I’ll stick with upfront and accurate pricing with Uber.
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3 years ago, ZZ0989898989
The app doesn’t work with reward points
You can use the app fine, but once you figure out how to apply the points to your ride, the taxi doesn’t become available. This has happened multiple times. I apply the points and they won’t come, but they come when no points are applied. Also, even when points aren’t applied, it’s difficult to get service even with cars nearby.
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