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The Kroger Co.
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9 months ago
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15.2 or later
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User Reviews for Dillons

4.73 out of 5
35.2K Ratings
3 years ago, Grjaet
My Favorite Store!
I’ve been shopping at Dillons since before I was married. I went with my mom to do grocery shopping for our family for years and when I was married I just continued shopping there. I was married at age 19 and I’m now 74. I’ve tried other stores but I always come back to DILLONS! I trust DILLONS to always have fresh foods and to be honest in all dealings. I do my shopping now with my phone in hand and place my order. One of my children will pick them up on either the day or the day after I place my order. When my order gets home, I put things away just looking at store notes saying what additions or deletions they have made. It’s SO easy. It feels like I’ve done nothing and I just wait until time arrives for pick up. Once pick up time comes, a family member will drive to the store we have chosen and my order will be ready. My name is given, order is brought out, paper coupons are given over, balance due is recalculated and any change is paid or my balance due is lessened. We drive home to unpack and put away the food. What a way to shop!
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4 weeks ago, Jj5365
Still clunky UI and User Unfriendly
Clunky UI. Have to work too hard to get to the Tuesday preview of my store’s ad and the Marketplace ad. It is ridiculous to have to click through so many levels to get what you want. These important pages should be directly accessible from the main page, not through increasingly complicated levels of links. Get rid of the huge and useless graphics and get us the direct links to the most used screens of the app, directly from the main screen! Also, most descriptions of products in searches and especially in digital coupons need at least one more line of text in the item name so we can actually determine what the product is before tapping the link and viewing the full description. For example, if the item name starts with “Simple Truth Organic,” then there is often not enough room for the rest of the text of the name to determine exactly which item it is! This truncation problem occurs over and over throughout the app and wastes the users’ time to have to click the link and go to the full description of the product, just to find out, the item was actually something else. The pictures that are used in the link are no help, as they are often too small to figure out the specific nature of the product as well. Why you have yet to figure out this issue and have yet to address it, again shows your lack of understanding of what makes a decent user interface.
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7 years ago, CPenner1611
Shortcut to my list gone
Is there truly more demand for Click List ordering rather than shopping in store? I imagine you are trying to create more demand for it. However, you have made some loyal customers very unhappy. I liked when I was able to deep press the app icon to go straight to my shopping list. That option is gone. Not only that, but it isn't at the bottom of the screen on the open app either. So a shortcut was removed, and the number of clicks to get there was made even longer by adding the extra click of going to the "more" menu. Please put it back! Now in the most recent update, it crashes and closes before it even finishes loading.
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1 year ago, Jan, mother of three
Changing the app
When I first started using this app, a user could tap the screen on the grocery ad pic to add the sale item to their list, while it also left a circle around the item to let you know you have added it to your list. Their app developer took that away a couple of updates ago. So, now, the tap of the screen brings up three choices which, starting a cart is one choice, that puts you into the mode of adding items to your cart but you are then scrolling through every item to do so. And, a user can no longer scan the ad quickly to ad what your interested in to your list and now there is no circle. There are moments that I don’t have time to go through the whole ad and need to do a little at a time but I have no idea where I have left off at or if I’ve put an item on my list without starting all over again. Sure miss the simple touch of the screen, quickly add that item leaving a circle and move on to view other items in the sale ad. I’m about to ditch this app and go back to using a marker and the actual ad to circle my sale items myself. Not happy with their “updates”. They “giveth”, they “taketh” away.
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4 years ago, HeyHee
Horrible user interface, doesn’t work more often than does
Horrible and frustrating app! Now cannot put anything from my lists into the cart. Says it’s in the cart and then actually isn’t! So Have to print all lists, then manually type items in search box. BUT can’t hit enter, because must not completely type the item name or get errors that can’t find item. So, only partially type item then wait a very long time to pull up all items even closely resembling that item and the item you want MIGHT show up. Or it says item not found. PLEASE look at or hire tech writers who formulated the UK’s ‘Ocado’ or ‘Waitrose’ grocery shopping apps. They are excellent for search and online grocery ordering and customer interface and customer service apps. **Order online and pick up grocery shopping is a LIFELINE for us and many clients with health issues. Please do better. It is possible and your app fails more than it works. The current update caused more errors than fixed. Please, please review and hire consultants from above mentioned grocery chains in the UK. THEIR APPS ARE EXCELLENT!
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4 years ago, BillyJoeBob53
Pick up Service
We have been using Dillon’s PickUp for over a month, now. We are using it during this time, because my husband and I are considered high risk, due to our age. We have never been able to get toilet paper, wipes, or any cleaning products using the Pickup. I know we might be able to go to the store at 7:00 am, and find these items, but we don’t want to go into the store at all. I feel like not being able to get these items at Pickup is inequitable. I would imagine that most people using the Pickup services, are doing so because they are at high risk. Why would you limit these items only to people who are able or willing to come into the store? The Pickup service has been less than perfect regarding substituted items. I know that your staff is overwhelmed, but sometimes I don’t even get the notice about substitutions. Sometimes, I get one smaller item replacing one larger item. And, lastly, please stop using the plastic bags. I know some Dillon’s stores are using paper. It would be great if all of them did!
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5 years ago, 16168900
Not customer friendly
Dillons is not the neighborhood store that it professes to be. The shelves are empty and the people there are either overworked where they hire people that just don’t care. If you listen to your people you would’ve change the store to make everybody frustrated and even to the point of being literally ready to choose any place but Dillans. I have resorted to using a click it list and yet it to has its challenges. For example, once you put together a major grocery list it would be nice just to be able to check the items that you want to go that week and then the following week to choose from that original list that had everything that you use on a regular basis. If Dillons really cares, They will return their stores how they were prior but no they paid consultant somewhere who thinks they know best how to make more money I’m sure. Don’t get me wrong I am definitely for companies making money but that doesn’t mean you have to be greedy and make your customers frustrated to the point of wishing they had another choice but in Kansas that’s not the case unless you drive to Wichita or go to Aldies.
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3 years ago, EthanEdwards
Pretty Good App, Crazy Convenient!
Tried using for the first time to make a pickup order. The items we frequently show up in a left-to-right scroll and you pick the us tutu and find the next item. Search for other items you don’t typically purchase and add them. The software hangs occasionally, particularly when a special dialog box appears. Just quit the app and open it up again and the order info is there. Once you enter the information like payment information and save it, then you will probably not encounter many hangs. The pick up can be scheduled at a specific date and time. Once you do this, going to the store and roaming the aisles for standard items will no longer make sense. Produce and meat are a visual selection, so that probably will not be a substitute, for me anyway. For yourself, your family, and the employees of Dillons, try using the pickup or delivery feature. You will not regret it.
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3 years ago, LawrenceFKansas
Mostly satisfied
There have been times when app malfunctions and if it happens when I am in the middle of building a list- I loose it all..... the malfunctions can be randomly logging me out while using and the search feature not working while shopping so I have to stop shopping since I cannot search the rest of my needed items to add- and then I have to select check out so I don’t loose all the work I have done in creating my shopping cart and just modify my order to add the items not added before malfunction. Also, there have been improvements to the substitutions option, but I still have some challenges with it when I am notified of a product they are out of stock on. Other than that, I love to be able to search coupons while shopping and look up products from various locations if the one I am at is out of something I “must have”.
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4 years ago, shortsquad
Horrible customer service
I’ve had it with Dillons and their third party company Insta-cart for deliveries! I placed an order to be delivered at the beginning of March because my son was in need of diapers/ wipes/ snacks while I was at work! The driver never made it to the address and I was promised a $30 credit to my account. WHICH WAS POINTLESS. In attempt to use the credit I had to call 4 different numbers. I tried using it on another delivery order which was a FAIL. I called customer service to see if I could just be refunded the $30 from the order. She told me it was fine and they removed the credit from my account. I was told I would receive a refund within 7-10 business days. Well guess what, she LIED. It’s been longer than 10. STILL haven’t received my refund. I DO NOT recommend using the dillons app for placing an order for delivery. If I could give this app 0 stars I would. Absolutely ridiculous! GO AHEAD AND LISTEN TO THE RECORDED CALL. I will continue to encourage my friends and family not to use the app and leave similar reviews until I get my money back!
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3 years ago, Gatorina
Needs to raise the bar
There is a pandemic and this is the grocery store. It’s not an optional, niche business. What this app needs is more functionality and options for online ordering. So many times I’ve ordered online only to have the app tell me that an item I want/need is not available. Huh? They don’t have ANY potato chips? Like in the whole store? Or if they do they offer something ridiculous as a substitution like saltines. So I end up picking up my groceries and then park and run into the store to get the things they left off but are actually there. It’d be nice if they let YOU choose the substitution rather than just the option of taking or leaving what they select for you. If the point is to keep people safe and out of the store, this app doesn’t do a good job of that. Additionally, options to filter search results would also be nice. Especially now that they offer options of 3rd party sellers.
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4 weeks ago, JemHalogram
Great app, however; update**
I love using this app, however; it has decided it wants to sign me out every single time I close the app. I have removed the app and installed it again, but just now, I was asked for my sign in again so that I can start my grocery list. Little bit frustrating. I really hope this gets resolved very soon. **I have changed my rating to a 4. While I do love this app when it works, the update has done ZERO with the issues of being logged out while using the app. I have reinstalled the app. I have updated and I am still having issues. I have contacted customer support and there are still issues. Hoping it gets fixed. I am missing out on a lot of savings because I have to use a different app to get my grocery order in.
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2 years ago, Mc Staats
Lack of checkout lanes open and customer service
I wish there would be more checkout lanes open. I feel that Dillons charges premium pricing but does not deliver premium customer service. I shop for our family and spend over $500 per trip on most occasions. I have to check my self out on most of these occasions, or wait a very long time for one or two lanes that are actually open. Last time I had to check myself out with a cart full of groceries. There were 3 employees standing around talking and watching customers check them selves out. I finally had to ask them to at least get me another cart so I could put paid for items in it, as the bagging area is way too small. I feel that this is completely inappropriate. Give customers a discount for checking them selves out, open more lanes or lower your prices.
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2 years ago, blessedIVFmomma
Love the store, frustrated with the app
I love Dillon’s. Been shopping there my whole life. But I hate that the app will not allow you to shop from the weekly ad. And if you add something to your list, you can not just add it to your cart. Like most, I am a busy mom. I don’t live in or near town and I hate going into town to do all my errands and still have to go inside the store to get what I need to while bringing along a VERY tired crying baby from a day of in and out of the car seat. I would LOVE to do buy online and pickup, but I get so frustrated with the app because I can never find the sale item on it or just add something to the cart from my list. Which that list does me no good if I can not just put it in the cart and order it. So with a crying baby I am starting to hate grocery shopping and half tempted to shop elsewhere for my own sanity.
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6 years ago, ArizonaB2
Helpful criticism
*when typing in search bar it would be easier if the items started popping up as you type..example: strawb...then strawberries would show or anything associated with the word rather than having customer type complete word and then enter. I realize for some items customers will have to be more descriptive but it would help them search faster and add to basket faster for simpler items. *also when you add coupons (from coupon search) to my coupons, It would be nice if there was an option to add those specific items at the coupon screen. More people would buy and add as they go. Instead you have to add coupon and then go find the item. Overall easy to use! Have had great service upon pick-up and enjoy the overall experience.
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9 months ago, Michelle55$$
Fresh produce
Fresh produce hasn’t been as good as usual. The last two weekends I’ve came in they have been out of stuff and then some items looked to bad to buy. We quit going to the Starbucks because our drinks never tastes the same. The turnover is crazy right now for everyone but the old saying still holds true, “you get what you pay for” maybe pay your people better and they will stay longer and want to work harder because they feel appreciated. I worked for Q.T. For 30 years and they have record low turnover. They take good care of their employees so they stay and treat customers better. You have your tried and true long term employees and their friendly face and your hard workers keep me coming back. I just don’t want to see my store get any worse.
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2 years ago, aprilmp67
I really wish Dillons would make more of an effort to improve their online grocery and pick up. Most importantly, have older staff do the shopping for online orders. Many times I received all my produce thrown in a bag without being put in individual produce bags. Often times bags of salad are really bags of soup salad. It almost feels like they put the worst produce available in the online orders. Substitutions are not provided sufficiently, if something is not in stock the app only offers one other substitution and it really often doesn’t make any sense. Lots to be done to make this a better service! I almost feel like my local store is purposely sabotaging pick up orders to discourage people from using the pick up option. So frustrating yet I still do it!
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4 years ago, Get the 411
Customer Service Click -it
My Dillons on Central and MAIZE is the best in Wichita! The efforts that are made to shop for my needs and pick quality with me in mind as if they were shopping for them selves is beyond exemplary. I notice immediately the care and thought which my “Order Filled” person took in selecting my items. I can tell my order was not just a list to them. The packaging by category is amazing, making it so easy to take like items directly to my cabinet! The individuals who bring out my order have always been when engaged with me and not too busy for questions and carefully take time to explain any substitutions. Also, if there was an item missed or an error, they run or call immediately to remedy the situation free of charge, Errors have only occurred 2 times since the beginning of this specific service of Delivery at this store. Thank so much for treating this soon to be a first time Grandma at 67 so special. ( I know you treat everyone special! Thanks from Me! Julie Riley
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3 years ago, BsLsBhZhAh5
Is it just me?
I stopped shopping with Dillons due to their app. I use customer pickup since the beginning of the pandemic & I was grateful Dillons followed Walmart’s adoption of this service. However, Dillons did NOT follow Walmart in their development of their online system. Whether using the computer or my cellphone, Dillons system has been frustrating & cumbersome. Also, the amount of ads being interjected onto every page I move through is irritating. If my favorite pharmacist was not still at our local Dillons & the organic coffee I like, I would never return. This is sad because I used to enjoy shopping there. It was almost a social event in our small town. Eventually I’ll take the time to find a coffee at Walmart I can tolerate (or online) & my pharmacist will retire & I won’t have to deal with Dillons online program in the future. Did Dillons really think, ‘we don’t need to look at what other online grocers are doing ‘cuz we can do it better.’ No. You can’t. Shell out the money, get a consultant, fix your online service or soon there will be Kroger/Dillons following in the steps of all the other brick & mortars who thought they knew it all too. You’re not that good.
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3 years ago, Meme122383
Horrible Online Services
There online ordering service really has a lot of flaws. I have been using their pick up services for a few months now and the last two times that I have ordered through the app... I’ve always left pick up with less items than what I had actually ordered. Like where do the items go?? Is the person picking out the items just decide to stop looking for items and delete the ones they don’t want to find???? I literally ordered 81 items yesterday and picked up ONLY 67. With only 2 supposed “out of stock” items. I came home to find I didn’t have ANY of the milks I ordered plus some other items. There’s no way to show what I actually ordered but I KNOW I had ordered 3 milks. But received NONE... and it doesn’t show on my final receipt either. It’s a huge flaw that needs to be fixed
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6 years ago, Hutch Music
Fantastic app, except the coupon filter...
I love this app! The coupons are what I use the most, and I cannot tell you how much I have saved because of them! The only thing that isn’t great about the app is the coupon filter system. I don’t use Clicklist, so I don’t want to see coupons that are Clicklist Only. When I unselect those from the filter, nothing changes. I still see them on the coupon list. It seems nothing you unselect actually goes away. There is almost no point in having a filtering system. Otherwise, the app is so helpful and useful!
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2 months ago, Kansas8142019
Please quit “improving” your app
Do you not have testers to test your updates? Do you test on all platforms? For the last week or so I am getting logged out of the app repeatedly. this morning I had to log in again on my iPhone before I went to the store. Shortly after I arrived I went to cross an item off my list but oh wait I had to login again. And when I got home guess what? Yep I was logged out again. This was all within approximately 45 minutes. PLEASE test your apps thoroughly after every update. I am so frustrated. Right now I give your app no stars because it’s barely useable. And yes I have deleted the app and reinstalled it. Didn’t help.
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2 years ago, Omaha 55321
Kroger First Time Customer Order
This application will not allow a new user to place an order over a certain dollar amount for the first couple of times they are using this application. This is very inconvenient for a large family that recently moved to the area, and wants to place an order for a weeks worth of groceries, and who is paying for their order in full up front. Don’t understand why Kroger would have the application limit a new users purchase amount for a first time user when they are paying up front for their groceries. Seems like they don’t want any new customers. Why put up road block for new clients? Customer service is also unable to and unwilling to assist with the issue. Went to the store in person and the manager of our local store didn’t understand this either and could not assist. Went to Wal-Mart online and placed my four hundred dollar purchase there instead. So Kroger lost out on four hundred dollars. If this happens regularly seems like Kroger is loosing out on a lot of money. Maybe want to change your policy and how the application works for first time users.
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3 years ago, gravelsachs
Works surprisingly well
I was pleasantly surprised when I started using the Dillons/Kroger app. It gives really good search term suggestions and pulls up options quickly. It is quite accurate in figuring out what you want. It is easy to update quantities while adding items to the cart. There is a lot of integrated features to do with sales and promotions. The one downside I have seen in my short time using the app is that it sometimes has trouble either updating info, finishing/sending online orders, things like that. It will usually work on the second try, maybe third, if you have to repeat a command. Solid app!
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6 years ago, DrKendarella
No longer works on 3rd gen. IPad
I used to use this app every week to make my shopping list so I could load coupons and buy sale items. For several weeks now, I get an error message when I try to open it. I tried deleting and downloading it again, but it still did not work. After some research, I think the problem is that I have a 3rd gen iPad and it cannot utilize I0S 10. The updated Dillons app requires IOS 10, so unless your phone or tablet supports IOS 10, you are excluded from using this app. The good news is that since I didn't want to purchase a new tablet, I decided to start shopping at Walmart since I couldn't use this anymore and my shopping bills have gone down! Plus, I no longer have to keep track of things like buy 5, save $5. I just buy any amount I want
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5 years ago, aeklund0212
Update is non-functional
Since updating this app, it doesn’t work properly. The lists are unsortable no matter which filters you select, I get hundreds of results, even when the filter tells me there should be 3. I used to use this app regularly to search for deals, but I don’t even want to use it anymore. It’s too complicated, and without being able to use the filter function there are way too many coupons to look through when you want to find something specific.
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6 years ago, jus4kix06
App Crashes
I don’t usually write reviews but since I have been using my app more for grocery shopping I am realizing that is missing many functions. When there is a Buy4Save4 or B5S5 and you are making your list on the app it doesn’t let you know if that item qualifies for the sale. The circulars don’t always have all of the items listed so the only real way to know is to go to the store. I like to prep lab my trips not knowing if the item qualifies for the BOGO makes it hard to stay on budget. Also it would be awesome if when you load an item to your list and you have a coupon for said item or if it qualifies for the bogo that the total at the bottom would show after bogo/ after sale.
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1 month ago, drummindavid
Not bad but….
None of the links in the pictures work. If you see a banner that says click coupons, shop now, enroll in bonus reward… nothing happens. Clicking does nothing. When coupons are used, they should come off the item period. Not show them. I finally figured out that a checkmark meant I had used it, but it still should just disappear or be greyed out. When you are looking at the digital print ad and click an item and hit shop now, it takes you to the main weekly ad homepage instead of that product. One of my biggest complaints.
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4 years ago, cmm761
Upgrade download Fail
I have always been impressed with this app and use it frequently to add digital coupons and make lists on my Dillons plus card. But recently the application has been changed and you are forced to upgrade. I have had multiple unsuccessful attempts to upgrade this application because it states that my Apple ID is incorrect when I know that it is the correct information. So I’m not very happy with the current app functions. Hopefully I can get this issue resolved soon so that I can utilize the awesome digital savings!
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5 years ago, ❤️️RN
I love using the Dillons app for myself and our family! It was a dream come true when we had our baby during the winter months and we’re worried about extra cuties. It was nice just to get him loaded in the car and do our shopping by waiting in the parking spot. We have had no problems with our orders and the staff is always very friendly and wonderful! I feel like they are getting more options available on the Dillons app too. It is so nice to be able to do my ordering in my pajamas and feel protective LOL!
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4 years ago, smrjn
Unmatched Service and Quality
I have been shopping Dillons at our location since I was a kid with my mom! I love the commitment to quality and service and as a young person with my own family who care about great food, I love seeing our small-town location put so much effort into offering more whole food and healthy options in our little town! Beats Wal-mart by a landslide in all areas! Kroger brand goods are top-notch too- I never have to pay extra to get the flavor and quality I am looking for! Love Dillons and Kroger!
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5 years ago, Ajashby
Coupon searching
I love using this app to help me find items in the store and I really want to like using the coupon function. However I wish it were easier to find out if my item has a coupon. I don’t always know what I’m buying when I go to the store and I wish the coupon section was like the target app. I just scan the barcode and it tells me if there are any discounts on the app. I wish I could scan my items on Dillons app and have it tell me if there were any coupons. I would be a lot more apt to use it more if I could easily search it.
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6 years ago, =me
Was good, now a pain to use.
I used to love that I could make a grocery list...even though the only way to print was to email to myself. The update that came out today Nov 8th 2017 makes this list feature unusable. You can not delete items from the list. So last weeks items won't go away. They appear to be removed, but in seconds they are back. Also coupons and sale items default to a cart and not your list. Annoying and time consuming to correct.
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6 years ago, Jaztutz
I’ve been waiting for this!!
Integrated coupons, shopping list and ClickList capability. It sorts your list by store aisle! I keep a running grocery list by adding stuff to my cart, which gives me the option of going to the store later myself, or simply clicking “purchase” and someone else will shop for me! Love the upgrades. Ways to improve: add “impulse suggestions”; more explicit coupon options; and allowing a user to “move to cart” everything on one’s list in a single click.
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2 months ago, CeeBeeFromLarryville
Sign in EVERY time, ugh
I like this app ok but it makes me sign in every time I leave it, not close it (though I have to sign in after that too of course), but even switching to another app logs me out. I’ve checked, unchecked, and checked again where it says “check here to stay logged in”. It does nothing. I just deleted the app and all data and started over again. Same very annoying behavior. I mean, the Kroger Pay inside the app has another layer of security- PIN or FaceID- so why keep logging me out? It’s very annoying when I’m checking out at the store and have to log in again, go to the pay tab, log in some more. Ugh!
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3 years ago, Chatter123!
Frustrating at times
When there is a certain item out of stock and they supposedly don’t have substitutes, they don’t give you options to pick anything what. Example I click on oat milk that the app said they have and then the next morning it will say they DONT have that item and DONT have substitutes for oat milk? It’s Dillons! For gods ales give me ANY dam oat milk! What’s the point of doing pick up if I have to get down and go buy the exact oat milk you said you’re out of? This needs to be fixed by adding a comment section on order where I can comment that I’ll take ANY NON DAIRY MILK! This has happened with my chicken as well. I want to comment I just need any brand.
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4 weeks ago, App stinks!!
Lousy app
This is the most UNFRIENDLY user app of all. Doesn’t work properly most of the time which causes frustration between customers and associates. I have many shopping apps and never have trouble with them. Requiring a digital download for sale items which doesn’t register at check out most of the time. Just put the darn thing on sale without the fuss! And let people make changes to the account without always having to contact customer service because it’s not working properly. Very discouraging!! I have reached out to customer support with no help! App still has log in error requiring log in EVERYTIME I open the app. This is NOT worth the frustration it causes.
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3 years ago, Cqqqzzzzqqqq
Kroger Casino
As if their website isn’t one of the worst of any large company. It’s not that they pack frozen stuff to the very top of cheap bags ghetto become soggy and rip on the way in from the car. It’s not that they pack huge amounts of heavy stuff and put a couple of small light items in a bag by themselves. It’s not that they send obviously spoiled apples home with you. It’s not that they allow too many people to put place orders in the same time lot then call you literally 5 minutes before your pickup time and tell you it will be an hour late. While these are ALL real examples of my experience there is one thing that drives me most insane. THEY LET YOU ORDER ITEMS THEY DON’T HAVE AND NO SUBSTITUTES AVAILABLE! Obviously if they don’t have items they shouldn’t let you order them, right? Right? It is just plain mismanagement! So my suggestion for renaming Dillons is the KROGER CASINO. You pays your money but you never know what you will actually get! Ask yourself how many times you actually end up taking home what you actually ordered?
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2 years ago, Domminigan
Hate having to use an app
Having to use an app for a grocery store is extremely inconvenient. The number of times I have NOT bought something because it had a ridiculous “digital coupon” is extremely high. It’s almost like the management at Kroger decided one day “Hey, Let’s do these extremely inconvenient little coupons instead of putting things actually on sale so that you show up to the store and get these as a surprise, and then CANNOT OFTEN DOWNLOAD THE COUPONS BECAUSE OUR STORES HAVE DEAD ZONES!” Just put the stuff on sale or don’t. Someone is trying to justify their job with this “digital coupon” baloney. The worst is having an app that is NOT easy to set up, to figure out or to try to teach to the elderly. Older people shop at your stores. By making this app so incredibly complicated; they are not able to learn how to use it. And then to force updates? What were you thinking. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You already HAVE the data via the plus cards. Requiring this to do coupons is malicious.
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3 years ago, Lilteejae
Awesome products and service!
I’ve been using this app for several months now and the updates have made online shopping even better. Pick-up orders through the app are so easy! I can just add items from my previous order and submit them quickly. The products are always fresh and the staff are super friendly. The substitution feature is wonderful so I can get a similar version of an item without extra cost.
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6 years ago, Lowesshopper
Better, but.....
Down to just one complaint. If you’re going to offer a list of over 500 coupons, how about you make the filter and sort function actually work. For example, I’m not a click list shopper, yet despite trying to filter out those click list only coupons, they continue to show up. I shop at Dillon’s because of the coupons (and fuel points). I could go across the street and shop at your competitor and not have to bother with the coupons at all and still save money. Please fix. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Stivick
App’ review
Can be difficult at times. One week it lets me schedule a delivery and next time it won’t. Says my address non-deliverable. And then it’s difficult to change it to a pick up. And now it doesn’t offer many hints as you type a search and seems very little showing up in a search than say 1-2 months ago. Seem’s to have less and less to choose from. Pretty disappointing I might say. Used to be good and I got my delivery all of the time with the same address. Steve Lekan
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2 months ago, Victoria_36
Needs improvement
The app is logging me out constantly, every time I try to go into the app I have to log in. The app is up to date. Password was entered incorrectly 3 times and it has locked me out of my account which is very inconvenient, and doesn’t tell me how long it is locked for, just says temporarily. I get it’s for security but I shouldn’t have to log in so many times and have more than 3 chances to log in. It makes the app more of an annoyance and inconvenience to use when it’s supposed to be convenient. The app is also clunky with constant loading times and not very user friendly.
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2 months ago, Teachermama1974
Logging out error
As others have said, I am unable to stay logged into the app. This started this week. It is extremely frustrating to simply switch apps (comparing prices elsewhere) and come back and have to wait 20 seconds with multiple clicks to log back in. It took me hours to complete my shopping as a result. Looks like this started approx. Feb 3rd (from looking at reviews), which is more than a week, plenty of time to fix this. Do any of you in charge of these fixes use this app? Do you have testers? Does anyone read these reviews? I know you can fix this because I've used this app for probably eight years without this issue.
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5 years ago, BurningTheCandleAtBothEnds
Problems with Clicklist ordering
I use Clicklist about once a month. The last two orders I have placed I made sure to deselect the allow substitutions button. However when I received the confirmation email and reviewed my order, it showed everything was substitutable. In addition I’ve received products that had expired the day I ordered the groceries. I work two jobs and go to school. I don’t always have time to shop for myself. I liked the convenience of Clicklist in the beginning when it actually worked. It’s no longer convenient when you don’t receive the things you want. Next month I’m trying Walmart grocery pick up.
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2 weeks ago, YellowBirdDog
Keep Me Logged In - PLEASE!!
This app went from a 5 star to a 1 star. Weeks have gone by and the bug in this app that prevents users from staying logged in has not been fixed. I use this app on an iPhone 14 and iPad. More recently the app even logs me out while using. UPDATED REVIEW: I changed my 1 star review to a 5. The app is now working as it should. It just took the developer way to long to find a solution to the problem.
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4 years ago, Itwasgrace
Not getting any better for in-store shopping
See the weekly ad and need a 3-day digital coupon? Better sit down in do some serious scrolling through hundreds of random coupons. Need to know which local stores carry that special treat in the ad? Or need help navigating the floor plan? You will still need lots of clicks and a high tolerance for frustration if you are counting on the app. But suppose you asked a helpful employee, so now you wanna to thank them. Good luck with the receipt survey! If you can even find it, the new, expanded format takes longer than ever to fill out. No with new pickup/delivery/shipping options, this online app is a terrible tool for those of us who want to squeeze our own Charmin.
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6 years ago, Customer Sheri
Click list
Love your click list program! I’ve used it at least 4 times now, and I’m extremely impressed with the staff that works there, very quick and Very Friendly!! Today I give Terri a Big Thumbs Up! I think it would be great if you recognized the customers that use this, with maybe a waved service fee after every 5th time you use this program? It would increase this service I’m sure! Thank you! Keep up the good work!! Sheri Barr
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4 weeks ago, pleazfixtheapp
Ok app
When it worked it was great. Have been dealing with sign in error issues. I log in and everything works fine then randomly get kicked out for sign in error. Hoping this latest update has a fix for that. Also don’t like having to log into the app and then having to log in again when going to my prescriptions. Which has added two factor authentication to make the log in that much more painful. I suggest adding Face ID to make logging in the app and prescriptions portion much easier.
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2 years ago, DJSpapa
Horrible App and Pricing tactics
Tried this for the second time in 5 years. I see the low pricing in the stores if digital coupons are used. Thanks again for making me feel like a circus monkey Dillons. Play along and try to load the coupons after logging in multiple times. Go to the store and gather up the deals only to leave them all at the register because the coupons were not on the card. I am guessing it could all go away if I gave you a yearly membership fee to be a certified monkey chasing around the store to find the special deals while dodging the remaining products that are giving you record inflationary profits.
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