Disney Store

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4 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Disney Store

4.76 out of 5
85.8K Ratings
6 years ago, troy ashley
My only issue
I love Disney and love the products. The only issue I have is when it comes to the limited edition items you guys are not very good at keep track of how many you have and how many are sold before sending out confirmation of when orders are put through. Then when the items are pulled you charged shipping because the dollar amount drops below the qualified dollar amount for free shipping. Which is wrong because that’s not us customers fault. Plus my last order was duplicated, which you guys did send me a free shipping label and apologized for that mistake but never reimbursed me for my double shipping! Nor did you compensate me in any way for your mistake. And after being in retail for over 20 years (in my experience) is not right either. Especially where it was not my mistake. So other then the lack of some customer service... I love Disney and the products.
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6 years ago, Stitch My Shadow
Love shopDisney but needs some improvement
I love Disney and the shopDisney app (the use of Apple Pay for check makes checkout super easy/convenient and the ability to buy park items are my two pros about the app) but my biggest complaints with the app are as follows. One: it clears out your shopping cart (bag) if you have to leave the app for a minute (if you need to check your bank account, answer the phone, look up your Disney account password...). Two: it’s not consistent from one look to another on the products available. Looking through the listed products in the morning and when I look again a couple hours later there are some items that were not there before but are now there and some that were there that are no longer listed (I understand that new stuff gets added and old stuff gets removed but I’m talking about stuff that’s still available that I was able to find only by using the search feature). Third and final: there isn’t a feature to “like”, “heart”, or a wish list feature so you can come back to buy it with out adding it to the bag (which wouldn’t be helpful anyways since the bag automatically clears itself). These are not deal killers, as I said I love Disney and will continue to return often for anything Disney. But these are what make me give the 3 star rating.
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4 years ago, Banana when shamanism
So aggravating.
This app is horrible. Don’t get me wrong I love Disney and I vacation there all the time but this app sure does need some work. I’ve always had issues with it but I’ve tried to buy something today for an hour and a half. That is actually ridiculous. It logged me out I would say over 50 times. Literally! And let me just say every time I open the app whether it was today or any other day I have to log back in every single time. It’s the most annoying thing. Not to mention it never saves my cart information. Why have that feature if it doesn’t work? Oh and don’t get me started on guest services. If you call don’t expect much. When you call they don’t put you in a wait line they hang up and tell you to try again later. AND don’t get me started on trying to order something that says it’s in stock only to get to check out for it to tell me it’s no longer available. Happens all the time. I’m so sick of limited edition items. I want them all but being online for 2 hours only to not get what I wanted in the first place? Don’t tell me I didn’t try hard enough because I did. Alarm set and card out signed into my account and ready. Overall this app does nothing for me. When it comes to ordering I usually just get online and order off their website rather than through the app. It’s less of a hassle!
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4 years ago, A little more plz
Mad customer
I don’t like that you can’t find the pins in store. I went to Disney store n asked about the Minnie Main Attraction Pins n the Castle series (Cinderella n Arendale). The said they are online only which is rediculious. We tried the “lottery” for the castle n got nothing. I have the 1-5 of the minnies before you stopped selling in the USA (you have stopped the release to all countries, not just the USA). Having a lottery for a series is the worst idea ever. Unless you “get lucky” n win the lottery everytime with a series (which is doubtful) you’ll never get the whole series which is the point (to collect them all). You’ll be stuck paying twice the amount on eBay from all these people making money off Disney n the collectors get screwed. I’m debating now weather to sell my 5 Minnie pins n binder cause I doubt I’ll win a lottery 7 more times. Your making it impossible for people to get things. Lottery is fine for a special items but not a series unless that lottery is for the whole series. I spend thousands on Disney stuff for my kids n I n we our a DVC too but Disney is getting rediculious with lotteries for series. Put it back to the way it was or come up with a better plan to stop the bots.
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6 years ago, Jkneems
No Premier doll
At 3am EST, Saturday, 10/6, in the morning, as it was just being released to the world, I tried several ways to search for & purchase the just released Snow White Premier Collection doll. I could not find it at all on the app! No matter how I searched, nothing came up but wine glasses & earrings. NEVER ANY MENTION OR SIGN OF THE DOLL! To make matters worse, through a link I found on Facebook, I was finally able to find her on the website...SOLD OUT! Because I wasted 15 minutes on your stupid app!!! Just called customer service to see what I did wrong & what I should look up on your app for the Cinderella release next Saturday & got NO HELP AT ALL. When I asked for a supervisor I was told to call back because they were busy for the next hour. Busy? “They” because he confirmed “all” were busy! For an hour? At 8:50pm EST on a Sunday night ??? Really????? Thought I was finally calmed down enough to talk to your customer service after the mess of not buying a Christmas present for my granddaughter. But after speaking with him and realizing that you just don’t care... I’m angrier than when I started!!! YOU’RE NOT DISNEY...you’re just a cheap wanna be!
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4 years ago, Hershey A
Order would not place yesterday
My original order would not place yesterday. Error about items no longer available, with instructions to click ok to return to cart where it would be automatically adjusted. Those adjustments were not automatically made and no matter how many times I tried to resubmit or make my own stock verifications and resubmit, the order would not process. Always same error. Today, my order went through. Problem is, the Summer promotion prices are not valid today. This has been very frustrating! Also, some search functions don’t seem to work well where all related products are not listed. Noticed this yesterday when looking for bags and for beach towels.
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5 years ago, DisneyKuehn
Sold out items not showing being sold out on the website
As I was trying to purchase merchandise multiple items came up that I exceeded the quantity because the item was sold out. So I continued to delete and re add these items because they were still available to purchase. If the checkout won’t let me buy the item, then remove it instantly from being for sale. It’s confusing and frustrating because it’s unclear. If the item is sold out then it’s sold out not “exceeding the quantity “ which was 1. I was only looking to buy a 30$ bag then I proceeded to tally up 100$ more of sale impulse shops . Then got easily frustrated as each of my items were exceeding the quantity and had to be removed. Again please try to find a way to remove the items as soon as they sell out. Thank you, Melissa Kuehn a very loyal Disney store customer for 17+ years and annual visitors to Magic Kimgdom. Lover of all Disney !
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5 years ago, Preciousdiviana
Horrible experience
I have a lot of trouble trying to make an order. I try to contact the Disney family by phone without any luck, I enter again to the contact us and this time I try chat with us. The took a lot of time to reply back I receive the automatic reply and they keep me waiting for several time I received the answer after I said that I was waiting for a long time. Also I wrote an email with the bad experience and they reply that they are always looking for ways to improve experience and that they are proud of providing quality entertainment and merchandise for all and they will continue to make every effort towards achieving that goal and guess what they did not shop the entire order and after a week I received another email telling me that they cannot ship one of the articles to me after they charged me for the whole order. I’m very disappointed at the Disney family treatment since that’s my daughter birthday gift. What can I say to my daughter now when that was the only thing she wanted?
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4 years ago, Dancingwishy
Just keeps getting worse!
1. I have two major problems with this app - it doesn’t think I know my address. I wish I could check a box that I have checked and confirmed that it’s right. I am so tired of fighting with it. (Disney in general hates my address - it often freezes up the computer at the Disney Store and don’t get me started on trying to buy DIGITAL park tickets through the DisneyParks app .) 2. It’s so slow! It takes forever to load and when it does it takes forever to move from one screen to another. My cart often freezes and I have to force close the app, and then wait all over again while it takes a full minute to log me in then another full minute to update my cart.
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4 years ago, Jane'spins82
I love Disney, but I absolutely can’t stand this stupid app. It never keeps me logged in because there is constantly login error. Even when I do login the login error pops up afterwards. I also hate how I can’t buy anything unless I have WiFi. There are constantly errors that pop up on my error saying, we can’t process your request at this time or please try again later. I’m a trading pin collector, and today I was trying to buy a limited edition pin. I had the pin in my bag, but it never would process the purchase! It would and then quit loading as if I didn’t press purchase. This app has done this multiple times when I buy pins from it! This went on for thirty minutes! I even deleted the app and redownloaded it, and that didn’t work either. I gave up and waited and hour. However, when I got back the pin was gone. Now I have to go to Ebay and buy it for 3x the original amount! This app is so slow and ridiculous!
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6 years ago, Granny2006
My frustration is, and has been, either the site kicks you off and when you get back on you have to start at the beginning. Now that wouldn’t be the worst but when you restart all the items are in a different order do does no good to try and scroll to where you left off in your shopping prior to being kicked off. It used to be the same when you opened an object to look at it and when you went back to the list it makes you start over again. Makes you want to scream. Now the last problem listed didn’t happen today so maybe they fixed that part. Now they need to fix the initial problem discussed. Love Disney - Hate their DisneyShop site. Ugh.
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5 years ago, pleaseenteranewnickname
Not Impressed
I had opened my Shop Parks app because I’ll be doing a Disney trip soon and wanted to see if there was anything beforehand that I wanted and where it was sold in the park(s), only to find out that the app would be retiring soon. I downloaded the Shop Disney app and I am not impressed. I cannot see what is sold in the park(s) and where anymore which is what made the other app nice. Granted, there is a larger selection of products on the Shop Disney app, but I can’t see what’s sold in the park(s) and what isn’t. It’s a huge let down for now I can’t plan out purchases and easily find in the park(s) what I want without having to go through numerous stores only to be disappointed that they don’t have the item I would like. If it’s a setting that allows this, then it needs to be somewhere easily found. If it included a similar feature to the one in the Shop Parks app then I’d be happier, but until then I probably won’t be using this app much.
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4 years ago, FPlus
Worst shopping app in existence
Worst app and service. App doesn’t work half the time. When products are out of stock they still list them, they charge you multiple times when the order hasn’t gone through. They cancel your orders. They take forever to ship, even after they mark it as shipped the tracking doesn’t get any updates such as being actually shipped for another 7 days. Disney should be ashamed of this service / shopping website. ShopDisney is terrible. Also their MMTMA Series is a joke. “Collectable online only Merch” that they turn around and sell in Disneyworld days after release while everyone else has to fight bots to buy. I’ve seen Pictures on Fb of people buy carts full of “Online Exclusive” collectors items after they’ve been sold out so they can turn around and resell them for $500. Some guy got the Space mountain collection x 50 of each part and made over $20,000 in profit while real fans didn’t get to buy them.
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7 months ago, VaBchJay
Great app, horrible inventory control…
The app is great and the shopping experience is good. The two problems I have with shopping Disney online is inventory control. If you’re fighting to get an item that’s highly resold by others online and you do get lucky enough to get ‘said’ item, there’s a high chance of your order being cancelled, confirmation email or not. Second, to find high demand items, like D23 releases will not show on shopDisney. You’ll need to find a blog or Instagram post to get the link to the item on shopDisney. Overall, Disney has some awesome stuff. If you can get to the parks or Disney Springs, your chances of finding something is much better but if you’re only option is online shopping… that item you purchase will likely not really be in stock
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4 years ago, oldie but goodie 80
Disney Store
I love this store! I always find way too much to buy and have a list on Save! The quality of all my purchases has been excellent and We have saved a lot for hand-me-downs. I have worn one of my sweatshirts every cold season for over 20 years and it is as good as new. Of course I didn’t purchase it online but in a Disney Store when we had one in our mall. I just bought Halloween costumes for my great grandchildren s birthdays as it will be before Halloween and we will be having a party at our home for only the 5 people who live here plus maybe grandparents! Of course I found Christmas gifts for some of my other family! I highly recommend the Disney Store for all your holidays!!!!❤️❤️❤️
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5 years ago, Marroquin11
Easy to search but Apple Pay doesn’t work
Awesome, great app. Easy to navigate, search items and add to cart but I always have problems with Apple Pay. It will delete items off my cart when I try to pay with it or it will say wrong info when I know it isn’t and it will keep a hold of my money for up to three days as processing even though it doesn’t go through ! Once I tried Apple Pay twice and it was on my account two days(both tries), when I enter manually I have no issues whatsoever. Lesson learned after PLENTY OF TRIES! That’s the only reason I give it 4 stars. Apple Pay is quick and easy on any other app, never had problems. Make it even simpler ShopDisney
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4 years ago, Puppy monkey kitty
Slow and Glitches
I love Disney and I loved the app at first too. I got a new phone over the summer; then in October when Disney has their big doll release my app started acting up. I thought it was just from foot traffic of too many people on the app at once. I shook it off and just used the mobile site one my phone. It didn’t get any better after all the dolls said and done with. It still doesn’t work for me. It takes forever to load. I mean like 2-10 minutes or more. It’s always up to date and it’s the only app I have this issue with. It drives me nuts. Then when it finally does load and prompts me to login it always gives me a login error. Or I get errors when searching for products. Super irritating for someone who constantly shops with Disney.
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4 years ago, TheresaBu45
Awful website and customer service
Two months in a row I have had difficulty (actually impossibility) of checking out from the virtual waiting room with now help from customer service! I got into shop almost immediately. Added the item to my shopping bag. Tried to check out and could not! Eventually I was kicked out and placed back into the virtual waiting room, at which point my item was now sold out! So incredibly tired of this from Disney with literally 60 days of them not fixing the problem!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Soledad4
Out of stock items
I am very disappointed that at the time I was checking out it told me my items were out of stock... with all the millions Disney makes it should at least invest in a better website and it should be a way to customers to know there are few items left... It’s ridiculous to waste my time adding things to the bag (it can be hours browsing and selecting the items) to just get the notification at the end when I am paying... I feel like Disney don’t care about my time invested and more like “we don’t care how many hours you spent searching in our website and wasted your time”. Fix this situation because I called and the cast member told me on the phone that everybody always ask the same question... why can’t be a way to tell if the item is getting low in inventory? Or out of stock? Just take the item completely from other people view.
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5 years ago, Unicorn Pines
Better Off Purchasing from Web Browser
This review comes solely from the use of the app, as I’ve been a shopper of the Disney Store and ShopDisney for years and generally have had good experience. Trying to browse and purchasing from the app, though, was nearly impossible. The app was slow and glitchy, freezing on a page and needing to close down and refresh the app, which forced me to log back in every single time (which had its own problems). Eventually, I had to delete the app and complete my purchase in a web browser (which I had no issues with purchasing from the site through there). One would think having a direct app would be more convenient and easier, but in this case, better off buying through the website on a web browser on phone or computer.
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2 years ago, CA Disney Enthusiast
Charged Twice
I shopped at the Twice Upon A Year Sale and got some really great deals. However, the app kept crashing while I was making my purchase and I ended up being charged twice. The extra charge has yet to be removed after nearly a week. I made two calls to customer service— the first person said that the extra charge would be refunded after my order shipped and that this happens sometimes when ordering through the app. When that did not happen, I called again and that person said they were refunding me and that I would see the refund within a day. Since that has not happened, I now have to call customer service a third time.
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4 years ago, disney loves only ebay
something that everybody wants
May 4th I spent 7 hours trying to get the Star Wars key. Just wanted 1 and that was the only thing. I got on line before it was time for the keys to go on line. Your site crashed and needless to say I didn’t get the key. I had to get it off eBay. I have given Disney so much business over the years. I have been to both resorts in the us. I have been to Florida DW too many times to count. I can’t believe this happened. It also happened when the Minnie main limited edition came out in April. Again just wanted one thing the ears. I spent less time that day. Three hours I wasted. Why don’t you just sell all your stuff to the eBay sellers and just don’t let people like me buy. Paying a higher price is better than being on line all day. The virtual waiting room was crap. It made no difference. Thanks for nothing Vera
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4 years ago, Faithful97
Extremely Limited Selection, No Map Feature.
I’m very disappointed with this app. I love Disney. I go to the parks every three years or so. I have travel anxiety so before a trip I like to research in the app the latest merchandise offered throughout the parks. It helps to make things less over whelming. When I opened the new app, it appeared to have significantly limited park merchandise and no “park map” feature that could help locate the items in the parks once there. Please make it similar again to the old app. Even in store only items were viewable on the old app, which was still extremely helpful as I could make a list of things I wanted before hand. This also helped to narrow down which stores I needed to go to, in order to make my time in the parks more efficient.
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5 years ago, TiffanyKorena
Needs Updating and add’l features
Love all this Disney but this app. I was shopping last week for Christmas items and had to add all items to my basket but was not ready to purchase yet. This week I was looking for a birthday gift for a family member. I could not easily find the item, like last week, so I had to do an extensive search. Then after adding item to shopping cart, I was not able to process my order until ALL of the items from my Christmas purchases were deleted bc there is no “Save for Later” or “Wish List” options. Hopefully when I go back to find all of the items I want to purchase I am able to do so seeing how finding one product today was quite time consuming. Hoping the beauty items I purchased today are good though!!
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6 years ago, monorailoperator57
Magical Disney Shopping Experience
Vastly improved shopping experience. It has become very easy to navigate the website. However when it came to the Mickey Mouse Memories limited plush the experience was not so magical. Getting up in the middle of the night to find the app and the website running VERY slow was frustrating to the point I will likely not shop limited edition quotes plush starting in January. They had 12 months to get it right but fell short in execution. However for my other Disney needs I will keep returning to the app or website.
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5 years ago, Happy mom😄
Online shopping glitch
It took me 2 days to place this order. It has never been so difficult to place an order. It was not giving me the free shipping even though my order was more than $75. I called in my concern and was asked questions I already knew the answer to. If my order was more than $75, if I correctly used the discount and so forth. I’ve placed so many orders before on my Disney app/online, why wouldn’t I know the steps? I finally got the order in w the discounts on my own. But when a loyal customer calls in a glitch, please take it into consideration and help. Don’t just dismiss it and imply customer is doing something wrong. There was a glitch and that’s why it took me forever to get the shipmagic included. Thank you, Loyal online customer
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3 years ago, JessMC2180
Convenient, but not efficient
The app is okay, but navigation is not as easy as on the browser and choosing sizing is strange. You have to click ‘add to bag’ to even see what sizes are available. On the web browser you can see available sizes while viewing the item. Also, I wish that when you are looking at an item, they would suggest similar or matching items. For example, when you look at a girls dress, there should be suggestions for accessories, (bags, shoes, jewelry, etc). If I want to see matching items I have to go to multiple different categories to navigate and scroll through endless items that are not relevant to what I’m looking for. Not convenient and time consuming.
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5 years ago, Spikerdink
Deja Vu All Over Again
Decided to do some Black Friday shopping after a day of decorating. Sat on the couch and put a bunch of items in the bag. Added my last item and noticed there was only 1 item in the bag (should have been 6 items). Had to readd all the missing items. Go to checkout- the bag read 6 items - and it reset again. So I shop again. It does it a third time. Raced to get all the items in the bag so I can take advantage of the 20% off and free shipping. Checkout and can’t get the free shipping even though I met the required total. At one point needed just a few dollars to get the free shipping. Looked at the link for “under $10” only the link wouldn’t work. Frustrating.
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5 years ago, season12
Disappointed - No AP discount
I’m an out of town Disneyland AP. I missed a couple items when I was at the park last week and thought no big deal I’ll order online ... welp there NO AP DISCOUNT WITH THIS APP. I contacted CS via chat I was redirected to the DisneyWorld “MyExperience” app for my AP I asked specifically if my LAND AP would give the discount and she sd that she did not have access to that information. I don’t know why she would redirect me to that app if I was in LAND and have AP for LAND not WORLD. 20% discount unusable for my online purchase and I will now order nothing and wait til next trip - hopefully it’s still available. Disappointed to say the least and feel somewhat bitter to know that IF I was a FL AP I would have been able to receive the AP discount via their app. Why the differences between the park apps? Seams like a scam to me. -
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4 years ago, frustradedfan
Disney needs to do better
I have been a Disney collector for over 20 years. If we are in quarantine you would think they would make more of the new releases know full and well people are wanting them. This would also stop people from selling at higher prices and allows people to purchase. 3 months in a row now and can’t seem to purchase any of the new releases. Disney has know about this issue since first month in quarantine and still has not worked on their website
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5 years ago, SunandBlue
Needs big improvement on filter option
This app needs a big improvement on the Filter option. The Shop Disney has thousands of items and it is important to help narrow down the search to make it easier and less time consuming. For example, if I am looking for men’s clothing, it includes accessories and other items not applicable. If I click on an item I may be interested or needing more information, then go back, I have to start all over and it becomes frustrating. I wish the app developers try out the app before making changes, updating or making improvements try it out before sending out updates. I wish Disney invest more money in improving their websites and apps which they always overlook and seems to be on the backburner.
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6 years ago, wakeboard21
Check out took over 30 minutes. It kept kicking me out and would not let me finish my order. I had to restart the process five times. At the end of the fifth time two items were no longer available. It was a very disappointing experience. And I was afraid to go back to get the Mickey bag because I was frustrated and afraid it would start the whole process over. If I’d realized those other two items are no longer available I would’ve purchased something else that was the Mickey bag with the Stripes.
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5 years ago, Teri9876
Items in bag not available for purchase
I hate it when items in my bag are actually not available for purchase! This has happened several times when I’m shopping and when I go to checkout, I get a message that says something to the effect of, “quantity exceeds what is available “...??????? I tried to buy one “Kevin” 10th anniversary plush for $7.99! Are they selling out like hot cakes? Lol Geez! Hey Disney! Here’s a tip: Don’t advertise items that kids want and have parents try to buy it and then have to do damage control later on telling them Disney ran out. And I don’t want to hear any “So sorry, our system doesn’t update blah blah blah....” You guys make lots of magic happen every day. Could you work your magic and not advertise toys that you no longer have available on your website???? Many thanks!
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6 years ago, Catlover4ever247
Disney Store anytime Disney
We recently moved to Florida but on the West side and got to go to the Tampa International Mall during December!! My daughters and my first Stop since I looked it up was the Disney Store 💜❤️💙💕💗💖💞!!! We Love Disney Stores we were there back and fourth about 5 x that day!! I Love also shopping 🛒 online at your Store it’s only one of a few sites I trust these days!! Thank you Disney Walt Disney for opening Disney before I was born the Theme Park I Florida, California etc all the Stores!! Keep it going great guys you are definitely doing a great job!! No hackers here
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1 year ago, BigSouc
Needs Refinement
I love that there is an app that I can stay logged in all the time as opposed to being online. My only suggestion is that the searching needs to be more refined for the category such as if I’m looking in the men’s section I shouldn’t see woman’s items or kids items I should only see items for adult males. Every time I click on specific categories it’s like it doesn’t matter I’m still going to see everything mixed.
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4 years ago, 1972BigMac
Options are lacking
I love Disney!!! I want to get that out first. However, it seems like here lately the lack of options for products to purchase is getting worse. I understand that with our current situation that it has made things tough, but I have never had issues with finding things I wanted to buy from the store, until I have money to purchase. Big men’s clothing, big women’s clothing are at an all time minimum. Cell phone cases also and tech accessories in general. We love Disney and can’t wait to go back to WDW, please bring back more options to buy from the site.....thank you
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4 years ago, DisneyFamof6
Problem with website
I kept getting kicked out and when I did get through it wouldn’t let me put my card in. When it finally did take my card it wouldn’t finish my order and I had to keep trying before it finally took! On hold for guest services now to make sure it really did go through! Never had this problem before but I guess it’s because the face masks came out today for preorder! 🤷🏻‍♀️
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4 years ago, Xwd fan
It’s really slow
I like being able to buy Disney products online. The app is functional and I can usually find what I am looking for. But it is extremely slow. I stopwatched placing an order.....it took over 3 minutes. Unfortunately, every time you add to your bag, log in, or move through the checkout screens it takes over a minute to advance to the next screen. Very frustrating.
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4 years ago, lin8888880000000000
Horrible time in placing order
Because I moved recently and changed our address it seemed to create a problem. After waiting an hour and half on phone for customer service my problem was resolved and said there would be no further issues. The next day I tried to place another order and wasn’t able to do it with my disney card yet again so ultimately had to use bank card and didn’t get points and discounts for using card. I also couldn’t get through to customer service with a wait time of 79 minutes. So I couldn’t add more qty to my existing order and had a to pay shipping twice. With additional qty would have put it at free shipping. Very frustrating!
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6 years ago, SohoDragonGirl
Better buy them fast!
I’ve been using the app for two years and it just gets better and better. Checkout is much smoother than in the past. I also like that they have a nice large selection and deals most of the time. One word of advice, if there is something you like on the app, get it fast. Ive left things in my cart to buy later only to find out it is old out. They have some heavily discounted flash sales but have to move fast!!!
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5 years ago, Wild1💟
Disney App the only way to shop online for the Mouse from your house or anywhere♥️🎃🍂❣️
This Disney App makes me 😃 it is just like being in the shops at Disneyland to me. It is so very convenient and cool 😎 it just comes to your door. They have sales and free shipping over $75 purchase and they send you emails to keep you up to date with all of the up and coming items, movies etc. This Mouseketeer ♥️’s Disneyland and now I have a piece of it in my home or wherever I am. DISNEY til I DIE ☠️🎃👻🍂
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5 years ago, Kelslord
App used to be great definitely needs an update!
I’ve had this app for a long time now but recently in the last few months it has become almost impossible to use. Regardless of having great service or high speed internet it just constantly loads, there is loading for everything at the most inconvenient times. Like others have said the circle of death. Also I have to login every time I open the app, and lastly it also removes all the items in my cart every time I reopen the app. I’ve wanted to purchase many items but the constantly loading and the removing of the items in my cart has made it impossible!! Please update or fix the app please!
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4 years ago, auntiemal
Shop Disney
It is extremely frustrating when you are in the website at 10 am when something goes on sale and have it in your cart and then are unable to checkout because the item is no longer available by the time the checkout function finally works. If an item is no longer available do not let someone put it in their cart at all. Also there is something drastically wrong if something that went on sale at 10 is no longer available at 10:01.
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5 years ago, Disneyfan05
Improvement Needed
I absolutely love Disney. My complaint about this site is that it is hard to find what your looking for. Especially if it is a limited release. There are still people that collect for they love all things Disney. I feel that it is very difficult to find the limited items and they are often sold out but the time you actually locate them if you can find them at all.
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5 years ago, Sevyn Mindoro
Awful Replacement for Shop Parks
Others have mentioned this, but I was annoyed enough to write it again. Why would you replace an app where you could find items IN THE PARKS/DISNEY SPRINGS, with an app that DOES NOT do that?? One of the BEST parts of Shop Parks was to find items you’d like to purchase IN PERSON, without needing to have things shipped to you. Perhaps guests would like to know the most convenient place to get that special souvenir for a loved one back home, or the availability of an item they noticed someone else had, WHILE they’re in the parks?! Shop Disney, PLEASE update your app to include this feature. That alone would garner a 5-star rating.
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4 years ago, Edward A. P.
The Disney Loading Circle of Doom
This app has everything you need for a great Disney trip, but with all that Merch. on one app it will take forever to load every. Single. Time. When I add something to my cart or make changes or type in a word in the search bar the loading circle will load and load and make a trip around Disneyland before finishing my order or finding that item I searched for. So in short this takes a lot of patience (and money) to use their app. Just be sure to use their website when you can.
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4 years ago, S.Lang510
Too Glitchy
I’m giving this app 1 star because every time I’ve used it I’ve had some sort of issue. The first time I purchased from the app, when checking out it kept saying my order could not be processed so of course I would try again. Only to find out later that every transaction actually went through and my card had been charged 3 times. Today, it took an hour to finally get my order to go through because the app kept logging me out in the middle of checking out, therefore losing the items in my cart and having to start completely over each time. Absolutely ridiculous and way too glitchy..
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5 years ago, Alliamay
We seem to ALWAYS find affordable, great-quality items from the on-line store / app! The few times I’ve called to get a price-match (having found items cheaper in the physical store), they’ve been more-than-accommodating and courteously helpful! The items are all such fun and fanciful reminders of quality family time spent at Disney Parks or watching their movies, shows, etc.! Can’t wait to see what other treasures await!
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6 years ago, Minniewantstolearnalanguage
Love the merchandise but the App is awkward
When first getting on the app, it is hard to find the search feature. Push the screen downward and scroll back to the top. Then you can see it. Next, when trying to buy something, finding where to add it to the cart is very difficult. Sometimes one just has to push the screen downward and upward, then a bar appears at the bottom.
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3 years ago, mariska98
50th anniversary Disney tumbler
I love Disney I really do but when are you guys going to add all your Starbucks cups on the app for people who can’t go to Disney every other day to get them. . As a tumbler collector I want to collect all the Starbucks cups that Disney has to offer but you guys only have one on the app . I don’t think that’s fair for people who can’t go to Disney once in awhile.. like me.. just saying..
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