Disney World Lines (TP)

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User Reviews for Disney World Lines (TP)

4.72 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
5 years ago, meltonmom
Disney must-have
I’ve used this app multiple times, and every time DH says to go off plan it doesn’t go nearly as well. We spent a day at the magic kingdom, finished our plan by 2:15pm after seeing everything in the park we wanted to see, never spent more than 25 min in line, and spent the rest of the day at the pool. Way better for everyone than waiting in endless lines all day! Spent today at Hollywood studios, got our slinky dog fastpass 2 months in advance, and spent 7 minutes in line vs 85 for everyone else. Use in combo with the Disney app for best results, compare wait times, adjust as needed, and enjoy leaving rides while watching the lines get longer after you’re done! Spend a few minutes getting used to it before you go as not everything is intuitive. Plan on the computer since it’s easier to move things around via drag and drop (which doesn’t really work on the phone) and adjust on the go in the park. Make sure you select your plan for each day, that makes it easier to navigate to, and follow wait times using the parks button at the bottom. It’s fun to time your waits too and see how long you really spent in line. That also helps the programs accuracy so it’s a win win. I’m sure there’s stuff in there I haven’t even figured out yet! Read the book, get the app, and enjoy a much more smooth experience.
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5 years ago, CircusRide
Dream Disney Trip
This is the fourth time we have made a trip using the Unofficial Guide. Our vacation was so relaxing and fun while using the Lines app in the park as we followed our custom plan. This trip we visited all four Disney parks in Orlando during the last week of March. The crowd levels were at a level 7, 8, and 9 during our days in the parks yet we never waited more than 35 “park minutes” for anything. The majority of the attractions we waited less than 15 minutes!!!! We did get to Animal Kingdom before the park opened so we had to wait for rope drop but made it through Flight of Passage by 9:35 (with 9:00 park opening). I can’t praise this system of touring Disney enough! A bit of planning at home will make so much difference in your touring days at the park. My family was so amazed that we made it through all the attractions we wanted to see with breaks during the day and no long lines! The Unofficial Guide is our best friend for our Orlando vacations - you really get to enjoy your time seeing the attractions vs. standing in line all day. We give it a 5-Star rating!!!
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3 years ago, bvila1
Wait until things return to normal at the parks to use this app!
During normal times this is the best app ever for touring anything related to Walt Disney World! We used touring plans for well over a decade, every other year, going to Disney World. So we turned to it again this year(July 2021). Epic fail!!! It’s as if the developers and researchers didn’t do anything to update their app or software or algorithms to handle the lack of fast passes and ride closures as well as increased crowds. The crowd levels were way off as were the wait times! And on one day none of the official wait times were showing in the app. We had to turn to the crummy Disney app. All of our touring plans were a waste of time. We abandoned this app at each of the parks and instead turned to the Undercover Tourist app. They have a one day park plan for each of the parks accounting for all of the changes. They also have the updated Disney wait times. It’s not as full featured (no estimated wait times) but it was a better alternative in this case. When things return to normal and when we return to Disney World in a few years, hopefully the developers will have gotten their algorithms back in order. Until then don’t spend much time on this app.
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8 years ago, RogersOK4
With a newborn and just turned 4-year-old planning a trip to Disney World seems overwhelming, maybe even impossible! Plus, we haven't been to Disney World in over 8 years, and so much has changed in the parks. The touringplans app and website is a lifesaver! It is so EASY to choose which day to go to which park based on crowd level predictions, use a ready- made touring plan for each park with just a few tweaks for our family's preferences, and optimize the plan or check on wait times as your family's schedule might change throughout the day. The app and website also helpfully tell me which rides I need fast passes for with suggested times to reserve the fast passes. Even though we visited during a moderately crowded time, we rarely waited in a line longer than 10 minutes! Although the Disney app would not load at times while in the parks, I never had a problem with the touringplans app. You can bet I will use this app and website for all our future Disney trips!
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6 years ago, trumpspock
Good for planning
Overall this app and associated website were helpful in planning our trip. In the future I think I would use this app for the itinerary part of the planning, but take the crowd levels and expected wait times with a grain of salt. Unfortunately I think the projected park crowd level was way off for our trip (listing some as a 2 or 3 to see it actually end up being a 6). This in turn ended up making the projected wait times way off (character spot in Epcot projected at a 5 min wait ended up having a posted wait time of 50min and crowd inside to correspond). Even with the crowd/wait time issues the itinerary part was very useful to keep track of what we wanted to do next. My advice would be to not feel like you have to do your itinerary exactly as planned, and to adjust based on wait times (cross check in the actual Disney app) I would also like to see more of the character meet and greets included as options to pick as steps so they show in the itinerary (ie the ones without fastpass lines/wait times). I also did experience some glitchiness when trying to record wait times.
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5 years ago, imabucfan
A must have app for Disney Vacations
I am retired and live in Florida but haven’t been to Disney in a long time because of my military profession. Now that I am not ball and chained to a ship or military base I bought the annual pass to catch up on what I missed at Disney World and catch up on much needed vacations. I did some research and found this app and their website and I think there is nothing more I need to help me from now on. The app and the statistical work put into it by statisticians and the input of faithful app users it helps to experience Disney the best way possible by navigating you through the parks to the shortest lines, to know when to skip the rides and enjoy the sights, rest, and eat. The plans are fantastic for those who need help navigating through the day. As a man who used charts, navigation, and landmarks throughout my career, I can say without doubt this is a necessary app for me and anyone who wants to make the most out of every trip to the World of Disney. Well done!
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8 years ago, JillyFishy
Don't leave home without it!
Just like you need to check the weather forecast to plan your day and vacation, you need the Lines forecast to do the same. Huge ROI! Lines is the easiest tool to help make the most of your time in the parks. It's very easy to create a plan and adjust your itinerary on-the-go when things don't go as planned (which happens to everyone). I really like that the app will tell you if you will not have enough time to do everything on your plan; it helps you rearrange and optimize your schedule on the go. Ex: we arrived late to the park and lines showed us that we had to remove 2 rides from the plan. Then my friend thought splash mountain was too scary once she saw it, so I removed that ride, added another we wanted to see and Lines told us when and where to be the rest of the day. My friend thinks I'm a Disney genius because even though we were late, we saw all of the best Magic Kingdom attractions and still had time to snag a great spot for Celebrate the Magic and fireworks... I couldn't have done it without Lines's planning tools.
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6 years ago, abajorek
As essential as the Disney Parks app
If you consider the relationship between amount of minutes in a Disney park and the price of admission, you would easily see that time is not only of the essence for most visitors, but that it is also a pre-paid premium commodity. With that in mind, this app is an essential for the best use of your hard-earned minutes in the park. I live locally (within eyesight of the MK fireworks), and my time in the parks could be more whimsical than most - but yet I still feel it imperative to have Testa and Co.’s planning tools, crowd data, and updated schedules on my person in anticipation of a visit to the parks as well as during our many visits each year. The subscription fee, when considered with the benefits of included time saving tools and information, is easily repaid in the time capital you gain from using the app and the website. Even more impressively, all of these features are responsibly presented in the form of a simple GUI that is easy enough to use (once you get the hang of it) and better for bandwidth on the Disney guest wireless network. While the app is certainly more utilitarian than aesthetic, any user will quickly appreciate its responsiveness when making those important last-minute decisions (like...Splash Mountain, then train or vice versa?) Many kudos to the team of touringplans for providing an invaluable service on an excellent platform.
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7 years ago, Maddoggbooks
I don't understand all the great reviews
The app is supposed to help you plan which is the best time to go to the parks but how many people writing these great reviews looking at the accuracy of their predictions. When you look at the ten day prediction and scroll down you can find a tab that takes you to their actual website. They actually post what the predicted and what the actual crowds were. Much of the time, the crowds were significantly higher than what they predicted. You can't access this information unless you pay for the yearly fee. I've used this app several times to plan my visits but it's been more crowded than they predicted every time. I don't mean by my perceptions but when you look the next day to see their reported comparisons they were usually off. Just went to EPCOT yesterday. The predicted a 3, it was actually a 5. Just goes to show there are too many variables that are not predictable and their accuracy in predicting crowds is off to much to justify paying their annual fee. I guess you can use it to determine that when kids are out of school, the parks are busier. But I'm certain most people can figure that out on their own without an app.
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5 years ago, Ojsirba
Waste of time
I really wanted to love this app, hoped it would be the wonder it claimed to be, but it just wasn’t. First of all, crowd level. Yes, it does give the disclaimer that the forecasts are just estimates, but they were way off. Secondly, our customized plan made odd suggestions which clearly showed glitches in the system (like going to the American pavilion in Epcot for a 105 minute wait at 9:00, when World Showcase doesn’t open until 11:00), and finally, it simply was unrealistic to follow. It suggested running back and forth across the park to enjoy attractions on the opposite sides of the park, and still showing us having to wait in line 30-40 minutes for them. That may be fine with adults or older kids, not so much with a younger kid in tow. After the first day, I only used it to check line times and after the second day, I quit using it altogether. The My Disney Experience app and some common sense is all you need. Get there early, ride the popular rides first, and then just relax and have have fun!
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5 years ago, Flair12345678
Damagingly inaccurate
We used this app for our Disney and Universal week 3-4-19 to 3-8-19. It is well laid out, easy to use, and got very good ratings so we confidently expected it would be a great help in planning our days so we could best enjoy the big rides we love. Unfortunately the information on crowd size and wait times was not only inaccurate it was misleading and steered us wrong time and time again. We’ve been to the parks during low crowd times, so when Universal was predicted to have a 2/10 Tuesday, we changed our plans to attend then — but it was VERY crowded, very difficult to even walk through the streets, and all the wait times for the popular rides were at least 30 to 60 minutes longer than reported. It was even worse during our days at all the Disney parks — crowd sizes were much larger than predicted and wait times were always 40 to 95 minutes longer than reported on the app. We wasted most of our days in lines, riding only 3 or 4 attractions, partly due to the misleading information presented here. The apps we’ve used previously were much more accurate. Save yourself the money and the frustration— choose a different app.
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8 years ago, Bruce757
Essential for visiting disneyworld
Unless you want to spend your trip waiting in lines, you need to make sure you're getting the right fast passes and plan your day to avoid the longest lines. Touring plans helps you do that, regardless of whether you're spending the whole day doing as much as you possibly can or you move at a more relaxed pace and enjoy yourself. The app is a bit hard to use by itself---you really want to set up your plans on the website first. But with disney's current fast pass system you need to do this two months in advance anyway. This app won't change that if you go when it's crowded you need to follow the plan (and get there early) to avoid long lines, but it's fantastic that you can change things a bit, click "optimize" and have it update your plan based on current lines and what you've actually done, even if you get off the original plan.
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5 years ago, Mondaynight79
All inclusive website for WDW info
I’m planning my family’s first trip to Disney World and with 67 days til our trip I found this site. Well worth the $15 for year long access, plus there is no automatic renewal to worry about which is outstanding. There are videos for most every ride, crowd estimates, fastpass+ advice, suggestions for rides based on ages, check lists for the months and days leading up to your trip, sample itineraries and more. There is seriously not one question that I have had that hasn’t been answered. If you can afford to go to Disney, you can afford to spend another $15 and get a year long membership to accompany this app. They even offer a 45 day money back guarantee so if for some reason your not happy you’re taken care of. I literally never leave reviews but this website/app/membership is amazing, well worth the price for the amount information you get. You won’t regret it. ❤️❤️❤️
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8 years ago, NTBNL
This is the ESSENTIAL app for planning and surviving your trip to Disney. We were locked into a specific Magic Kingdom visit date with no flexibility - one of the busiest days of the year. But with this app and a subscription to the companion website, we planned out our day and allocated our FastPasses in a way that allowed us to literally breeze through the park. In all, we did 14 attractions, met Peter Pan, had lunch and a couple of Dole Whips, and shopped for souvenirs between rope drop (8:50am) and 4:30pm. Without running! We were even able to rearrange our touring plan on the fly to accommodate a temporarily closed ride. Even the teenager was impressed with how little time we spent standing in lines. Granted, you have to exercise a little forethought and commitment, but if you want or need to make the most of your limited time and money, then this app more than pays for itself.
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6 years ago, TheConnMan
Great app! Improvements should be constant
I pay for this service! Therefore I think that updates should constantly be pushed to the app. The updated UI is awesome and long overdue. I would love this app to be more of a hub for info while in the parks...is Fantasmic cancelled tonight? There should be somewhere to share that. The chat feature is cool and has a huge following, but it's people asking where they should eat for their trip in a year. I want to have a place to share "live" information about the parks for other people in the parks. I love this app though. It's easier to use than the Disney app for show schedules and is always accurate. Thank for all your work TP! Update: I wrote this several years ago and still true. Touring Plans, you NEED to give the endless people using it as a forum a place to talk about their UPCOMING trips so that the Chat can be about info happening in the Parks that day. Also, did the prices recently skyrocket??
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6 years ago, spont9
The Gold Standard!
This app/website is the absolute best tool you can use when planning and visiting Disney parks. I have used it both in Disney World and Universal Studios. Having a plan in place is a must when visiting these parks. This app/website is worth every penny for the amount of time and stress saved while on vacation. Not only does it help you build an in park touring plan, it will remind you when to book Dining, Fastpasses, etc. Plus you have access to a forum where you can ask other Disney travelers any questions you may have about your vacation. The folks at Touring Plans have collected at least a decade worth of data to bring users the most up to date information and touring plans possible. I use this to plan before my trip, then use while in the parks, updating it as I go for the optimal touring plan. I can’t recommend enough.
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6 years ago, M to the K
Great app for strategy and planning a WDW attack.
If you like to sleep late and walk around in the heat of the day and stand in really long lines, this app will probably still make you a little more comfortable on a Disney trip, but I don’t think we have much in common. On the other hand, if you like to be at the park at Rope Drop and maximize your touring when other tourists are “sleeping” because they are on “vacation”. If you like to spend more times actually on the most popular attractions instead of waiting in line for them and if you don’t mind a little backtracking or a few extra steps, this app is a lifesaver. I also love the menus and the reviews of the hotels, although admittedly I get those in advance of my trips from the printed Unofficial Guides. I make a game out of “optimizing” my Touring Plan when I leave an attraction to see if I can shave two or three minutes off of my schedule. For me, this is fun! For the rest of you, I still think you would be better armed with the knowledge of how long it takes to walk to a restaurant or an attraction as information is power and at Disney, time is money. I have read the Unofficial Guides for 24 years and I know I drink the Kool-aid when I say, just once, try the Dumbo-or-Die-in-a-Day plan. It will change your life. Five stars.
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6 years ago, Jharward888
I can’t rave enough!
I had no idea the gem I stumbled on when I first signed up to have Touring Plans show me each room at my resort and then fax my room request. Touring plans also does schedule optimizing and attraction filtering. I punch in my kids ages and heights and it shows me what to go see and in what order and what my expected wait time is AND which rides to use my Fastpasses on. Which parks are the best based on crowds for which day. For a Disneyworld virgin it’s been like having a travel agent on my computer. They also have info on literally everything- honest direct info, not the vague pat answers the Disney sites give. So the app itself is good, but limited in its capabilities. Not surprising considering the back end data they are constantly pinging their server with. The very first thing you should do in your Disney planning, is sign up with Touring Plans.
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6 years ago, Clutter free wannabe
Okay but not great
Knowing from prior experience how overwhelming planning a Disney trip is, I originally wanted to work with a Disney travel agent for our first trip with our 1yo and his 3yo friend, but alas we were too late in calling the agents (3 months). So I have spent days going through online sites and various apps. I bought the premium plan for this app. Overall I think the app is okay. The plans are doable. My biggest issue is that the user interface is not very friendly. Also it would be nice to have a one stop shop including food options, tour options, and special events like the flower and garden festival. I haven’t found my one stop shop app or website, I ended up manually making our plan using Apple numbers. I used a number of books including Birnbaum’s guide and the 2018 Walt Disney World Dining guide. I have tables for all of our travel reservations and a table for each day at the park. I might enter them into touring plan app just to create a map.
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6 years ago, Paperroof
Almost great, but Not updated
I love touring plans, they have really helped us through the years. This app, however, isn’t helpful when it comes to the menus. The menu offerings are wrong and the prices are off too. Idk how often Disney changes their menus and prices, but I would hope that the app would be updated more often. We were walking all over blizzard beach looking for the rice bowls that don’t exist and I almost didn’t bring enough cash to Tusker house because the price was $9 per person off! Wait times for the rides were also about 10-15 minutes longer than this app said. In fact, the Disney posted wait time was much more accurate. So what good ? Well everything else is awesome and the site, book and app are always a huge part of trips. Thank you for creating them.
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2 years ago, 63516181984
Lots and lots of bugs on iPads
I’m trying to make a plan for a few hours now, but the bugs are KILLING ME All of the scroll wheels are 1 tick off. ALL,OF THEM The meal planning/scheduling screen has overlapping fields such that you cannot select the duration of your meal and therefore you cannot optimize. The biggest issue is that my set end time is STUCK on 6pm. I partly think this is the case because I’m scheduling on dates without published park hours but I feel the app should be able to work through that. Beyond that this app is great but it needs pictures and summaries of what each attraction is, what each restaurant is, and a small mini map, showing where each attraction is. Also, in the final steps I would love to see an interactive map showing my route that I can click on the stops, get info on the stop including a picture of 360 deg picture would be great Update: 2 years later, not a flipping thing has changed. The app is hot garbage. STEAMING PILE OF USELESSNESS
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6 years ago, TeamDavisMA
I am blown away by how brilliant this app is. It completely changed our experience and I believe it saved us *hours* of time in line. The few times that I decided to call an audible and do something that the app told me to do later I quickly realized that I’d made a bad call. That said, it is very flexible and you can use it for a completely regimented day or use it to change things on the fly and recalculate. My only advice would be to spend some time playing with it ahead of your trip, using a plan to add and subtract rides, dining, breaks, start and finish times, etc. Needless to say it’s worth every penny and then some. We used it for Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Universal Studios, and US Islands of Adventure. I did also use the official apps for each park to augment, particularly for mapping and ride descriptions.
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9 years ago, VickieS1
Good for line estimates, but....
We find this app very useful for helping us see how long the wait is for a particular ride. It's very accurate! But the feature that I wish they were more accurate with is the crowd forecast. We live close to Disney and have annual passes so we go often, a lot of the time just for the day. We will see that the crowd level for any given day is a "3" and head on over, only to find that the lines for even smaller rides are over 45 minutes. The line app will tell you how accurate they were the day before and I gotta say they are usually way off. The app greatly underestimates the crowd. Like the other day it said the crowd level would be a 5. The following day it posted that it was actually a 10! That's a big difference. The main reason we want this app is to help us decide what day to go. It can't seem to do that.
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8 years ago, Gadogrrl
This app is the bomb!
If you hate waiting in line, this app is for you. My family used this app for every day of our Disney vacation and spent a total of maybe 30 minutes a day in line. Between this app and the fast passes, our days were way more pleasant than expected. Two caveats: one, if you want to minimize your wait time, you must get to the Parks close to opening and two, build in some extra time in Epcot between rides. Almost every ride dumps you out into a cool interactive play area that you won't want to skip just to make it to the next ride in time. At first I balked at the idea of being on a set schedule but I let my 9 year old treat the list of activities like a scavenger hunt and between treating the itinerary like a game and the decreased waits, it was totally worth it.
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7 years ago, Undead mommy
Used to be great.
I used touring plans for a previous trip and it was a great help, so I had no problem paying for a subscription this time around. I used the crowd tracker to plan my week. The crowd levels remained the same for months right up until the morning of our first park day after we were already in when I got an alert that there was an update and all of our park days went up several points. The crowds that were supposed to be 1's and 2's were suddenly 4's and 5's. The plans I had so meticulously planned were completely useless. Wait times were ungodly. And so far off on the app it was laughable. Touring plans was estimating lines at 6-10 minutes when in reality they were 30-50 minutes. Every time I re optimized it got worse. I can honestly say that this time around touring plans hurt us a lot more than it helped. Once I finally gave up trying to make it work and just used the Disney apps it starting smoothing out. Bottom line... I will definitely not use touring plans ever again.
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7 years ago, MaMa3PJ
Don't plan a trip or leave home without it!
I have enjoyed using this app and the traditional Unofficial Guide book since my first family trip in 1998! Back then I had to copy the touring plans.... wouldn't want to cut the book!.... and carry many different pieces of paper around. The App has made my life so much quicker... less work to customize a family plan for the 10 of us! I can even plan how to split the family apart and get back together within a margin of error of 15 min! Pretty amazing considering the size of Disney! This year we travel during the summer, and I plan to put the app and plans through a new dimension of trials! No line waiting over 35 mins in July.... our family goal! Using this app I know it will be possible!
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6 years ago, Alaska Ron
Great when tempered with common sense and checking actual park schedule
In theory, this works well. Most of the time. It also does random crazy things like tell you you can use a fast pass an hour before or 20 minutes after the time of your FP. Spoiler alert: you can’t! Don’t ask me how I know. :( It also made us miss the character greeting with the very character my little girl had been dressed up as and waiting to see, because the app apparently doesn’t tap into real-time schedule data from the WDW website, which we sadly found out had said our desired character greeting was scheduled to close five minutes before this app told us to go. So sad and frustrating. Lesson learnt: check the official WDW website for schedule information; DO NOT RELY ON THIS APP FOR ATTRACTION SCHEDULES! With those caveats, I will continue to use this app but never blindly rely on it as my sole insight into my planning.
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7 years ago, Batken
Love the touring plans but ...
I've used your touring plans guidebook on my most recent trip to the parks. It literally saves me 2-3 hours of standing in line. Reported wait times and Fast Pass availability is very helpful too. It's really great. Now that I live Los Angeles, I get to Disneyland more often than Florida's "mouse house," but if I ever return, which I'm pretty sure I will, I'll use the book and lines app. Nevertheless, I'm giving you 4 stars. The personalized touring plans doesn't have the option of designing a plan that would help Park Hoppers. Like, let's say, for instance, I want to do part of the day Magic Kingdom, and part of the day Epcot, and I pick attractions that I want to do at both parks on the same day, if the app could map out a plan for me it would be so helpful. "Thanks for riding and enjoy the rest of your stay at Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom."
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6 years ago, NicknameChoiceNeedsReform
Way off on wait times
We went to Magic Kingdom on consecutive days that were both predicted to be 10 out of 10 crowd level days. Made touring plans that started at park opening at 8am, through about lunch time. Wait times were consistently much higher in reality than were predicted. We got through maybe a quarter of what we had planned. The Disney posted wait times were if anything more accurate than the touring plans real time data. The suggestions were really poor as well. Following the optimized plan, we wasted precious time early in the morning on attractions that never reached stratospheric wait times. For example, the optimized plan has us visit tinker bell in the town square first thing, but the wait for that later in the morning wasn’t as great as the wait for the attractions we were supposed to visit late morning. The second day I completely ditched the touring plan and we got a lot more done in the first 2 hours before the parks got really busy.
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5 years ago, Smanson12.9
The App is disappointing
The desktop version is useful but I found the app to be horrible. While in the park, the app is useless when our plans changed. For example, we decided to skip the parade and get something to eat and after eating we saw a nearby ride with a short wait time (found it on the Disney app). The app kept the parade on our schedule even after the parade time had passed and I tried to optimize the plan but the parade remained on the plan. Additionally when trying to add an activity to the plan, it adds to the bottom of the list and you have to keep pressing the “move up” bottom. Also the crowd estimator was off. The app said Monday would be a crowd level of 5 and Wednesday would be a crowd level of 3 and we found the crowds to be much heavier on Wednesday than Monday. Overall the desktop version is helpful for planning but the app is not good if you have to deviate from the original plan.
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5 years ago, reptoMe
Super handy and easy to use
This app made a huge difference in our planning for our trip as well as implementation on site. We were able to minimize wait time while maximizing fun. I used it in conjunction with the official Disney app with great success. Even when we modified plans on the fly, this app adjusted with us, kept us up to date on closures, and gave us realistic timelines to anticipate. I loved the feature that would tip you off to better times to go on a ride or would warn you to go now before the lines got crazier. Because I needed to make an exchange on a purchase, I had to go back to the Magic Kingdom on a day rated a 7; I compared this to the level 4 day when we went. What a difference!!! Well worth the cost.
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5 years ago, wdwmckat
Long time user. Extremely helpful app
I have used touring plans for vacations to Disney World for over 10 years. This app is a nice extension to their website. It gives you information beyond what the Disney app gives you and more accurate information then what the Disney app gives you. I’ve tested this a number of times touring plans line estimates are more accurate. Especially now when my Disney experience app fails so often! It is also a great way to find snacks when you’re in the park and want to use that snack credit. I can reassess your plan based on new information in real time. It gives you the confidence that you’re making good decisions so you can relax and enjoy your vacation
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5 years ago, "ImOldGregg"
Ok, but needs some additions
For a first time Disney goer I thought this would be excellent. I was super frustrated outer first day out as a result of some lacking features. First, I need to know what area things are in, otherwise it’s next to impossible to find it on a map, especially with sometimes abbreviated names. Second, it would be helpful to have a walking directions interactive map so I know which way to walk to get to my destination, think mapquest style. Third, I’d really appreciate a map integrated to the app showing my destination. I know this was available pre trip on the website, but it’s more beneficial on the app. Also, don’t waste time printing the list before you go because it’ll change based on you’re stops and timing. I did find the timing mostly accurate, with the exception of something being closed.
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6 years ago, Jeffreysc2
Lines scored me a room upgrade!!
My family of five just got back from out most magical Disney World trip ever and it all started with Lines 5 days before we left. They have a helpful tool that lets you submit a room request with them then they will fax it to your resort 5 days out from the start of your trip. In my request I had two things 1.) We were celebrating our youngest sons birthday and 2.) That it would be a fun surprise since we were staying at the Boardwalk to be upgraded from a standard room to a water view room. The rest was left up to TL to fax at the appropriate time for me and well, we got you upgrade!!!! I’ve been to Disney 8 times and never received anything like that!! Thanks so much guys!
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3 years ago, butttfaces
Using Touring Plans for 12 Years
We took our 5 and 9 year old to Disney World 12 years ago and we are going back with a 21 and 17 year old! 2 years ago we also went to Disney CA and, of-course, used touring plans. On our trip when they were little we did not wait longer than 15 minutes in line and was the key reason the little ones lasted through 5 days in the parks with zero meltdowns or complaints! I cannot express how important this app is and how much trust I have in these guys! On our trip to CA, same thing, I was the “app master” and we just cruised through everything we wanted to see. The cost is nothing compared to the benefit.
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5 years ago, Knuckle Duece
Essential planning tool
Rule number one for visiting any Disney Park is plan, plan, plan. This is a great tool to plan for a fun, time saving visit thus avoiding frustrations and heartaches sure to beset those that do not plan. The daily plans are awesome and provide plenty of flexibility to ensure your visit is what you want. I found the wait times to be far more accurate than the WDW app and provide a much better plan for our visits. Have used this app at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World and found it to be well worth the cost...a must for first time visits. Be sure and download it prior to going so you can build daily plans, learn a few tricks on the chat board, and get some familiarity with its capabilities. Overall, a great app!
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6 years ago, NurseAmelia182
Just use it
I have used this app for our last two Disney World and last two Universal trips, and I’m currently using it to plan our WDW vacation for this year. This truly is a time saver. I tell all of my friends who are planning a Disney trip to definitely use this app. The amount of time saved using this FAR outweighs the cost of the app. Very easy to use. I love that I can log in from my tablet or computer to have a different view and make changes, and everything transfers over to the app immediately. Sooooo easy to make changes and get real time updates once inside the parks. If you use this service once, you will never ever go back to WDW or Universal without it ever again.
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6 years ago, betsy23322
LOVE this app! Made our Disney vacation!
Great app. We were able to plan our our trip and see everything we wanted to with minimum wait times. Could not have done on our own. The “reservation finder” snagged a Be Our Guest dinner reservation for us 6 days before our trip! Well worth the subscription fee! Update: 4 full days at Disney. One day at each park, 6 in group including kids 7, 10, and 13 and grandmother. This app worked to perfection. We did everything we wanted to and more. App provides great info to help you select attractions appropriate to your group, then plan day, accounting for fast passes and dining reservations, allowing you at adjust as you go if needed.
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7 years ago, Salamut
I have used Lines for WDW, Universal Orlando and Disneyland. Works like a champ at every park, every time, be it Christmas or the height of summer. For the complainers about the crowd levels being "off"--it is less about the crowd size and more about the time you get to each line. Often, there is a +/-3 minute difference between actual wait times and the Touring plan's prediction. I can live with that. If you set up a plan that starts at 8am, you better darn well be at the gate at 8am, through security and ready to roll. If you're late, then the plans will be off. Simple. Be on time and it all works out--it won't matter if the crowd level is a 5 or a 10. Happy planning!!
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6 years ago, Blizzette
On My Own
I thought this app was great! I was on my own most of the time at Disney as my daughter was traveling with her team for a large competition at ESPN. This app may not be appreciated by a locals who can be choosy about when they go to the parks, but for me, it was helpful. The crowd levels were only mildly important for me because I was locked in to my dates. They only helped me decide which park to go to on any given day of my trip. Also, I was not trying to go on every single ride. I have a select few that I enjoy, so that helped also. This app helped to manage my time as I also needed to be at ESPN when my daughter was competing, helped me find what was available so I could get the most out of my visit, & kept me organized.
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6 years ago, Kikiee887
Get the paid version, it’s worth it!
A new Disney mom here! I learned about this site and app only 3 weeks before our last minute trip. I wish I had learned about this last year because I would have started planning our trip earlier! However, the book and the subscription are STILL worth the money because there is so much information all neatly laid out. The crowd calendar, the detailed resort info, the touring plans, tips on how to get the dining reservations you want, so much info!! If you find planning a Disney trip intimidating, I highly suggest getting both the Unofficial Guide along with a year subscription to this app/site. You won’t regret it.
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5 years ago, kthall
Please get this for your sanity
Disney is a beast and you have to have a plan or otherwise you will be miserable. I bought the two year membership, made my plans ahead of time to coordinate with dining reservations and fast passes. Once I was in the park, it was so easy to rearrange steps and optimize it to get the best wait times. The longest we waited in line was an hour and that was for Space Mountain which we had not fast pass for and broke down while we were in line, otherwise everything was 30 min or less. Do yourself a favor and buy the membership and get the app. It will make your trip so much better.
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6 years ago, frustrated in MK
I really wanted to like it. But this app severely underestimated line wait times (by half in many cases). I’m, as I write this, in a line that the app said would be 35 mins and I’ve been in it an hour with no end in sight. It is still early today but had the same experience a few days ago in MK. I followed the plan exactly. My suggestion to the creators is that it would be better overestimate than to underestimate line times. I would not have gotten in this line if i thought the wait would be 1.5 hours. But now I’ve been in it an hour I am stuck. I’d say getting the app is fine but build in “breaks” after every ride when creating you plan. 5-10 min breaks for unpopular rides and 20-30 min breaks for popular rides. If you move faster just delete the breaks and add in a meet and greet or shopping or quick ride.
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7 years ago, AaronROwens
Three families, 6 days... HOURS saved
We had three families (total of 8 people) visiting at the same time. Different ages, different preferences and restrictions, and different resting needs. TouringPlans saved us A TON of time and made it all easy. And when my parents chose not to follow the plan when they took our kiddos, they were frustrated by wait times and missed several attractions by following their own ad hoc plan... and we were able to quickly build a new TouringPlan to hit almost all of the things the kids had missed the first half of the day in just a couple hours. At the end of the week, the best compliment was when my stubborn dad said, "thanks for doing so much planning; I don't know how you did but your planning helped us double how much we saw." TouringPlan was my secret weapon. Only reasons I didn't give it 5 stars were: - No grouping options for when parties split up - Couldn't edit plan step notes on phone - Lots of clicks to get to attraction details (I had to have my computer open, too, to do my planning and any mid-day adjustments due to some members not following plans)
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5 years ago, Vik975312468
Not really worth upgrade for 1 day
We went to a Disney park for one day (AK). If I had it to do again I would not pay for the upgrade for this app, especially if you go during a slow time, as we did (mid Dec). The app would not start tracking wait times until the park opened at 9am. We were already in line for Flight of Passage and in our last 15 minutes of wait time before the app started posting times. For the Dinosaur ride we found the posted time to be more accurate than the app’s expected wait time. Having our plan in the app was convenient, but continually had to switch to the Disney app or a paper map to get from place to place. Basically, we didn’t not get our money’s worth from the upgrade, in our situation.
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5 years ago, cbids520
Crowd predictions are never accurate!!
I have used this several trips in both WDW and Disneyland. They have never been correct or useful. Booking a trip months out means nothing when the day you arrive what was supposed to be a 3 day suddenly changes to a 5. Or like with Disneyland they failed to take into account a school holiday which means the 1 we were promised became closer to an 8! How do you not know what school holidays are happening in the city the park is located in?? I have paid for this service the last time. This week was supposed to be quiet in WDW with the crowd calendar even showing a 1 in Animal Kingdom today which we just left and was definitely NOT a 1. It more like a hard 9. Granted there are good things about the website and app but for me the most important parts which are the crowds and plans are not worth the price. Make it free and I’ll happily try it again.
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3 years ago, joshdean05
Wildly inaccurate
The crowd level estimations are extremely inaccurate. We were in Hollywood Studios on a day that was estimated to be a 4, and the crowds were very large. Normally I’d just chalk it up to the fact that, even though a 4 feels crowded to me, it’s nothing compared to a 10 just because I’m not in the parks every day. But we went back the the next day and the crowds were estimated to be an 8 and it was the exact same crowdedness as the day before! This happened several times during our trip. One day in Animal Kingdom, the line for Flights of Passage got up to 130 minutes, but this app estimated the crowd level at a 2 out of a 10. And walking around the park was horrible, it was shoulder-to-shoulder. I could understand if it was this inaccurate infrequently, but the app got it VERY wrong literally every day we were there.
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6 years ago, postmanic
Staggeringly useful
I have used Touring Plans for years. I live in Southern California and thought I was a skillful Disneyland veteran. Notwithstanding, the custom touring plans (a reasonably priced in-app purchase) did indeed “save time” - lots - which actually meant more rides (including some charming ones I usually skipped!), longer meals (the kind eaten while sitting down!), and generally more pleasant strolls and stops around the park. What a gift! It encouraged me to go with confidence to the Florida property armed with this app. In a word: Wow! The added planning tools saved me more than once - starting with not being a day late ordering fast passes. Thanks guys for my most uniquely useful app.
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7 years ago, Perrier5
Great planning tool
You pay enough to go to Disney so why wouldn't you take advantage of a program like this to help you make the most out of what you pay. Even if your not a planner this helps you avoid long lines. I Having been using touring plans/ unofficial guide for over 10 years now. Paired with the benefits the chase Disney visa I have saved our $6000 on my vacations and hundreds of hours waiting in lines. I have never waited more than 20 minutes for a ride except at the end of the night when we decided to re-ride our favorites after using the plans to do all our favorites ones already.
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6 years ago, homewarriors
Some app suggestion
I am a huge fan of your books but this was my first time using your app. Some feedback. It would be great to have an option to move an item to the bottom of a plan if an attraction is out of service for an hour or so. I didn’t want to remove it from the plan but the app kept putting it at the top. Also if I want to add an attraction on the fly, it puts it at the bottom. Would be great to have an option to move to top in one touch. Finally, for the few rides with single rider options, it would be great to show that on the plan- maybe giving an option to transmit to you which we used. Thank you for all your research!! -Julie
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