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User Reviews for Disneyland®

4.73 out of 5
1.4M Ratings
1 year ago, NCL:81
Issues with both food mobile order and merchandise mobile check out
Before I had no issues with mobile ordering food and the merchandise mobile check out at Disneyland and Dca parks. I love this feature so much since it helps to lessen the wait time to purchase and get our food. I also love being able to select and purchase my souvenirs at the stores that offer mobile shopping. It great being able to purchase my items with scanning my phone and pay on my phone. But lately these 2 features I love are no longer working so great as they were before. Since the last update it’s that I’m noticing the problem started. When I’m ready to pay on my phone it keeps giving me an error message that it’s not accepting my credit card. I’ve even tried adding a new card and it will work for the first transaction on that new card but when I try to use the card again to purchase something else that error message shows up again. I’ve tried resetting my phone even offloading and reloading the app and still get the same error message. I’ve also tried deleting the cards saved on my profile and putting one at a time but nothing seems to work. Another thing that is no longer showing is past merchandise purchase history made through merchandise mobile checkout. Before all the items I purchased within the last 30 days would appear in the history list but now nothing show there. I have sent my feedback through the app on the help section. Please look into this and fix this! Thank you
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6 years ago, iAC30
Beware Buying Tickets!
Got charged for tickets that I never got. No confirmation number, email or any trace of the purchase within the app or anywhere else. Will never use this app to try to purchase tickets again. Error message of missing information. Checked and made sure my credit card number and names of people I was purchasing for were correct and I got the error message again, but still no tickets. Just a pending charge from Disney on my credit card when I checked my credit card account a few minutes later for $460. So upsetting while trying to buy two 2 day park tickets with MaxPass for some friends who are visiting with their kids to help lessen the cost for them. Instead I lose sleep the entire night waiting to see if somehow an email with the tickets would show up or if they would show within the app. NOTHING! Showed up at the ticket booth and there was no record of the tickets so I ended up paying again. Decided to just pay for two 2 day park tickets without MaxPass for $420. The previous charge of $460 is still pending on my credit card. Now I will have to find some time during the day to deal with this at guest relations.
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3 years ago, Tyranamar
Not easy to navigate
There is no way on the site to convert your regular ticket to a season pass. You have to wait until the day you do your ticket. So we miss going all those days between now and our visit. And we miss out on all of the perks of being a pass member before our visit. Totally bogus. Also, can’t find an easy way to plan my visit. Like where you click on different rides and restaurants and it makes an itinerary for you. Like this first, then this. Instead I’m writing it all down. Also won’t let you make restaurant reservations until 2 months before. Many of us make reservations months before that and should be rewarded for being early. If you are worried about no shows just make confirmation a week before and the day before manditory or you lose your spot. I found out all of this after I sent in a complaint. Instead of the website just explaining these things it let me frustratedly navigate around the site until I was using words of frustration in my complaint - not curse words. And then I was chastised by a cast member for using colorful language rather than validated that this whole thing was a frustrating mess. I’m not looking forward to a visit I should be very excited about. I would now give this site a minus one if I could. They actually e-mailed me and told me I needed to complain somewhere else if I needed to complain (which I did at the same time as this review and heard nothing). The vacation of my dreams! Bureaucracy!
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2 years ago, DudeNfam
Major Disappointment
We flew in from out of state to take our little one to Disney for the first time. We were meeting up with family who drove in from another out of state location, so we could all spend the day at Disneyland and enjoy family time together. Our cousins purchased their tickets, but when we tried to purchase ours, we just kept getting an error saying “there was an issue processing your order”. We have been trying for almost 2 hours now, but the site just keeps having issues. We tried calling customer service and it says they’re experiencing higher than usual calls & to either try to call again later, which we have tried several times, or chat with someone on the app, which we have also tried to do multiple times, but no one is responding. We got an automated message saying that you are experiencing higher than usual wait times for chat as well. I am guessing we are not the only ones having this issue. The whole point of this trip was to experience a wonderful day at Disneyland. We flew here specifically for Disney and also paid for an Airbnb, which was not cheap. We would try to just purchase tickets at the gate, but it says that you have to purchase online. Beyond frustrating!! Now we are just sitting here at our Airbnb, not spending time with the cousins, while they are inside the park without us. Our little one has been looking forward to this for so long, how do you make up for that?? So sad!
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3 years ago, armen k
App made a member of my family ineligible
We were ready to submit for the Rise of the Resistance virtual cue at 12:00pm. We knew the cue would fill up quickly. This was the reason we bought tickets to the park today. Just before the window opened, the app kicked out my husband from our party claiming he was “ineligible” cause he was not in the park….though he was sitting right next to me. I have a screen grab to prove. As we scrambled to resolve the issue, the ride cue window opened and closed. The app didn’t even give us a chance to submit. The technology that the park expected us to rely on did not work properly. Our entire reason for buying tickets is now in vain. We are tech savvy people…we did everything we were expected to. But the technology failed. I understand the chance of the ride cue filling up as it did at 7am. But what I feel betrayed by is the technology failure that prevented us from even trying at 12pm. If you’re going to abandon lines in favor of a tech cue, you should be confident that the tech is reliable. It clearly failed our family today. I went to appeal to a lead or a manager at “City Hall” but the line for help was over 1 hour. That is a terrible use of my family’s time, we are moving on with our day with extreme disappointment. I know our experience will not affect your bottom line. But the risk of poor service and unreliable tech is too risky for us to spend this amount of money at Disneyland anymore.
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7 years ago, GMEC887
True north would be nice.
The app was good. It could do some work with the search function to make it a little easier to find something. I like how you are tracked to know where you’re at but a third of the time we were on top of buildings that we could not walk on, like we were on top of space Mountain when we were not even close to space Mountain. Or we were walking in one of the lagoons when obviously we were walking on the sidewalk near it. It’s hard to find food/restaurants because even the little kiosks that sell just one item are marked as dining so it’s overwhelming to find something to eat. One of the things I did not like is that true north was not enabled. The difference that would make is that you would know whether you should turn right or turn left to get to a certain area. We had to refer to the physical paper map several times in order to find out where we were at and where we wanted to go. Which to me that makes they have useless. If you fix those things then I would give it a four or five star rating. The best thing about the app is that it gives you wait times for the rides. So you can plan your time more efficiently. I would download the app specifically for that reason only. And then use the hardcopy map for all the other stuff that you need to search for, like dining and restrooms.
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3 years ago, durhe7438&
Disappointing App
I used the app to place a food order at Red Rose Tavern. I was given a time window between noon and 12:30 to pick up my food. Upon speaking with the greeter at the door, we looked for my order queue and it said I had nothing in the queue. I had taken a screen shot which included my order number, and she was able to see that I did, in fact, have an order in the queue even though it wasn’t showing in the app. At the same time, I used the app to get in the virtual line for Rise of the Resistance. After scanning the 10 tickets in my group, I got a message back saying our number was 360, and that we wouldn’t be able to enter the queue again for the day. When I went back to check the status, the app said I did not have anything in the queue, again!! Unfortunately, I did not have a screen shot this time saying I was in the virtual line, and after spending the money for a group of ten to come to Disneyland, and following the requirements to go on this ride, we are unable to do so because the app is not functioning properly. In addition, the app says the Indiana Jones ride is temporarily closed, yet I’m standing in front of it right now and it’s open with a 65 minute wait. How will I be compensated for the app’s failure to properly function and allow my group to go on Rise of the Resistance?
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3 years ago, pgp hills
Horrible experience!
First time I’ve had an experience this bad in 37 years of being a disney enthusiast. First the disney site froze while trying to purchase tickets . The site is not friendly with purchasing tickets. And super confusing with tiered pricing . Anyway after a 90 minute hold the cast member hung up on me before completing the requests . I had wanted to do tier 2 Disneyland tickets at 114$ , but there was nothing available unless you buy a park hopper at Around 175$ . Total scam! I never felt scanned by disney , prices are high but this is rediculous! I asked christina, the cast member to find a date when just Disneyland was available. She told me the only day before July was June 2nd, I said great can you walk me through and hold that day for 2, then she hung up . I’m so frustrated and upset ! I bought the tickets and now there’s no day available to reserve . Hopefully I can use these tickets in the future or just get a refund . They are successfully linked to my disney account . But this was a birthday gift for a friend and it’ll be a month after her birthday , ugh
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3 years ago, SamNGonzales
User Friendly
The Disneyland App is very user friendly. It’s easy to check times, order food and access your tickets. The only problems I wish that were solved is the amount of steps to access the reservation calendar. I’ve counted a total of 5 steps before I can make a reservation. Before this new reservation system, you were able to make a reservation in as little as 2 clicks under the previous Flex Pass system. You weren’t removed out of the Disneyland App either. This was super easy to do and made making reservations a BREEZE! Automatically signed in, make a reservation, confirm and done. This new system forces you exit out of the app, resign in, forced to answer (again) about making a reservation, which passes, make your reservation, approve reservation and if you’re still here, don’t forget to ALSO approve your reservation by agreeing to COVID safety protocol as well. This is incredibly frustrating. I would much prefer to not be removed out of the app, automatically choose which passes I want to make a reservation with and confirm the reservation and COVID protocol all together on the exact same page. 7-8 steps cut down to about 3-4 steps.
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5 years ago, laluhah
New features are buggy
The app has changed significantly since my last visit, and instead of improving the experience, it seems sluggish and buggy. The basic wait time feature is still handy, but managing park tickets and fast passes feels one layer too hidden. When I needed to scan my park ticket for a fast pass return, sometimes the pass would be randomly greyed out. Mobile food orders are a hot mess. I tried to order a Dole Whip and kept getting error messages. Later in the day I tried again, and it turns out my card had been charged during the errors, though I had no indication this happened at the time. Luckily I was still able to reschedule my order pickup so I wasn’t charged for nothing, but real world experience of order pickup was disorganized too. The MaxPass feature could also be more streamlined and intuitive. I didn’t realize I was eligible to schedule another fast pass because the option is only apparent after you tap the little plus sign, which has no accompanying explanatory text, so I missed taking advantage of the max pass for a few hours and didn’t get to use as many fast passes as I could have during my visit. There are good ideas in this version, but the digital experience doesn’t come close to matching the thoughtful planning behind the in person experience.
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5 years ago, V.Wit
Long startup and drains phone battery
Pluses: Linking tickets and photos went smoothly. Using fastpasses went smoothly. Minuses: Drains the battery almost as fast as Waze, which seems a bit odd because it is not doing much. Even if you quit out of app, it still drains the battery until you reboot your phone. It must leave processes running on your phone even if you set it not to track you when not using app, etc., etc. I got into the mode of only using it to link and redeem things and then quit out of it. But it takes a long time to start the app, which is inconvenient when you just want to redeem a fastpass. I found the paper park maps to be more convenient than booting up this slow app and navigating around the digital map. When I examined what processes were draining my battery, Disneyland and Facebook had about the same high percentage, and I was not using Facebook at all. Hopefully Disneyland does not have a deal to sell data to Facebook and vice versa without consent of user. It’s annoying that corporate sleaze is so ubiquitous. This could be a great app if it had fast performance and didn’t require you to reboot your phone to kill off all its hidden bloat.
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5 years ago, Fydhfdg
Disneyland Experience
We are annual passport holders and make sure to budget it so we can renew every year We have been members since 2002 With growth comes change and we understand that but our experience today to getting to the parking to getting into the park was such a challenge We exited the freeway at 930am and we are now finally in at enchanted tiki 12:07pm first before we stopped here we wanted to eat at carnations They are not seating anyone without reservations which is crazy cause that’s what the Blue Bayou does so we didn’t eat We wanted to get a dole whip and they are only taking mobile orders The whole point of being at Disneyland is to enjoy your family and be off your phones NOT A GOOD START AT ALL!! But who cares right cause nobody is gonna read this cause so many people come to Disneyland a day that complaints won’t make a difference Just needed to vent My family will reconsider renewing our passes this year Very sad but it isn’t worth coming here when everywhere you turn you have a bad experience!! Thank you for your time Sincerely Paulette Ysais Annual passport holder since 2002
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5 years ago, ajc0225
Informative and easy to use
I went to Disneyland for the first time in about 16 years recently and this app proves that technology is indeed a beautiful thing. The app provides wait times for all attractions, which are accurate. The app also lets you know when an attraction is temporarily closed for maintenance or for some other reason. The app also shows restrooms, dining, and entertainment attractions on the map. You can search for different kinds of food and the app will show you which dining spots within the park have those items. You can also now order your food through the app and pick it up at whatever restaurant you have chosen. The app also stores your Disneyland ticket if you have created an account with Disney so you don’t need to carry the paper one. They just scan your phone at the gate. It also keeps track of your annual pass and provides calendars that show you your black out dates, if you have any. This app has never bugged out or crashed on me and I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks. This app is a must have for your Disneyland visit.
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3 months ago, hdhfjfkuddbcjyshdfjgc
It definitely saves me time
Definitely save me a time and let me know how long the ride is and I can get fast passes and it feels so good knowing what time it is like Dumbo tea cups anyone to be honest like Casey Junior splash Mountain all those rides big thunder like all those right it makes me feel good because I can know where all them are and makes me like feel really good because my gets too used to it because she asked me with something else she asked me what dumb how long – 40 minutes OK let’s go and like it’s amazing because you have time to see what things they are like Casey Junior 40 minutes really good splash Mountain an hour The Spider-Man one can be an hour and 70 minutes but it can be two hours and 10 minutes but we love it because it’s a full-size me time and knowing that it’s OK though we love the grizzly River one because it’s only five months most of the time and we love love love love-incredible coaster
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5 years ago, ggmacdisney
Awful customer service at entrance
The security check line to get into Downtown Disney was poorly managed. They had a line for people that had no bags but there were no signs anywhere that said so. We stood in line for quite some time only to be pulled from it by a Disneyland staff member and he had us go all the way to the back of the other line after we had waited. He wasn’t nice about it nor apologetic for not letting us know in advance. There were no signs and quite a number of people were also very upset and they did nothing to remedy the situation. The line for people with no bags was empty and time was wasted. There’s another security line just as long and slow to enter the park and we think it’s useless. There should be a direct access for people that want to go straight to the park. Bad management in my opinion and as a Customer Service specialist it is senseless bad customer service, it could be solved by doing very little. I expect a lot more from “The Happiest Place on Earth” that also charges a ridiculous fee of $145. Please have more respect for people that invest in your company.
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2 years ago, D Ragsdale
Update system to allow more than one gift card for ticket purchases
I have been saving up over time purchasing Disney gift cards to be able to buy our theme park tickets for next month. Now it is taking me several phone calls and a lot of time online to merge them into three gift cards because there’s a maximum of $1000 on each gift card and I am trying to purchase nine theme park tickets with the Genie pass and parking and now I am having to do this in three separate transactions after just speaking to two different cast members on the phone. It would be awesome to be able to use more than one gift card on a transaction to purchase theme park tickets. I was working on it late last night and now and I’m spending my entire lunchtime on the phone and trying to figure it out with separate transactions through the Disneyland app. I know how much y’all are for customer service and user experience, this is just one frustration I thought you should be aware of. Thanks for your time. Deanna Ragsdale
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6 years ago, bambinimiei
Not useful
I had this app from when I’ve gone to Disneyland before and it was much easier and helpful then. I may as well have been using my paper map that you can get from the front of the park!! It was very hard to locate anything and the wait times for the rides, the train, and the monorail, were never accurate. When I used this app a few years ago, it was really accurate and if it wasn’t accurate you could update it in real time so that others could see the accurate wait times. This option isn’t offered in this app anymore. Also, it used to be divided up between the Disneyland Park and California Adventure. You could choose which side you wanted to see things for and then go from there. Now it’s all one big map and it’s super confusing to find things. I kept trying to push the locator button to see where I was in the park and that never worked! I tried restarting my phone, closing out the app and re-opening it, I even deleted the app and added it back onto my phone and that didn’t work either. I have an iPhone 8 so it’s not an old phone that wouldn’t be up-to-date on things. It’s a newer phone that shouldn’t have had any issues. I believe that the app needs a lot of work!
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2 years ago, jszakmeister
Needs work
The biggest issue is the constant request to enter the password for your account. I don't understand the point of having this app and all these features if I'm having to constantly log in while walking the park. Also, the app needs to switch to more of a push model. Having to constantly refresh to see the latest wait times, genie availability, etc. is frustrating at best. Most of the time it's infuriating. And get rid of the splash screen and remember where the app was when it switched away. Having it go back to the beginning when I had it where I wanted reduces the usability and increases the frustration. This applies when using the Tip Board too. If you go back to the main screen, if forgets that you selected the Disney California Adventure Park. Between the two behaviors, its incredibly frustrating to use the app in that park. Finally, trying to purchase Genie+ from the My Genie Day page doesn't work--you cannot actually click the button to purchase. I know Disney can do better--they have some of the best developers in the world. Let them do their magic.
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3 years ago, bummedDisneyFan
Tickets don’t communicate restrictions!
We received comp’d paper tickets a couple years back (had felt sick and left early, also was insanely crowded and not worth it). We had added them to the app to not worry about losing them and didn’t think twice. After years we’d been back a bunch with other tickets and didn’t realize that apparently these tickets had an only after 4pm restriction. For comp’d tickets that is fine, we would not have cared, except only the app didn’t mention this. It just showed a standard 1-day ticket. So, we show up for a leisurely day at 10am and couldn’t get in. Instead had to kill 5-6 hours wandering around the plaza and spending money at Disney’s own restaurants before we could get in. And no help from guest relations either. Even offered to happily pay to upgrade the ticket…no dice. All around really disappointed. If you ever get a paper ticket of any kind, hang onto it! The Disneyland app fails to capture the info you’ll need. Huge bummer day for us. Mostly sad Disney didn’t care to understand or help us out. For someone who grew up going to Disneyland 10-20 times a year in Orange County, this hit extra hard.
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5 years ago, piv314
Can’t buy tickets from this site
I was trying to purchase tickets, put in credit card information as soon as I was complete my Amex showed a 1.00 pending charge that was used to see if card can go through , then when I tried to buy ticket it didn’t work and a red box came up with phone number to call because there are issues with app. When I spoke to that person they insisted I did not put my card in correctly, I tried to explain that the card works and your app did a test run for $1, so it’s not the card it’s the app. Well I gave up because she had no clue, for one of the largest companies in the world you figure there would be a better understanding. My son has some challenges psychiatrically, I was only trying to avoid waiting in line so I can take him to Disneyland for New Years today. But challenge accepted, I will not let this ruin my day, just disappointed at the customer support
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4 years ago, RD200000
It used to be 5 stars
So I loved this app but the last two trips to Disneyland it has almost ruined my experience. Lately it has been signing me out right when I need it the most and then it does not recognize my password the only reason it did not ruin my last trip was because my brother in law was able to get a boarding group on his phone while all my phone did from the two minutes when the park opened to when they gave all boarding passes were all given out was say loading tickets. There is also a glitch with the mobile order as I was able to order but it would give me a error message once submitted. I do like some of the new features like the allergy menus but what good is it when you cannot access the convenient features that you want and need. I mean I wanted to use my boarding pass to go into the park but it would not pull up in the app until I got into the park. Another issue that I hope got resolved as I never found out because a cast member manager had to make the reservation for me was that the app thought I had made two reservations when I only had made one. Please fix these bugs and I will change my rating.
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5 years ago, user3959261559
Nearly unusable
This is the worst app I have ever used. It takes a long time to launch. Basic interactions like scrolling, entering text, and tapping buttons are frustratingly choppy and slow. Use the app sparingly or it will drain your battery very quickly. For getting around the park, it is much better to use a paper map. I was unable to purchase tickets through the app. After creating an account, it claimed that I was too young to log in. I did enter my birthdate correctly, which I confirmed later after this issue eventually cleared itself up. At times it would render a portion of my previously-entered password at strange locations on the screen (regardless of the "show password" checkbox). When purchasing tickets at the park, a Disneyland employee assured me that the MaxPass feature would work well. This was not true. Expect to see "We're having trouble connecting. Please try again." errors, whether connected to LTE or the guest Wifi (which really didn't work at all). MaxPass is a great idea but the execution is poor. I think they know this, based on all the "no refunds" warnings for the $10 MaxPass feature (which should be free). I would expect better from Disney.
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2 years ago, TL_Jagger
NOT User Friendly
Hotel and park passes were purchased through Costco. We never received actual tickets, just QR codes. When trying to link 5 tickets to the app, it required the e-ticket barcode (which we did not have.) After multiple Google searches, we found that this was a very common issue, and the only advice from Disneyland was “if you purchased them on the Disneyland app, they will be pre-loaded!” Not helpful! No time to sit on the phone on hold to remedy this as we all live very busy lives. We had spent several hours for two months being redirected in circles and were about ready to pile our phones on the check-in desk at the hotel once we arrived. After two more intense hours, clicking around in the app, more google searches, etc, we literally stumbled on the e-tickets! The were in “My Hotel Reservations” and there was a link for vacation package or something. BLOODY H3LL! Do better Disney! The instructions are not clear and our next challenge is going to be figuring out the Genie Service for 3/5 guests. May the force be with us I guess…. We have earned this vacation, but could do without this final stressor.
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2 years ago, batsssandcatsss
This app has always been somewhat confusing to use, particularly with the passes. The reservations listed in your "Future Plans" section are even more confusing now since it seems that the last four digits of the ticket that used to be listed has disappeared. If we have multiple tickets linked to our account and multiple upcoming reservations, it's very difficult to determine which tickets have and have not been used for reservations. It'd be nice if tickets could list "reserved on (date)" once it becomes a reserved ticket in your list of linked passes. Bringing back the last four digits or some indication of which ticket is reserved in the "Future Plans" list would help as well. Please also implement a way to change the name on the ticket, too! People's plans change. For example, there have been instances where I've needed to give a ticket to someone else, but the name originally entered for it is now clearly a man's name, etc., and it's caused added confusion when entering the park as an obvious woman. This has been very frustrating.
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2 years ago, tiki12152001
Speaking with with an On-Line Representative to ask a question
I’m very disappointed at the happiest place on earth. I’m not so happy and neither are my children, who were very excited about our upcoming trip to Disney Land. I called today around 11am and decided to speak to an online representative after spending about an hour searching the downloaded Disneyland app looking for information on how to register my 3 children to make light saber’s during our Disneyland visit. At 11, the person asked how they could help me. I told them why I was there. They asked if I was at the resort already. I said no. So then they told me a representative would be with me when one was available and that I could navigate away because it might take some time. I came back at 5:00pm and they still hadn’t come back to answer my question. It is now currently 6:49pm and they still haven’t responded. First of all, This question doesn’t seem that difficult to answer. And Secondly, This just makes me realize that if you are not at the resort they do t take you seriously or don’t think you are a important customer. That is really bad.
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3 years ago, DeeJay Mark
Almost Impossible to Find Food/Drink
Love going cashless, but the amount of friction and frustration that went into trying to find which location had what we needed was almost unbearable. The app requires you to know the special restaurant names and by virtue, their menus. I gave up trying to find Dole Whip until I asked a cast member for the name of the location that would have it. I had to ask a Cast Member where the closest location where I could buy bottled water. I had to spend 8-10 min on the app going from map view and my location to restaurant on map to restaurant menu and then back out and again just to find food who sells chicken sticks. PLEASE add a capability to search for what you want to buy food/beverage wise specifically and have the app recommend the nearest location and earliest available time. Also, scanning the QR near a location is great, but if the app is already installed it should take me to the app instead of having to click buttons on a page to then open the app.
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2 weeks ago, KBZHICY
Over 15 hours
I’ve spent over 15 hours on chats trying to finalize some accommodations. The wait time has been over two hours each time just to finally get to a person to chat with, and then when I get to a person, the chat will time out so the person disconnects with me saying I “haven’t responded” within five minutes so they close out the window and I have to start all over again. Once I finally was able to request the accommodations, the Chat closed on me AGAIN! I wasn’t able to reconnect. I started the whole chat process over AGAIN, and once I was in there was able to scroll up and see our past conversation, which of course the cast member closed on me since I couldn’t access it. I saw that the cast mender said he added the accommodations to my account. So I went to my account and when I went to my account only half of the accommodations were listed!! Disneyland charges way too much money for tickets/hotels/merchandise, to not be able to afford better service. I’m extremely disappointed, frustrated and stressed over this, definitely not a “Magical”, experience!
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11 months ago, Les32366
Best experience once more !
As always; Our vacation will be at Disney parks and resorts ; For the last 20+ years and now even more since 11 years ago we share the experience with our son Diego making every vacation even better. We keep coming back to Disney because it is always a pleasure and we are sure that we will be treated like family. For instance last night a I needed help booking my park reservations and Mr. Scotty took care of everything, helping me decide and giving me all the information needed in order to make the most out of vacation at Disney. He took the time to explain everything I needed to know so our family can have the best vacation experience. Mr. Scotty was well-versed on everything about the parks and the reservation process he was also super friendly and courteous. Mr. Scotty it’s a true reflection of the great enterprise Disney is ! Regards, Lester Sotelo.
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12 months ago, Disgusted customer ,$;’
Terrible experience at Disney Adventure Park right now!
Many of the main rides are closed and the app is either not updated or updated with inaccurate information. Worst experience I have ever had at a Disney Park, frankly at any park. We just walk around wasting time trying to get on rides that are closed or the wait time is inaccurate. We drove 3000 miles from PA to come here for my son, he has one day here that we spent hundreds of dollars on for a miserable and disappointing time. I asked for some kind of refund or compensation, even a waiver of the fee to use the lightning lane on the radioactive springs race track ride that has been closed the whole day and was told “I’m sorry we can’t do that” what a joke, so much for being avid Disney fans are whole life. This is the ride we wanted to do most together. I don’t want to hear about the “magic”. Fix the rides, the app, update with accurate information and partially compensate us for failing to operate the park in the manor promised and expected by your customers. I’m sure Disney Land will be extremely profitable today regardless of their customers lousy experience
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6 years ago, Utvygvy
Great but I have suggestions
I love the Disneyland app! I find it really easy to go to both parks because i can pull up my pass on my phone instead of having to find it every time. I don’t really use it for navigation because I know the park very well but it seems accurate. I use it all the time in the park and use the lists of rides to plan trips. But, I thought it would be cool if you had a feature especially to plan trips. Like if you could name different trips and select what rides you want to go on,where to eat,etc. I think it would be helpful because there’s a huge difference in going to Disney with my best friend and with little kids. For instance if I was going on a trip with kids I wouldn’t go on space mountain I’d go on Peter Pan. And I think it would be really helpful to be able to plan with whoever your going with and get the most out of your Disney Day!!
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5 years ago, :D Hippie Chickie 😀
Wait time estimates are based on FASTPASS time
Wait time estimates are based on FASTPASS times NOT ACTUAL LINE TIMES. The app is nice & integrates well with the parks Wi-Fi. The consistent line time inaccuracy for the Disneyland side of the park makes giving this app a good score impossible as planning your fastpass times to integrate with regular/general admission ride wait times is extremely challenging if not impossible. - We quickly discovered why this sneaky time advertisement was occurring; multiple times throughout the day we were handed the time card lanyard that Disney employees send down the line at entrance of each ride to gauge the line wait times. We watched in every line and NEVER did we see it the hand of anyone we passed in the general admission lineup. Sitting outside of line entrances we watched and still no timecard lanyards were handed to anyone entering regular line (general admission) but instead we’re always handed to a fastpass rider. This false time keeping meant that EVERY line we entered into at the Disneyland side of the park was nearly DOUBLE the wait of what was advertised on the app.
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2 months ago, Pfbud
Won’t let me use my credit card
So I'm trying to buy tickets. I have a capital one visa. My card denied the first attempt at payment because of security. I had to answer a text from capital one to let them know it was a valid purchase. After that the Disneyland app just kept telling me that the card was no good. The chat advice was useless. I tried changing the billing address, logged out and then back in, did everything they suggested. Finally they told me they could make a reservation for the date we are going so I had to do that. But, I realized that I now won’t have a credit card on my app to use in Disneyland AND I’m going to use the same card to pay at the ticket booth. And they said they can’t guarantee the prices because they are subject to change. If I wasn’t taking a grandchild I’d cancel the whole thing. Walt Disney would be so sad to see what they’ve turned his park into. Oh yeah! I also have 5 pending charges from Disneyland on my card that they said were pending because the merchant had reversed the charges which means the app is dysfunctional.
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3 years ago, #notworthyofmytime
So many Lines for food
1) Virtual mobile lines for dining is annoying and frustrating. There are So many lines! You have to place a mobile order, which isn’t ready for at least an hour, then go back and check in by standing and waiting in another long line to pick up your food. 2) There is no tram to take you to and from the Disneyland parking lot, which is a far walk- like 1/2 a mile-especially tough at the end of a long day of walking. 3) We also were not aware that you needed to log onto an app just to be put in a Queue so that you could see the Avenger Club. Then found out that you need to do this also to get on the Indiana Jones ride, and Star wars ride as well. Otherwise, you are out of luck and will most likely miss your chance. None of this is mentioned on your Also, we tried to explain this to one of the Managers, Dave, onsite, and he was not helpful or friendly AT ALL. Lastly, Because of all of this, we were not able to enjoy some of our favorites like Space mountain, Autotopia, Indiana Jones, or Haunted Mansion. Therefore, i give Disneyland a 3 star rating considering the costs ( Hopper x2) of the tickets, the frustration we experienced, and the lack of communication and unfriendly nature on Disneyland’s end.
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4 years ago, gogostoker
Lines, lines and more.
Got the boarding pass for Star Wars. Group 16. Got my fast pass... at 8am the earliest space mountain time was 11:00. Tried to do Peterpan but the ride was closed as it was broken. Star Wars ride was broken too but then started working again. We chose to go to to Star Wars when our group 16 was called. While in line for Star Wars it broke again... been waiting for almost an hour now. 2 kids... 4 and 5 years old. Can’t get out of line or we won’t be given a return pass. Even to pee? It will be well after 130 pm before we get to go... and that’s a big if. From 8 am to 2 pm we will have got to ride space mnt and teacups. My son and I were in line to ride the mattahorn while waiting for our space mnt time, and this too broke. For as much as this day cost us, this shouldn’t be happening. But unfortunately did. Celebrating 2 kids birthdays nonetheless. Should of done Chucky cheese pizza or something. Driving 500 miles for this was not the best choice given the circumstance. It’s the risk you run coming to a place like this. Don’t get your hopes up. Even in a place where “dreams come true”.
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5 years ago, Loocigam
Slow Loading, Confusing Icons
Honestly love having everything for my trip to DL in one place, but this needs some serious polishing, specifically around optimizing urgent loads, like fast passes, and surfacing useful information at a glance. I have two recommendations. First, make ticket and fast pass loads the first loads. I usually need those the moment I pull out my phone and open the app in line to enter the park or get on a ride. It’s imperative that those are available immediately when they’re requested. Secondly, there needs to be a different icon for rides that are closed than the “bundle” icon that holds multiple pieces of information. The map would be twice as useful with that. If that bundle icon could be improved as well it would be nice. For example trying to find a charging swap station is next to impossible. I have to touch almost every bundle icon, which includes closed rides. These two things would make the app almost impeccable for me.
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1 year ago, Mj6986
Clunky Navigation, Buggy Genie+
Just got back from Disneyland and a both useful and frustrating day using this app. On the one hand, all the estimated standby times are super handy and pretty reliable. On the other, navigation is clunky. There are multiple ways to see a list of all attractions and they all seem slightly different. You can only add a max number of attractions to your Genie day (seems arbitrary). The map doesn’t show you any routing info, so figuring out which direction to walk in to go from point A to B requires trial and error. Logged me out 2-3 times while at the park. Most frustrating - my genie+ reservations were a mess. First time, it only booked 4 of 7 people in our party. It initially showed that it booked all 7 but by the time we arrived for our reservation, only 4 remained. The second Genie+ reservation was similar, except this time it only booked 3 of 7. And it kept switching time. First we booked a ride for 5:45. Then it switched to 3:45. Then back to 5:45. A mess.
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4 years ago, TruePanda
Map Adjustments
I would like the option to download the map which may make the app a little larger in size, but it wouldn’t force users to have to load the map constantly. Whether it be by moving around or simply zooming in and out, the user can always see the map forcing itself to load and trying to keep up with the user. It’s not easy on the eyes, and I think it’s worth the sacrifice of downloading it just to make everything easier and quicker. Completely unrelated: I have maxpass on my annual pass and I was told that it includes photo pass, but it has never allowed me to receive the photos without paying. Another individual purchased the pass for me as a gift so it’s purchased under their name, so I’m not sure if this is an issue with the app or simply a rule of Disney. Regardless, these are the only issues I have found within this app, and I highly recommend it.
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5 years ago, LabeMolon
Disneyland and app...What a joke
Paid for every option available on the absolutely terrible UI disney ticket website. What a huge charlie foxtrot that website is. Buy a maxpass so you can buy a fastpass (ridiculous), but in reality you paid for nothing because you still have to “check in” to rides (ONE ride every 1.5hrs you can “check into”), and you still have to wait several hours for most rides. 20 people standing in a line at every info booth to ask the same exact question...”how to use maxpass and fastpass” because the website and calling ANY disney number is useless with vague information. The app itself is unintuitive. Everything is the lowest quality at the highest prices. Including the entertainment, rides, and definitely food. Pizza slice? $10 and it tastes like middleschool pizza. Wish they'd have a costco inside Disney. Ive paid 3k so far. Terrible investment for the family. I would have paid THOUSANDS extra to avoid the crowds and ALL lines/wait entirely. Paid thousands and still have to wait. Oh and reception is terrible within the park so the app is extremely spotty.
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2 years ago, Katikiki
Update/Genie + service TERRIBLE
The latest app update and Genie + integration is absolutely terrible. It’s so hard to navigate and find how to schedule rides. My husband works at an app company and he was dying laughing at the backward way I had to use to even find the Lightning Lane selections. I also agree with many other recent reviews that the price to enjoyment ratio in the parks has flipped over the scale for us. Everything is an upcharge and the experience is disappointing. Tons of rides were down yesterday- we had 4 different occasions of walking across the entire park to get to a ride to use the Lightning Lane pass we paid $80 extra for, only to be told the ride was broken, which resulted in a lot of wasted time. I overheard an employee say they’re having trouble getting the parts for the rides and that’s why they’re breaking so much. I also agree with other reviewers that everything is too phone integrated now, so you’re staring at your screen all day instead of interacting with your family. I told my husband I’m done with Disney.
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3 years ago, Review's by Aly
Just one minor issue.
I’ve had this app for 2 years now and I love it in an inexplicable way! However, recently when trying to zoom out to look out at the hotels near the park, it zooms right back in to the entrance of Disneyland. It makes it extremely hard to figure out where my family and I are going to stay when we can’t even look at the hotels near our destination. I’m asking you to fix that. Other than that issue, I have no bad things to say about this app! It’s very precise on the wait of the ride’s lines. I love how you can filter what you’re looking for. For example, if you are looking for a restroom near you, you can filter it to that and it gives you a map of every restroom in the park. I find this app very useful! I definitely recommend if you are going to the park!
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2 years ago, Natalie ✨
Almost useless
The app is pretty much useless. For a huge company, this app feels like high school project. It doesn’t make sense to have to be redirected into the Disney website and sign in EVERY TIME just to make a park reservation. If my account and pass is already linked into the app, I should be allowed to make reservations right in the app. I’m no tech guru but I know my way around electronics. But this is so complicated to navigate. The amount of times I’ve had to thoroughly explain to others how to use the app is ridiculous. I cut some slack in the early months because they had just reopened and were probably still trying to sort out their bugs. But the WDW app seems to have it more together. How can’t they bring us the same functions? If the developers actually read these, please fix that. It would make the most sense for the app to actually do what it’s meant for. Another feature id like to see would be the ability to add my pass to my apple wallet.
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3 years ago, lawclark
Don’t come here right now WAIST OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY
You’re going to pay full price to be told that the line to get into avengers land where the guardians of the galaxy ride is 5 hours long… Every line is at least 90 min wait with a “reduced capacity park attendance” I’ve been coming here for decades and have never had a worse experience. The park workers are reduced to being mask police and if you’re eating or drinking they tell you to put on your mask and move to a designated eating area… meanwhile your ice cream is melting as you try to find a special area to eat in. We’ve been vaccinated since February and are shaking our heads at the militancy. Unless you want to bear wearing your mask the entire day, wait in the longest lines ever, and not get in the special “queue” lines for Star Wars. Avengers, or Indians Jones, have militant park workers constantly monitoring your mask wearing, most food options closed and no transportation to the park from the parking garage a mile away…. Come here when things calm down at the happiest place on earth because right now it’s not so much.
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3 years ago, NaNaRogs
Cast members
We were witness to and on the receiving end of very rude and unacceptable behavior from various cast members. I will give two examples but there were more. One family ahead of us on Star Wars sat in the wrong seats by an absolute mistake because the guard in the seat made it look like they shouldn’t go past. A cast member actually yelled at them and acted as if they couldn’t believe that their instructions weren’t clear. It was appalling. The new protocols are just that new and many people are going to make mistakes. We got scolded because one of us in a party of four wasn’t standing enough on the line even though there was a good 8 feet between us and the next group. I understand having to enforce the rules but there are better ways to do it especially when they are not broken intentionally.
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7 months ago, G.E.H
Unreliable App
After multiple attempts to purchase a ticket via the app like we are recommended to do so, I am repeatedly being denied purchasing. After having to call customer service on three occasions, they finally told me that all information on your ID must match the information on your account. I updated all my information they said wait an hour before trying to purchase again. Otherwise, your account will lock. I wait longer than that and still cannot purchase a ticket. This is a major inconvenience at its worst, forcing me to have to buy at the gate at an inflated rate. It’s likely I’ll be denied entry altogether because of their capacity rules, I do not live close by, a trip I’ve been looking forward to for months likely getting ruined.
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5 years ago, Ahnsael
Too needy
I was at Disneyland for two days. The first time I got off HyperSpace Mountain, I wanted to link my on-ride photo to my MaxPass because I was genuinely blown away by the attraction. But when I opened the app to do so, a “Please rate us” pop up that took a while to pop up (but prevented me from doing anything else) interrupted me and by the time I could close it, my photo was gone from the display at the ride exit so I couldn’t link it. The same happened wheyI rode HyperSpace Mountain again later, when I rode Splash Mountain, and many other times. The app it’s iOS good and helpful, but the constant nagging to rate the a app ruined several experiences for me. Just let us use the app without robbing us of what we paid for by your slow-loading needy pop ups. I can rate you at the end of the day, or when I get home. But your rating is bad because your desire for a rating took precedence over my ability to actually use the app and made me feel like I had wasted my $15/day. Oh, and I made reservations for Oga’s Cantina through the app. The reservation was there for a day and a half. When I showed up, though, the reservation vanished, and I had to convince the cast member that I really did have one. The app made me reset my password twice because even with Touch ID enabled it forgot who I was. The app would be great if it worked. But between the app hiccups and all the times in Disneyland where there was no connection, it was not a good experience.
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1 year ago, Sanamy400
Payment cannot be verified
There’s a known bug that prevents some people from entering their cc as payment on the app. It happens enough that a quick Google search shows it as a problem since at least 2018 but doesn’t happen enough for Disney to care about fixing it. Of course it happened to me. I tried reinstalling the app, using the website, using different browsers, using a laptop instead of my phone, creating a new account, etc. Nothing works. I tried to chat with someone whose only suggestion was to add my phone number and wait 30 minutes…utterly unhelpful. When those two things predictably didn’t work, she told me she’d let tech support know and hopefully they would look at it. But she wouldn’t give me a support ticket or give me any idea of when they might look at it or even tell me they would contact me. So I’m stuck in the park unable to buy lightning passes or do mobile food orders. I hate when companies move everything to an app but won’t support the app. I expected more from Disney.
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7 months ago, Kwrags
Nightmare app
This app (and the entire reservation system) is atrocious. We purchased military salute park-hopper tickets. It took us two phones, three computers, and three different internet browsers before we were able to successfully link our tickets without the system timing out or just not loading at all (which is only the first step before you can make even make reservations). We had to log into yet another browser to complete our reservations. Now that our tickets are linked, we go to the app to try to make dinner reservations. It uses Face ID to log in to the app every time you try to make a reservation, but now it times out after the Face ID. So what, we’re just out of luck for our trip? What an impossible system. I’m convinced that any good reviews on here are completely fake, none of them seem to address anything having to do with app functionality. With the amount of money Disney gouges out of their customers, you’d think they could at least make it a user friendly experience.
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10 months ago, NoCrue
App is a convenient when it works
The app is definitely a handy tool while in the park. I did have a few glitches with the app. I ordered food 2 different times. When I went to pay, the app would not recognize and I would have to log out of the app and log back into my order. It would then accept my payment. Just inconvenient. The wait time’s were not very accurate. Webslingers said 30 minutes. We waited 90. I noticed the Genie + and huge groups of single riders would fill up the room .. while stand by would only allow 5 at a time. The genie+ would reserve rides 5 to 8 hours out. So that’s another downfall. I thought genie+ was to save time. Instead you just reserve a ride 5 hours out. You can only have 1 reservation at a time. And can’t use it twice for the same ride. Wasn’t really worth it. The best thing is to get there early…and if you can leave and come back later.
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2 years ago, Blobg
Not up to Disney standards IMO
Purchased tickets to Disneyland prior to downloading this app. While the app recognized we had park reservations, the Genie function kept asking me to make a park reservation. Was told by online help that once we were in the park it would work. We wanted to plan ahead of time, so waiting till we were in the park wasn’t great for us. Once in the park the genie app still asked me to make a reservation so it didn’t recognize we had already entered. Found a link not within the genie ui, but the Disney app to “link tickets” that finally allowed us to start planning our day. Selected our rides, and upgraded to Lightening Lane passes. Got a list of rides with times but didn’t realize you can only select one at a time. Had to ask for help from a person in the park, who was very helpful and explained it to me. The times for our first selection changed by 30 minutes between the posted time and the real check in time so we just went standby. Writing this review in a very long line for Space Mountain.
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2 years ago, E-roc408
Needs a lot of development/ sad for Disney
Cant reserve park tickets in the app even tho theres a button to do so on the app. Ask Customer Support questions in the app chat feature takes many hrs to get answers. I call the customer service phone number and they tell me to go the website - cant help me over the phone (whats the point??). The app only shows me my hotel reservation but nothing else. No 2D barcode to scan to link my tickets to the app. I enter in the confirmation number for the ticket reservations and it says number invalid. I am worried my reservations arent valid but I have no way of confirming with anyone. Ive tried several times different forma of communication and this is a terrible experience and a worthless app. Im such a frustrated customer for spending $2000 for 3 people, two days at the park hopper with a night at the grand californian and the app makes everything worse. There are several ways to buy things on the app though, Disney just wants your money and then deal with you later.
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