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User Reviews for DMarket

4.36 out of 5
569 Ratings
11 months ago, Someone0248
Dmarket is really good especially for NA
I really like Dmarket and I've used it for almost a year now, it has the best prices you can find while still being able to deposit using crypto/US banks. One thing that I dislike about Dmarket is that you can't deposit less than 65$ on crypto, although a lot of people are usually depositing more than this so it isn't a problem however newer people don't wanna spend that much especially if they're just trying to buy something cheap. However, with that being said it still offers other ways to deposit such as your bank or Skrill with the lowest fees that I've seen on any other trading site.
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1 year ago, Dizzu74
Very reliable
I been using D market for like 2 months now and it it was one of my first 3rd party market website and it’s legit made my first huge purchase on there and had no problems up until now for some reason when I try to add balance to my account it doesn’t work it just says transaction failed and I’m not sure why I really don’t wanna buy and $10 gift card for something that’s $4 so yea I’m not sure why it’s doing that it was working all fine before
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9 months ago, mk47dh
Simply the best app and platform for skins
I use DMarket whenever I buy or sell CS skins because they are the easiest and most secure platform. Prices on DMarket are better than on most other trading sites and their customer service and response times are hands-down the best in the industry. DMarker gives me all the filters and search options I need and they always have the skins I want in their inventory. Completing KYC and topping off my balance are a lot easier on DMarker than on any other platform. That is why I recommend DMarker any day of the week. Simply the best.
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1 year ago, JohnK12221
Would not recommend
First of all I’d like to say the positives. The selling fees are really low compared to skinport so it’s a decent way to cash out if it actually worked. First of all it asks a LOT of personal info such as SSN for the KYC to withdraw which I did but now regret. After completing the sketchy KYC I then try to withdraw my money and it says I can’t because I’m not a US citizen and then asks me to fill out a tax form for foreigners. I don’t do that and contact support. One week passed and still nothing. I bought some play skins and withdrew them just fine but will not put any more money into this site due to the incredibly tedious and non working cashout/withdrawal methods.
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9 months ago, TDM_Heyzues
Dmarket is a known scam website in the cs community. Do not buy off this website, or now app. Not only are the prices terrible and traffic is low, the site has done some scummy things to make it a scam. Dmarket once the restrictions hit on Russia because of the war starting in 2022, they decided to FREEZE all funds on Russian accounts. Every Russian account has all their balance and skins in bot inventories frozen, unable to withdraw, and they have done nothing to revert it. Dmarket did this on a whim, with no warning or notice ahead of time, just out of nowhere these accounts were locked. If you trust a website that locks YOUR MONEY in their site without notice and no way to unlock it, Dmarket is perfect for you!
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1 year ago, Kinszs
Sketchy at first
I will say at first I was a bit sketchy when asked for my SSN and all the tax stuff which to be fair it only makes sense that the money we get from the skins gets taxed. Sold my skeleton knife on Dmarket after going through the entire KYC process and they will actually deposit all of the funds onto your bank account and this is the only place that I will consider selling or trading skins no I am not a bot yes I am sucking off Dmarket because they didn’t scam me like some sites.
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1 year ago, Mjpro02
How it feels
I've been using DMarket for a while, never gone through the process of actually buying a skin using this platform, but at least from the phone perspective, sometimes the interface can be tricky. I've been experiencing some light bugs, such as when you click an item to filter, then change for example the wear on the filter, the entire filter I had reset. Otherwise 10/10
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1 year ago, archerblade132
DMarket visible skins
I really enjoy using this app as it allows me to withdraw with my phone rather than getting frustrated by the browser version of DMarket. Some tweaks that would make it more enjoyable to use, would be to the amount of skins on screen. As of now you can only see up to 6-8 skins at a time and scrolling through everything is a little tedious with the amount of skins this marketplace has to offer.
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2 days ago, JD6232
My experience with DMarket mobile
With this specific app, I have had a good experience because of the easy access to my go to skins app for Cs2 and Rust skins alike. When it comes to the mobile app it is easy to navigate and figure out what skins you are looking for and the best prices for said skins. In addition I really like the availability to show my friends skins for low prices on wherever I am.
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1 year ago, FloppyDriskDive
Go to for skins
I’ve been using DMarket for a few weeks and didn’t realize they had an app as well. DMarket is probably the most trustworthy place for skins and B/S/T that I’ve ever used. I’ve been able to find skins with rare holos or foils for Market prices or significantly cheaper than what one would put for on the market. There’s always a skins for someone, also a fantastic investment tool
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1 week ago, MultiplexArc
New to DMarket
I have just began using DMarket and so far, my experience isn’t bad. I managed to sell a few skins quite easily which is pretty great. Steam guard was blocking me from using the site, so I recommend you having steam guard perfectly enabled, and used for at least 7 days in order to start using DMarket since that was the case with me.
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12 months ago, PappaEric5
Great app for a great site
I have used DMarket on my browser for a while now and never realized there was an app until my friends told me. The app is intuitive and user friendly and has everything the browser has. The app is very useful for me to keep track of my items if I’m away from my computer. Great app
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11 months ago, Randyc1225
Great website for buying skins
I have been able to buy multiple skins without issue. Setting up the verification process wasn’t complicated and helps keep the transactions secure, plus the wait to get verified only took a couple of hours. Overall, the site and app thus far has been simple to navigate and the skins are sold at a very reasonable price.
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1 year ago, noob master😎
Overall a good site for cheap prices
My experience using DMarket was fairly good from the skin prices being so cheap. The market is very trustworthy and I had no problem putting my information in. However, there could be some changes to be made with the deposit and withdrawal options.
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1 year ago, Mabrel10
Very good marketplace but one isse
While I using dmarket as a way to get skins as well as cash out the main issue I have with it is a withdrawing skin error. Occasionally when you withdraw a skin from your dmarket inventory the trade will have an error and dmarket will then hold your skin for 9 days claiming its a problem on steams end and will be fixed later. Other than this issue, fantastic market place.
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1 year ago, F8ded
Thoughts on product
Compared to other third-party websites. I feel that the market is very safe. It is extremely user-friendly and has a very easy to learn user interface. My experience with DMarket so far has been nothing but perfect. I love it so much I have recommended this website to one of my friends.
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12 months ago, NotKilometers
Makes every very straightforward
Easy to manage inventory and access the market on the fly. Some difficulty when performing exchanges with a large number of items as it told me some of the items weren’t available after I selected them and tried to make the trade, but was able to eventually get it resolved.
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1 year ago, if fun but r rn j
This app is so far pretty good. I use DMarket mostly on my computer but whenever I’m traveling I like to look at my skins or notifications of them selling. It keeps me up to date for what’s happening in my inventory but also the easy verification method to withdraw cash is pretty good as well. I recommend using DMarket to sell your skins.
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7 months ago, ClaymoreII
Fair and trustworthy.
I was worried I wouldn’t get too much for my skins after I noticed they were worth less on here than on other websites, but EVERY skin is slightly cheaper here. The UI is good, seems simple to navigate and I haven’t had any issues. Plus it’s nice to be able to just do all of this on my phone instead of having to be at my PC at home!
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1 week ago, yourboss8
Great way to buy and sell skins!
I use both the app and the website, it’s very trustworthy and have no issues with various payment/withdrawl methods. My only issue is constantly having to log into the mobile app. It logs my steam out quite frequently and I do not know why. Other than that great app!
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1 year ago, Thewierdo6
Easy and reliable
At first I had thought that Dmarket was going to be a hard to navigate site. After a while it seemed easy to navigate and with great features. Dmarket is also very reliable and I recommend it to anyone trying to find a place to sell and buy skins.
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1 year ago, T-mannyopuytdfh
It is always my go to for trading anytime I need a quick fix. Most sites are bothersome or frustrating but DMarket is to the point always. Glad to have found the perfect site for what I need when it comes to getting new items or feeling like I got my value.
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10 months ago, GabrielVy
My Dream Marketplace - Dmarket
I have always dreamed about a marketolace with low prices, fast skin delivery and great support. One day I got scammed by a Russian who sold my gloves here, on market. Then I looked up and found out that Market is the best website with lowest prices and fees. Market has multiple deposit methods which I love too. Use Market !!! Love it !!!
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1 year ago, TKDderekE
I will say the convenience of being able to look at a trading platform whether you are buying or not is very handy. However my big issue with D market is that sometimes the prices of goods can be confusing. A pair of $100 dollar gloves you own for example could be shown as $77 when in your inventory but $120 when in D market’s inventory. I wish their fees were more clear.
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1 year ago, Wubbelz21
Lowest prices for skins
Seems very legit and I have done several deals on here. Has the cheapest prices by a decent amount as well. Wish it had a few more ways to see the skins up close and what the exact amount of wear looks like but all in all I think it’s the best site for buying skins!
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3 years ago, Stargaz3rr
Awesome in bundle with web app
I’ve used the web-app for quite some time, and iOS app is quite handy to always stay updated on my trades App is intuitive and very responsive, which is awesome, given that DMarket commissions are quite low. It has become my go-to platform for skin trading lately and having a native app is extra convenient
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10 months ago, PSK DIAMONDZ
Best csgo trading/ buy & sell
Easily the best as the title says, but I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now and they pay more for your skins than steam does, and the skins you can buy are cheaper. The fees are less than steam. Not one to use 3rd party sites or apps but this is 100% legit and worth it.
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1 year ago, dotYexy
Great App
I love the app. Makes things pretty simple for when I wanna exchange and buy skins on my phone as opposed to the web browser. The only odd thing to me is that you can’t look for the skin you want before pick the items you want to exchange in the exchange tab. It’s not a deal breaker though. Just me knit picking.
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11 months ago, FadeEng
Wonderful Experience
I absolutely adore this website, I've been using it for about a month and a half with great results. It's extremely easy to use and understand with a wide variety of skins and great prices I could not ask for more. Thanks DMarket 😁
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3 years ago, Themanx999
Every time I pull up the app instead of using the url, it only shows options for Navi or Life Beyond items. When I try to change the category it doesn’t show CSGO, Dota, or anything. It’s unusable. Just use the website don’t download the app. Overall though the site is great for trading. I’ve used it a lot and have never been scammed. The design is pretty good. It’s only the app that has caused me trouble. DMarket, please fix this issue.
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1 year ago, Bigdic44444
The only site I use.
I love dm market, I’ve used it for every sale and purchase. They offer withdrawal-able balance so if you open something crazy and want to sell it you can withdraw real cash to your card with minimal fees. Best 3rd party website.
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1 year ago, Gabe Farmer
DMarket buying and selling
D Market is an excellent site for gamers and collectors looking to buy, sell, or trade in-game items and skins. The website offers a wide variety of trading options, competitive prices, and a secure payment system, making it a top choice for anyone interested in CSGO skins.
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12 months ago, RecruitionMark
Use DMarket!
Although my time with DMarket was a bit troublesome, they are without a doubt the best site for those looking for some ludicrous deals on skins, sometimes upwards of 25% off. Only gripe with it so far is that the mobile app feels a bit clunky at times, use the website instead!
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1 year ago, Hdhrhfjfhbfdnbigs
Love Dmarket
I’m new to CSGO and skins but using it is so easy and I was able to get decent skins for the best price and even being able to trade my skins and get what I really want made it even better it’s easy to understand and recommend it to all my friends
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12 months ago, SneezyTG
DMarket is a safe option!
I’ve been using DMarket for over 3 months now and have to say that it is one of the most trustworthy csgo gambling sites around the only problems I’ve had are transferring items to my steam account but that’s half on DMarket and half on steam themselves.
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1 year ago, Pigman777
Lack of effort
Bad ui, higher prices and fees than other markets, lack of customer service and asking for an insane amount of information to withdraw to my bank. On top of that on one of the skins i bought i traded to steam, steam had issues and declined the trade but dmarket took the skin out of my inventory anyway. Luckily very cheap skin however email customer service over a week ago and no response, imagine how that would feel if i had purchased a $1000+ item
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1 year ago, Daddy_D81
DMarket is amazing
I cannot express how much DMarket has assisted my skin buying experience. In every way, shape, and form was I able to find a good skin for a good price. Their selection is cheap yet quality, and the trade safety is top notch. Thanks DMarket for all of these great skins you helped me buy.
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1 year ago, HoeneyD
Best 3rd party marketplace
Buying and selling is very easy and there aren’t many fees, especially compared to steam or other competitors. I’ve made a lot of profit buying and selling skins and now have an inventory worth double what I actually paid for.
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1 year ago, CH1LLP1LL
Great Trading Website
Let me start off by saying this app has some fantastic deals!! More often than not you can find skins that are much cheaper than steam market prices (finding a 320$ knife for 230$). It’s an easy to use app, and super useful!
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10 months ago, Teyiscool
I wish I found it sooner!
I have saved so much money on DMarket. I have a $5000 inventory which I can confidently say would not be possible if I use the steam market. The steam market is so overinflated prices are extremely in accurate
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1 week ago, McHammerCs
Decent CSGO Mobile Market
Not a bad app for checking your recent purchases and inventory on DMarket. I personally just use it to see which of my targets have been filled when I don’t have access to my computer. DMarket is my go to marketplace for buying csgo items!!
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12 months ago, Roney15
Reliable and user friendly
It is really good, not only does it offer better prices all around, but its also very reliable and user friendly when placing orders, overall a great app.
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1 year ago, iwantkoolaid
Great CSGO Buying/Selling App
Definitely would recommend for easy use for buying and selling. Been using it for about a month and so far everything has gone over really smoothly.
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2 weeks ago, JerrZep10
Great App
Quick transactions and fair deals. Love the filters and rare items categories, makes looking for special items much easier. I wish the inventories were updated a little faster but still a great marketplace.
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5 months ago, blurg0
frustrating app does not allow you to sign in with apple
The sign in with apple section makes you sign up for a brand new account. It is impossible to “sign in” when “sign in” makes a new account which in turn is Very frustrating. Signing in with steam is impossible because “invalid login” when I have confirmed the login on my steam mobile app and entered the 100% 1000% correct password. Hunnid times this app is dogshaaat
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11 months ago, BabyOil63rd
Very good app!
I wasn’t sure the app was going to be as good as the website but it’s really nice especially when you’re not home so you can still check the app no problem 🤙
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1 year ago, Jabcoepqbfhwoebf
Use Dmarket!!
Dmarket is the best option for cashing out or buying/selling your skins. I traded my mid tier skins for a beautiful Doppler bayonet that I ended up selling for even more down the road. And they have a mobile app which I don’t use but is nice to have.
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5 months ago, p0tat0b
DMarket is great in CS2
I think DMarket has some of the best prices out of all markets for CS2. It has low sales fees. It is also very simple and easy to use. So far everything has been convenient, and I recommend it very much.
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1 year ago, smashlego(aj)
Firstly wanted to say, this marketplace has some of the cheapest prices when compared to the steam marketplace so it’s already a win. The design of the app is also great, sleek and modern. But it gets four stars because it runs slow on my phone for some reason
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12 months ago, Yam._.S
Good prices and features
It has some of the best prices compared to other markets. There are a lot of convenient features that other sites don’t have either.
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